Aite Gebru Asrat On PM Meles, TPLF and the Question of Sovereignty.

Former Tigrai Regional Governor and EX member of TPLF Executive Leadership has written a book. Based on his recent interview with VOA and gezategaru online audience Aite Gebru is convinced Article 39 of the constitution was a mistake and the issue of Eritrea was mishandled. Gebru is on record also that in his opinion the current government cannot be counted to protect Ethiopia’s Sovereignty. Listen to the interview and share your thoughts on the issue of Sovereignty, economic development, the issue of handling Eritrea and if PM Meles government was right to stop the war and leave the wounded Shaibia to lick its wounds and to implement the no war no peace policy so Eritreans have time to reflect on what kind of mess Shaibia has gotten them in to? We are of the opinion the policy has worked well how about you? Have Your Say!!

( Gezategaru Interview with Gebru Asrat)

Excerpts of questions and answers from the audience


44 thoughts on “Aite Gebru Asrat On PM Meles, TPLF and the Question of Sovereignty.

  1. As a senior ex leader of TPLF I have a great respect to Mr. Gebru Asrat. However I have a very big difference with the politics that he is exercising right now. First Mr. Gebrus Asrat changed his stance on many issues. He signed for the party’s stance on Eritrea as a colony now he changed it, he signed for the Algiers agreement now he changed his stance, he mentioned that our Army was pushing to Assab although the realty was different. What is next? Now there is a country that is called Eritrea. Mr. Gebru Asrat does not recognize that. I believe it is naiveté. Yes blood has been spilled between Eritreans and Ethiopians. But there is no reason to assess the situation unrealistically and push people to more hate read and bloodshed. In fact Mr. Gebru is confirming Shabia propaganda that Woyane wanted to abort Eritrea’s independence although the official EPRDF stance is different. I advise Mr. Gebru Asrat not to take the Eritrea case as a card and play with it. It is very sensitive that can easily lead to bloodshed. We lost enough and the current government policy is working. Please stop.

    • Ethiopians are working hard to protect ethiopian national interests and some of our ethiopian brothers are standing with us and their heart is in Asemera tselam. Most of the comments sure written from Eritreans or from those pro Eritrean Ethiopians.

  2. Gebru Asrat – If you were in the position of any of the EPRDF leadership,
    you can not do any better than any one of the leaders in term of Democracy or Economic Development except your power. Don’t blame the Institution when it
    comes to Democracy and Economic Development, because we know how Ethiopia was during the King and the Derg in general and Tigray in particular.

  3. Mr. Gebru Asrat Said six months before the war there was a discussion about whether Eritrea was going to invade Ethiopia or not. He added that Meles and others voted that Shabia did not have an intention to invade Ethiopia. The reason is the people in Addis Ababa did not know what Gebru Asrat and Sie were doing in Badme and other surrounding Areas. Once the vote was made they worked to disprove the people who voted against. They started pushing the border towards Eritrea. They expelled the Eritreans who lived in Badme and surrounding villages. Mr. Gebru should have taken the responsibility for adding fuel to the fire and pushing Shabia to invade badme. I believe that was a hidden agenda. To discredit Meles and others as Eritrean stooges and expel them from power. By doing that he planned to come to the helm of power. Fortunately he lost it. Now he is playing it as a card to come to power.

  4. Gebru Asrat said Meles asked him not to aggravate Shabia. In his words he told him “ Aittenakfwom”. When he was asked about it he suggested that Meless may have overstated Shabia’s power or could be for other reasons like staying in power. I believe Mr. Gebru evaded the question. Meles was warning Gebru not to be a conduit for war. Unfortunately Gebru and others pushed with the idea of war and refused even when they were met by mediators like Alamudi. That shows Meles believed that Gebru was instigating the war and asked him to leave the case to him. Had Gebru agreed to Meles’s request we could have saved the lives of thousands of brothers and sisters that we lost in the war. Meles knew how to weaken shabia. Smartly he got arms sanction on Shabia. That was the greatest achievement of Meles. From what I heard so far it was right for Meles to expel Gebru. I do not think Gebru is wise. He is emotional and vindictive.

  5. “There is a country named Eritrea recognized by the UN. However there is no border”. Ato Gebru said.
    Yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! applause to Mr gebru Asrat. Now we can push the border up to the sea and then through Gash Barka up to Sudan. Before you knew it Eritrea is a killil of Ethiopa.
    My question is was Gebru Asrat in the TPLF leadership? I am starting to doubt. He is making himself a fool. By the way no one buys his agenda. Even the terrorist Yilma Bekele. When it comes to Eritrea I found Yilma more realistic than Gebru. Can power greed make a person blind? Mr Gebru is a proof. I am ashamed.

  6. Traditionally we are very effective at destroying our own heros/heroines, I didn’t expect anyone to support Gebru for speaking out his mind. Sadly we see it only in terms of betrayal,I for one fully support former President Gebru Asrat for speaking out his mind,it is a step in the right direction, it is good for future generation.Eritrea is Eritreans problem by enlarge , as an Ethiopian my one and only one concern is Ethiopian National Interest, the rest of you(worshipers) can go fight on behalf of Eritrea.
    The day after TPLF,Ethiopia will have sovereignty over Asab.

  7. When I heared Gebru’s speech I remembered one thing, Mengistu. I was not sure we were going to have one. Now I do. What about the Ke Badme Mels We de Meles slogan?

  8. Gebru Asrat, had tried to destroy TPLF and TIGRAY in collabration with his kins or “blood” brothers. Thanks to our hero MELES and his comrades they saved TPLF and TIGRAY from this low life banda of our time.
    RIP MELES ZENAWI we love you and we will always miss you.
    long live TPLF and EPRDF.

  9. So many unanswered questions?
    -If Shabia had sinister motive from the outset why did it invite Gebru Asrat to observe the sawa training camp?
    -Why Meles sent a mediator to Gebru?
    -Why is Gebru targeting Bereket Simon for regretting the deportation of Eritreans from Ethiopia although it is an official government policy?
    -What connects Gebru, Tewolde and Sie? What about the Meles group?
    -Why didn’t he mention the more than 50 Shaba’s trucks loaded with sesame confiscated by him. What did he say when Meles asked him to release them. What did he tell Isaias when he travelled to mekelle to get the trucks released? Remember this was way before the war?
    -What about the seven high ranking Shabia officers killed in badme by Militia under the command of Gebru?

  10. I really mourned when i heard mr. Gebru Asrat did an interview with the GezaTegaru he is a great liar in our modern world like Abraham Yayah and the others he is cheated himself and he is trying cheating to the others.Yes he was one the executive politburo of TPLF why don’t protest at that time to the policy of TPLF? why now he is barking after almost 40 years and after the death of Meles Zenawi and why now he is collaborating with chauvinists and with enemies of the Tigraians people and the question of Eritrea and Assab is closed file we knew him well he was one of the aggravators of the war and the border conflict of with Eritreans, yes everyone knows at that time Meles was trying to save the life of innocents but like Mr. Gebru Asrat poured fuel to the fire we will not forget it, but now when i heard Gebru defamed the name of Meles is unacceptable it is a hidden agenda the Tigraians people know you well and Prime Melse was a great leader the black Africans son he was not a liar like Gebru.

  11. Three major point Gebru Asrat said 1) Article 39 of the constitution was a mistake 2) the issue of Eritrea was mishandled. 3) the current government cannot be counted to protect Ethiopia’s Sovereignty

    I will ask Ethiopians Three questions
    1) Can you give me three propositions which shows article 39 will not and is not a problem to the current and potential ethnic or elite conflict in Ethiopia?

    2) Do you think the way and nature by which the Eritrean referendum was conducted had really solved the question of Eritrea vis-a-vis Ethiopia? Isn’t the problem of Eritrea and Eritreans vis-a-vis Ethiopia still the major problem for Ethiopias political stability and Peace?

    3) The unlimited right of Eritreans in Ethiopia before the war, The Algeris Agreement following the war, the recent Agreement on Experts view as binding regarding the Abay dam, is it not compromising Ethiopian Sovereignty?

  12. Mr Gebru Asrat
    I believed when you are in power you couldn’t think or learn what you learned now !
    but Pm Meles he presented what he believed then, and you stood beside him until you walked out, on the bravery and mortars’ of Tegray .
    why did you did that ? and why are you doing this know ?
    because from what I sow in that video, you don’t care about the people of Tegray back then ,you don’t care about the people of Tegray know !!!!
    for you it is about power, it is good you are making money by sealing books, but live the politics to the strong political leaders, who are not,,,, well not,, betrayed or exchange there believe for power !!!
    saying that there are few crooks who used there power,, to cose some uncertainty in the organization (TPLF) but,,, power is always at the hand of the people of Tegray !!!!

  13. I have some advices to supporters of EPRDF .Ignoring the issue of sovereignty and access to the sea is, was and will never be easy as you think is. The government you support may say “the landlocked Ethiopia is better off without Assab” . The reality is otherwise. As Gebru shades it with new and strong evidences, it is time to all Ethiopian to confront the ruling party hard to set new terms of negotiations on the basis of the historical and politica rights of Ethiopia access/ownership/ to the sea. The international community will be on our side.

  14. I am sad to hear the rhetoric opposition propaganda of Ato Gebru Asrat, because he run all this TPLF/ERPDF policy for almost 40 years and with full devotion with out any doubt, when he was in power. Now he is in the opposition group(for almost 7 to 10 years) but how can I believe if he said that he was wrong for 40 years and am doing good job now, I am sorry I don’t buy it. Anyway Gebru would do please change the cover of your book? the title says about Ethiopia but the cover shows about Eritrea, Ethiopia is shown as border in your cover. If this was the message of your book, the cover is OK, but if you want to speak about Ethiopia, please change the cover,

  15. Thanks Aiga.
    As we all know every proud tiger an has been troubled by the shady relationship between shabia and tplf. Gebru has effectively shown that certain leaders in z tplf were not 100 percent commuted to our interests. Partly it is z illusion of great Eritrea ( as Yosef gebre hiwot has expounded at asmarino). This has contaminated even tigreans who have some affinity with Eritrea. While we tigreans should make efforts to live peacefully , it is important to recognize that Eritreans by their conduct has shown us they are different than Kenyans or other neighbors. The key problem is even Eritreans with Tigray roots and tigreans with some Eritrean affinity believed the Eritrean illusion was worth supporting even at the expense of the proud Tigray/ethiopia. That is a shameful episode we should not repeat. Tegadaly Gebru thanks for showing us what sacrifice means for being our voice.

  16. From the get go I really do not understand why Ato Gebru and comrades think they are still relevant as political leaders.

    Any political leader who has self criticized he /she has committed grave mistake by implementing a flawed and bad policy should retire and ask for forgiveness! In this case if Gebru and company thinks the constitution they drafted was really bad, if the issue of Eritrea was mishandled big time by TPLF from the beginning and if Gebru and company left TPLF to “temberkekti” thus endangering the country’s sovereignty, then I say Gebru and company should write books but should not ask the people to elect them as political leaders again! Is there no shame at all?

    Now coming back to the issues, If I had a chance to ask Ato Gebru, I will ask him, 1) Why does he think an external issues such as that of Eritrea is critical enough for him to leave TPLF at the hands of the Meles Group?
    2) Why he thinks fighting poverty with the motive of “besenki mugogo tehlef za anchiwa”( loosely translated we have better enemy(poverty) to fight than shaibia today!) is not a pragmatic approach to the shaibia issue? That is what the Meles group did btw!

    3) How can he complain about democracy in Ethiopia today? Does he not see a problem with unlimited democracy causing unnecessary obstacles to implement the economic agenda that will extricate the country from poverty…Does Gebru envy the Chinese model in this regard at all in?. Which country with a liberal economy today build its economy and its democratic institution from the ground with such ideas as that of what Gebru is advocating?

  17. Gebru has been in the trash for quite some time. It is realistic for him to stink so bad before he decomposes.

    In short he is telling us “everything I tald you for the last 40 years was wrong because that did not serve me to come to the helm of power. Now I came up with a strategy that will do that but it is going to be at the cost of your children’s blood. Please give me your children and follow me to satisfy my greed for power”.
    What a shame?

  18. Gebru Asrat provided a strong confirmation to what shabia has been telling its people for the last 20 years. “The issue of the Badme war was not about Badme. It was about rolling over Eritrean sovereignty”.
    A confirmation to such claim will simply dismantle the Eritrean opposition groups who were told otherwise? That is why Gebru’s big mouth is more dangerous now than it was 20 years ago.

  19. I thought this was a very important and revealing interview. Thus, I would like to thank Aigaforum for posting it. I alsolike th thank Mr. Gebru Asrat for providing us his current view and positions. The Eritrean question has been a contentious issue for many of us for decades and it is going to remain contentious for many more decades. That being said, I find myself agreeing with almost everything Gebru Asrat said. I then asked three of my Ethiopian friends to listen to the interview and they too seem to agree with everything Gebru said on the issue of Ethiopian ownership of part of the Red Sea and blame TPLF, particularly PM Meles Zenawi for not defending Ethiopia’s maritime boarders. Interestingly enough, all of us support EPRDF’s “no-war-and-no-peace” policy for at least 10 more years until we all come to some form of an agreement. We also wished the government of PM Haile Mariam would formally reject the Algiers’s Agreement since Eritrea has violated almost all aspects of it.

  20. First of all thank you Aiga..this is journalism at its best
    Thanks Gebru for sacriificinga lot for the good of ethiopia/tigray since young age.
    For the rest of us it is not necessary to make this Gebru vs Meles. We should admire both of them for the good they did. We should be reasonable and our opinion should be objective as much as possible. On this page I see two extremes, those who demonize TPLF and Meles and others who want to believe everything about TPLF is Meles( RIP) and their personal cult( which I think Meles would not have liked).
    Gebru’s book is outstanding and shows his intellectual maturity, his unparalleled sacrifice to the good of others and his patriotic stand against shabia predators.
    Those of you who want to dismiss Gebru as anti-tigray, it is pathetic. have you done even a fraction of what Gebru did i.e sacrifice his life as tegadaly? You want to deny that Shabia exploited our resources and and even refused to allow a passage to hunger-stricken tigrians to sudan? and that many Ethiopians were mistreated and driven out of Eritrea while TPLF gave some key government positions to eritreans( at that time general managers of Tele and ELPA for example) in Ethiopia?
    Although TPLF had to tolerate the oppressive hands of Shabia for its survival at times, there is no doubt that some TPLF leaders were too sympathetic to the illusion of ‘fliyti eritrea”. This is true not only about some TPLF leaders but also tigreans like Woldeab woldemariam, Esyas and his close colleagues are tigreans who chose to be affiliated to the italian created illusion of modern Eritrean elite rather than to the true proud tigrian identity roots. I think this illusion has made some TPLF leaders too sympathetic to this Eritrea illusion. On this Gebru was a proud Tigrian who stood for his countries interests. But he also was too harsh on Meles. Meles legitimately (i want to believe) tried to avoid war, a second war after 30 years civil war between to impoverished countries was madness, a madness of shabia.
    So good work to Jegna Gebru for following the steps of generations of proud Tigreans. He also should understand that Tigreans can not just throw their child TPLF, what is the choice? The infant and crisis prone Arena, or another Shewan hegemony under new names like G7?

  21. We must get rid of the Meles clique ad cadres to save our country from slipping into further crisis. Considering the fiasco that Meles orchestrated causing the division of today, our commitment will entail a lot of sacrifice among us all for the sake of Ethiopia. Let’s work together to restore the dignity of our people who have fallen on the likes of Meles Zenawi’s, whose dearth of ideas has forced the culprit to spit “filthy” ideas to the public. He called his former comrades “Segera” in Mekelle at public gathering. Ato Gebru should be commended for his outstanding book to expose the secrecy and mayhem of our brothers/sisters for political expediency. The present success should not be a conduit to conceal a criminal act. If history serves as a lesson, we have to learn from it. You cannot muzzle ideas and past events how much intimidation and coercion you applied. We have the right to know what happened. Who had done it? Ato Gebru discharged his responsibility as a good citizen with a big heart and I am sure others will fellow his footsteps to unearth the layers of intrigues for lust of power.
    In today’s Ethiopian reality Gebru is a challenger to TPLF political demagogue and the public is the defender of the rule of law. Men like a former leader Meles who attempt to prosecute crimes without evidence are lynch mobs. So what’s the truth about corruption and Bonapartism? Who are the corrupt officials? Meles ingenuity lies that he used a scary tactics to solicit support from those who are fallen victims of corrupt (EPRDF officials) and cadres for the demise of Gebru and his associates. For one, the wealthy EPRDF official’s luxurious lifestyle virtually runs the country as a private fiefdom. Gebru has a moral and legal legitimacy to accuse The Meles group’s low level and ranking officials. Meles groups are the ones who are immersed in corruption and illegal business practices. This is a public secret. By continuing to deny the threat posed by the public, todays TPLF officials may be securing their own unpleasant fate. Let’s, wake up from empty Bravado and secured our future in a just reason.

  22. I enjoyed the book tremendously. This does not mean I agreed with every thing written in this book. But I strongly believe that all others should follow his step and write their version of the story. We the people, in turn can weigh all versions and really understand what the problem was, and eventually learn not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

    Even those from the Eritrean side, they should write and present their argument rather than trying to silence Ato Gebru.

    I for one have enjoyed this book regardless if I agreed or disagreed with its’ contents. For those still in power, please please write your history before nature catches up with all of you.

    We’ve lost a tremendous leader, Meles Zenawi. Even more tragic is the fact that he has not shared his version of the story with the people.

    Again … thank you Ato Gebru … lots’ of people are surprised that you’re able to shake things around.

  23. I am Tigrinya speaker,From Hamshen (tigrawai by ethnic,I do not know Hizbe Tigrinya as a ethnic group ,as it was invented by Eritrean bandits):::We know Eritrea was separated using article 39 of Ethiopian constitution ,There is a big Flaw here though ,Eritrea is a home/prison of different Nationalties /Biherat…The Kunamas & The Afars & their sea did not invite this hell hole prison called Eritrea. It is actually believed ,these 2 nationalities begged former PM Meles Zenawi ,not to render them to the mouth of HYena….Yet ,Meles understood but ,informed them ,his hands were tied .IS n’t THERE A “LOOP HOLE” THAT SHOULD LET THIS PEOPLES TO RE UNITE WITH THEIR BRETHREN TO THE SOUTH & BE PROUD ETHIOPIANS AGAIN .

    My respect to my r92.000.000 relatives in Ethiopia .

    Mehretu Habte Paulos

  24. Dear aiga !!! We are talking about history that happened about 13-14 years ago .The contemporary situations vindicates The PM Melles & The Tplf .
    I HAVE READ THE BOOK ABOUT THREE TIMES , ALTHOUGH IT HAS FIRSTHAND INFORMATION BECAUSE OF THE STATUS OF AITE GEBRU Asrat. The Whole faction made a huge & cardinal Blunder which took them downhill forever &ever.
    When they lost 16 to 12 and they decided to meet the next meeting they had to come. That is the By-law of the Tplf written by the Blood & bone of the freedom fighters.They Broke The By-Law the rest is History.
    When P m Melles lost to the Majority , He Had to Abide by the By-Law not only once but twice & more .He said that he is The child & Son of Tplf .If the organization wants him to do the job security guard He Would be more than Glad to do it. That was his Word , I wish He was Alive To write His Version of the History.

  25. Gebru Asrat touted about the war and incidents before the war. What he did not tell us is how he and Sie facilitated the war. Here is the story. Remember I am not condoning Shabia’s invasion of Badme. However now that the dust is settling down and gebru is talking, the listeners have the right to know how Gebru and Sie sabotaged the peaceful process. Here it goes:
    More than a year ago before the war there was an initiative taken by shabia and EPRDF to settle the border problem through a committee that had representative from each party. At the same time military leaders in the bordering areas were given an order to settle problems in the border areas they were assigned to. Few days before the war broke out the Eritrean defense minister and security chief travelled to Addis Ababa for the border demarcation meeting. At about the same time 9 to 10 high ranking shabia military officers travelled to meet with Ethiopian militia and military leaders stationed in the Badme area because there were problems in the area. Because Gebru and Sie did not want the meeting in Addis Ababa to happen they simply gave an order for the Eritrean military leaders to be executed. When the news was heard the shabia military units in the area invaded badme and captured a number of high ranking tplf officials and militias and probably executed them on the spot. The meeting in Addis was aborted and Gebru and sie got what they wanted, all out war. The Eritrean defense minister and security chief had to flee to Djibouti. I leave the rest to the readers to pass their judgments.

  26. I have always said when it comes about eritrea , meles did a lot of bad things to ethiopipa. Meles should be praised for introducting the idea of development. Forget democracy because he was the founder of a very cruel and repressive regime and forget eritrea because those are the things where he scores the lowest. To me, he was simply bellow average from the perspective of a nation. he devided the people he lead along ethenic lines to stay in power, he designed a regime who forces children for membership through economic pressure. and he favoured eritrea 100% in everything.

  27. Most of you know that Aite Gebru has talked the truth. But, it is a bitter pill for most of opportunists to just follow the wind. Because it is now fashionable to overstate What Melles has done so as to prove you are loyal to the current faction of TPLF. Frankly speaking, there is nothing false in Aite Gebru’s book as well as discussion. He is always consistent and non-corrupt unlike others. Melles has done more disastrous things than the good things he did. History will reveal it sooner or later.

    are opportunists

  28. Can we have the other version of the story from those who were the majority?The history of TPLF?past and present is marred by personal impediments rather than organizational imperatives.Whom to believe in the discourse is becoming thorny.However, the books written as first hand information are to be quoted unless otherwise books that negate them are in place.So be courageous to write and inform us all who were not in the armed struggle nor the internal squabble that started to destroy the whole essence and spirit of the struggle.

  29. Gebru reminds me of Mengistu. Sometimes I would even prefer Mengistu at least Mengistu wants Eritrea be part of Ethiopia claiming we are one and the same people. Mengistu believes we are one people. But unlike Mengistu, Gebru simply wants top occupy the land Assab and without its inhabitants. He reasons out that Assab is historically part of Ethiopia. But if we are talking about history shouldn’t we claim Massawa first? Massawa (Adulis) belongs to the great Axumite empire and we should have demanded Massawa before we claim Assab. Because massawa was the historical port of axumite before the fall of axumite empire. But can we simply claim the port with out its people? It is a historical fact that the two people have very very long historical ties. But when Menelik sold Eritrea to Italians (Which Gebru do not want to mention) we become two different countries. Thus the blame on the secession of Eritrea should be on Menelik and the successive regimes and not on EPRDF.
    Article 39 the fruit of the struggle of Ethiopian nationalities right for self determination. I have never seen such strong united nation when people were forced to be part of the union by previous regimes. The Gambellas, Afars, somalis and other minorities who used to think of themselves as non Ethiopians now proudly claim as Ethiopians. This article should remain there just in case chauvinist powers such as Gebru’s Andent party come back to exploit and suppress the rights of the minorities. But as long as equality of nationalities is guaranteed, this article has no relevance at all. We do not even recall its existence. In today’s Ethiopia it a great moment to watch, the Oromos dancing in tigrigna beat and Amhars jumping the somalis dance.

    Melse and gebru are not comparable. Gebru is emotional, arrogant and chauvinist like Mengistu. Melse was a man of peace, and astute politician who wants to solve every issue through dialogue peacefully. In the eyes of Melse war only a final means of settling dispute after exhausting all peaceful means. As he himself said Melse never wanted the border war to be ignited and loss tens of thousands young people on both sides. Melse was not aware of Gebrus intrigues all along. Gebru was definitely certain that the war would be ignited. Because he knows how to irritate DIA of Eritrea. The responses of DIA was predictable. He responded and invaded Ethiopia the way Gebru wants him to act. One need look back over what Gebru did when he was governor Tigray with out the knowledge of the central government. Gebru was sure Eritrea will invade Ethiopia because he knows that he was taking unlawful measures on eritreans to irritates Isayas the baboon. Thus partly Gebru is responsible for the war to be ignited. We can bring so many facts on the measure Gebru was taking on eritreans before Eritrea invades Ethiopia. This is a historical facts that we look back as part of our history. Gebru equally as Issays will be remembered as a cause to the unnecessary blood shed among the two people. Finally the war declared by erthiopian parliament to reverse agression and not to occupy Eritrea. We reversed the agression and it was right descion that Melse orderd to stop further attack. Invasion of eritrea was not the the desion of the Ethiopian paliament. Invasion of Eritrea was only the hidden agenda of Gebru.
    Finally it is not exclusively about assab we should be worried about. It is on how we could isolate the dicatorial regime and build peaceful relationship between the two people for mutual interset and development. We should not be victims of hate but we should base our common history for much better ties and peacful relationship. Whether we like iot or not we need them and they need us.

  30. I am sure gebrue asrat is a wise gay who under stood late ,but he sand on his two foot . and paid darling .for his stand that Ethiopia and Tigray..are the victome of melese and his bandites.histery will be on his side and his fellow ethiopians such as issyea …so on

  31. Shame on you Ato Gebru
    I see a lot of change in Ethiopia after you getting fired in my part I will not give vote for you because I don’t need war all the Ethiopia and Eritrea people they don’t want war we need peace we need prosperity more university more economic integrated with neighbour’s countries world wide globalized please don’t touch us Ethiopia is in the right Direction
    With out sea or port how Ethiopia is growing fast when you see in opposite side Ertrea has to two port nothing development so the Ethiopia people know everything than you we don’t need you that all go to retirement we need new generation Leader
    God bless Ethiopia

  32. Dear Readers,
    “BIG SHAME” for Gebru! He was for 17 years to rid Mengist and for 23 years to lead the Ethiopian people particularly the Tigray people as adminstrator with undergradu -and gradu- in Economics( source: from “wiki”) with this big knowledge he did a big mistake in all his life for 40 years he believes him self; this all disease he gave for all Tigray people ” EBOLA”. So the Tigray poeple still they got this “EBOLA” the same. When i heard from his voice from VOA all what he said based on lie. To wrote this 500 pages book, he read many books, but before he did all TPLF decision with out thought by gess. This man is good to investigate very well, because also he killed may inocent people. One like this high educated in Economics, how can he did half centure mistakes, on the back yared also there are may “GEBRUS”. A bout Eritrea what he said completely not true. I would like to ask for Gebru, please can you proof us the book: The writer and year of published and the name of the book. Because i don’t want to go deep about Eritrean case.

    Best Regards,

  33. It really shows that Gebru Asrat & Co lack integrity and honesty. He signed off on all the things that were undertaken by the TPLF(EPRDF) central committee and now he tries to deceive us like little kids by saying he did not have a clear understanding of the issues then. Wow! He must be held responsible for the blood of tens of thousands of Ethiopians and Eritreans that perished in the needless war he & his groopies concocted!!

  34. Gebru Asrat was one of the best leader durung the struggle and he was also a good governer of Tigray sate. Thank You mr Gebru we are all with You. Down with Banda and thier supporters Viva Seye Abraha Tsadqan Aregash you guys are real Ethiopians for me. and i hope soon very soon Asseb will be back to it’s mother land Ethiopia including Adulis Shabia the Arab Bastard have no power any more.
    Pls aiga stop deleting my comment will you?

  35. Comparing to the haleka and abay, Gebru was worst governors of all. I’m not saying they are good. They are incompetent but at least they try their best to do good things to our people. But i remember Gebru was a snake, jealous man who do not wish to see our cities grow up. I do not know about others, but he has banned construction of more than two storey buildings in adigrat. And yet you are telling me he was good leader. What is good when he deliberately bans construction of high rising buildings in Tigray. I do not mean haleka and abay are good but least no body comes to tell me you can not build high rise building in my town.

    Besides I have heard Gebru saying ” Tigraway enkab 8ay or (8th) grade nelaeli temhriti aydelyon” I do not know how true but have heard this rumour.

  36. I really belive that if EPRDF has at least 2 or 3 people like Gebru we wouldnt have been in such a big mess. I feel like Gebru is ason given from Tigaye to Ethiopia.
    Some body has to speek. So coorection can be made or else the more you cover it the more you acclatrate the speed of decaying.
    Please pass my respecr and apreciation to Gebru, for leaving his high position and be come an ordinary person and a fighter. Hope TPLF was based on the blood and bone of this type of selfless people.

    • Good point Gebru is telling the truth and the truth hurts to those who worship TPLF which they call it “Wudbna” with low IQ and 8th grade level education….

  37. People need to just get straight for the record. No need farther clarification, be it in this particular discussion, this website, or back home (in both ethio/erit region at large) that we can categorize the society entirely in to a total group of 3:

    1. ‘Eritreans’ including the likes of Isaias as well as the (pros and anti) cannot categorize as Banda’s, whereas we can simply call them dreamers, who dreamed to own the entire sea selfishly then to become masters of the surrounding region (which will never to happen unless they share equally with their brethren, the rightful share owner of the sea, the Ethiopian people).

    2. The siye’s, gebru’s and supporters are people who have the guts to stand and side for the truth and integrity with the vast majority of people’s value. At the end of the day they will be the winners (not by war) but because the eritreans will wake up one day and come to reality.

    3. People in 3rd category are the minority whom the likes of meles, sebhat and their few Sympathizers who are the trouble makers, the evil and responsible for the major mess in our recent history. They were raised and grow inferior with identity crisis, simply born to be a loyal and true messengers Banda.

  38. Ato Gebru Remined me thuasends of Ethiopian hero gave their life and pay sacrifice on every corner of Eritrea for the sake of Ethiopia’s natural boarder, same like their ancestors.They never had self benefit or interest.Nobody tell about them..To the contrary those who struggle and died against their mother countries interest and national flag are considered like hero.yet, time will show us the real future. Woyane and Shabiya are the extension or hands of our foreign historical enemies to destruct our country by the name of Eritrean and Tigray people.

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