PM Hailemariam and President Obama in Addis July 2015

If you are PM Hailemariam Desalegn and you have all the ears and eyes of the most powerful man in this world if not in this universe, what would you say to him when you meet him? What would you ask him to do to help you in economic terms? Will you ask the president to recognize the obama-hailemariam

terrorist Ethiopia has identified as terrorist as well? And what will you tell the president as your best accomplishment is so the president can take a firsthand look? Basically what is the best Ethiopia can show and impress the president of the only superpower country? Will you discuss with him revolutionary democracy’s concept of development is better than that of neo liberalist one? Basically what is the most effective way of using your limited time with president Obama at the end of July 2015!

Have you say and share your take on the planned trip by president Obama to Ethiopia!

81 thoughts on “PM Hailemariam and President Obama in Addis July 2015

  1. I would ask him to keep the ideals of the founding fathers of the US. The US is a land of immigrants and that is an excellent asset for US leadership. I would also ask hum to make sure the US does not become a hiding place for thieves who steal money from their countries or a place for war criminals. The US should also strive to create a justice system that is based on fairness and not on wealth or skin colour. The police should be accountable if they commit a crime. I would also ask him to deport criminals like Kasa Kebede, Goshu Wolde and other members of the Derg that have made America as their hiding place.

    • #1. I would tell Obama that anti-black racism in america is not only domestic policy on african-americans but also foreign policy because the western powers do not care about democracy when dealing with egypt and arab nations but they pretend to care about democracy when dealing with black sub-sahara africa. The liberal media and groups also target black Africa. This double standards and hypocrisy should stop. it is a racist foreign policy.

      #2. terrorist organizations that have attacked western countries have been recognized as terrorists by ethiopia and by africa. so why do western countries harbor and give refugee to terrorist groups targetting africa?? this double standards is not sustainable unless the US fixed its policy. sooner or later we will be self-sufficiient economically and the US will become lonely globally unless it begins to respect poor countries now.

  2. If I were PM Hailemariam, the first thing I will say to him is Mr President welcome to your father land continent and welcome to Ethiopia home to the new modern Ethiopia as well as home to the earliest known human ancestors. Having said that I will definitely ask him why he does not recognize the organizations Ethiopia has identified as terrorist whil Ethiopia is doing all it can to cooperate with his government on fighting terrorism all over the content. Second I will ask him why his government is not fully supporting Ethiopia’s development agenda? Why he is reluctant to endorse Ethiopia’s development agenda which is proven to be working. Third I will ask him to help in resolving the Nile/Hedase dam issue with Egypt. I will stress on this issue since Obama’s administration is still equipping the Egyptian Army.

    Last but not least I will stress Ethiopia’s progress in building democratic institutions but tell him the challenges. I will tell him HRW and the few other institutions that are barking left and right are wrong and biased. I will explain him the challenges Ethiopia faces in this regard are not due to the government unwilling to respect human rights but due to capacity issues. I will tell him there are areas the US can help.

    Things I can do to appreciate his visit but cannot tell him is to reward him by releasing some of the running dogs of the neo liberals who are in jail. This could help him in dealing with the lobbyist asking him to influence my government.

  3. welcome to this land of Heros! Our People are at half-way to deserve now what they have lost or were unable to deserve it since the last two -three decades. So, it is great for you and for our People too, to be part and parcel of this Good Starte.

  4. I would like PM Hailemariam ask the president of the USA, why The USA turns a blind eye when some naturalized citizens of the USA( i.e Ethiopian Americans) attack Ethiopia, trained and armed by Eritrea?
    The USA knows very well the activities of the armed groups that are coming from Eritrea to attack Ethiopia inflicting heavy damage on civilians.
    The USA has arrested some African Americans who had conspired to overthrow a government in Africa and why is it different when it comes to Ethiopia?
    Would it be fare if Ethiopia turns a blind eye to groups that vow to attack the USA and even allow them to live and work in Ethiopia with impunity?
    Is what is good for the goose, good for the gander or is it the goose can have what it wants and gander has to be sacrificed at any cost?
    The USA and Ethiopia have mutual trust and long term friendship that can not be shaken by any one particular event or issue but Ethiopians have been feeling neglected and their friendship not reciprocated to the full extent despite of the long term friendship and cooperation with the USA and some educated people are becoming cynical which in long term will affect the trust and cooperation that it needs to be reinvigorated by reciprocating at least on promotion of peace and protecting each government from violent attackers and terrorists.
    The USA should promote peaceful change and at all times discourage and thwart violent ways of change however one may feel that the system they want to fight is unjust. Violence as a means of bringing change in a system of governance in particular in Africa should be prohibited as it has become fashionable to raise arms and fight for every little and big violations of rights of citizens in many countries.
    violations of rights.

  5. I would just sympathize for his unfortunate situation that brand America lost its value in the eyes of the rest of the world. I would congratulate him for making history in defiance to the power behind him, being the 1st sitting US president to visit Ethiopia. I will assure him that the new power in Africa, based in Addis would always be friendly in spite of the way we had been treated. I would also inform him that the US shouldn’t worry about the BRICS & China, because there is enough working space and partnership opportunity with Africa for all, so let us all plan to unite towards development… At last I would offer him a limited estate so that he can build a retirement property for him and his family, (free lease for no more than a 100 years!).

  6. I would say America is hypocrite nation which want to dominate the world in the name of allies in terrorism, business and so on. I believe that America and its people are the world’s arrogant and hostile nation and people. Look! what American and Americans doing around the world- they are bombing many countries simply by creating fabricated fables as a pretext to arrest civilization and modern development that is evolving in other countries such China, Russia, and Japan.
    Therefore, Africa, in general, Ethiopia, in particular, should aware the fact that American is not royal ally, it’s unpredictable nation which always prioritize its interest beyond anything else, and thus nation and people with such mindset are not faithful friends. Whenever the find something that benefit them more, they could easily turn out to foe and work with others to inflict havoc and pain in what’s called former ally nation.
    Thus, Ethiopia should be carfull enough when it make deals with such nations that subordinate national interest above principles and win-win relationships. Americans are making the world hostile by putting their hand here and there in other nations affairs. Therefore, Ethiopia must focus on its domestic affairs rather than acting as a running dog for Americans to dominate Africa in the name of fighting terrorism. Ethiopia should focus on its economic and political integration with its neighboring countries and Africa as a whole. Through these mechanisms, Ethiopia would become the country of interest for most of the countries in the globe to establish a strong alliance with.

    Good luck Ethiopia.

    • There is no doubt that Eritrea is training and arming different factions of Ethiopia in bid to topple the Addis government and they don’t seem to be doing good after all these years hiding there including the alleged powerful group known as TPDM. What is mind boggling though the so called TPDM is so busy checking ID’s of deserters or those who evading draft as well as ransacking homes in Asmara and other cities than fighting the enemy in the territory its supposed to liberate. No wonder then the regime in Addis is not worried a lot about it. Had it been, it would have trained and armed the Eritreans that are currently under its control (some 500000 refugees) to get their country back. Tit for Tat. I am an Eritrean and I am sad like anybody else by the refusal of the Ethiopian government to arm Eritreans so we uproot tyranny and bring injustice to an end. The Ethiopian government hasn’t been a true ally.

    • my brother Tigraway! i just want you to understand and to identifiy the different among nation, people, and government. you may not be closer than me to the American people, but you are judging the most kind human being in the planet. what i can see from your comment
      is a lack of knowledge!!

  7. Regarding Ethiopia, I would simply thank him for not being totally blinded by the so called Rights group rhetoric and Ethiopian diaspora’s endless baby-cry. I will also call from him for a more open-minded approach regarding Ethiopia and close follow up on facts on the ground.

    Regarding the world, I will ask him not to be much of a gay regarding ‘gay rights’ and try to restrain himself from the temptation of advocating for gays in the world in general and Africa in particular.

    The other area i would ask Obama is if he can help in modernizing the Ethiopian army, specially the Ethiopian Air Force, in most advanced military technology,

    Finally, I will ask him to support Ethiopia in its green Energy effort and press him for a real, immediate pledge for a four billion USD loan and grant.

  8. Hello mr. president!
    So far everything is excellent.
    Is there something you will ask?…
    My need will be tantamount to your demand!…
    …Thank you.

  9. In addition to ”dag and others Ideas, I will systematically mentioned, why is US and Europe is a heaven place for those called of called ^^Opposition^^ who try to paint peppers on their tongue? whereas the some countries are on the truck of development and democracy. Such open discussion could be fine for him.—of course, being smart is important b/c it should be clear reason of his visit. thanks

  10. I would make sure that my question to President Obama address: a.) issues whose outcome is mutually beneficial. The US irrespective of who is the president will never compromise its national interest. Security in our region is a sweet spot for both countries. I would ask the President to commit US resources to fight the root causes of insecurity including poverty; b.) Fair trade is one of the major parts of the solution for the eradication of poverty (provided there is good governance). I would ask him to make the efforts to transform international trade into a solution rather than making it a burden to countries like Ethiopia. I am sure this is not easy for any US or Western country leader as it may not be favored by the corporate world, but it is worth appealing to his conscious; c.) Make a strong point to reciprocity norms in fighting terrorism. That is, Ethiopia will support the USA in hunting terrorists designated by the USA, ie. entities that “use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims” and that the USA should do the same.

  11. Ethiopia is on a trajectory to transform the second populace nation in Africa from poverty and backwardness to prosperity and enlightenment at an accelerated speed in the same way that South Korea and China have achieved them. It is important for the United States and Ethiopia to strengthen their relationship in many areas more than before.

  12. If I were PMHD; I would ask President Obama that Ethiopia is your terrorist fighting partner, and we have Ethiopian terrorists in the US living freely. This gangs have been classified as TERRORIST by Ethiopia’s Parliament, thus according to our agreement in fighting terrorism, I would like you to hand over the leaders like Birhanu Nega and others to Ethiopian authorities to face justice.
    Also I would ask him that Eritrea is a place where terrorists hatch to destabilize the Horn of Africa. Therefore put more pressure on that rogue government to stop it or give me a guaranteed green light to stop it myself.

  13. America has recognized Ethiopia as a regional peaceful and developing power it can do business with. That’s what Obama’s visit is indicative of.

  14. I would ask him to transfer Eritrea into the rule of law. I would also ask him that USA finances the establishment of SEED RESEACRH AND TRAINIG CENTER in the heart of Ethiopia.
    With kind regards,

  15. I would ask him to invest in Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular, his country has to compete with China before being totally impotent and irrelevant. Share there knowledge and expertise to nurture democracy and human rights peacefully in Ethiopia. I will remind him once again that our relationship is between to sovereign countries and only for mutual benefits. Finally I would thank him for visiting my country despite the huge pressure even from people who claim to be the best chosen owners of Ethiopia.

  16. If i were hailemariam desalegn, i would say to him hey! Obama: the countdown is on- the western hemisphere is in free fall.They are falling apart little by little , and the global Elite are leaving United states of Corporation as fast as they can.Food-stamp for 50 million sheeple..the US dollar will not survive any longer as international currency .. sorry buddy time is over to live at expense of humanity. it time for pay-day!!

  17. Welcome to Ethiopia Mr. President. We are very glad to have (do not say has 🙂 you with us here. We appreciate the fact that President Obama is the first sitting American President to visit Ethiopia.

    As everybody knows Ethiopia and the United States of America have (do not say has) a long history of relationship and friendship. Ethiopia and united states had (do not say has) a common stand on world peace,security and co-operation. What is needed now is to deepen and strengthen the relationships to a higher level of co-ordination beneficial to the United states and Ethiopia vis-a-vis Africa.

    The next thing is to get Obama know how much we care about his Presidency and Mark in History. What about caring to get Obama know what is at the centere of Ethiopianism? I would have found a means of showing President Obama … How GREAT ETHIOPIA IS! Would words express that? I don’t think so.

    But I would have thought out a means of showing Ethiopia … in the diverse Cultures of Ethiopia and its Heroic History! which is a source of National Pride and Dignity … unique to this Nation only.

    I would have done everything to show Obama he is welcome at home in this country of Heroes, who have sacrifeised their life for Freedom, Peace, Development, Democrasy and Equality!

    • Dear Axumite!!!
      Ur preoccupation and entangled with trivial and petty matters will derail your thohghts of z big picture .You wrote that message to criticize the grammatical error of PMHD.Language is
      only a medium, not an idea
      by itself.Obama would not
      miss the idea .We all make mistakes,if not affecting the theme of objective we need not bother.You have spelt z following words erroneously…..Democrasy
      ….centered… sacrfeised… but I didn’t care and don’t wish to correct you as long as it does not impact the kernel of your very idea. As s saying goes top resonate with you,respectfully, not sn offence…Little minds are preoccupied/ engaged with petty things/items.

  18. Why to ask the American government to do something about the Ethiopian terrorists, while Ethiopia prompts like of Mahmoud Ahmed by the President of Ethiopia. Mahmoud Ahmed came to America made money for ESFNA, which is the subsidiary of the parent Ginbot 7 and ESAT (Ginbot 7 and ESAT are also subsidiary of Shaebia).
    This year like of Teddy Afro, Gossay, Jacky Gosee and Aster Aweke are ready to preform for Shaebia sponsored event. What is the government of Ethiopia going to do about it? My family, Friends and myself are avoiding any event held by this organization (ESFNA) , once the Ethiopian government declare Ginbot 7 as terrorist.

  19. History tell us countries started relationship for their mutual interest. Any nation, poor or rich they are equal. America and Ethiopia’s relation is the same as other nations do. Why are we trying to make “hot politics” out of Obama’s visit. It is okay to embrace the visit as it is historical for two people or nation. We should not equate as low standard of President Obama and his administration’s recognition of what is going on in Ethiopia. The benefit go far for many generations purely with out” hot politics”. People let us get mature, be farsighted, conscious generation, sensible. If we are really genuine let us teach each other by giving our shoot that benefit all. President Obama’s visit to Ethiopia only helps for these two nations if they stand truly for Democracy, Economic growth that benefit their majority of people, especially Ethiopians. If Obama and the ruling party uses this opportunity only for political, It is as losing the good card from their hand. Even for Obama could show as people say he is only obsessed for his legacy. So he better say or do something for the domestic problems. There is no weird when people know their problem and solve. The future of Ethiopia will be more bright when the ruling party could come to understanding it is time to leave behind all sort of problems. Otherwise ignoring so many issues as if it is not and just walking hints the nation. It is not so long when people in the northern part of Ethiopia walked to bushes and came out to be find themselves in the palace after huge destruction of resources and human life. So let it go come to our senses, sit around the table work on the countries problem and all of us get peaceful meal, sleep, breath, family, work, election, leader we love and respect, peaceful nation.

  20. First of all, thank you, Mr. president for your your timely , historic and wise decision, albeit few vocal and yet unpopular Ethiopian diasporas and neo-liberal detractors opposition, to visit Ethiopia.
    As Ethiopia is in a volatile region, a fledgling democracy, an emerging
    economy, it needs reliable friends partners like the leadership of USA
    on its side to support its strength
    and engage in its drawbacks.
    In line with that, Mr President as the leader of the free world, though
    it is a trivial matter for your status,
    as it is nausseatic for both
    Ethiopia and USA,those Ethiopian
    Washington DC area diaspora
    thugs and vagrants should be
    stopped from harassing , abusing
    Ethiopian Diplomats / officials
    during their business trip
    .America need not be the site of
    vulgar and ugly embarassing and
    restive confrontation burial expected to rather be an
    exemplary venue of tolerance and
    accommodation of varied opinions.
    US must lead by example and all its citizens should by its core values and principles ; and deviants from that norm including those Ethiopian detractors should be forced to come in line with that Willy nilly.Mr President you are the right authority to address and redress that lookvtrivial but dangerous matter to end.
    Thnx again Mr President for your historic visit to the craddle of mankind and ancient civilization, our and your ancesstory home, Ethiopia

  21. I completely agree with what Abel has said below. In addition to….

    PM Hailemariam should inform the problem around the Horn region when it comes to terrorism and lack of development. PM HD should tell the president to help in solving the South Sudan/Sudan issue and change his government policy towards Eritrea. Many think though Ethiopia is ready to remove the Shaibiya regime any time it is held back by US insistence there be no war and that the Eritrean regime should be left alone. The US can easily foster divisions between Mr Isaias Afeworki and his lieutenants to cause a regime change but is hesitating to do so. Thus, PM HD should insist it is better now if Isaias is removed . PM HD should convince him why the removal of Isaias is a must for peace to prevail in the horn Region right now. PM HD should also try to convince MR Obama to use his good office to save lives in the Mediterranean sea especially since he ironically created the vacuum by removing Gaddafi and Mubark—all the Arab revolutions. The USA could easily deploy few Navy ships and guard the sea before migrants drawn and are beheaded. In raising such issues PM HD will project his leadership status in the Horn Region and Africa. PM HD should not use such meeting to discuss local issues only.

    • The primary responsibility of uprooting the most disgusting regime in Asmara belongs to the Eritreans and the most important role that can play to do just that is the Ethiopian government by training and arming the Eritreans currently under its control. That is the ONLY and ONLY way that Shaebia can bring to its knee.

  22. It is nice that the leader of most powerful nation on earth is visiting our home land and Finfinne. The niceties and the protocols are to indicate there is harmony on the surface but deep inside the trenches there could be disagreement. I am hopping that Mr. Obama would insist that Mr. HD regime open up the media, the press and so on to the larger public. Also respect for human rights and release all political prisoners. If Mr. HD heeds to this advice then he would set the country on freedom and democratic path and he himself would no more be prisoner of his doings. But then the party that controls power behind-all these facade people need to also see the light at the end of the tunnel. No one would loose by empowering the people.

  23. While most suggestions have been said, I may add that the Ethiopian PM suggest the following important urgent concern to the U. S. President so Ethiopia can achieve the second 5 years GTP faster and with quality:
    1. Request the president to send U.S experienced experts to inspect and make sure the Renaissance dam is absolutely built to last long and safe. And minimize if there is any gap of disagreement by Egypt.
    2. Recognize Ethiopia historical and long diplomatic relationship and in return give a special recognition and similar to what Americans have a special affinity to England, it is documents many Ethiopians admire and love Americans
    3. Ask Obama to tell Americans specially Africa-Americans to visit
    and invest in Ethiopia in general in Africa.
    4. Allow young Ethiopians to get a full scholarship to gain a technical know how to the U.S. Universities such as MIT, and the Ivy league University.
    5. I will make him see before the Washington monument there was Axum monument and Lalibela holly Churches
    6. In the end since he is the first African president I will give him a honorary Ethiopian citizen as a young ex-president to be soon he can help build a bridge between the white world and Africa. I suggest to him to come back to his roots and study Amharic and Swahili
    7. I will urge him to wipe terrorists especially ISIS, Alshabab and Bokoharm
    8. Maintain the military balance of power between Egypt and Ethiopia because of historical animosity due to the Nile this was evidence that they had a plan to use force during Morsi leadership thank God he did not last long, therefore, under other future Egyptian leader similar use of forces tone may use to refocus and control internal dissatisfaction in recognizing these issues between the two countries the U.S. must decrease financing and arming Egypt’s Armed forces.

  24. I would like to asked him if it possible not to interfere in sovereign countries like most African countries unless they really abusing their people even if they do so the action should come through U.N. and for your benefit better make peace with Soviet. You Should learn from Ronald Regan an Michael Gorvachov.

  25. I would like PM H/Mariam to ask Pr Obama to address the Ethiopian Parlament to acknowledge the infrastructure, schools, health systems and the clean energy enhancement being implemented by the hard working of the Ethiopian people which I might add STARTING FROM SCRATCH ! Otherwise, PM HD has to prepare himself to hear the massages of HRW and others at the AU with the other African Leaders.

  26. I would teach him our distinct culture , languages, alphabet and show him around the historical places most importantly how we feel towards any human being regardless of race,color and how God fearing people we are. Make him aware that all black and white peoples are born equal and live in harmony with out all the racial discrimination.our unique perspective towards life,so that he can create a lasting impression about our country and teach others.

  27. Dear Aiga,
    This is great point of discussion. I feel like I am really the PM of Ethiopia until I finish what I wanted to say.
    Here is what I want Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn tell President Barack Obama.
    – Welcome to Ethiopia. Congratulations on your making history of visiting as the first sitting president of US to visit Ethiopia.
    -Please inform US investors invest in Ethiopia to help them selves and employees working for them.
    – Promote US tourists and visit Ethiopia
    – convince him to help in removing the dictator in Eritrea and resolve the economic issue.
    – Let him visit historical sites of Ethiopia
    – Promote each city in Ethiopia to have corresponding city in USA.
    – Read together with him the definition of terrorism and discuss why it is interpreted differently in US and Ethiopia.

  28. Selamat Dearest Aiga;
    As in any diplomatic decorum, the United States and Ethiopia leader’s main talking lines are, to the most part, known long before the actual meeting. High level officials have already formulated the main subjects the two heads of states will focus. Yet, it is a customary for the president of the only super power to deviate out of the specific rubrics and say things. In addition to the continuous communication on a number of areas, the state department has permanent linguists within its embassy in Addis to have a range of understanding and the African desk of the State Department is privy to all of unfolding events. As some of the staff from the African desk and the US ambassador in Addis will be in the meeting, the US president will have a range of sources to choose from.
    The main issue for both leaders will be regional security, including the war in South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen, and they will easily come into a mutual agreement. Both leaders will be in the same page to end the raging wars of South Sudan, in the action plan to contain and decimate Al Shebaab, and pacify Somalia.
    Then President Obama will touch the economic aspects of Ethiopia, acknowledging the improvements the country is making, including in education, infrastructure, public health, energy and so forth. He will warble some sweet-talks commending Ethiopia; including the increase in the life expectancy (64) of its citizens.
    Then comes a host of lectures, emanated out of the known ideological package. The president will sermon on the larger concept of DEMOCRACY and its sub elements, including human rights, individual right, free media, the importance of privatizing the financial industry, energy and other high yielding enterprises. As a general standing policy, the US government has the proclivity to demand specific actions, including those that the government itself failed to do. Mr. Obama will touch the recent election the way it was conducted and its outcome. From Ethiopia’s side, I hope those who will be presented in the meeting will make verifiable preparations not to argue with the president on ideology or the ideal aspects of his presentation, but to present the facts. Presentations are more preferable and effective if they avoid overly stated explanations but to the point and subject focus that elaborate with understandable social, economic and security priorities dear to the country. It is good to admit few short comings here and there, but add assuring statement to the guest that efforts will be done to bring a more perfect democratic governance.
    In doing so, it is imperative the leaders of Ethiopia to underscore “addressing the pressing priorities and all-inclusive needs of the people is a vital goal.” Ethiopian leaders should explain meeting the long lived grievances of the people, easing the enormous material needs and good governance of the governed is a must. They should explain the state of the region, including the security, the ever-present poverty, and present them aligning with the advances that have been attained.
    President Obama and his entourage have been hearing all sorts of hearsays against the Ethiopian government and it is a must Ethiopian officials to succinctly but convincingly prepare the facts. As home to diverse people with long lived unfair equity distribution; a country that was under autocratic feudal monarchies for centuries and under the most brutal military junta and as a nation that passed through centuries long intermittent civil wars, forming a harmonious governance is inarguably important to not only suave its diverse population but also to keep the country as a unit. Officials should explain the importance of the “terror law”, the democratic ways it was crafted by the country’s legislative branch and how it has helped to safeguard the country. Experts should inform the terror law does not infringe individual rights as any task is done after it is approved by court. As Ethiopia is emerging democracy, the government should not try to hide its weakness. The president is a student of the constitution and he is well informed the flaws continued to exist in the US soon after the ratification of the constitution. He is aware of the fact many of the founding fathers had slaves, the black (was slave at the time) never had the basic human dignity let alone democratic rights and US women were denied the right to vote until 1920. Yet, this should not be presented as a defense or to condone the wrong but to assure a friendly government that Ethiopia is committed to affirm the rights of all of its citizens, including those with different views, as ascribed its document.
    Mr. Obama will pointedly echo the claims and allegation that have been said by many parties including by the Human Right Watch, Amnesty International, the US state department and the likes. Ethiopian leaders will hear directly from the horse’ mouth his opposition to part or entire use of the law that categorize some groups and individuals as “terror.” PM Hailemariam and his team should explain in NO uncertain terms that all Ethiopians are entitled to their beliefs, political or religious and are free to practice so long it is peaceful and hate free. They should clarify with evidence the actions of some of the terror group have caused on human life, and such actions are nor originated from lack of peaceful political space or idea differences. In fact Ethiopian leaders should high light the many hateful actions the terror groups do alongside material evidences.
    President Barack Obama is well aware that democratic countries have varied use of jurisprudence and may genuinely believe saying “wrong” to the right is part of their inalienable rights. Ethiopia should avow to the US government, it will allow ANY ETHIOPIAN CITIZEN who shows total fidelity to the law of the country.
    Pm Hailemariam should add the Ethiopian constitution does not allow foreign nationals, including Ethiopian born persons that have changed their loyalty into foreign countries to play political roles. He should state foreign nationals, DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO RUN FOR OFFICE, VOTE, and LOBBY OR PARTICIPATE in Ethiopian politics. As to G7, OLF, ONLF and other riff raff’s, Ethiopia should stick to its own document demanding they should disavow using any form of violence. Further, the Ethiopian government should air its displeasure about the criminal behaviors of members of the mentioned hooligans say and do in the United States. Although the US laws accords individuals with some immutable rights, the hateful propagandas and intimidations breaches US federal laws.
    PM Hailemariam should assure the US president (21st century) Ethiopia can only be government democratically and its development is tangential to democracy and good governance. Because of that, the government is endeavoring to create a wider political space that is good enough to entertain political persons and parties with different programs. Yet, the country does not tolerate disseminating hate under the guise of politics.
    In all of their talking lines Ethiopian leaders should approach the engagement NOT from ideologue base but from real facets that affect the unrelenting needs of the governed. It is easy to persuade any rational person the fact today’s Ethiopia is striving to meet the very essential needs of its people by applying development resultant policies. And those development focus progressive policies are done using the meager resources the country has. It is worth informing the president 80% of Ethiopia’s population engages in farming (most in subsistence farm) and the country was known for its civil wars. Until recently Ethiopia used to suffer from sporadic drought occurrences and famines that had claimed millions of lives.
    Unlike most developing countries, the magnitude, seriousness and complex nature of the challenges Ethiopia had faced at the fall of Derg was dare, and because of that it began from the lowest developmental bar. They should make clear to the president that the people and government of Ethiopia appreciate the developmental aid it has received, and present relevant data to prove how its effective usage has mitigated poverty. Unlike other countries that squander developmental aid, Ethiopia uses it efficiently and for the exact purpose.
    While the Ethiopian leaders should have receptive ears to the concerns and recommendations of the US president (and his entourage), when necessary, they should be ready to present verifiable stories. It is expected the state department has been bombarded by all sorts of fairytales from many corners including HGDF goons, and Ethiopian leaders should have handy fact based information.
    As to the revolutionary word in the name of EPRDF, it is more about semantics than to content. Politically, the “revolutionary” word is narrowly coined to the political movement of the left especially during the Cold War. One should look back at the US revolution war, its revolutionary army or to the scientific revolution to mention just few, revolution does not necessary mean suppressing but ending misery. The name of the Ethiopian government (EPRDF) represents nothing except meeting the enormous developmental, democratic and governance needs of the people, and achieve it as fast as possible, and that is in complete agreement with democratic values.

    • Dear Abel
      Fine abd well written commentary but unneceassarily too cumbersome to read and comprehend at ease !!!

  29. I would with full respect and dignity ask the most powerful man in our planet that, as he may know very well, that at this moment EPRDF is fighting poverty and terrorism relentlessly to extricate our people from the quagmires of poverty and acute social problems like beggary,prostitution, crime etc once for all by instituting very strong economic structure and make Ethiopia an essence of peace, democracy and its peace loving people the true example of cooperation, recognition and respect to one another among people of different language, culture and social values in one country. Plus I would explain to him that the current ruling party does not have any agenda or plan other than creating one economic society. I would also explain to him that the last national election was conducted peacefully and that it was fair, democratic and reliable. Besides, I would explain to him that Ethiopia is a very important ally to the US in the Horn of Africa and that we confident US also believes that Ethiopia is a good ally in all respect.
    After having explained to him as indicated in the above paragraph, I would tell him that Ethiopia doe not have good feeling due to the fact that the US government has become a sanctuary to organization such as the G-7 whose members hold American citizenship now fighting to overthrow a democratically elected government in Ethiopia. Basically the G-7 has already been categorized as terrorist organization by the Ethiopian law but still its members are using the US as safe heaven to disturb the peace and security of a sovereign nation, therefore we believe the US government will take appropriate measures to solve this problem once for all. Thank you,.

  30. Hey guys: PMHD and President Obama have been friends and doing things together. Thye have manytimes telephone conversations, don’t forget that. So, what our PM should focus is not on the talking but on giving him the best hospitality a lost African child should get. Try to embolden his African identity by showing him our proud history as Ethiopians (not as collection of tribal enclaves). Show him the resting places of Black kings and thier diamond history: Empreror Menelik, His Majesty Empreor Haile Sellasse, Empress Zewditu and Taitu, Or show him the beuity of our people (specially true Ethiopians). But never take him to the statue that TPLF errected to commomorate tribal-wars. Don’t take him to the memorial places where you erekted statue for people who murdered thier own brothers,sisters,mother,etc. For example: Hayelom, Martyrs Monument, Meles’s berial place etc. This are criminals that killed thier own people in the name of Liberation Struggle for Tigrai. All statues for remembering tribal genocide committed by TPLF like martyrs monument in Mekele and Mengistu Hailemariams’s Dlachen monument do not qualify for Obama’s visit. Thye expose us as barbaians who erect monement for remembering Tribal war. If you can remove these rubish before Obama arrives.


  31. First and foremost I want to thank Obama for being the first US siting president to visit our country. He is really black man!! I wish him bon voyage to and from Ethiopia and successful stay in Addis. By the way, for multifaceted reasons, I would have been more exited had the visitor is China’s president – the president of a country which is the real partner for Africa’s raise. However, I like president Obama, leaving the same sex issue, and I am glad to know this man is visiting my country. The other important thing is Obama is coming to Ethiopia not for picnic but for real business for his companies to invest in Ethiopia following remarkable change for the last 20 years. I know what we have done so far and what we are still doing is not to be pleased and get confirmation for that by someone. It is because we know development is important for our people and for that matter we follow our own way – developmental and democratic way. Yet Obamas coming to Ethiopia is to mean US companies are eying in Ethiopia for investment and we are at that stage!! This is great!!

    Regarding what I would say to Obama in-front of my people is: USA has to stop being the bush where gangsters can hide!! If USA wants a real partnership with Ethiopia and Africa in general, it has to respect other countries. Either it has to allow Ethiopia to fly over USA and kill or capture Ethiopian terrorists hiding in USA as what it has done to Bin Laden and what it is doing to ISIS and others today. USA has to stop of being the forest where terrorists can freely live!! It has to stop!! The other thing, Obama has to work-hard to change the mentality of USA politicians to act as the world’s boss to order sovereign countries.

    I know our PM have more to say and I am sure that the points I tried to mention have been issues of years. Now is the time to act!! Our terrorists in New York and else will have no place to go!!


  32. I have seen that a number of ideas has been given by a number of people. Instead of repeating I would like to say let’s leave it to our “wise” segment to sieve and forward what is presentable in such a historic visit……….the first visit to Ethiopia by a seating US President. But not forget he is the first African/American President also. So as the people of Ethiopia – the only African country that remained free from colonial tyranny and subjugation, and a country that defeated European Army during the 18th century at Adwa – we have to all welcome him warmly despite our internal political outlook. Let’s not forget he is also visiting Addis -the capital of Africa. If there is one key issue to mention is to tell him Africa can go a long way if it is at peace with itself and hence we ask him to play a positive to discourage countries, so called political entities etc. that promote more conflict and mayhem. For example the role of Shebia in the Horn of Africa and by extension its surrogates like Ginbot7 with political base in USA and its armed wing in Eritrea…………….Thanks

  33. I would give him a warm- hearted well-come, coming to his second home next to his original home- Kenya. On behalf of Ethiopians, i would grant him 1000 sq m of land in Inteto, Addis Ababa, near Meles Park to build his own family home. Till Mr. Obama built his apartment, i would request him to plant four trees on his new acquired piece of land on behalf of his two beautiful daughters, the first lady and on his own behalf. Let us create a 21st century heritage cite!! and make a history out of it

  34. PM Haile Mariam should ask President Obama to be an advisor to AU. After his presidency. He can use his power and knowldge to unite Africa in many ways. Also host him with Ethiopian traditional coffee ceremony, Gluten free Enjera, and of curse, traditional Ethiopian dance!! Over all make him feel at home.

  35. If I were the pm,I will ask him two things. One, more aid money and second more money. I wish the resident Addis Ababa can see him on the street of addis rather than on TV screen. But that will never happen because of security. We are not equal partner so he will talk, we listen. That’s all.

  36. Our government must beef up security in every angle and prepare a ranch or a resort place which is identical to Camp David of USA to take the US President and his entourage. Our palace can also be upgraded with renovation and attractive gardens to host the guest from a superpower because this is the first sitting US president to visit Ethiopia. We have to prepare best chefs and cooks who prepare both local and international cuisines so that the guests can have all kinds of delicacies and delicious food with the best beverage to show our hospitality at six star or seven star hotels or in the palace with best standard possible. I know time is short, but you can do it with our best and hard working human resource.

    Secondly, we have to prepare ourselves to sell all our investment opportunities in the areas of health care system, agriculture, minerals, and several other industries before these areas are taken by Chinese, Indians, Turkey, Arab countries, etc. They can contribute in poverty alleviation and transformation of our country through direct investment instead of giving us hand-outs and aid money which are also very monumental in our renaissance efforts in targeted areas.

    Thirdly, we need cooperation and help from US government to upgrade our military armament, fighter jets, tanks, missiles and other gadgets which are necessary to defend ourselves and combat terrorism in the region which is very susceptible to terrorist attacks. Besides, US must reciprocate in closing down a safe haven for terrorist who are planning, and executing attacks against us such as Ginbot 7, Al Shabab, Al Qaeda, OlF, ONLF who destabilize our territorial integrity, who do not accept our constitution and would like to topple elected government of Ethiopia. As we are partners with US in the fight against all forms of terrorism, we would like your relentless support to root out these terrorist elements who hatched, supported, funded and equipped by Eritrea and some extremist religious groups or enemies of Ethiopia. We thank you for all your support and we would like to elevate our relationship to a highest level ever through all spheres of engagement.

  37. If i was PM H. Desalegn,

    I would ask P. Obama what he thinks about Genesis Chapters 18-19; verses 22-33; Ezekiel 19:49,50 ; Leviticus 18:22 ; Jude 7 and your recent victory laws on g****y rights and what he thinks will happen when creatures violet creators law that is the law of the Highest Authority above all human made laws including America the main trespasser.

  38. I would ask him only 3 questions the first one can I copy American version of terrorism low 2nd can we use it 3rd and last could you drop him here my tamagn wusha or tamagn lemagn I mean trust worthy dog that can,t sniff money.

  39. Obeviously the statuquo in Ethiopia has unquestionably braced social, political and econic transformation. The change in health care, education, power, infrastructure and similar political representations are so unique and as such the situation is in complete alteration that basically require the wise endeavor of its citizens. ofcourse there are elements in the diaspora including a few in Ethiopia whoa are filled with hatrate and denial of the truth; and also there would never be any single person in any other country who would stand against its own people interest just simply he has personal or group issues against the goverenment; it is usual that loan, aid, assistance, credit line etc. for Ethiopia was the main thing that would have brought the extremist diaspora in to a rally against; which in effect was futile and absurd; now, the visit of the president of USA is encouraging and one good thing that the president would be able to see, hear and touch the real progress and transfoation; the people of Ethiopia and it’s government will welcome him cordially and, thus more loan to strengthen power Africa will begin there with Ethiopia receiving the lion’s share.
    I am so happy that he is visiting Ethiopia including the historic places of Lalibela and Axum!

  40. After a nice Ethiopian meal that includes a nice key wet, Kitfo, and a fine Tej, I would just lean to his ear and say ” Mr President, please hand me over that SOB scum bag Brihanu Nega. If you do not want him to be handed over to me, please send him to Guantanamo where he deserves. And Welcome home Mr President.” That is all I would say.

  41. I urge the prime minister to request president Obama to visit the GERD, that will be a wonderful printed approval of US support to Ethiopia to build the dam and any related economic development activities by the world’s super-power president. Please at least try! I already write to the president here in US; I hope he got it, but please Aiga would you focus on this issue and make effort to get attention of the prime minister. If Obama visit the GERD that will be the end of Intervention or obstacle by Egypt or any other state.

  42. I would tell him:- ‘Mr. President welcome to Ethiopia: the home of the Arc of the Covenant, the first Christian Nation in the world, the first home of Islam, source of the Blue Nile and land of free…welcome to Ethiopia Mr President, the land of plenty and land of beauty!


  44. I really would tell Mr. President that Ethiopia has underwent through its inclusive and representative democracy for decades now; the old exclusive system which had marginalized nations and nationalities for centuries is now just history and defunct; although minorities in the diaspora seem unhappy and would love to revert to their fantasy, I again will tell the president that the population of Ethiopia has doubled in twenty years to 100 million and the current economic, Health care, education, energy, manufacturing, service industry progress had changed our country to become sustainable and simeltneously I would tell him that he highly encourage the business sector of the US invest in Ethiopia, and also his motto of power Africa hand out to Ethiopia the biggest share; also encourage every American help Ethiopia until it meets it’s goal of reaching soth Korwa or Singapore.
    Besides,the hospitality of the people of Ethiopia and it’s government will cordially remain with him; and like one of your guests say, I would like to emphasize that if his tour includes the great works of Saint Lalibela together with the obelisks of Acum.

  45. Mr.PM,
    Thank President Ethiopia for honoring Ethiopia for his brief visit.
    I would ask him to return to Ethiopia after he leaves the Whitehouse and spend much more time in Ethiopia visiting historical places,natural reserve and wildelife areas as well as areas of present and future development. I would also ask him to establish a Library, Development Centre in Obama’s name and for the service of Africa.
    With best regards,

  46. I am not still certain if the US president keep his promise to visit Ethiopia. This is because Ethiopia is now become a target of international conspiracy, in particular from media outlets, Human right groups, some western diplomats, and so many interested groups. This is because of ideology how to run the economy. I do not think the US president or his accompanied diplomats are free from this biased conception. Therefore, Prime minster Hailemariam discussion with Barak Obama should concentrate on bilateral relationship, in particular security of the region. I think US America is keen to keep the relationship with Ethiopia in this issue. The other issue of discussion should be focused on socio-economic, education, and cultural achievements in the last 20 years. Emphasis should be given why EPRDF follows the current developmental state approaches. But I do not think ideology issue should be a subject of discussions.
    Eritrean issue should be raised and the stand of Ethiopia should get emphasis. Emphasis should also be given the stubborn nature and the wrong ideology Shabia is following to get advantage from the neighboring countries.
    The other very sensitive issue will be our domestic politics, freedom of speech, how democracy is implemented, what is our terrorism law implemented, religion freedom, in particular the Muslim radicals who are in jail, the bloggers issue etc… will be a subject of discussion for the American diplomats. I think the government should explain thoroughly with clear terms that what works for Ethiopia is a priority than working to satisfy foreigners.
    The other issue is Diaspora politics, that US policy makers should not be destructed by vocal, hate mongers and narrow minded groups, who have a hidden agenda. Inform them who are these groups or individuals what their motives are. These people are exploiting US democracy to their own benefit. They pretend as if they are fighting for democracy, while they themselves terribly failed to unite in creating viable community organizations, leave alone to organize viable political organization. Inform how many of them are closely working with the Eritrean government to destabilize our region.
    Last raise the issue of GERD and why we are building.

  47. I want here the below:
    PM HDM has received President B. Obama at his summer queen Sheba garden.. The PM has taken the most powerful man in the world to Emperor Yohannes’ Camp for world’s security challenges talk. The two leaders went on to King Tona of Wolayta game reserve park.
    The two men have discussed at length the economic cooperation exists within their respective country at Aba Jiffar Jimma people’s Hall.
    Finally the two great leaders signed a co-operations agreement on:
    military ,space exploration, political and economical ties.
    The people of Ethiopia had a chance to ask the president, we have presented some of the questions asked below.
    1) We want our way of life and value respected. Do you think western value and way of life is universal and one has to confirm to it?
    2) Which one comes first? Rights or responsibility?
    3) what is your favourite Ethiopian food?
    4) Mr. President congratulations you are the first world leader to receive the highest order for statesmen “Heros of Adowa star”
    Do you think Michelle Obama can help in establish in the ” Taitu Bitul military strategy scince of Adowa and Michew”?
    The most outlandish question was asked by 7 years old Kokeb Belete she asked the president ” which on you like President – Dulet or Kitifo”?

  48. Ethiopia should welcome the President. I am not so sure if HMD is the person taking the Nation forward as corruption and incarceration have gone wild during his reign anld his cohorts led by the Police commissioner. The democratic space has been a lot narrowed by HMD and his Wolayta evangelical buddies. The arrest of the 9 bloggers, who would have been tolerated by Melese is a good example. Similarly, the lack of even one opposition party member in the Parliament is indicative of a series of faux pas by HMD, whose waist line has blossommed due to his travel to as many or more countries as the late Emperor in little more than two years. I like Arkebe Ekubay, who have shown his ‘ hands on ‘ expertise running Addis for a short period of time. Arkebe, whose popularity in Addis when he was running the city, even when the party wasn’t as popular is probably more articulate than HMD, under whose rule, corruption has gone out of control. HMD is not a capable poltiician not even an articulate intelectual, he is better running one of the many universties for the sake of the Nation.

  49. Thanks for bringing this issue to the table . First , president Obama Visit to Ethiopia once again will strengthen the two countries long lasting harmonious relationship , it also strengths the two people’s relationship to a more stronger partnership.

    I can therefore say that the visit is not personal and it should not be political.

    When President Obama staged in American politics , I was one of the person who followed with interest the whole political development , even though I did not vote both times , I have shared with friends that voting for President Obama is a cool thing. It also has satisfied my thirst to see a colored man in power , in most powerful country in the world.

    After saying all of that, I would like to confess that I am one of the Ethiopians who live in United States, who is satisfied less by the accomplishment of our president. I do not know weather I was over expecting or not but I am not that impressed.

    My worst dissatisfaction is however is that President Obama reaction to the horrible and barbaric acts of Libya seating ISIS acts. We have seen in TV and all over social media when clueless poor Ethiopians being beheaded by ISIS militants, the reason for the killing is simply because they refused to be converted and remained as Christians. Where is the justice President Obama, where is the anger? I just couldn’t not rationalize what ever the president will tell.

    It is therefore my stand my support to President Obama is zero. And I will leave the rest to history.

    As an Ethiopian origin, I would like to take this opportunity to say something. We Ethiopians in Ethiopia should not affiliate to any political party in the USA or else but to the people of America. American people are kind, tolerant and they people who believe in rule of law. Politicians have their political agenda and thier agenda should not be ours, but we can pick what best fits to our people. To pick and embrace what is good, it will require us think cool not get excited and scavenge everything.


  50. Oh wow sorry, too impatient to throw the bomb bro. And shame on moderator.

    Ayte Mulubrhan, Nay dahna do? Are you okay? The least person i suspect not to understand time difference and what moderation means is you! How long was you comment held for moderation? Next time do not jump so hasty to a conclusion brother!

    • You are absolutely right “ze hawey ” hope you accept my apologies .

      I was on the road when I wrote my comment and checked back, while driving, and you are right it was too fast to reach into conclusion.

      You deserve sincere apologies.


  51. First he has thank him for visiting Ethiopia. Then He has to explain to him, Ethiopia is fighting to overcome poverty the main enemy of our people. He has to inform him, that we are working day and night in building democratic society through dialog with Ethiopian people, in promoting their human rights..
    he has to tell him we respect all nations and entities who encourage us and we ready to listen to their positive criticism. He has to tell him that we have no enemy except poverty. Hence He has to be firm that any one who impose their idea and take the right of Ethiopians’ human and democratic right the only means to determine our destiny to bring about development and overcome poverty will not please us. Also we don’t appreciate those who harbor terrorist and anti-human right anti-democratic forces the guardian of poverty.

  52. Mr .president Obama you are wel come to visit the greatest Ethiopia Please are happy to visit some of the historical places like Axum & Lalibela,& Lucys fossile

    Nice visit

  53. Aiga….
    First of all I don’t want to be either Hailemariam or Woyane by any means. However, I a piece of advice to Hailemariam and the rest of Woyane’s that they have to tell Obama to stay away from Ethiopia and distant himself from Woyane as Woyane is a contagious disease.
    Any ways…weather Obama went to Ethiopia or not, it doesn’t bring any change. Dictators are always slaves of Westerns. They oppressed their own people but they handed red carpet to foreigners Shame on you Aiga that you guys are bringing this to the people eye. You shall die.
    Ethiopia will live longer with God and its true people not by Woyane or Obama’s wish.
    God Bless ETHIOPIA.

  54. If I were the Ethiopian Prime Minister, I would present facts as it is without exaggeration past, present happenings and future plans. I would let him judge by himself from the data I give him and from what he sees himself. It would be not interesting to preach or boast about our culture, religion or manners, we should leave that for him to judge through the actions of the people around him while he is here.
    Mr Obama is an intelligent man he has lived in many cultures, I am sure he knows how to evaluate his surroundings. One should not be over nervous, he is not a God but a neighbor and a son of a brother.
    Hadera Bahta

  55. Bottom line, what matters is the friendship and partnership of the two people that has been built through years. As a nation, we have to continue strengthening the existing ties.

    George w. Bush, H Clinton and now president Obama and many scholars and diplomats have visited our home land and that is great.

    As to me the leaders are messengers of the people and that is the most important thing.

    Politics is dynamic and often times subjective, we should therefore focus on the objective realities not on subjective realities.

    And the objective realities are the people, culture, economy and long lasting peace and partnership partnership.

    I will therefore ask President Obama and PM Hailemariam to focus on that with out neglecting relevant political issues, eventhough they might be subjective.

    Cheers pm Obama with “mies agame , sewa adwa, hlbet axum and hmbasha enderta” and ” kitfo, dero Wetu, kocho and at end chaat”

    • we would like to be friend with usa i would like to obama to recognize AFRICAN culture & values it should be easey for you to recognize because your family back ground but you havnt did that is it usa policy didnt make you to do that well you have a chance now only now when you meet the african leaders to meet on their own soil to make promise to recognize african values like we try to recognize usa values as country learn from us dont expect only to be recognize if you do that you will be in good africans history book
      god bless america & the rest of world.

  56. The fact of the matter is with or without foreign intervention the people’s of Ethiopia along its leadership will keep rolling, I don’t think Mr Obama visit will bring a fundamental change in the road ahead,Epdrf has laid the foundation for longer period and has a proven record on that, democracy is not something we impose on a society, it’s combined effort and requires a social transformation, we need to consider our recent history, the military gunta has created and inherited a one party system and no one has the right to vote,expressing views and freely criticize their government, so this is a work in progress for our nation, history will teach us all the civil rights movement and segregation a century away, so we don’t expect a miracle to happen when it comes to democracy in Ethiopia and other African countries, democracy is not a blessing,however is a process requiring educating the whole society starting from respecting individual believe and background and it has to come out of its own people, a lot needs to be done towards attitude and perception of that given society, one has to give credit for the progress that has been made so far so the government will continue to improve the lives of its citizen. Again all should start at individuals respecting fellow opinion without judging him or her, and settle their differences in a manner that brings to a common societal values. I would emphasize on home grown solutions for internal problems. Thank you

  57. Hi Aiga,
    Don’t you think Eritrea already knows that Woyane will try to cross into Eritrea? You are making it look like this is going to be something a child waiting for his father to receive the punishment for house rules violation that he committed earlier the day. This is going to be a war of four dimensions. Ethiopia and Ethiopian supported weak opposition groups and Eritrea and strong Eritrean supported opposition groups. In my opinion if the war starts it will change the political landscape of the horn of Africa. It is long and arduous like before. But it will involve much of the Ethiopian population on either side. Just an idea.
    Have a good day.

  58. Ask the president to encourage US companies, particularly power/energy, communication, transport, and construction companies, through incentives, to invest in Ethiopia.
    Tell the president that democracy is not a one size fits all. and it is not a cut-and-paste type either. It is a learning process in progress with so many ups and downs and at times with unintended consequences. The US has reached the level of democracy that people enjoy today after some two centuries. Even then a lot remains to be done regarding women, race and other issues. But assure the president that Ethiopia has in place the foundations for a democratic system.
    Tell the president that Ethiopia has a serious security concerns coming from inside or outside forces as much as the US has a serious security threats from home grown terrorists or foreign forces. Tell the president that in both cases Ethiopia is well aware of the unintended consequences emanating from any new rules or laws introduced to prevent any form of security and safety threats. That makes the democratization process a stormy one. His well thought inputs are welcome.

    Long Live the Friendly Relations of Our People
    God Bless Our Countries.


  60. Mr Funny do you know how many Eritreans are dying every year
    The money you are getting the is snatched from those who slaughtered by of ISIS sunk in the seas and oceans died in Sahara
    brutally murdered in SINAI deserts. It is really dirt blood money. you are really making money out of grief and sorrow of Eritreans.The Eritrean ruler waging war against its own people,
    He is training terrorist to overthrow Ethiopian,South Sudanese Somalis and the Houthis of Yemen.
    War is the main money making business for the Eritrean dictator
    Please Ask the world about him.
    Stop the dirt money,

  61. I had listened to the professor’s comment on Ethiopia. It was just another extension of ESAT. I have the feeling that he is one of those “behind wall” financial supporter to the notorious media outlet that we all got sick off. He is a good for nothing professor. If I were him would make a trip to Ethiopia together with the delegation just to make things clear to myself before even try to recommend the president what to say to Ethiopian leaders. He also seems, he has a problem with ruling party, EPRDF. There is no doubt he is a very close friend of the deposed Derg regime officials who ran out of the country with their tails b/n their legs when EPRDF took control of the country. The so called Professor can not have the moral or intellectual capability to talk about Ethiopia. The Ethiopia today is not what is pictured in the little mind of the professor. The EPRDF led Ethiopia is not submissive to any outside power. The EPRDF led Ethiopia is not a friend to one country and an enemy to the others. The current Ethiopia is a friend to all so long as it is left alone to manage its own affair. The Professor must have been leaving in a cave not to hear about the rising “African states” or has determined not to hear anything good about EPRDF. Too bad news for the Professor, but EPRDF is going to stay in power for as long as a sensible and a responsible opposition group emerges, if it ever emerges. The professor was also tried to make fun of the EPRDF’s landslide win of the recent election. The professor should have understood the American saying ” it is better the devil you know than you don’t “. I mean, if EPRDF was seemed to him as a devil. The professor, arm chair critic, needs to read a little more how the EPRDF saved a country that was going down the hill and how it uplifted the hope of the nation. Mr. Professor if human right was your real concern, it is the country you tried to defend(Eritrea) who is producing mass refugees in the world. I am sure you heard of the sad story of the Mediterranean sea boat capsizing. But, you chose burry your head under the sand when it comes to the humiliation of Eritreans under their own leader. It is a shame to see a man of your status being defender of the dictatorial regime. I hope, Mr. Professor, you will eat your humble pie very soon.

  62. From: Hadera Bahta

    Dear AIGA
    This Funny Terrence is a smooth talker. Hard to know what he wants, one time he is telling good about Ethiopia another time he is defaming telling that EPRDF are Friendly Authoritarian pretending, he heard it from somewhere else, no democracy, …..
    Those people coming to Ethiopia including Obama are here as guests and not powers to command what Ethiopia should do or not. As guests, they should be happy to what Ethiopia should offer them. One should not come with false pearls to take real diamonds from our country, like the colonizers did before.
    We should also work with what we have instead of waiting to get things from outside. We are already rich, although richness is relative.

  63. My question will be to the president way there u with us or against us American must shut the ESAT broadcasting or must put cod of conduct they shall not provocative on itneic division special agents the tigrian people . Thanks

  64. Tell Obama that he should believe his eyes more than what Terrence tells what the priority should be. And tell him that its national security is priority number one for Ethiopia.

  65. Should ask the first presidant we no your terrorist are dffrent than ours but olf, ONLF g7, run by asmara should be desegnated terrorist

  66. Obama’s visit to Ethiopia is historical in many folds. First, it is a visit by the incumbent president of USA and second, his visit to Ethiopia is not in time of war and famine, it is rather in the time of growth and transformation. The third and in my view the most important one is that Obama is travelling with law makers, hopefully with both sides of the isle. The fact that Obama is traveling with the law makers is the last nail in the coffin for those disgruntled and die hard diasporas. Obama and the law makers will see for themselves if Ethiopia is what the die hard diasporas are painting her to be.
    Hopefully, the law makers will have the chance to talk to those opposition parties who respect the rule of law. I have no doubt that the lawful opposition parties will express their dislike about the die hard diasporas who are disrupting the democratic process in Ethiopia by financing one group or another. The tugs in DC had moved the heaven and earth to make Ethiopia look like as a mass grave. Very recently, they even dared to tell the president not travel to Ethiopia. I said to myself, these tugs had to be drunk out of their mind before they were told to go for protest. I wish there was a law as ” no drinking and protesting “. Don’t they know the president has every right where to go and where not to go? These tugs they need to leave their cave and jump on the band wagon. Ethiopia is developing faster than an eye blink. The tugs are stuck with old Ethiopia and with old flag. Nothing can ever stop Ethiopia from sprinting and reaching to the middle income country. It is a reality in the making. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! that is all I can say for now.
    Daniel from phili.

  67. Utter shock, disturbing comment from a professor who does not think much about our proud heritage. He does not know what he is talking about. For me, Ethiopia is free, democratic and thriving.

  68. I wish I could to ask him why criminals hid themselves in US /
    why the US gives shelter and protection to terrorist sentiment groups already approved by the sovereignty parliament and governments
    Why some civic organizations of US engaged in financing and training and supporting opponent terrorist groups and parties to destabilize the constitutional elected parties
    Why the human rights watch dogs focusing in Africa especially to the emerging countries like Ethiopia

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