The Good Governance Campaign in Ethiopia: Tigrai Case.

TPLF flag As you all know EPRDF during its last congress passed a resolution to weed-out corruption and the ills of its administration. Amhara, Oromia and Tigrai were at the forefront in carrying out the organization’s wish. The Tigrai government has done an extensive grass root campaign in the name of good governance. It has hold several public meetings and organizational meetings. It has been a while since these meetings were concluded. Since then we have heard little of the effect of such meetings except we heard some 400 functionaries at different level in the government have been dismissed or reprimanded. However since then we have heard of the Wolqayit/Tseged issue and some complaints in central zone. In the case of Amhara we have heard also of similar dismissal of officials as well as complaints of people living in Quara and Metema area besides those Kebeles near Tseged/Wolqayit. No need to tell you about Oromia!

Let us start wit Tigrai so we do not chew more than we can handle in this forum. What is your understanding of the results of the Tigrai Campaign? Was it worth it and has it been successful or it is another failed campaign? Did TPLF managed to convince the general public that the it has understood the ills of good governance as a governing party? Do you have hope things will be better going forward or are you in despair things will stay the same? Last what do you think of PM Meles now? Are you of the opinion if Meles was alive the issues we see today would have been addressed differently or are you of the opinion PM died unable to resolve the issues we see today thus would have made no difference. Have your say and be honest and useful with your time – no innuendos pls!

How Are we Doing?

Over the years we have asked you to share your thoughts on how we are doing. It has been a while since we asked you to tell us how we are doing. Now is the time to tell us what you think of us , where we excel and where we need to improve or we have been wrong. We have been getting few comments from our readers that of late we are posting articles that should not see the day light.
We were admonished as much as we were encouraged when we posted Dawit G/Egziabher Interview.
Aigaforum was and is a public forum. It does not cater to audiences for commercial reason. We do what we do to promote our unity in diversity. If we are posting articles and interviews critical of the government it is because of our sincere desire to see the system work and to see Ethiopia defeat poverty. The country is changing and moving forward. People are demanding more development and more accountability from their respected government officials. Realizing this we thought Aigaforum can serve the public if we become the bouncing forum of ideas and views that reflect the current realities. Who to tell us better if we have been executing our mission better than you our esteemed readers. Have your say and share your thoughts of how we are doing! We value your comments! Aigaforum April 13, 2016

Diaspora On Good Governance Issues: Case of Road Projects

addis-roadsAlmaz Feseha, a professional civil engineer in the USA with many years experience says the following”… Though Ethiopia is adapting well to its recent development, there are several areas within the planning and operation of road construction that could be better streamlined and made more transparent in order to improve efficiency and safety, ” You can find the full article Observations on Ethiopian Road Construction

As a professional yourself what else may be exacerbating the lack of good governance issues. Share your own experience based on your profession or share your thoughts on what Alamz has articulated well when it comes to Road Projects. Have your Say and be part of the ongoing campaign.

Ethiopia: Drought, Good Governance and EPRDF

As you all know Ethiopia is facing a tough battle against nature. The El Nino disruptive weather has hit the country hard. Millions of Ethiopians will need extra support this year if they are to survive. Drought is not new to Ethiopia. What will be new is how the EPRDF government will react to such huge disaster. Many say famine is a man made phenomenon. It is true that Haile selassie’s and the Derge regimes were accused for the cause of the last two horrendous famines that killed millions of Ethiopians. Will the EPRDF government be the first government that will overcome the effects of drought causing a famine? We know Ethiopia has had drought in the past during the EPRDF era and by all account the government was able to wither away the effect but this time the challenge is huge and no one knows for sure if El Nino will persist until next year. What is your take on how the EPRDF government is responding to the drought? Did EPRDF fail to prepare enough for drought years thus why it has to ask donors to help or has it prepared enough thus why people are not dying and help is arriving at the doorsteps of the farmers?

The PM Minister is on record that the issue with good governance is acute enough his government is dead serious to tackle it head-on! Do you think this time the government is serious enough that it will make an effort to address some of the prevailing good governance issues? Do you think Ethiopia is ready or capable to address good governance issues or you are of the opinion good governance issues will linger on since the root cause is economic issues? Some say without high paid government officials there will always be someone in the office with power that will succumb to bribe and exacerbate bad governance. What are the issues the government can solve easily to make a head way to resolve good governance issues?

Have Your Say and share your thoughts. Avoid hearsay and make sure your voice is heard!

Shaibya and Ginbot 7: DMHIT Less!


Now that Molla Asghedom has pulled the rag from underneath of Wedi Afom and Berhanu Nega what is in store for Berhanu and Isaias alliance going forward? What is the main message behind the DMHIT Operation? What is its significance to Ethiopian Politics? Will this deter those enemies from far who were planning to use DMHIT as foot soldiers or will they try one more time to assemble new foot soldiers to use? If So who is likely to fill the gap left behind in Eritrea? Will Eritrea continue its agenda of destabilizing Ethiopia after this operation and survive for long? We could ask you more but have your say and share your thoughts on the above issues before Extremists in Diaspora spin the news with side issues to undermine the event!

Ask PM Hailemariam Desalegn!

The government of Ethiopia is trying its best to accommodate the Diaspora Ethiopians in the development of the country even though some say the government PM-Hailemariam is not doing enough to reach the millions of Diaspora! As you know the government will be meeting with Diapsora Ethiopians this coming August starting from Aug 10 to 17. Those of you going to the event in person will have a chance to ask PM Hailemaraim in person but those of you unable to attend for many reasons can leave your questions here. The questions will be summarized and prepared for PM Hailemariam to answer by government officials. Use this chance to ask relevant and important questions so you are better informed about Ethiopia and the Prime Minister’s Government commitment to lead Ethiopia to become middle income country!

PM Hailemariam and President Obama in Addis July 2015

If you are PM Hailemariam Desalegn and you have all the ears and eyes of the most powerful man in this world if not in this universe, what would you say to him when you meet him? What would you ask him to do to help you in economic terms? Will you ask the president to recognize the obama-hailemariam

terrorist Ethiopia has identified as terrorist as well? And what will you tell the president as your best accomplishment is so the president can take a firsthand look? Basically what is the best Ethiopia can show and impress the president of the only superpower country? Will you discuss with him revolutionary democracy’s concept of development is better than that of neo liberalist one? Basically what is the most effective way of using your limited time with president Obama at the end of July 2015!

Have you say and share your take on the planned trip by president Obama to Ethiopia!

In defense of Diaspora

Things to ponder about

I would like to open a small dialogue concerning Diaspora in the eyes of our people in Ethiopia including government employees.
Most people even some prominent individuals mentioned to me that people and offices have bad taste for people from Diaspora as a whole.
I asked why? The response was just they demand a lot. Why not isn’t is the whole idea that we come from places where democracy is
flourished and the right of the people is respected. Is it a crime or for those believers a sin to fight for your right? Isn’t it it is our moral obligation
to point out the weakness of the government? So that we have sustainable future? Don’t we have to transfer the valuable experience we
accumulated in our hosting country to our systems back home? What is wrong with that. Actually, Diaspora has a lot to contribute towards
good governance, work ethics, and occupational health and safety (OHS). I also have a bad taste for “we know it all” approach and not to
have a room for genuine critic. And telling me this is Ethiopia not America. Don’t people think Ethiopia and Ethiopians deserve good governance?
Why I am asked to get used to the ways how issues are processed and solved while there are better ways to deal with it. People are very fast to
import fashions, life style, languages from the west. Why not import good customer service, work ethics and understand if there are
no customers, their job will be gone too.

This is just a brief characterization of the situation when it come to public service.

EPRDF has won the election in style. The bees are elected to buzz. I hope soon this should buzz into government institute and sort out the
good and bad apples from the public. EPRDF had created awareness among the people soon my people back home will not be complacent
with all the excellent things government is doing. The government is building roads, building schools, universities, dams and all good stuff.
What is remaining now is people who are dedicated to run these institutes for productive outcome.

Having said that, I wish The Government led by EPRDF and good luck and corruption free public services. My hat is off for them who are
trying bringing Ethiopia to the world map for all good things.

God /Allah bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians.


An Individual Investor Crying Out Loud about Unfair Treatment – Tigrai Mekelle

An Individual Investor Crying Out Loud about Unfair Treatment – Tigrai Mekelle

Open Complaint

The issue with this investor may be explainable or there may even be another side to the story. However it is disheartening officials are not addressing such issues on time! What is really the problem? Why are officials choosing to play deaf ear? It is disheartening to hear our martyred brothers and sisters are mentioned by people who may be hurt by the system the martyred died for!

Is this too common in Tigrai or a singular event? Share any experience you may have or heard about. Is Tigrai a friendly State to Investors? If not what do you think the problem is and the way to solve it? Have Your Say!

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