Rebuilding Addis Ababa: Light Rail Project

Addis Ababa is transforming fast! Amid the real state construction business frenzy the infrastructure work is in full speed. Against all odds  Addis Ababa is looking like any other city in the world. Gone are or will be soon the days were Addis Ababa was synonymous with shanty town. Glory to all the hard working people who have been laboring everyday to change the city.

 Listen to the following interview with Eng Behailu.


Leave your choice of color  below and you will be heard.


106 thoughts on “Rebuilding Addis Ababa: Light Rail Project

  1. Ethiopia should continue in this way to achieve rapid development
    we have not to focus only on Addis Ababa but even in all the Ethiopian regions and states. Development will harmonies the nation and nationalist of Ethiopia.
    Ethiopia will be unite only through development , the enemy of Ethiopia will be reduced to zero , if we educated all the nations of Ethiopia with their Owen culture and faith .
    necessary to work hard day and night , to give proper address to the Ethiopian children.

  2. My selection has two suggestions for each of North-South and East-West routs. I think each rout shall have different colors for residents identify them easily just by looking the color. In light of this, my selection then is; for the North-South rout my selection is C2 to signify the green development of the city and for the East-west route I suggest C3 to signify the importance of peace for development.

  3. 1st choise A1, 2nd A2 and B2. Thank you Aiga fourm for let us participate in our country development and update us our country news.

  4. A2 is my choice for it looks like the current city bus (Anbesa Autobus). Both City transport systems may fall under one big management, the Addis Ababa City transport office. This way like any big city, the city transport can arrange a day, a month, three months, six months and a year subscription ticket which can be used on both transport systems.

  5. I like B1 & B2 orange and blue colors, but whole body white is not stay clean now and then at the open air. As alternative wanna to suggest A2 & C3, good colors and customers can identify it easily.
    All the Best,

    Tesfai USA

  6. Thank you Aiga Forum for the opportunities,
    I prefer A2 because it will much with the color of city bus services and it represents the country’s pride by using the flag color. Best of luck!
    Befekadu Terefe Retta
    Chicago, IL. USA

  7. If people are satisfied with their lives and have a descent living condition, treated fairly, feel secured under the law, and guaranteed with job opportunity to work and support their families, there is no way they would like to disrupt that kind of life. Those of us who have lived long enough to witness the horrible living conditions the Ethiopian people have been through the last fifty years know what forces people to choose chaos over peace, and hate over love, etc. So, please keep the economy moving in the right direction and unity and fraternity will follow naturally.

  8. My Choice is B2, Green is the theme, less carbon foot print, and is so far the Key selling point for Ethiopia. It is silencing the critics of its hydro power development startegy.

  9. B2. We cannot have different train colours for different lines as it would be necessary to exchange trains from one line to the other when there is a shortage for technical reason.
    But the lines east-west and north-south should have different colours and named as such. Eg. the SILVER LINE FOR ONE AND GOLD LINE for the other line and SHOULD BE MARKED ON THE STATIONS. That will allow the people to easily identify the line.

  10. I want see the color B3 the Ethiopian flag with,star. no less Green ,Yellow ,Red and star in the middle , Nation nationality. God Bless EPRDF the vision party.

  11. to day is one of my happy day on my life that i see important think to my lovely county ethiopia and ethiopia is on changing for ever from poverty to hopfull change and my choise is A1 A2 and B1 GOD BLEES ETIOPIA AND THE PEOPLE

  12. I appreciate the opportunity to suggest colors for the long awaited light train in our city. My suggestion however is to keep all the colors. The more the colors the merrier. The light trains are running in many cities around the world. In Western Europe, for example, you find them in different colors. No two trains do look alike, and that is on purpose. On the other hand, in most of Eastern Europe, you find them in a single color, which is dull and boring. Let our creative designers come out and have a say on this. I am sure most will go for multi colors. An interesting time ahead of us !!!!

  13. Thank you for the apportunity.B2 is my choice green for prosperity, white for a brighter future which. A smaller emblem of our flag in front /or on sides will be nice.


  14. My first choose is B2 but even if you have different colors it has to have the same mark with Lion like the city bus. Think you Aigaforum .

  15. if the train of the color is like our flag,it would be more meaningful and historic….may GOD bless our beloved country and those who had worked hard and martors for our freedom sake… may GOD rip our great leader p/m meles zenawi and you will be forever missed.

  16. My choice is B2 since it shows the green and white color. The white color is a symbol of cleanness, neatness and the green color is a symbol of green economy since the rain uses power from electricity and the source of this electricity is from hydro electric and wind farm. “GREEN ECONOMY” is the principle of our late PM Meles Zenawi.

  17. B2 and C2, are great choice, it shows our desire to become GREEN. Ethiopia’s future growth with sustainable environment.With economical growth let show our responsibility for a clean and Green!!!

  18. Thank you Aigaforum. It is better to have different colors for different routes and different color in one train. B1, B2, & B3 are my choices for the three routs underconstruction.

  19. I prefer all colors becuse all color diversity and unity are buetyfull to se buetyfull Addis abeba in diffrent colors. in another word it refelects our diversity and unity are beutyfull like Ethiopia national nationalties. That Givs satisfaction for all who choosen train colors and gives chanse to se the train color they they want to se att any time every where in Addis Abeba.

  20. B3is my choice for me i don have any reason to say somthing about the color.what i empres is the releablity of the project as long as development is concerning.

  21. I thank the concerned office and Aigaforum for this great opportunity.

    I hope the government Will continue to open its doors to involve its citizens in the making of Prosperous and Democrat Ethiopia.

    My choice is B2

  22. for me the b3 is the perfect becouse it is promising to look in to the futuer
    and its international trains color at the same time the shape is it looks modern time
    from this shape we can look into the next bulet shape train.
    compare to others .
    the others looks those old addis bus .for god sake not those old bus shapes.

    b3 color when you look up with the blue sky wow its absolut perfect.

  23. I like B2. Please keep up this kind of practice.Collecting feed backs and having the citizens participating in this and other issues.

  24. Thanks Aiga for the wonderful and national contribution you for over these years contributed for our national image building and national pride. I appreciate yrcontribution and yr commitment in that regard. You deserve a great honor for yr immense contribution to our national pride
    Yohannes Gebresellasie yr usual article contributer
    Yohannes Gebresellasie(phd.)Addis Ababa Ethiopa

  25. Dear Aiga,
    Thanks for the opportunity. I really don;t have any colour preference. I would be happy with any of those colours present. My only joy is that this is actually happening in the country that has been a source of bad news for too long. I can’t wait to travel on one of them.
    My other wish is not to see the colours of the Ethiopian flag on trains. This will devale the importance of the national flag which is our national identity. Lets keep the flag off rhw trains ubtil we trans continental reains.

  26. my selections has tow suggestions for north-south and east-west routs should be different colors because the passenger can identify them easily by looking the colors so my selection colors is B2 for north- south routs and B3 for east-west routs
    Ethiopia will change we will see more change yet
    thank you Aiga fourem

  27. I would choose for either B2 or B3.
    Thank you Aigaforum for arranging such a nice bridge enabling citizens to participate in their country’s development from any corner of the globe.

  28. All colors are beautiful. Let’s use multi colors for every single locomotive. It will magnify the beauty of the city much more as Addis is a colorful city. Remember, the choice of one color from one another is different. But, the choice of all colors will remain all… Long Live Ethio…

  29. I am a sixty years old Eritrean born and raised in Ethiopia. I love Ethiopia as much as I love Eritrea. After decades pf boring life in America, I had the opportunity to visit Ethiopia, specially Addis Ababa, this year. I could not believe my eyes when saw Addis Ababa being transformed into a modern metropolitan city of Africa. The high rising buildings, the newly constructed roads and highways, the modern airports, the rail way systems under construction, and so on and so on is extraordinarly amazing. What is also amazing is that the trains (body) are manufactured in Ethiopia by Ethiopan engineers. I can cencerely witness that Ethiopia is heading forward at a faster speed. As to the colors is concerned, all the colors are very beautiful and am comfortable with what the people of Ethiopia prefer the best.

  30. My preference is B2.

    Excited to see the country moving in a fast trajectory of growth which allowed for the realization of many ambitions projects. I am hopeful the Addis Light Train System will address the pressing need for an efficient mass transit system in the Capital. God Bless.

  31. Good job, well done, go forward keep Ethiopia beautiful and let it shine for ever
    my choice of color is B2.
    Thank you EPRDF and God Bless you and may God Bless Ethiopia

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