Time to Bring Eritrea in from the Cold –Says Herman Cohen!

Time to Bring Eritrea in from the Cold – By Hank Cohen

Posted on December 16, 2013 by AfricanArgumentsEditor

After being part of Ethiopia for forty years, the people of Eritrea held a referendum in April 1993 and decided to establish an independent state. The referendum took place in the aftermath of a thirty-year insurgency against two successive Ethiopian regimes waged by the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front (EPLF). At the same time, an allied insurgent group, the Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), took over power in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, after the military collapse of the Soviet-supported regime headed by President Mengistu Haile Mariam.

Between 1993 and 1998, the two “brother” governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia, headed by the EPLF and TPLF, enjoyed excellent relations. They maintained a common economic system that allowed landlocked Ethiopia full access to the Eritrean Red Sea ports of Asab and Masawa, including control of their own handling facilities for the transit of cargo.

The relationship started to cool in 1997 when the Eritreans created their own currency, the Nakfa. They did this without arranging to establish a system of daily settlements for cross border trade between their currency and the Ethiopian Birrh. This could have been done through a facility provided by the International Monetary Fund. Without such a facility in place, the Ethiopian Government announced that all cross border trade had to be settled in US Dollars.

This resulted in a financial setback for Eritrea because of its limited access to hard currencies.
In 1998, the Eritrean Government complained that Ethiopian government representatives, including police, were beginning to encroach on Eritrean territory near the border town of Badme in southwest Eritrea. According to Eritrean sources, four of their police officers who went to Badme to investigate turned up dead. Again, the Eritreans said that they had no choice but to retaliate with military force against the alleged Ethiopian encroachments and murder of their policemen. The Ethiopian Government denied all of the Eritrean allegations about encroachments and the killing of Eritrean policemen, claiming that the Eritrean military attack was totally unjustified.

Instead of negotiations, the Eritrean action triggered a massive Ethiopian armed response, unleashing a major bilateral war that lasted two years, and that caused approximately 100,000 dead and wounded on both sides.

Under Algerian Government mediation, a cease-fire was accomplished in 2000. In view of the border as the ostensible main issue in contention, the Algerians established the Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Commission (EEBC) to arbitrate the exact boundary line. While the EEBC was doing its work, the long border remained heavily armed on both sides.

The results of the EEBC arbitration upheld Eritrea’s main claims on the border delineation. The Ethiopian Government made a public statement agreeing to the arbitration result, but insisted that it would not proceed to delineate the final border settlement until they could have bilateral discussions with Eritrea. The Government of Eritrea declared that it was open to discussions without any preconditions, but insisted that Ethiopia first had to delineate the border pursuant to the arbitration decision. This total stalemate in the bilateral relationship has continued until the present, with both governments holding to their inflexible positions.

Because of the stalemate, the border has remained heavily armed on both sides. This situation has caused particular hardship to Eritrea. Because of the country’s small population, young men conscripted into the armed forces to patrol the long border have had to serve for indefinite periods without knowing when they would be demobilized and returned to their families. As a result, over the past decade thousands of young Eritrean have ‘illegally’ left their country to seek asylum in the other countries, including Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, the Emirates and southern Europe.

In addition to the expensive armed camps on both sides of the border, the situation of ‘no peace—no war’ has resulted in a total stoppage of cross border trade, and the loss to Ethiopia of Eritrea’s convenient nearby ports for Ethiopia’s exports and imports. Ethiopia’s only access to the ocean since the war began has been via the 900 mile antiquated railway from Addis Abeba to the port of the neighboring country of Djibouti at the entrance to the Indian Ocean from the Red Sea. In addition to the long distance between Djibouti and Addis Abeba, port fees in Djibouti are excessively high.

To make matters worse, both Ethiopia and Eritrea have become ensnarled in the chaos of Somalia since that government collapsed in 1991. The rise of the Islamist group Al Shabab, with abundant assistance from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula caused Ethiopia to send troops to Somalia at various points from 2006 to the present day. Between 2006 and 2010, the security crisis in Somalia has caused relations between Eritrea and the United States to deteriorate badly. In 2008, the George W. Bush Administration declared Eritrea to be a “state sponsor of terrorism”, thereby triggering US trade, investment, and travel sanctions against Eritrea and its leaders. The reason was the identification of Somali Islamist extremists attending a Somali political dialogue meeting in Eritrea. Indeed, this caused the US Government to become so enraged that the American Assistant Secretary of State for Africa expressed to desire to reopen the EEBC arbitration decision in order to favor the Ethiopian border claims. This request was not adopted.

The Obama administration accused the Eritrean Government of allowing the transit of arms to Al-Shabab – the reason for this alleged support being that Eritrea wanted to help an enemy of Ethiopia, thereby putting pressure on its neighbour to implement the arbitration decision.

In 2009, Senior Etritrean officials met in Rome with the American Permanent Representative to the UN, Susan Rice, and the US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Ambassador Johnny Carson. The American delegation was apparently not satisfied with the Eritrean rebuttal of the allegations about their allowing the transit of arms to Shabab. There were also accusations of Eritrean support to insurgents opposing the Ethiopian regime from within. As a result, Ambassador Susan Rice introduced a resolution in the UN Security Council calling for sanctions against Eritrea. The resolution, UNSC 1907, was enacted in a watered down version of the original harsh US draft, but nevertheless caused Eritrea to become something of an international pariah. This situation continues.

However, as far as external support for Shabaab is concerned, all available intelligence indicates that Eritrea has not had any contact since 2009. Earlier intelligence reports, denied by Eritrea as fabricated, indicated Eritrean facilitating the transfer of funds to Shabaab – nothing of that sort has been reported since 2009 by any source. Those of us who know Eritrea well understand that the Eritrean leadership fears Islamic militancy as much as any other country in the Horn of Africa region.

In recent months, positive signals have been coming from both countries. Eritrean President Isaias Afewerke has been quoted as saying that Eritrea cannot fulfill its destiny without Ethiopia. The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn, has said that he is willing to go to Eritrea to engage in dialogue. In short, the wartime tensions of 1998-2000 no longer have a logical basis for continuing to exist. Normalization of Ethiopian-Eritrean relations promises a win-win future for both nations.

In view of the absence of any intelligence, real or fabricated, linking Eritrea with Shabaab for over four years, the UN Security Council should terminate sanctions imposed in 2009 by UNSC resolution 1907. Since European Union governments have maintained normal relations with Eritrea since the country’s independence, one of the European members of the UN Security Council should propose a resolution to end the sanctions. The US should agree to abstain rather than veto such a resolution.

To break the stalemate between Eritrea and Ethiopia over the implementation of the EEBC boundary decision, there needs to be a mutually face-saving solution. I propose that Ethiopia offer to accept a symbolic initial takeover by Eritrea of territory awarded by the EEBC, followed by the same day opening of dialogue with a totally open agenda. This dialogue could have the benefit of a neutral mediator, or not, depending on the wishes of the two governments. Here again, one of the neutral Europeans should have the ability to inspire confidence in both sides.

A normalization of relations, following the end of UN sanctions against Eritrea, would have immediate benefits for both countries. A resumption of Ethiopian use of Eritrean ports would provide economic benefits to both countries with trade resuming in both directions. Both sides would also be able to demobilise the border with important cost savings.

Both countries, of course, continue to have important human rights issues. Normalization of bilateral relations would make it easier for the US and the international community to encourage political and governance reforms.

Finally, the normalization of relations between the United States and Eritrea would open the door to military-to-military cooperation of the type that would enlist Eritrea in the war against Islamic terrorism in the Horn coming from across the Red Sea.

Yes, the time has come to bring Eritrea in from the cold.
Herman J. ‘Hank’ Cohen is Former Assistant Secretary of State for Africa.

Now that you have read Mr Cohen’s argument what do you think? Do you think it is the time to save the dying regime of Afeworki as Mr Cohen says or it is the time to stand firm. Do you think Ethiopia/PM Hailemariam govt should revisit the EEBC fiasco/decision even though the Eritrean regime has violated it many times before or stand firm with the proposal PM Meles government put on the table long time ago – that is to demand for a sit down negotiation to solve all the issues between the two countries, no precondition including handling of any territory. Have Your Say and do not let Mr Cohen have the last Say on this with his own pre condition of transferring Badme or any place for that matter!

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    • if this people(eritreans) get closer to ethiopia with out changing their mind set towards ethiopia, it will be the beginning of the end of eprdf by extension ETHIOPIA. mark my word.

      • economically we ethiopians don’t need eritrea at all, but let us not forget they are Habesh too, so the problem is their self hate and hate to be who they are, unless they can’t come out of this hate disease it will be dangerous to make any kind of peace with people of eritrea or the gov .. every ethiopian have to ask him/herself that, are ethiopia batter now than 15 years ago?

        • What economy ,your country is living by aid money,no#1 aid receipent from world,no#1 poor country , no#1 by aids, trachoma ,the poorest country from the world what economy you talking about,graduated students they cant finf a job they go to saudi arabia lebanos etc,,,,are you out of your mind,,

          • Poor but dignified and not licking the …… Of sheikhs of Gulf at the cost of abandoning Kith and kin. We know it hurts, the grapes are sauer. You are burning with envy at what your cousins across the border have achieved despite despite poverty. Just stop your silly arrogance and wake up, apologize to the people of Ethiopia. The pardon or amnesty promulgated by Emperor Haile Selassie has not been abrogated. Make use of it.
            Isaiyas the Ethiopian

          • i thought Issu said he will take badme by force?

            ah Ethiopia is #1 poor , what about Eri? #2 or #3?

          • yohnnes, he is saying that Eritrea is not necessary economically , it means Ethiopia has no need Eritrean ports.
            if Ethiopians they don’t to use Ethiopian ports you can’t oblige them’

          • Yohaness , I think you are living in another planet , yes We are talking about Ethiopia , you will feel broken when you hear this great name Ethiopia , crippled beggar , look all young eritreans are ending up , but we are self sufficent for your country men , in 10 years time you will go mad and Ethiopia will shine

          • Yohanes
            I know you are one of those die hard supporter of shabia and brain washed with full of falls, hate, empty propaganda and over inflated heroism but proofed to be falls during last war between us . Now read the article if you understand which is saying your Country is about to die economical unless you make peace with Ethiopia and normalize relation period , but you try to tell us what your masters told you tell while your Country is breathing a little bit with the remittance you get from abroad otherwise.

          • Yohannes why you get angrey ethiopia has no need eritrea economically , os brothers and habesha. If the eritrean thing so they are wrong.
            What are going to get ethiopians from eritreans.
            If you think of Asab and Massawa, they are only usful for tigrai and some ethiopian parts.
            I think he is right.

          • Poor Yohannes, are reading facts from right to the left or murmuring something in your dream? Straighten up your facts first that Eritrea is the most depressed and one of the least five poorest countries in the world. To verify this ask your Capo, Isayas and he will tell of the same. Ethiopia is one of the top five fastest growing countries in the world. Refer to the international bodies and you will get the answer. Ethiopia is graduating tens of thousands of students every year. This is a sign of healthy political economy of the country unlike Eritrea. Eritrea is the least malfunctioning country which can not give social services to its people. How could you compare Ethiopia with sick a people of Eritrea and its mafia gangs of Shabia? This is comparing things between non comparable. Again, what are you talking about, we Ethiopians are not barbarians/ animals like you Eritrean who manage to survive by selling organs of your brothers and sisters. Are not you the onse Ethiopians go to foreign countries to work but they are always proud when it comes to their identity and great country. The Saudis camel herders forgot who Ethiopians are and tried to mess up with the Ethiopian workers. But the Ethiopians workers fought back for their dignity and proud country. In retaliation, the Ethiopians have also inflicted damages against the desert animals in which they learnt so much about Ethiopia and its patriotic people.Therefore, do not mess up in the internal affairs of Ethiopia – do not read what is not written – try to mend the destruction of your tiny country instead of talking none sense out of frustration. It won’t help any thing.

          • You are ignorant. You never read any economics article, never read world bank economic data profile, never read IMF economic report of countries, never read the economics magazine, never heard of any kind of economics metrics in your life, if you had you could have used it for your claim. You don’t even know how to use an apostrophe in a typing let alone to talk about 120 billion GDP economy. I fell as ignorant as you are for responding to your comment. I couldn’t help it because your comment is excessively gross. I wish the web had filtering system for ignorance like yours. With out the web your comment would never have been printed because you can’t type, can’t write.

        • We are where we are mainly because we dumped them & moved on. it’s a waste of time to have anything to do with them. The Ethiopian government should never consider it.

          • ethiopia have been country for 3000 years, eritrea just 22 years since been a country how come you comparing eritrea with ethiopia,just admit it ,ethiopia is rich with natural resources, rivers,lakes, forests, but nobody put them in use, even the late prime minister in an interview said when they asked him about selling land to foreigners, he mention people are just lazy they dont use the land, thats why selling the fertile land to foreigners,my friend people used to aid food, aid money,its sad to see ethiopian people to see starve

        • We,Ethiopians don’t hate Eritreans.We hate only the dictator president,Esayas Afewerki.He is the only enemy of Ethiopia..As a people,we respect them except that there are few supporters of Esayas Afewerki who get advantage from the government.
          One day,there will be good relationship between Ethiopia & Eritrea.

      • You are definitely right. First the people Eriteria has to decolonized their mind inherited from Italians colonizers and Arabs
        1. They do not have basic respect ffor Tigria Ethiopians and Amhara Ethiopians and this situation I observed in Moscow, Italy and other countries
        2. Eriteria did not have natural resource to sustain its economy with out Ethiopia.
        3. I met four Eriterians Truck drivers in 1972 at gas station loading barely , cotton and coal to deliver to Asmra.
        4. Asked them where you deliver it. they said that for Melloti factory and cotton facrory in Asmara, and they said that we did not have too much resources in Eriteria.

        • i am proud ethiopian,but one thing we have to know, to swallow a bitter pill, eritrea is a country if we liked it or not,its not our business whether eritrea is poor, eritrea doesnt have natural resources its not our business, we have to leave them alone,we have millions problem at home economically,educationally our youth not getting job after they graduated,out citizens suffering with aids,tuberculosis, many many diseases,our vilages doesnt have clean water for drink, we have a lot problems our own at home lets debate talk for our people,lets leave eritrean problem to eritreans,,thank you

          • I agree with Mr Cohen, we need to give back Badme and sign a peace deal with Eritrea, why should the Ethiopian people pay the price for the blunder of TPLF? we should use Asab and Metsiwa ports if they are advantagious in terms of service and price, enough of war and disaster. Give back this Fn Badme

          • Yohannes
            I know you are a pretender , but if you don’t you better stop these kind of comments which counts against us.

          • You are talking about ethiopia have no servises, no job for her young gus…….
            you are right, but ethiopia cones out from 30 years of war which was very expencive.
            Egiptians, Arabs, including Americans desired to didintegrat it. But God was with ethiopia except eritrea the ethiopian unit is saved.
            To come out from these mese Ethiopians should work very hard without complaing.
            As yousaid we have alot of problmes but we can’t risolve them if we are not very well organised.
            In this 23 years ethiopia have done severl improvment even though ther are a lot of forces oposing it.
            you will see it is not very far that ethiopians will fo wonder,let to go in this direction instead to count our problem.

          • Mr. Chen is Shylock as described in the book Merchant of Venice. Hence let’s not care about his lobbying for the dead thick headed Isayas and his running dogs. All that needs to be done is as follows:
            1. Destroy the weak PFDJ army.
            2. Destroy Gunbot 7 mercenary foot soldiers.
            3. Support Eritrean refugees.
            4. Support Kunama, Red Sea Afars and …
            5. Support Eritrea create a democratic government.
            6. Take Sibhat Efrem, Abraha Kassa, by hand and make they and the useless PFDJ generals work in the big farms keeping them bare foot.
            7. This will lead to peace in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

        • Here you are again Jovanni(Yohannes)! From what I read your brain, you are a typical ignorant Eritrean who grew up as a street boy in the streets of Asmara licking the boots of your Italian masters in Campo di Stato (which Asmara residents call it Combushtato). You see Jovanni, Ethiopia is blessed with immense natural riches and virgin lands. We Ethiopians have not yet exploited our riches because we have been busy in defending our country for hundreds of years against external invading forces since the downfall of the Axumite Empire. To name some: Arab Jihadists since 725 AD; the Turks in the 15th century; the Egyptians in 1875/1876; the Italians in 1888; the Dervishes in 1989; again the Italians in 1896 and 1935. You can also mention of myriads of internal strife which dwarfed the development of Ethiopia. Hence, poor Yohannes, as you see, this is Ethiopia, a country of the proud and patriotic people unlike Eritrea and its people who accepted slavery under the Italians as some thing good to be proud of. Yohannes,
          as history is concerned, yes we are one of the ancient civilization and people on the surface of the earth. In the 4th century AD Ethiopia was one of the four super powers at the time – amongest Persia, Rome, China and including Ethiopia of course. Isn’t it interesting Jovanni? You have to take this fact and many ups and downs in the march of time into consideration when you think of the mighty people of Ethiopia. To come to you point, as mentioned above, Ethiopia had no time to focus on developments due to the above harsh circumstances be felled on Ethiopia. Ethiopia began to focus on development since 1991 after the demise of the Derg. Ethiopia began from scratch to develop. And as you can witness,and also if you have the gut to do so, Ethiopia has gone miles away in regards to socioeconomic progress and development. Had not the people of Ethiopia worked hard, you would not have seen Ethiopia today as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Therefore, Ethiopians are not lazy as you, a street boy from Eritrea, claim so. But, they are the people who could do herculian efforts to change their country. Look at your country Artera, what is happening. Your people are not only lazy, but barbarians who live on by selling their brothers and sisters organs to the Arabs in the Sinai desert and Libya. It is you Eritreans who sell your sisters to Arab Bedouins to be their concubines. Shame on you!
          Again I want to correct you – Meles did not say Ethiopians are lazy. Don’t lie! What Mesles said was that Ethiopian investors were inclined in services, constructions and other sectors of investments instead of agriculture. Therefore, he said since there was enough arable land to develop, Ethiopia should invite foreign investors to invest on agriculture. He was right. Ethiopia has to exploit her arable lands and allow foreign or domestic investors to invest on agriculture. It should not her lands idle. Ethiopia has more than three millions hetars of arable lands to exploit for agriculture development. What was leased to foreign investors is a drop in an ocean when compared to what we have at hand.
          Another lie Jovanni has to correct is that about the story of food aid. His lies are most probably based on two lie-streams. One, he is reading old story about Ethiopia. Ethiopia is not feeding on food aid.from. This is left for Eritrea to handle. Ethiopia has for the last twenty years could manage drought and related catastrophe very wisely. Therefore, gone are the days that drought would tarnish its name. Second, Yohannes is bluffing like his Cap Isayas Afeworki an the account of food aid. Isayas tries to lie to the world that Eritrea is not stricken with hunger while the people of Eritrea are telling stories otherwise. Today the streets of Asmara are witnessing of Eritrean beggars suffering from hunger. Therefore, Yohannes you are repeating what your Cap is propagating.
          Hence dear poor Jovanni, if you are an Eritrean, try to learn from the good things of Ethiopia. Eritrea is in a dire situation of hell. Tens of thousands of Eritreans flee their country to Ethiopia and other countries. Thousands of Eritreans are drown in the sea and have died in the deserts of Sahar, Sinai and the Middle East. Yohannes, You have a big home work to do. Do not waste your time bluffing.

      • I am with you 100%. They are headache, cancer, untrustworthy, selfish, etc. Let them put it ( artera=Eritrea) for sale, then we will buy it cheap. They were calling us ahiya (donkey) to Amhara & Agame to Tigrians. They were saying they will be prosperous & not us ( Ethiopians) & they were ready to piss on us until they know who they really are – us holes, Bandas, rude, arrogant, unreliable, selfish,etc.

        • Just look the picture. 150.000 Ethiopians deported from Saudi Arabia.as you said Ethiopia is rich. But why is Ethiopian youth leaving their developed country.there are millions Ethiopians leaving their country to America Europe look even to yemen .just admit it Ethiopia is known in the world by hunger disease backwardness that’s the reality

          • Yohannes, why are you in Ethiopian web sight anyway? you don’t see any kenyan,Sudanese… here ! you are independent ,so stay independent! Ethiopia is building its infrastructure slowly ,but surely! 32 universities now,Farmers have tripled their products in the last 12 years,enough cement factories, young Ethiopian are going out but they are not killed as they exit Ethiopia as in your country! Ethiopian nomads don’t fight for water hole any more,coz the Gov’t dag enough water wherever they are,,,you just need to mind your business! we talk about kenya here,but you don’t se any kenyan here! we talk about Somalia here, bur you don’t see any Somalian here! you just have nothing to say in your country! what you have in your country is a mess that you can’t repair! remember:last time your leader said that he is not going to give any water,& told you to go to wherever the there is water! shame on you! nybaEla hariruwas ny endamata tekhws yibhalab enda lebamat! Ethiopia has left you 20 years behind & you are talking nonsense here! get out of here mannnnnnnnnn!

        • It is sad to hear these type of expressions about a sisterly or brotherly neighboring people. In one way we say they hate us and in another we show more hate than anything else. People, please check around how the two brotherly people get along. There is an organization in Northern Californian known as Ethiopian and Eritrean Friendship Forum. They meet once a year (I had a chance to attend the meeting twice) and the discussion was amazing and dealt with the Past , I remember one of the speaker was Colonel Dawit (who happened to be the Administrator of Threader during the war). The meeting went very well because the Woyanes were not around, they hate compromise and friendships between the two people (between anyone) and I see the same talk here too.
          There are also Ethiopian and Eritrean Friendship forums in different universities promoting people to people dialog. what we really need is trust and respect. This forum and the people attending and writing has no or luck trust and above all respect. Look all the words used, it is sad these type of insult comes from a serious peace loving Ethiopians. It may come from the followers of EPRDF/TPLF who are not in any way to compromise and find solutions.

      • Absolutely agree!……to those who want to delude themselves about Eritreans being Abesha and ethnically connected to us, it takes two to tango and in my experience I have never come across a single Eritrean who appreciates the cultural and historical connection…in fact all their claim on separate identity is found on denying the obvious historical and cultural facts and they see our naive effort to bring them close as a threat to their identity…secondly lets not forget that Eritreans have separate identity means they have separate interest which we both have to protect accordingly to our need and we can not allow the so called “brotherly love” that does not exist in real sense…the best solution is to see Eritreans just as another neighbor that is not diffrent from Somalia-proper that also has ethnic connect with us…we should not allow our old obssession to Eritreans to the extent our country is exploited unfairly which was the case perior to 98 and was the cause for disastrous war…Eritrea is a mistake Ethiopia can not afford again….

    • Mr Cohen brings an old idea in a fresh face saving manner for the tyranny president of Eritrea. The EEBC is dead locked. It was based on arbitration with defined time frame. The time of implementation is over and case closed.

      The suggestion for the peaceful existence of the two brotherly people is welcome. However, Eritreans should travel long distance to reach the point of peaceful coexistence. Eritreans need to do their homework first-dismantling the “bullet lover” bulls. For psychological, political and economic reasons, Mr Cohen suggestion of fixing the problem of the two countries will not work at all. The fundamental solution to peaceful coexistence of the two countries lies in the hands of the Eritrean people. Most Ethiopians used to show the gesture of peaceful relationships. Now that spirit was over. Ethiopians want to do their homework- working to improve their livelihood as demonstrated in the last two decades. Mr Cohn down played the role of the Eritreans leadership in fueling fires in the horn of Africa rather than development. The Ethiopian Government and people will not be a peaceful partners with those “bullet lovers”. The Eritrean people should do their homework first, which is a long way to go. Thereafter, you will meet the peace loving Ethiopians.


      • guys..let we talk honest,ask any Eritrean just ask them the identification of ethiopian,as a neck name ,(adgi) it means donkey,this is who u guys are,are you trying to compare your self to with eritreans,
        one eritrawi is exchanging by 10 ethipians same as dollar

          • selamawi, 1 birr is 15 nakfa! nobody even accept nakfa! a flat paper is more wprth than Nakfa in Ethiopia!

        • Sole
          Mr Sole, u know yourselves ( Ertreans are useless & worthless & that’s how you “gays” console yourself specially after WOYIN whipped your stinky asses.

    • It is obviously a stupid calculation for tiny and poor Eriteria to wage war against populous Ethiopia. It was equally stupid for Ethiopia to go to arbitration after winning a hard fought war.
      I guess to make sense out of this tragedy I will take an argument from Michela Wrong’s book “I didn’t do it for you” – It has to be the lack of oxygen ! You see, both state capitals are 2500 meters above sea level thus restricting the adequate intake of oxygen to the brain and as a result leaving our leadership retarded.
      Maybe it is about time to send them to South Africa where Mandela was born so that they get enough oxygen to rejuvenate their dead brain cells.

    • An influential American policy review website aka “Council on Foreign Relations” today endorsed the recommendations outlined by Amba. Cohen.

      The following is what it wrote in support of the compelling case made by Ambassador Cohen for a rethink of U.S. policy on Eritrea:

      The former assistant secretary of state for African affairs, Herman J. (Hank) Cohen wrote an important article in African Arguments entitled “Time to Bring Eritrea in From the Cold.” For those involved in policy formulation and implementation in the Horn of Africa it is a “must read.”

      In a few short and lucid paragraphs Ambassador Cohen reviews the sorry history since 1997 of the tangled relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia, with the complications posed by Somalia and al-Shabaab, the jihadist organization with ties to al-Qaeda, and the U.S. response. By 2008, the administration of President George W. Bush determined that Eritrea was a “state sponsor of terrorism” and imposed sanctions. Subsequently, President Barack Obama’s administration said that Eritrea allowed arms shipments to be delivered to al-Shabaab. In 2009, the administration sponsored a UN Security Council resolution (UNSC 1907) that in effect made Eritrea the international pariah it is today.

      But, times change. Cohen recalls that “all available intelligence” indicates no Eritrean contact with al-Shabaab since 2009. Further, as Cohen points out, Eritrea is fearful of Islamic radicalism. There are signs of a warming in the relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea. This confluence provides a special opportunity for a new approach to Eritrea with positive implications for the Horn of Africa. Normal relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea would be a win-win not only for both countries economically as well as politically, but also for the Horn of Africa region.

      How to move forward? Specifically, Cohen suggests that a European member of the Security Council should propose the repeal of UNSC 1907, and the United States should agree to abstain. He also proposes a face-saving solution to the long standing border issues between Ethiopia and Eritrea, to be mediated by a neutral European nation.

      Cohen shows that the benefits for U.S. policy would be significant. Normalization of Ethiopian/Eritrean relations would open the space for the United States and others to encourage better governance in both countries, and military cooperation between the United States and Eritrea could materially assist in the struggle against jihadi terrorism in the region.

      Ambassador Cohen makes a compelling case for a rethink of U.S. policy in the Horn and he proposes a practical strategy for moving forward.

  1. Why should the Government of Ethiopia/or Ethiopian people revisit the EEBC fiasco/decision? Why would the country fall in the hands of EEBC to make the decision? To begin with, it was a big mistake to ask EEBC to make a decision when Ethiopians had Badme in their hands as a result of the huge sacrifice made by the sons and daughters of Ethiopia.

  2. No normalization of relations with Eritrea until Ethiopia gets Asab for good. Isayas is on his death bed and Eritrea is a failed state. Why give Isaya a life line?

    • Azmach! Assab is gone for good.Eritrea is more likely to out perform Ethiopia economically should peace come.The main resource of Eritrea is its people. Look at the economic sucesses they are achieving in many African countries: south sudan, angola,uganda,etc. Dont forget that they were also the economic dynamo of Ethiopia before the war.It was difficult to find a poor Eritrean in Ethiopia. If they are given a chance , they use it perfectly. Remember Eritrea is a very small country with about 4 million inhabitatnts, but a very long coastal area. If eritrea wisely used its red sea resources and its islands, it will be an economic hub of east Africa.

      • Dawit
        You are Zero sum wisher and we heard that you will be the Singapore of Africa after we gave you a freedom to live peacefully side by side with us , but your wishes and empty dream became real dark on you when your tinny country start messing with all the countries bordering you like a mad dog and finally with us and only after we over run your so called country by our gallants defense forces then you start behaving because there is nothing you can do but to behave like a chilled , otherwise you know what is going to happen , so you better stop inflating your self before explosion happen to you and know your size that fits you.

    • Azmach!
      I think you nightmare is Wedi Afeworki! all of you including these so called opposition ass leackers of Weyane blame allway on Isaias! Isaias is not the only one in Eritrea! we all are Isaias! thats it!!

  3. Any agreement with Issayas is unnecessary. If negotiation is going to be held and agreement reached, it is suicide for Ethiopia and amusing revival of the dying dictator of Eritrea. Negotiation is important for the two brotherly people only after Issayas is buried.

  4. This gentleman is part of the problem as he was the mediator in London when EPRDF, EPLF, OLF & Derg were negotiating on how to end the war. I am sure he knew this was coming & he did nothing to avert it by proposing a lasting solution instead of leaving it open ended. Now he should leave us alone as we are on the right track. The solution is coming soon for all of us to see & enjoy!

  5. The logic of force and might has never brought and can never bring peace. Only accepting and respecting international law and implementing the EEBC decision is the only option to bring peace to both Eritrea and Ethiopia. One day international law will prevail over the low of jungle/force.

    • Tesfay did u said force can’t bring peace.haaaaa.the mighty ethiopia have force and we have peace too.and guess that weak eritrea have to deal with it.eritreans are taking about how this no peace no war affecting them.we ethiopians never even

    • Tesfay T
      Your wish for one day implementation is the main reason in the situation you are at now and we the son of true Ethiopia will never and ever that to happen so I can’t tell you that don’t kill your time while you are about to die.
      Good bye die hard shabia.

  6. – Let the ‘no-war-no-peace’ situation do the magic. ኣሁን ምንም ነገር መነካካት ኣያስፈልግም! Shabya will explode on its own crisis (later or soon). After that it will be easier to deal with the Eritrean people in good faith.
    -second: It is very obvious that we cannot bring peace with Eritrea as far as Shabya is in power. Never!

    -third: The EPRDF government always claims it stands for peoples; including peoples away from borders. So approaching the dying and outcast Eritrean regime at this time is denying the Eritrean people. This is in contradiction with the EPRDF’s claim. It is very obvious the Eritrean people are living in hell. They rescue their life to escape from the regime in all directions. Even the Authorities themselves are waiting for opportunities. Who thought Ali Abdo(used to be called right hand of Isaias) could defect.
    In net shell let the policy towards Eritrea should keep untouched as before. The 5 principles should not be compromised this time.

  7. Shaebia should be punished and die by its own making. I even don’t agree giving scholarship to Eritrean immigrants’ b/c it is done at the expense of Ethiopia children. We don’t have to fight Shaebia it is dying a slow death, so leave all things as is.
    Of course that is my wish but I don’t have confidence on TPLF/EPRDF when it comes to protect the Ethiopian territorial integrity and interest. My prediction is that TPLF/EPRDF will give away BADME and IROB land and will go to save Shaebia. That is what TPLF did in the past and it will do it again. It always goes anti-Ethiopian interest.

  8. Ms. Kohen, you cant save Issayas. He is counting his days of demice. Why Ethiopia speak with a dying bucher . Why Ethiopia uses Assab. Does the Ethiopian people ask you to use the port of Assab

    • Wdi Hidri!
      I think you didi not read the up date news of what happen between Ethiopia and Djibuti regarding the use of port of Djibuti.
      you shuold find in the web sites and read it. Djibuti is not the cuontry like somalia! with Djibuti, is take or leave! whether you pay what they ask or go to Mombasa.
      We do not ask to Weyane to use our ports. once the late Dictator Legese Zenawi said * we dont want to use the ports of Eritrea, if they want the can use it for their camels* Ofcaurse we did it like he advise us. so why you people crying for this ports? Assab once and for ever is Eritreans port this can never change anless if the Eritrean people wants to give you as gift. you have to pray for this.

  9. Mr. Cohen is one of those people along with few Italian politicians of the past who believe Ethiopia should be producing raw materials while Eritrea should be producing the finished products that would be exported to the rest of the World. Mr. Cohen has never favored Ethiopia in all his dealings as this article clearly demonstrates. It seems he is angry that Ethiopia is currently making economic progress contrary to his distorted view about the Ethiopian people. Mr. Cohen also hates Djibouti because it stood with Ethiopia during bad times. Tells us using Djibouti port is expensive for Ethiopia compared to using Assab port. Really!!
    Mr. Cohen tried to explain causes of misunderstanding between Ethiopia and Eritrea based on his confused understanding. Mr. Cohen! Badame village is not the only reason for misunderstanding between Ethiopia and Eritrea, it is far deeper than what you think.
    For Ethiopia to negotiate with Eritrea:
    1) There should be a reliable government in Eritrea because the current government has bad records of living up to its words..
    2) Eritrea’s constitution should be fully implemented
    3) Eritrea should immediately denounce and stop supporting Al-Shabaab and other terrorist groups.
    4) Implement what is required of Eritrea in the UN resolutions.
    Finally, any talks between Ethiopia and Eritrea should not in any way affect Djibouti’s interest because Djibouti is Ethiopia’s real friend.
    Finally, we should note that Mr. Cohen is not an expert on the Horn of Africa and his current article demonstrates this fact.
    Mr. Cohen, please stop looking down on Black people!!!

  10. This is not a time to save the dying regime in Eritrea! Let the Eritrean regime die on its own !
    As far as I I’m concerned, the regime created the war when they see situations were going against them & their empty egos wasn’t paying off!From the beginning , we knew that the EPLF/PFDJ is incapable of creating a country, because their politics was based on like a house built on a sand!
    Mr Cohen, for your knowledge, Badme has never been part of Eritrea during the Italian colony or after it joined Ethiopia! The conflict started when armed Eritrean tried to enter Badme with their arms contrary to the agreements both countries! The Ethiopian border patrol asked the Eritrean armed personnel to put their armsdown before they enter ethiopian torritories , the Eritrean refused,& therefore the conflict started & finally Ethiopia made sure that Eritrean leaders to know their limits! These Eritrean thugs thought that they can defeat Ethiopia militarily, but they couldn’t! Ethiopia prevailed against Eritrea’s aggression taking over its own torritories invaded by Eritrea!
    Finally, Badme has never been part of Eritrea either during the Italian colony or after it joined Ethiopia! Eritrean leaders simply use aggression to solve the looming problems surrounding Eritrea , but failed miserably!

    • We heard Isayase was dead, and we heard for a long time it is the dying regime, but he out lived the young leader. Please lets give sense to our comment. Trust me if the USA decides Ethiopia has to abide by the ruling it will be a matter of minute. Lets pray for peace and the rule of law has to prevail. No war no peace might have Eritrea for now, but for long time 80 million people might pay the price.

      Lets get rid of our Ego.

      • Tesfa, dreaming is free, so you can dream whatever! you have no leader who can give you enough water, & told you to go wherever the water is, but you are dreaming empty dream here! your leader is living ,but a hell of life! my young leader had passed away ,but don’t forget that he has Ethiopia changed for good! it is so sad that your leader is killing you & openly selling you to the nomads of sudan & Egypt,clean yourself first so you can talk for real!clean your shit first instead of dreaning your empty dreams! your excuse of America America…kkkkk!

        • Woldi, please read carefully what I said. If you don’t have amnesia For how long did we hear a dying regime? You have an ego that does not work. Look what is happening the world powers are trying to settle their diffrence with Iran. Eritrea and Ethiopia are more close and they can easily settle their differences. Be positive. Trust me the no peace no war situation if it is not settled it will have a dire consequences for both countries. You may think it is going to kill Eritrea, but in the long run I repeat it will have a negative impact for Ethiopia. We can benefit from peace not from war. Lets respect the rule of law. You have to be truthful America has the power to dictate anything.

          • Tesfa
            For your knowledge, I have an ego that works well! Ask about the fight from Jebha all the way to the border war ! Make no mistake about my ego!nobody hates to live in peace , but you! Your empty ego leaders caused the conflict,& finally they were held liable , therefore the only choice your leaders have is to hold the innocent people on their neck! You guys are the ones who let the no peace no war to continue!
            We have been waiting for so long trying to maintain our brotherhood, but we already proved that we can’t benefit anything from you at all! Now you don’t know if you can save your country! You heard what your leader said the last time, he couldn’t even offer a water after 20 years in power! We fought for your independence & paid over 15,000 precious tegadeltis, but what you guys did was block aide during the famine of 1984/5! Tell me what are we going to be benefitted from you? It is your ports, but we have enough ports from Djibouti -Somalia all the way to Kenya!

  11. you wait 20 years Isaiah to die. But what ever the case The Empire will collapse before the country made by sacrifice .Badime is not different from Kurmuk, Shinilee or Moyale which divided between neighboring countries. Implement EEBC decisions.

    • Go and tell to those who allowed Kirmuk, Shinille and Moyale be divided your nonsense or tell your buddy Isaias to be a man and take his territories instead of crying day and night. Neither Bademe nor iron will not be Eritrean.

    • Summi
      Yes we can wait for how log it takes to see your death and trust me we will not going to rescue you until your one man dictator removed or disappeared.

  12. Dear Aiga,

    Thank you for bring this. I have to be honest; if there is anything I hate so much in this world is meddlers like Cohen, Ana Gomez,… and I am allergic to foreigner meddlers. If I am not mistaken, Cohen was the sponsor of Shabia? I say to Cohen go to hell. He must not be allowed to continue to meddle in our affaires. We are capable of thinking and solving our problems without Cohen. I have to be honest again, I do love the Americans people in general, but I hate their ideology and their meddling and interfering in other countries and in other societies. USA is the source of bad and good all. They created for us terrorism by sponsoring Bin Laden and Arab militants. Now the world is lives with fear. It has been read Cohen was a protagonist of Eritrea to be independent from Ethiopia. Now the country he created is not working and he now wanted to again to meddle as before?

    My question? why this TPLF regime allows foreigners to meddle in affaires of the country? The bloody American citizen Cohen wanted badme to be given? Who the hell is this damn idiot American who is telling us the blood of our people is worthless? Who gave the authority to make decision for us? One of the main reason I hate TPLF is this. They even saved Shabia by the order of USA after so many lives have been sacrificed to evict the aggressors.

    Aiga, do you people have conscience? or hilna? no moral? I have hard to time understand TPLF from the beginning up to day. Aiga you are a big part of it. Honeslty, I do not get it up to now what you wanted from the country. I do not still get it why you fought for 17 years, if you objective was to deny Ethiopia its own natural ports outlets and to betray its citizens all along. You have been betraying the country almost all the time. you betray among yourself. I was wondering why TPLF is forming many committees about the Abay Dam with Egypt? I read TPLF now agreed to form two investigate teams. One a firm which will study the dam and which cost millions of dollars and second you agreed to set up another committee that will over see the past recommendation? Aiga, how does TPLF know the firm will not bribed by billions of Arab money? Why you put yourself in the mouth of the enemy? It seems TPLF does really have any firm stand on the dam. It is vacillating and opening many doors to the enemy. The enemy does not want the dam to be built. The enemy has refused to sign agreement that ensure mutual benefit which is the nile initiative. The enemy of our people does not want us to use our water at all. The enemy does not care if we die of hunger? The enemies tells we crossed red line because we wanted to use our water? Aiga, and you opened many doors to our mortal enemy? I am dismayed by mishandling national interests by TPLF from the beginning up to now. You are mishandling the Hidase dam.

    Aiga here is my message on Eritrea. Hey, first of we do not need any American to handle our problem. We must handle our problem ourselves. There is no need for any deal after now. The people must be united. There is no need for an independent Eritrea. There is no benefit for anyone. It is not even in the interest of Eritreans themselves. They will not benefit anything from being independent and isolated in a cavy and dry province. If there is any Eritrean who has a brain who is not colonized , he can understand the benefit for him or for her in most resource Ethiopia than isolation in the name of independence. In the first place, the 30 year war was not for the benefit of Eritrean people. The 30 years was a war waged by Egypt sponsorship to weaken and divide Ethiopians so that they continue to control the water. I am not biased and I am not against the benefit of Eritrean. I do not believe Eritreans has benefitted from the war up to now. What benefit did they get? War, refugees, famine, all problems from the time war started up to day? Aiga, what is that you wanted the people to be separated and live like this? who is benefitting? what benefit di you see? did you see Eritrean benefitting? did you see Ethiopians benefitting? why you people have very distorted mind? We are human being and we live very short lives? why our people have to live like this? Time has proved it the 30 year war was wrong. The independence was wrong. Time has proved that perfectly. There is no benefit.

    There is no need for any agreement after now based on an independent Eritrea. it is just useless and waste of lives, time, and generations. Look the Eritreans are supposed to live normal life like every body. Look how they are living . What is the independence for Aiga?

    Therefore, my policy is unite the country including deki Bahri Negash. Stop allowing Cohen to meddle in our country. I think you are allowing meddlers because of you beg charities and you are not independent leaders? that is how I see it. Why you wanted to revisit EEBC? are you sick again? Shame on you Aiga. You TPLF people have problem which not able to cure. you never understand your mistakes even after decades and you go back to repeat them again? Oh my God, you better think better. You have become a burden to the people of Ethiopia. No matter how good things you are telling us. Ethiopians are not happy the way you handle our national interest all along. You have problem stand for the country’s interest

    • Gezaee
      It looks like you represent all of us and spoke our mind. We Habeshas are the same people there shouldn’t be a border between us the border that created by the like of Mr Cohen and we don’t expect them to solve it.

        • Habesha
          I now you are one of those Eritrian banda who try to divide the Ethiopian or Habesha people by your falls propaganda even if you brain washed by white people for sixty years and call your self shabia or Eritrea we Oromos are proud Ethiopians so stop your falls propaganda.

          • Thank you Thshay Gabisa, you rouse above all of us, including TPLF….Only idiots and dreamers can imagine Ethiopia without Oromo, Oromo without Ethiopia…..In fairness Ethiopia belongs to Oromo more than any of us..

    • ገዛኢ
      ኣበየናይ ፕላኔት ትነብር ምህላውካ ክርድኣኒ ኣይካኣለን ደሎ። ንኣመሪካውያን ከተቆናጽብ ከመይዩ ነገሩ? ወያነኮ ንመንግስቲ ኣመሪካ እንዳ ኣገልገለን እንዳ ኸደመንዩ ዝነብር ደሎ!!
      ኣብ ቀርኒ ኣፍሪቃ ኣጀንዳታት ናይ ኣመሪካውያን ካብ ምትግባር ሓሊፉ ካልእ ሰራሕ የብሉንኮ!!! ድሓር ዽማ ኤርትራ ዋላ ወደብ ዓሰብ እንዳበልካ መልቀስ ግደፍዎ። ኤርትራ ሓንቲ ዶባታ ዘነጸረት ሉኣላዊት ሃገር ኢያ። ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ድማ ይጥዓሞ ይሕሰሞ፤ ንማንም ዝምልከቶ ኣይኮነን። ኣብ ምብታኽ ዝምድና ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን፡ ዝኸስር እንተሎ ንዅሉ ጠለባት ናይቲ ሓደ ተቐቢሉ ኣብ ዘተ ሰላም ይቅረብ። ዘኸሰበ እንተሎ ድማ ኣፉ ይሓዝ።

      • Dear Mebrahtu
        You seem you are the guy that knows all ; No one is to dispute that America is the superpower of the world and you like it or not no one is going to stand against the interest of America that is a known fact, but that doesn’t mean that you have no right to criticize the policy of America . In the new world system things work both ways Americans have interest in Ethiopia and Ethiopia have interest to gain from America that is how it works, don’t think it is only one sided . Regarding the port of Assab that is with no question an Eritrean port, but if Ethiopia is not using it there is no benefit economically to Eritrean people and now a days port is a commodity Ethiopia can shop around with out any problem and Assab will continue to be a watering hole for camels nothing more. Ethiopian progress has not been stopped cause they didn’t use the port of Assab on the contrary they are registering double digit progress so for the new generation Assab is not an issue. Peace is for the benefit of all people involved and for the horn of Africa at large but you can not make peace with your Mafia regime in Eritrea .

        • Dear Mebrahtu,

          Please do not talk about Ethiopianns in general. Only TPLF believe Ethiopia has to be landlocked. There is no Ethiopian who has fallen in love with landlocking Ethiopia. Please do no tell us you represent us. No young Ethiopia is interested Ethiopia being landlocked. You really have a bizzare mindset and you trying to tell us every Ethiopians thinks like you. I hardly know any Ethiopian who believe Ethiopia has to be landlocked, only TPLF. Period. Stop misrepresenting people. I never came a cross a single Ethiopian who tell me Ethiopia has to be landlocked. Only the cursed woyane believe in that.

          • Dear Mebrahtu.

            I do not care what Cohen does; I do not care about his status in his government or in his country. He has no right to meddle in my country. I have no right to meddle in American internal affaires; I do not care what they do in their country. It is not my business. I have no fear in my heart from any mortal man under the sun whether it is American or Russian or Arab. I have one life and I am a mortal man like everyone. I die one only time. No fear, no one can stop me from speaking truth. I have no right to meddle in the affaires of other countries. Cohen must immediately stop meddling my in country. I do not hold American are different than any human being. I love them like any human. I do loved all human regardless race, skin colour, religion, ethnic, nationality, but I wanted foreign citizens to stop meddling in my country. He has no right to propose what Ethiopians must do. I do love American people. I am not in love with their ideology of interfering in every country. It is not even helping them. Look, China is doing better than them. Their economy is going down. China a country that never impose itself in any country is taking them over. They have many problem in their country; 60 million Americans have no access to primary healthy care and people have to migrate to Canada to get treatment. They have many problem in their country, but they waste resources creating and managing un-necessary conflicts and interfering. They interfere and disturb different cultures. American themselves are in need of a revolution. You can worship Cohen . I do not worship American because they are powerful. I believe in God, not in human being. I do not even believe in myself leave alone in an American citizen. I do not believe in human power. I believe in God. Tell to Cohen to leave my country alone. Then I will start respecting him. He must know who we are; We Ethiopians. I hate this man and Ana Gomez, I call them meddlers and arrogants; who meddle in other business because of their superiority complex based on their skin colour. I do not damn care whether they Chinese, European or Ameerican or Latin American. They must stop meddling and forcing themselves on others. This is ignorance. The people of Eritrea will be united with their brothers and sister when the cursed and Shaabia expired. There is no need for a country called Eritrea. Why Cohen does not dismantled his country into different country? he has been busy his life dividing my people . I can respect him only if he respect himself and stop ;forcing himself on others. We have brain and we what need and what do not need. We do not an American imposter trying to be our advisor. This is pure ignorance at highest level.

    • My dear Gezaee,
      It would have made a lot of sense for the good people of Tigray to advocate,defend and bring the Eritreans to unity more than any other people in Ethiopia for a simple reason of oneness but its unfortunate unlike the generations before us,this generation of Tigreans seems to have wanted the separation of Tigreans on both sides desperately.Meles and his group seemed to have wanted the independence of Eritrea more than the Eritreans themselves.Its just sad to say the least but whether we like it or not,at the end of the day we are all people of the same family and we deserve to live in unity with justice and equality.I am an Eritrean and I 100 % agree with you that we should unite and live in peace for once and for all.
      UNITY is an empowerment economically and militarily and therefore, a win win situation for both people.
      Happy holidays,

      • TPLF are not normal human being. No Ethiopians understand them. It is weird. I am with you. The TPLF leaders are as evil as Shabia. They are all the same. There is no difference between TPLF and Shabia. I think we need to form a brand new all inclusive peaceful movement that overthrows them altogether and we can all bury the mess and elected our leader. I think we need new civil movement that open a new chapter. We can start fresh from square one. Otherwise, I do not see anyone anyone solving problem but adding problem and deepening hatred. TPLF and Shabia knew nothing than fighting. read some of the comments TPLF saying he will defend Eritrean independence, it is puzzling for me. TPLF = SHABIA. no difference, they are curse for us. They made our lives misery. They destroy our country ; they made refugees. All that 30 and 17 years was not important. The central government could have removed by peaceful means without destroying the country. Even now, there is solution as you can see. The only solution to bring the people together and live together and form a system that allows people to elect a leaders based on merit only. Until we do that, there is no solution is either from Shabia or TPLF. We need new movement with new ideas that takes us back to our roots; we do not need TPLF, Shabia, Cohen, Anna Gomez, .. we need neither internal nor external mercenaries. We know each other and we sit under a fig trees like our ancestors and listen to each other. Egypt or American sponsorship will not solve our problem. TPLF and Shabia they are stuck in their mistakes. They can not even see them. They wanted to recycle them forever.

        • Ato Gezaee!

          you said there is no need for a acuontry called Eritrea? are you jocking? no body can eliminate Eritrea and the people of Eritrea. First of all, before you think to unite the people of Eritrea, you have to try to unite the people of Ethiopia!! Oromo, Ogaden, Afar … unite them with in Ethiopia!! then may be you can think how can unite the people of Eritrea if it is possible. the policy of the current Government of Ethiiopia is rule and divide!! dived the Ethiopian people and govern them for ever! this is the reality of Ethiopias today.
          you shuold forget the people of Eritrea! if you say ‘we dont need nothing from Eritrea’ well, forget Eritrae once for ever.

        • Dear Gezaee,
          Your thoughts make absolute sense and I certainly agree that there is no need for an external mediators (aka muddle rs) to mediate a family feud but the traditional bayto (council) under a large fig tree that does the job.
          God bless both people,
          Happy Holidays,

    • Gezae, many of ur points seem nice: we have to solve our problems by ourselves! Braveo, we don’t know our allies if they are true allies, hence better to remain vigilant to keep our nation peaceful and prosperous. But some of your point r also superficial and purring hate while u seem praying for peace and love among us. U look those of Cohn alike: 1) what is z benefit of thinking that “ur thoughts and arguments are better than those of TPLF?” Really? I think TPLF should get the credits it deserves to get, and I can’t see TPLF is ‘always’ against Ethiopia’s interest! Whether we like it or not citizens under the leadership/philosophy of TPLF/EPRDF did and are doing marvelous, historic and golden contributions to their mother land, Ethiopia. 2) U r telling us that Eritrea doesn’t have enough resource but Ethiopia does have, etc. Resource can be one contributor for development, but not the only: we r the live witnesses that Ethiopia has been the poorest of the poor for centuries under the feudal and traditional administrations while u r telling “we r resourceful” Why? One reason was the lack of scientific leadership. Lucky enough, Ethiopia has got the best for its time: TPLF/EPRDF!!!!!

      • I am sorry if I say Ethiopia is rich and Eritrea is poor. I do not mean that; May be you misunderstood me. In this era, the resources is knowledge, not oil or diamond. Human mind is a resources than anything else. It is true the Northern part of Ethiopia including Eritrea is over used and degraded and we can say the southern Ethiopia like Gambela has is untouched, of course, woyane now selling it. If I said something I suggest you consider from this point of view. There are no poor people, but mind of course there is poor mindset like Ethiopians and Eritreans. In any case, I do not call people poor because I do not believe in poor and rich or powerful or not powerful.

        • “There are no poor people, but mind of course there is poor mindset like Ethiopians and Eritreans”
          Lol, Are u sure Ethiopians and Erirteans do have poor mindset!!!??? U r so crazy!!! Sorry, who r u afterall, ur dead!

          • kkkkkkkkk, yes, Ethiopians and Eritreans have poor mindset that is why Eritreans got drowned in the sea in hundreds and Ethiopian get slaughtered in Saudi Arabia. Why there are no other citizens facing those problems? Everyone wanted to leave their country : Ethiopian plus Eritrean. I am not crazy as you think. I just tell the truth only. If they are not poor mindset why they have been killing each other for 30 years destroying our country and making us refugees? During Haileslassie, Ethiopian economy was good and people from England use to go to Ethiopia for better life and job? This is a true story from a person who migrated to Ethiopia from UK. But the cursed woyane and Shabia sponsored by Arab and Cohen they were busying butchering people and destroying the country violently. I said there are no poor people, but there is poor mindset. That is fact whether you like it or not.

    • No body wants HIV infected partner with no cure at all. if it’s possible i advice to be away any Eritreans from our land, website. communities…
      they fight us for 30 yrs. and after left still fight us directly and indirectly. but they didn’t go far away while with hate….. big problem. miserable peaple…

  13. Badme is Ethiopian. Algiers agreement is null and void.
    PM Hailemariam should start afresh. If need be power must be exercised to stop Isayas from meddling in Ethiopian affairs. This suggestion of handling Badme to Eritrea is rubbish. It is the people of Badme who decide where they belong; not Isayas, not Mr Cohen

      • Tesfa

        Huh! Mark your word ! What word ? Your problem is you simply follow the fabricated propaganda of your leaders! What the European colonialists did was “created another conspiracy against Ethiopia”! You think Bademe is the problem , but Badme is a fictious dispute that your leader created to deprive you a constituted & democratic Eritrea! There are a lot of countries that have disputes, but it didn’t prevent them from being democratic country governed by constitution! Wake up Tesfa!

  14. Come on aiga you should know better, first of all Herman cohn is not known for anything other than treating African problems as some sort of domino game in wich he can misplace countries as he wishes to, secondly why would any sane person think it is possible to teach an old dog(shabia) a new trick,…In my opinion unless the root cause of Eritrea’s persistence antagonism towards ethiopia is diagnosed and the right prescription is proscribed, it will be like marry go round and our country and our people will always pay the endless price for a country that will never rest from disturbing Ethiopia….I wish I had the time to reason my opinion by in short all I want to say is,Let alone while shabia is still around, a premature normalization, without any change of mindset amongst the people will be like tatbo chika,

  15. No sane person deal with the mad dog. It is suicidal to even contemplate let alone to entertain this repressive regime. He can do anything to get a bit of space from his problems in Eritrea and in addition his days are numbered. So don’t be fooled by this idiot.

  16. I say to chen butt out! First you have fake expertise. Second, Ethiopians are free people (free from colonialism) hence we don want you to butt in. Third, you are part of the problem not part of the solution. Fourth, from your proposal it is quite self-evident that you have no grasp of how ethiopians follwoing the case of Badme and the general relation of Ethiopia with Eritrea. In my conclusion I will say our government had already made some big mistakes in the past regarding Eritrea, it will be a fatal mistake if EPRDF accepts the bad advice of Kochen. God Bless Ethiopia

  17. I fully agree with bringing peace in the horn of Africa. It has multiple benefits ranging from economy-political-human trafficing-supporting rebel groups in both countries. If Ethiopia and Eriteria are in peace again can do miracle to alleviate the extreme poverty in both nations. But we should also be strategic about Ethiopias current relaible partner Djibouti.
    What about Djibouti?, Our logtime and faithfull country. They served us when we were in a bad shape. When we didn’t have external outlet, they were our outlets. When we seek service, they were there. When we demanded price reduction they were there. They even are building the 3rd port, anticipating more services for Ethiopia. So ET gov’t should think trice not to forget DJ’s

  18. The people of Ethiopia and its government are OK with the present statuesque. We are Ok and need nothing more nothing less. The mission of the analyst is quiet obvious – he is talking none sense in favor of Eritrea for what ever reasons. Eritrea might have recruited him to act on its behalf. The analyst is trying to explain to us that the fees for port services at Djibutti are expensive. Liar! The port service fees are internationally competitive and we are OK with that. By the way, how sure is he that the port services at Asab and Masawa will be less expensive? We did not and will not forget of the evil deeds of Shabia when it comes to the use of its ports – Asab and Masawa. And, as to the port of Djibutti is concerned, it has improved a lot to meet Ethiopia’s demand. Further more, why don’t you see the other options of the story – Kenya’s port is always open to meet the demands of port service by Ethiopia. Therefore, Southern, South western and South Eastern Ethiopian regions will have the nearest ports at Mombassa and Berbera. The Sudan is also providing access to western regions of Ethiopia and we are using it. The central and northern Ethiopian regions are enjoying the port of Djibutti as usual. Therefore, Mr analyst, for heaven sake, we do not need Eritrea and its ports. We advise the Analyst to tell Eritreans to keep their ports for their camels to enjoy them. We have had enough with these Eritreans and their evil government. Mr Analyst, watch out of the fast economic growth of Ethiopia – the booming of energy (hydro, thermal, wind and gas); the expanse of railways and construction of highways; sugar plantations and factories; agriculture and agro industries; Ethiopia is also exceptionally blessed with tourist attraction places and we are observing the fast growth in this area…..etc. Mr analyst, be assured that Ethiopia will be next to Egypt in tourism industry. And hence do not waste your time to convince us that Eritrea’s ports are vital to Ethiopia – this is none sense – look at Ethiopia doing miracles without Eritrea and it’s ports. So, dear Mr Analyst, don’t worry, Ethiopia is on the right path of dynamic economic development just right away after it has done away with sick Eritrea once for all.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Samuel,
      I respect your opinion. Currently ET is doing finer than ER and other neighbouring states. However building a peaceful and friendly relationship (Economical and Political) with ER should by no means a neglected option. The people of ET have more ties with people of ER than any other nation in the world (history tells). Planning to use ports of Asab and Mitswa is also wise idea. These help ET to have multiple options. We march to the market oriented Port use policy, once all options are available and possible.
      The other thing is once these two nations resolve their issues peacefully, can imagine the enormous savings they make. They have been spending millions of dollars in supporting rebel movements in both sides in addition to harbouring opposition groups. My personal view is better, relaible and sustainable growth can be achieved when the enemity of neighbours is kept at a minimum level, if not at zero.

  19. A rather shallow and distorted perspective. If there is any reason for Eritrea’s being in the cold it is because Issias chose to be in the cold. The border issue can be solved through dialogue, and Ethiopia can define its future relationship with Eritrea based on its experience in the past. “Eritrea was clear from 1991 on that it wanted to be Singapore and would need the support of the “hinterlands”. Ethiopia, no hinterland, undertook a route to its own economic development that stymied Eritrea’s” Meles Zenawi. “Meles hypothesizes now that Isaias invaded Badme, the trigger for the current conflict, in part to warn Ethiopia of Eritrean capabilities should the GFDRE continue to stand in the way of the Eritrean economic vision.” Wikileaks

    Ethiopia’s biggest mistake, was opening up itself to the extent that it did, to a wolf, that wanted nothing but to exploit it for their own gains. Nevertheless Ethiopia should continue to purse peace even if our counterpart lacks any sense.

  20. Dear Aiga,
    Mr. Cohen is entitled to his view though he is a pseudo analyst hired by Shabiya to do a desperate PR campaign to save Isaias from demise. One thing is clear from his writing. He is sensing the dire situation Eritrea is in by its own making. The question is what should our government response would be to such sugar coated poison? IMHO, the government has said many times that it is willing to talk to Eritrea as long as Eritrea dropped its precondition and this stand must be respected however leaders in Ethiopia should be very careful from giving Isaias a lifeline.
    Even though peace is in the interest of both people, Isaias never sleeps as long as he is not getting his way to dismantle Ethiopia. Because he strongly believes that Eritrea can survive and prosper only when Ethiopia is divided and weak. This is his philosophy and I don’t think any thing will satisfy him.

    Another interesting thing from Mr. Cohen’s writing is that his white lie about Isaias’s connection with Al Shabab. Unless he lives in fantasy island, the recent report from the Eritrea Somalia monitoring group was suffice enough to show Eritrea’s destabilizing activities are continuing.

    For Ethiopia, investing too much on Eritrean opposition groups to free the Eritrean people and bringing stability in the country is unwise. Because they are not ready for prime time. Their daily squabble and fighting are a clear sign of their ineptness. Therefore, Ethiopia should continue its willingness to talk without selling its people in the border and it’s principle for Eritrea to stop supporting terrorist groups.

    • Dear editor,
      Thank you for raising this issue. However one first needs to put the records straight before talking about the lifting of sanctions and making peace with the EPLF.
      (1) It is important to remember that the TPLF did fight for the separation of Eritrea. Hence the TPLF is a problem. It cannot be the source or part of a solution.
      (2) When the TPLF captured Addis Ababa it wanted to dispose Eritrea as soon as possible. It ignored Mandela’s advice of maintaining the unity of the country by creating a power sharing formula between the TPLF and the EPLF. TPLF did not want to share power with the EPLF. It was quick to dispose the region without taking due care about the future of Ethiopia.
      (3) The 1998-2000 war ended without a major diplomatic gain for Ethiopia. As winner,Ethiopia should have written the terms and conditions of the cease fire. That did not happen evidently because of the gross incompetence of the TPLF regime.
      (4) The TPLF despite advice and plea from a number of individuals and groups signed article 4 of the Algiers Agreement. Article 4 is the cornerstone of the agreement. The result was predictable.
      (5) When the Boundary Commission announced its ruling, the TPLF’s foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin claimed that Ethiopia has been “vindicated” and created a false party in Addis Abeba.
      (6) The five point plan created by Meles was a face saving and time buying strategy for the regime. Meles was expected to dispose the land in return for “comprehensive agreement”; meaning the handing over of Tigrean rebels (demhit) and others.

      Therefore the issue for Ethiopia is not whether Eritrea should come back to the international community and/or whether the sanctions should be lifted. It is TPLF’s scandals that are at the center of the debate. Now the real issue for the TPLF government is Eritrea’s role in destabilizing Ethiopia, by arming various rebel groups. It is hoping that by disposing Bademe and other places in which tens of thousands of Ethiopians have been slaughtered, it hopes to prolong its rule. The article by the editor appears to be testing the opinion of the Tigrean diaspora. We must firmly reject that and make the pro-Eritrean wing of the TPLF accountable for the damage it has done.

      • I agree; Ethiopian has worse enemy than TPLF. Enemy number of Ethiopia is TPLF, period. This is not new. Meles gave badme long ago; He told to EEBC that land will be given later when Ethiopian forget the war in badme. I told AIGA once. you do not believe me. Meles told to EEBC. Badme is practically given, but because Ethiopians angry now; it can not be handed then; he told them it will be handed later. May be this article has come From Cohen, the fascist anti Ethiopian American. I believe he is being advised by the cursed TPLF leaders. Also why you posted it Aiga if it did not come from your party? You people really ill. Let me tell you AIGA, you may think you will go on blundering forever, but trust me, there will be day to reckon. Then no one will have mercy on you. We will not care if Ethiopians burn alive as bandas and traitors. You really deserve punishment by Ethiopians. You are the most disgusting leaders Ethiopia ever had. I am sometimes what type of human being. Why even you care to call yourself Ethiopian since you do not seem to care anything about Ethiopia. You seem to be continue with normal betrayal and treason activities. This is what you have been doing all along. This is really a curse to the people. I do hardly understand why TPLF spend 17 years in caves to do this dirty of selling the country. Shame.

        • Mr. Gezaee,
          Gezaee kurkur Dergi. Who are you to doubt the aim of TPLF’s struggle? Your useless tantrum shows you are still the old Gezaee derg Cadre. This is not a place to bring the Derg philosophy back to life. It is about lives lost, development, and cooperation and off course court decisions. The Ethiopian government always said it is ready to negotiate in good faith. If that is what is going to happen, everything is secondary because the benefit is going to outweigh the cost. The point is how to conduct negotiation that will result in Win Win situation. That is what EPRDF is all about.

  21. Peace is very crucial to exist side by side, but with whom?

    With Isayas, the world known crazy clown? He has already made it clear to the whole world that he not capable of making peace with anyone, and ethiopia should never talk peace with Isayas, because he is not a trustworthy, what is so ever. In addition, the Ethiopian government’s peace talk aganda with Eritrian should be about about Asab should be returned to Ethiopia without precondition if we want peace will prevail between the people, otherwise, the will be no peace….

  22. Why save a dying dictatorship? Isayas and his lapdogs should be tried for crimes against humanity. Mr. Cohen, you have not given any reason why Isayas’ government should be saved from falling. So many young Eritreans perished in the Sinai desert and the Mediteranean Sea trying to save themselves from a dictator. Isayas calls them that “they were going on vacation”. There is no way we Ethiopians can forgive a criminal who bombed and murdered kindergarten students from the air. I, personaly, would prefer his head on a platter.

    • Why save the dying dictatorship, how many times we heard, but he is alive and kicking. Lets give sense to our input. Cohen is a seasoned diplomat he knows what is happening on the horn of Africa, if USA decides has to be settled your crying will be in vain. Have a peaceful mind. 200 thosend Ethiopians in Saudiarabia why when Ethiopia is having double digit growth. 50-60 thousend migration to Yeman why.

  23. In order peace to prevail the following should be done first by Hadendawa regime,

    1. Return all goods and equipments that was stolen by the regime of handendawa that was a property of Ethiopian at Assab and Massawa port.

    2. Return all properties that was taken by the hadendawa regime that belongs to Ethiopians in Eritrea, including houses, and buisinesses.

    3. Let them openly speak to what has happened to Ethiopians that has been imprisoned in Eritrea including Pilot Bazabeh who was parodoned in Asmera.

    4.The regime of Handendawa has to formally inform the people of Ethiopian about innocent Ethiopians and Eritreans who has been abducted by the regime.

    5. There pre agreement that the regime will be responsible and there will be fatal consequences of it is in the mind of behvior of Sahel.

    6. After this Ethiopia is ready to talk and there is no way we leave Badme first and then talk and there should not be any condition to talk.

    We Ethiopian are doing better without Eritrea and let them sink in Red sea and die like the shore of Italy.

    Cheers long live Ethiopia

  24. It puzzles me why the EPRDF wants to commit historical blunders again and again. First, it allowed the treaty between Italy and Ethiopia that has officially been null & void in 1947 as a reference during the arbitration following Badme’s war. Now it wants to validate the arbitration that is technically & legally void by the actions od Shaebia. Did we forget that Shaebia confiscated their heavy armaments and kicked out the UN peace keepers?

  25. Mr herman you have a lot of homewrk at home first handover gontamoo to cubans then ect ect to the true owners of the land badme belong to ethiopia dont mess up with your mouth or join hana gobeze .we are fadeup with so called expert of evrything nonsence

  26. I heard you Mr. Cohen, but what you talking about is senseless. are you telling us to give badem for the sake of port? Have we told you that we are in dare need of port? your argument is one sided and blind. leave us alone! We are doing fine, who cares about those baby killers, please don’t bring this staff in to our memory. my great grandfathers didn’t thought me the way you are preaching me to do , they thought me to spill my blood and shatter my bone to a place where I believe it is my ancestral heritage. Mr. cohen you don’t know what is all about. I am not layman, even I am not well civilized as you, but I have instinctual intelligence which challenges the dynamics of this time. I hope the PM of Ethiopia will not attempt to go some where for negotiation. Don’t repeat the same mistake, we lost our value of devotion because of silly mistake of old TPLF leaders. the regime in Eritrea is in life support, it is a matter of months or a year. Herman Cohen is trying to resuscitate him. I hope you are not going to decide on your own, bring it to public discussion and let the people decide. the people is the ultimate factor in societal dynamics. Give a chance to the people of Eritrea to be what they feel, not to one and one person to decide the fate of that nation.

  27. No No No there should be no peace discussion with this Mafia regime let the no peace no war stand and take its course . How can you tryst this regime of shabia after all shabia is not an elected representative of Eritrean people let this regime crumble to his death and make a peaceful discussion with the real representative of Eritrean people who ever will be elected democratically . Mr Cohen, just forget about him he can say whatever he wants to say that is his opinion but what he suggest is not going to happen he should better enjoy his retirement instead of interfering in something that he has no weight at all.

    • It is not a choice it will happen, Badme will be back to Eritrea and you have no choice you will use our port with an international agreement.

  28. The Ethiopian PM should not make a mistake, let the dying regime die!! we heard before 3weeks what the Eritrean general said in Sweeden for his HIGDEF folowers.If Ethiopia did this Shabia will survive again .

  29. I think Ethiopia should continue on the “no war no peace” path because Ethiopia is doing excellent. Second, ethiopia’s diplomatic achievements are going to be washed in the drain as a result of the negotiation. But why negotiate? The diplomatic achievements are still working excellently and they will remain as efficient and effective as eritrean leaders remain in power. Remember, the Many sacrifices paid in order for Ethiopia to gain all these diplomatic achievement wasn’t to be thrown away without achieving the goals. If Ethiopian leaders think that Ethiopia will be better after making peace with the eritrean regime, I say there is something wrong with the leadership ie a traitor or immature leadership. Third, negotiations are done from the position of power. So, what types of achievements (as a result of the negotiation) would Ethiopians satisfy. Ethiopia paid so many sacrifices in order for Erirea to be independent. The pay pack ?
    Third Mr. Cohen is trying to get a job (from Eritrea), recognition, attention, etc. out of it at the expense of Ethiopia. That was what he did when the ’98 war broke. He would fly to Asmera and tell them that it was easy to defeat Ethiopia as “Ethiopians are divide among ethnic lines.” Guess what Issayas would shout back “we would leave from the occupied ethiopian territories unless the sun stops rising.” Mr. Cohen comes back to Addis and tells the leaders of ethiopia that Eritrea is stronger than ever before. So, he was adding fuel in to the boarder issue. I don’t think his article has any acceptance among Ethiopian leaders as they remember very well what he did to them. But eritrea will definitely seek cohen’s advice because he is telling that country’s leadership and its supporters what they want to hear.

  30. I believe..it is for Ethiopia advantage to make a peace with the dictator Isias than with the none organized the so called Eritrean oppositions. Think what would happen if Isias has to go tomorrow, the oppositions will kill each other and Ethiopia does not need another headache from another country next door (another being Somalia). Also if Isias has to go Eritrea’s Sahel will be a playground for aAlshaba and alike. So..Isias will do anything what Ethiopia want to make peace at this disparate time and why not Ethiopia take advantage of it?

  31. Aiga,
    Let’s be honest. History tells us Americans always favored Ethiopia over Eritrea. Now there no reason to believe that Herman Cohen is working to the benefit of Eritrea. He negotiated for the peaceful takeover of Addis Ababa and independence of Eritrea because he knew that without such arrangement and the backing of Shabia Woyane will be sandwiched between Shabia and then strongly armed OLF. Moreover during the border war, In his own words, Herman Cohen wanted Ethiopia to capture Assab before the EEBC was signed. He said “we gave them extra time to capture Assab but the Eritreans chased them out to bure”. So why is he now proposing a solution? The reason is he knows that sooner or later the sanctions on Eritrea will be lifted. With the money coming from mining and the mushrooming Ethiopian opposition groups, it is not difficult to understand what that means to Ethiopia. Associated with Ginbot 7 starting a guerrilla war there is high probability that there will be a big fault line between the Amhara and the Tigrai people. That is very dangerous for Ethiopia. On the other side having resisted the successive blows over the last ten years the shaebia is making a comeback. That is why Herman Cohen is proposing a peaceful solution. Does it mean we are going to have peace? I am not sure about that. There is no doubt the Eritrean people want peace. However the Eritrean government benefits from the current no peace no war situation. Without such situation its days will be numbered. It needs the situation to drive the thousand of Eritrean youth to the military prison. That is a big instrument to make the cities free of the youth. If not with the high unemployment rate the militarily trained youth can overthrow the government easily. Moreover despite the skyrocketing port cost the Ethiopian government (TPLF) wants the situation to keep the country in check. Having said that with help of America Ethiopia may be ready to make peace with Eritrea. I am not sure about Eritrea mainly because it does not consider the Americans as neutral mediators. So my conclusion is I do not think there will be a chance for peace.

    • @arkebe

      The topic says..time to bring Eritrea in from the cold. Kkkk

      Its not ethiopia its eritrea which stuck in the cold. All your arguments are irrelevant. Acheberbari shaabia

  32. After 13 years negotiation for what? to rescue the SHAEBIA terrorist from collapsing?First place, the Ethiopian government shouldn’t sign the Alger’s agreement and accept the EEBC that was big mistake. Keep the no war and no peace continue and let the back stabber SHAEBIA terrorist die period!

    Here is for Mr.Cohen good news
    The 5 Poorest Countries in the World
    5: Liberia, $710 GDP per capita
    3: Burundi, $640 GDP per capita
    2: Zimbabwe, $571 GDP per capita
    1: Democratic Republic of the Congo, $386 GDP per capita
    4: Eritrea, $705 GDP per capita
    War-torn East African Eritrea has had its share of violence just like Liberia, but unlike the fifth-ranked member on our list, only rumors about Eritrea’s natural resources have sprung up. Major energy and materials companies haven’t moved into this country, which saw its economy slugged by war with neighboring Ethiopia to start the millennium. It hasn’t gotten much better for the Eritrean people since, as allegations of government corruption and abuse have turned the country into a top global producer of fleeing refugees, according to United Nations investigations.

    Unlike Liberia, the situation here isn’t likely to get much better fast — for either Eritreans or global companies with African ambitions, such as aforementioned ExxonMobil and PetroChina. With Eritrea’s oil and energy situation a virtual unknown and little in the way of economic or political stability, this is a country stuck in a rut. The IMF estimates that Eritrea’s per-capita GDP adjusted for purchasing power parity will grow only around 1.7% between 2013 and 2018, a mark that will lead to the nation being ranked as the second-poorest country in the world by that time.

    Thanks Aiga.

  33. There is no need to resuscitate the dying regime of shabia.
    Ethiopia has come a long way, this far, and will never allow anybody to take us for granted any more, nor we have no obligation to baby sit anyone.
    First thing first: Eritrea should redeem itself by admitting the proxy war they’re engaged helping all anti Ethiopian elements, and most of all, to arrest the leaders of gimmo 7 terrorist group it is harboring and extradite them to Ethiopia to face justice.
    Mr Cohen must be told that Ethiopia is the one with the upper hand, and we should be the one who call the shots.

  34. There is a huge factual error in Mr. Cohen’s statement below which all the people who commented so far have missed:
    “Ethiopia’s only access to the ocean since the war began has been via the 900 mile antiquated railway from Addis Abeba to the port of the neighboring country of Djibouti at the entrance to the Indian Ocean from the Red Sea. In addition to the long distance between Djibouti and Addis Abeba, port fees in Djibouti are excessively high.”
    The error in the above assertion is that Ethiopia’s access to the port of Djibouti is not via the “900 mile antiquated railway”. Actually, the railway has been out of service for many years now. Rather, Ethiopia’s access to Djibouti is via a road link, the same as it used to be with Assab or Massawa. Furthermore, the distance from Addis Ababa to Djibouti is no further than that of Addis Ababa to Assab (Addis Ababa to Assab is 878 Km, while Addis Ababa to the port of Djibouti is 888 Km). Therefore, for all intents and purposes, the distance to the two ports is identical. Since I do not have the actual figures, I can’t comment about whether the port fees are “excessively high” or not.
    However, I kind of agree with Mr. Cohen on relinquishing Badme to Eritrea. Because, once you have agreed to accept the Boarder Commission’s decision as final and binding, well then you have no other option other than accepting and implementing the decision. You can’t just pick and choose which decisions you accept or don’t accept. After all, we had no beef with relinquishing our access to the sea when we became the first country in the world to recognize Eritrea as an independent country. If we were really serious about the interest of Ethiopia, we could have, at least, tried to negotiate with the then fledgling Eritrean government to gain control of Assab. But as we all remember, that was when the regime in Addis was in no mood to protect the interest of Ethiopia. Therefore, what is the big deal about giving up Badme now? Let’s not waste precious lives and resources on a useless piece of barren land after willingly giving up over a 1000 Km long Red Sea coast and making Ethiopia land locked forever.

  35. Why you guys not talk positive about peace? enough is enough
    During the war We lost 120,000 solders , 50,000 donkey and billions money, etc .
    In this century no body win in the battle feild. we are mature and we have to move on to respect the life of any Human being. PEACE PEACE PEACE WITH ANY ONE!

  36. Starting any negotiation with eritrea right now would be a mistake as it was a historical blunder when Ato Meles authorized the signing of the Alger’s agreement, which effectively made Ethiopia the loser country after winning the hard fought battle on the field.

    The eritean state has already crumbled and at the last phase of its ultimate death. Its shabian ideology of falsehood and anti-Ethiopian identity campaign have failed. Some quarters of the eritrean intellectual have already discredited the essence of the eritrean identity as it was fabricated by shabia, they have already admitted that the whole “struggle for freedom and independence” was a colossal mistake. The once popular Shabia and its godfather like leader have already lost their credibility as liberators of the people, and they are now waiting for their death. Add to that the absence of Libya’s and Egypt’s funding, Artera’s future never looked darker. In short, everything is in our favor. There, absolutely, no reason at all for Ethiopia to rekindle any relationship with her dying enemy.

    If we are to descuss anything with Artera right now, it has to be regarding Aseb. Aseb must be reinstated back to Ethiopia, and only after that Ethiopia will resume the normalization process and including trade. Anything short of that will be a huge mistake for the eprdf government. This is an opportunity for woyane to make amends for its past treason it has committed when it fought along side shabia and landlocked Ethiopia. Otherwise, just keep the no-peace-no-war intact for awhile and Artera will come backing begging on her knee. Be patient for awhile benatachihu, and the gain will be highly rewarding! If that fails to materialize, we will take care of it for once and all after we finish our important projects such as the GERD.

  37. Please let US not forget history of tplf/eplf that brought to us with gun point on our head by USA government Today those organization are not capable leading their own family let alone a country, so please stop whining about this to mafia organization and Fight your own fight to eradicate this bandits for mama Ethiopia for once.

  38. Here is the uninvited gust or mediator Mr. Cohen, The Ethiopian government needs to make sure for not messing and dirtying its hand from these type of people anymore. Enough is enough, and the past has to be real graduation from given your national interest on the bases of trusting friends that they will do good on your behalf. I think it was flush then and it would stupidity now. There is no reason for Hailemariam or else to inter into the land mines issue for the sake of Herman and Essayas. Watch out Ethiopian government????

  39. ኣቶ ሄርማን ኮሀን ንኢሳያስ ወይውን ንመንግስቲ ኤርትራ ካብ ውድቀት ከድሕን ኣይኮነን ዝምሕጸን ደሎ። ንወያነ ንምድሐን እምበር!!! ኣብ ታሪኽ ናይዚ ዝሐለፈ ዘመን ይኹን ሕጂ፡ ካብ ኣመሪካ ዝለድ ዜጋ ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ተሐሊቑ ዝፈልጥ ሐደካ የለን። ኣብዚ ዝሓለፈ 60 ዓመታት፡ ኣመሪካውያን ኣብ ልዕሊ ኤርትራውያን ዝፈጸምዎን ገናውን ዝፍጽምዎን ደለዉ ገበናት ርኡይ ስለዝኾነ፡ ምትንታኑ ኣየድልን።
    ኩናት ካብ ዝተጀመረሉ ሳዓት ኣትሒዙ፡ ጭፍራ ወያነ፡”ኤርትራውያን ባድመ ናይ ኢትዮጵያ ሙኻና ክሳብ ደይኣመኑ እቲ ኩናት ደው ኣይብልን ኢዩ” ብምባል፡ ክሳብ ሓይሎም ጸንቂቖም ኣብ ግንባር ቡሬ ዘፍ ዝብሉ፡ ኣስመራ ኣትዮም መሬት ኤርትራ ዝቆጻጸርዩ መሲለዎም ነየሩ። ንሶም ዝሓሰብዎን ኣብ ባይታ ዝነበረ ክውንነትን ግን ካልእ ኮይኑ፡ ነቲ ክሕሰምዎ ዝጸንሑ ናይ ሰላም ዘተ ክቕበሉ ተገዲዶም። ኣብ ናይ ሰላም ዘተ ዝኣተዉ ላህሊሆም ንቕድሚት ምቕጻል ስለዝሳኣኑ ጥራይ ኢዮም። ብቑጠባዊ መዳይ ውን እንተዀነ፡ ወያነ ብሳንቡእ ናይ ኣመሪካን ኤውሮጳንዩ ዘተንፍስ ደሎ። ኤርትራ ምስዚ ኹሉ ጸገማታ፤ ብዘይ ዝኾነ ሐገዝ ናይ ምዕራባውያን፡ ሰለይ እንዳበለት ትኼይድ ኣላ። ኩሉ ንበይና!!
    ስለዚ ኣብ ቁጠባዊ መዳይ ይኹን ኣብ ፖሎቲካ፡ ሓደ ነቲ ሓደ ክወራዘየሉ ዘይኮነስ ኣብዚ ዝሓለፈ ዓመታት ኣብ መንጎዚ ክልቲኡ ህዝብታት ዝተኸስረ ኩሉ መዳያዊ ጎኑታቱ ሪኢኻ፡ ናበይ ገጽና ኢና፡ንኸይድ ደለና እዚ መገዲዚኸ ክሳብ ማዓስዩ ከዂደና ኢልካ ዳኣ ክሕሰብ ኣለዎ’ምበር፤ ሻዕቢያ ከይጠፍኤ ሰላም የለን ዝብሀል ዘረባ ትርጉም ደለዎ ኣይኮነን።
    ቀዳማይ ሚኒስተር ሃይለማርያም ደሳለኝ፤ ምእንቲ ሰላም ኢለ ምስ ፕረሲደንት ኢሳያስ ንምዝርራብ ኣስመራውን ክኸይድ ይኽእል ኢየ ክብል ከሎስ፤ ንሻዕቢያ ንምድሐን ድዩ ነይሩ?
    ውድቀት ናይ ሻዕቢያ ድትምነ እንተሎ ኮይኑ፡ ቅድሚ ናይ ሻዕቢያ ውድቀት ምርኣዩ፡ ንሱ ክወድቕ ኢዩ።
    መብራህቱ ተወልደ ኢየ
    ካብ ጎተንበርግ ሽወደን

    • Dear Mebrhatu
      To be honest with you, with out any doubt you have been brain washed by your mentor shabia to a degree of no return . The war was the making of shibia and the end result was begging the UN at the middle of the night to stop the war after almost half of Eritrea feel under the Ethiopian army and the rest is history. Your leader Isaias and his organization shabia were ready to punch in the mountains of sahael but were saved by UN. In terms of economy see for yourself where the country is standing, majority of Eritreans are surviving by the remittance the get from there relatives abroad.Eritrea has nothing to show and sustain her economy so you better not talk about that .The poverty level inside the country can be seen by the queue lines just to get a loaf of bread or the line up to get a running water with a shortage of electric power even in the capital city Asmara. If you want to make a research you will find out that Eritrea is one of the five huge amount receivers from UN .
      so please don’t drag about others getting a hand out.Eritrea is still one of the five poorest nations in the world . Yes shabia and your psychopath leader Isaias drained Eritrea in every field you can mention off, politics,economics, social life, peaceful existence within itself and its neighbors and etc… there is no future with shabia no future with your arrogant leader Isaias, they must must go that’s is the only peaceful solution.

    • Mebrahtu Tewelde, haqi tekebel eretrawyan haki Mikibal lmedu nay mejemeria netbi niseelam nisu silezikone. Eritrea ab kunat bftsum tesaera, temberkika America adhinuni mbala alem yfelto.America ewun Kunat dew kenebke temahtsinina. meratkum arekibkum wetsikum. heziewun abti meraTna Tblwo alena fetnwo nay awarh edme Mengistikum nab mealtitat nehtsiro.aymselka Mebratu aytkun gerhi akmi merngsti artra kab nay Tigray Milsha zeyhalf yu. Niamerca dima Temesgenkuma yhaysh kab Tifat Mengistikum silezdhanetkum. Niherman Cohn ewun senay Silezhasebelkum Yekenyelna belwo.Bwegenina Herman Cohn ashaka Dile Ena niblo.Lomi Giza Tekeyru Alem dima Mis zihayele bikulu meday.Ayrdakumn Ember Sirah Diplomasy,Kuteba,Wetaderawi, Higawi Bkulu yelkumn Mezarbtkum dfima aykoninan.Mejemera Tsebay Gberu,kabue Nhigi Tegezue,Hzbkum adamtsu, nialem adamtsu tezeyele teatsikum Timotu.WEYANE/EPRDF hayal yu Niakum Aykonen Ni-Egypt Zemberkik zelo Hyliyu. You are great loosers you are aming the five poorest countries of the world.Ethiopia is beter than you. Yoor GDP is no 156 but ours is no 85 th in rank. Your per capital income is no 183 & ours is 169th stile beter than yours. Though we both are still poor we are in a better position in all aspects than you. And we have a better position for further economic growth & prosperity. We are on the truck. So we need nothing from you no need of talking unless you do what our former prime minister great leader Meles Zanawi Underlined. So the answer for Helman Cohn Is NO NO NO.

  40. I know, our people are suffering but understand with whom
    you have to negotiate. Let time take its natural coarse.
    Mr Cohen If Djibouti was far and expensive why build a modern railway
    from Addis to Djibouti?

  41. Well, it all has been said, the fact of the matter is no American like Eritrea more than Ethiopia. And Eritrea is demonized only because America wants it to be that way, not by the sole power of TPLF. So read between the lines why this man wants peace between these countries. In short, America is telling you” i don’t want to fight TPLF’s fight anymore, it does not help my cause, Ethiopia”

  42. Once Shaebia Always Shaebia. Shaebia will not change color nor attitude. Shaebia is a snake, dangerous and aimed at destructing Ethiopian unity and sovereignty. The best policy in regard to Shaebia is the status quo, even more sanctions and to exclude Shaebia from any affairs of the Horn and Africa. If Shaebia gets little power, Ethiopia is in serious danger. Shaebia is training, housing and financing ant-Ethiopia elements and terrorists in order to create havoc in Ethiopia. Shaebia is bent on disintegrating Ethiopia. Never trust SHaebia, the snake!

  43. it is not in on the Ethiopian benefit to save the last breath of Isaias. let him die and let the two people rejoin again. saving him doesn’t benefit either side. let his regime collapse and start dialogue to rejoin the two country to where they had been.

  44. It is the first time, I’m seeing an analyst of any sort acknowledging the Ethio-Eriteria war was a currency war not caused by border conflict. B/c border was simply a cover up even though the main cause was economics. And, I believe Ethiopia should concentrate more to the eastern part of horn Africa ( Djibouti and somaliland) not to the north Eriteria as a strategical goal.

  45. With all do respect to the current Ethiopian government, I believe the 95 million of the beautiful Ethiopian people have been ignored on several national issue decimation making in the past, I would thing, the current government have committed several mistakes in regard to the Eritrea’s issues. So, I would like to see the Ethiopian government should learn from the past mistakes, and represent the Ethiopian people a really good states men. Especially, the Ethiopian government should never talk peace with the Eritrea’s warlords, because it will never benefit no one…

  46. Here are the FACTS:peace should be given a priority but u proved your hate to Eritreans at all levels but prepare for miracles in Eritrea:
    -One of the fastest growing Economy in the world after Qatar.
    -One of the richest countries in resources:
    1-Massive Oil in North Massawa Port–more than that of Saudi Arabia–more than 150 billion barrels of oil
    2-70% of Eritrean Land is full of precious metals and minerals
    3-more than 300 billion dollars worth of Potash in Culluli and Bada
    4-More than 200million dollar annual income from tourism alone
    5-more than 300 million dollars annual income from Fishing industry and Salt industry
    etc—Now i see your jealousy and your cry..Good luck Aiga


  48. what’s-up aiga, you can’t even detect a wana be Ethiopian Shabian trot posting the same comment under different names, Arkebe, Teddy and what not…

    • It was because Aiga was blocking an honest and middle ground opinion that does not have any offensive words. Tell Aiga to respect their policy. As to calling the writer a shaebia which part of the opinion makes him shaebia? Do you want him to be an emotional as you are. He wants to be in the real world not in an assumed false reality.

  49. Nothing that comes from Herman Cohen can be good. He sold his advice already and we know its results. Now slowly but surely Aiga is selling out [How could you post Herman’s Cohen deranged humbug on your website?].

    Once again YEWUST Tigreans are standing ready to cover their brother’s sins on the other [burial] side of the Mereb without asking for a single atonement.

    Herman Cohen is still advising Ethiopians to drink Birra Melotti from Asmara. Just as Birra Melotti bottle label Herman Cohen’s thought is frozen in time. His advice is from a bygone century. Herman Cohen is not advising peace between Ethiopia and Shabia but he is pleading for Shabia’s life. He is denying and has denied Shabia’s nature throughout.

    How can one makes peace with a mortally wounded CHEKAGN ARAWIT?

  50. No no no not ever make the same mistake again. TPLF politics as spearheaded by Meles was peace at its foundation. For the sake of peace heavy price was paid (giving up the ports). But in the end there was none. This is exactly when TPLF politics is multiplied by big zero. After so much sacrifice was offered to the Eritreans, they came back to stab us from behind. Please dont invoke “they are our brothers” thing no more. For the somalis in somalia have their brothers in Ethiopia as well but whenever we see a threat we send our troops and we quash the threat. Here is a regime known only for decieving and create problem for Ethiopia. Sadly we all know most of the Eritreans support him whenever the call is anything against Ethiopian interest.

    There is no need to negotiate with a criminal organization. We are happy in the status quo. Its better the no peace no war than the regime is at full peace to have time to conspire against ethiopia.

    Shabia is a strategic enemy of Ethiopia so no a.y attempt should be done to save its ar#$

  51. Mr Herman’s knowledge of geography or lack of it is evidence enough to know the man is just writing for the sake of writing..how is Dijibout that is right next to asseb any more expensive than dealing with Eritrean thieves..?..there may be a few kilometers difference but given our history doing business with Eritrea will be like arming your enemy and it will have a serious political risk…Even if Eritreans tomorrow allow Ethiopia to use Assab for free, it will be at the expense of Ethiopian economy being infiltrated and sucked like a lolly-pop….Eritrea is better handled as a hostile little irritant rather than a “friend” they will never be..let’s not forget, there is only “Ethiophobia” that unites Eritreans and forms their identity..

  52. if eritrea is too cold and wants to mend fences with ethiopia, it should start with asab. lease asab to ethiopia for hundred years and the ethiopian people would be ok with implementing the unfair border decision provided eritrea stop interfering in ethiopia affair and becomes a responsible nation that respects its neighbors. but right now that is a tall order for isayas so we wait.

  53. Foreigners has never been an honest brokers when it comes to African issues. In particular the west always look African issues in terms of the west ideology and political gain in the future. When it comes to border, the west resolves the border in such away that would cause conflict and instability in the area for along time. This is done intentionally to use future political conflict as a barging chips as well as to make the people ungovernable so that the west can meddle with that particular country. Most west based institution serve the needs of the west and most interventions and negotiation that is done by the west, primarily looks into how the situation helps the west to impose its will in the future to cripple that country. Ethiopia is one of the victims of this agenda. Looking the Ethiopian map gives a good example when 93% of the population in the east coastline between Eretria and Djibouti has no access to the international water; a design of Egypt in collaboration with the west.

  54. Ethiopia should never negotiate with criminal DIA; In fact like what the French are doing in the former colony Ethiopia should support the Eritrean people to bring down dictatorship. Ethiopia have responsibility to keep peace at the horn of Africa. God bless the late prime minister for proving to the Ethiopians people Ethiopia can survive without ports.

  55. Mr. Cohen must be in love with some beautiful Eritrean women for him to write such an irrational, blind, biased, moronic and stupid piece. Shame on him!

  56. Dear Aiga,
    Thanks for posting . Countries like China, India, Singapore with large population they are in big competition in technology and development in the world from the developing countries, but our competition it seems for illegal occupation of other country with breaking of international law. Think if you are true to realize Ethiopian how much fund and loan reduced from international organization? and that lost of huge amount of money do you think compensate that arid dry empty dust land of Badme? First of all by international law it is not belong to us; second how many life lost ; third until now how much budget flow to the military stile for that area? I would say this thing miscalculated from the beginning. Multiply the money for 13 years and how many hospitals , schools, industries, roads, water supply and modern houses we would build in our country. Mr. Herman ideology i would say it is positive to make the two brothers in stable condition and two leave as neighbouring. But some of you in your comment you bush us to the endless war to put us the last of the world index.

    • Aiga/tigreans:Please be advised that leaders will pass but people and interests will live.Think for tomorrow and beyond.You seem to be excited that No peace No war tactic is working for you so as to kneel down and destroy Eritrea and Eritreans.Please learn from history.Eritreans kneel down only when they shoot and pray.It is only a matter of few yrs and history will repeat itself.You attempted every dirty trick in the world with the help of your masters–be it CIA,M16 or Mossad,etc—to reverse Eritrean Independence worth of 100,000 precious martyrs and 30yrs of devastation but to no avail or in vain.
      While you and your masters engineered the destructive strategy of no war and no peace situation(per wikileaks and per your leaders) with some temporary success leading to the exodus of the Youth and economic setback,all these will fire back and you will be the victims of these all evil tricks.
      The only and the best solution is to make peace and move forward.
      The sanctions will go away and the Eritrean economy will move fast and non-stop and soon, you will see miracles over miracles.the exodus you and your masters created will be reversed/reverse migration in the next few yrs.
      As a remibder,let me repeat the potential of Eritrea:
      1-$10-15 billion worth precious metals and minerals in the next ten yrs only
      2-$300 billion worth of potash with 100yrs of mining life
      3-$500million Tourism ,salt and fishing industry potential
      4-$multi billion red sea natural energy resource(natural dam)
      5-a multibillion off shore gas and petrolium potential in N Massawa–estimated to be worth of more than 150 billion barrels per western intelligence services.
      Keep crying Aiga.
      Good luck and may God bles you.
      peace to all.

      • This is the kind of arrogance why the two people should not reunite. People should learn humility(on both sides) learn to co-exist and think regionally(look at the European union)

        But ethnocentric, and arrogance only boils the hate.

        Whether we like it or not there is a deep rooted hate between the “people” regardless of how it originated. This has to be first uprooted before we can even continue to talk or to live together.

      • Peace, we wish you good dreams – you have the right to gream. One upon a time, when Shabia was in its honey moon, you blatantly told the world of turning to Singapore of Asia. Do you remember this when it took place? It was in a meeting at the port of Masawa before the eruption of the Ethio-Eritrean war. It was ridiculous and sheer of blaffing! Then what happened to Eritrea?Did Shabia and company lived up to their words? No, Eritrea today is a hell on earth where Eritreans are crying for help. Precious metals and other valuable minerals do help only if you have the human brain as opposed to Shabia’s brain(tota’s brain) to bring about change in Eritrea. So, dear friend, stop bluffing. It won’t help solve the acute problems of Eritrea.

      • Peace, Yegorebiet lij, you need a little patience. You seem to have frustrated a lot. We pray to God that your dreams will come true. You see, try to understand yourself. Have a little bit of respect for yourself, try to feel proud of your African identity and history. Then you will heal and assume respect. Don’t forget that Eritrea is a tiny drop of earthen on the planet with a very small population driven by sheer bluff and unfounded stories. This will take Eritreans nowhere.

        • Alene,
          Thanks for your respectful comment but regret for your belittling and underestimation of Eritrea and Eritreans.We are NOT telling bluffs and unfounded stories but well founded hard core facts.
          Aren’y we eritreans that boomed the ethiopian economy? isn’t that enough proof for you just behind your doors? Who was behind the booming of the Ethiopian Airlines, tele, hotels, tourism Transportation,etc–let’s be fair and truthful.
          Just leave us alone if you cannot swallow the truth,period.
          Eritrea is endowed with very rich natural resources
          -1200km untapped prestine coastline super rich in sea salt(the BEST), Fish,and other marine resources–worth of more than $500 million annual income
          -multibillion dollar potash with mining life of more than 100 yrs–estimated to be more than a trillion USD -the Colluli and bada projects are only a fraction of the untapped potash
          -Multibillion off-Shore and On-shore gas and oil reserves–said to be more than that of Saudi Arabia
          -at least more than 10-15billion USD worth of precious metal minig only in the next 8-10yrs
          -The potential of Red Sea-Dankalia natural dam worth of billions of dollars besides its energy and agricultural resources (you will see green Danaklia-Aseb area desert in few yrs
          -untouched Agro-animal industry potential eventhough you killed thousands of our camels
          -Best of all, the hard working untapped Human Resources
          These are not fictions or unfounded stories but based on your masters’ Western Economic Intelligence Services.
          I believe that is why your are for “no war -no peace ” approach and against peace but it will fire back at you as history is the witness.
          Wake up Dude.
          May God enlighten your people and leadership to pursue peace.
          Merry Christmas to you all.

          • Gold, potash, zinc, copper, salt and possibly petroleum and natural gas are the natural resources Eritrea possesses. However, due to colonization and continuous war, most of its mineral and other resources has not been explored and exploited to benefit the country and its people. Even though the protracted struggle for independence had made exploration and researches impossible, Eritrea, in cooperation with big exploration firms, is working hard so that the resources are used to the benefit of its people.
            Merry Christmas!

      • Mr/Ms Peace
        First of all your name does not match with your arrogance let alone your listed trash your poor Eritrea is at the bottom list every backwardness. First thing is first try to deal with the highest production of refugee to the world population. Plus try to take the bodies of the over 300 Eritreans victims of the criminal regime home.
        Need I list more misery stupid Idiot.
        Happy new year to the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia may the year be the year to bring DIA to court of law for starting the non sense war.


    • Halay,
      To hell to any relationship that favors 5 million hate-mongers over 80 million people..From the start to the end Eritrea and Eritreanism is all about proving Gedlhi constructed myth at the expense of others..If you think the issue is about border dispute you must be deliberate ignorant or a Shabian pretending to be Ethiopian..

    • Belay
      That is exactly what we Ethiopians need until you all shabias crumbled and leave Eritria for Eritrians who we can deal with.

  57. Logically, the asnwer is NO. I mean unless TPLF wants to unleash as yet another round of damage. The war as per both governments was not about Badime or Border. So, it can never be solved this way.
    Eitrea is simply a wrong country.

  58. Hi All,

    Let us just forget about Eritrea. Eritrea is a die-hard enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopian Values. PM Hailemariam and EPRDF should simply ignore Eritrea.


  59. Re-visit what? All the tenants of the Algiers Agreement had been violated by the Eritrean Government (kicked out UNMEE, encroached to the demilitarized buffer zone, & conducted atrocities in border areas).
    Regardless of what Mr. Cohen’s comments are, the Ethiopian Government should never go back and revisit any agreements; they are null and void. Let his government brings Eritrea in from the cold; not Ethiopia. We’ve witnessed that Ethiopia can live and prosper without Eritrea. Don’t get me wrong here; I’m not saying we don’t benefit from Eritrea if there was good relationship. However, the overall thinking and attitude of the government as well as a big chunk of its supporters are of empty bravado. I would rather like to see the Ethiopian Government keeps Eritrea at arms length than make any normalization. Let them sort their own house.

  60. I am all for a peaceful settlement of any dispute that Ethiopia may have with any of its immediate or distant neighbours. And if we manage to start living in peace with our Eritrean brothers, we will have pushed Ethiopia towards its development goals. And help the eritrean people to the same to theirs.
    The problem is the call for peace is coming from individuals and countries that have vested interest in keeping the PFDJ and Isayas in power. As far as Isayas and the PFDJ are concerned it is business as usual. They are still training would be terrorists to send to Ethiopia, they are funding the dissemination of miss information and they are constantly telling the Eritrean people to be prepared for the non-existing ‘Ethiopian invasion’.
    For any Ethiopian who has followed our history since the Italian occupation, the typical Eritrean exports to Ethiopia were and still are hatred, intrigue and war. The Ethiopian people fought two successive regimes, there by enabling the EPLF to take over Eritrea. In exchange for our troubles what we got is war and back stabbing. There is nothing in their literature past or present that condemns Italian or Arab domination of that part of Ethiopia. For Eritrean leaders of the last 50 years, whether it is Awote or Isayas, the solution they adopted for all their perceived problems is the destruction of Ethiopia. Any Ethiopian who thinks Ethiopia will experience peaceful cooperation from Eritrea while Isayas and the PFDJ are in power is wishing the impossible. Norman Cohen doesn’t have Ethiopia’s interest. He once opposed the attack on the Islamic council of Somalia claiming they were a stabilising force for Somalia. He also claims that Eritrea is threatened by Islam fundamentalism, really? How is it possible for a country to support jihadists and fight them at the same time?
    As for me the existing policy isin fine working condition. . Keep our borders tight and trade with other friendly countries. Let the eritrean people remove the regime that is in their way of peaceful coexistence with their brothers south of the border. If the policy of no war , no peace wasn’t working Isayas wouldn’t have made the obscure overtures towards peace with Ethiopia that he is supposed to have made. And his friends wouldn’t readily come to his rescue at the eleventh hour of his tyrannical life. Isayas and enemies of Ethiopia had been wishing the victory of Eritrea over Ethiopia. When they saw that wish was farfetched they are making a u turn in order to achieve their goals from the back door. Let’s keep it it that way. Let’s make Isayas and Eritrea irrelevant to Ethiopia. Ethiopia shpoould not listen to lobbyists of any kind.

  61. Lets forget it, the inside inferiority between you, Tigre & Ertra . peace will bring everything good for both of you.
    On Ethiopian said we all know you are crying , begging to talk to Esayas Afewerki 72 or 80 time including Turkey, Russian,Qatar with 300 Megawatt ,we Ethiopian know all pressure on Eritrea UN sanctions , 2000 Eritrean soldier in Somalia all this is not working to down shebia it become the opposite. G7 , DEMHIT , OLF….. 50,000 armed rebels.Fainaly the US come to save your face.
    on Eritrean said i believe i don’t know more about Eritrea but Esayas realize he is geting old he cant continue like this he have to bring young, if he like it or not . He want talk but he need face saving . But Ethiopian opposition we need to strong we never know what gone happen ,Hope Esayas keep his word. we need united like weyane tigre, otherwise we are like this for anther 21 years .

    • DF
      All your above comments are fabricated from die hard Shabia supporter like you and on those group who you said they are training by Shabias are a losers like we did to you during last war and you learn a lot and nothing but forcefully to behave like a child but now you are exposing your self for last time to survive when our defense forces comes after both of you. These time there will be no International rescue like it happen last time until we reach Asmara and remove your dictator and bring him to justice.

  62. I belied in peace and in good neighboring,with the Eritrean people.
    but i don’t believe their precedent.special at this time when every Eritrean had
    enough with there mad dog leader,he is in the declining to his grave,if not believe me
    he well abandon his people or he well run away like Mengestu,believe me
    what ever he is offering to Ethiopia, is not the real deal.
    in his manipulative mind, he is train to ease the pressure from the out side world and from his Owen people to extend his power.
    let me ask this to any one what did Ethiopia lost from all this ?i mean we lived much better than expected with out Eritrea!
    we are in the write direction for our country & our people !
    we lived for the past 22 years with out any port we are so proud !
    but look at the port of Asseb or Massawa just only for domestic use for Eritreans
    only. so we are better of with out the shabia government !
    so i believe if the Ethiopian government wont’s to negotiation with the ding re gem of Eritrea, they really need to be hard and bold.

  63. Am not talking for Eritrea ,we need to admit how G 7 and other are big. Please don’t full yourself like Derg. Tomorrow u will ask G7 and others . Aiga is narrow regionalst website .

    • In your little mind, they are big. Ethiopia is not bothered by the part time politicians like Birhanu and Andalkachew. It ain’t asking anyone to do PR campaign like Issu who is desperate and frustrated as his investment on Al Shabab, G7 and TPDM is not producing what he had wished for years. Ethiopia can be alright with the no war no peace policy though the suffering of the Eritrean people will continue under the brutal dictator. Morally, Ethiopia should do something to end the suffering of the innocent Eritrean people without giving Isaias a lifeline.

  64. It looks like Herman cohen needed some elementary geography lesson on the location of ports in the region before he embarked on his idiocy ..There may be a few kilomaters difference between the distances to both ports(Assab and Dijibouti), but I am afraid the difference isn’t worth ethiopia arming it’s stratagic enemy, since doing business with Shabia would simply translate to doing business with Mosolini….But it is unfortunate that the supposed expert on african issue Herman cohen is still stuck with old thought about who needs who the most…It would certainly be foolish for Ethiopia to rush to normalization with a country Eritrea let alone with the regime……….oh, by the way, let’s not delude ourselves in to thinking this man’s sudden appearance is out of concern for any of us, this is a calculated and timed appearance to avert the uncertainty that might follow the inevitable fall of Shbaia…It is about shielding an area from being a terrorist heaven against the west….nothing to do with our peaceful co-existence….self-serving as usual.

  65. Keep crying Aiga/gheza Tegaru.
    Mr Cohen tried to help you in 1991 but he failed to stop The Eritrean de Facto Indpendence then he advised and helped you with all ways he could including financially,militarily and logistics wise and even he advised you to go to hell to capture Aseb but ,in his own words,the Shaebia chased you out and still he saved you from being another dergue where the furious EDF were ready to handover Finfine to its owners.
    And now, he is trying to save you before it is too late.You better accept his little advice before it is too late.
    The only thing Eritrea will need in the future is just a fraction of that pending huge chunk of money and sit down and remotely do its business and fxxk you once and for all, if you do not leave Eritrea alone.
    All the best Aiga/Gheza tegaru.

    • Hide your shame Mr. Pseudo peace. TPLF was, is and will be at the forefront to fight for Eritrean independence despite the strong opposition from the majority of Ethiopians. You are living in fantasy land when you say that Shabiya defended Assab and other territories from the gallant Ethiopian forces during the 1998 war. I don’t want to call names who saved Shabiya from demise. Because let me give him his deserved respect as he isn’t with us any more. You make me laugh! Instead of bragging, why don’t tell your lunatic and drunkard man to take back his awarded territories? Your empty bravado for the last ten years bears no fruit. Keep bragging as usual.

  66. I am one of many Ethiopians who is dismayed with the Algers Agreement because history has been reversed . Eritrea came to the table empty handed , got Badema ,and got some territories that doesn’t historically belong to Eritrea. Herman Cohen is not an honest broker . Cohen only looks for US interest in the region. Cohen feels there is a power vacuum after Prime Minister death as well as some TPLF leadership change. I do whole heartedly believe Mr. Cohen is plotting to weaken Ethiopia without any concession from Shabia.I think it is a raw deal the government in Ethiopia has to be suspicious of Mr. Cohen’s motive.

    • Cohen, is an American imposter imperialist who can do anything for what he call his country’s interest, even if it requires killing the 94 million Ethiopians, Cohen will not stop from being an imposter. Who now invited him to be a mediator? Is this democratic for him? is this American democracy for us? He has to tell us what we must do? This is sheer racism, sheer ignorane, sheer arrogance and sheer primitivity , sheer backwardness. Does Cohen know Ethiopian do not know him? He does not have any right to make decision for the 94 million Ethiopians who have never even heard his name or his existence on this planet? Does Cohen has a brain at all? or He is just intoxicated by his skin colour or by being American ? Why he think he can propose to Ethiopian what to do? This reminds me a story a Canadian soldiers told me one day. A Canadian soldier was in Afganistan with American soldiers. Canadians are very sensitive and understand other cultures, but the Americans do not. A Canadian soldiers who returned home tells me the story that Americans soldiers force Afganistans to replace their flag and they force them to sing Britney spears song. I swear, I can not stop laughing. He says it is very embarrassing for Canadians. Canadians go with a clear mission to help people, but Americans go to hoist their flags by replacing other countries flags. Their insensitivity and crudeness is hard to understand. You can see Cohen almost doing the same thing. He would not mind forcing us to replace our flag with American flag.

      Anyway, we Ethiopians are God fearing people. Cohen must not think he is our God. He must stop imposing himself like he is doing. We do not need his advises or counsel or recommendation. He must grow up; I guess he is an old man, but yet he is still insensitive to other people’s culture, interest. Mr. Cohen, we do not damn care about your skin colour or you being American citizen. You must stop imposing yourself on others because you think you are smarter. You devices will benefit neither Eritreans or Ethiopian. You have been meddling for many decades in the Ethiopian affaires? it seems now you craving to keep on meddling?

      You are irritating us; we love our country as you do love your country. We have national feelings like you. Ethiopia a giant country with long history; it is not 100 years old like your country. Please mind your business and leave my country alone.

  67. Ideally, a win-win situation would have been a great idea. We should normalize the relations and have a bilateral agreement that benefit the two countries.

    I found Mr. Cohen’s writing one sided and too obvious that he sympathized with the Eritrean government. The irony is he still wants a normalization to start. When he has a one sided opinion how could a sane person think that the other party will accept?

    I think sonner or later the normalization will happen whether we like it or not. But when a normalization starts the following events will happen:-
    1) Badem will be given to Eritrea- Creating an uproar and sending EPRDF to its graves

    2) The tension between the two people will intensify. Because the two leadership have planted a hate seed in every one’s hearts as evidenced in the many songs on both sides and as evidenced by the many writings (even those of us who live in the democratic world)

    3) The current corruption we see in both countries(power and monetary corruption) will be intensify(we all recall how trade was being handled few years ago when we were friends)

    So until both countries come to their senses and educated their people about regional cooperation, brotherhood and mutual respect. Peace will not come.

    What we see is one government insulting the other(not even addressing themselves properly instead calling each other as “Shabia” and “Weyane”, expecting the people to leave their animosity and become friends is being “Mamo Kilo”

  68. We Ethiopians must always remember our Afar brothers and sisters who were forcefully annexed with Eritrea in the pretext of giving away Assab Port to Eritrea. Afar people always claimed that they are Ethiopians. Therefore, we should intensify their struggle so that they can be free and have a referendum to join Ethiopia with Asab port. We have to assist them militarily as Eritrea is also assisting Alshebab, OLF and ONLF. Ethiopia must train and create a viable and formidable opposition party that shakes the regime of Eritrea. It is not fair to give away more than 1000 KM red sea coast to 5 million people while 90 million are land-locked. We have to negotiate peacefully or fight to get back Asab port which is ours.
    Besides, Badme issue is dead because the man who signed Algiers agreement and consented with secession of Eritrea is gone for good. We have a new administration now and it has to raise an issue of border settlement with Eritrea in a proper manner without any intimidation of the ghost of Isaiyas as it happened to Meles and his surrogates. We have to revoke all former agreements which were disadvantageous to us and which were done without consulting our people. It was dictated upon us in order to fulfil the covenant between Shabia and TPLF in the jungle. We have to continue to demand for our port Asab and for our Assab people who were betrayed by our former leader who claims to know all for us and for future generation. In my opinion, we should not have to entertain Cohen’s arguments which are partial and for the benefit of Eritrea. Mr. Cohen must stop his advocacy for Eritrea and misleading our people and leaders as he did 22 years ago.

  69. Those so called oppositions are problem maker, they do not want to see a stable, secure and peaceful mutual relationship the neighbor countries. They are war and conflict drummers, failed politics with nor public representation they are barking in the zero ground, no national visions and long sighted political strategies. We as a people of the eastern Africans we need peace, democracy, and human freedom under any circumstance to overcome starvation, poverty, drought and human made or natural made disasters. we know the political humiliation, military destruction practically. No society can advantaged from war and conflict it is not optional. we do not need lobbies or advocates to tell us what to in our great land we know common good and our common problems. we are the drivers of our lives. We are not waiting instructions from the traditional neo-liberalists who failed to solve their own internal economic and political crisis. We know what to do.
    We are not living in the past and in the future we are living in the present, we can learn from our past experience the planning in the future. We have more than enough well educated human resource: such as economists, Lawyers, engineers, Doctors, teachers, Scients, philosphers, sociologists, and political analysts. We are ready to challenge our natural problems and to look into our future. So, Mr Herman Cohen is a retired man he played game in the past but his playing card is worn out no more no less. Our mind is open now enough is enough. He should left up his leg from the hot stove.

  70. One in a million fair assessment of the situation in these country made a big splash in these forum. How long do you think the truth be remained buried. And PIA and Eritrean people are one so leave Isayas from this issue as your excuse.
    USA did the following
    Approved and aided Invasion of Weyane
    Protect implementation of border decision
    Human Trafficking
    Isolate Eritrea poetically and economically
    After all these, The US’s interest in the horn is compromised more than ever and they are trying to amend it. Even you keep Bademe and refuse for peace talk, all we want is Washington to be fair to us. You have Eritrean opposition in Ethiopia and we have our own. It seems fair to me. You don’t have a saying what Washington should or shouldn’t do. It is all about , there is no permanent enemy but permanent interest. Ethiopian gov. is irrelevant to us.

  71. Does not matter weather it has been started by late PM Meles Zenawi or not. It will be wise to look on the principles. The principle behind the stand of PM is simply tells conflicts of any kind only be solved by negotiations and working together, no other solution is sustainable that would benefit both sides. It should therefore be clear that we should look on the principles than making them Meles or Hailemariams administration issues.

    Hailemariam therefore should think what principles to follow for his own legacy and better situations in east Africa.

    As to me Meles Zenawi principle was right and very responsible approach to the problem, if we fail to adopt those principles sooner or later we will be in other brewing issues that would put us on vicious problems that might pass to generations.

    After saying all that my wish and my all time wish is that Eritrean to think as modest and calm people towards thier neighbors and particularly. Positive attitude towards Tigreans. The time they fail to the nonesensical diatribes and ego driven bloated attitudes, they will only harvest nothing but misery and failure.

    The issue therefore be to all Eritreans not to Herman Cohen or any politicians or intellectuals. Eritreans should know what they want? This question might seem simple and some naive idiots might answer it in one or two words but the answer is not as simple as ABC , it needs sober and farsighted analysis and answer.

    It is therefore up to the Eritreans to choose n how they should be treated by Ethiopians, other neighbors or me a single guy who is trying to share my ideas.

  72. I completely know this article was written by anti Ethiopia a hired individual.history had proved to date anything and everything Eritrean is a Menes to Ethiopia.eritrea has nathing Ethiopia needs what Ethiopia must do is it’s strategical interests by any means necessary including the red sea in which it is historical and natural rights of Ethiopia.as for Eritrean dreamers once again to became Singapore in the expense of Ethiopia is unthinkable to the majority of the Ethiopian people.eritreans enjoy your freedom you are harvesting what you sew.those of you lapdogs pretending as Ethiopians join your brothers you cannot have it both ways.

  73. Aigaforum just for your info. the Eritrean opposition groups are so scare of peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia and they are sending their folks to come here and act like Ethiopians that do not favor peace between the two brotherly people. I have been to Eritrea and Ethiopia recently and no matter what most of the diaspora opposition of both governments say the people want peace, because that is what brothers need to do settle their difference and work against poverty just like what I witnessed in Tigray, instead of warmongering by sitting behind a computer in a far away land….
    I wish peace comes to all the Habesha people plus the entire horn africa.
    Dani Wedi Keren

    • Is it just me or the so called opposition of Eritrean and Ethiopian government want war again and again..? It is really sad to have irresponsibly opposition groups who advocate day in and out war and destruction to their fellow human beings while enjoying life in the west as a refugees.

      • Dan
        We can deal with your oppositions but we can’t deal with die hard supporters like you and your one man leader period.

  74. Why after 23 years sir, you are talking about eritrea and ethiopia peace.
    Are you not the one you have created this situation with your Jew and Egiptian state.
    You sacrified the Eritrean and Ethiopian people for your goal to save your Jew Brothers to make peace with Egypt.It is not like this Mr, Cohan.?
    I am sure you have used Issayas Afewrki to do these Dream of Rgypt an Isreal disintegrate ethiopia and eritreans. Eritreans Foolsh as we are we collaborate fully to this will of Isreal and egypt, killing and destroying our ethiopian brothers and siters and vis versa.
    why Mr. Cohn you start to talk after 23 years about this issue of eritrea and ethiopia , it is not enough for you the blood these people havr paid and still paying.
    I can understand the American polotics, and I am sure you are regrating the ethiopian disintegration.
    During that time, you profered small and manegabel Eritrea than big and faithful ethiopia for you and Isreal. You sadisfaid Egypt by weaking Ethiopia in order that Ethiopia can not prodper by doing infrastructure as what she is doing. Ethiopians and the hard Worker Eritreans was engaged on doing war for 30 years to satsfy the Egyto-Israel interest.than to satisfy thier own interest.
    Now you understood that it was better to be good friend with united ethiopia than disintegrated it ethiopia with the port of Aseb and Masawa.
    It is to late sir, it is better for Ethiopia as it is, and Dijubuti was always the port of ethiopia since the italians occupied Eritrea and the eritrean brothers want to kill and comand ethiopia throug Asab and Masswaw the same intention of the italians.
    For your information Dijubuti is nearer than Asab, and ethiopia is constructing a good infrastructure to facilitate the things. On the same time you have to ynderstand the port of eritrea are usful for Tigrai, half Gonder and half woll. If we make economical calculation, it is better for ethiopia all the ports of Berbera, Meksdisho, Lamu and some times if the infrastructur consents even port Sudan is easyer than massawa to Metema.
    Al these showes that the red sea is not important to ethiopia, if you want come and take it as your former plane to control the Arabs or Iran with eritrean regime.
    Don’t worry the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea are in peace even now, your Friends Issayas and the Ethiopian regime are not in peace, so try to help your two dogs and thier support, regarding the people of ethiopia and eritrea don’t worry sir we are always in peace., if remove your dogs now after two hours we shall it and dance togther as before.
    Do you know why you walk up now after 23 years.
    1. Your calculation about your dogs was wrong they lat you done, and now they sre dying or they are olready dead
    2. Your dog Isayass was not intelligent as your CID of Kagnew was telling you.
    3. Eritrea can not help America to fight the terrorist as ethiopia is doing
    4. The Sinost stat of Isreal your Master is in trable because in the arab world there is a big change
    5. The Brother Hood in Egypt are anti Americans, with your failed analysis of arab friendish by sacrifying ethiopian unity
    Ethiopia should calculat every thing before to make peace wit this regime, no benefite ethiopia will gain from this peace with this regime, it is better to wate and see.

  75. Dear AigaForum, thank you for presenting such an interesting idea. I always admire the good deeds of the government while criticizing constructively on other issues where the government didn’t perform well. But, this issue is one of my exceptions that needs separate treatment.

    There is nothing wrong with Mr. Cohen. Let us think constructively. Here are my comments.

    1) Emotions are always emotions. They make us blind and irrational. I think we should open our eyes and see things not only from their short run benefits, but also from long run perspectives.

    2) No need to argue about who started the war. That is not relevant. Shabia may have started the war given its arrogance and behavior. But, that doesn’t give us the magic bullet, neither is necessary for peace. Let us keep it ‘bikidunu’.

    3) This is one of the issues that the Ethiopian government got it wrong from the outset. I repeat from the outset!! Let us admit that the Ethiopian government acted arrogantly and irresponsibly in handling the border issue and the whole process in the formation of the state of Eritrea.

    4) Let us assume full military response was necessary and was the only option. Given this assumption, the Ethiopian government did great job in mobilizing different sections of the society and defend the country. They won the battle in the field only to lose it on paper. This always makes me sick and left me without any logic to explain.

    5) Coming to the Arbitration, the government could have consulted the educated section. I know some of the educated Ethiopians are power hungry, arrogant, and irresponsible. But, there were many brilliant and responsible educated Ethiopians who always wanted to help their county. The government could have consulted these people about what to ask, which documents to present, and other related issues in the arbitration process. The people won the war only for the government to robe their victory. What a history!! When I think Atse Minilk’s victory in Adwa only to lose it on paper following the treaties of 1902, 04, and 06; and When I think the current government’s victory only to lose it on paper in the arbitration process, I wonder if it is luck or fate that we are always the losers.

    6) The surprising thing here is why the very same government who accepted the arbitration decision would refuse to implement the demarcation. Isn’t it strange? I can’t justify why the government keep it for 13 years. I repeatedly hear from higher officials that they need to talk and they need assurances that we get peace by giving the land, etc. The government should have implement the decision and see what happens. If Shabia agrees for further talk on peace that is fine, otherwise I can’t see why the government refuses the implementation. I couldn’t understand the tricks. However, this doesn’t mean we will not hold the government accountable for its irresponsible and arrogant acts.

    7) Coming to the solution: it is important to think that Eritreans are our brothers and giving the land doesn’t mean we lose it. We are just giving it to our brothers even if it is unfair. We need to understand that we can only grow via cooperation and the border issue is harming all of us. Let alone the small Badme, we should be ready to give farming lands for our Eritrean brothers instead of leasing it to Indians for insignificant money. It is only in this spirit that we help each other. The government should implement the decision without any precondition and see what happens next. Having said this, the government must admit and apologize to the people for its irresponsible and arrogant acts. It should also allow an independent body to investigate the whole process and bring those responsible to justice if there were deliberate actions and decisions!!!

    Although these are my personal perceptions, if there are evidences to show that it is me who completely got it wrong not the current government, I can be corrected.

    • Shabia, why you pretend as if you Ethiopian? why not the Eritrean give the land to their brothers ? You are trying to hide yourself ,but you can not hide? You can tell all this your mama Shabia.

      • @Gezaee, don’t be emotional. Try to understand what I have said. It doesn’t probably matter who I am. What is important is the contents of my idea. If you disagree, prove me wrong in a civilized manner.

        • You said Ethiopians must give the land, because they are giving the land to their brothers? I asked why the Eritreans side do not give to their brother Ethiopians ? You argument is very weak. I am not even in the idea of give and take myself. In the first place I do not recognize Eritrea as a country. This has been my believe ; This is not because I hate Eritreans; no, no, big no. I completely believe the 30 years and 17 years was wrong and was /is not in the interest of both people. Time has proved that. Neither Ethiopians nor Eritreans are benefitting. Actually, it affecting other countries beyond Ethiopian and Eritreans. Somalians can get peace because of Shabia proxy war. If 30 years war was to make more war? yes, 30 years Eritrean was done for Egypt ; the sponsor was Egypt.

          I am opposite to you; there is no need for a country called Eritrea. It is not even in the interest of mindful Eritrean. According to me, no deal after now but uniting the people and all live in peace and go to work and school and live normal life. No need for Cohen, …. x, y, z. No badme, no Asseb, …. the people will be one; We will realize one by ourselves. We have seen now what woyane got and what Shabia got. They have nothing new than keeping the people in perpetual war. This is not a solution.

          • @ Gezaee, nice to see you back in a civilized discussion and thank you for your understanding. It is not a problem that we may or mayn’t have opposite ideas on this issue. That is not a problem at all. That is normal. What is important is we discuss and share them with evidences in a spirit of brotherhood discourse.
            Coming to the point, I completely agree with you that there is no need, to begin with, to have a country called Eritrea. They are our brothers and we are meant to be together. So, I don’t disagree with you in this respect.
            Now, what I am saying is given the fact that Eritrea has been already created, what so ever the process was, what shall we do? Until time comes for our Eritrean brothers to recognize their identity and fate is meant to be with their Ethiopian cousins, we should keep our brotherhood with them. The question here is can we say that you are our brothers but that depends on one condition, you being Ethiopian? That doesn’t make sense.
            Should we keep the ‘no peace no war’ notion? Is it helpful? The Ethiopian government, God knows why, has made gross mistakes in the arbitration process. And the arbitration body has made its decision and our government has ‘arrogantly’ ‘foolishly’ ‘irresponsibly’ accepted the decision. Therefore, the only option left is to implement the decision not to keep hostage of our Eritrean brothers by their own government and the Ethiopian government. Therefore, the Ethiopian government should apologize to the people and allow independent body to investigate why certain things happened this way instead of that way. And if this body found that there were in fact deliberate actions and decisions, those responsible should be brought to justice.
            When I say we are giving the land to our brothers, I acknowledged that it is unfair because it was our government who robed us the victory, of course a victory on our brothers. But, that is the only option to do, to implement it. Keep the brotherhood with them. Keep them close. Convince them that they are more important to us than their land or ports. Then, who knows, we may come back together to be a great, stable, economically developed, and democratic country.

    • All well said except your item 7. I feel that the “they are our “brothers” sentiment” only exists on the Ethiopian side.

      The feeling should be mutual. Esayas Afework once said you can not clap with one hand.

      The brotherly feeling should be mutual until then what ever we say is is going to come back like a boomerang

      • @Mamo Kilo, I could fairly understand what you mean. But, the point is they are really our brothers. The justification of our brotherhood shouldn’t depend on what they say. It is true that Shabia fanatics have been barking here and there to create a false identity. But, we don’t have scientific evidence to substantiate that majority of Eritreans don’t treat us as their brothers. I could boldly claim that their brotherhoods to us has declined due to Shabia propaganda, but it is not still dead. Let us hope there are still magic bullets to the job 🙂

        • Goytom.


          You did not have to respond if you did not understand, least you could do is ask what I mean. How do you respond if you do not understand what I said earlier?

          But since you insisted .. let me try to briefly summrize again in few words.

          No body is denying the relationship we “had” with our norther cousins. They are close to Ethiopians in language, culture etc.

          But as we all know they seceded from Ethiopia. The relationship with Ethiopia got worse after the session.
          The hate and despise towards Ethiopians got intensified But this despise hate is a deep rooted thing. That existed way before the session. This is a fact.

          So when you preach about brother hood that only gets into a deaf ear as it takes two to tango.

          The current Eritrean government was preaching hate to its people, preaching superiority over their Ethiopian cousins, preaching about the glorious fighters, etc instead of preaching brotherhood and fraternity.

          This can only be resolved by educating the people and meeting half way.

          Now you are telling us it is ok to give “Bademe” for the sake of brotherhood? Dude. What is it that they offer to us in return? why do we always have to give and not get somehting in return. Always?

          If it was possible to bring peace by showing “brotherhood” Teddy Afro’s song “Dahlak lay lesera bets”” would have been enough.

          • Mamo Kilo, I am sorry to say this, but you turn the discussion to be childish. Like you said, may be I don’t understand what you mean neither do I in your second post and it seems neither will I understand in the future 🙂 Take it easy and let us conclude our discussion here.

          • Mamo thankyou for your patient wise response for Goitom.But it is clear that this gay is an Ignorant shaebia cadre tring to mislead ethiopians.As to our past history Erireans were our brothers & will be our brothers in the future.But this does happen only when their mindset comes to the fact on the ground.Eritreans are poor that should strugle for prosperity.One thired of the peaple are Still out side their nation sory to say ” Kedemti.” The gov’t kill its peaple arest with no justice & their people unable to free them selves. we can say lots of things about this dark nation .Being the most poor nation in the word having the source of refigues to the east africa, europ,us & the midle east. what they say an empty & so many times they lie as it makes their life.what I am pointing is that we will not talk with an old ding regime & leadership that doesn’t have new idea or ready to change his old ideas.when we see practical change on the graund on Eritrea have at least free pres for their people speak & listen his ideas, have peace full foreng policy, respect your neibour countries.Think your resource is your people fleeing your country.On the other side Ethiopia is a big nation that can even dismantle Eritrea for ever, & respect it.Remember there will not be any chance remaining for you.First comes the peace deal then later will come about what you will give & what we will.This is the only way.Long live Ethiopia.

      • @Addis, I think we should be careful not to dilute facts with myths and fictions. It is true that there are arrogant Eritreans, who claim they are the super, smart, and civilized people. I once remember one Eritrean claiming it is them who thought us how eat pasta. The funny thing is not the claim, but his consideration of ‘showing how to eat pasta’ as their superiority in IQ over Ethiopians. But, Like I said in the above comments, we don’t have scientific evidence to substantiate the claim that majority of Eritreans are stupid and arrogant. It worthy for us to stick to the fact and the fact is they were, are, and will be our brothers. Our fate is meant to be tide together. So, let us hope for the MAGIC BULLETS 🙂

  76. It passes me off when some useless thugs interfere in our affairs to sneak in and expand their interest. These fugitive thugs talk about normalization but infact they are trying to renew the conflict. So as for us Ethiopians , for the normalization to occur the following must take place;
    1, For us to go back and accept the EEBC decision, the EEBC must provide land , homes for the Ethiopians lost everything as a result
    2, The residents of badime must choose whether they want to remain Ethiopian or Eritrean without displacement
    3, as a land for peace proposal, Eritrea must give asab outlet inexchange of badime permanently

    The ethiopian gov should not and would not make a deal should any of the above don’t take place. We operate based on a win win solution. Otherwise we don’t need that thiny troubled country and it’s uncivilized monster creatures.

  77. I do appreciate the idea of Mr.cohon but I would like also to ask the assistance secretary about the real point of the issue ? Mr. secretary do you realy realy know Essayas Afrwerki’s nature ? Did you try to follow up some of his speeches for the last ten years forget for the time being his actions both inside and outside of Eritrea. Essayas does not accept diplomacy , negotiation and give and take. All the above points I mentioned are alien to Essayas.

  78. Mr. Gezaee,
    Who are you to doubt the aim of TPLF’s struggle? Your useless tantrum shows you are still the old Gezaee derg Cadre. This is not a place to bring the Derg philosophy back to life. It is about lives lost, development, and cooperation and off course court decisions. The Ethiopian government always said it is ready to negotiate in good faith. If that is what is going to happen, everything is secondary because the benefit is going to outweigh the cost. The point is how to conduct negotiation that will result in Win Win situation. That is what EPRDF is all about.

    • Arkebe, aka Shabia dog. TPLF = SHABIA; no difference for me. You do not know me you dog. You really dog. You are forcing me to insult you. I did not say anything derg. You call me derg because you did not like my comments? I know who I am, Wedi Kelbi. I am not dirty business like you. TPLF and Shabia has no the capacity to solve the problem; but they can make only make it worse. Arkebe Shabia, you are the one who caused the 30 years war and the destruction and blood-shed. Even derg could be dictator but derg would not have destroyed lives the way it did, if you did not exist. You are started the bloody war and caused too much suffering and bloody war. Whether you are Shabia or woyane, you have no the capacity to solve the problem. Because you are all after power, not after people interest. If you people interest was your agenda, you would not divide the people in the first place. Arekebe = evil devil.

  79. The devil you know …………… i think considering the ‘ unknown’ which will succeed the Despot in Eritrea., it is probably better to deal with him on a ‘ favorable term’. Ethiopian needs are minimal compare to the benefit Eritrea will get from cheap energy to fresh produce and probably fresh water like Djibouti. The Dictator won’t have any scapegoat, thus bringing fundamental realignment of priorities. Ethiopia will benefit in the long run from a ‘ lukewarm’ reapproachment. There wont be two hundred thousand strong military along the border some of whom have been busy with the local belles. Assab should be leased at a favorable term in any case, be it with the help of outsiders like Qatar. As it stands, most of Eritrean imports trek from PORT SUDAN, thus Assab port and the refinery are idling. If we bring the South Sudanese to the equation, the benefit will be mutual for both Ethiopia and Eritrea. Allowing the revival of Assab, will not substitute the sophisticated port of Djibouti, but competition will sure lower our cost there which reaches close to a billion dollars. Considering Djibouti is a member of the Arab league which can be influenced by our arch foes in the LEAGUE, not bad to have alternative outlet to the sea.

  80. I am Eritrean and never been fond of EPLF or even the fake independence..Saying that ,I think of the young Eritreans through no fault of their own find themselves in a fake country with fake identity ,living hell on earth..& I also want to be fair to the Ethiopian people & government….So my solution is ,as there is no other solution (with the confused ,non existent Eritrean opposition)..it is better Ethiopia somewhat ¨normalize¨it´s relationship with Eritrea..if noty ,a disintegrated Eritrea is going to be a big problem to the region and specially to Ethiopia .Countrie have no friends ,but interests…Ethiopia has been the exception and God bless you for that .I do not see any other way ..Ethiopia needs Assab ,Eritrea needs life .As much as I find it nauseating to prescribe normalization with EPLF /PFDJ ,the other alternative would not be desirable.

    Thank you


  81. I personally believe that the EEBC has to be reversed and form another body who can solve the boundary Issue. The problem with Eritrean Gov and ppl is not the boundary or economic issues it is their believe “Eritreans are better than Ethiopians” which is the secrecy of colonization motto “Divide and Rule”. ጣልያኖች የቀበሩት ቦምብ፡፡ In addition to this I agree with Addis ….’the problem is their self hate and hate to be who they are, unless they can’t come out of this hate disease it will be dangerous to make any kind of peace with people of eritrea or the gov. ‘

    The better idea is lets discuss all intellectuals from both sides, until Isayas die, the pros and cons of federation with full autonomy of Eritrea. Not forget we are going to form One state of Africa in the near future.

  82. Mr. Cohen, we thank you for your comment on Ethiopia-Eritrea relation. One think we cab be sure about diplomatic relation is that, marriage is performed at your own convenient. When time permits they will sit down and negotiate for their own benefit. There is no urgency now to sit down, the pain is still too fresh and harsh for both country. It is easier say than done. For outsiders to write nice word is much simpler than experiencing. One thing we sure about Eritrea dictator Afworki is that he is running out of options. He has tried everything and failed. Ethiopia has becoming the symbol of democracy, and his people are sheltering refuge everyday that is the kind of nation he is leading president for life. America might benefit from stabilizing the area controlling the loosed shebab-shabia and their sponsors. Other than to flood the recuperating Ethiopian economy, we will create more problems. The simple formula for negotiating would be to sit down and talk. My guess Is that as long as Issays is alive, you will not see normalization between these two countries. The issue is Eritrea’s main Shabia party, if loosen they will cause all kind of hostilities; illegality; money laundry, human trafficking, equipment smuggling and killing, you name it waiting to happen. It is better to keep them under tighter controlled mechanism, they are north Korea of Africa. ultimately Ethiopia does not need Eritrea economy, land, people, sea, militarily or anything else. Practically there very little benefit for Ethiopia to bring in Eritrea, that is whey formula of less desire to engage. Leave Eritrea out in the cold.

  83. Dear Aiga,
    I would like to appreciate the idea of Mr. Cohen and the fora that you have opened with regard to the current reationship at stalemate between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The two countries relationship has been spoiled because of our treatment of the case starting from the period that Eritrea became a colony of Italy in 1889. The Eritreas felt betrayed by Ethiopia when Emperor Menelik II openly agreed to the conditions of Wuchale Treaty Article 3 which delinated the border between Ethiopia and Italy to be Mereb-Muna and extending to the East up to Djibouti and to the West up to the Sudan. It was the 1st strategic mistake that we Ethiopians made with regard to the fate of Eritrea for the next generations to come. The 2nd mistake was made after the defeat of the Italians at the battle of Adua under the leadership of our Emperor Menelik II. By that time, Eritrean dignatories like Dej.Bahta Hagos and Ras Sebhat who had already tasted the life of colonialism for about seven years under Italian colonialism sided with Emperor Menelik II and fought the Italians with a better armed followers of 1,500 Eritreans and contributed to the demise of the Italians in the battle of Adua. However, after the battle, they expected that Emperor Menelik was to move to Eritrea and liberate the territory from the Italians, in which case the Emperor refused to do so. This time, the Eritreans felt that they were betrayed by their Ethiopian compatriots and the two Eritrean dignatories were left to live their own way, wither to give up to the Italians or become insurgents in thier own territory. Eritrea was then left to live under Italian colony for the next 50 years and for more 10m years under the British protectorate from 1942 upto 1952.
    Ethiopia started to claim for lost territories in the 1940s and 1950s and secured Gambella and Ogaden in the 1940s. But bringing back Eritrea was not easy. Such celebrated diplomats like Aklilu Habtewold and Lorenzo Tazaze of Eritrea had to pass through the difficult task of diplomatic nicities and at the end realize the UN Resolution 390/V of 1952 Federal Arrangemnet between Ethiopia and Eritrea. It was a big success for both people in either side. But the then Emperor couldn’t understand the relevance and strategic importance of such arrangement to the country and rather wished the abrogation of that Federal Arrangement under the stiff resistance of Aklilu Habtewold and others. This was the third and unfogivable mistake that we Ethiopians made in the 20th century. From then onwards, Ethiopia and Eritrea had to to be entangled in a long civil war that lasted 30 years and lastly ended up in the secession of Eritrea. That outcome was not a virtue for both countries and people but another round of entanglement that couldn’t get any viable solution up to now and doesn’t seem to have so in the near future.
    Therefore, I am with Mr. Cohen who doesn’t have any personal interest in the issue as such. But for us Ethiopians and Eritreans, the issue is ours and we cannot live it to be solved in the next generation. We have to discuss about it and we have to come with common ground in which we can live as good neighbors, atleast, even if we don’t come to the previous status quo as such. It is time to discuss and write about it. It is a common problem that we cannot leave to any outside force. Mr. Cohen is only initiating. Nothing else.

    • Dear Aiga,
      Let me make it clear that the idea of handing over Badme or any other territory to Eritrea or trritories from Eritrea to Ethiopia should not be taken as a precondition to start negotiation. The negotiation has to start without any precondition. Otherwise, it would be triggering other problems before you start any move forward. The relation between Ethiopia and Eritrea is beyond Badme or any other territorial claim. Let’s think about starting to discuss the pertinent issues that could be hovering around both countries. Even Badme has to be discussed. political, economic, social, cultural, etc. issues have to be discussed. Ports’ issue has to be discussed. Bilateral and regional issues have to be discussed, etc. The discussion itself would lead us as to how we can start relations in every sphere. Nobody is giving sth. to somebody before starting a discussion. For this, countries which have a neutral foreign policy can take the mediating chair. But not countries like the US or some European countries who have leverage on the international fora.

  84. Sibuh

    The Neo-liberalists mission of Mr. Cohen is nothing but colonial temptation as usual. As an Ethiopian, I feel it is also a kind of insult and mockery. This man is trying to hide his dirty trick against our national interest and national pride. Whether it works for him or not, Mr. Cohen is trying to accomplish this second round temptation against our country.

    Mr. Cohen knows how this relates to our national interest and national pride, but he undermines the reality and Ethiopia. Otherwise, he wouldn’t try to fool us by putting “Apples and Oranges” in the same basket.

  85. I think we rather leave the dying regime to dye than save it and continue to have regional instability. The regime in Eritrea is close to dye and better we work to speed-up its death. Do never take the advise by Americans, cause they always have their own hidden agenda to assure their own benefit. Ethiopia must stand firm on its position as always.

  86. Reconciliation on the basis of EEBC ruling is unjust, irresponsible and unimaginable because it has rewarded the aggressor instead of the victim.
    Badme has never been ruled by Eritrea and why should we concede now when Ethiopia is developing in leaps and bounds.
    The arguments that Massawa and Assab will help Ethiopia is just a flimsy excuse to save Isayas because we have managed to do without them for the last thirteen years.


  88. We didn’t pay our priceless lives to cheer up Isayas aferewerk. It was paid to save Badme from being invaded by a colony. We will never allow anyone to take our most belongings such as Badme. I hate to hear the news of implementing EEBC, unfair decision to award the undeserved.

  89. As far as all Ethiopians including me are concerned, we should say that there is no EEBC decision that is worth a penny today. That agreement was eliminated/mooted when shabiya violated the UN decision and evicted the UN peace keeping forces from the 25 KMs monitoring zone inside Eritrea. So, in a nut shell the UN-EEBC decision is null and void. There is needs to be a brand new negotiation between the two, and that ONLY after the dying child killer dictator esayas is eliminated. Is is just so simple.
    Ethiopia has proven to the whole wide world that it can not only live without Eritra, but it can achieve the maximum development possible. Eritra and all its problems was a tool the White man invented to control and curtail Ethiopia, the land of bravery and pride, the very land that exposed in Adwa that the white man can be beaten too. Adwa, is the only crime committed by us. Mind you, I did not call it a “crime”. The white man did. 🙂

    • Dear Hager,

      You are wrong my brother; There are evil people across race or ethnic or colour or religions. Generalizing by saying the white man is 100% wrong. The white you are referring too are human being like every body who deserve respect. Do not generalize, leave alone foreigners, there are even Ethiopians who stood against Ethiopia. You may not agree with me, but there are bad white as there are bad blacks. Issayas is not white man? There are angelic whites my friend. You may not believe me, I lived with them for the past 20 years; I have white people whom I am even ready to die for. You may be ungrateful but even little white children from Kindergardens has saved many Ethiopians lives. So do not make mistakes my brother. How many white people have dedicated their property and their lives to help Ethiopians? You may not know, but I know. Let me tell you the name of one person, Dr. Hungiston dedicated his entire life to help Ethiopians. He spend his life collecting Ethiopians refugees from Kenya, Sudan, Djibouti refugees camps and directing putting in universities in UK, USA, Australia, he was a British man. you may not believe me there are white who more Ethiopians than Ethiopian because I do not see these Ethiopians who are committed to serve their people. Let me mention another, Dr. Dollar is American medical doctor; He second job helping. He go to Ethiopia to help and if they medical problem which can not be treated in Ethiopia, he takes them to USA and has treat them and help them to prosper and send them to Universities. I know a couple of students now assisted by him. I knew Dr. Dollar because of his unconditional and crazy love for Ethiopians. He is American. I myself might have perished somewhere if a white did not save my life when I was in difficulties. Do not come to with theory of white man. Cohen does not represent the wonderful American people. There is nothing special about white; they area human being. They have their own history of hardship and suffering. They had 1000 years of dark age, millions of white people died because of famine, diseases, pestilence, sphills, and 60 million people of world war 1 and 2.

      We must move away from the race or colour or religious discrimination. We must stand for humanity for justice, equality and fairness. We have four bodies: soul, spirit, mind, body. Our spirit, soul, mind, have no colour. Only our body has colour. Our body is a shell made of clay or soil. It means nothing. It is a cover. Colour is environmental and evolutionary adaptive radiation. Let us refrain for insulting or using race or colour. But it is true there are people from race who think they are smarter and better than other race, for example, Cohen, Anna Gomez good examples. But these people are individuals and do not represent countries. It would be a grand mistake to generalize.

      • Dear Hager,

        You are wrong my brother; There are evil people across race or ethnic or colour or religions. Generalizing by saying the white man is 100% wrong. The white you are referring too are human being like every body who deserve respect. Do not generalize, leave alone foreigners, there are even Ethiopians who stood against Ethiopia. You may not agree with me, but there are bad white as there are bad blacks. Issayas is not white man? There are angelic whites my friend. You may not believe me, I lived with them for the past 20 years; I have white people whom I am even ready to die for. You may be ungrateful but even little white children from Kindergardens has saved many Ethiopians lives. So do not make mistakes my brother. How many white people have dedicated their property and their lives to help Ethiopians? You may not know, but I know. Let me tell you the name of one person, Dr. Hungiston dedicated his entire life to help Ethiopians. He spend his life collecting Ethiopians refugees from Kenya, Sudan, Djibouti refugees camps and directly putting them in universities in UK, USA, Australia, he was a British man. you may not believe me there are white who are more Ethiopians than Ethiopian because I do not see these days Ethiopians who are committed to serve their people. Let me mention another, Dr. Dollar is American medical doctor; His second job is helping Ethiopians. He go to Ethiopia to help and if there is medical problem which can not be treated in Ethiopia, he takes them to USA and treat them and help them to prosper and send them to Universities. I know a couple of students now assisted by him who are in Universities, and if he did not help they might died long ago. I knew Dr. Dollar because of his unconditional and crazy love for Ethiopians. He is American. I myself might have perished somewhere if a white man did not save my life when I was in difficulties. Do not come with the theory of white man. Cohen does not represent the wonderful American people. There is nothing special about white; they are human being. They have their own history of hardship and suffering. They had 1000 years of dark age, millions of white people died because of famine, diseases, pestilence, sphills, and 60 million people of world war 1 and 2.

        We must move away from the race or colour or religious discrimination. We must stand for humanity for justice, equality and fairness. We have four bodies: soul, spirit, mind, body. Our spirit, soul, mind, have no colour. Only our body has colour. Our body is a shell made of clay or soil. It means nothing. It is a cover. Colour is environmental and evolutionary adaptive radiation. Let us refrain for insulting or using race or colour. But it is true there are people from different race who think they are smarter and better than other race, for example, Cohen, Anna Gomez good examples. But these people are individuals and do not represent countries. It would be a grand mistake to generalize. It is TPLF which is allowing to foreign citizens to meddle because TPLF wanted to beg something from foreign countries. We must not blame others while we ourselves are not handling our business ourselves. You can see Aiga got excited by his Dad’s article, Cohen is AIGA’S dad. That is why put these rubbish article as something worthy and make us waste our time talking about Cohen, the meddler.

        • Gezaee.

          I am sure all understand what I was trying to say, and I did not need to write 1/4 of what you wrote to make my point. Simply, I did not generalize, but use the term we normally often use. What did you want me to do???? Mention Musolini, Graziani et all,,,,,,,,,one by one in my text? Com’n now. We were invaded by the same white man who was rushing in the Scramble for Africa. Fact !
          In terms of you trying to preach to me about white men and women doing good things for my country and people? Com’n again!
          I could add to your list people like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Bono, Jeffrey Sacks …………..whom some of them I personally had a chance to meet…… should I go on?
          Anyways, you have managed to divert the discussion a bit. So please stay the course and focus on the subject matter of the discussion here. But the Adwa event will always be in the hearts and minds of the White Man.

  90. It is a good idea to solve all the problem through discussion and dialogue. To have peace and stability: The only solution would be to accept the 1955 United Nation resolution on the question of Eretria.

  91. I think this man should suffer from Alzheimer, or deliberately trying to deceiving the world, by trying to instigate conflict again between these two countries. As if he is living in another world he said that “he knows Shabia, and this organization is worried about the spread of radical Islam ….” Is it not Shabia who sponsored and spread radical Islam in Eastern Africa? Is it not Shabia, started a proxy war against Ethiopia through Somalia? Ethiopia action in Somalia is to protect itself from both the Islamic court trained and armed by Eritrean government, and Shabia incursions through lawless Somalia.
    No one is against peace. Especially we Ethiopian need it more than any other country.But to get peace we should not award a cowards and hooligans, such as Shabia, which H. Cohen want to portrait it as a peace loving organization.
    Asmara is still today a soil where terrorism is propagating against Ethiopia.
    Regarding the war of Bademe it has a long history. I do not think H. Cohen knows what cause to trigger the Bademe war. In the first place Shabia has never considered or claimed Bademe as part of Eritrea (although Jebha did) . Bademe was a pretext to instigate conflict, in the name of border. The main cause of the war is unfair economic relationship, demanded by Shabia to exploit Ethiopian wealth.
    Making their own currency, Nakfa, without proper consultation, both with IMF and Ethiopia and an exchange rate with our currency is a secondary, cause for the war.
    We Ethiopian know to what extent our country was drained, exploited by Shabia for nearly 8 years after the so called Fiasco independence facilitating by H.Cohen an African “expert”. Is he abruptly woke up from his hibernation state, and talking nonsense? Why not he zip his mouth or bring a workable solution if he truly want bring peace between these two countries?
    What H.Cohen has said is an insult for the Eritrean people who are suffering under this brutal dictatorship. If the american want to save the regime near to collapse it is up to them to do so. History is a witness this is what they are doing in the first place, in the name of national interest.
    It is better for the US to ask Shabia and reclaim Kagnaw Shaleka military camp in Hadas Eritrea! Then Eritrea will be a Taiwan of Africa. Then it will be a good chance for old African expert to export democracy to Ethiopia!

    Long Live Ethiopia

  92. Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am always confused by the comments you people share when you Put the pronoun “we” instead of “I”. None of us represents anyone else but ourselves when we reflect in this context, so we shouldn’t put the “we Ethiopians” and/or “we Eritreans” thing…as there are people from the same origin or nation who may be totally against the comment you put, actually disgusted and ashamed of reading a comment from a fellow country man/women. But just to remind you – the only people who hate, mistrust, undermine, mistreat, and ignore others fellow man/women are those who lost their identity and/or victimized with the ideology of dictatorship and identity crises; and the only people who may benefit from hatred, mistrust, division, arrogance, and then like are those who lost their mind to follow the dictators and/or dehumanized themselves. Hence, watch your words, and focus on the subject!!!

    In relation to the article – the writer needs more reality check in all circumstances…, I would not take the note from the writer as accurate nor it bases on solid facts in terms of its causes, consequences and solution

  93. Please make no mistake to “make another mistake” to talk on Badime again or give it away. We Ethiopians sacrificed a lot to free Badime from Sha-Abia occupation. There should be no talk on your own property, instead, save it properly. Dialogue on multilateral issues for bringing good relations is not bad. After all, leaders will pass away but the country and new generation continues to exist. As to me Eritrea has no separate history except 50 years of Italian occupation. The format for the referendum was unfair at all. The choice was limited to “Slavery or Freedom”, which crippled the peoples’ interest at large. In my view, Eritreans practiced independence for the last 21 years and have witnessed where the truth lies. Are Eritreans enjoying their freedom or under slavery now? Let the Eritreans have their say in this regard. They should get their freedom to have their say whom to live with. We need to avoid negative views, which could irritate readers of this forum as well as anywhere else regarding the two people. Wise and strategically oriented politics should lead us.

  94. I think Mr. Herman Cohen has been looking for a very small crack of opportunity where he could play a deal to make himself look like a very important international figure. The Ethiopia- Eritrea case is one very important case any peace loving people and nations give consideration. And in this case making oneself important is the only thing that Mr.Cohen may be dreaming day and night. Do you think Mr.Cohen would be bothered if the mad dog of Eritrea, Isayas, goes to the grave soon? I don’t think so. And on the other hand do you think Mr. Cohen would be bothered whether or not Ethiopia is land locked or does not have proper access to the sea ? No I don’t think so. After all, Mr. Cohen is not, in my view, a trust worthy man.I do not think he could be a good friend to Ethiopia at all. Now look, Isayas is publicly making some statements apparently willing to solve hostilities with Ethiopia. He( Afewerki) is trying show up himself as a peace loving gentleman to deceive the public because he has exhausted all venues where he tried to interpret his evil ambitions but all ended in failure or resulting in failure. One example is that Isayas has been trying to widen the rift between Ethiopia and Egypt ( if there was a rift after all) regarding the Renaissance Dam on the Nile River. But every trick Isayas played in this regard was in vain.So now he has very well understood that the construction of the dam will never be disrupted or be stopped under any circumstances. He must have been following the development of this issue. And in this connection, certainly he must have understands that when the dam project on the Blue Nile,( 6000MW electric power) is completed the economic development of Ethiopia will sky rocket.Isayas knows that Ethiopia will never try to sell any power to Eritrea, presumably, as long as Isayas remains in power.Therefore what option is left to Eritrea? Ethiopia is selling power to Sudan, Djibouti and will sell to Kenya which is now on the pipeline. Only to request the help of President Mohammed Omar al Bashir of Sudan, President Kenyatta of Kenya and many others, perhaps Mr. Herman Cohen could be one of the secretly approached personalities by Isayas to find a solution to the Ethio- Eritrea hostilities.This is a gimmick Isayas is trying to play. Any peace talk regarding border issue does not have any space in Isayas’s mind at all because his brain is field with evil ideas and presumptions. I can simply guess that the Ethiopia government will never ever believe that Isayas could be a good neighbor in the future. No he can’t be. So o.k. let Isayas Afewerki speak what ever he wants to say it can only be to deceive the public. Because, believe you me a devil is always a devil, in other words a devil cannot be an angel at all. If you shake hands with Isayas Afewerki count your fingers twice to ensure that you have no finger missing Isayas is committing unforgivable crime upon his own people and upon his neighboring countries, so can he be an angel with a lighted candle on his hand to his neighbors? At the end I would like to suggest that the Ethiopia-Eritrea problem will be solved when you have a democratically elected government in Eritrea. Until then better no war no peace with Eritrea and I don’t think that will never be too long. The Eritreans, where ever they are have to unite and get rid of this wolf.The Eritrean people have to look forward to establish excellent neighborliness with their neighboring countries. Ethiopia is one..Badime or what ever piece of land is not that important. What is most important for any people to prosper is peace,harmony and good friendship among every one the rest is simple and it will come by its own way if the good relationship is established.

  95. Ethiopians have no use for Cohen or his ideas. He has done enormous harm to Ethiopia before, and any utterances from him should be viewed as those of Issaias Afewerki the liar. This ideas of letting Eritrea come in from the cold is one of the most shameful proposition any intelligent human being would make. Eritrea chose this means of survival for itself. Any action to normalize relations will only come at the expense of Ethiopia ( similar to pre-1998), and will signal the end of Hailemariam Deessalegne and his party in power.

  96. Edited:

    I agree; Ethiopian has no worse enemy than TPLF. Enemy number one of Ethiopia is TPLF, period. This is not new. Meles gave badme long ago; He told to EEBC that land will be given later when Ethiopian forget the war in badme. I told AIGA once. you did not believe me. Meles told to EEBC. Badme is practically given, but because Ethiopians were angry then; it can not be handed then; he told them it will be handed later. May be this article has come From Cohen, the fascist anti Ethiopian American, meddler and imposter. I believe he is being advised by the cursed TPLF leaders. Also why you posted it Aiga if it did not come from your party? You people really are ill. Let me tell you AIGA, you may think you will go on blundering forever, but trust me, there will be a day to reckon. Then no one will have mercy on you. We will not care if Ethiopians burn you alive as bandas and traitors. You really deserve punishment by Ethiopians. You are the most disgusting leaders Ethiopia ever had. I am sometimes wondering what type of human being you are?. Why even you care to call yourself Ethiopian since you do not seem to care anything about Ethiopia. You seem to continue with normal betrayal and treason activities without stopping. This is what you have been doing all along. This is really a curse to the people. I do hardly understand why TPLF spend 17 years in caves to do this dirty business of selling the country for Cohen, Anna, Arabs,… Is Cohen you dad? Why you care what Cohen’s says what ? Who is this Cohen to dictate what we must do and what must not do? who gave him the right? Are we not a sovereign country like USA? Why the hell you negotiate with meddlers about national interest? Leboch

  97. Barking like dogs will not help. what will help? Thinking prudently and looking into the matters will help into the solution.
    The country of Eritrea was created by the Ethiopian and Italian governments at that time. The Eritrean people are the victims when they oppose the Italian colony no body helped the Eritrean people. The traitor Menelik the second was supporter of the Italians. menelik is the extension of the so called of the Solomon dynasty.
    Ethiopia a civil war from sixth century to the 13th century to change the Ethiopian course of history into the Solomon dynasty has never been disclosed to the Ethiopian and Eritrean people to understand the conspiracy that made them to go into war. wake up think prudently.
    History is repeating again.

  98. Mister X-African expert, aren’t you retired from your position long time ago? I think when it comes to African afair, you will probably never stop from given your unhelpful contraversal opinions. However, your time is up long time ago, and We would like you to refrain from sticking your nose into Ethiopia afair. We wish you to just enjoy your retirement, and good time in the nursing homes…

  99. This message is for Aiga Admin.
    Aiga boys why did you deleted my comment?
    In any case TPLF/EPRDF is a sell out to our country and as most of the leadership is infested with Eritreans I don’t have an iota confidence to protect the Ethiopian interest. They are bandas and bandas do serve outsiders. Recently, the Ethiopian government stood on the side of Saudis instead of their countrymen/women. During the Ethio-Eritrean war Meles saved Shaebia by stopping and said it loud “he is going to stop in the next 24 hours” that was giving a signal to Shaebia “don’t worry I will stop the war in 24 hours”. Thus, if I may predict TPLF/EPRDF will give away badme and save Shaebia for the fourth time.

  100. “To break the stalemate between Eritrea and Ethiopia over the implementation of the EEBC boundary decision, there needs to be a mutually face-saving solution. I propose that Ethiopia offer to accept a symbolic initial takeover by Eritrea of territory awarded by the EEBC, followed by the same day opening of dialogue with a totally open agenda.”

    How about this:


    I am all for peace. Please let us be real and move beyond soothing a punctured ego of one poor mortal soul. Honesty is the best policy and approach for any solution. Honest and sincere approach will produce authentic results that would last.

    We have just celebrated the life and legacy a truly authentic leader, Mandela. Mandela is a great leader because he stood against injustice and endured long punishments. However, his greatest achievement was bringing peace and reconciliation between the two camps regardless of all the wrongs that were done to the majority of the people by minority.

    Ethiopian and Eritrean people are totally capable of forgiving each other of all past wrongs that took place by whomever and living together as good neighbors or as one family. It is sad and unfortunate that a few stand in the way and work to defeat the will of these good, religious, patient, forgiving and hospitable peoples.

    We are in a different time. Old border ideas are symbolic and have no real implications in economies and cultures. The world moved on. People communicate, trade, marry, travel, etc all of the world by the hundreds of millions.
    Please let us not march in place. We are already far behind and can’t afford further distractions. It is time that we engage with real issues in a sincere, honest and authentic manner so that we can solve the problems for once and for all and build trust and confidence between these wonderful peoples. PEACE.

  101. Dear Aiga,

    Please do not allow some people to insult and delete response. If you do not allow insult , you must delete the first insult. Allowing one to insult and deleting the response is wrong. You are allowing somebody to insult others? how come? Are there some people who are allowed to insult? why you delete my response to Arkebe. you people are really sick to be honest. If you do not allow insult, please delete the first insult and then you do not have chains of response for it. Please, treat your commentators fairly. If this only for woyane supporters? then I can leave the forum.

  102. so much hatred towards Eritrean??????????? What is wrong with you Ethiopians? Listen, first of all, YOU WILL NEVER GET ASAB, AS IT IS ERITREAN! And second, we Eritreans are not bullet lovers, we are peaceful people. IT IS YOU ETHIOPIANS WHO ALWAYS KNOCK THE DOOR TO WAR. Have we ever came to your country and start war? Third, please accept Eritrea, I mean the WHOLE ERITREA is JUST a neighbouring country. NOT PART OF YOU. Accept that fact, accept and respect that Eritrea with her ports is a respected and sovereign country.

    Then the whole east africa will have peace. Why is that you like invading other countries and create problems and then cry crocodile tears?????

    • Eritrawit
      Yes we hate shabia and you because all of you are bandas and we don’t hate the rest of our Eritrean brothers and sisters.

  103. totally disagree with what Mr Cohen is suggesting. He made the problem that exists between the two countries look very simple. I strongly believe that neighbouring countries should co-exist peacefully, but at what expense? I think the government of Ethiopia should listen to the Ethiopian people before they engage the Eritrean government in any kind of negotiation. The government should seek for public opinion. As to the current prime Minister’s suggestion even to travel to Eritrea if needed, I think it is a massive miscalculation and it is like endorsing the Eritrean government.

    I would probably write an Article on this issue soon

  104. Dear Aiga ,
    You received hundred’s of comments here the most actor is here ” Gezaee “. Almost i would say i read all the comments. I have little job, i don’t mean that i am magnetic to computer but i learn from people many things and how they are; either emotional or realistic. For my self i don’t have a powerful knowledge to make conclusion like those comments of politics. My work is with plants, but sometimes i enjoy it when i have time, and i follow some news like ” BBC ” , because i have good access to get them. Then i have one question for you. Why you posted it this issue? what is the importance of this as you are a politician? what it would be your conclusion?

    • Halay, you are really Halay; why you do not give me job? who knows what you do and what you do not like or what you like? That is your personal choice what to do. No one cares whether you operate a plant or a toilet. You are trying to tell us your are important and have no time. But you got time to read all the comments and even to throw some bashing against Gezaee. You shut your mouth and respect people’s rights. If I am actor, let it be, so what? what is your problem? I am not talking about you and other people. I am trying to voice my opposition against Cohen. You must not interfere in my affaires. You are meddling here. Next time, if you have problem, say it. But stop talking people. Professional do not give this type of comments. My problem is Cohen ,TPLF, Shabia, I am not fighting with anyone else. Leave alone please.

  105. I belive this guy was told to speak for eritrea, The injactice has been done to Ethiopia through the Alger agreement before, now we know who did it ? Mr. Cohen. What i would ask the government of ethiopia is to stay the way it is, they have not pay the price yet, our people have suffered enough, so no agreement like you heard it on one BBC reporter when he ask old Badme farmer would you be willing to go to eritrea if the governments agree on the rule, his answer was over my dead body, that is why ethiopia want to sit first before nogetiotion. Mr. cohan have you thought about the old person?.

  106. Dear Aigawoch,

    I believe ”it is the time to stand firm.” Herman Cohen’s precondition is well calculated for the benefit of Eritrea. He and the initiators of the proposal (some countries behind him, probably EU as he hinted) know that Eritrea is on the brink of disintegration or at least it is going to unknown direction.

    If the government that I support accept this, as the other compatriots mentioned earlier, it will definitely be the end of EPRDF. Giving piece of land at the expense of Tigrai people and those Ethiopians who paid their dear lives to quash the invader will be a suicide for EPRDF. Nor this piece of land will save Eritrea from further failure. Secondly and very important, giving land and normalizing the relation are both for the benefit of Eritrea. This frustrated country will loot Ethiopia again and the sooner or later we will fall into another round of conflict. In fact, it equivalent to allow shaebia, its terrorists and his die-hard supporter to burn Ethiopia in a day light.

    Third and honestly, it is very clear that the relationship between Tigrai people and Eritreans has become the ugliest. Normalizing (opening the boarders) makes Tigrai the first victim of the frustrated mind in Eritrea who will never hesitate to destroy the people.

    Did Ethiopia loose anything by having such a relation with Eritrea? Nothing. Eritrea is the looser in all aspects. Ethiopia has proved that it can advance without the ports in Eritrea. And as we all know, Ethiopia has spent billions of dollars for the construction of the ongoing railway and highways connected to Djoubiti. Thus, Assab is irrelevant for us. In fact, Somaliland, Djoubiti, Somalia and Kenya are competing to sell port services with cheaper prices.

    So EPRDF, make no mistake that will take Ethiopia to another war. Minilik II has betrayed Ethiopia by selling Eritrea for money and arms to become a problem for Ethiopia. I thus urge my government to ignore H.Cohen’s call for few more years and Eritrea’s problem will naturally be solved.

  107. Suq tium zebil neger iyu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nigizeu…..

  108. Dearest Aiga:
    Thank you very much for opening this discussion.Mr Hank Cohen is doing what a an old politician turned lobbyist should do. It has nothing to do to thinking or worrying for the people of the region. No matter how hard politicians try to brash it aside, well-informed people are aware of the fact that the status quo is not attainable. But until circumstances are ripe let the current NO WAR – NO PEACE circumstance continue. In fact, let Ethiopia erect a long impenetrable fence between the two countries border, stop entertaining to use anything Eritrea including its ports, and continue adopting regional socio-economic integration with Sudan, Djibouti, Kenya and Somalia.
    HGDF/Shabia led Eritrea has always been the enemy of Ethiopia and the values it stood for. Its leaders have concocted a shared belief that centers on creating weak Ethiopia so that they can share whatever Ethiopia gives while keeping their Eritrea to themselves. Their strategic interest has always been seeing feeble Ethiopia, and there is nothing that they would do not do to make it real.
    The Ethiopian government should design a far sighted holistic action plan and share it with trusted political leaders, including with some of the patriotic oppositions. Further, it should create a consensus among hate free, progressive indigenous Ethiopian politicians so that the countries strategic need is met. Patriotic Ethiopians so long their wants is the betterment of the country should align on one national interest or share core national stance that focuses and addresses on the current and long term Ethiopian interest in dealing with Eritrea.
    And it must be augmented – among other things – with the combination of strong economy, military and diplomatic action. Patriotic Ethiopians whose primarily joy is seeing a prosperous Ethiopia should not be ossified on the past including who did what and why but on today and the near future. Remember! Shabia is the real enemy and expecting to tam HGDF is tantamount to sharing a bed with a venomous serpent.
    The ONLY good HGDF is its corpse!

  109. Dear Editor,

    I strongly believe that human suffering and injustice anywhere on earth should concern us all as human beings. In that sense helping the people of Eritrea to overcome the problems they are facing under the rule of Issayas is judicious. However, dancing with the devil himself should not be considered as an option. Therefore, I strongly argue that the Ethiopia government should not in any way attempt to normalize relations with the current government in Eritrea. Period.
    The government of Ethiopia should also be careful in considering its options regarding peace-making with the current Eritrean government. Any such sensitive decisions can create a serious misunderstanding and drift between the government and the people of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government should not be driven in to impromptu directions for the sake of showing the world that Ethiopia is handling the crisis in good intention. No. The main focus of the government of Ethiopia should be on how best to engage the population in the decision making of such issues of high political and security interest to ensure popular support.
    The issue of Ethiopia and Eritrea is very contentious issue. The government of Ethiopia should organize public consultations and possibly a referendum for the public to decide on the possible options. I for one have made my decision: Any normalization of relations with Eritrea can be considered only when Eritrea has a constitution and an elected government. Do not repeat mistakes.

  110. No more damages to be done 1. it was done by Minilik II who compromised the territorial integrity of Ethiopia by agree to cede it according the wuchalle art. III, in 1889 so the colonial territory of Eritrea created in Jan. 1 1890 consquently the 1896 war was conculeded by the victory the Ethiopian Forces, but Minilik II never deared to cross the Mereb River even though there was only one detachment left @ Adi Qeyih, which was to be anhhilated easly, realizing that Minilik II signed the Agreements of 1900,1908 without no demarcation in order to handle the secrecy of this agreements for the internal forces who want to retake Bahire Midri from the yoke of colonialists, and buy time to wipe out Ras Mengesha Yohannes, Ras Sibihat Girmay, Ras Hagos and Ras Alula, and was done step by step, all were dislodged by system of divide and rule by the direct advice of Kont Antonelli (the Roman spy intelligence in Addis Ababa , was friend of the Palace and intimate) so in here the victory of Adwa was aborted, so all the kin people of Afar, SAho, Tigrigna and Kunama were divided in to two, but inseparable.The other damage commited is the UN 1953 General Assembly decision to federate Bahire Negassi (the so called Eritrea) without the consent of the people and dismantle their parliament to dissolve it, which produced the 30 years conflict, all anti Ethiopian forces rallied to dismantle Ethiopia, such as Eygpt, Syria, Iraq e.t.c ,At last Isias Afeworki and PFDJ attempeted to control or dismantle Ethiopia under the guise of 1 nakfa= 1 birr, but not Badme, so no compromise or normalization with the current regime of PFDJ, the tool of all anti Ethiopian Forces , because it does not represent the Eritrean people too nor elected too.Mr. Kohn stay away from our internal affairs, i.e. a crocodile tears of a Republican. Thanks

    • Dear Solomon, We can not keep on cursing Menelick for ever. He was human and imagine that time; all African people handed themselves to colonialism then. He was the only one who tried to defend his country. It was long ago, he did not have PHD like Meles Zenawi. Even Meles in the 21 century landlocked our country by insisting we must be landlocked? Put yourself in Menelick’s shoes surrounded by Hyenas from all over the world. Do you think it was easy then? We must correct the mistakes than keep them and keep on blaming a King who died 120 years ago.He did his best that difficult time. No one for sure knows how difficult it was for him and he may not have the capacity and the fear of world power with modern weapons all that. Anyway, needless to live in his mistakes.

      • Minilik II evil intention has an enormous impact to date do not dny it Ayte Gezaee,he was a collabulator of colonialism at the exspence of Ethiopian sovernegnty and territorial integrity in order to dismantle , his internal raivals, is also the experimental king who was suitable for Neo-colonialism, so Minilik II was a servant of the French and the British colonialists that is why he had no imminent danger from these colonial elements.

        • Gezaee,our Federal Republic is blossoming, with the nations and Nationalities, Will, Fraternity and Brotherhood in decentralized UNITY, in which it is in a progress to eradicate POVERITY, I endorse ,No peace No War !! No more intrigues of neo colonial, neo liberal masters and their tools ,servants like Minilik II and his followers dekike minilik in to influence or pressure,to persue our freedom and happiness towards our march to prosperity.We do not need Cohn to meddle in our internal affairs, Badme is Ethiopian, we have ports of our choice in every directions to get the service. Menilik IIthe evil power mongerer land locked Ethiopia, so is an evil.

          • Dear Solomon, we are living in the 21 century. There is no any Ethiopians who take responsibility for any wrong done by Menelick. I hear what you are saying. it is true the saga started then. I believe you the Italians could have driven out if Menelick did not sleep until he dies natural death and if he did not sign an arrays of careless agreements. I know he has printed his fingers ever-where. We can not change history. As you might have read, there was Tigreans and Eritreans who were working for Italians. We can not change history. All what we need to do now is to move on and correct the mistakes instead of recycling them. You may think the 30 year was because of Ethiopians? I disagree. the 30 years war was a design for foreigners Arabs like Egypt, Libya, Cyria,Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, …all the Islamic states across the globe. They sponsored Shabia not for the sake of Eritrreans but destroy Christian Ethiopia only. It has nothing to do with people in Eritrea. I am telling you it has nothing to do with the people and even with Haileslassie. it was an Arab design. The Eritrean population was duped or cheated and taken for a ride. The end is a collosal mistake that caused too much bloodshed and too much suffering for no purpose. My policy on Eritrea, no Eritrea; either wait until Shabia die natural death or give him a last blow and unite the people. You can not blame the ordinary people when were cheated by false propaganda. My policy is not Eritrea, just one country Ethiopia. There is nothing Eritrean get by being isolated in the north, no profit and no benefit. I hope will not read an article written by Cohen after now. I hope he will get our message clearly and stay away from our country. Americans talk about democracy, but it seems the democracy for them to meddle everywhere like he is doing. I hope I will not read an article from this man again.

  111. Herman Cohen, he was the one who did all these arrangement of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Does he see what he has brought to the people? I think he does not see ugly meddling. He brought us war that consumed 100 000 souls. He was the main go between at that time. He counsel or arbitration did not bring any good to both people. Now he had along holiday for 22 years now. He see now there is no war at least and he wanted again to ignite other rounds of wars again. He is addicted meddling to make war between people. Again, We do not need Cohen; What we need is Cohen and his likes to stop meddling in the home affaires of other country and culture. We do not need his mediation. He must stay away from our country. If Americans can become reliable friends forever, we will be their friends forever based on mutual interest and benefit. Anything short of that based on myopic Americanism adventure we do not need it. He must go and sell it somewhere. He is the one who divided our country using his slaves of Shabia and TPLF. He must know we do not like him in Ethiopia. Ethiopians consider him as enemy. He is the one who landlocked our country together with his slave Meles Zenawi. He must know Ethiopians are not fond of Cohen. We do not need his advises and counselling. Not only Assab, the people our people and we get them to the folds of their mother land. I know the evil Cohen would not be happy to see a united Ethiopia. He is evil. If he was good; he could have convinced his slaves to form a united government 22 years ago. But he was busy working hard to land-lock our country by denying its natural ports. Mr. Cohen, I do not think even your slaves TPLF and Shabia love you now. My advise to you is still to stay away from our country. We hate you and we do not want you to hear talking about our country. I am telling you we love the American people; we hate you Cohen for being busy dividing our people. People like you are called in Ethiopia, Ekuy, which means mischievous, fascist.

  112. The solution is to dissolve the border and unite Eritrea and Ethiopia and not demarcate the border as the famous historian and scholar Tekeste Negash recent interview. I am for unity … total unconditional unity. Eritrea and Ethiopia are meant to live together as a united people and not as good neighbors. Good Neighborly relations does not work but rather brotherly unity.

    • We need more people like you and me; Let us tell to Cohen and other meddlers, we have enough of being dictated by fasists. Enough blood have been shed for nothing. Imagine the number of Ethiopians youth died in the useless and aimless 30 years war. Issayas, wedi Tembien was sponsored by Arabs to make Ethiopians kill each others for 30 years? It was a curse to be honest. I have been saying and I am saying there is no need for a country called Eritrea; it is not in the interest Eritrean themselves. There is no benefit. While the rest of African got their freedom, Eritreans wanted to live in Italian time. No border, no badme, no port , no asseb. No Eritrea. Just one country as it was before. My friend recently went to Eritrea. She could not believe how believe. She says there is no light. People grabble in drankness. She could not believe the stone age people. No Cohen mediatition, no border, nothing and get the people together and dance together as if nothing happen before. We can not afford to follow Shabia and TPLF ideology. Period, no Eritrea after now. It is unfortunate millions of people perished in vain because of Egypt sponsoring wedi Berad. He must have helped his mother selling Sewa than engage 30 years subject people to suffering and endless ear. I wish he helped his mother with Sawa business. Notorious, the Tigrnea speaking people the people who enemy of themselves. I can not the degree of hatred Issayas used to propagate hatred against his mother land. He is born banda wedi Tembien from the Land of Alula, Balegie, zeyrebeh.

      • Dear brother,
        Who is Obama? Kenya father and mother white American and France president Nicolas , father Bulgarian and mother France , etc. I kept silence when you told us wrong information, as if you have more real information than others. I oppose you when you tell lie to people and regardless respect the people without true. That is why you are misguided. So what if Isaias is from Tigrai origin or else. Or his parents is selling drinks. Does it matter? please can you tell us? Do you have loss of self confidence on yourself? Do you want to shadow dark people with more lie. Really believe me i don’t accept you. It seems you have personal problem or inferiority complex.

  113. Ethiopia is amply driven and motivated to do its homework the way she likes it fit. As far as the reconciliation between Eritrea and Ethiopia is concerned it should emanate from the perspective merits that Ethiopia’s ultimate need to maximise a pivotal position to its security, territorial integrity and other pertinent issues into consideration. It should not be taken out of the heed or any hasty advice from forces be it in person, groups or as an institution for the sake of it.
    The lessons learned are good enough experience for Ethiopia and its leaders not to fall in to a vicious trap any more. Ethiopia’s development and its momentum should not be left compromised for any swishy washy approaches. We need to pursue relentlessly
    What makes Ethiopia’s uniqueness has to continue unabated.

  114. Yohannes,

    Ethiopians have paid too much for Eritrea and ungratefully, Eritreans have responded all in a destructive manner and hate. They spit in the plate they dined. Thus, Ethiopia should not give a drop of blood to save Shaebia and his supporters. We are still doing a lot for Eritreans and they still think Ethiopia has an obligation to do so.

    Eritreans are allowed to return to Ethiopia and collect their properties and even work while more than tens of thousands of Tigraians have disappeared and murdered in containers in Danakil and many other places. No one has asked about them. Ethiopia gave university scholarships for more than 1400 Eritreans. More than 3000 of them are also attending a technical school. This is given to them at the expense of Ethiopians though they do not understand it. Ethiopia also gave them safe refugee camps for these people to later serve Shaebia.

    Guys, the most privileged Eritreans like that of Bereket Habteselassie, Amare Tekle and many of senior Shaebia leaders to become an enemy. They hurt Ethiopia and hate Ethiopians to their bone. Today, we are giving scholarships to those young people whose knowledge about Ethiopia is dark. I am proud that we gave them this opportunity, but the fact that they have no any connection with Ethiopia, and the fact that they were born and raised and brainwashed by falls propaganda, I have no doubt that these are no different from the previous generation. Those who got quota visa to settle in EU and USA have proved this by returning to the Shaebia camp and even spreading hate against Tigraians, the generous people who gave them all what they had, including their lives.

    I thus remind everyone that Peace is possible only and only if Eritrea 1. Gives back our citizens 2. Officially apologize the Ethiopian people for pulling us to the last war. 3. Pay indemnity to those who deserve and Ethiopia. 4. lives by its own as all neighbors do. Any deal and any sort of peace without these will turn bloody end.

    Mr. Cohen, leave us in peace. We Ethiopians are breathing the wind of peace and stability without Ertitrea and Eritreans. And Eritreans tell us they are advancing ahead in all fronts and are doing great without Ethiopians. Cool! If they do, we do not need any meddling in our affairs.

    • Mr.Pasulos(never heard an Ethiopian/Tigrean name called paulos,by the way.
      Here are the facts:
      -It was Eritreans who brougt final peace to Ethiopia
      -Eritrea/PIA-never changed his stand on the Unity of Ethiopa–at all
      -Massawa and Aseb were free for Ethiopia-officially nutil the Greedy and short sighted weynaes messed up things(for the sake of Abay Tigray)
      PIA became mad at TPLF after they betrayed him and after they attempted to kill him and tried to reverse Eritrean Independence–this is a well documented FACT
      -TPLF did beyond its capacity despite all help from its masters to capture Aseb–Mr Cohen said it so
      —-In the name of eritrean refugees adn students, Tigray State is make more than 10million dollars a year–more than 50% of the refugees are Tigreans by the way.including those who were settled in third countries–USA,Europe,Australia,Canada and those original Eritreans who might get a chance to be settled to th e West will be forced to marry a Tigrean person so that that Tigrean will be repatriated as well–well documented fact
      -Your masters and your own leaders did every dirty thing to kneel down Eritrea and to destroy eritrea and its peole but you failed miserabley and now you realized that Eritrea will be the fastest growing econmy and even the richest country–considering the multi-billion resources being discovered.
      -Hence, mind your business and forget about Eritrea and Aseb and Massawa Ports will be Free Zone International Ports.
      Good luck to you.

  115. Dear Aiga,
    Thank you for bringing this issue on the table so that we Ethiopians could air out our sincere heart felt opinions on the Ethio-Eritrean border issue and its possible solutions. In connection to this, I would like to express my disappointment on Mr Herman Cohen’s narratives on the Ethio-Eritrean war story and his partial proposal on the Ethio-Eritrean border solutions. In principle, I am not against any lasting solutions which could benefit both countries. Ethiopia, because she has a firm stand on a lasting peace solution, she has so many a time tried to bring Isayas Afeworki to a negotiating table through friendly countries and other concerned international institutions. But Eritrea has persistently declined to listen to a peaceful call by Ethiopia. That is why the no war no peace situation has continued since this very date.
    In Mr Cohen’s analytical statements, there are many flaws misrepresenting the facts on the making of the Ethio-Eritrean war history. Even though he dares to say he knows every thing as an expert of Ethio-Eritrean relations, I beg to differ from his claim as he thinks to be so. With all due respect, Mr Cohen, either he has purposely misrepresented historical facts or has no any knowledge of the story of the Ethio-Eritrean War. Any ways as I do not want to dwell on this, I would rather like to stick to some of the issues and try to straighten up the facts as they happened to unfold.
    Let me elaborate on the historical background of the Ethio-Eritrean war as it happened. The core cause to ignite the Ethio-Eritrean war was not because Eritrea had afforded to introduce Naqfa as a new Eritrean currency as Mr Cohen claims. The issue was beyond this wrong perception. Eritrea’s dream to become the Singapore of Africa at the expense of Ethiopia’s economy was the core problem which brewed adverse relations and reactions between the two countries. Eritrea tried to exploit the liberal economic view on the new baby state of Eritrea by then Ethiopian leadership and took every advantage to loot and plunder the wealth of Ethiopia. To bring to your memory, and as an extension of its wrong perception, the Eritrean leadership categorically opposed to the establishment of cement and pharmaceutical factories in Northern Ethiopia. As President Isayas put it in reaction to the issue at the time ” the new factories to be established in Northern Ethiopia were missiles spearheaded to destroy Eritrea”. The Eritrean government had a wrong perception that Ethiopia’s role in the regional economy was minimal and limited to only produce cheap labor and raw materials to Eritrea so that Eritrea would be the hub of industrial zone of the horn. This madness of the Eritrean leadership was the mother cause for all what happened afterwards.its The Ethiopian government, having assessed the pros and cons of the new political and economic developments, it took no time to take measures to protect and defend its national interest against the evil moves of Eritrea. It was to be recalled that the Eritrean government had a symposium at Massawa where Eritrean intellectuals from all over the world participated and designed Eritrea’s economic strategy to make Eritrea the Singapore of the Horn of Africa. Then Ethiopia woke up from its slumber and sealed all possible channels of plunder and robbery by Eritrea.
    Mr Cohen as an “Expert” should have then known that prior to the introduction of Naqfa as a currency, it was Ethiopia which advised the Eritrean government to print its own currency and so did they. This is the real fact; and hence, it was not the introduction of Naqfa which triggered the war between the two countries. All events which took place afterwards – like in the abandoning of Assab Oil Refinary by Ethiopia; the restriction of free transit of commercial goods from Kenya to Eritrea; the introduction of dollar in the border trade relations; and other similar moves that protected Ethiopia’s interest…etc. were some of the things that added the frustration of the Eritrean Government. Ethiopia had no other option to avert the necked plunder and robbery by the Eritreans save for taking legal measures to protect and defend its interests. Therefore, in my view, the main cause for the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea was Eritrea’s insatiable nature expressed with plunder and looting by Shabia and the government of Eritrea.
    Another point Mr Cohen has raised as a move to peace deal is to bring Shabia on the negotiating table by means of face saving mechanism. In order to do this Ethiopia has to abandon what she had put on the table as a proposal for lasting peace solution. Ethiopia has always been working for lasting peace between the two countries. Now, let Shabia come to the negotiating table without any precondition. There are many interrelated issues that should be dealt before the move to delineation of the border. As Ethiopia has accepted the EEBC arbitration settlement in principle, there are no qualms or what ever to reverse its solemn agreements. The problem is with the government of Eritrea. The government of Shabia wants the delineation of the border first. Why, because it is not interested to solve the recuring problems once for all. Ethiopia has persistently asked for viable and lasting peace deal. Mr Cohen wants Shabia to come to the table and be awarded Badime. This is unacceptable! If Shabia has the gut to come to a breakthrough of the peace deal, let the peace deal/negotiation take place and talk on all pertinent issues that can be hurdles for lasting peace solutions first. Then the delineation issue will resume as per the agreements to deal with it. Otherwise, Mr Cohen’s proposal will only give the mafias a chance to once again exploit the table as usual.
    Another point I would like to raise is in regards to what Mr Cohen has said about the use of ports of Eritrea. Mispiace! If Mr Cohen could perfectly see the recent social and economic developments of Ethiopia, he would probably not have concluded that the Eritrean ports are vital to Ethiopia. To day Ethiopia has many options of port services. Besides the port of Djebutti, there are other ports like Berbera, Mombasa and Port Sudan. The construction of multi billion projects of railway and highway systems in Ethiopia are clear messages to question related to the use of ports. Look the Southern, South Western and South Eastern regions of Ethiopia will be connected soon with the nearest ports of Mombasa and Berbera. The governments of Kenya and Ethiopia are working hard to quickly materialize it.The central, northern and eastern regions are already using Djebutti. Then the rest of the Western and North Western regions of Ethiopia are already connected to the Port Sudan. From this we can clearly see that Ethiopia is doing fine without the Ports of Eritrea. Are there any chances Ethiopia can make use of these port? Yes, it is not closed altogether. If the problems of Eritrea are solved once for all, there will be a small portion of the Northern region which can have the option to use Massawa as an outlet. Now where do the Eritrean ports fit in as per their importance to Ethiopia? I feel that the ports of Eritrea are not as important as Mr Cohen claims to be for Ethiopia. Therefore, Ethiopia will not compromise on its principles for the sake of ports of Eritrea. For they are not as vital as some quarters think. Mr Cohen if you are seriously concerned about bringing peace to the region, you should have to come with ideas worth buying.

    • Thanks for a well thought and a well articulated reply.

      I expected the article to also be posted on the G.o.E (Government of Eritrea) web sites for extensive discussion, thereby finding means to salvage the “Failing State”. I commend Aiga Forum for making the article a point of discussion, since Ethiopia has a moral obligation to help Eritreans salvage their country. To help and create a harmonious neighborly relationship should be any country’s foreign policy. However, the goal should aim at a lasting peace to benefit both brotherly people. Whether we like it or not, I firmly believe that Ethiopians and Eritreans are ONE People of TWO Nations.
      Any solutions or suggestions should stem in the context of this fact. The leaders may use any circumstance for a temporary solution to prolong their life and not aim at a permanent solution.

      In the aftermath of the Jan 21 Forto incident, I watched the interviews of 4 panelists that included Mr. Cohen. Soon after that well meaning high Eritrean Official suggested that Mr Cohen’s idea should be brought to a further discussion so PIA could be cornered
      with no room left for any excuse to implement the constituition.

      • Meaning. if the border is demarcated, he thinks PIA would run out of excuses and that they could have a better chance to weaken his power. Implementation of the constitution, and deployment of the Youth in National Service could lead to empower the people, there by leading to the demise of the ONE MAN Rule in Eritrea, is his argument. However, there is no guarantee to that.This article might have come to life at the request of some Reformist High Officials within Shaebia.

        The problem is negotiation with a ‘Criminal’ empowers and not weaken the culprit. If that happens the Eritrean People’s misery will only get worse. A lasting solution to the Two brotherly people,is to END the Dictatorial Regime: Rhe Ethiopian Govt. should aim and act on that goal, anything short of that an invitation for another cycle of disaster. The longer it takes the more complicated it gets. It already is complicated. DIA will consider to bring extreme fundamentalists into the picture and play victim to win the hearts of “Langley” and he will even be a stronger Bully in the region. By the way. DIA will not accept any solution to the problem at hand, because he thrives at the status quo and not otherwise.Herman Cohen, could mean well but in the world of DIA, nothing works on the table unless cornered.

        • Rasta, Ethiopians are not your brother. We have nothing to do with you. No deal, let Issayas stay there forever. It is not our business to save you. Go and talk to your friend. We do not want anymore. You can look to the sea side. We do not need you. Brother or sister, bla bla, go and get your brother somewhere. You are not our brother. We will build a wall so that we share nothing with you. Slave, go to hell with your country. You were given more you need, you came back. No border dermacation after now. Live like that.

  116. I think the decision should be upto Ethiopians, since they know best what is good for their interest, not because of Cohen, in my opinion the eritreans are their own worst enemy, they should wait another two generation to completly get ride of so infilated ego, they should understand who they really are not what they think they are.

  117. Here I have few messages:
    1. Americans like mr. Cohen must stop bullying Humanity.
    2. Arabs must stop terrorizing humanity.
    3. TPLF must stop licking the asses of bulls and terrorists.
    4. Issayas Afeworki must start Tela bet or sewa bet, selling traditional Ethiopian beer. Issayas does not qualify to lead people. He might have been a good murderer, but not a civilized administrator. Butchers must be rejected and bulls like Cohen who promote and lobby for butchers must be told clearly they are associating themselves with murderers and criminals. Crime is crime regardless skin colour and nationality. Mr. Cohen must immediately stop and desist entertain criminals because he loves them. If he want he can go to Asmara and live with his buddy Issayas. He must stop telling us what to do with him. Enough meddling. He must focus in his country providing his people free healthy care and social services because we know how they are living. Americans becoming burden to neighbouring countries because there is no primary healthy care in that country for poor people and has to go neighbouring countries for small medical help. American economy is controlled by 1 % Americans. I know American government sounds to outsiders it cares more than any government to look after its citizens, but that is not true. The entire Europeans, Canada, Australia do serve better their citizens than American government does. But American government use a lot of adverts as if it cares about its citizen more than other countries. Education is almost free in all Europe and in some countries you are even helped money to go to school. Whereas in American if you do not have money, you have to wait for any luck of scholarship or will not go to school. If you are sick, if you have no money, you may dies. This is in USA. They put a lot of ads about how they care about American citizens, but they cares the least compared to Europe, Canada, Australia. Mr. Cohen better spend helping Americans than meddling in the affaires of the poor East Africans. American need peaceful revolution to reform the health care, the education system to make them like Europe, Canada, and Australia. Canada can not afford in the future helping American medicals needs. For now, it is okay Canada is not complaining but in the long run, Americans need solution for the lack of a welfare government. Please put your house in order instead of meddling in the home affaires of the country and people which know little and people who do not even know your existence on the planet. Do us a favour Mr. Cohen, leave Ethiopia alone. Even if Ethiopia is sinking to hell , let it sink or save itself. We do not need your rescue mission. Thank you; this will be my last comment for this article.

  118. 1st Mr.Kohen, mambo jumbo is basically to save weyane from the burning fire it’s not about Eritrea; it’s about Ethiopian to save from Ginbot 7, Demit, other opposition and the general Ethiopian public. This time around the Ethiopian are very serous the US government is afraid they are going to lose one of their puppet government if they don’t act quickly if weyane is gone the entire region it’s going at peace once and for all no more US government meddling in the horn. If there will be peace negotiation with our government they ought to be careful we don’t want to lose Ethiopian people trust. At end Mr. Kohen should right his article let’s save Ethiopia from burning fire instead of bringing Eritrea from the cold.
    2nd. We all know you are crying , begging to talk to Esayas Afewerki 72 or 80 time sending Turkey, Russian,Qatar offering 300 Megawatt electricity .We Ethiopian know all pressure on Eritrea , 2000 Eritrean soldier in Somalia and monitoring group UN sanctions all this is not working to down shebia it become the opposite. G7 , DEMHIT , OLF….. 50,000 armed rebels.Fainaly the US come to save your Ass like they save Ethiopia. They told EPLF and TPLF soft landing in Addis Abeba in 1991 if you don’t know ? interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvfvFA6Q2Go

  119. The writer failed to ask one key question; ‘How come Ethiopia started registering double digit economic growth as soon as it stops its relationship with Eritrea?’

    The entire article is written from Eritrean perspective presenting Ethiopia as a culprit. It is just a garbage.

  120. Aiga should get credit to open discussion about welfare of two people.It is encouraging to see many people give their views.I also like to thank Mr.Cohen initiate agreements between the two people solve their dispute ,when no other force from both sides tried.I am also happy to see well intentioned openions and sad with some emotionals.The good thing is Aiga should keep up the good work.
    a.Shabia can not force to collect fund from Eritreans any more.
    b.Eritreans can not immigrate to Middle East like they used to any more.Israel and Saudi Arabia`s action to return immigrants is good example.
    c.Europe mainly southern states don`t want to see any immigrant.EU is on a mission to do find lasting solution with people out of Issayas` territory.
    d.Since the army mutiny in Asmara ,the speculation is that Afworki is guarded by some Ethiopian defectors.
    e.From the regional security interest point,he is a liability.Eritrea is heading to become another Somalia.
    f.The South Sudan internal conflict could result strong government which is in favor of Ethiopia.That means more isolation of Afworki in E.Africa.
    g.Egypt can not provide all material and political support to Afworki like before .Its own problem is huge.

  121. truth on December 19, 2013 at 12:46 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    The Yohaneses and Eshetes ,the gheza tegarus—living in dreams.Swollow the bitter pill that Eritrea has been,is and will be the richest country in the world.
    FYI–refer to Peace’s notes above.
    1-One of the best and pristine 1200km long untouched coastline with rich Fish and the best sea salt in the world–worth of more than $500million annual income from Tourism, Fishing and Salt Industry,not to mention the multibillion dollar massive gas and petrolium deposit(more than that of Saudi Arabia)in the words of the Western Intelligence Services-more than 150billion barrels of oil on top of heavy gas deposit!!–both on-shore and off shore)
    2-The as of yet, unheard of huge potential of ” Red Sea/Dankalia Natural Dam with huge Energy Potential–worth of billions of dollars–not to mention the agricultural potential of it–the Dankalia desert being turned into Green Ranch
    3-the multibillion dollar potash potential of the Cullulu and Bada resources(up to more than trillion dollar potential with more than 100 yrs mine life-sorry-for the headache you are having now)
    4-70% of the Eritrean Land is full of precious metals–Gold, Copper, silver, marble, Zinc,etc—-and u r a n i u m–oooh(shhh–do not tell the CIA and the Mossad and M16)
    5-more than $100million annual income from animal industry
    Now you know why your masters and your leaders have been crying to death!!!
    So Mr Eshete/yohannes,do read english and have some basic math knowledge?
    May the Lord help you to enlighten you and bring you back to your senses.Think for tomorrow and the next generation.Peace is the incho/onlysolution.
    God bless you all.

    • PM Haile Mariam, Make No Mistake. EPRDF’s policy on Eritrea so far has been effective and we want to keep that as it is. If your party forces you to award Badme and open the borders to Eritreans, we urge you to say “I resign my post as a PM” and not only Ethiopians will respect you forever, but also will stand firm beside you. We do not even want to exchange Badme with Assab, as the latter is irrelevant for Ethiopia’s current and future economic corridors. We are not the first to have a broader conflict, the US, Japan, China, France, Scandinavians, UK and many other countries have a border dispute in the last 50 – 60 years that are not resolved yet. So keep fighting against poverty and tell them you don’t have time to waste.

      Moreover, remember that an election is coming soon and the Ethiopian opposition is eagerly waiting to see EPRDF committing a terrible mistake on the Ethio-Eritrea issue. We all know that the opposition is a collection of chauvinists, angry individuals and remnants of the past and their policy revolves around hatred. However, as Kinijit did in the past, there is a possibility to win elections just out of the peoples’ anger against EPRDF. So we say, Make no mistake.

      Mr. Truth,

      May the Lord help Eritreans to free from a slavery of illusion and colonial mind. I just laughed when I read your comment with figures of resources. Fool…wake up from your long sleep and open your eyes to see the world that has left you long behind everyone! Remember that you are dealing with Ethiopia, not with Puntland, which is better than Eritrea today.

      If Ethiopia will gain anything from a peace talk in the future, it will only this: Isayas will not send terrorists with bombs. But thanks to the Ethio-intelligence agency, most of the attempts failed, so this is not even a problem. Any peace talk will save Eritreans from Isayas, Rashaida and Bedeween. Normalization will re-open our boarders to be looted and plunder by Eritreans.

      Eritreans are their own enemies. They fought against their own interest. Now we have enough lesson not to repeat the same mistake.

  122. What did it mean the so called brotherhood with those scavenger Eritreans? They had bleeding Ethiopia for the last 100 years directly and indirectly starting from the fascist Italian invasion.no peace no war policy is perfect for now in the near past the debit nakfa agreement was meant and dreamt to invent Eritrea the super power of east Africa if not Africa in the expense of Ethiopia.those who planed it were implanting it they are still trying.

  123. Firs and for most,the existing regime in Ethiopia is not a government of Ethiopia.It is a mafia like group is in the throne that robe,imprison,kills and do all kind of cruelty on Ethiopians .TPLF led regime never and ever represent Ethiopians.That war with Eritrea is not a war b/n the people of Ethiopia and ELF.It was a war of Mafia group called TPLF with ELF.Do not call that war people’s war.

    Ethiopia has no legitimate government that represent and promote civilized dialogue. TPLF is the most uncivilized and barbaric kind of group with no knowledge and civility to promote Ethiopian interest. I do not think that Ertrean is going to trust TPLF to open up dialogue.My advice to Eritreans,if they need negotiation and dialogue they should do with the people of Ethiopia when the time comes.That time is coming Ethiopia will have a legitimate government that will able to represent the interest of Ethiopians.When,I say Ethiopians “Ethiopia without EPRDF”

    EPRDF is a group of pathological liars,robbers,rapers,killers and uncivilized barbaric individuals.How one can open dialogue with such group ?

    • Solomon, You are Shabia dog; you must go to hell; you tell us TPLF and Shabia are different. You sound someone who is familiar with insult. You love Shabia, but you hate EPRDF? you are dog. We hate dogs. Shabia = TPLF are the same, no difference. But you dog, you are trying to fish from the wrong river.

  124. “Erroneously representing others is equally evil to misquoting others” – None of us can represent the noble people of Eritrea or Ethiopia in the way you tried to –

    Again, As it is wrong to hijack or misrepresent others view by saying ” we Eritrean” and/or “We Ethiopia” and put it in the wrong way without their consent, it is equally maddening to generalize by saying “you Eritreans” and/or “you Ethiopians” as, except in the view of those narrow minded people, who always have difficulty of differentiating individual view from public view or do a wishful thinking of imposing their own view to others or put it as if it is the peoples’ or others too, such generalization is really shameful and ruthless! Hence, Bothers and sisters be honest, be mature, and be solid, and be yourself first at the same time put your own as yours only – and don’t do a generalization without a solid evidence or legitimate study that can support or suggest your point. Otherwise, we will continue to feel shameful of you, every time you do that!!

  125. What about the people living from time beginning in the contested area and truly know they are Ethiopian and Ethiopian only. this is not about helping Ethiopia it is using Ethiopia to raise Esayas from the grave to help the US(Cohen) meet its agenda.

  126. We should know that unity should be our aim, not only with Eritrea but in time with Easter Africa as a hall and Africa ultimately. the vision should be of a place so peaceful and prosperous, a place you wish for your children and grand children at peace with whatever religion or language they choose to have. But i think the government know very well the nature of shaebia and even if it is high time to have a peace in the region, i be live it will do the right thing.

  127. EU, after Lampedusa incident is determined to stop the flow of Eritreans to the coast of Southern Europe.The fascist parties are growing angry in Spain,Greek,Italy,and others against immigrants.
    Israel,Saudi Arabia and other middle east countries don`t want to see any immigrant at all.
    UN embargo on Shabia is unbearable .
    Eritreans are not willing to fund Shabia which is accused of terrorist supporter.
    Egypt,Libya,Syria,and others are not there to help any more.
    The mutiny in Asmara shows Issayas can`t depend on hungry child soldiers any more.
    Eritreans in every walk of life need change NOW.
    Even though things are against him,Issayas knows how to survive.Americans are his last chance.He needs to survive,America needs christian party in Eritrea than fanatic Islamist party.Lawless Somalia thought the world expensive lesson.
    In the last few decades,Ethiopian politicians,parties ,and governments made mistakes.As a result,the country paid big price.
    Mr.Cohen,for any reason,offered his suggestion to bring both governments to the table.we welcome it.It is up to the Ethiopian government to play leading role bringing the two people together.Shabia failed many chances since the eighties.
    Today,Eritreans attend Ethiopian Universities.Eritrean Diasporas, Spend US Dollar and Euro in Addis on the way to Asmara.The government of Ethiopia returns Eritrean`s properties confiscated during Badme war.Today,Ethiopia is more comfortable dealing issues bigger then Badme.

  128. I think we need to seat down and solve the problem with Eritrea.Ethiopian leadership should have the courage to induce Eritrea to come to the table. the question is not land. the question is about talking to each other. The two countries should learn that countries fight wars , but also negotiate. Enemies seat on the table. It is time and the late we are , we all are losers . No political calculation. No cold war.The time lost should be compensated

  129. December 19, 2013

    It is time for the eritreans, in not late to act as libiyans and other arab countries did to eradicate their dictators. Dictator esayas of eritrea should be punished by the eritreans the same way as libyans punish Gadafi. When the eritrean dictaor died and his party shabiya banned and new democratic election held and a people elected government formed, then that time could be a good situation for the neighbouring couuntries. Till this time ethiopians should well protect their border against shabiya and shabiya like Terrorist enemies of ethiopia.

  130. Why we should inter into negotiation with a regime dying of its own!! I always wish my Eritrean brothers and sisters and the people at large peace and prosperity. I critically oppose the insensitive regime of Eritrea. This regime is the sole reason for Eritrea to be the fourth poorest country in the world and to be the second poorest country in the world by 2018. See this: http://www.dailyfinance.com/2013/12/14/the-5-poorest-countries-in-the-world/?a_dgi=aolshare_twitter. Also see this: http://www.gfmag.com/component/content/article/119-economic-data/12538-the-richest-countries-in-the-world.html#axzz2nsVLALyK. Therefore, interning into negotiation with Issayas is helping him stay more in power and this is standing against the people of Eritrea. NO ANY NEGOTIATION WITH ISSAYAS!!

  131. Well, well,
    I thought the American diplomats are surly competitive and good at world diplomacy….. Despite my ample appreciation for the American diplomats whom we know they have fully or partially have a grasp of the Ethiopia-Eritrea saga, ( R Holbrook , Rip, S rice, A. lake.. J freezer and others ) I found Herman cohen’s scribble not only incompetent and devoid of any substantiative sound fact to argue and assert what Ethiopia has dearly paid for?)

    His position right from the outset lacks neutrality promoting only American interest? Gone are the days where you can simply over look Ethiopian interest because the country is mirrored as a draught stricken and any blue prints you hand it is acceptable….
    Luckily, we have gone so many twisted ways to think independently and assess any given circumstances relating to the healthy development of our country.
    Mr Cohen also suggested that the European mediators will give any ready made solution for any ill perceived conceptions of what the Eritrean governoment will throw at Ethiopia….sir enough of your advice on European evolvement because Ethiopia could not afford any more sagas for indefinite period!
    Your assertion again that Eritrea will be a factor for terrorist protection is far fetched and unfounded!
    Eritrea claims to have been proclaims a fear over zelepus fundamentalists and was giving a shelter and training on records that is on every ones record though you are trying to gloss it over! You seem to be detached from the reality, that is exactly what the Eritrean governoment has tried to assert it self out of the reality that he has never fought with Ethiopians but the war was lost and won with America and only America not a poor Ethiopia …. You are trying to save a person who has long time ceased leaving in this world!
    Can we minimise the damage and let us we handle it the way it works for us and may be for the better future of the two countries on our terms and that is better than letting others to middle on us at a heavy and hefty price…
    Sir, if you represent the American governoment, you need to come up with a very tangible proposition to work for the two countries if peace is to be given a chance . Any thing less including your bizzare to save Eritrea from cold is simply a bluff and unheard off at least interns of diplomacy!
    As a note to the wise diplomat , do not ever assume to over simplify that eritra and Ethiopia’s solution will astound by giving badme the flash pint to the war back to Eritrea ? At what cost ? Who are you trying to save from its last coffin? At least you should know it will not be at Ethiopia’s peril? Please keep your tricks to your self to the best!
    Hope you will not be offended, it only is a suggestion!
    Thank you

  132. I have a big respect for Mr. Kohen, but I didn’t get his full Idea, I think he suggested Ethiopia hand over Badme as a gesture of good will to Eritrea and What? What does Ethiopia get in exchange?or the whole purpose is to save the dying regime of Eritrea at the expense of Ethiopia.

    In all fairness Ethiopia should get at least Asab in exchange for Badme (sacrificing our brothers and sisters in Badme) and normalization.

  133. If TPLF-EPRDF gives away an inch of Ethiopian land anywhere , leave alone giving Badme to shabya, it will be eradicated in less than 48hours after it signs the paper. Mark my words!

  134. An Eritrean friend who extensively writes articles in Awate and Asmarino told me this morning that there is a sabstantiated rumor that Isayas has offered the EU Assab and its surroundings for military camp in exchange to opening the Ethiopian boarders even without resolving the Badme issue, for Badme will still be a pretext to keep the Warsai Yekealo in the trench.

    According to this man, Iran has already talked to Isayas to prove the rumour, as this will compromise Iran’s military in Assab. Now, my understanding is that Herman Cohen is probably contacted by some EU people to bring the issue to a table. In other words, Cohen is proposing a talk to primarily advance EU’s interest in the region as well as save the regime. I am not surprised.

  135. we should not harry for normalization at this time since the root of the problem is not addressed. The main problem is the Eritreans Identity Crises prevailing in their minds. let give them time to realize their fate. Badme will not be negotiable, Tens of thousands of our beloved are resting there, they will not be sunder unless Ethiopians downhearted.

  136. I see some or many Ethiopians when ever you start to talk about any case regarding Eritrea they all of a sudden blast to say something about the port of Assab and the port of Massawa. They regret that Ethiopia lost these ports and became land locked etc, etc. They believe owning a port to the sea is a decisive factor for economic and social development etc. And here you can also see that Herman Cohen and others vie to gamble around this issue so to draw the attention an gain the favor of Ethiopians. That is simply foolish.The most decisive factors for economic development as I assume are 1. The human factor or human resource 2. freedom and peace. or stability in the country 3. good governance or democratic political leadership. 4. good foreign policy. I am not an economist but I think these are important factors. If I take the question of having a port, I think there are many land locked countries but doing fine in economic, for example Ethiopia, Botswana etc, and on the other hand there are countries situated in the middle of the ocean but still economically backward. For example Madagascar is one of the biggest islands in the Glob but one of the poorest countries in the world ,and Somalia does not have any problem of access to the sea and Eritrea does not have any problem too. So having a sea port, although one cannot rule out its importance, is not a decisive factor to economic development. Let us see that Ethiopia and Eritrea fought for more than 30 years. What the result? The result was huge human and material lose from either side. Surely, if the the problem would have not been solved through democratic means the human, material and financial cost of both countries could have continued to rise and the root cause of our(Ethiopians) poverty could have been much worst and most difficult to solve. Look the positive aspect of this solution. Say If any country is doing economically well all countries that have proxy ports they will compete to take the advantage by having good relationship with this developing country.That is the scientific.I don’t want to go back to historical reference to analyze whether or not Assab or Massawa were under Ethiopian rule etc for it is not important here. Therefore, in my view, let us not allow any one , an Ethiopian or a foreigner, to gamble around the issue of the port of assab and the port of masawa, Ethiopia became a land locked country during the EPRDF. regime etc,etc .This issue has been for quite a long time an agenda to rally around to many practitioner politicians who do not even dare to reckon the human and material cost Ethiopia had paid over the 30 years of war with Eritrea. I think some of these people, Ethiopians including Eritreans, must be very young by age and never understand the devastation caused by the war between the two countries. Also take a note that the Eritrean rebels had massive support mainly from their own people as well as from other countries. Therefore, EPRDF was right to take a political stance that the Eritrean question had to be resolved peacefully and democratically to salvage Ethiopia from further disaster. Even if you do not take this option the Eritreans would fight to the last drop of their blood.This is true and that would entail the same incalculable cost of life and what not for years. So, I have two distinct views now . One is let us not give the chance to some fools to try to fool us by gambling around the agenda of regaining the port of Assab and Massawa etc. This is simply stupid. Second, Eritreans must not be proud of owning two ports on the coast of the red sea. The sometimes call the red sea a blue gold. It will only be gold if they work on it. I don’t need to explain further why? because I have tried to explain it on the above paragraph. To be honest, Eritrea would gain much by improving its relationship with Ethiopia much more Ethiopia would do from the relationship.( apologize for my poor English). Recently, I read an article written by Adhanom Ftwi under the Title ”Reconciliation of Ethiopia and Eritrea to whose advantage?” Amazing! that is the answer. However, I would like to suggest also that the Eritreans must plan to create excellent relationship with Ethiopia first if they don’t Ethiopia has a lot of options and you have learned that Ethiopia is not affected much economically because it did not have a sea port. Hence, Mr. Cohen please keep yourself away from this matter, you leave the problem to us do not you worry we have our own ways.

    • Belay Zeleke,
      I do not agree with you; I know you have your own philosophy. Your philosophy is weak and poor. You claim Eritreans can fight? but not Ethiopians? No single Ethiopians shares your philosophy , of course, the cursed TPLF does share you ideology.

      I do not agree Ethiopia has to give its rights for fear of Eritrean will fight until the last drop? As you Shabia pretending as Ethiopia telling us Eritreans will fight until the last drop. If you believe in war, then Ethiopian wipe out the entire Eritrea.

      However, I myself I am not after war or I am personally I am against your philosophy 100%. Your philosophy is just selfish and narrow. Ethiopian did not start the 30 year ; It is Egypt who designed all those wars; it is in the interest of Eritreans. There was no need for Eritreans to fight 30 years. But the was supported and sponsored by Arabs to suffocate and destroy Ethiopia, not to help Eritrean. There was nothing Eritreans needed different from the rest of Ethiopians. It is /was true there no a good system in Ethiopia, Eritrean were never treated different in Ethiopia.
      I do not waste time going into your perverted ideology. But I am saying myself, there is no need for Eritrea and it is not even in the interest of the very Eritreans themselves. They got and they will get nothing by being isolated in the north tip of our country.

      According to you, this is good? the problem is people like you. Shabia cheated, mobilized all Eritrean by fabricating things that are not true. Anyone can mobilized and get support like Issayas did. Eritreans supported the war does not mean, they did it knowingly. Anyway, your philosophy and Shabia’s philosophy has been proved by time that there is no any good in an independent Eritrea.
      The points are:
      1. The 30 years was sponsored by Arabs and there was no need for that bloody war that destroyed Ethiopia and consumed millions of lives and that made us refugees
      2. The way the independence was done wrong because the choices given to the people were two choices:
      1. Slavery
      2. Freedom

      Who the hell on earth would choose slavery?
      3. The independence process never took into account Ethiopian interest and future relationship between the people, it was done by TPLF, Shabia and the loser old man now Mr. Cohen, a meddler. They did what they did and the final result was /is still a disaster. The disaster is still hanging on the roof. No one knows what the lunatic Tigreans in Asmara can do. He is a Tigrean Hitler who could not spare bombing kindergarden.

      Your analysis we do not need port or bla bla, is just useless. This is philosophy from the jungle.

      Ethiopians have right to use their ports and it their natural right. It is not you dammit who give them and deny them. You have no right to dictate the interest of 94 million people because a bush Philosophy. No Ethiopian shares your jungle philosophy.

      In conclusion: It is not about port, we are saying there is no benefit for the people to live like this in fear of each other; This life like rat and cat, not good. The people need to live and work in peace in the bigger Ethiopia than in the country you colonial slaves have created.

      One people one country. Period.

      • Mr.Gezaee,
        Your comment to my point is simply mistaken because idemonstrates your shortsightedness to politics. You see, what I have tried to show you and war monger people like you is that in the case of the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea for example,which persisted for more than 30 years brought nothing to the people of both countries except hunger, disease,etc and all sorts of social problems. I said the Eritrean were to fight to the last drop of their blood, now let me add Ethiopians were also fight to the last drop of their blood……o.k. What would be the result from either side? the result is obviously disaster after disaster. I think this is not a good choice that civilized people in modern times have to opt. You have to understand that what matters most especially two or more belligerent counties is to try to solve their problem in a civilized and democratic way. Pursuing this kind of method to of solve their differences has great advantage to both people in terms of saving lives, property etc. What you have to take in to account is the political aspiration of the people waring for their freedom. One cannot under any situation arrest the in depth feeling for freedom and commitment to achieve it. Take for example the case of Ireland and Great Britain, how old is it? If do not solve the root cause of the problem that initiated the conflict the people will continue to fight. Another example is the Vietnam war.. You cannot compare the technological, military, financial and diplomatic muscle that of USA with that of Vietnam but USA was driven out of Vietnam with its bleeding nose on the handkerchief. Why ?Take the case of East Timor, north Sudan and South Sudan, etc you can have many examples. Especially if the war is carried out between two poor countries the devastating effect of the war will be much wost on both sides. The ugly effect will not only be economic disaster but mind you many families will be disintegrated, dislocated etc. Gezaee, may be you have not seen the ugly consequences of war, when villages are completely erased, people killed here and there etc.I hope you will understand me I am telling you about unjust war. The Ethiopians defeated the Italians in the battle of Adwa it was because the Ethiopian fought gallantly for their rights.
        As to how the referendum of the Eritreans was carried out, you said there were only two choice 1. Slavery or 2. Freedom. I do not want to comment on this issue for it would be very difficult for me to argue whether or not the Eritreans would have not opted independence. Very difficult point to justify. Tell me if you knew some thing in this connection. The other point which you have not understood me well, perhaps, is I did not say ‘ we don’t want sea port’. No! What I said is having sea port is not a key factor for economic development, though you don’t rule out its importance. That is to say if you have it, it is plus other wise you do not have to go in to endless and very expensive, expensive in terms of everything, war for the sake of a port. That is the point. If you want to raise the issue of Masawa or Assab ports once up on a time in our history belong to Ethiopia etc,then I would assume that you are opening another point of rhetoric. then either I will continue or leave the point. Again it is not because I am from the jungle or not that matters, you do not know me first of all. What is important is not acceptable is your militant attitude, be reasonable we are in the 21st century. You know there are many arrogant or people of militant attitude but run away with their children to other counties when the sound of stray bullet whistles. Let us do much to save our people from all sorts of acute social problems, beggary,prostitution. migration, and POVERTY. that the root cause for all the above.

        • Sir, you are not admitting anything? I guess you are a government officer? it sounds like that; you will not accept anything but hit back rejecting everything and bringing in irrelevant cases and examples Vietnam, Timor, … all that is irrelevant in my opinion. I do not even know what you are talking about . War is bad bla bla bla and endless jargons to bury yourself from your weak points. You never admitted anything wrong with your statements? Sir, okay, you are perfect and right? I am only wrong? I hope you will be happy now? haha, this is fallacy. I never said war is good. You do not either bring peace by giving away your house . You believe Ethiopia has right to use its natural ports? but that is your belief only I never met a single Ethiopian who thinks like you ever. I am saying I never met a single Ethiopian who say Ethiopia has to give away everything for peace. Peace comes only if it is reciprocal . you do not bring peace by denying your right. If that was the case, we were told by TPLF let Eritrea go with all the ports for the sake of peace? but did we get the peace? They came back for more land? they started war? 100 000 souls perished? that is not war for you as long it did not affect your sitting office? Sir, I do not share anything with you. I repeat your philosophy is from the bush and will not like by all Ethiopians. Of course you can force it on others as TPLF does now. I never ever said war is good or never said we need war. You believe claiming your right is declaring war? I do not even with to live where people live in because I can see my life can be hell in your world because you will force me to accept injustice. You telling me Ethiopians has to give everything away from their land for peace? you do not get peace that way sir. You have very weak points although you are right. Very weak reasons and very philosophies of self-denial and self-infliction. it is people like you who landlocked my country because they do things arbitrarily . you are not paying for the port fees, it is the poor people who have to buy somebody else’s ports because of your perverted philosophy of sefl-infliction. You sound Shabia than Ethiopia. I doubt you are Ethiopian.

          • Mr. gezaee,
            You are not consistent with your argument. You are staggering I can’t follow you up. On one hand you say that you are not after war and on the other you are trying to say that we should not give our port, that means we should have continued the war with Eritrea. etc.etc.That is what I understood from your statements. Now, if you are not going to fight and win the war how can you get the sea port that you are hungry for? May be by prayer? I do not know. Please understand, I did not say one has to give his house for the sake of peace. First of all our agenda is not about a house our agenda we chose a point worthy of very serious discussion,it is about two belligerent countries which have been at war for more than 30 years. It is more serious than the house or fence you want to talk about or take as an example. Honestly speaking, there were some points in your previous comment I deliberately dropped aside without trying to give any reply because I felt that was not important. Actually there some symptoms indicating to me how narrow your scope of politics is because you are considering the argument we have started down to a very simple matter like a plot of land or house etc. Secondly, I tried to mention some examples because I wanted you to see the case in question from a wider perspective, but you failed to do that If you allow me, let me ask you a question. what will your strategy be supposing you take political power to govern Ethiopia by winning EPRDF, say for example, in the coming national election in order for Ethiopia to have a sea port of its own or let us put it the other way what will be your advice for the opposition parties to do to bring the port of Assab or Massawa or both if they win the national election?
            Secondly, Mr. Gezaee do not miss cote me I did not Ethiopia has to give every thing for the sake of peace. What do you mean?Try not to see the issue you raised to from a slash you try to include may factors to show to me so that I be convinced. In this connection try not to represent many Ethiopians because I do not know how many Ethiopians you met and have talked to. If do not come up with genuine and qualified point for political discussion, I would simply like to say let us agree to disagree.

  137. Eritrea as we know it is dead. What else can one say when Eritrean officials make a living by selling organs harvested from Eritreans, use slave labour and rape every girl in the country. They are supposed to protect and serve but they exist to harvest organs and rape. This well documented by many Eritreans. Those who support the Isayas government are doing so in their personal interest and not national interest. Banda’s will always be bandas but sooner or later Zerai Deress will emerge and put an end to all.

  138. As long as there is arrogance and competitiveness, still persistent on the part of our neighbor, there can be no genuine long lasting peaceful solution. Given this state, I do not think it is wise to rush the peace initiative, just simply allow time to heal the wounds and maturity take it’s place. All we have to do for now is make sure that there is room where peace, and friendship can form and grow. I believe this is best done not by asking for peace but by refraining from attacking each other through propaganda and media sites. Our number one enemy is poverty, lets not get distracted just because it doesn’t have the face of a person.

  139. Belay Zeleke,
    I do not agree with you; I know you have your own philosophy. Your philosophy is weak and poor. You claim Eritreans can fight? but not Ethiopians? No single Ethiopians shares your philosophy , of course, the cursed TPLF does share you ideology.

    I do not agree Ethiopia has to give its rights for fear of Eritrean will fight until the last drop? As you Shabia pretending as Ethiopian telling us Eritreans will fight until the last drop. If you believe in war, then Ethiopian can wipe out the entire Eritrea.

    However, I myself I am not after war or I am personally I am against your philosophy 100%. Your philosophy is just selfish and narrow. Ethiopian did not start the 30 year war ; It is Egypt who designed all those wars; it was not in the interest of Eritreans themselves. There was no need for Eritreans to fight 30 years. But that was supported and sponsored by Arabs to suffocate and destroy Ethiopia, not to help Eritrean. There was nothing Eritreans needed different from the rest of Ethiopians. It is /was true there was no a good system in Ethiopia, Eritrean were never treated differently in Ethiopia.
    I do not want to waste time going into your perverted ideology. But I am saying myself, there is no need for Eritrea as a country and it is not even in the interest of the very Eritreans themselves. They got and they will get nothing by being isolated in the north tip of our country.

    According to you, this is good? the problem is people like you. Shabia cheated, mobilized all Eritrean by fabricating things that are not true. Anyone can mobilized and get support like Issayas did. Eritreans supported the war does not mean, they did it knowingly. Anyway, your philosophy and Shabia’s philosophy has been proved by time that there is no any good in an independent Eritrea.
    The points are:
    1. The 30 years was sponsored by Arabs and there was no need for that bloody war that destroyed Ethiopia and consumed millions of lives and that made us refugees
    2. The way the independence referendum done was wrong because the choices given to the people were two choices:
    1. Slavery
    2. Freedom

    Who the hell on earth would choose slavery?
    3. The independence process never took into account Ethiopian interest and future relationship between the people, it was done by TPLF, Shabia and the loser old man now Mr. Cohen, a meddler. They did what they did and the final result was /is still a disaster. The disaster is still hanging on the roof. No one knows what the lunatic Tigreans in Asmara can do. He is a Tigrean Hitler who could not spare bombing kindergardens with kids in it. Yet Cohen to preach us about the Hitler?

    Your analysis we do not need port or bla bla, is just useless. This is philosophy is from the jungle and is not in the interest of our country. You can have this philosophy for you own family. You can lock your family inside your house and then come tell us it is good to lock your family in the house? Weak philosophy, no Ethiopian will buy your ad.

    Ethiopians have right to use their ports and it their natural right. It is not you dammit who give them and deny them. You have no right to dictate the interest of 94 million people because of your bush Philosophy. No Ethiopian shares your jungle philosophy.

    In conclusion: It is not about port, we are saying there is no benefit for the people to live like this in fear of each other; This life is like rat and cat, not good. The people need to live and work in peace in the bigger Ethiopia than in the country you colonial slaves have created.

    One people one country. Period.

  140. Ato Fasil,
    The figures are facts,not wishes.
    Swollow the bitter TRUTH.We survived 40 yrs of brutal oppression and it is only a matter of 2-3 yrs when you will see the miracles and that is why you are crying non-stop.Who cares about you any more?We have enough markets in the Middle East,Asia and far East and East Africa but Ethiopia and Djbouti.
    No worries about Eritrea.
    Take care of your issues–and deal with your 150,000 deportees from SA and the 30,000 from Israel,who claim to be Eritreans and another 50-10000 from Yemen and another 30-50,000 form your made up refugees Camps in Tigray where you are making some dollars in the name of Eritrean Refugees or students through corrupted UNHCR.
    The IMF and its masters will keep crying like you but Eritrea will be the richest country ,not the poorest one based on facts,not dreams and ill wishes.
    Wake up dude.

  141. Let me start, by saying that I am a proud Eritrea. And I love the entire Ethiopian people. I do have good connection with people from Tigray. I know how good people they are. No hate among the Eritrean and Ethiopian people. It’s just the fault of bad politicians. And Specially, the Afwerki regime. He doesn’t represent the Eritrean people. At the same time, I don’t agree with stand of Ethiopian government. They should abide by the international law, even if they r not in favor of the decisions made. There is nothing to brag about. We deserve to live in peace and co-operate in many ways. Those Eritreans and Ethiopians, who r rushing to make hateful comments, please keep that for yourself. The people don’t hate each other and wish only good things to each other. God bless Ethiopia and Eritrean.

  142. I wish there is an Ethiopian legal expert who can bring Herman Cohen to face justice for his conspiracy and crimes (he committed) against Ethiopia and Ethiopians! I wish Cohen make confessions before he passes away from this tantalizing world! …

  143. Mr. Cohen starts his article with the sentence “After being part of Ethiopia for forty years, the people of Eritrea held a referendum in April 1993 and decided to establish an independent state.” A statment one would least expect from a man who labels himself an “expert” in East African affairs. Eritrea was part of Ethiopia even before the birth of Christ, forget your 40 years.
    I admire Ambassador David Shinn becuse he is truly an expert on the Horn of African affairs, when he says something people would listen to him, but Mr. Cohen you are not an expert and you cannot be one in the future.
    Most probabley some one contacted your lobbying firm to prepare this article, but you let them down badly. Try with other countries where you are least recognized. . In the internet era you cannot hide.
    Your suggestion to bring Ethiopia and Eritrea together has a hidden agenda, but it will never work in your favor.

    • Dr. Shinn is a very honest person and very professional and he is even open for correction if he makes mistake; love that man. He is sincere. He loves our country. Cohen is a sinister, devil. arrogant, racist.

  144. Badme a land of Blood and unhealed wound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Badme as your name indicates you are land of bloodstains that claimed the lives of hundred thousand citizens. Badme you have deprived many parents of their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, future fathers and mothers. All these precious lives have been sacrificed for you Badme. In reality is it you Badme the very cause for the bloody war of the 1998-2000 between Ethiopia and Eritrea? Can the very dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea be settled by handing over Badme to Eritrea? Not at all. Badme is still and will remain the future death ghost of the claims and counter claims of the two countries. Badme remains the very factor of destabilisation and rivalry between Ethiopia and Eritrea for generations to come. Badme is not an international issue nor is it a national issue. It is a local issue. Mr. Cohen or the International Hague Court’s flawed judgement cannot and will not be the solution for the dispute. It is the people of Badme and the surrounding adjoining regions of Seymet Adyabo that should decide the fate of Badme. It is very sad the late premier Meles Zenawi has left un detonated bomb shell that could flare up at any given time with very much worst damaging effects in the region.
    Who are the politicians, diplomats, and military strategists specialists in the locality? Do they have adequate contextual historical background in depth about Badme and the surrounding geographical areas? Even the late General Hayelom Araya and his nephew Brehane Mekel Embaye being born in that locality might have been in better position to say much about the local area of Badme. However Badme is not a free a gift given to the people nor is it the colonial creation o f the Italians. It is a land inherited from their ancestors from generation to generation. Their umbilical cord was buried in the very vicinity of Badme. The very land of Badme is their habitat and the people have identified themselves with the local endemic animals and plantation.
    Therefore Badme now has become very sensitive and delicate that requires thorough understanding and decent approach in dealing with the issue.
    Thank you

  145. It looks the only issue that has the potential to divide Tigreans is the issue of Eritrea. No wander it was left pending (other than it was sought and supported as the right to self determination) from REAL debate during weyane’s struggle.
    Ofcourse, I don’t have any doubt Tigreans are capable of resolving bitter disputes DEMOCRATICALLY. And I am calling all Tigreans to keep that culture also in this issue.
    Lets not forget that our struggle strarted to end poverty, and secure the rights of our people within Ethiopia. And for this to happen we PROMISED to end bullets no more in Tigray. As we all agree the poverty in Tigray was never natural but is due to the successive war that occured in Tigray. That had to be stopped at a real cost. and one big cost was to recognise the will of Eritreans to self determination and in the end supporting their choices for independence. All this for the sake of PEACE. but our peace did not last because shabia is a party unskilled to live in peace times. and came back firing on our people. Again lets not forget how our people reacted to this ungrateful act by shaabia. Now that its been amost 15 years and shabbia is agonising beyond repair but is sending its people to the drain. Fleeing this, the people are coming to us for they KNOW we are their kins.

    So lets focus on shaabia and those supporting it. Lets leave the majority Eritreans who are really in trouble and are suffering.
    So talking of shaabia. There were many many incidents that proved its promiscoucity .

    1. Who a Tigrean forgets what shaabia did when our people were hard hit by famine and had to cross the borders to sudan? but shaabia closed the road, and we paid extra price to make it to sudan?

    2. Who would forget the deportation of our people from Eritrea since bare handed, abused, tortured..

    3. Who would forget the open robbery of our resources ?

    4. Who would forget the bombing of our children in Ayder ?

    5. Who would forget the bulldozing of our city – Zalambessa ?

    6. Who would ignore the role of shaabia in arming terrorists all the way from within (G7, DMHIT, Kinjit, etc) to al shababa in somalia.
    7. Imagine how shaabia is collaborating to isolate Tigreans in the diaspora. who is listening to this ??

    I will bring you a real story that I personal know.
    back then after Ethiopia’s first democratice election in 2005, and following the clush with some, there was a fund rasing event in Milan organised by the governemtn of Eritrea and supporters to help KINIJIT.
    There was question from the audience as to why they should support, provided Kinijit was saying the border of Ethiopia is the Red Sea.
    Then the reply from the Government delegations was.
    ” Abzi higi ewan, n’ hiliwuna Eritrea hadega koynu zelo nay zi nai agame Mengsti eyu. Bizikone yikun, nezi mengsti ezi kniwugido alena. Kinijit nai amharu eyu. kem tifeltiwo, b’limdina amharay gualn t’re sigan entehibkayo b’ kelilu kinikoxaxero nik’el ena..”
    for those who do not read tigrigna the translation roughly is:

    ” At this time the main probelm that is puting the future of Eritrea in danger is the agame regime in Ethiopia. We must be able to destroy this regime ASAP. as for the Kinijit, do not worry it is an amhara party. and as you know, from our experience we can easlity control it – via raw meat and women.”

    I am bringing this just to give you HOW MUCH Shabia is enemy of not only just the tigriyans, EPRDF, etc..IT IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE !!! whether EPRDF is gone or not, whether G7 takes power or not, whether Badme is handed over or not, whether Oromia breaks away or not..this PARASITIC organisation will give you no PEACE !!

    So any Ethiopian – he must be kidding to go long distance to negotiate with this organisation.

    As for the people, yes we do not hve problem with them (some are misguided believing shaabia’s fake history but they will come to their senses sooner). So lets help them should they need our help. That’s all we can.

    To shaabia, it must be buried !!!! do not do business with this evil organisation.

  146. Aiga,

    please close this topic and move on. We have learned a lot.

    To Fellow Ethiopians ( & Eritrean’s with good intention)

    Forget Cohen, I think he got too much unnessecary attention.

    Almost all of us the Ethiopians, and most of you the Eirtreans do no more want Esayas and his ideals. He proved sick and brought nothing but disaster after disaster.

    The port of Assab is no more a primiary issue for Ethiopia ( its been 20 years with out, and let alone survive, Eth is prospering). And its been 20 years for you Eritreans that the port of Assab is useless unless you market it to Ethiopia.

    Among all of this, PFDJ is a bottleneck. So lets talk about it next time when PFDJ is gone. I cant say when it changes its minds, because, our experience and your experience very well knows this fact.
    Thanks and its time to Move on, I believe !!!

  147. Aiga Forum why do we have to waste time on discussion about Eritrea? I hope that their leader Afewerki will stay in power another 20+ years. Eritreans have to enjoy the freedom they choose for. It is none of our business to meddle in their affairs. I would agree with the” No war, no peace policy.” The day will come when Eritreans will see Ethiopia as their Holy land. And we shall never allow them to join Ethiopia again. However, EPRDF must get our Assab port back for our economic benefit and national security as we shall never trust any neighbouring country. It is a lesson we should learn how Eritreans has betrayed us. It is a common sense that every Ethiopian will fight for but our leaders have betrayed us. So, why focus on Eritrea? Let’s focus on positive energy building our beloved Ethiopia and it sovereignty! As we have a right to build Blue Nile we have also a right to access out port. We have enough Ethiopian lawyers’ and Historians in the diaspora who can help with the legal issue to represent Ethiopia in this matter than Ethiopian gov’t hiring ferenges who don’t have the patriotism to defend Ethiopia.
    Finally, I wish the Ethiopian gov’t should take serious actions from Eritreans obtaining Ethiopian passport. Ethiopian passport has become like a kebele metawekiya where most Eritreans can get it easily by paying gubo. Shouldn’t Ethiopian passport be owned by Ethiopians?????
    For those of us who live in Diaspora cannot get Ethiopian passport one we lose Ethiopian citizenship. However, Ethiopian passport is in the hands of many Eritreans . There should be some way of controlling this. Eritreans can live and work in Ethiopia while many Ethiopians are homeless and our sisters are sold to the Arabs. I am not against the people of Eritrea but I believe that the government should give priority to its citizens and non Ethiopians should not get the privilege of where most Ethiopians are not getting it.
    I hope Aigaforum will bring very important issues that can help to build a better Ethiopia.

    • I would like to share your wish exactly .
      Why we need to die Esseyase …eeemmmm .. Not me !!
      I hope that their leader Esseyase Afewerki will stay in power an other 20 to30 year again .. Why not ..?
      That’s not my busses anyways…….!
      Who was looking and believing that the Esseyas was as one of the Angeles and NEBYATE NESANET ,,!?
      Esseyase is the best for the people that they encourage him …yes ..that’s true

  148. December 20, 2013
    As libyans did with their dictator, eritrean opposition has to wake up to kill their dictator Isayas Afwerki and destroy his shabiya ruling party as libyans did. It is the only solution for eritreans to normalize their relation with the neighbouring countries. Kill the dictator Isayas Afwerki and dismantle his shabiya party and to build a provisional government, until democratically election held in the country; that is all about.

    • Aseb Ethiopia
      I don’t think so there is possiblity to see any change by killing to esseyas Afewerki It should not come good change in Eritrea !!
      The regime it self is esseyas and mirror of esseyas .
      What we should expect is the mirror of esseyas will repiting again B/c many esseyas’s deeprooted in the regime .
      No good hope in Eritrea for few decades .
      No infrastructure no rural development no collage no universty no enough school no enough hospitality for young people no many things not yet started ….!
      So how the new generation can see their image .. Their future .then esseyas can die but the regime can continue

  149. I think Ethiopia is o.k now on all fronts and will continue to be o.k.in the future as well. Therefore, I do not see much reason to be so hasty to make peace with the Eritrean government. Even if the Ethiopian government decides to take some sort of peace deal with shabia ,at this moment, I think the target can only be a sort of diplomatic maneuver and nothing more . And eventually this kind of peace deal with Shabia will not last long besides the EPRDF politicians are good enough to understand the sneaky characters of Isayas and Yemane monkey and all others around him.So no need for Ethiopian government leaders to go to Asmara or Khartoum or any where else to sit round the table and discuss with the shabias it is worth less exercise.

    • Thank you, sir. And well put. One needs to remember, unless we are dealing with a true representative government of the ‘Eritrean people’ we run the risk of doing business with known gangsters.


  151. Peace on December 22, 2013 at 6:23 pm said:
    Final Words to the Demonizers and Peace-haters:
    Here are the FACTS,the only but the ONLY FACTS:
    1-Eritrea is an Independent Nation with fully and virtually demarcated borders,which has had enough wars and ready to embrace fully PEACEFUL co-existence with its near and far neighbours but at the same time ready more than ever to defend itself from any threat under the Sun
    2-Eritrean Land and its Sea is FULL of natural resources,which will make Eritrea the richest country on Earth,not just the fastest growing economy and is ready for regional economic integration with those who are ready for it-equally and mutually
    3-Eritrea is for Eritreans by Eritreans ;and Eritreans problems can be,will be and should be solved by Eritreans and THE ERITREANS ONLY!It does have more than enough Human and Natural Resources to do so, under any condition and any time!
    Last Words to the Aigas and Tigreans:
    It was Eritrea and Eritreans who helped you to be where your are now but rather you decided to bite the breast which fed and nurtured you due to your short sighted strategy and greed.Read hsitory and refresh your memory.Those who wished destruction to Eritrea were rather destroyed and will be destroyed.Histroy is the proof and the Witness!
    We forgot and forgave and we will be moving on and you are welcome to join the peaceful March and Journey.The ball is at your court.
    Beyond that, leave us alone and mind your business.
    Merry Christmas to all the Christians and Eid Mebruk/Mewlid to the Muslims..
    God bless you all.

  152. I would like to say some about the none healthy relationships b/n eartria and Ethiopia .
    First lets me introducing my self I am belong to ethiopian tigrean ethinik and I was one of the supporter of earertrain independent ..
    However ,I was not happy with shabya ideology as well as I was not happy to give them the whole land of read sea which is Asebe ..
    Now my strong suggestion is ..
    We are not the some people we don’t have any commen rather than hate rate and victimized mind in each other ..
    Why we concern about them who cares ..!
    Why we need them ..? For nothing,!
    Now we are ok we survive without Asebe for about 16 year also we show them that their port is useless if we shouldn’t use it’s just like other arid area ..
    We have to respect to Those people just like the other country ..
    We are big and stable country
    Our resource is too huge and very rich ..
    We can groth fast ..
    We can overcome the most achievement of our goal there fore
    Please drop to think about read sea and old politics please say who cares about eartrain and their government
    We should car our lover .. We should be care about our groth and our future .. Why we should car about none healthe relationship with those people come..0n. ..! Ethiopian ..!

  153. Ato Fasil,swallow the bitter TRUTH:
    The figures are facts,not wishes.
    Swollow the bitter TRUTH.We survived 40 yrs of brutal oppression and it is only a matter of 2-3 yrs when you will see the miracles and that is why you are crying non-stop.Who cares about you any more?We have enough markets in the Middle East,Asia and far East and East Africa but Ethiopia and Djbouti.
    No worries about Eritrea.
    Take care of your issues–and deal with your 150,000 deportees from SA and the 30,000 from Israel,who claim to be Eritreans and another 100,000 from Yemen and another 30-50,000 form your made up refugees Camps in Tigray where you are making some dollars in the name of Eritrean Refugees or students through the corrupted UNHCR.
    The IMF and its masters will keep crying like you but Eritrea will be the richest country ,not the poorest one based on facts,not dreams and ill wishes.
    Wake up dude.
    Dear Aiga Editor et al:
    FYI: Here is the Latest Response by the American Foreign Ploicy Advisors Committe to Mr. Cohen’s suggestion.
    An influential American policy review website aka “Council on Foreign Relations” today endorsed the recommendations outlined by Amba. Cohen.

    The following is what it wrote in support of the compelling case made by Ambassador Cohen for a rethink of U.S. policy on Eritrea:

    The former assistant secretary of state for African affairs, Herman J. (Hank) Cohen wrote an important article in African Arguments entitled “Time to Bring Eritrea in From the Cold.” For those involved in policy formulation and implementation in the Horn of Africa it is a “must read.”

    In a few short and lucid paragraphs Ambassador Cohen reviews the sorry history since 1997 of the tangled relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia, with the complications posed by Somalia and al-Shabaab, the jihadist organization with ties to al-Qaeda, and the U.S. response. By 2008, the administration of President George W. Bush determined that Eritrea was a “state sponsor of terrorism” and imposed sanctions. Subsequently, President Barack Obama’s administration said that Eritrea allowed arms shipments to be delivered to al-Shabaab. In 2009, the administration sponsored a UN Security Council resolution (UNSC 1907) that in effect made Eritrea the international pariah it is today.

    But, times change. Cohen recalls that “all available intelligence” indicates no Eritrean contact with al-Shabaab since 2009. Further, as Cohen points out, Eritrea is fearful of Islamic radicalism. There are signs of a warming in the relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea. This confluence provides a special opportunity for a new approach to Eritrea with positive implications for the Horn of Africa. Normal relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea would be a win-win not only for both countries economically as well as politically, but also for the Horn of Africa region.

    How to move forward? Specifically, Cohen suggests that a European member of the Security Council should propose the repeal of UNSC 1907, and the United States should agree to abstain. He also proposes a face-saving solution to the long standing border issues between Ethiopia and Eritrea, to be mediated by a neutral European nation.

    Cohen shows that the benefits for U.S. policy would be significant. Normalization of Ethiopian/Eritrean relations would open the space for the United States and others to encourage better governance in both countries, and military cooperation between the United States and Eritrea could materially assist in the struggle against jihadi terrorism in the region.

    Ambassador Cohen makes a compelling case for a rethink of U.S. policy in the Horn and he proposes a practical strategy for moving forward.

  154. Dear eartrain lover ..!!!
    I am not the positive supporter of the eartrian dream ..!
    To me shabya and the innocent people of eartrian is the same in the past and to the future ….why..?
    Except few politician of TPLF, about 90%or above will not want to Lessing
    About eartrain and their probleams
    Why …?
    We are The most poorest countries in the planet that is true .
    We are the poorest countries in culture and civilization … We are still in bad shape of ignorance and still 60%our people does not eat 3 times a day …
    There fore , who is our best enemy. ?
    Rather than gadaim border and stupid brain washed nationalist slogan …leads To unlike war ..
    In fact the Ethiopian people, specialy the northern part (Tigray) was the most. Victime area than any …
    My point is not tell the past history I will leave for historian
    We the Ethiopian people need peace we give respect and value to peace of our zone b / c it’s the most key for our farther development and our fast growth
    I agree to make peaceful zone to our zone
    We have to agree to provided some secrification for peace to our benefit
    However I will not agree with eartrian
    To take our bloody bademe area unles if we gain or has approved that the none claimed Asebe port to our territory …? It will be comparable and we all ethiopian will be agree, otherwise there is no development from eartrian rather destruction and war lover .
    There is no hope to live together with eartria and eartrian …b/c we don’t like to go back ward again
    We have to Winn the enemy our enemy is poorly …..!!!
    Please stop thinking about eartrain just leave for eartrian .. Who cares about eartria just like the other countries people .!!!!
    Thank you dear aiga

  155. It is real mistake to reward Eritrea for the lose of life, energy and money their unjust invasion costed us. We made mistake in going to Hague while we had managed to regain our territory after paying lives of thousands of our precious young men. The ruling of EEBC was wrong, it gave to Eritrea a lot of Ethiopian territories that were never administered under Eritrea. Now this no-war no-peace situation between the two countries is damaging both countries, but it is Eritrea that is paying more price because of it. Therefore it is mistake that Ethiopia makes unnecessary sacrifice of giving Eritrea its rightful territory in order to appease Eritrea to make peace with us. Eritrea should seek peace with Ethiopia for its own sake without demanding Ethiopian land. Normal politicians do not turn their right cheek to the one who slapped their left cheek.

  156. Eritrea should not gain anything from their crazy war that consumed our resources and our young people’s lives. We cannot re-write history back. We have to think of what we can do now. It would be good if we agreed to peace agreement with our neighboring country as far as it is willing to pay ransom for the damage it caused our country and as far as it drops her claim to any of Ethiopian territory.

  157. Peace with Eritrea without a free election in their country is giving the madman a lifeline he is desperately seeking. I say let’s watch from the sideline if/when the madman allows his conscripts to voice their voice freely. Only then Ethiopia should think about formulating a pragmatic policy. We need to resist the temptation of putting the cart before the horse.


  158. We should extended the Cold War period because we will gain our deserves that we lost in the past
    We lost our port …
    We lost our sea get ..
    We lost our brothers for the bloody war of badme
    We lost bunch of capital for the war
    We are still suffering from the bloody war damage
    Wake up guys ..!
    I don’t like war but I don’t like to lost our deserve places
    I like staying like the Cold War
    Remember in the Cold War one of them will be benfitial ….who…?
    No question we will ..!
    We have to push to the western power to get our port … If not …. Eritrea should realizing the nececity of our interest
    Why the Eritrean people support the unjustce claim of ports … ?
    Imagen ..Asebe is much far from Eritrea Unfortunately We hadn’t been smarter than bandit essays at that time … Why ..?
    The answer is so clear this is because of our weakness they hajack us to make thier dream .
    We have many places olready hajacked .
    We have to starting to claim many places has been Concorde by the bandit Eritrean government
    We need wake up we need speak up .. Just for the justice just for our Owen land just for our right ..
    We are olmost about 100 million population but we are landlock country that is unbelievable for the new generation that is too shame for our generation that is unfair and unjustice era for our time. …
    So what do you think ..?
    I think we have to extended the time limite of the Cold War ..
    We are still going to forward with good and fast growth
    We have very bright future to achieve the best result
    But in the other front of the Cold War is not like that rather darkness and destruction
    Our interest is clear and clear we need bring back our teritory we shouldn’t be landlocked country Asebe is deserve for us not for Eritrean .
    we should work hard on it
    It’s not easy but we have to. !
    The time when Eritrean realized their burden they will compromise with us
    Then we will growth together ..

  159. This is no time to negotiate with Isayas;Herman Cohen’s agenda is to find a way for The US to sneak back in ,once again, through the Kagnew Station operation/subterfuge. Eritrea is dead, and it is up to Eritreans to ask for forgiveness and come back into the Ethiopian fold as the 10th region/province of Ethiopia. Ethiopia does not need Eritrea-as it is neither a military threat to, nor of an economic advantage for, Ethiopia. Eritrea is just a minor irritant that should be ignored as irrelevant.

  160. First of all, Hermann Cohen seems to have distorted perception of the Ethiopian versus Eritrean war situation. Second, let the Eritreans first come back from their dream of exaggerated hatred, false propaganda, total denial of the reality that they are brothers of Ethiopians, self-inflated phobia/mania, etc. I belief many of them have become victims of false propaganda of that of Shaibia and its God father Italy. So let’s give them chance to assess themselves and truly understand who they are and what their true history is. We know them and they know us, they have many good qualities as humans but they have also several very destructive, undesirable and wrongly socialized values. They need to wipe out all these evil intents and think about true friendship,develop sense of human and candid relationship with their ancestral brothers(Ethiopians). I believe this is the standing point for normal relations and peaceful coexistence, which can be realized at the burial ceremony of the evil Shaibia junta. Hence, Dear Amb. Cohen, don’t try to start tricky drama to save the already dying Shaibia group, which is the Pandora Box (the centre of all evils). We do not want to negotiate with the bitter enemy of our country, that is the current Eritrean Government(if at all it deserves to be named as government). Let it go and Eritreans can realize the grave mistakes they committed against their brothers and commence genuine relations coming out of their day time dream.

  161. Most Ethiopians want to deport Eritreans from mother Ethiopia, you thinking to deal with them? we were fought with Somalians several times. but we and they don’t have any hostility each other, but in any Eritrean blood is a virus, with no cure even when they live in our homeland. after they transit in Ethiopia to western countries immediatly talking negative everybody. i know them well, i don’t want to even to see them at all…. not to live with them…..

  162. What ever people say we will not be enemies of two countries. we are brothers and sisters who dis agree for temporary cases as human nature. Of course we fought due to some selfish individuals desire. We are the same cultural, and geographically and socially and economically. These two peoples will soon live in peace and harmony.

  163. To begin with the creation of the state of Eritrea is the diplomatic scandal of Mr Cohen. Again, the Ethio-Eritrean war from the outset, was the blue print or the brain child of Mr. Cohen. So, Mr Cohen is part of the problem and cannot be part of the solution.
    Ethiopia has in principle accepted the EEBC rulings. Ethiopia has not defied in demarcating the border with Eritrea. What Ethiopia is saying that let us negotiate on how to demarcate our borders. To this regard Ethiopia has initiated 5 points. These 5 points include from demarcation to normalization of relations. I think these points have got recognition by US, EU and AU.

  164. Seeing United Europe, for those who are long-sighted (these can be Ethiopians or Eritreans, or Americans, or …), in the long run Eritrea and Ethiopian will be united states. This is not a breaking news because there are many weak voices that are heard crying for untied states and many strong hidden wishes that are not ready to speak because of inconvenience. But, with time, let it be after three or four generations, these weak voices and hidden wishes will reign. Habesha will read one, not two.
    If I may say so, the people of Habesha appreciates thought like this.
    Habesha also knows the mind that produce good thought. Because there is saying that says እታ ተጽግበኒ ቅጭጫ, አነ እፈልጣ እንከ አልላ ልዕሊ እቲ መቕሎ.
    This means that the people of Eritrea knows that there is no good element in the DNA of the Eritrean Dictator Iseyas Efewrqi. I believe also Herman J. ‘Hank’ Cohen knows this.

  165. Forget Mr. Cohen. I strongly believe that if he had been truthful, he could have been a great asset in helping the two countries mend their relationship given his knowledge of the case. Unfortunately, everyone has its own interest so does Mr. Cohen.

    I have the following points with regard to Ethio-Eritrea relationship.

    1. We are historically and culturally connected people and I believe that the Ethiopian government should exert all efforts in normalizing our relationship with Eritrea. We all understood that the contested land is a minor problem to the overall relation of the two countries. Unfortunately, unlike Ethiopia, the Eritrean government has used it as an excuse for its iron fist rule. It is true that Badme has become a strong symbol for the nationality of both countries. I think majority of Ethiopians, including myself, don’t agree with letting Badme go, so does Eritreans. This complicates the problem and makes it very difficult to normalize relationship. I suggest a ‘backward induction’ approach, where both governments declare all contested areas to be independent of both countries until we achieve full normalization and then negotiate back on how to solve the land issues. I know this will make my Ethiopian and Eritrean brothers angry, but this is one of the few options that we might consider if we ever wanted to be good neighbors.

    2. Having said this, I have to disagree with some of the policies of the Ethiopian government when it comes to Eritrea.

    a. The large number of Eritrean immigrants in Ethiopia could be a disadvantage as it could be an advantage. One side of me tells me that I wanted my Eritrean brothers to study and work in Ethiopia, open businesses, and other socio-economic activities. I think this a good thing to do. However, I also see a treat given the extreme national feeling of Eritreans. Whether we normalize our relationship or not, such extreme national identity (unless rationalized) would ultimately hurt Ethiopia and Ethiopians. I could say on the channels of how this might be a treat, but I will leave it for other time.

    b. The Ethiopian government has contributed towards the continuous influx of Eritreans into Ethiopia. This might be a deliberate act or a consequence of the good gesture of Ethiopian government.

    c. The Ethiopian government has shown a positive sign towards the removal of the Eritrean regime and this has contributed towards the iron fist rule of Eritrean government and hence the suffering of Eritreans.

    d. Back to the old days, I also think that there was a real mistake with regard to the referendum, Assab, and the border war. This might emanates from a wrong political calculation, emotion, and immaturity of the TPLF leadership at that time, a good will gesture of TPLF, etc. Many of the TPLF leadership at that time are still alive and they should tell us what they were thinking. This could offer a unique opportunity, at least to the young generation, in normalizing the relationship.

  166. ለምንድነው በቋንቋችን (በአማርኛ፣በትግርኛ ወይም በኦሮምኛ) የማንጽፈው?? ለምንድነው በእንግሊዝኛ ቋንቋ የምንጽፈው? ነጮች እንዲያወድስሉን እንድያመጉስልን ነው??? ወይስ ሁሉ ነጮች የበላያችን እኛ ደግሞ ተገዢዎች ባርያዎች መሆኑን ማሳየት ነው?? መልእክቱ ለኛ ነው ወይስ ለነጮች???? በጣም የምታሳፍሩ ህዝቦች። ጥቁር ሁሌም ጥቁር ተንበርካኪ!!!! ቋንቋችን፤ ባህላችን፤ እምነታችን፤ ማንነታችንን ፤ እሰቶቻችን፤ እየጠፉ ናቸው። የሚቀጥሉት 20 ዓመታት ፡ እንደ ብዙ የአፍሪቃ አገሮች፤ (ከንያ፣ታንዛኒያ፡ ናይጀርያ፡ ወዘተ) ብሔራዊ ቋንቋችን እንግሊዝ ይሆናል። ሰዋህሊኛ፤ ሃውሳ፡ እየጠፉ ናቸው። የነዚህ አፍርቃ አገሮች ብሔራዊ ቋንቋቸው እንግሊዝ ነው። በጣም ያሳዝናል።

  167. ስደትን፤ ቅዝፈትን የብቅዕ !!! _ (ሃገር ፍቕር ን አንድነትን)
    መንግስቲ ኤርትራን ተቋወምቲ ኢትዮጵያን (ግንቦት 7፣ ደምሒት: ኦነግ: ወዘተ) ንውሕደት ኢትዮ_ኤረትራ አበርቲዖም ይሰርሑ አለው:: ትምኒትን ዓላማ ናይ ቀዳሞት አቦታት (ሃገር ፍቕር ን አንድነትን) “ ኤረትራ ምስ ኢትዮጵያ _ ሐንትን ስምርትን ምዕብልትን ኢትዮጵያ” ንምዕዋትን ሰላምን ምዕባለን አብ ኽልቲኡ አሕዋት አሕዛብ ክንግስ ይሰርሑ አለው:: ነዚ ቁዱስ ዓላማ: መንግስቲ ኢትዮጵያ ወይ ኢህወደግ (ወያነ) አትሪሩ እዩ ዝቃወሞ:: ምኽንያቱ እቲ ውሕደት/ሐድነት አንጻር ጥቅምታቶም ስለ ዝኾነ:: አብ ኩሉ መዳያት ኤርትራዊያን ክዕብሉሉና እዮም ካብ ዝብል ፍርሒ ዝተሞርኮሰ አራአእያ እዮ::
    ብዙሐት ሙሁራትን ሊቀውንቲን፤ ውሕደት ኢትዮ-ኤርትራ፤ ፉጹም ሰላም: ራህዋ፤ ቅሳነት: ኩለንተናዊ ምዕባለ፡ የምጽእ ይብሉ፤ ይምጉቱ፤ ይጭድሩን፤ ይመኽሩን።

    እቲ ቀንዲ ፍርሒ ድማ 90% ወፍሪ ናብ ኤርትራ ክግዕዝ ስለ ዝክእል: ንወደባት ቅርበት ስለ ዘለዋ: እቲ መብዝሕትኡ ወፍሪ: ማለት ፋብሪካታት፤ ገዘፍቲ ኢንዱስትሪታት፤ ወሃብቲ ግልጋሎት፤ ጋራዧት፤ መስኖታት፤ ዕዳጋታት፤ ሆቴላት፤ ዓውድታት ቱሪዝም፤ አታውን ወጻኢ ንግድታት፤ ሚዛኑ ናብ ኤርትራ የዘንብል:: በዚ ምኽንያት ድማ ክልል ኤርትራን ህዝባን አዝዮም ምዕቡላትን ሃብታማትን ሩኹባትን ይኾኑ: አብ መላእ ሀገር ብዂሉ መዳያት ደቂ ክልል ኤርትራ ዓብላሊ ተራ ይህልዎም:: ብቁጠባዊ፤ ማሕበራዊ፤ ፖለቲካዊ፤ ዲፕሎማሰያዊ፤ በሐጺሩ ደቂ ክልል ኤርትራ ጻዕረኛታትን፤ ሐያላት ሰራሕተኛታትን፤ ሪህጨ በላዕን፤ ስልጡናትን፤ ሙሁራትን፤ ምዕቡላትን ስለ ዝኮኑ: ከምኡውን ካብ መግዛእታዊ ፋሺሽት ጣልያን ዝወረስዎ መወዳደርቲ ዘይብሉ ከቢድን ገዚፍን፤ ስልጣኔ ስለ ዘሎዎም፤ ምልእቲ ኢትዮጵያ አብ ትሕቲ ሙሉእ ቁጽጽሮም ምኾነት ነይራ:: መናእሰይ ኤርትራ ድማ አደዳ ስደትን ሞትን ቅዝፈትን አይምኾኑን:: ግን እንታይሞ ይገበር ዘይምዕዳል:: ክልል ትግራይ ድማ አዝያ ትጉዳእ ትህሰ ነይራ ጥራሕ ዘይኮነስ: መብዛሕትኡ መንእሰይ ትግራይ ናብ ኤርትራ ምወሐዘ ነይሩ:: ብፍላይ ናብ ባጽዕን ዓሰብን ጉልበት ስራሕ ንምንዳይ:: ሎሚ እቲ ሀብትን ሺሻይን ኤርትራ ጂቡቲ ትግሕጦ አላ:: ጂቡታውያን ካብ ናብራ ዘላን ወጺኦም፡ ሎሚ አዝዮም ሀብታማትን ምዑቡላትን፡ ኮይኖም ጥራሕ ዘይኮኑስ፤ ብገንዘብን ሃብቲ ኢትዮጵያ ዓበይቲ ኢንቨስተራትን ሰብ ወፍሪ ኮይኖም አለው:: ሎሚ ወዲ ጂቡቲ ዝስደድ የለን::

  168. Please do not blame nobody, but yourself, for not saying it loud that Badem and other contested areas b/n Eritrea and Ethiopia are Ethiopian lang.

  169. Ethiopia is doing better with out Eritrean port why bother if Eritrean want make money out the port why not sell it to Somalia parrot.

  170. I agree on someone’s comment why we don’t write on our language, Amh, Tigr, orom, or others. from my side, requesting apology!, for now no software in official comp. may be next!
    have my say is: the only think is to be smooth…smooth way of thinking and smartness in this unbalanced world. Mr Cohen heartedly works for his own and only own country’s policy nothing else at all.thank u.

  171. ኤርትራን ኤርትራውያንን እንተኽኢሎም ሰላማውያን ጎረቤት ይኹኑ። ኣነ ,ከም ባሕሪነጋሽ ትግራዋይ, ትግራዎት ናይ ክልቲኡ ሸነኽ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ምስ ሙሉእ ህዝቢ ኢትዮጵያ እውን ጥቡቕ ዝምድናዊ ርክብ ይደሊ።ግን ኤርትራዊ ሃገራውነት ኣብ ነብሰ ጽልኢ ዝተመስረተ ‘ናይ ኣይኮንኩን ኣጀንዳ’ ስለ ዝኾነ ኣብ ዘለውዎ ኮይኖም ሽግሮም ይፍትሑ።ኣነ ዓረባዊ እምበር ኣፍሪቃዊ ‘ኣይኮንኩን’ ,ኣነ ፍሉይ ህዝቢ, (ህዝበ ትግርኛ) እምበር ትግራዋይ ‘ኣይኮንኩን’ ዝዓይነቱ ጽዋየ ጽዋይ ኣየዛምድን ስለ ዝኾነ ኢትዮጵያውያን ምዕባለን ኣዎንታዊ ስጉምቶምን ብዘይ ኤርትራ ይቐጽልዎ።
    እዚ ናይ ልቢ ምኽረይ እዩ

  172. There are two reasons why western politicians want to look the other side or even try to help Eritrea doing all the mess it does. The major one is keeping Africa divided and disturbed to keep their own benefit in tact. The other reason could be misinterpretation of Ethiopia’s patience in handling its problem with Eritrea. All Ethiopia has to keep doing is staying a formidable military force in East Africa, peaceful, continuing to develop its economy and doing what it has to do only when it believes it has to do it.

    • Simply, in order to be a peaceful horn africa, it is easy that identify the cause. The cause is that the border issue that caused the suffering. The solution is very simple to abide by the rule of law. If the government of Ethiopian want a prosperous horn Africa has to be abided by the rule of low the ball is in the Ethiopian government.

  173. Herman Cohen is not acting in a vacuum. He is not acting in order to save Essa-ayas (Esau) or out of love for Eritrea, or to earn some NAKFA for his descendant. Folks, please don’t be fools. Heave got an agenda and above all an order, he is just only a messenger. For sure not a messenger of Secretary Rice or President Obama. To be sure Herman Cohen and his sponsors are worried what will come of Eritrea after Essa-ayas (Esau). They are also willing to do everything in their power to sustain this monster regime for the sake of strategic interest. Without any regards for Human Rights. This indeed is a shame and guaranteed to fail.

  174. I am very worried that we Eritreans are awicked people against Tegaru and if you call them..(..)then it si a problem where they can come with weapons to start a war…They are just line baby if you give a slap they bcome silent but if you ignore them they are warrios .They started the war with the stone:-)let them go….

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