David Shinn on Ethio-Eritrea

Pundits from all corner have been analyzing and at times lamenting on tangential issues that do not http://aigaforum.com/images/isaias_afeworki_eritrea.jpgdescribe fully the relation between Shaibya-Eritrea and Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government has been saying from day one all issues can and must be solved with a dialogue. Ethiopia accepted the arbitration process even though as a victor it could have demanded the Asmara regime to sign on the dotted line it has prepared. Instead, PM Meles Zenawi, died waiting in vain to dialogue with the Asmara government to solve the issue once for all in a civilized manner.

David Shinn and Herman Cohen are not your typical pundits. They are highly regarded diplomat. The US government is most likely to listen to them if it is planning to change its policy towards Eritrea. Regardless what the US interest is, PM Hailemariam government must not sit down with Isaias Afeworki to negotiate if Isaias’s only reason to sit-down and negotiate now is because PM Meles is not on the other side of the table or because he wants to mend his problem with the US.

Badme holds the remains of our heroes. Badme holds the remains of PM Meles Zenawi- so to speak- for he too also died working day and night to protect and develop Ethiopia. Why on earth will Ethiopia reward the Asamra regime Badme now? The regime is dying and Ethiopia should not try to save it. If the alternate is grim then at least have the regime sign on a prepared dotted line not to ever ever disturb Ethiopia’s peace and call that agreement PM Meles Zenawi Agreement.

You can read David Shinn Analysis here

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  1. One thing we have to distinguish is mr. Cohen viewes can be bought and sold he will say whatever, and whoever paid him. As for shinn. He is promoting the current thinking of the administration. Cohen is also part of a group that is focused on the Middle East and the read sea area.

    • if u believe it or not i want a guy like president ISAIAS to be a prime minister of ethiopia because he does not divide his people by tribe and religion and by any means only tplf get to go to save ethiopia from somaliztion .

        • Addis
          Who are you ?. Are you shabians dog or our own dogs that call them selves ginbot 7 barking for shabians ?. Who ever you are or what ever day dreams you have we the Ethiopian people will never make peace with shabians dictator unless the Eritrean people throw them out and try to live with us peacefully , and also we don’t need any one who try to fix the problems we have with them but we and our Eritreans brothers and sisters only. For shabians let them enjoy the no peace no war and UN sanctions until the end of their life.

        • Eritreans have lower self esteem than any African. I get admired why you prefer using your colonizers language rather than you native language m please don’t use a preposterous argument on thi s forum.

          • Your heart and brain know it well as to who and what Eritreans are.
            Do not worry about it as they proved it to you in deed.

      • Why dont you go there he will be your leader no problem dont try to look ethiopian witch you are not call your self shaebiaáaaaa

    • We want peace with all our neighbours but that happen we we have a representative and patriotic government NOT with the current traitorous sons and grand sons of bandas and hodam opportunists. We truly don’t want Eritrea back – good luck to them and forr all we care they can ‘invite’ the Italians to baby sit them – we won’t rest till we get our port of Assab back which treasnous bandas handde over on a silver plate. Meles Zenawi, RIH H as in hell, that traitor, no brains dummy – who in their right mind deny once own nation a sea port, Like Homer Simpson says not once, not twice but trice:

      1) Opportunity one when he was in the jungle
      2) Opportunity two when he became president
      3) Opporunity three during the Badme war

      Why, Oh why he did that?

      1) He is devoid of national feeling – his brain cells are all treasonous
      2) He loves his Eritrea so much he sacrificed Ethiopia for it
      3) He wanted it for Tigrai when the right time come as in Greater Tigrai or Tigrai-Tigregne fancy dream time.

      • Someone’s traitor is someone’s hero. Someone’s hero or patriotic is someone’s traitor. For me Meles is the best ever lead Ethiopia had since the Axumite kingdom. Asseb was sold by your traitor Menelik II, not Meles.

      • Yilal
        You pretend like you know every thing but we can see or read your comments with out understanding and I advice you to go to school and learn basic English before even try to comment about our great leader Melese Zenawi. Your brain is full of hate , your eyes are fully folded not to see the realities in the ground and you probably die with out free your brain from hate and free your eyes from seeing the realities while Ethiopia is keep on advancing.

    • Aiga Hoyisha,

      Who are the barking dogs whose writing, more like spitting, you frequently publih Like Yonas, Dilwenberu Genenew and some other woyane dogs?

      We can understand if they are official tplf cadres but don’t you have no shame the unkown puppies are defending silly policies of the government and explaining andreplying to issues? Shouldn’t that be done government offcials but then the officials are er… don’t have a clue on what the policies are nor are they capable. LOL

    • After all ,Mr.David Shin was the one who advised the Weyanes in 2000 to keep pushing to capture Aseb before sitting on the negotiating table in Algiers.Mr. Mesfin was brought back to Addis from Algiers as the Weyanes hoped to capture Aseb.David Shin betted with other diplomats that Aseb will be in the Ethiopian hands soon.Mr.Tekeda Alemu soon declared in the UN that Asseb is almost under the Ethiopian troops and a huge party was thrown in Washington D.C. And what happened in reality?The withdrawing EDF–Eritrean Defense Forces,AKA, the Desret Warriors, hit back the Ethiopian troops to death and totally annihiliated the poor Ethiopian troops.Then Mr. Mesfin went back to Algiers along with his boss and signed the Agreement.
      Go figure it out now.
      Good luck Aiga.Keep barking but the Camel will march on.

      • Truth, Shabia army was in no shape to defend Eritrean territories from Ethiopian defense forces which was why it lost 25% of its land during the war (1998-2000). The war was stopped abruptly by the then PM Meles Zenawi. You should have been grateful to PM Meles for lessening your humiliation. Today’s Shabia army (Warsay) is much worse than the Shabia army of 2000. These days whatever the Ethiopian DF wants to do in Eritrea it can do it with virtually no significant resistance from Shabia army. We have seen this happening when the Ethiopian army kicked them deep inside Eritrea in the last two to three years. So you have nothing to brag about especially related to Warsay. The truth is your “Desert Warriors” are nothing more than desert rats in the eyes of the Ethiopian Defense Forces.
        I personally do not like war, especially between the brotherly people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Every effort should be made to avoid unnecessary war between these two poor sisterly countries. However, making lasting peace with the current regime in Eritrea is simply a wishful thinking. Besides it would also be a betrayal to the peace loving Eritrean masses who are languishing in their own land due to lack of democracy and basic human rights.

        Peace for the Ethiopian and Eritrean people

        • Am talking about the the Aseb front dude.No one in history but the Eritrean Desert Warriors did it in a miraculous way.:smashing an advancing army into no existence while retreating but by making a legal U -Turn.

          • I thought Asseb was part of Eritrea. Anyway you are right Warsay (Desert Rats) is capable of making all kinds of miracles that nobody else on earth can do.

          • Aseb was,is and will be Eritrea for ever and ever.Swallow the bitter truth taht you “advancing army” was smashed into ashes by the ” retreating” Desert Warriors and your Abay Tigray dream was pronounced dead on the spot for ever.Strategic withdrawal as needed is the historical nature of Shaebia.

  2. For me , these two old ploticians are mad, it is not Ethiopian interest go to peace and dialoge with dead regime. It is better to discusse snd dialoge with genuine eritrean government who rapresent the eritrean people .
    what is thier problem of these two american politicians to intrefer in the ethio-eritrean problem. These two poloticians they want to disintegrate and weaken ethiopia from the actual position.
    Ethiopia is not in need of Assab, it is enough Dijibuti, infractures sre already ther. Why ethiopia should go to Asab or Massawa.
    Eritrea can sale the port of Asab and Massawa on to Iran and the other to Isreal.
    The Americans divide ethiopia and supported the eritrean regim during 1970 and have continued till the eritrean indipendence.
    Now eritrea is an idependent country and it is good like this and don’t interfer now with this issue. Can these American lobies stop to interfer in other vountries affair. We know they are coffupted. We fon’t regimes peace we want prople to people peace , this is the only lasting peace

          • Yonas, Just to clarify simple thing that you don’t get confused – Ask yourself this – Was ther a region or even a neighbour hood called ‘Tigray’ during the Axumite time? You are merging two on the historical time line different things .. Even if Axum and Tigray co-existed what effect does it have on Ethiopian history? Why is this disease of shortening Ethiopia’s hitoric ‘age’ so widely among tplfites?

        • Addis
          You exposed your self and you are not Ethiopian you are are one of shabians dog or messenger go back to your bere welede meskerem or tesfa news site.

      • Hero
        Look Sir or madam you are your own hero , are you dreaming or praying to undo article 39 that is not possible unless you need Ethiopian disintegration . The old ways are only good for falls heroes like you or shabians messengers.

    • What is guniuen Eritearan .
      Because from what I know there is no guniuen Eriteara .
      Eriteara is an Italian & Minlke creation with the great Tigray people land caltaure and language .i here to tell eritear will be distorted by Tigray very soon when Tigray people fix Ethiopian prabelem.
      When Tigray have right leders how would tell them about eritear lie creation by band Minlke and Italian to divided Tigray and wekan Tigray .this was band Minlke work .

      • Genuine Eritrean is defined as:”hard working, intelligent,visionary,one who never kneels down except during praying and shooting at the enemy;patriotic,self-reliant,fast learner,patient,forgiving,peace-loving–etc—”.All these have been proven to be Eritrean Features”.
        Keep crying.Your own advisors are coming back to their sense and telling you as such to come back to your senses and give PEACE a chance.

        • Dude, don’t you get it? We are already at peace eko; the reason being u are out of the equation.

          We don’t want u back in any way of form. Stay where u are and quit sneaking around Ethiopia, both in its actual and virtual sense.

  3. Chemistry Life is:
    Solvent + Solute = Solution = Peace = Development = Good Relationship make compound.

    Biology Life is:
    Life is a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes from those that do not,[1][2] either because such functions have ceased (death), or else because they lack such functions and are classified as inanimate.[3][4] Biology is the science concerned with the study of life.

    So be a scientist to solve a problem on Earth. Our earth includes from single things to complex one.
    WAR is the destruction of society and nature on earth = Poverty

  4. I always wonder what the US really wants in Africa? Does it want a developing Africa or does it want to dark Africa? Of all people the two gentle men should know Ethiopia as a proud ancient country is really bending backward to tolerate the Eritrean government since EPRDF assumed power. It is not secret to any one if Ethiopia wants it can over power the Asmara regime and annex the country again. I bet no country in the world would have a qualm about that so long the area is peaceful. It should not take much effort to keep it peaceful now that Ethiopia is a key player and almost all neighbor countries are its friends!

    Now where is the current chatter coming from? Is President Obama really trying to pressure PM Hailemariam to give on Badme or is the Asamra regime paying millions of dollars to lobbyist? One thing I agree with Aigaforum is Ethiopian government will be stupid to reward Badme as gift? I need not remind them Asamra government has been harming Ethiopia it is not out of love it is coming to the table! Let nature take its course with the regime in Asmara pls!

  5. On one of the Eritrean paltalk rooms, I had heard once Mrs. Sophia Tesfamariam saying that she is lobbying american officials including Mr. Cohen. At some point, she had even said that this lobbying needs alot of money to pay to these individuals and she even asked the members of that room for support. I was surprised to hear her saying that openly in public. So, does this mean that Mr. Cohen at this age is more interested at money than at justice?

  6. This has been expected and we saw it coming for a long time and here again our cousins in the south are about to throw the wildly oppressed and abused people of Eritrea under the bus by negotiating with a thug who soaked his hands with blood of innocent people of the region in general and both people in particular.
    Unlike the good old generation of Tigreans who fought for the unity of Tigrigna speaking family tooth and nail,this generation seems to have wanted the disintegration of that family that their great grand parents fought so hard to preserve.Its also sad that it seems to have wanted the independence of Eritrea more than the Eritreans themselves.
    As we all remember,as if the EPRDF didn’t encourage and force Eritreans in Ethiopia to vote for the sham referendum,it didn’t blink its eyes to deport them under the pretext of national security which made the reunification of these same family pretty remote.Of course the good late Prime minister regretted the decision he made but too late to correct the irreparable damage.The second biggest mistake EPRDF did was to pull out its victorious forces from the vicinity of the capital without smashing the rotten dictator for good once again proved its allegiance to its mentor and that sadly left the oppressed people of Eritrea at the mercy of the psychopath dictator.
    The crimes and atrocities that have been committed by the one mad man regime against the people are wildly unimaginable and immeasurable as well.Although,Ethiopia has been playing an important role in keeping the dictator at bay and corner him where he is today,it still have a responsibility a moral high ground to stand on the side of the people of Eritrea and help them to put the last nail on the coffin of the dieing regime but sitting down to negotiate with a criminal at the time when its regime is hanging in the edge of the cliff will only prolong the the most needed change and suffering of the people that you call “deki hawobotatna” and history will judge you.
    Death to dictatorship,
    Love,peace and prosperity to both people,

  7. I heard a while ago from a very good friend when Cohen. was asked to help out in persuading some people in congress to avoid a back door sanction on Ethiopia at world bank during the war he told the people asking him that he has done enough while he was in government. Now is time for him to start making a good living. In other words pay up.
    There appears to be a new movement in regards to Shabia. Question raised include whether it is ok to corner Shabia and what his fall will entail. A lot of people are looking at Syria Lybia etc and the outcomes that were unexpected. Eritrea again is seen as a country that can easily go to cheese on them. It is feared it may go Boko haram or anything similar to Mali etc. Code for Islamic and chaotic. They say even the opposition is divided by religion now . The question is Eritrea is not willing to work out its problem with Ethiopia and Shabia more than the sanction wants a diplomatic cu’deta and put pressure on Ethiopia on the border issue.
    But those in the know say these are two stubborn countries and things have to be done carefully and have to first make sure Eritrea is doing the right things. As for Mr. Cohen he is working for them and when shabia learned of this new opening they have most likely hired him and Qatar is also somewhere in here as peace maker. I am sure you all have looked at What Major Dawit wrote for this Jewish think tank in regards to Ethiopia and Eritrea last summer. So this is not a recent thing it has been brewing for some time now aigaforum!

    • u need to know that ethiopia is more in danger than eritrea by the possibility of civil war and a tplf dictatorship inside the government.

      • “Addis”…you must be ashamed of your rotting colonial pride Assmara that you can not even comprehend using it as your nick..why don’t you leave Addis for proud Ethiopians who are building it from scratch..inferior Banda!

  8. I think we should know these two diplomats are always stands for their country interest, being it economic, political, national or strategic interest. It is normal for American politicians and diplomats to change lanes when it is time and necessary. Maybe the traffic jam at this time in Eastern Africa may provoke them to change the lane towards Asmera. The only thing we have to say them is good luck, and have a good honeymoon with the dictator!
    What we Ethiopian should understand is that foreign diplomats pretty well knew the cause of Ethio-Eritrean war. It is not about Bademe. Isayas mafia organization has never and ever mentioned Bademe as part of Eritrea, before or after fiasco independent. Historically, Bademe has been as part of Ethiopia, and will remain as a pillar and monuments of Ethiopian heroes! Maybe these two diplomats have a mission to instigate conflict again by raising rubbish and dead issue. Bademe will never be part of Eritrea!
    To aware the public, the Bademe issue was deliberately mishandled by the so called Ethio-Eritrean border commission. The commission handled the border issue as a simple and irrelevant cause for the war which consumed more than a 80,000 people from both sides. They do not keep their standard and expectations. Simply they abused their power by not settling the dispute professionally. They deliberately created a loop hole to create a chronic problem between these two countries. As we know the decision of the border issue have two phases. Delimitation and demarcation. Unfortunately the one we have now a delimitation verdict which does not have legality, especially for Ethiopia.Because this is a paper work prepared in European luxurious office. According to the agreement of the two countries the legality of the decision should be after demarcation which is a time taking and laborious field work. The border commission do not want to do this. Because according to them the chair person of the commission is unable to go to the field because of age. Therefore because the “honorable” European nobles does not want to go to the field we poor Ethiopian should accept their unfair verdict. This is what these two american diplomats are telling us.
    We have to tell them this. We Ethiopian badly need peace, even more the Americans. But we will never have a peace with Eritrea as long as Shabia is in power. Shabia is not dreaming about Bademe it is about Ethiopian wealth and resources. Bademe was a pretext to start the war for Isayas, now the American diplomats are repeating the same to pursue their dirty Geo-politics game!. The good thing is Ethiopia have many real friends. America has never been a true ally for Ethiopia.
    Long Live ethiopia

  9. The Algers agreement is null and void since the time frame has expired. Ambassador Shinn ,and Mr. Cohen argument don’t have merit except they are engaged to profit out of the misery of Ethiopians .

    • If the intention of the Americans is realized, Ethiopia will be in trouble and the Americans and the Eritreans will be more beneficiaries.

      • Hi Fissaheye, could you just give us your point/s how the Americans could be” beneficiaries” when Ethiopia is in trouble. Honestly,this questions is for my curiosity: unless we will be like President Issayas who blames for every wrong things happening in Eritrea is because of USA which is ridiculous.

        • Dear Hailemelekot Asfaw,
          In the history of Americans, I have never seen or heard that they have shown an interested in resolving conflicts whenever they involved in such kind of peace process rather than making it complex. We could see in the time of war of Badme. Mr. benjamin , an American Senator at that time, in fact I am not sure to correctly spell his; he said that if the American could not stand on the Eritrean side, their agenda in Sudan would be futile. Then they were inclined with Eritreans and made the issues more complicated. Americans do not benefit from a peacefully developing countries. When there is a conflict , there are Americans but not result. They always seek an obedient government.

          • Dear Fissaheye,

            Thanks so much for sharing with us the info about Mr. Benjamin involvement at Badme’s war. If the story is true, I could understood his position to some extent (at least as a senator he supposed to keep his country’s national interest first), but still very sad story when we see the historical & the current relationship we ( as Ethiopians) have with US especially vis-a-vis the issue of Sudan you mentioned.
            In any case, thanks again Fissaheye for sharing this with us.

  10. If the united states is willing and ready to involve in the negotiation between Ethiopia and small and very poor Eritrea, applying pressure on Eritrea to relinquish it’s claim on Assab is paramount.
    Unfortunately, Ethiopians were lead by a person who was more sympathetic to Eritrea than to Ethiopia and willingly gave up Assab for Eritrea. I am assuming and hoping that the current Ethiopian prime minster will protect and defend long term Ethiopian interest and put Assab on the table in every negotiation with Eritrea. TPLF leadership , which is largely infiltrated by Eritreans has done the worst crime against the nation nobody ever done to Ethiopia. It is clear sooner or later Assab will be back to the rightful owner when Ethiopia is lead by her true sons and daughters. Until then let the shabia in Asmara and their surrogates in Addis play a very dangerous game that will eventually destroy both of them. Any negotiation short of reclaiming Assab is worthless and is only aimed to sabotage Ethiopian peace and development once again. Therefore, I appeal to Ethiopian prime minster to refrain from any discussion with Eritrea if it doesn’t guarantee our sea access.

  11. Ethiopia must not repeat the mistake again and the Algiers agreement it was fault and I asked our leaders not to compromise without tangible policy which reflect the desire and needs of Ethiopia’s people and otherwise did not bring a long last solution.
    I argue and debate Ethiopia National interest prevailed or respect as follows
    1. Free access to the sea without pay, otherwise others access to Ethiopia to export.
    2. Ethiopia has huge population and huge population means Ethiopia has more consumers, If Eriteria produce and export to Ethiopia the advantage is not for Ethiopia, but it is for Eriteria.
    3. Ethiopia National interest will be protected and the government Ethiopia must stand upright firm and listen the demand and the burning issue of the people.
    4. Ethiopia without Eriteria is better of now.
    For example, I meet four Eriterian Truck drivers in 1972 at gas station and they were loading barely, coal and cotton and I asked them where they take it, and they said that the Mollti or the brewery factories and the cotton factories in Asmara got the raw material form the rest of Ethiopia. Therefore, if there is a peace with Eriteria for long lasting time it must be give and take otherwise it will be useless miss guided policy for Ethiopian government.

  12. It looks like a copy and paste from Sophia Tesfamariam’s journal.
    Look at the typical Eritrean mindset…. while they have an entire generation of illiterates, they would still like to think of themselves as highly educated looking down on others. I am saying this, because this is an Eritrean’s opinion…. not Mr Shinn’s. Who knows, may be one is considered a Phd holder after completing 4th grade in Eritrea:)
    Thank you Wedi Afom…. keep the leash on.
    Thanks to God your views don’t matter in our affairs, Mr Shinn.

  13. Thank you AIGA , you said it all. The government of Ethiopia shouldn’t and never try to sit with this government. Of course, it is hard to call it government rather a group of military juntas with no political and economic insight. Is he telling us the lack of democracy and mass exodus of Eritreans is because of Badm? After all, does he think Badem is the center of attention to the Eritrean people for their hard ship? What is badme? I could have mind or naked eye that can see the way David shin telling us to see. This approach which is orchestrated by HGDF sympathizes has negative input in solving to the ongoing crisis in Eritrea. It will hamper and weaken the basic question of democracy and the struggle against the autocratic regime. Eritrean problem is not badme . It is the lack of democracy, lack of transparency, economic initiatives, and being treated as a second class citizen by the regime. It is hard to hear this kind of political analysis from a one who thinks he know philosophy of democracy and its effect. This is terrible and misguided political approach; which has undesirable effect in reliving the pressure mounting on the lively hood of the Eritrean people, and to some extent to the people of Ethiopia because of despicable behavior of Eritrea regime. Face the truth instead of trying to inculcate false political analysis in the minds of Eritrean’s and Ethiopians. Don’t beat the drum of HGDF. Let the Regime freeze and die of hypothermia. Let nature take its course, and then you will witness the real negotiation between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The regime has parallel magnitude in interpreting democracy and its application as Agusto punoccie, Mobutu , Gadaffi…. I hope the government of Ethiopia will not fool by this ridiculous preaching of the west. The truth is in the hearts and minds of your people.

  14. For me, I want to repeat it again and again, any agreement with Issayas is suicidal to Ethiopia and amusing revival to the dying regime in Asmara. Do you think the people of Ethiopia will see and stay at distance crossing hands while officials negotiating with the mad in Asmara? For that matter ceding Badme? Let’s not be fool!! If any negotiation starts I am sure the people of Ethiopia is going to immediately start to fire the fire that will consume the regime in Ethiopia. I think the patience of the people of Ethiopia is over. PM Hailemariam, never try negotiation with Issayas unless it is over his tomb. I know the people of Tigray around the border with Eritrea are suffering a lot but the only option we have is to keep the state of no-war-no-peace alongside helping our people in the boarder. Ethiopia is raising and any nogotiation with Issayas is threatening this very progress.

  15. The ethiopian problem not like srilanka or somaliland.
    srilanka more than 30 years fight for independent after alots of sucide bomb even the prime minster she lost one of her eye.but the brave leader win the battel but not that the outside want a united srilanka.

    somaliland how many time they request for independent no body accept them
    becouse the outside power they don’t want too.

    if you look ethiopia with out looking all the problem every one specialy the outsiders
    more happy to see a divided ethiopia and creat more problem.
    after independent stil have a problem.

    weyane was in a good position to keep eritrea you messed it up you sort it out.

  16. We have to distance ourself from emotional issues, and we should be very rational & working hard to resolve our problems with our “neighboring” county for last long peace and make sure that our development is sustainable. We couldn’t live forever with the state of “no war & no peace” environment. If we really need to change this environment, the only way out should be PEACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dear Hailemelekot Asfaw,
      We ,Ethiopians, know peace is indispensable for our development and stretch our hands to peace loving people or neighboring countries which work for peaceful coexistence. However, this could not be the out come of one party unless the other party sees it on the same perspective. A neighboring country show this in its policy in clear terms but SHA_EBIYA has no such kind of policy. Instead, it has been involving in disturbing the Horn African region and everywhere else where it thinks that benefits it. So Issayas Afewrki is not a trustworthy. We can earn peace from this worthless guy.
      Dear hailemelekot, I could not understand you what makes you sad the current relations with both Sudanese from the perspectives of Ethiopia-American relation. could please cite some points. Thank you for your genuine communication.

  17. Unlike Mr Cohen’s naive approach to the issue Ambassador Shin seems to have touched the real cause of the problem..At least he seems to acknowledge the fact that there is more of a psychological element to the issue than a technical one..unfortunately no amount of border demarcation or trade rule can solve a psychological war that has been long been persistent between people who take pride in two parallel reasons, one in having been colonized, and the other in beating colonization..
    Perhaps the most sensible phrase I picked from Ambassador Shin’s analyses is “time is a healer”, in this case given the fact that Eritreans desperately need time to reflect on their past behaviour and see Eritrea for what it is rather than what they have been brainwashed since the time of colonization..Unless they are given more time to appreciate Ethiopia and what it means to their existence, early normalization might mean spoiling the progress that has been evident in some Eritrean psychic..It will be like early releasing 5 million patients from psychiatric ward..

    • Hagereseab, you just spoke my heart! I can’t agree more. I used to think Shinn is among the few foreigners who know Ethiopia better than others given the fact that he was widely rumored to have visited all woredas of the country except two as a US ambassador to the country! His analysis shows otherwise.

    • It will be like early releasing 5 million patients from psychiatric ward..

      is it not rude to say for a population.
      do u remeber what your dead leader said if we don’t like the color of your eyes. That reminds me your bigot towards a population. You are at least you are the best MORON

  18. Aiga usually has what on will call “obsession with Eritrea” topics but at least this time it is a valid one to discuss. When it comes to Eritrea you usually sound like people just obsessed with their ex’s after divorce/separation. Keep toning it down. Good job !!!

    • Dude we have dumped the “B” long a go…she just can’t leave Ethiopia alone. Now she wants to renegotiate the terms of her existence next door.

  19. It is madness even to think to sit down with gangs in Eritrea. they are desperate to do anything to get a temporary relieve from internal problem in Eritrea but not any genuine intention for peace. As an Eritrean I wish the two country resolve their difference peacefully but not with HGDEF.

  20. I hade never really bothered me over Weyane’s lack of desire for the solution of Badme,do you have other interests than Eritrea?Eritrea has gone already for many years so stop philosophizing instead think logically and catch it.

  21. I don’t believe in this peace talk nonsense. For one simple reason Eritrea is not ready for peace. Peace can be realized when there’s a complete change in attitude of the Eritrean government, in other words new leadership. The war, and every other issue has it’s root in Shabia’s attitude.

    For the sake of peace,and continued progress, the No War No Peace policy against Isiais must continue. This

  22. Why don’t we wait a little longer to negotiate. The mad dog may not last long. And our Eritrean fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters will rush to be one with their mother Ethiopia.

  23. The conflict of the two countries is not one/Bademe/ issue. First Mr Cohn or other American pokitcians can’t verify it simply. Second. do both countries really want peace and friendly? or only political and economical advantage? Third, if the both country politicians agree, can implement easly by a good relation between Eritreans and Ethiopians people? It’s not easy way. we have to start long way back to the main point. and also it’s rough and bumping roads to go back to that point. anyway to try it is better than ignoring. and giving chance is wisdom.

  24. Yes we need peace but not at price of the coming generation ,sometimes war is a solution .espcialy like shaibia .we can’n give Badime or Assab .no no no

  25. Well said brother/sis. As much as I respect the honorable ambassador, I find it offensive when people keep recycling old myth about Eritrea’s exaggerated importance to Ethiopia despite the fact Ethiopia has in the las 13 years(since 1998 when Eritrea gained real independence) proved how well it can do without that cursed land..It is even more frustrating when knowledgeable people like Devid Shinn who often advocate fairness and democracy tend to put the interest of 5 million people over the interest of 80 million people…Given the fact that the UN has concluded who the aggressor was and the price Ethiopians paid to deal with the aggressor, it is mind boggling how Mr Cohen and Ambassador Devid thought Ethiopians should bow for the aggressor’s demand..it shows the lack of respect they have for the people of Ethiopia or perhaps they just don’t care wither their proposal is feasible or not as long as it is convenient for the US strategic interest…Yes Ethiopians want a peaceful coexistence with Eritreans, but by the Ambassador’s own admission, we all know that the problem lies with Eritrea’s distorted sense of entitlement and Ethiopians say NO to a friendship that favors 5 million people over 80 million..and please refrain from offending us just because we were once seen compromising to Eritrea’s demand due to the mess cold war left Ethiopia with..we are dignified people and we will remain so regardless of how the rest of the world see us due to our past misfortunes and the last thing we want is people like David shinn telling us to bow to the demand of a small arrogant entity..

  26. In my opinion, 1)as long as Isaias is on power he will never let things to be normalized, because , normalizing means a threat to his life! 2) Isaias had gone beyond return to peace,therefore, there is no hope of Isaias coming to the table! the reason Isaias ignited the war was , Coz things was turning agaisnt him & the best was to protect himself was to ignite a war & turn Eritrea into a lawless state! the proof is on the ground!

    we remember Ethiopia gave all its ports for the sake of peace,but since the independence of Eritrea is for the use of Ethiopia’s enemies, we never gained peace as we all can see it! Eritrea tried to perform the second phase of Ethiopia’s enemies ,an independence being the first phase,in 1998,but was defeated very badly! as a result of defeat in the hands of gallant Ethiopian forces,Eritrea still couldn’t stand on its feet! for peace to be prevailed,Ethiopia must gain it’s natural sea outlet! Eritrea must return Ethiopia’s natural sea outlet just for the sake of itself! there is nothing that Ethiopia can benefit from Eritrea either way!

  27. Dear Ethiopians;

    I love two respect people who respect themselves. But at the same time, I am obnoxious and very notorious to racists, primitives, meddlers. I hate to my bone racist because racists are the least evolved human being on our planet. I therefore says these two Americans do not deserve my respect. Reason: simply, because they are barbaric racists of the 21 century. I do not even believe they know what democracy means. If they knew democracy they would not have written this bullshits in the name of Ethiopians. Is it democractic an American who have no clue about Ethiopia has to decided the fate of an Ethiopian from Washington DC? Will it be fair an American citizens destiny and future to be decided by an Ethiopian sitting in his comfort from Addis Ababa?

    Come on guys, specially Aiga, why are you giving podium to racists, meddlers? The American guys are interfering because they are mentally ill. Do you know what their illness is ? It is called superiority complex. Superiority complex is a diseases that can not be treated easily. Cohen, Mr. David Shinn are suffering from superiority complex. it is their superiority complex illness that is driving them crazy and going out of their way to decide the fate of the 97 million people from USA. Cohen and his friend they need to see their Doctor and then he might give them a prescription that says you have a lot of problem in your country. 60 Americans have no access to primary health care. Access to education is not there. The divided between the rich and poor is astronomical, America is now in debt of Trillions of dollars from China. Why? too much meddling in other countries affaires and waging too much war everything and spending trillions of dollars in useless wars, disturbing traditions, cutlures, religions. China never invest in those meddling. Now China is taking of over USA. Yet, old habit die hard, they can not stop their old habit of meddling. Do they know America needs American spring or some kind of revolution that look after the people. The American citizens deserve a welfare government like Europe, Canada, Australia, and they need a revolution to implement that. And Canadians do not need to cross borders to get primary healthy care.

    I again repeat myself: we Ethiopians are colour blind. We give damn shit to skin colour; Those who suffer from superiority complex based on their skin colour must see phsychiatrists. I hate to be rude. I love all human being and I expect human being to respect each other as humans and as equals. I am against racists or extremists regardless whether they are Americans or Arab. Racist are racists and terrorists are terrorists.. Their skin colour does not matter.

    I kindly request Mr. Shinn David and Cohen to stay away from my country. I beg you from my heart to leave my country and my people alone.

    Cohen has enjoyed the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea all his good days. Because of the war he sponsored of Shabia and Woyane, I had to live in war fields and have to live as refugee all my life. Only because of Cohen and Egypt sponsoring rebel . Cohen for his American interest. Egypt for to control the water and to weaken Ethiopia. Our people have to live in war zone for the sake of selfish countries. When we were living wars, dying, suffering, Cohen was flying between cities as mediator of the rebels. He used to get paid for that. Fly from one city to another , and stay in luxury hotels. For him it was like holiday. Now what Cohen and his friend wanted? they wanted holidays and so that they can fly as mediators all over the world. Is it not nice to stay in luxury Holiday ins in the name of mediators? Life must be boring for Cohen and he needs something to do to keep him busy. His Friend Mr. David would not mind either. I am sure they are in mission now. Mr. David, he popped up to support his friend Cohen and wanted to tell us what we must do. This is not coincidential, but this another conspiracy against Ethiopian people.

    Now my message to Mr. David(Devil) and Cohen, get the fuck out of the affaires of my country. It is none of your business. Stop sticking your nose into the poor people’s affaire. Actually, they are not poor, because they have moral conscience unlike you. They are rich than you. But do a favour for the Ethiopian people, leave them alone. Cohen was there through all the wars, he did not do anything good apart dividing our people.

    Ethiopians are our own people. We love them more than you do. I for sure know you do not care about Eritrean or anybody. All you care is not even about American, but about American so called American interest first. Again, Eritrean are our brothers, our family members. We love them more than you . We have traditional method of resolving conflcits and we will sit under a fig tree or under daero or we have what we called baeto or which a tradition court of solving problem. We will solve our problems ourselves. You are a problem than a solution. We do not need you to be our traditional leaders.

    Stop sticking your nose and also liberate yourself from racism and superiority complex if you can and I know it is hard even to know it if it is built into yourself.

    • I may not agree with all your ideas but I found this reflection is also mine. You said it well, Gezaee. Americans, starting from their presidents and so on have serious illness and that illness is superiority illness. Starting from any kindergarten kid they want and do their best to decide on the affairs of other countries!! Who are they? The time is coming for them to harvest what they have been and are sowing!! Thanks to the BRICS!! I neither support nor oppose all of Putin’s leadership and political ideology because I have little knowledge of Russia’s politics but I fully with Putin’s response to Obama’s speech with full of superiority complex: President Putin to President Obama:-

      “My working and personal relationship with President Obama is marked by growing trust. I appreciate this. I carefully studied his address to the nation on Tuesday. And I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.” http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/12/opinion/putin-plea-for-caution-from-russia-on-syria.html?_r=0

    • Can you afford it brother. Over 50% of your annual national budget is covered by Aid and loan money from the so called people with “superiority complex” as you call them. The one who feeds you controls you. Talk is cheap. It seems clear to Ethiopians now, regarding the toxic Article 39, The Eritrea gov cares more about us than TPLF. Go figure, this world is full of irony. For what it worth we don’t mind Badem going to Eritrea. If you wanted badly, do it at your expense not Ethiopians.
      After all, what is Axume means to Welayeta-Meles Zenawi.

      • It depends where you got the data from…Shabia’s Data about Ethiopia often tent to carry number 99, today you seem to forget you job looser..

  28. Correction: “And Canadians do not need to cross borders to get primary healthy care. ” It is must say Americans are crossing Canadian borders to get free primary health care, because there is none in their country.

    I want to add America washed with counterfeit foods, medicines, drugs and many thousands of Americans are dying because of that; You have a lot of problem in your own country; but you waste meddling in our country because of your ignorance. Why the Chinese do not do that? Because they are smarter than Americans.

    • Mr. Gezea, you are barking on a wrong tree. TPLF and its enablers squandered their time and money for 22 years to see Isaya Afewok go down with no result. During that time your people get richer as the rest of us go hungry. So, please spare us your crocodile tears because Ethiopia can not hit any lower than this.

  29. “David Shinn and Herman Cohen are not your typical pundits. They are highly regarded diplomat.”

    For the White man bootlickers like Meles Zienawi, the white man knows everything. For me they are prostitutes of global politics working for hire for any government. But the people of Tigray will stand firm no matter what the Herman Cohens and traitors say.

  30. It is very scary to think that the US government would listen to David Shinn and Herman Cohen’s opinions if it is planning to change its policy towards Eritrea as both these men are highly regarded diplomats. The bottom line, no country should accept any policy change based on the opinions of these two diplomats. How soon do we forget when one of Clinton’s cabinet member said that she does not care about the “dusty town of Badme”. To them, Badme and the rest of the country is nothing but for the people of Ethiopia, it has everything and anything to do. What if Mexico was to take 10 acres of land from Texas or California? I wonder what would be the opinions of these two.

  31. Is it me or something the majority comment I read seems to come from the people who gonna lose in case there is a peace between Ethiopia and eritrea I really do fill that I hope people see the example of our great African hero nalson mandala(madiba). Peace for all of us.

  32. I don’t think Norman Cohen and David Shinn should be teaching Eritreans and Ethiopians the ABCs of the cause and effect of the conflict and the subsequent statuesque-ant that exists between them. As I said it before the urge for bringing this unfortunate situation to a peaceful end should come from both countries and not from US ex-servicemen. So far, although we heard Prime Minister Desalegn saying he is prepared to talk, we have yet to hear an unambiguous statement for peace from the ruling party in Asmera.
    It would be naïve to think these two American gentlemen are saying what they are saying out of their own accord. I believe they are preparing the ground for an up-coming shift in US policy towards Eritrea.
    The question is what interest has American foreseen in ignoring Isaias’s open hostilities to US interest recently? Anyone can guess what it is driving the State Department to mend fences with a country that accuses them for every problem under the sun. The motive is never going to be Ethiopia’s or Eritrea’s interest, because the US has no history of solving conflicts between countries. In fact, wherever they have been they live a lasting conflict behind them. Korea, Vietnam, Panama, the Middle East, Egypt, Somalia, Syria, the list can go on. American foreign policy is based on short term American interest. When I read the two publications my initial reaction was, “What’s the catch?”
    According to official and unofficial Eritrean government pronouncements, Badme is the beginning and the end of any negotiations. Unless some is kind enough to bring to my attention, I haven’t seen a single statement fro0m the current government as to what our be-all and end-all foreign policy statement is regarding Isaias dominated Eritrea.
    We should be discussing on what our Government is saying about this rather than just discussing the positions taken by Cohen and Shinn, important though as they may be. Not because what they said is ground breaking but because of the importance the State Department might attach to what they are saying.
    I am all for peace between Eritreans and Ethiopians. Weather Badme or Aseb are within Eritrea or within Ethiopia doesn’t matter at all. What matters is the two people living in harmony by being equal benefactors of their God given resources.

  33. We lost 120,000 soldiers for nothing,only for personal tribe agenda . Enough is enough. We need peace in the Horn of Africa.If we go to war again I guarantee we will loose for more than smart Shaebian fighters. For those martyrs still their loved one do not know where and how they died.

  34. AIGA:

    You are deleting my comment which tells truth to retired American officials. We are not guinea pig to be used as play game of retired and jobless, old age American officials like Devil Shinn and Cohen. They have dared to decide my fate from Washington? I have right at least to tell their sinister motive with no fear. Please do not remove my article. If you are afraid of American officials, then you better go into your mother’s womb. You do not deserve to talk about Ethiopian. Please post my comment if you have any integrity. Otherwise, fearing human being like you is allowing them to pee on you. Leave alone without telling them the truth, even if we tell them the truth, they will not leave us alone, because they have superiority complex. Please post my comment because I wanted the two guys to know how angry I am. Please stop deleting articles because of fear. I damn fear any race or human under the sun. They can kill me any time. I can only die one time but telling the truth is worth dying. Do not live in fear of human being like you. That is not life. If you think my comment is too harsh, then it is the law of physics because they are too harsh for me. They have made me live as refugee the whole of my life and they made my people kill each other for their so called American interest or Egypt interest. I am damn pissed of by racists, primitives like Devil Shinn and Cohen and Egytians who tell me I can not use a drop of my own water. I am tired of wicked human beings from foreign countries like those. We have a right to live and prosper like the rest of human being . Do not allow them to ride on us and to pee on us. I give damn shit to their money or power. Please post my comment. Let them attack me , it is me who is writing the comment. If they have a right to insult 97 million Ethiopians, I have a right to degrade and insult two primitive Americans such Devil Shinn and Cohen, I do not like racism and backwardness. I do not tolerate injustice on any human being. I do not care about skin colour or race or religion. I speak truth and that is my moral obligation.

  35. I wish the so called Davis Shin explained what he mean when he irresponsibly and unwisely said the following.
    “There was and perhaps still is a negative psychological element to the relationship, at least for Ethiopia’s Tigrayans who live on the other side of the Eritrean border. Many Tigrayans believed that the more highly educated Eritreans with their experience of Italian colonialism looked down on Tigrayans. Some Ethiopians perceived that Eritreans saw them as fodder for filling low level positions in an Eritrea that would become the industrial center of the region. Ethiopia would be the source of cheap labor and Eritrea would reap the developmental advantage. It is not important if this perception was accurate; perception becomes reality. Ethiopia had every intention of creating its own industrial sector, which was already in progress”. This shows how this man was brainwashed by some Eritreans who considered themselves as “super human”. I do not think David Shin knowws well the history of Ethiopians, including Tigrians. Poor Shin! Echoing like a parrot to advocate affected by inferiority complex. If living under colonialism considered as civilization, that means David Shin and some chauvinist Eritreans are the first to advocate colonialism.
    It is not a hidden scenario for David Shin, that Eritrea is now a back ward country in both industry and education comparing with the present Ethiopia. Eritrea regime is a criminal, who wiped out one generation, by denying education, and a right to work. Who want peace with this regime? to get what? If America want to claim its base, it is up to them to do so. Every country knows, America is blind when it comes her Geo-politics interest. America has never create its relationship with the third world based on principles and mutual benefit. It is always one side. Is it not America who help and support Augustino Pinochet Chile? What is new if they decide now to stand on the side of maniac schizophrenic Isayas?
    No mater what David shin wish, Ethiopia always will shine.
    Long Live Ethiopia

  36. You Eritreans ,

    When do you guys accept the fact that you are very poor and irrelevant both in Africa and the world at large? you are daydreaming to destroy Ethiopia, which is tantamount as Mexico is contemplating destroying USA. Your chance against Ethiopia is even slimmer than Mexicans have against USA.
    The sooner you accept the fact and put your tail between your legs the better for you guys. God forbid if another war breaks out and given Meles is no longer on power to sabotage our military gains, Eritrea will be only on the world map. The likes of Alamin who have no idea about the current Ethiopian military strength and also who are blinded by an empty nationalism will take this small nation into abyss. Your capital city is 25 km away from the border and in any future military engagement, Ethiopian military will be in Asmara the next couple of days like we did it in the recent past before your president had to call bill Clinton every 30 min while in the meantime preparing his plane to fly to Tripoli. Therefore, this time, neither Meles nor Bill Clinton will be around to rescue wodiafom. You better accept the reality and move on.

  37. Herman Cohen as well as Ambassador Shin are trying to take window of opportunity of Ethio- Eritrean stalemate from back burner to front burner because [a] they feel their is a power vaccum after Melese death ,and find it easier to deal with Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne who is from south.[b] hard core TPLF members such as Arekebe , Seye, Tsadikan and others have been removed from the party which they feel it is much easier to deal with new leadership., and find it easier to solve the BADEMA equation than any other time. Herman Cohen ‘s prescription is lethal ,and will not be a lasting solution, because he need to address Afars fate [ 65 % Afars that live in Ethiopian side] . Afars have to determine their fate like Eritreans did. Herman Cohen and David Shinn should not be trusted at all.

    • Dear KG,
      Either Herman Cohen or Shin they don’t care about H. Desalegn, Arkeb, Seye, Tsadikan, Tollosa, Gadisa, Mohammed they are from East, West, South or North Ethiopia. They now that Ethiopia is Ethiopia nothing else, that you wrote it in your comment is your own philosophy. You can comment, but it doesn’t give any sense.

      • Haily you all well know it Herman Cohen ,and Diplomat David Shin are acting on behalf of Shabia ; therefore don’t make an argument that doesn’t make a sense . Do you think Ethiopians are stupid that they don’t know who is orchestrating this peace initiative we all know it well who is behind the curtain.

  38. Mr. Cohen or Shin can express their ideas in regards to Eritrea and Ethiopia but the ultimate decision is solely based on Ethiopia’s best interest they have to accept the deal as outlined by the late prime minister Meles Zenawi..That wil.l not happen until Eritreans realize who really they are not who they think they are period.

  39. Aigawoch, you are getting closer to the most popular viewpoint in Ethiopia i.e. No negotiation with the surrogate of Ethiopia’s sworn and eternal enemies, the dying shabia. The only issue Ethiopians are willing and ready to talk about is the reinstatement of Aseb into Ethiopia proper. Other than that, there is no any significant benefit or gain to Ethiopia out of a negotiated settlement with Shabia on the Issues the two career diplomat Americans have proposed. They keep telling us the need to give up Badime, Erob and other territories that have been always part of Ethiopia. Tens of thousands of Ethiopians have died throughout the ages to defend those sovereign territories of Ethiopia. Just because in the past treasonous Meles Zenawi rewarded Shabia with the Alger’s agreement for its aggressions and gifted Aseb to consolidate/ensure his initial grip on power, and secure eritrea’s(his mother’s country) survival at the cost of Ethiopia’s strategic interests, it doesn’t mean today we have to live with it nor accept it as a binding arbitration that is written on a stone. Both the Aseb and Badime agreements were signed by a government that never had any legitimacy nor mandate from the public to negotiate and decide on the fate of the country. In both occassions, there was no a government that was appointed by popular voice. Therefore, let alone Aseb and Badime, even the independence of eritrea itself is illegal, null and void. We shall never give up an inch of any more of our land to any neighboring country and that includes Sudan. The government must end its habit of putting Ethiopia at the losing end every time it sits for negotiation with hostile and competing forces. Those two diplomats can say whatever they want, and advise their American government anything they feel like, but the days their whims have greater influence on the political wind of Eastern Africa and Ethiopia in particular is over. If they want to be friends with Shabia, let them be but we all know eritrea’s survival depends on the goodwill of Ethiopia. That is what has been proved in the past two decades. So, no negotiation on issues short of Aseb.

  40. I read Devil shinn’s article two weeks ago on S.Tesfamariams blog, Devil shinn copied and pasted it from Sophia’s article. It is not his work, shame on him. An old man plagiarising an article written by Sophia. I do not know how much she paid him to do that. In this age, old age does not come with wisdom and respect. Money corrupts everything. Devil Shinn thinks we have no brain to think what is good for us and he came up with his copy and paste article. This is very ignoble, abhorrent. When I see old people doing this dirty things I feel nauseating to be honest. Yecky, disgusting

  41. It is their right to say this or that. and it is our right to maintain status co.

    It is not our fault Eritrea found itself in the cold. It is shaabia’s and supporters fault. It was completely insane of them to fire on Weyane !! I mean, I can’t still believe, just seven years after long 30 years of war, who would engage in another cycle of? worse with its own brother (in arms)?

    I think this is proof shaabia never had a real war, until the war of Badme. Otherwise, …sorry its hard to believe. You can’t even get your wounds heal in seven years. so crazy of them, so stupid of them !!

    The status co is perfect, Ethiopia is booming.And shaabia is being doomed even with both ports in its hands. Myth debunked !

    I don’t think the time has come shaabiya and supporters have come to their senses that they are for peace. Hey peace is very very expenssive, Ethiopia paid dear to get the relative peace at hand. So they should try a little harder. Not through old and retired American analysts. No No !!

    More than 305,000 Eritreans have left their homes already – struggling to admit whether they left for economic reason or political reason. Are you kidding me ?? As if there was no poverty in Eritrea, earlier ?? This is plain clear the majority claiming the economic refugee thing are still supports of the regime. A regime which is obssessed with Ethiopia, and turns no stone unturned to harm the interests of an 80 million next door people. A regime whose speciality are nothing but denial, and full of sh*t.

    Ethiopia should not push itself for anything to do with shaabia’s Eritrea. Peace, we have peace already! instead let them try a little harder, if they really want it. Let them come out of their unrealistic EGO (that often borders with stupidity), before Ethiopia puts a step to bring them from the Cold.

  42. I have one word to say to both veteran Diplomats, “Once a terrorist always a terrorist” There is no way out for Issaias from his maniac behavior to bring him to the table. Your effort is appreciated, but in vain. There is an old Ethiopian saying ” Shermuta sitarej aqatari tiwonalech”.

    • What proof or evidence do you about your allegation of terrorist?
      Are not you the ones terrorizing the horn to appease your masters?Are not you aho is harbouring the islamic Jihadists who are trained by Afghan Mujahideens–Bin Ladin?Are not you who invaded Smlia to ease you masters?
      Plenty of evidence to label you as errorists but no single piece of evidence to label Eritrea or its leader a terrorist.

  43. Dear Aiga
    You have been doing a commendable job of informing and at times allowing your audience, express their point of view or vent their frustration, with whom ever they disagree. Keep the good job.
    Mr. Shin is an diplomat emeritus and he can talk about how the stalemate between Ethiopia and Eritrea should be solved and that is his prerogative. He has narrated his understanding of the source of the conflict, the war and its final conclusion including the cost in terms of lives lost. His understanding of the issue, I should say is deep and he seems to appreciate the complexity as much is expected of a seasoned diplomat, who had served his country as an ambassador to Ethiopia.
    Nevertheless his views of the conflict is tinted either by comments he has heard or most likely read in the internet. It delves into something that is intangible such as his description of the psychology of the Tigreans, which is hard to measure or assess with out a proper scientific study. This could be a reflection of his warped view of Tigreans tinted by the views of some of his friends whose motive for life is to demonize and come up with all sorts of vilification of the Tigreans. Their pseudo-analysis/ pseudo-explanation mostly weighing on the vitriol when talking about the TPLF or the Tigiyans is most telling about their immaturity rather than their political validity. The more vitriol they spew the less weight they have in side Ethiopia but they may get in to the ears of some people like Mr. Shin and it is easy to see their influence on him after reading this ill advised comment on the psychology of the people of Tigray which is spewed by some haters.
    I don’t believe Mr. Shin holds any credential to talk about the psychology of a people leave alone the an outcome of a psychology of the said people in the absence of a supporting and documented study. His description “the inferior psychology of the Tigreans” hence, shows at worst his disdain to the people of Tigray or least his ignorance as his comment is conjecture rather than a convincing argument or explanation.
    Besides the callous description (in his analysis if I may call it) of the psychology of the Tigreans, Mr. Shin’s suggestions or shall I say recommendations are valid as the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea need to live in peace and harmony as two good neighbors if not more than that.
    The people of Eritrea are hurting and it is sad and is not something to gloat about, as always it is the innocent that suffer. The culprit is Mr. Isayas and we need to clearly distinguish this fact and lets not throw the baby with the wash water and say harmful things to our cousins the Eritreans. The people of Ethiopia are losing the benefit of using the ports of Eritrea and with the same token the people of Eritrea are not benefiting from the idle ports which could have been a good source of revenue, employment for thousands of people in this cash strapped poor country.
    I have always said it is a luxury for the elites on both side to talk of politics, split hair, squabble, argue and fight but to the poor who are unemployed, hungry, starving, sick and dying of curable illness for the lack of pennies it is a matter of survival. To inflict wound to injury the wars and endless national service waged by the fat belly elites is inhumane and abhorrent. It should disgust any descent human being and be condemned in no uncertain terms.
    Hence I welcome Mr. Shins recommendation and think we should come off our high horses and start advocating for dialogue and peace between the two brotherly people.

    • Davin Shin says : “Many Tigrayans believed that the more highly educated Eritreans with their experience of Italian colonialism looked down on Tigrayans.”

      Dear Derbew,

      Where in this statement or any other paragraph for that matter, does the author mention or suggest “inferior psychology of Tigrayans”? All he is saying is that some Tigrayans have reported their perception of an Eritrean psychological problem that they (the Tigrayan) perceive as a problem in forging lasting neighborly relations ant it is important to tame that sentiment.

      I do not agree with his statement about Eritreans being more educated than their Tigrayans counterparts, but his statement on the psychological aspect of the problem (mostly due to the complex attitude among the Eritreans) is not far from reality. As a Tigrayan I have experience with some Eritrean who think they are superior (“Fuluyat Ena”). Don’t you think such a tone and attitude is an obstacle in creating good neighborly relationship?

      I hope you are not among those whom we Tigrayans have a good way to describe: “Kuhalo Mesilen Menqoro”

  44. Aiga admin,
    My view with regard to making peace with Shabia is that somebody somewhere is trying to save the slowly but surely dying dogs in Asmara. As to the benefits for Ethiopia, Ethiopia is doing great without Eritrea. The status quo is working in favor of Ethiopia. So why should Ethiopia come to the rescue of Shabia (the school kids killers). Make no mistake that the handover of Badme by the government of Ethiopia to Shabia would be the path for its fall. Just ignore Shabia. ” If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

  45. Addis, who are? You are not Addis but an old dog barking for Shabia!

    To come back to the topic, yes Ethiopia should sit down with Shabia for the sake of peace under the Peace Plan Ethiopia submitted but the devil Isayas has so far refused to accept. The only solution to the problem is to sit down and negotiate if the devil in Asmara agrees to it, plus that he throws away all terrorists living in Eritrea and the leaders of these terrorists are handed over to Ethiopia to face justice.

  46. Must Read!!
    Let me share what I read regarding my country with you.
    The critical junctures that gave rise to feudal society were distinct,but they were not completely restricted to Europe .A relevant comparison is with the modern African country of Ethiopia,which developed from the Kingdom of Axum,founded in the north in the north of the county around 400 B.C Aksum was a relatively developed kingdom for its time and engaged in international trade with India,Arabia ,Greece,and the Roman Empire.It was in many ways comparable to the Eastern Roman Empire in this period.It used money ,built monumental public buildings and roads,and had very similar technology for example in agriculture and shipping.There are also interesting ideological parallels between Aksum and Rome.A.D 312 ,the Roman Empire Constantine converted to Christianity ,as did King Ezana of Aksum about the same time AT that time the Axumite Kingdom was stretched across the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
    Just as Rome declined ,so did Aksum,and its historical decline followed a pattern close to that of the Western Roma Empire.The role played by the Huns and Vandals in the decline of Rome was taken by the Arabs ,who, in the seventh century ,expanded into the Red Sea and down the Arabian peninsula .Aksum lost its colonies in Arabia and its trade routes .This precipitated economic decline : money stopped being coined ,the urban population fell and there was a refocusing of the state in to the interior of the country
    Then we were engaged in civil war from the Zagwe Dynast ,Amhara Ascendancy (yukuno Amlak:s grandson Amde Tsion ) the young soldier of the Adal army Ahmad iban Ibrahim al Ghazi who become to be called Grangne ie left handed , Oromo Migration and its impact,the Gondar State, from Tewodros to Menelik 1855 to 1889 ,Mussolini’s invasion and the Italian Occupation,the attempted coup of 1960 and its aftermath,the growth of the secessionist,the so called liberation struggle in Eritrea, discontent in Tigrai ,the Ogaden and the Haud,Revolution and the military government,the struggle for power 1974 to 1977,Famine and its aftermath in 1984 to 1988.and son ….
    That’s whey the history of Ethiopia is the history of war.And the result of war is destruction and poverty we were the first civilize county and we are the least.All this war is done by our enemies. Now we have to say enough is enough to war. We need peace. But our enemies do not want us to get peace and developed .They are working day and night to destabilize our county .
    After all this war now we are awakineng ,we are now in the Renaissance period ,but don not forget our enemies are back with another form of face to put us again in another non ending war . We have to tell them we know you now we are smarter than you. Now Ethiopia is the rising lion in Africa . The fastest economic growing country in the world. So we will not go back to the vicious

  47. When it comes to Ethio-Eritrean issue I think the word “respect” is relevant because I think that is what is missing perhaps due to past historical incidents such as colonial interference which left it’s mark in the way people thought about each-other and the emotions you rightly mentioned to exist on both sides are just the symptoms of those artificial differences…
    Now diplomatic fallacies aside, the question is how can you take emotion out of the equation when the difference in identity itself is forged out emotions rather than a solid cultural and historical differences.. Do we honestly understand why Eritreans for example can not sustain their self-hood without the myths they have constructed about themselves?, specially given the fact that the elite architects of Eritrean myth the “Tigrigna” happen to share the same culture and history with Ethiopians mainly with Tigrians ? It is even worse when those myths are constructed in relation to Ethiopians, which Ethiopians are capabale of ignoring but do you honestly think it is possible to ignore the fact that those Eritrean myths are expected to be sustained at the expense of Ethiopia? Given our recent bitter history, will it ever be possible for 80 million Ethiopians to accept such an outright insult from 5 million people and if so on what ground? if not, how likely is it the current generation Eritreans who grew up on cocktails of false propaganda and myth construction would settle for Eritrea that is less relevant than Ethiopia they hoped to outshine? Regardless of who accepts it or not, is it not natural that the large and more resourceful Ethiopia would want to assert it’s relevance in the region? and do you think just because Ethiopia had in the past suffered major setback and was forced to compromise Eritrea’s independence, does any one think Ethiopia should continue to submit to Eritrea’s egoistic demands? Don’t you think the sooner Eritreans realize Ethiopians will never entertain the notion of being used the sooner peace will come? Because the chance of Ethiopians repeating past mistakes is zero knowing what the whole intention of almost every Eritrean? By the way Mr Ambassader, every Ethiopian from top to bottom is aware of the factual notion you mentioned about Eritreans wanting to exploit Ethiopia and they even have a saying in Amharic for it, “Eritrea yegil, Ethiopia yegara” meaning, “Eritrea for Eritreans and Ethiopia for share”..So you can see the deep sentiment that there is, and I am sure it would not be understatement to sum-up the current stalemate to this very sentiment..I am sorry if I sound a bit cynical Mr Ambassador, but I am only trying to approach the issue for what it is, and the issue in my opinion is more complicated than what diplomats understandably want suggest..
    To tell you the truth, I’m not sure how deep your knowledge of the whole situation is but one should not deny the need for an honest approach to the issue and that honest approach is to see it as a generational issue and treat it accordingly..If I have to be frank as an Ethiopia I DON’T for a moment think rushing to make peace with current generation Eritreans will solve the problem once and for all..I believe Eritreans need time on their own for some soul searching and realization of who they really are as people rather than the superficial image they have forged about themselves, perhaps not due to their own fault, but I guise there is only so much Ethiopia can compromise and I think that was it, 1998! and any deal that resembles pre-98 is doomed to fail and Ethiopia is better off holding to it’s current position for as long as it can, at least until a tasted and sober generation Eritrea is born out of misery. Again I apologize if I’m being to harsh on ordinary people but if we have be honest about the whole issue the individuals who misled and are still misleading Eritreans are brain children of Eritrean people and in fact only survive because the people are knowingly or unknowingly willing to carry them..I do not believe even the Eritreans who oppose the regime have a better vision than the regime, they only hate the hardship and embarrassment the regime caused and disappointed that Eritea is not what they expected it to be..that is it. I therefore do not believe a lasting peace is possible without addressing the root cause of the problem, which is in the mindset…..anyways, thanks for allowing me elaborate on some of the points you raised, and I hope see more of your contributions…thanks again.

  48. Dear Agia
    Thanks for bringing in this issue for discussion. The question whether we have to handover Badme or not must be seen in terms of our end goal. What is our end goal from this conflict with Eritrea? Are we saying Badme must remain with Ethiopia and shall never be handover to Eritrea regardless of regime change? Is our goal is removing Issayas and have no problem with handing over Badme ? Are we looking to negotiate with Eritrea regardless of whoever is in power (even if Issayas) as long as Eritrea accepted the 5 points discussion before demarcation? Personally, given the current Ethiopian Government position, it is not at all clear what is actually we want to achieve from our affairs with Eritrea? Let me consider some of these possibilities and share you my view.
    If our primary interest is to see the removal of Issayas, then the best strategy for Ethiopia is to implement the demarcation including handover of Badme with no negotiation with the regime. The no-peace-no –war condition has so far done its best in weakening up PFDG but now a little bit of change in approach is needed to see its total dismiss. The more we stick with the no-war-no-peace strategy; we will be allowing Issaya to prolong its power through hibernation or survival mood. A hibernating neighbor is not in the best interest of Ethiopia, at least economically.
    Are we looking to negotiate for greater agendas than that of Badme such as access to port? I believe, this must be our primary end goal which is in the best interest of the country. In this case, the best strategy is to stick with the current no-peace-no-war status and never go into the demarcation business until we have an Eritrean government who is willing to negotiate not only about demarcation of some pieces of land but also sustainability address the issue of access to port. This must be maintained whether we are dealing with Issaya or other future government. I feel, even if EPRDF fail to achieve this, other future Ethiopian governments could seal the deal. For this to happen, we have to avoid going into legally binding agreements such as the demarcation.
    But if the give-and-take that we are looking to negotiate on with Eritrea is all about Badme and some pieces of land around, I think, it is better to follow the first strategy above as the benefit doesn’t worth the cost for Ethiopia.
    So in conclusion, let EPRDF first make it clear what that we looking to negotiate with Eritrea.

    • Mulugheta,
      Is this sheer naivety or innocent ignorance?It sounds that u are out of the Abay Tigray Equation.
      The Weyanes have a clear but ” Hidden Agenda” but so far it has failed and the reason that they are ambigous is until they get the opportunity to achieve their agenda and apparently, you agreed on that, and it sounds that you know but you act as if you do not know.
      The PFDJ/Shaebia is fully aware about the ins and outs of the TPLF agenda.
      Read carefully the lines of the Mr David Shin wrote–
      -Read the history of the Malelit and its agenda
      -Read the book by Aite Meles-” Guday Eritra-Kabey nabey”
      -Review the TPLF Manifesto and its map of 1970s and the New “old” Tigray Map Mr David Shin is talking about.
      As to peace issue,most Ethiopians would like peace but the TPLF is the obsatcle due to its hidden agenda.
      But one thing is true.: Justice and truth will prevail at the end of the day.Make no mistakes that History will repeat itself and Eritreans will prevail as usual simply because they are peace and justice loving people.After all, Justice and Truth always win,no matter what!Capito?Comprendo?
      Eritrea and Eritreans have survived the worst evil things and all odds and despite that, they are still standing Tall and guess what ?In 3 yrs from now–watch what will happen.Take my word and mark my popint.Think for tomorrow’s generation and accept the bitter truth.
      May the Lord of the lords bless you and enlighten you to comeback to your senses and to reality!

  49. Unless Ethiopian government is ready to handover Badme and half of Irob district to Eritrea, it must settle the issue before Eritrea normalizes its relations with West. When that day comes, Ethiopia will have no say on its borders. We like it or not, that is the fact. Ethiopia is a landlocked country by choice, thinks to the late Meles Zenawi, and it will continue to pay unparalleled price for it. Western countries care only about their best interests and when and if Eritrea lets them have a free ride on Red sea and its strategic boundaries, they won’t give a hoot about Ethiopia’s interest; in fact, they will bully her to level of submissive to assure Eritrea’s interests. Ethiopia either must be proactive or bear the consequences. Shinn’s and Cohen’s commentaries are indicatives of what will take place soon or later, at will or by coercion. My suggestion, Ethiopia must declare that the Hague decision is null and non-abiding, and it must do it sooner.

  50. Final peace can be achieved once
    we decide to based it solely on peoples best

    Peace requires:
    understanding, forgiveness, humility, admittance of past errors
    and reconciliation.

    No amount of external influence or
    interference can bring peace.

    Lobbying and running to powerful country
    wont substitute these basic elements of peace

  51. Stalemate???
    Please think again. There is no stalemate. We are just lead to believe there is no solution to the conflict. Ethiopia won the war. We lost in every other way including regaining our Red Sea coastal lines thanks to the traitors. However, at least for now, we have to stand firm and protect what we got. There is no stalemate in that. As for Eritrea, it is a good place and in good hands as well.

      • I am not talking just about Aseb. I am talking about the entire territory of the Afar coastal region to the north of Batsie or Mtswae. It has nothing to do with Eritrea.

  52. Today Ethiopia learn how a war can cripple a country
    Thanks God this generation no militery service Oh God.
    The eritreans they are ways to go .

    We should carry on what we are doing .
    leave them alone in their dictionery peace doesn’t exist


  53. I just want to say when it comes to BADME.
    Ethiopia handover badme to Eritrea or trade badme for assab,Let that to the heroic true Ethiopian people of Tigray. In our case True peace comes from inside not from outsider. we have been there and tried that It didn’t work. The truth of the matter is when Eritrea and Ethiopia want peace then peace will prevail. so far none. let’s leave it like that. No interruption of Development!

    PEACE for both people of Ethiopia and Eritrea !

  54. I do not think Eritreans are the brothers of Ethiopians, history clearly shows, Eritreans were the askaris of all sorts of Ethiopia’s external enemies throughout the ages. Those of you who are delusional about this truth are, therefore, no better than the stupid weyane leaders who deceived themselves and our people into believing that Eitreans are the brothers of Ethiopians and not who they really are, the worst and most inept enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopians . Unless Ethiopians form a reality based perspective on this nagging issue, their leaders will not take the necessary radical measures to eradicate this recurrent enemy. Eritreans are a liability for the whole black race, they the most inferiority complexed people in the continent, and they have the audacity to label Tigrayans as inferiority complexed. But are not the proud Tigrayans the sons and daughters of the world famous Axumites who ruled Eritreans and the Arab masters of Eritreans for hundreds of years? Eritreans are such a freak of nature that, for example; they will invade your territory, but they’ll accuse you of invading their land; they are the most inferiority complexed tribe on Earth, but they will accuse others for being inferiority complexed. These idiots need to look at themselves on the mirror before they provoke an Ethiopian outrage, which may even force their weyane protectors to surgically cut them off and to permanently get ride of them from the region. I think that inevitable day may come now, sooner than later, Ethiopians will declare “good riddance to Eritrea, the cancerous enemy of Ethiopia”.
    Birhan Yeibyo Zoscales.

  55. If it was not for minilk todays eritrea could have been different he kept tigrigna speakers over the border so he can keep the relation intact even if there are any problem can occure smart thinking he left you there to take care of the land.

  56. This is stupid. Why do we have to think let alone to do to rescue that old mad dog in the north.the gov’t of deki hade lebi(Kkkkkkkkkkk)is on death row.let the deki……….save there dying gov’t and there dying economy.

  57. Aiga, shame!!! You do not have an iota of decency. When peasant are mistreated in Inderta, you do not condemn government. What kind of politics you are following. If it is not for the life of the people, what do you stand for?? We can’t even agree on the common and everyday problems of the Ethiopian public.

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