How Are we Doing?

Over the years we have asked you to share your thoughts on how we are doing. It has been a while since we asked you to tell us how we are doing. Now is the time to tell us what you think of us , where we excel and where we need to improve or we have been wrong. We have been getting few comments from our readers that of late we are posting articles that should not see the day light.
We were admonished as much as we were encouraged when we posted Dawit G/Egziabher Interview.
Aigaforum was and is a public forum. It does not cater to audiences for commercial reason. We do what we do to promote our unity in diversity. If we are posting articles and interviews critical of the government it is because of our sincere desire to see the system work and to see Ethiopia defeat poverty. The country is changing and moving forward. People are demanding more development and more accountability from their respected government officials. Realizing this we thought Aigaforum can serve the public if we become the bouncing forum of ideas and views that reflect the current realities. Who to tell us better if we have been executing our mission better than you our esteemed readers. Have your say and share your thoughts of how we are doing! We value your comments! Aigaforum April 13, 2016

134 thoughts on “How Are we Doing?

    • Aigaforum is awesome. You guys rock! I would not imagine living abroad without you. I mean you guys are our bridge. Most of all I strongly believe the information we get out of aigaforum is fair and based (mostly) on facts. We, especially the concerned, open minded and “real” Ethiopians NEED you.
      PLEASE, keep up the excellent job!
      We love and appreciate you

    • Keep up the good work you are doing!
      You are ours ears and eyes. IN general you are our voice.
      I hope the leadership back home knows, it has the friendliest government here in the US and make the best use of it.
      In particular arms to fight not only terrorists but also any entity that wants us harm .I think it might get it.
      Glory to the people who enable us to see Ethiopia shine!

  1. Aigaforum is the best reliable news. Continue the good work. Make sure you do not get overwhelmed by the sensational news and Facebook comments. As you said there were few articles I opened my mouth with awe. No need to post divisive articles. Also do not shy away from critical articles . The government needs to know there are differing opinions. Dawit interview was informative and critical. Too bad you did not follow it up with another interview.

    Your work is appreciated . No one but you can do such work with out a break. Man , you simply are the best.


  2. you doing so great. I can not live with out you. if it is on aiga it is true. Any news about ethiopia i heard i have to verify with aiga if not it may not be true. having said that you are sided to current regime that is not bad but if you can come to the neutral side it wood have been helpful. keep it up

  3. You are doing very good.
    But I want you to focus on destroying the ling shabia propegada machin .
    Tell those Banda shabia hamassin so called Ertirea .
    Tell them whate they really are.
    They have no history language or culture .
    Please organize tigrayan and stand Agnest Banda shabia fack history .
    Because for some reasen for the last 25 years weyan have not been used the radio and the media to tell what is the really Ertirea .
    Ertirea is creation of Banda Minlke and Banda Italian mossilne.

    • You guys are keep talking day in day out regarding PIA and Eritrea: please pay attention what is going on in in your own state so called Abay Tigray.You like or not Eritrea is just for Eritreans like wise Tigray only for Tigraians.Because Eritreans do not need any thing to happen tigray. As ppl we love and respect you no more or less. You guys claim the children’s of Alula ,We r proud children’s of Idris Awate and at large children’s of the RED SEA. No hard filling my friends if there is no mutual respect and understanding no way on earth to gain any respect having said that please respect the Eritrean ppl as they respected you. On the past during the struggle time the only ppl on your side was Eritreans not the Americans from Shire all the way to Addis as well equipping and training your leaders and fighters. All ways love the Tigray ppl as I love the Eritreans. We r in 21st century occupying, inveding is out dated .I read from some corners to creat Tigray state by annexing land from Eritrea,wello,Afar ,Benshagul this is crazy.

      • Nakfa,
        You have just exposed the usual Eritean people and Gov’t (Shabia) BANDA DIRTY mentality. This is the mentality which dragged your struggle to 30 years. By the way it would have continued at least this far or would have ended during KEY KOKEB ZEMECHA, if it was not for TPLF who sacrificed thousands of brilliant fighters for you-the most ungrateful people on the face of the earth. When I think of you GAYS, I am really angry why my government is giving you shelter and education. What ever we do for you, you always bite our fingers. I suggest Siye Abraha return to power so that he can eradicate you once and for all.
        Talking about those OLD FASHIONED equipment, I wish WEDI ZENAWI shove them up your stinky asses.
        The training was nothing compared to the unheard off verbal harassment and arrogance they endured. I wish it didn’t happen.
        For Shire battle, watch General Tsadkan’s interview on Youtube. Minutes after the war started, the Derg army blew up three of your tanks, after which the Shabia fighters tucked their tails between their legs and run away FARTING LIKE A DONKEY. This means you did absolutely nothing to brag about.
        You can’t compare Idris Awate (a local Bandit) with the first African General Alula Abanega He was a world class General. He is on world history book.
        You GAYS are like a prostitute living next door to a family home. Every night a different man (like Arabs & Italians) visit the prostitute and usually is noisy and ends up in a fight. And because the prostitute is a prostitute she talks trash which the family next door hate to hear. So, unless that prostitute move away, get married or die, the family home next door will never have peace. The Prostitute is Eritrea and the Family home is Ethiopia.

          • NAKFA,
            You GAY, let me tell you what our Great Tegadalay African Leader Meles Zenawi said before even he turned 20, when TPLF was a toddler being intimidated and harassed by you ERITREANS around BADME, ” one day we will see when we go up and you guys go down”. You rascal, have you read the book “Kalsi Eritrea Kabey Nabey” written by the brilliant TPLF leaders? They knew it in the early 70’s that what’s happening in Eritrea now would happen. You rascal, do you know ISIS is already in your country to FACK you up. Believe it or not, Eritrea is DEAD! No one can resuscitate it.The death started when you GAYS started the STRUGGLE FOR INDEPENDENCE and your heart beat stopped on your FIRST DAY OF INDEPENDENCE!
            You GAY, this page was intended to give your opinion (feed back) on how THIS GREAT WEBSITE has been doing, instead you decided to spew your Eritrean venom. That’s why I decided to kick your GAY ASS!

          • Keep barking like a dog .Meles as well it was one of the students of EPLF/ELF. No matter what you said that was the reality as so do we speak.

          • NAKFA,
            What do these thugs have to teach to those brilliant TPLF leaders? You know all TPLF leaders have achieved their Phd after successfully leading the struggle while SHABIA leaders are getting drunk in bars, punching one another, committing adultery, having children out of wedlock, and all the dirty things. We know Your President has two children out of wedlock. He beat up his wife every night. What have they been building? Prison after prison. You had one minuscule University and it is closed for good. You all are abandoning Eritrea. AGAME University is feeding & giving you Education. You GAYS are fucked up. There is nothing good about you GAYS.

  4. Selam Aiga,

    Aiga is similar to Addis Zemen. For me Aiga should give fair and balanced news and commentaries. For example if a writer doesn’t go beyond of expressing his ideas, then Aiga should post it, without any fear and let the people judge. All the postings and news at Aiga is related to good side of Ethiopia, most of the time and if you could change this it is great, if not I will still access Ethiomedia and Aiga and balance the news and postings myself because most websites are either supporters or opposition groups. I could be wrong but I am not optimistic to see this at Aiga anyway.

  5. “We do what we do to promote our unity in diversity. If we are posting articles and interviews critical of the government it is because of our sincere desire to see the system work and to see Ethiopia defeat poverty.”
    Aigaforum, if you keep doing that then I’d be a happy camper.

  6. Thank you aiga administration I’m really appreciate you what are you doing for the people of Tigray and the whole Ethiopia people
    Tigray people need more voice from the educated people from around the world if we talk for our people we solve any thing
    Over all I can’t live with out your website
    I love you so do what do but some thing is I want you to know about Tamra Yemane he smell like TV Tigray he doing good but not so good
    The discation in aiga continue please
    Love to hear about DAWIT g/her I like that guy because of him a lot of thing come
    Thank you aiga keep up what you doing !!

  7. keep doing what you doing Aigafourm even though it has been reflecting or posting good side of Ethiopia. However, it does not mean the critical question of the government and opposition issues has not posted on the website.

  8. I have been reading almost all of your posts and articles for some years continuously. I honestly can say I got a lot from Aiga forum. My experience is or to say the truth most posts are favoring politics and politics that cooked by the current regime. It is okay it helped me to dilute the other side the idea I read from almost opposite to your analysis or political perspective. Anyways try to catch up with fast growing of Ethiopian’s view of point and world view about our political system. My fear is if you awake late you find yourself in different neighborhood you know no one. This is just a call to benefit our people not merely the current system.

  9. For me Aiga is one sided website. Afraid to criticize Tplf when they are doing wrong, but I do not blame you since you are hired by them there is nothing you can do.

  10. Ethiopia is facing with the worst drought hit in half century and Aigafourm has given the this current crisis it’s deaf ear. I didn’t make this up.

  11. I always appreciate Aiga forum for providing me with an opportunity to have a voice in Ethiopian affairs. This site has also increasingly attracted an increasing number of people posting papers that advance intellectual discourses. Managing a web site requires hard work and dedication for which say thanks to the Aiga staff. I have not listened to Dawit G/Egziabher’s interview. What is clear is that times are have changed. There are different voices in Ethiopian society. Aiga should consider this reality and adopt a more balanced approach.

  12. AIGA Forum,
    Keep up the good work, and my suggestion to keep on posting the positives. Focus on the building of nations, uniting nations, and that brings peace and development. The war and mob mentality is gone, and we have to think outside of the box, how we can contribute to wear our own creation, and drive our own creation (like the bamboo made bike). Let no waste our energy on politics, and spend energy on technology transfer.
    Thank you AIGA.

  13. Dearest Aiga:
    Many thanks for soliciting our views on the overall service deliveries of your website in disseminating unadulterated Ethiopian related news. Aiga has been an alternative source of information on matters dear to Ethiopia, and similar to any electronic media, there are areas to do better.
    The following are two of the areas, I believe, Aiga website can strive to meet so that to inform its readers.
    1. Although all materials that appears on Aiga are the property of the writers, the website should focus on qualities and relevancies. By that, it should focus on the quality and deliverance of the presented materials. Two recently appeared articles on the website (one written from Mekelle, and another one, a reply to debunk it) illustrate the urgent need Aiga should take to cease carrying such malarkeys. Such invalid messages not only hinder the dispersion of factual and important information but also serves Ethiopian enemies.
    2. There are so many websites run and manage by persons of special interest with biased political goal, and Aiga has been a kernel in the ocean to balance it. But still, as the focus is to build a prosperous democratic Ethiopia, Aiga should focus on this timeless creed, by allowing opposing views so that conscious readers can scrupulously choose from and decide.

  14. Did you write ever about real democracy in Ethiopia.? Did you write ever about oppositions bad and good side? Did you write about the nation interst ? Did you write ever about the non-consider to public constitution?
    The answer is your result for who you are.

  15. I’ve been following Aigaform since its inception, and I can honestly say, you are and have been the ruling class unofficial spokes person!
    This is is not a personal accusation to Aigaform editor/s – it is an onion shared/expressed by many independent foreign news outlets.
    Lately, I’ve noticed a slight departure from your normal practice by including some critic to the leadership of TPLF on your front page, a good start! this is very healthy to the country and the leadership you represent.

    Stop supporting personalities, support a good ideas instead!

  16. You are doing a great job. I love the fact that you do not get emotional, except in one case (I will explain later). You do not get easily excited or easily upset. Engineer Isaiah has openly and clearly express the aim and purpose of the website. I think you are doing what you think is right and that is working on “mostly positive staff about our country”. Engineer was absolutely right when it comes to the idea of I am going to broadcast mostly positive about my home country, because for the fabrication, biased, and full of lies news, there are many other websites doing that. Well, this does not mean that you are not contributing your share on some negative aspects of our country’s political spectrum, however, I would encourage you to stick on the way you are putting your input to some of the negative aspects. There is no any political organization that works for the people and country other than EPRDF, at least as of today. So, Keep it up is my motto for now.

  17. It is great you provide us reliable current information i look your web site almost every day keep updating us about home thing is it true evidence what mr richard pankrest intrview was posted and is sensitive issue.

  18. I remember that day in 2009 when the first online Ethiopian News website called Aigaforum was published, at fist many of the Ethiopians in Australia had no access or information on Ethiopia because ETV wasn’t being streamed to Australia so Australia was technically cut off from Ethiopian Media. Back to the point of when Aigaforum came out it was a basic website, Now in 2016 the website has grown with Live ETV streaming and daily online readers including me. What I really want to say is thanks to Aigaforum and Hope they can continue telling and spreading Ethiopians news.

    Yours Sincerely Aaron Girmay

  19. You are good on informing us the same as ETV, TIGRAY TV and so on , no difference between you and government medias , In general you are the mouth of the government, you are not good on reporting public problems , I think you are TIGREANS with a big media like this we don’t see you reporting how the people are suffering with lack of good governance?

  20. I visit your web site two to three times a day. Your site posts relevant information that counters the so called opposition web sites used by half backed intellectuals, Common criminals, cowards, and some imbeciles. Article authored by real intellectuals is what I like the most. As far as I am concerned, you are doing a great service to the silent majority. Having said that, I would like to express my reservation about articles on war mongering. I know people with great intellect, wittingly or otherwise, sometimes post articles requesting the government to wage war on Eritrea. I believe that waging a war is not a simple matter. That is why we have a national defense force and an intelligent agency. Waging a war is not the duty of an individual. Other than that, you are doing great.

  21. Would have been nice if I know what you are tasked (envisioned) when you start running this website. From my readings, you blindly support anything TPLF and anything Tigray. I sometimes sense you instigate hate and violence against the rest of Ethiopians in the name of “Tegaru” grandness. Re-reed what you posted commenting Ras Mengesha about what he said regarding Tigray-Tekeze-and Gonder. You openly advised the mad TPLF to grab any land and mark it as Tigray “since there is no internationally recognized demarcation between regions in Ethiopia.” Probably you stuck with the old TPLF manifest of independent Tigray. Tigray cannot be heaven while the rest of Ethiopia is burning like hell. Tigray and Tegarus will prosper in the greater Ethiopia than in the new isolated “Eriteria” that you are dreaming. What is now the worst enemy of Tigray? Not Amhara, not Shewa, not Shabya: It is TPLF and its crony corrupt system. Anti TPLF sentiment is uniting even those who otherwise cannot see each other eye to eye. Remember that we are in the 21st Century, not in the 16Th Century! It is that simple.

    • Tesfa Yekorete Ye-ar-tera ( Eritrea ) Lij. You are jealous because TPLF surpassed you. Soon ISIS will infest Asmara, then our TPLF air force will bomb them in Asmara. Asmara will be desolated like Syria & Iraq.I suggest you share the pills I prescribed to your brother NAKFA.

  22. Dear Aigaforum. Internet media is an important source of information. It can influence the public in many ways.If we take the Ethiopian case it is fair to say the media outlet is in “infantile” and in some case it is in self destructive phase, serving only those who have “narrow group interests”. Many media outlets are occupying in creating mistrust and hate among the very diverse Ethiopian people.
    The other important which need to be mentioned here is that many of the media outlets are affiliated (in some case totally loyal) with the political party and it is hard for them to serve the public fairly in balancing way. Before they become “free media” they have to be free themselves from this “loyalty issue”. In particular here in Diaspora people become addicted to write and post using internet media, and unfortunately the public become addicted to read what they want, without scrutinizing the credibility of the contents. To be honest we are in cross road. For any person who is following the main media outlet, including internet, it seems that the media are becoming a hostage of hate mongers individuals. Hard to predict what will be the end game of all this insane Ethiopian media madness! For many fair minded Ethiopians it is very hard to find a website to post their articles, because of loyalty issue.
    However, with all this odds, there are very few who are trying their best to disseminate relatively “balanced” information. Aigaforum is one of them. However, much work need to be done to get more public trust and more participant to disseminate balanced information to the public. This approaches could help us to create a foundation for participatory democracy “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” , not truth! letting people to speak out, write, post but with “responsibly and politically correct” and allow open discussions or counter reply, helps us to find our problems and to find a solutions, for our many faceted problems. If media flooded by narrow minded thinkers sticks to the notions “only my ethnic” advocates, media will be a toxic serving those who have intention to hurt our country and people.
    Last, one of the main mission of media outlet is to educate the public to find truth, not to disseminate hate and mistrusts. I encourage you to take bold measure to open more and allow your website to entertain diverse ideas and opinions. A good media outlet serve as a bridge between the public and the government, not as a “Trojan horse” for others to cause havoc by dividing us.

  23. Aigaforum is run and sponsored by TPLF so by definition it is a biased propaganda machine. A shining example of the miserable 25 years of TPLF is style of Ethiopia is when drought is turning into famine that may impact 20million ppl whilst every top TPLF official is a multi-millionaire. TPLF is currently in ICU and its breathing because of its western masters in Washington and London. However, TPLF is a dying organization and its sponsors will soon stop writing checks. Ethiopia shall soon be liberated from TPLF tyranny.

  24. Aiga, so far I have no problem with what you are doing, You are doing good . Try to diversified your media in different aspect, like promoting the Ethiopian wealth of tourism, culture, the potential in agriculture, mineral etc. Keep it up your good job.

  25. I realy appreciate and want to say thanks for the administrators of the site for their irreplaceable and leading role, more than TPLF in protecting the people of Tigray, updating current situations and showing alternative solutions. Especially this time you are growing more and I hope you will grow more in telling the truth and work for uniting Tigrians and see ways on how to grow Tigray on sustainable way

  26. The first time I appreciated your courage and determination was when you posted Dawit G/Egziabher’s interview. And the most I was doubtful was when you posted an interview which claims to be conducted with prof. Richard Pankhurst. I believe the North Ethiopian state deserves a true story teller. Almost nobody is telling the story yet. People are trying to take all that history for themselves by distorting or even by changing the whole story and fabricating a new one.

    So my comments for you for the future:
    1. Please communicate people who can tell the true stories of Ethiopia in a balanced manner (like Dr. Ghelawdewos Araya) – who can tell the history of the north amid this time of competition for the Ethiopian history. Some vocal story tellers are trying to own the history for themselves alone. Please act on this!!!

    NOT SOME TIMES – BUT ALWAYS! Allow me to be some how radical for a moment: Forget everything and invite people who can tell the true stories and national identities of the north. The north is now equated as a traitor by those who can not differentiate between the responsibility of a party and the people.

    2. Tell us what the regional government in the north is doing about development, democracy, good governance, etc. For example, there has never been a demonstration to demand an answer by the people there. Why? They don’t have questions about development, democracy or good governance? NONE AT ALL? If so, it is therefore true that the north has been specially privileged!!! ha..ha!!

    3. There are forgotten people in the north. Ethiopian history has forgotten them. I don’t know why? Where is the story of Atse Yohannes, Alula, etc? Who is going to tell the next generation about them?

    But I am even sad when I hear that the north had nobody in fighting the Italian invasion of the 1928 -1934 E.C. Really? We must forget how democratic the people were (no body was democratic during those imperial periods). But they have delivered a free and united Ethiopia . . .especially those who were along the gates of northern Ethiopia. But their stories are not on the pages of Ethiopian history. Does the north have only Yohannes and Alula (alone)? No one before and after them? And even Yohannes and Alula are not known by the current generation. Menelik is better known than Yohannes even in the north….

    Act now for a balanced Ethiopian history by inviting mature historians!!!!!!!!!

  27. ክሳብ ሕዚ ብዘይካ አብ ሓደ እዋን ዝነበሮኩም ስሚኺታዊ ቤላ ቤሎ ሚዛኑ ዝሓለወ ሓበሬታ ብምውዛዕ ዘተባብዕ ምንቅስቓስ ገይሩኩም ዝብል እምነት አለኒ፡፡ ክጠናኸር ዘለዎ ድማ አብ ዓዲ ዘሎ ሓበሬታ ብፍላይ ህዝቢ ድርቂ ንምምካት፣ ንልምዓት ዝገብሮ ዘሎ ምንቅስቓስ ነቲ አብ ወፃኢ ዘሎ ተወላዲ ተተቕርቡሎም፡፡ ግንቦት 7ን ሻዕብያን ዝፍሕስዎም ውዲታት ልክዕ ከም መስፍን በዙ እናተኸታተልኩም ተተቃልዑ፡፡ ናብ ሃገርናን ክልልናን ኢንቨስትመንት ክውሕዝ ናይ ሀገርናን ክልልናን ኩለመዳያዊ ዓቕሚ ብምፍላጥ ተትሰርሑ፡፡ ብዝተረፈ አዝዩ ረቂቕ አብ ዝኾነን ዘይተፃረየን ጉዳይ ስሚዒታዊ ኾንኩም ዓዲ አብ ዘፍርሱ ውልቀ ሰባት ሪኢቶን ሓሳብን ናይ ዝምልከቶም አካላት ሓበሬታ ከወሰኩም ናብ ሓደ ጥራይ ዝወገነ መዕነዋይ ፕሮፖጋንዳ ብፍላጥ ይኹን ብዘይፍላጥ ንዘይምእታው ነቶም ነዚ ስርዓት ክትከል መስዋእቲ ዝኸፈሉ ሰማእታት እናዘገርኩም ብጥንቃቐ ምስራሕ የድሊ እብል፡፡

  28. keep on the good work. It is where we go to get hopeful and helpful information.
    The struggle against anti-Ethiopia anti-truth anti-human propaganda must continue. All Ethiopians must develop a strategy and tactic to fight the miss-information that is carried out by anti-people force.

  29. Your sight is an extension of the government mass media in a country where independent media is endangered. So your biased media is one of the reason where the corner stone of our nations nationality building in danger by your sidelines certain ethnic groups and giving priority for the ruling party ethnic group. As all independent media are not the way to build a country it is a crystal clear that all independent media are the enemy of the people.

    The enemy of the people is always echoing the government and development wont come by echoing a government which take power by guns. To your reference watch the food shortage of the more than 10 millions of our people due to the drought and a bad policy the government following. Ethiopia can feed itself 25 yars ago or now as long as we have a government for the majority because the majority ie more than 80 millions are farmers or depending of farming be it land or animals.

    • CORRECTION: **As all independent media are not the way to build a country it is a crystal clear that all independent media are the enemy of the people.**

      Shall be read:

      As all independent media are not the way to build a country it is also crystal clear that all independent media are not the enemy of the people or any government.

      In short you are part of the reason mass media is buried and the government couldnt correct its mistake.

  30. I sincerly say that your website is the most hit website even by those who pretend to be in the opposition because that’s where they get most of the true news about their coubtry. You are doing fine. All you have to do is check for authenticity of the news when it’s about things that must be checked before uploading. For example you could have checked with Dr Pankhrust about the text you finally took off last time. Even that was not a mistake for you to be blamed for. You website id the most deadly pen for the other Bere wolede opposition websies.

  31. bizu gize yemitisetutna yemitakerbut tshufochin beatikurot eketatelalehu destegna negn. gin andand gize timikihitegnochin lemewagat bilachihu yemitakerbuachew mekerakeriyawoch enesun kemetagel yilik yenaten tebabinet yemetagel tiyake milikt wust yasigebal. lemin bitilu semonun yewetaw tshuf yetgrayin ewuket agzifo yaweta silemeselegn new . lene kezam belay bikon des yilegnal gin lelawun mankuasese endeneftegnochu tebabochum yaw mehonachewun yamelakitegnal. lelaw yemanawukew yedro tarik titen yesomale torinet yetgre dil adrgachihu makirebachihu asaznognal. lelam ye TPLF menigist bilachihu yawetachihut tegebi ayidelem bichawun yet new yetagelew yegola drsha alew new yetebalew enji adragi fetari yaderegew tebabinet kalihone TPLF yihen ayilm. bemehonum sasibewu neger bemekorikor rebsha yamarachihu meselegn oromiya ye 150 amet yeminilik gifin eyanesu kahunu tiwulid gar gibgib megitemachew sintochachinn asazinual. ahunm 800 amet wedehuala teguzo yekerebew tshuf into fonto kemehon wuchi meret teb ayilimna tebabinetin tagelu.

  32. ውቅታዊ ሚዛናዊና ተጨባጭነት ያላቸውን የአገራችንን ተጨባጭ ሁኔታዎች ከማቅረብ አኳያ ትልቅ ቦታ ያላችሁ ለመሆናችሁ አኩሪ ስራችሁ ምስክር ነው የኢትዮጲያ ህዝብ በሁሉ ዘርፍ ታሪክ እየሰራ ነው የዚህ ታሪክ ሰሪ ህዝብ ወገንተኝነታችሁን አርጋግጣችኋል ከህዝቡ ጎንም ተሰልፋችሁ ታሪክ እየሰራችሁ ነው። የአመለካከት ልዩነት ሳይገድባችሁ ሁሉን በእኩልነት ማስተናገዳችሁና ከየአቅጣጫው የሚመጣውንና የሚሰነዘርባችሁን የአሉባልታና የስም ማጥፋት የጎጠኝነትና የጠባቦችን ጉንተላ ተቐቁማችሁ አይጋን እዚህ ማድረሳችሁና በተለይም ለዲያስፖራው ተገቢውንና ትክክለኛ መረጃ ያገኝ ዘንድ የምታደርጉት አስተዋጾ የህዝብ አገልጋይነታችሁን ያረጋገጠ ነው ዘወትር የጽናትና የህዝባዊ ወገንተኝነት የልማትና የሰላም ተምሳሌት ሆናችኋልና በርቱ ግፉበት።

  33. well, your website is dedicated to serve as the government news out late. from that point, you are doing great. however, I believe and hope that you need to shift to the center and try to become the voice of the country yes please be the voice of the country and the people. Our country has so many problems that you may not be able to mention for years. Just go to the people and ask them what worries them. I am sure you will change the propaganda work and will voice the concern of the people. remember, governments come and go and only your country will stay behind. If journalists become politicians and side with one group, there starts the demise of the country and the people. Please stay away from siding one group and be on the side of the ordiniary citizens. on the wolkait issue, you seem to side the TPLF version as to where the people of Wolkait belong. Go and ask the people and help the government have the right information. If the Wolkait people decide to be with Tigray, so be it. Let the referendum takes place. we have enough problems and we don’t need to cook another one.

  34. Dear Aiga Members,
    I would like to express my appreciation of your Website. It is our first information source about our home country, which we read it daily next to Ethiopiafirst.
    You are doing a great job and say “Great!!”
    The enemies of Ethiopia are uncountable and you are destroying them with the true information you are delivering to all.
    Please keep on doing it!

  35. Haile
    The referendum was took-place before 22 years by the people live around Tegada, Tsegada and Welkaite, Kafta Humera. The Tegad’s decide as part of the Amhara Region and accepted by the Government. But Tsegada, Welkaite, Kafta Humera were joined the historic root which define them before 1860’s by their self referendum. You can ask yourself those elders lead the referendum both live in Tegda (part of Gonder) and tsegada ( live in Northern Tigrai).

    • Desta, I don’t remember when referendum took place in those places you mentioned. Please don’t make up things since it will not help to solve the issue at hand. the best way is to be honest and solve the issue at hand. We can’t afford such misunderstanding between the amharas and tigrean brothers.

  36. I’ve not read the comments already given. I may repeat what others already said. But I feel I should say a word or two anyway.

    In general you guys are doing a great job. You are one of my destinations to get an accurate information. I admire your effort to be as correct and fair as possible.
    You are positive and you always try to shade a positive light on the otherwise bleak situation other media outlets wanted to portray about our country.
    Please keep up the good work.

    I’m not sure about the number of staff you have or the resources you can mobilize at a time. I wish if you have what it takes in terms of human or material resources to give us more information from home.
    I would like to see you providing us with more coverage, more interviews on issues that are current and especially controversial ones.

    Good Job Aiga Forum.

    • How do you evaluate yourselves?Do you think you are giving equal chances to all who send you articles or opinions?

  37. it’s my first choice for daily news and other articles to read about Ethiopia, but sometimes you have posted without reliable sources and unedited articles, please improve that kinds.

  38. Pros: Your news are genuine, your are dependable news source and you report facts

    Cons: 1)You skip negative news
    2)You seem at times you are obsessed with Eritrea/Isayas

  39. Go and Die! We are counting the days of the whole banda, traitorous and treasonous system and characters are gone and as it is written – ” then it came to PASS, all the bandas are gone and their remnants were walking in the wilderness with their heads hanging in extreme and petrifying shame.. even Judas Iscariot’s final days were much better. Then an angel of death came down .. lo and behold .. it took away all the first born bandas and slaughtered them .. great and deep was their suffernig .. they were begging for mercy .. mercy for their banda children ..Aiga, TOL, and the multitude of mushrooming traitors .. but none was given.. even the prime banda zenawi’s soul was fetched and stricken and cursed for ever more .. even his disciples didn’t recognised him ..for the prime traitor was naked and covered with leper wounds .. oh he was a sight of great fear and punishment ..”

  40. Aigawoch, to tell you how you are working needs more time as your role is immense from many angles. Your approach is very balanced, i.e., you hammered well who should be hammered, you accept all views, etc. Had it not been for your presence, I am sure that it would have been disgusting for ample reasons I may not mention now. The free riders, feudal, dictators, racists, layers, bloodsuckers, …. cannot get the ground to achieve their evil mission. I may mention the land-grab of Gambella but really what has happened in Amazon ….. then onward I have seen many expositions. Please know that your role is immense which cannot be replaced by any other one and keep on your work. You have to know that you are the key player in modernizing our country in the way we think, our politics, …. KEEP on such amusing role you are contributing!!

  41. I extend my greeting to you, the aigaforum poeple. Thank you for established this neutral wesite being abroad. Immediate when I come to office I start to browse your page. You know why, because it is the miror of every thing, the social, political, economical, developmental and so on so forth for me and friends.

    I invited so many friends to read articles, opinions, analysis and to listen audio and to watch the videos from aigaforum.

    Eventually, please keep it up your NEUTRALITY


  42. you are doing great in exposing the hate mongers and anti Ethiopian unity forces.
    but, too reluctant on exposing the abuse of power and the exasperating human rights issue! sooner or later the issue of human rights abuse will catch up on every citizen. it is reaching a point of intolerable. Hence, need to be addressed in time. you need to do more and serve the nation!

  43. Aiga Forum is a reliable and dedicated website I like so much and
    rely on for information on Ethiopian Politics of the government and
    the people. I like its firm stand on the founding principles of the state
    and the government. However, I have the feeling that it is always on
    the defensive, when it rather should be on the offensive, when it comes
    on dealing with the Opposition parties and their political campaigns.
    Thus it needs to maintain a leading role by reflecting the agendas and
    demands of the majority public rather than being needlessly swayed to
    and to appease by or to the Opposition party agendas and campaign
    rhetorics which shifts it from its solid background or base.
    In my opinion, the EPRDF lead Ethiopian politics is still shifted more to the
    left and favoring Leftist political agendas and platforms promoted by Leftist
    revolutionaries and extremes of the WPE, WOYANE & SHAEBIA organizations
    of yesterday’s Ethiopia when it supposed to reflect the true political culture
    which is more to the center or center right and even conservative right agenda
    that represents majority of Ethiopian Abyssinian culture and tradition. Thus , there still is a lot of work ahead to be done and a long journey to reach the
    destination. However, So far Good and in the right direction but not yet over
    and enough.
    So I look forward a leading media outlet or may be Aigaforum itself take this
    honorable position of truly reflecting and promoting the true political culture
    of the public vis a vis or aginst the current one dominated by the neo-Liberal
    leftist revolutionary media culture.
    Thank you

  44. Aiga you are my favorite Media. Before starting my work I visit you. You are balanced. You report both positive achievement as well as the limitations of the government.
    I admire you for the interview you did with Ato Dawit. Most of the issues he raised are facts and are educative. I guess the government can learn a lot from his comments.
    Please continue to inform us with current events that can contribute to the renaissance of Ethiopia. The government should be ready to listen to the independent Medias like Aiga Forum
    God bless you.

  45. The Ethiopian People had spent an extraordinary time to fight for freedom, democracy and development until they over threw the brutal Derg regime and start tasting their results under the EPRDF administration.
    However, the remnants of the former regime, the toxic diaspora and extremists has continue to threaten the Ethiopian people by disseminating fabricated or distorted stories, hate propaganda and lies with the support and finance from the Ethiopia historical enemies, ESAT, Ethiomedia, Ethiopian Review, Meskerem , VOA Amharic Service work day in day out to exploit media for their own benefit or fund raising, propaganda schemes and planting hatred among different Ethiopian ethnic groups .
    Therefore, AIGA forum is the primary media to combat and encounter terrorism and extremism. Since the the mentioned diaspora media’s don’t have space for comments, please don’t allow them AIGA to circulate their garbage ideas.

  46. aigaforum is one of my favorite websites. I like what the owner does except he comments on some articles in red ink. I would like it more if Mr. Isayas stops these red ink comments. Let the readers judge. My friend, it’s a turn-off.

  47. Beforehand I would like to express my appreciation to Aigaforum administrative group and Its director for your salutary / promoting efforts.
    In my understanding Aigaforum is the best website of diversity on our country’s current affairs. The writers of articles about our country’s (Ethiopia) political, social and economic affairs in English, Amharic and Tigrigna are equally accepted and posted. I think it is the site of patriotic idea writers and readers. Interviews and reportage are as a salt in the whole food. In our society all are not readers, but almost all are listeners. Therefore, it would be better to expand your audio- video interviews based on the sensitive issues of our society and heard continuously. I hope to read, see and listen more problem solving ideas and recommendations addressed to our people and political leaders.
    Thank you

  48. You have deleted my balanced comments. It is very sad you think everyone has to think like you and you never accept different view? I am now posting this comment using a mask which means by breaking into your website. If you block people legally way, people will break in illegally. Do you know it is possible to break into any Ethiopian government website and bring down the whole system? The next protest will be like that. Bringing down the bank and tell come by attacking cyber attack. Anyway, by doing you are only weakening your government. Who is going to believe you that you are posting every comment? The comments you have posted yet look like the 100^ election win in Ethiopia? hahah

    look who is laughing….you did not break and you are not masked but naked-ed emperor!(big smile) we allowing your post now since you really bemused us. But why can’t you comment on us instead of commenting out of topic. The reason your earlier comment was forwarded to the dust bin is due to the filter set. Use your energy wisely pls.

  49. You are doing beyond my imagination. You are the best source of
    Un braised information. You want good news Aiga good spirit Aiga good hope Aiga. We need a news media like you with constructive criticism but not hatred. Ethiopia is definitely on a path for development and democratic governance. Do we need to do more no question about it. Does the administration has gavernance issue yes but we can only tackle this with transparency info like Aiga. Please keep up.
    I also suggest you need to do fund raising at least once a year to help
    For expenses. Don’t be shy you have a lots of friends and I will be ONE
    Thanks a million

  50. Edited:

    I never commented out of topic. You are lying white lies. I gave you credit on the three articles or issues:
    1. Dawit G
    2. A guy who was swooped out of by Bangladish investor
    3. The guy from Mugulat,

    I have given 3/100, but you do not accept fail , F? You wanted 100 % like the EPRDF election of 100% win? All the comments show you are 100% doing well? You are only deceiving yourself by collecting only comments that emulate you, praise you, pomp you, bombast you with heaps of glamoring words which does not make sense at all. The feed back you get from your readers has to be unbiased, professional, neutral, objective, not subjective like in Ethiopia when people tell you Ata beluendo belaeba while in deep in their heart they wanted you to stop eating. Anyway, I have given you F+ and that is by giving credit for only three post of out of thousands articles and audio video castings. I am masked now the only way you know me because I made it myself known by my own words . But you can not track me now.

    I am advising you to stop posting comments that praise you only because you are hurting yourself and you own agenda . By the way, you do not evaluate yourself in real life. You have to be evaluated by professionals who are external and who has no connection with you and in that way you get objective, unbiased feedback. Otherwise, your sam uncle, dad, sister, aunties will not tell you are doing bad.

    To me it is clear you do not know about professional evaluation?

  51. I am very happy with the platform opening to a wide range of views.
    AIGA PLATFORM is becoming very reliable resources for current views
    and news of Ethiopia. Keep up the good work!!!

  52. ብጠዐም ፅቡቅ ነይሩ ገን አብ addis ababs ብዝዕባ መሬት ብጠዕም ሕማቅ አሎ አብ ቀበሌ ይኩን አብ ከ/ ከተማ ዝሰሩሑ ህዝብን መንግሰትን ንከባአሱ ከም ዝፅዒሩ ዘለወ ምንም ጥረጥረ የብለይን

  53. This website is my best and preferred source of current issues, news,views,
    and constructive ideas, thoughts, skills and other relevant issues.
    Thus, keep it up please!

  54. Dear Aiga forum!

    you are doing well! your web helps to have a balanced attitude in different issues that are raised .but to remember some thing in the past “i wrote earlier to have clue about the meteorological forecasts for 2008e.c ” but nothing has been justified why!!!!

  55. Be a public media, and make sure you serve both supporters and none supporters of the government by bringing the truth to the public,by doing so you will gain the trust of the people and you will have more readers,inthemeantime you are fighting corruption to bring good governance in the country. And always be realistic and update the public immediately with what is going on in the country and the rest of the world. Do not be boring like the other media please! Please!!
    By the way do not forget to entertain your readers, and do not be arid,give us some nice music and videos occasionally this makes your readers relax and have fun!
    Otherwise you are much better than the others!!
    So long!

  56. You moved from 100% pro-government media to a position where you let people listen to different opinions. Just to mention a few, Gebru’s interview on his book and Dawit’s interview are phenomenal strides you made in the last three years. It is not because I love to listen to opposition voices, rather it is because we deserve to listen both sides and weight every information presented to us in our own, with out anybody telling us what we need to listen or not and this is the fundamental element every media outlet should do if they really have respect to their audience.

    “Let the People know the fact” should be your every day guiding principle, no matter how the facts could become bitter and what consequences they might have. It is by far much better to face the consequences that might be caused by telling the facts than living in a phony and unrealistic situation.


  57. Reate “B-” Major: Good NEWS,
    Minor: Toothless critics.

    You are doing much better than yester years for sure, on a positive note,you have tried to accommodate some minor critics of the government policies the major shortcoming of Aiga forum is ignoring many valid policy critics such as Ato Dawit’s candid interviews (which lead TPLF/EPRDF congress to be more lively) and ridiculing moderate /legal opposition inside Ethiopia such as Medrek, EDP, ARENA…

  58. Well done!!! All I can say is be straight with the government hold them accountable protect the system not the individuals

  59. Aiga forum is purely TIGRAY only forum, it does not represent the great Ethiopian interest and it never publishes anything that is against any policies of the current TPLF government. As its name suggests it is created to server only the Tigreans period.

  60. Good Job Aiga Forum you are doing great as Ethiopian Government’s mouth piece, You are not far behind Addis Zemen and Walta Information Services.

  61. As a long time reader I have noticed that you have evolved from a One-Sided pro-EPRDF site to more of balanced view and speaking up (writing I guess) when it deserves. Not perfect but in the right direction.

  62. Dear Aiga,

    Thank you for your service, just keep it up you doing fine job, I see diverse opinions expressed above both pro and con even those who have nothing good to say about Aiga should appreciate for the opportunity to express it.

  63. you did great job in protecting the country from Shaebya, other foreign enemies, narrow minded extremist hate group diasporas. But about five years ago you have been made aware that, there is well organized and politically motivated a full scale efforts to spread corruption through out all Addis Ababa and Federal institutions, Addis Ababa being used as the Head quarters and Center of propagation of corruption. Five years later corruption has reached every corner of the country. This is being done in silence but well organized by forces of reaction embeded with in the EPRDF top to down power structure. They well disguised highly paid and with various powers and responsibilities with in EPRDF, Addis Ababa City Administration, and federal institutions. By now they have succeeded to create public discontent which would be used for social unrest or violent uprising in the years to come unless sever and sustained efforts are made to root out and curve corruption from the system. So far the action is not decisive. There are tens of thousands corrupts assaulting the new system. They may soon suffocate and bring the development activities to stand still. corruption is the external symptom but the underlying motive is to remove the new constitution and reinstate the old one. These hate groups disguised as EPRDF has been systematically targeting Tigreans and the interest of Tigreans. from tourism to infrastructure development. a case in point could be the case of Adwa town. Those disguised hate group view Adwa, Axum and Adiabo as the birth place of Weyan(TPLF) and have the view that the people of those regions either will not compromise in safe guarding the principles of the struggle and/or have to be punish for being the womb and nurtured the TPLF upon its birth. a decision has been reached by those hate group with in EPRDF indisguised to exclude people of Origin from Adwa, Axum, and Adiabo. and systematic elimination and marginalization decition has been implemented from all Addis Ababa and Federal Structures except the most in accessible few top ministerial position. Many Tigreans whose Origin is one of the above regions have been hit hard by this sabotage. They have tried to sabotage or hinder infrastructure development with in Tigray. Why was a project in Adwa town abandoned after houses were turned to rubble in the name of Federal road project for a year and half? many residents livelihood affected their source of incomes disrupted? all reasons given by the roads authority is a cover up the true reason is a punishment for having been a breeding ground of the TPLF during the early formation of TPLF. They did cut off electric power at the sources(different generating plants but simultaneously) during African union meeting, and did cut of electric power of different generating plants while PM Hailemariam Desalegn was addressing the nation from Quiha-Tigray. There has been a sabotage to deny tourism to Tigray with in promotion activities successfully deceiving diverting tourists from Lalibela direct to Gonder bypassing Axum. The Addis Abeba Land management , Tax and Revenue Authority is all with in their full control.
    So all my deviation from you direct question is that you have honestly done a great job to fend off Ethiopia from its foreign enemies or diaspora hate groups. but some people in power with in the TPLF have failed to deliver their responsibilities and the country is now infested with corruption. your goal is to see a develop and functional Ethiopia. but what you have achieved through hard work in the last 17 years is being tarnished by epidemic proportion of rampant corruption. Now the threat for the country is not external forces but rather the disguised well organized forces with in the EPRDF that are directing politically motivated corruption and may soon suffocate and bring it to a stand still. We need to device a formula that will identify and eliminate such reactionary and hate elements and disrupt, arrest and remove their network structure. No opposition party inside and outside, Shaebya are saying a word about corruption because they know that is the tool they are using to kill the system, and they do not want it to get focus. in short what you have achieved their is being undone over here so you need to work on your profit/loss balance shit and expand your scope and device a media formula that will help to root out those networked and disguised hate group with in EPRDF and with in the government system, and through the support of your media followers you must impose a sustained pressure on the TPLF leadership to do enough to clean the system at any cost. In your part you have done great Job but you need to diversify and help arrest the sickness with in. I also commend Tigraionline for supporting your effort and protect Tigray from the notorious enemies.
    God bless Ethiopia!

  64. Dear Aiga Forum,
    You are doing wonderful job. Keep it up. Peace and Development loving people like the website. Others who are shouting now are the ones who were shouting before and will continue to shout. If possible can you include a page for Science and Technology like space exploration news,articles…..
    There are so many places in Ethiopia that should be visited but are not knon to the world. Aiga can promote Tourism in Ethiopia.

    I hope other website editors and owners learn from Aiga forum and improve

    bye for now

  65. I frequently go to your website, I like the articles that are contributed by individuals I like the constructive comments and good wishs for our country but one thing I am not happy about is the little comment that you write in a red ink to influence the reader which is an insult to the readers intelligence if you have any comment about the article you have the editorial page or you can write your own views on the matter, the other thing don’t put unsubstantiated article like the one you posted about Dr Richard Pankhurst Interview. I like most of the articles, try to be open minded focusing only to the lasting Truth and be Classy.

  66. Though my favorite website, ill administrative issues from the Tigray region is barley reported. For example, as a result of declining oil price , the price for taxi has dropped at least by 20 cents in Addis (thanks to the Addis Ababa Administration) while in Tigray it rises by 50 cents to 1 Birr (shame to the Tigray regional state gov, that doesn’t respect its people).
    The Tigray government may think that, the situation in Ormoia may not happen here. I wish Aiga admi, you could investigate and came up with something sollution or at least try to counsul the people in the gov before something irreversible happens in this region also.

    Keep it up your good job!

    Abrham Melkamu, Mekeklle University

    Climate science

  67. Aiga fourm is the page I frequently visit to learn and update myself on current affairs in and about Ethiopia. In this regard, I say Kudos to Aiga. I however expect that Aiga also to reach out to knowledgable individuals and invite or request them to reflect their views on hot political issues in Ethiopia. This would help us to make informed decision on the issues or merits/demerits of views of some of the authors who post their ideas in Aiga or elsewher.

  68. Hi Aigforum ,
    It is good to have you; no doubt about that. But you especially Aigaforum have not done enough.
    You have carefully, through self-censorship, avoided to write and inform about the real issues on the ground. You have turned a blind eye to talk and help individuals who suffer in the hands of corrupt security officers by being protected by the umbrella of the Ethiopian security system. These CORRUPT individuals use the security , veiled in secrecy, to advance their economic interests. The system has failed to monitor the working rules and procedures of some of its rogue officers. This has left the system to open abuse and malpractices. This will ultimately damage the image and credibility of the whole Ethiopian security system.
    It is when you write about individual cases and examples that you can discern and inform the Ethiopian public both at home and abroad. The case of Ato Dawit was a good example of informing.
    Dear Aiga , please listen to single individuals and post their experiences, agony and ordeal. Individual examples are perfect illustrations that show how the system really is workin (not working). These individuals are cases studies which depict reality where the the rubber tire meets the bumpy road. Healthy Individuals are the corner stones of healthy and thriving families, which are realible foundations of a healthy society. To build a good house that you leave to your children and generations, you have to build it by selecting good and strong bricks, stones and clean strong steel. That is why we have to focus on the well-being of the individual building element of the system (society). So please listen to what any individual has to tell you and ask you to post about their grievances, irrespective how much money such individuals have in their wallets. Every one with a story to tell might not rich enough as Ato Dawit to be heard. But they have stories that truly identify and expose the true nature of the corrupt part of the system.
    I must remind here today that some time ago, I send some writing to you Aigaforum describing my ordeals under the hands of a medical research team and a corrupt Ethiopian medical doctor who has strong connection with the security. He organized the security in Addis Ababa and other parts of the country to hunt me. He did so for financial gains he got from his white doctors in Europe who have a serious problem with me. They isolated me both in Sweden and in Ethiopia from relatives and friends in order that I wound not get support ti expose the an ethical and cruel human experimentation that have been performing without consent on me.
    For now it has become difficult form alone to fight because of visual impairment caised by the despicable act of experimentation.
    I can only say today please, please muster some courage and help your Ethiopian compatriot and brother suffering without medical attention in sight.. .

    (posted with minor edit…admin)

  69. I have to be sincere at least to tell the truth. As of now how do we measure success of a province or country. If we talk about Tigrai region or other part of Ethiopia , it is really very sad .what have we done for our people ? Do we have enough clean drinking water for our suburb village residents. How about basic electricity for urban & rural areas. What is success for you * * webmaster.

  70. Hi Aiga,
    Please get a program which delivers comments in a LIFO (last In First Out) fashion. TOL has it as one can get the recent message immediately without having to scroll down to reach it at the end of all messages,Especially for a blind man, this would be much helpful.
    Thank you-

  71. Aigaforum has been doing a wonderful job informing the diaspora about the development taking place in Ethiopia. You are the only diaspora site that talks about the positive aspects of what is going on in Ethiopia. Everyone else seems to post only negative things about Ethiopia the country they say they love. Why, just because they hate the government. But governments come and go but country and people stay. I know you support the government, but you are not amiss at pointing out mistakes or making suggestions. Personally, you also keep me connected to Ethiopia thru your timely news and special features. I really like the way you expose the diaspora extremist who are nothing but hopeless, delusional, misguided individuals who do not even know how to respect the laws of the countries they live in. I could say more but “Wuhan biwoqtut imboch”.
    Please keep up the good work. Do not hesitate to ask for contributions if you need it. Thank you so much for spending your time, energy, resources, etc.

    • Mr. Ben * Rock Head*
      What is the Rubbish Development driven by hand-out or IMF Loan ,is going to change the life of poor Ethiopian. Look the localities of Tigrai, Oromia, Gambela,Ben Shangul & Ogadenia. People can’t afford to eat two times a day let alone three times a day that was told by midged man. We need peace and stability first.

  72. You’re progressing well, but avoid being the same like ETV & Addis Zemen, who only praise the government day-in and day-out. The government media is despised by the people and you shouldn’t duplicate it. Continue posting different opinions on a topic and allow good discussion to happen. This will help the current government or any future government, to develop good public policies. Make sure,Ethiopia’s vital interests such as getting back it’s sea access gets attention by the government. We can’t afford to continue paying $3 million dollar per day to Djibouti. This is over $1 billion dollar a year, which is about 50% of our current export, and increasing by the day. Everything is now expensive in Ethiopia because of port fee we pay to Djibouti, and it is going to get worse. Ethiopia is slowly bleeding to death because TPLF gave away our natural port to Shabia so foolishly.

    • Thank you Sir. This is what I have been saying for 25 years solid. non-stop. TPLF’s worst enemy is TPLF itself. TPLF has no enemy, but i itself. They think they are smart because they managed to suppress the poor people of Ethiopia. But you are not smart. I assure you that you are very primitives who did not even know the benefit of a port. This is the danger of being led blindly by one man and things that affects millions of people are decided by few people from dedebit? What does Dedebit mean by the way? Does Dedebit means dedeb? TPLF is really dedecoch. Aiga will never get this even i I hammer of Aiga’s had by Hammer. Woyane is rocked headed people. You can pour water on rock? The water never sink into a rock. Woyanes means rocked or stone headed people who can not even understand simple things like the benefit of a port. Neither Eritreans nor Ethiopians are benefitting from Ethiopia being forrcibly land locked by gun and by Meles Zenawi. Your hero and smart visionary leader told us a port is for camels? A port is a commodity? He did not even understand simple thing like a port? He did not understand the commodity costs Ethiopia billions of dollars each years. Assuming 1 billion dollars per year to buy ports? We spend so far 24 billion dollars? That is almost 5 GERDs? This money could have been used to build 5 GERDS or to create jobs for the youth who are migrating in mass out of the country. Ethiopians leaders have on capacity to solve problems, but add more problems. The people of Tigrai died or fought for 17 years to lanalock themsellves and to force the rest of Ethiopians to be landocked? An utter stupidity, primitiveness. You may be good at shooting and fighting, but not good at on these simple things, very myiopic and shallow of devoid of reason and thought. Aiga has been following Meles like camels and sheeps and they absorbed everything Meles does and say as perfect . Aiga, sheep or camels o fMeles Zenawi? I hope you will get it at least after 24 years? I pray the rock has now a little crack for water to sink slowly.

      Down to rock-headed woyanes

    • Mr. Tedi Eritrea never ever been part of Ethiopia, you can go back 3000 years. There is no such proved documentation by Greek, Turkish or beyond that generation. Please let’s move on, Ethiopian we can do better with out port. All we need is sit down and negotiate after demarcation of the border. Our Tigrian people are the will pay heavy price, if we don’t those things right now. I am afraid Ethiopia might break up into three parts of countries.

  73. ቋንቋ ተበላሸ!!
    አማርኛም እንግሊዝኛም አትለው?? ድብልቅልቅ! ጭምልቅልቅ፤ ዝብርቅርቅ፤ የስልጤኔ የዕ.ለ.ው (G.T.P) ዕድገት መሆኑ ነው???
    ቋንቋችን ለማጥፋት ከባድ ዘመቻ እየተካሔደ ነው ያልው
    ለምንድነው በቋንቋችን (በአማርኛ፣በትግርኛ ወይም በኦሮምኛ) የማንጽፈው፤ የማንናገረው?? ነጮች እንዲያወድስሉን እንድያመጉስልን ነው??? ወይስ ሁሉ ነጮች የበላያችን እኛ ደግሞ ተገዢዎች ባርያዎች መሆኑን ማሳየት ነው?? መልእክቱ ለኛ ነው ወይስ ለነጮች???? በጣም የምታሳፍሩ ህዝቦች። ጥቁር ሁሌም ጥቁር ተንበርካኪ!!!! ቋንቋችን፤ ባህላችን፤ እምነታችን፤ ማንነታችንን ፤ እሰቶቻችን፤ እየጠፉ ናቸው። የሚቀጥሉት 20 ዓመታት ፡ እንደ ብዙ የአፍሪቃ አገሮች፤ (ከንያ፣ታንዛኒያ፡ ናይጀርያ፡ ወዘተ) ብሔራዊ ቋንቋችን እንግሊዝ ይሆናል። ሰዋህሊኛ፤ ሃውሳ፡ እየጠፉ ናቸው። የነዚህ አፍርቃ አገሮች ብሔራዊ ቋንቋቸው እንግሊዝ ሆነዋል። በጣም ያሳዝናል።
    ፋዘር: ማዘር: ብራዘር: ሲስተር፡ ፍረንድ፡ ሃይ፡ ዋው፡ ገርል ፍረንድ፡ … ወዘተ ካላልን ፋራ፡ ገጠሬ፡ ታጋይ፡ ወዘተ ያስብላል። ወይ ጉድ ወይ ስልጣኔ????????
    ኋላቀር የመንግስት ባለስልጣናት እና ከያንያን እና የዩኒቨርሲቲ ምምህራን ፡ በቲቪ መስኮት ሲቀርቡ፡ እንግሊዝኛ ደባልቀው፤ ጨማልቀው፤ ጨፋልቀው፤ ጨማምረው፤ ዘባርቀው፤ ካልተናገሩ ፡ ያልሰለጠኑ: ኋላቀር የሆኑ ነው የሚመስላቸው:: የሚያሳዝኑ!!!
    ከትግርኛ፡ ከኦሮምኛ: ከጉራጉኛ: ከሃዲያ: ወዘተ ከ80 በላይ ቋንቋችን ምርጥ ምርጥ ቃላቶች መምረጥ አይሻልም! ቋንቋችን እንዲሰፋ: በተለይ ብሔራዊ ቋንቋችን::
    የፈረንሳይ: የሩስያ: የቻይና: የጃፓን: የስፔን: የዓረቦች: የጀርመን: የጣልያን: የመክሲኮ: የብራዚል: የአርጀንቲና: ወዘተ፡ ምሁራን: ተመራማሪዎች: ሊቃውንቶች: ፕሮፈሰሮች: የተክኖሎጂ ፈጣሪዎች: ወዘተ፡ እኮ፡ እንግሊዝ ቋንቋ አይናገሩም: በቃንቃቸው ነው የሚማሩት የሚናገሩት:: ስለዚህ እንግሊዝ ቋንቋ ደባልቀው፡ ጨማልቀው: ጨፋልቀው: ስለማይናገሩ: ምሁራን ሊቃውንት አይደሉም ማለት ነው ወይ?????? ምነው በአገራችን: እንግሊዝ ቃላቶች ደባልቆ፡ ጨማልቆ: ጨፋልቆ፡ መናገር የስልጣኔ፡ የትምህርት መለኪያ ተደርጎ የሚወሰደው!!!! ታድያ የት አለ የሚንኮራራበት “የ3000 አመታት ስልጣኔ: ልዩ ቋንቋ: ና ፊደሎች እና ታሪክ ????????

  74. የኢህአደግ ባለስልጣት ሲሰበሰቡ ፡ በአገር እና ህዝብ ጉዳይ ከማቶከር ይልቅ አብዛኛው ጊዜውን የሚያባክኑት: በከፍተኛ “የእንግሊዝ ቃላቶች ውድድር እና የአመራረጥ” ነው:: እንደ አዲስ ተማሪ፡ ስብሰባው “የእንግሊዝ ቃላቶች የውድድር መድረክ” ነው። ምንድነው ጥርት ባለ በቋንቋችን የማይወያዩና የማስረዱን????? 85% ህዝባችን በእርሻ ነው የሚተዳደረው በገጠር ነው የሚኖረው ይላሉ ግን መልእክቱን የሚያስተላሉፉት በእንግሊዝ ቋንቋ የተደባላለቀ!!!!
    እንደሚባለው “ አንተ እገለ ሚኒስተር፡ ይህች ቃል የት ነው ያገኘሃት? ብሎ እንደጠየቀው እና ያኛው ሚኒስተር ደግሞ “ በእንግሊዝ መዝገበ ቃላት አታገኘውም: እኔ ቃላቶቹን የሚለቃቅመው “ከ እንሳክሎበዲይ” ነው ብሎ መለሰት።
    ኢህአደግ ሆን ብሎ: ባህላችን፡ ቋንቋችን፡ እምነታችን፡ እሰቶታችን፡ ታሪካችን: ለመበረዝ: ለማበላሸት፡ ለማኮላሸት: ለማጥፋት ቀን ና ሌሊት እየሰራ ያለው ሴራ ነው::
    የፈረንሳይ: የሩስያ: የቻይና: የጃፓን: የስፔን: የዓረቦች: የጀርመን: የጣልያን: የመክሲኮ: የብራዚል: የአርጀንቲና: ወዘተ፡ ምሁራን: ተመራማሪዎች: ሊቃውንቶች: ፕሮፈሰሮች: የተክኖሎጂ ፈጣሪዎች: ወዘተ፡ እኮ፡ እንግሊዝ ቋንቋ አይናገሩም: በቃንቃቸው ነው የሚማሩት የሚናገሩት:: ስለዚህ እንግሊዝ ቋንቋ ደባልቀው፡ ጨማልቀው: ጨፋልቀው: ስለማይናገሩ: ምሁራን ሊቃውንት አይደሉም ማለት ነው ወይ?????? ምነው በአገራችን: እንግሊዝ ቃላቶች ደባልቆ፡ ጨማልቆ: ጨፋልቆ፡ መናገር የስልጣኔ፡ የትምህርት መለኪያ ተደርጎ የሚወሰደው!!!! ታድያ የት አለ የሚንኮራራበት “የ3000 አመታት ስልጣኔ: ልዩ ቋንቋ: ና ፊደሎች እና ታሪክ ?????????

    • which language are you referring as in our language? Ethiopia have over 80 languages most people even though highly educated they now basic Amharic, that is why they have to substitute English at some interval to deliver their view. you sound a shaebya any way!

  75. ናብ ኩሎም መራኸብቲ ሓፋሽ ትካላት ወይ አውታራት
    ንእዞም አብ አዝተፈላለዩ መደባታት ተዓዲሞም ንዝቐርቡ አጋይሽኩምን እንተላይ አብ መሳኹት ተለቪዥዮናትን አብ ጋዜጣታት: አብ ድሕረ ገጻትን : ንዝቀላቐሉ አሕዋትን ፤ አሐትን አስሚርኩም፤ አምሪርኩም፤ አትሪርኩም፤ አበርቲዓኹም ንገርዎም፣ ግንሕዎም፣ ንቐፍዎም ምእንቲ በቲ ንርዶኦ ብጹሩይ ቓንቓ ትግርኛ ወይ አምሓርኛ ወይ ኦሮምኛ መልእኽቶም ከሕልፉ።
    እንግሊዝ ቃላት ወይ ካልኦት ባዕዳዊ ቃላት እንዳሐወስኩም፣ እንዳጨማላለቕኩም፣ እንዳሓናፈጽኩም፤ እንዳሐናገርኩም እንዳጠላለፍኩም ክትዛረቡን ክትጽሕፉን ከለኹም ናይ ፍልጠትኩም፤ ደረጃ ትምህርትኹም ወይ ድማ ናይ ንቅ፟ሓትኩም መዓቀኒ አይኮነን። ብአንጻሩድአስ ናይ ድሕረትኩምን ድንቁርናኩኹምን፤ ተምበርካኽነትን፤ ናይ ባርነትን መግለጺን መዓቀኒ’ምበር፣ ከምኡውን ዓርሲ ምትእምማን ዝጎድለልኩምን።
    ስልጡን፤ ሙሁርን፤ ፈላጢን ሰብ መዓቀኒኡ ድማ፤ ባህሉ፤ ቋንቋኡ፤ እምነቱ፤ ሀገሩ፤ ህዝቡ፤ ታሪኹ፤ ምስ ዝዕቅ፟ብን፤ ምስ ዘሰስንን፤ ምስ ዘማዕብልን፤ ምስ ዘኽብርን ፤ ምስ ዝኾርዕን ጥራይ እዪ። ካብዚ ሓሊፍ ግን፡ ዱሑር ዘይስልጡን እዪ ዘብል፡: ኩሎም አውሮፓውያን ብቋንቆኧም ኢዮም ዝጥቀሙ::
    አበይደአ’ሎ እቲ ናይ ልዕሊ 3000 ሺሕ አመታት ትምክሕሉ ታሪኽን ቋንቋን? መልሲ ካብ እቶም ወልፊን ሱስን ናይ ቃላት እንግሊዝ ሐዋዊስካ ምዝራብ ዘሎውምን ዘዘውትሩን: ስርዓት አልቦ ቋንቋ ዝኾኑ ሰባት::
    ቋንቋና ገፊሕን፣ ስፊሕን፣ ናይ ጥንትን፣ ሙዕብልን እዪ። እንታሞዪገበር ብሰንኪ እዞም ሙህራትን ፖለቲከኛታትን ኪነጥበባትን ቋንቋና ዪጠፍእን ዪዳኸምን አሎ። ትግርኛን አምሓርኛን ምስ ካልኦት ሰማንያን ሸሞንተ (88) (80 አብ ኢትዮጵያ + 8 አብ ኤርትራ) ቋንቋታት ብሄራት ሓዊስካ እንተዝምዕብል ነይሩ፣ ሎሚ ናይ አፍሪቃ ቋንቋ ምኾነን አፍሪቃውያን አህዛብ አሕዋትና ድማ ካብ ቋንቋን ባህሊ መግዛእቲ ኤውሮፓውያን ነጻን፤ ሐራ ምወጹ፤ ምተናገፉ፤ ብአፍሪቃዊ ቋንቋ ድማ ኮሪዖም ምተጠቐሙ ነይሮም።

    ኢትዮጵያ አብ ዝመጽእ ዘሎ 15 ዓመታት ናብ ማእከላይ እቶቶ ዘለወን ሃገራት ዘይኮነት ትጽንበር: በአንጻሩ ናብ እቶም ቋንቆኧም ባህሎም መንነቶም አጥፊኦም፤ ብቋንቋን ባህሊ መግዛእቲ ኤውሮፓውያን ዝጥቀሙ አፍሪቃ ሀገራት፤ ክትጽንበር እያ:: ሎሚ ሎንደንን አዲስ አበባን ብምንታይ ይፈላለያ?? ኩሉ ነገር ናብ ኢንግሊዝ ቋንቋ እንዳተቀየረ እዪ። ካብ ቦሌ አየር ወደብ ውጽእ ምስ በልካ …. ኩሉ ኢንግሊዝ ብኢንግሊዝ!!!

    • Africans in general the most self-hating people on our planet. African women bleach their skin to look white and they put horse wig to look different. They are still colonized. PM HD can not speak Amharic properly. He has to add English. He is a model for the people? All the woyanes who came from the caves are now speaking in English in Tigrignea, Amharic. Wow,, yes, honey, flower, girl friend, boy friend, international, global, media, friend, brother, sister, father, uncle, happy birthday, fine, good, smart, … is written in Amharic, Tigrginea. But all all have local words or phrases. The Geez has every word for everything , for aeroplane, car, internet, … has Geez word. These people did not know about internet, but they developed Geez words even for thing that did not exist. The woyane generation Ethiopia is rubbish generation, garabage, Quashaha generation. What do you expect from people who think and believe a port or a sea or oceans for camels to drink on it? or it is not important? You can not get honey from flies. EPRDF aka is hell bent to destroy our language, our faith, our way of life. Woyane fought to landlock us, divided us, teaches Chinese or Mandarirn in our own country? to teach us English. Local language is a too of development. You do not use local language means you can not develop. I am not joking. If you can not use your language , you will never develop. All the developed countries use their langauge. Example, Russia, Germany, Chinese, Japanese, Iran, Israel, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, UK, Ireland, Korea ( both south and north ), Taiwan, France, Canada, USA, Ausrtralia, … all developed countries use their language. The only rubbish, dirty, backward, primitive, exremely poor, self-hating, sefl-degrading, … people are Ethiopians. They do not see it. But Ethiopians the most backward people on planet. We claim were were not colonized? well, but we are the most colonized than anyone. Colonization is not only physical occupation, but also mental occupation. We are mentally colonized. The most disgusting thing is all the officials of the country can not speak local language formally and without mixing alien language. In Europe, North America, mixing language is academically not allowed because you can not communicate effectively with your audiences. But who cares about audiences in Ethiopia? no one, Why is aiga asking comments in English? it all starts here? It is okay to use English? but who is the audience ? you are administering 100 million people who speak local language, not English? who is your audience?

      Ethiopians, Aye Aye, Aye Aye, Aye

  76. You are doing what you want to do within your own and your readers capacity.That is great.
    Doing nothing and spreading hate and war is worst as no body benefits from hate and war. In war both party lose.
    Peace is the way. Let’s fight corruption and poverty, as they are our worst enemies.Thank you.

    • Mr. Beene,,
      You are right below halfway of your statement. No one benefits from war & hate. We need to forgive and forgate to move on ,but our mess is enormous beyond repair, so who would give in for mistakes & damages done to our people and our neighbors. These are the biggest hurdle for our regime and our people. God help us to sort out the mess we are in.

  77. The first thing I do every morning when I wake up is visit Aigaforum and I love it. But sometimes they have problem criticizing our government. E.g when Abadula Gemeda, the Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, the lower chamber of the Ethiopian Parliament prays at the parliament (this Office) with some foreign pastors forgetting Ethiopia is a secular government, you should have wrote something, and there too many of this kind. When Ethiopia government do nothing regarding Eritrea’s disregard to our boulder you don’t write as much as you should.

  78. Perhaps your forum is one of the most reliable and informative sources of news on Ethiopia. For that I am greatfull. If you have the reources, it would have been nice to expand or include investigative form of reporting. It is now a hight time for the serious reporters and journalists, among other things, to uncover systemic corruptions and corrupt individuals and bring the findings to the public and government. If you can do that, it will be a service that will be very much appreciated by the Ethiopian People.

    Long Live Ethiopia!

  79. Mr. Semenawi Enderta,(the street smart-Shabia!)
    Don’t pretend like an Ethiopian Tigrian. You are a disguised Shabia posing like an Ethiopian Tigrian. You fooled stupid TPLF leaders once to landlocked their own country. But don’t think all Tigrians are stupid. . We just can’t afford to continue paying billions of $ dollars for port fee. When we had our own port “Assab”, this cost was “zero” dollars ($0).. Now, we are paying over $1 billion dollar per year, or almost half of our export value, to port fee, and it is increasing by the day
    Djibouti is hiking its port fee on us almost every day, and soon we will be forced to pay almost all what we earned from exports to port fee. We just can’t afford to do that. Hospitals are running without Oxygen and not enough beds or medical equipment. There is chronic shortage of foreign exchange in the country. Factories are operating with half shift because they don’t get enough foreign currency to import necessary equipment . Because of this, unemployment and inflation are rising each day. This is not sustainable. Something has to happen, some day. . So,don’t be greedy. You should think of a “win-win” situation for both countries.. . A “win-win situation” is when Ethiopia gets back its access to the sea, and Eritrea gets “complete duty free access” to all Ethiopian markets. If you think you will shut us off from the sea forever, you are fooling yourself. Our access to the sea will be restored with, or without EPRDF, It is a matter of survival for us. .

    • Mr. Tedi:– With all due to respect, you are entitled to your opinion, but it does not mean you’re right or wrong. I can be any ethnicity, still don’t make different. 1st of all we need to stop these broad daylight corruption and stealing public money by our Woyane Leaders, Generals and ministers. Then focus on making dialogue between people and Government. Do you know since we Tigrian took office received over 40 billion dollars in aid, IMF loan. But none of them are put into infrastructure or building Hospital in rural area, fixing roads not 10 miles expensive Rail Tram in Addis. Things like that doesn’t change people life. We need clean drinking water, we need basic electricity in the city and rural areas. Forget Assab that doesn’t belong to us anymore. Only we can use it after demarcation of the border, the sky is the limit said our neighbors president. And I don’t think war is the solution . They have best army and airforce at these times & Dubai are building state of the art Naval Base Navy in Assab, which will make for us harder not to start the war. At any cost war is not the solution. Look at Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and other European countries make it with out ports. We Ethiopian need to be smarter than this mess we are and things can get better in dialogue. If war breaks out now, we the Tigrian will be loser at the most.
      My dear Mr. Tedi * Go Figure *.

      • Mr. Semenawi-Enderta (I know you are Eritrean, but I will still talk to you)
        Yes, some countries don’t have port, but they have special deals. For example, take Congo-it has secured access to the sea through Angola, and has its own land corridor that takes it all the way to the sea, without paying any port fee. . .

        Ethiopia is paying over a billion dollar per year for port fee. We just can’t afford to do that any longer. We are poor country, trying to get out of poverty. How can we set up and run new factories, if we don’t have enough foreign currency to import factory equipment? That means we can not create enough jobs for ever growing population, now nearing 95 million. It is also getting much harder to get foreign investment, as lack of port & paying high port fee have made transportation of goods very expensive, and made Ethiopia less attractive for investment.
        Besides, we are talking here about “Assab port” which was our property up until 1991. It was not under Eritrea when you guys broke away from us. As i said, it is much better if we can come up with a “win-win solution” for both countries. You can not suffocate 95 million people for long.
        Think about it.

  80. U asked some comment about our work which is in my opinion relative to other Ethiopian sight Aiga is the best and pls keep up our work. To the particular question about Mr D it is his opinion and he is entitled to have his view. What makes him special I do not understand. My understanding is he is working at the international peace and development institution in Addis Abeba where the late and renown professor Kinfe Abraham was a director. Since that is an institution he can entertain his view with cd that why the special treatment through Aiga. I do not understand. In addition since u ask about Aiga’s weekend or strength. why u need to accept such comment like nakfas meaningless and some African cultural nationalist sound languages.

  81. የመንግስት ባለስልጣናት (ከከፍተኛ እስከ ዝቅተኛ)፤ ከያንያን፤ ጋዜጦኞች፤ (በተለይ የ ኢቲቪ (በእንግሊዝ _ ኢብኮ): የዩኒቨርሲቲ ምምህራን፤ ተማሪዎች፤ በቲቪ መስኮት የሚቀርቡ ሰዎች፤ ሁሌ እንግሊዝኛ ደባልቀው፤ ጨማልቀው፤ ጨፋልቀው፤ ጨማምረው፤ ዘባርቀው፤ የሚናገሩ፤ ከዚህ በታች ከተዘረዘሩ የሚመደቡ ናቸው።
    1_ ይሉኝታ _ ገጠሬ፡ ባላገር፡ ከገጠር የመጣ እና የከተማ ሰው አራዳ ለመምሰል
    2_ ፋራ ኋላ ቀር ሰው ከድሃ ቤተሰብ የተወለደ እና የአስተዳደጉ ገመና ለመሸፈን እና አራዳ ለመምሰል
    3_ ታጋይ (ወንበዴ) በረኀ የነበረ እና በህዝብ ፊት የተማረ፤ የሰለጠነ ሰው መሆኑን ለማሳየት
    4_ ታጋዮች ብንሆንም የተማርን ሰዎች ነን ለማለት ለህዝብ መልእክት ማስተላለፍ
    5_ ጭፍን ያለ ያልተማረ ሰው፡ ግን ትምህርት ቀሰም መሆኑን ለመምሰል
    6_ የጎዳና ተዳዳሪ ወይም በጎዳና ያደገ ሰው
    7 _ ድሩየ ከቤተ ሰብ ቁጥጥር የወጣች፡ ግን ንጽህት መልካም ሴት ሆና ለመታየት

    ልብ በሉ የዚህ የእንግሊዝ በሽታ እና ሱስ ያለው ሰው፡ የሚመደበው ከሰባቱ አንዱ ወይም በላይ ነው ማለት ነው!!!

  82. ዓምዲ ተማጎት – ንፍትሕን ዲሞክራሲን:
    አብ መጻኢ ኤርትራ ዝትከል ስርዓትን መንግስትን ፈደራላዊን ዲሞክራሲያዊን ስለ ዝኽውን፤ ማለት “ፈደራላዊ ደሞክራሲያዊ ሃገረ ኤርትራ _ ፈደሃኤ – Federal Democratic State of Eritrea – FDSE’’ አብቲ ሃገራዊ ቅዋም፡ ‘’ዓርሰ_ውሳኔ ክሳብ ምግንጻል ወይ ምንጻል’’ ዝብል ዓንቀጽ ስለ ዝህልዎ፤ ንሕና ህዝቢ ወይ ክልል ከበሳ (ሐማሴን፡ አከለጉዛይ፡ ሰራየን ዓንሰባን) ወደብ አልቦ ክንከውን ኢና። ምኽንያቱ፡ ካብ ‘’ወደብ ዓሰብ ክሳዕ ደንከል እንተላይ ምጽዋዕ (ባጽዕ)’’ ከባቢኡን ሐዊስካ ዘሎ መሬት፡ ‘’መሬት ዓፋር’’ ስለዝኾነ፡ አብ ትሕቲ ‘’ክልል ወይ ፈደራል ምምሕዳር ብሔረ-ዓፋር’’ ይኸውን ይአቱ። ስለዚ ክልል ከበሳ “ወደብ አልቦ” ይኸውን:: ከተማ ጊንዳዕ ድማ ብሎኮ ወይ ዶብ ክልል ዓፋር ን ከበሳን ኮይና ተገልግል።
    እቲ አዝዩ ዘሰክፍን ዘፍርሕን ቀንዲ ጉዳይ ግን: ክልል ዓፋር ቅዋም መሰረት ብምግባር፤ ነጻነት ሕቶን ምግንጻል ካብ ኤርትራ ከየልዕሉ እዩ። ብፍላይ ምስ አሕዋቶም አፋር-ኢትዮጵያ ሐድነት ሕብረትን ከይምስርቱ የስግእ። ዝበዝሔ ህዝቢ ዓፋር ኤርትራ፤ ኤርትራዊያን አይኮናን እዮም ዝብሉ ብኤርትራ አይአምኑን እዮም። ነዚ ዓላማ ንምዕዋት እዩ ‘’ARDUF – Afar Redsea Dem. Unity Front – ዓፋር ቀይሕባሕሪ ንዲሞክራሲያዊ ሕብረት ግንባር ‘’ ብረታዊ ቃልሲ ዘካይድ ዘሎ።

    • Mr. Kesit Mekonnen:– We have no business in our neighborhood country, it is their problems to solve it. Please focus on Emmama Ethiopia, The Woyane Regime is destroying it from inside out. There are no such opposition fighting force against Eritrean Government, it is only on paper & behind LCD screen . Move on we have enough things to do on our plates. Let’s stop corruption, Stealing public money and freedom of expression for journalists in Ethiopia.

  83. Dear Aiga,
    Thank you very much to have this forum to air our comment on your performance. First, I will say that you allow any diverse opinion in your web site unlike the other pretending to be Ethiopian sites and one way ideologically driven. For example, when I have had a harsh critique to Ethiopian regime you posted without censorship. That shows your integrity to entertain different opinions. Second, please work on how to involve more in educational and investigation journalism ; for instance , we are criticizing the current regime , we should also provide more not only the problem , but the solution ( they have to be scholarly written papers, learning from other countries and knowledge transfer etc ).
    Lastly, our biggest problem in Ethiopia is how to improve institution , rule of law and education ; what will be your role in the future to pioneer if I do not expect more than you handle).
    Thank you.

  84. Aiga Forum is my main morning reliable sources not only news but other educational and interesting things. Before started my day, I usually get my cup of coffee and turn on my computer and read the news and other interesting things. Thank you Aiga Forum and keep up your outstanding job!

  85. You are an important arm of Information Network Securiy Agency.

    It is a relationship that benefits both sides. It’s working well. Why mess wit it

    For the record we are not an important arm to any one! But what is your source for this allegation? Can you enlighten your readers? If you fail we will remove your comment and that is a waste of your energy which is bad!

  86. Aigaforum is the premier news provider that has been disseminating timely, accurate and reliable news. Thank you and keep it up! Many of us need you and rely on your accurate reporting. Your meaningful advertising of important events.

    Kind regards

  87. semenawi Enderta,
    you are a dirty small head shaebya. Those who talk of port on this website are the same people who bombed your people for 30 years and Shaebyans. both of you are hate group and dying slowly but surely. If port was that important why are Eritreans in dire circumstances after possessing two ports? Jibouti is there for eternal. for our export needs. We will reduce our industrial products drastically as Ethiopia is heading for industrialization more over port djibouti is Geographically better positioned to serve Ethiopia. The Ethio-Eritrea problame is not boarder or ports, it is your trash thinking. your mentality is molded from the abuse you suffered by the barbaric Italian colonizers, by the barbaric Showan feudalism. by the back ward Arab attitude and by the Street smart attitudes. You are like mad person short of nudity. Your need to find your selves and make peace with in your selves first before you can make peace with others. I must admit all the bloodshed and killing by the Showans rulers was gross crime. But you are not less evil either, only limited by inability to surpass the Showans. you worshiped guns, but the Tigreans thought you your limit in a matter of a month, despite your 7-years of war preparation prior to may 1998. You lead by shaebya has been spinning out of control. provoking Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia and Jibouti. You have lost your dissent and mannerism. in 1988-2000 war, the real combat days were about 25.5 days, that is 4.5 at Badme, one week Igela-Tsorena front, one week Iga front and the other one week Shenbeko-Berentu-Hasemo mapping up. 9-months after Shaebyas suicidal adventure Bademe was librated, then quite again then another three weeks of fighting winded up the whole drama. When Shaebyans were only running and dying like sprayed flies, the self restraining order was imposed on the Ethiopian army by PM Melles to minimize the human tragedy that was to unfold. There was no more fighting but fleeing in disarray towards Asmara, and Issayas and rhe whole Shaebya leadership had their back-pack ready to abandon Asmara to Nakifa. Mean while Devilish Issaya was disturbing Mr. Koffi Annans night sleep by desperate phone calls pleading him to stop the Weyane Army from advancing to Asmara. The other fanatic diaspora Shaebyans were barking in desperation in front of Tonny Blair’s office, European unions office, UN offices and other Capitals of the World pleading to help the Weyanes. PM Melles knowing well that Shaebya has got un forgettable lesson ordered the advancing Ethiopian army to stall. and Shaebya signed off 25% of Eritrean territory in to which he will not step it’s feet and Ethiopian forces fall back to traditional boarders.
    Beyond human comprehension, Shaebya has proven its savage cruelty when it blocked an exit corridor through barka during the 1984 famine. 1500 children died right on the spot and buried there. It was a tragedy of biblical proportion. Eritrean in diaspora were cheering with champagne up on the massacre of Ayder elementary school chldren in Mekelle in 1998. There are many, many cruelty committed by this satanic sect and the hope that it could evolve and change is only wishful thinking. The death of Issayas will not change Shaebya. All Shaebya leaders and their followers worship a mix of Showan-feudal/Italian- fascist/Arab- hate/street- smart and ended up to be fanatic, over acting , illogical and spinning out of control. No wander Ethiopian leaders are connecting north Ethiopia with the port of Tajura(Jibouti). They must have the view that this satanic and dirty sect ideology will continue. Mean while since Ethiopia and Ethiopians are of Limit to Shaebya it is devouring its own people inducing them to flee in every root possible and at any cost. So to Semenawi Enderta or any other Shaebya who might be reading this writing you will be who you are with in your own boarders, but if you cross the red line in the absence of PM Melles God knows what the fate of Eritrea will be in its aftermath.

  88. Thank you for your balanced information. This is more important in the context of the pervasive misinformation prevalent in the diaspora. Thank you again for being a voice of reason and hope.

  89. Aiga forum pls allow me to make some intro about the following words from my birth place Dire Dawa. In dd the following words are very common. Beza, Beze Beza and Bez Baza . The meaning of Beza is the person with little confusion for example if u ask a Be za person where Africa is located he will tell u close to Bolivia , folowing the Beza the Bez Baza laugh to death and will add Porto Rico as the center of Africa and to make the confussion worth the Bez Baza will start crying and even spit on their face and add the DD’s common words enat…b and tell u Africa is some where in DC. These Bezas are doing the same thing . U (Aiga forum) are asking to get ur readers comment but some will try to be a history professors other will say some thing that got nothing to do with the topic others will try to explain the most complex issue with out no sight not even any qote from no book . Imagin all these BezaBezas are moving to Ethiopia with gun in there hands. The question is why should we need these kind of BezeBezas. Long live to resioning and critical thinking after all the # of critical thinkers in our beloved Ethiopia is increased i am talking about more than 60% of new generation.

  90. Thank you for created this wonderful site. ThanX to your effort, Aiga Forum is now a mega network. The site becomes our eyes and ears for all seasons of politics in our beloved country’s going on. As participators are growing make its spectrum wider and opened for everybody. Even to these who are in a negative and talkative attitude. Be deferent from them by offering them space which they have been denying for others. Let them sniff the faire air of Aiga Forum and get them cure from coughing the influenza of politics. What you have done and still doing requires courage and mind. We salute you and keep doing the good-work for your society.
    Happy upcoming Easter!!!

  91. “አይ ሰላም፤ አይ ኲናት”
    መርገጽ ን ዕላማን ወዲ አፎም፤ “አይ ሰላም አይ ኲናት” ምስ ኢትዮጵያ አይቅየርን እዩ። ንዝመጽእ 25 ዓመታት ክቅጽል እዩ። ሐመድ ዕደ። “ኲናት የለን ሰላምውን የለን”። እንተሃለው ህድማን ስደትን እዮ። ንመን ከምዝኸፍኦ ክንርኢ ኢና። ክሳዕ ዝወሰደ ዓመታት ይውሰድ ዋላ ንመዋእል እንተኾነ’ውን፡ መናእሰይ ዋርሳይ ይከአሎ ዶቦት ኤርትራ ክሕሉዉ አብ በረኻ ከርተት ክብሉ ክነብሩ እዮም።
    አብ ኤርትራ ዝመደበሮም፡ ዝዓስከሩ፤ ብስም ተቋወምቲ ኢትዮጵያ ዝፍለጡ ኩሎም ማለት፡ ግንቦት 7፣ ደምሒት፤ ኦነግ፤ አርበኞች ግንባር፤ … ወዘተ፡ ብነጻነት ኤርትራ ዘይአምኑን፤ ዓሰብ አካል ኢትዮጵያ ዝብል ጽኑዕ ዓላማን መትከልን ዘሎዎም እዮም። እቲ ስውር ዓላማኦምን ምስጢራዊ ሽቶኦም ግን ውሕደት ኢትዮ_ኤረትራ እዪ። ስለዚ’ዮም አብ ኤርትራ ዘስፋሕፉሑ ዘለዉ። እዞም አባላት ተቋወምቲ፤ ምስ አዋልድናን አሐትናን ተዋሲቦም ሐዳሮም ናብራኦም አብ ኤረትራ የስፋሕፉሑ አለዉ።
    መናእሰይ ኤርትራ ንስደት ይውሕዝ ስለዘሎ አዋልድና ምስ መናእሰይ ተቋወምቲ ኢትዮጵያ ብፍላይ ምስ ደምሒት ሐዳረን ፍቅረን፡ የጠዓዕማ አለዋ። ሕቡእ ዓላማ ወዲ አፎም
    ኤርትራዊ መንእሰይ ንስደት፤ ተቋወምቲ መናእሰይ ኢትዮጵያ ንኤርትራ!!!

  92. ትፈልጡ’ዶ ኢሰያስ አፈ-ወርቂ “ከይቅተል ወይ ከይቅንጻል” ብስውር ጸጥታ ሐይሊ ከምዝሕሎ? ማለት ኢትዮጵያ ዘዋፈረቶም። ምክንያቱ ኢሰያስን (ጋንታ ህግደፍ) ብስውር፡ ብምስጢር ብዝለዓለን ብኹሉ መዳያት ንነዊሕ ዝጠመተ ጥቕሚ ኢትዮጵያ እዮ ዝሰርሕ ዘሎ። ስለዚ እዩ ድማ መንግስቲ ኢትዮጵያ አብ ልዕሊ ኢሰያስ ይኹን (መንግስቲ ኤርትራ) ስጉምቲ ዘይወስድ ከምኡውን ተቃወምቲ ኤርትራ (ጀብሃ) ዘዳክምወን ዘለዉ። መንግስቲ ኢትዮጵያ ኮነ ኢሉ ተቃወምቲ ኤርትራ (ጀብሃ) ዘዳክምወን ዘለው ምእንቲ ህግደፍ ከይትንከፍ ን አብ ስልጣን አስፋሕፊሑ ክቅጽልን። ነዚ ምስጢር ዝበርሃሎም ከም ቀለታ ኪዳነ፡ ዶ/ር ፍስሃጽዮን ዘጉረመሩሙ ዘለዉ። መርተዖታት ድማ፡
    1) መናእሰይ ኤርትራ ዶቦት ኤርትራ ክሕሉ አብ በረኻ ከርተት የብሎም፤ አይ ካብ ትምህርቲ፤ ሐዳር፡ ስራሕ፡ ብኲሉ ከንቱ
    2) መናእሰይ ኤርትራ ዝዓበይን ዝነአሰን ኩሉ ንስደት ተጓሕጒሑ ክወጽእ ምግባር
    3) ቁጠባ ኤርትራ ብኲሉ መዳይት ምድኻም፡ ብውሽጥን ግዳምን
    4) ቁዋም ባጀት ዘይብላ ሃገር፡ ስርዓተ ሕጊ ዘይብላ ሃገር ምግባር
    5) ኤርትራ ካብ ዓለም ምንጻል
    6) ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ምስ ኩሉም ጎረባብቲ አህዛብ ምብኣስ ቅርሕንቲ ምፍጣር፤ ሰላም ከይህሉ ምግባር
    7) ኩሉ ሃብቲ ኤርትራ አብ ፉጹም ምቁጽጻር ኢሰያስ ምግባር
    8) ንኤርትራ ዝግደሱ ዜጋታት ሙሁራትን ተቃወምቲን ተጋደልቲን ምጥፋእ ምንጻት ከም ጉጅለ 15 ዝአመሰሉ
    9) ትምህርቲታት ማለት ከም ዪኒቨርሲታት ምዕጻው ምድኻም
    10) ልምዓታት፡ ትካላት፡ ፋብሪካታት (እንተለያ እተን ብፋሺሽት ጣልያን ዝተተኽላ) ምዕናው ምድኻም
    11) ወፍሪ (ኢንቨስትመንት) ዝበሃል ነገር ከይህሉ ምግባር ብዘይካ እተን ረብሐ ኢሰያስ ዝኾና ናይ ማዕድን (ጸዓት) ስርሒት
    12) ወ.ዘ.ተ ….. ……………………………………..

  93. Thank you for running this website and keeping us informed about our country. You have provided an opportunity for all to express, suggest and comment on what is happening and should happen in Ethiopia. We all appreciate your dedication. Please keep it up. The government needs and hopefully considers posted reminders and suggestions from its well-meaning Ethiopians.
    As suggested by others, do not hasitate to ask for monetary contributions.
    Thank you.

  94. Thank you. I believe you should be measured against your mission as stated in your website : Aiga forum has tasked itself to make constructive contribution to the betterment of the lives of fellow citizens back home.
    showing the positive aspects of the country, which you have done consistently, helps in this regard. The decent language used by your contributors is also a positive for your website.
    Dawit GE’s interview brought several inductees to your site. Such interviews, factual but critical of the government, help fellow citizens back home and also EPRDF.
    Apart from this, your site is simply a play ground for EPRDF cadres with the usual familiar names or pseudo names. Thus, it has become another media to hammer EPRDF claims , whether they are right or wrong. Promoting the the mistakes ( wrong doings ) of EPRDF as somethings good does not help your mission. While those cadres are free to express their views, Aigaforum needs to entertain views that criticize those articles.
    Aigaforum covers up critical misdeeds of the government. That contravenes your mission. Even the place you advocate for, Tigray, his hurt by your cover ups.
    So, I say you should judge your past against you stated mission.
    Moving forward, please entertain constructive criticism of the government, avoid cover ups and be bold to call a spade a spade.
    I recognize it is not easy to run such a joint as yours. It needs time, technical know how, resources, a fan base, contributors, legal issues, financing…..Etc etc
    It may be difficult to change course midstream, but try your best.
    Having said all, I will remain a loyal follower of Aiga.
    Thank you

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