President Abay Woldu New Cabinet

The long awaited deep tehadeso /renewal/ is almost coming to an end, at least, the first phase of it. EPRDF member organizations have gone through a long renewal process. As a governing party in their respected Kilil/region/ the parties have uniformly appointed professionals and academicians to head their regional govt ministries.

The TPLF as a governing party in Tigrai region is the latest to appoint such professionals. To the surprise of many President Abay has nominated many new cabinet heads from the academia. His new cabinet now has now more PHD holders who were not part of the force that wedged the armed struggle.
Looking back through history, down the road, this could be a watershed moment where the civilians and professional took the mantle of power from TPLF the fighting force!

There are those who argue it is wrong for EPRDF to focus on PHD holders to carry on the democratization process and the arduous institutional building process. They argue the old timers as well as veteran EPRDF leaders are equally important to the democratization process. They say running efficient and progressive government does not require a PHD nor a person with no armed struggle experience.

What is your take of the new cabinet appointees and the over all deep tehadeso process so far? Have your say and as always be respectful and considerate with you comments.

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  1. Over all the change is the right first step to a comprehensive change. However if this is not followed by a serious effort to institutionalize all government organs then in the end this first step will not be a watershed moment as you hoped aiga!

    Deep Tehadeso outcome should not be the removal of old timers. The educators and professional should be allowed to carry on with out too many interruptions from party bosses. Managers and directors should be given enough space to lead. PhD holders should understand the party is the governing body and as such respect party policy. If such mutual respect is present then Abay Woldu will indeed usher the watershed moment and be recorded as the one that did it!

    The problem facing Tigray is multitude. It will take time to solve but it needs honesty and positive vibe! Abay has to create the positive atmosphere! There is too much distrust and it will be foolish to assume the new cabinet will get all the support from party members! I pray TPLF will rise to the challenges and deny the ill wishers the satisfaction!

    Thanks for letting me air Aiga!

    • Dear friends,
      From the bottom of my heart, I highly respect and honor the patriots of TPLF who have done their best up to now. They resolutely and heroically struggled and sacrificed their lives to dismantle the centralized government that existed for centuries. And then, they have unstoppably continued to: (i) fight for democratic values-liberty, equality, and justice among Ethiopian nations and nationalities; (ii) eradicate poverty and change the image of Ethiopia in the world forum; (iii) bring infrastructure developments; (iv) improve literacy and health services; and the list goes on and on. Now, the situation has changed. Maladministration, Nepotism and corruption are the current realities in Ethiopia which requires systematic and research based management approaches. For this, it becomes critical to appoint individuals based on their merits, irrespective of their political membership as long as they are ready and willing to service the people with pure heart by standing against maladministration, corruption and bureaucratic red tapes that are strangling the development efforts and progresses in Ethiopia and in Tigray in particular. What matters most to me is the individual’s capacity, readiness and commitment to fight maladministration, corruption and bureaucratic red tapes; and their resoluteness to honestly serve and lead the people. I don’t care whether individual is from academia or a member of the forces who wedged the armed struggle. I also believe in that there is always a best way of doing things! So, let the new Abay Woldu’s cabinets give it a try and wish them success!

  2. As far as I can tell the more things change the more things stay the same! I am not optimistic that TPLF will change at all. It has more reasons to remain more closed and tight now since ANDM is trying to go it alone and break the EPRD alliance. I do not think TPLF will forgive what ANDM officials did to Tegaru!

    The Wolqayit and Tsegede issue will test the bond between TPLF and ANDM there fore any change now is simply cosmetic, real change will come after a real purge of those wrong doers by ANDM and to some extent TPLF. If that do not happen then expect things to remain the same until it breaks down…. GOD forbid!

  3. Aiga,

    This should have taken place long time ago. Tegaru intellectuals were complaining that they were led by incompetent individuals, mainly the TPLF fighters, who were there because they felt entitled. Now that they realize that they have to do something to calm the unhappy citizens from the continued wave of protest and dissatisfaction. Nonetheless, this by itself is not good enough, or as they say, “too little too late”.
    I am supporter of TPLF/EPRDF for the miracle developments they register, but unhappy for how they continue to disregard the people’s concern and abuse their power. By bringing these few intellectuals to head the few offices doesn’t mean they give them all the power that comes with it. We should see who are under them and who will they take orders from. It is also worth noting that all branch hierarchies are filled with incompetent individuals who have been there for years.
    As far as I am concerned, the TPLF has to be a political party that leaves the jobs to those who can accomplish it. Tigray has so many young intellectuals who have the passion to serve their country, and it is time for TPLF leaders to recognize it. However, I am sure that TPLF doesn’t trust anyone and the old tegadelties will steak to their old ideologies that they only feel comfortable to carry on. As the say goes, “you can’t teach new tricks to old dog”, so TPLF will do a great favor to itself and the Tigray people if it opens doors for other political parties to assume their alternative role. We have enough of one party abuse and dictatorship in Tigray.
    Readers, please understand that our people have paid lot of sacrifices in order to live free of fear and oppression and our TPLF leaders have been doing that. Our people live intimidated.

    • Believe me! This party (TPLF) abandon educated people before, now and then. Where are Dr. Tekelhymanot (former vice minister for ministry of education), Dr. Adhana Haile (head of bureau of Tigray education), Dr. Barnabas (Ministry of health), Dr. Mitiku Haile (President Mekelle university)…and a lot of them. The doctrine, policy, and ground of TPLF is not favorable to educated people. Not only that, female and Muslim participation is marginalized….

  4. Dear Aiga,
    The appointment of the cabinet members is what had been expected as a sign of response to the multitude of governance issues raised by the people Ethiopia in general and that of Tigray in particular.I would not very much dwell on the personalities of the appointees.What matters is will they be able to deliver in good faith what they believe will be transformations that are aspired by the people?No doubt they will do if and only if the transformation is deep enough to reach the bounds of the ordinary man and woman.That means the all encompassing transformation invariably need to seriously touch ground.There had been a series of networks operating in Tigray sponsored by different politicians and their cronies.If these networks are not seriously dismantled, the powers to be may have the excuse to condemn the new appointees as inefficient.We all need to thwart such notions by giving the new appointees all the support they need to reveal their potential in transforming the sectors to which they are responsible.

  5. I think this is the first step in the process of deepening democratization and good governance. However, changing officials is not an end by itself. TPLF should open the space for professionals without manipulating their mind. From the beginning, it have been very odd to see that sectors like Water, Education, Agriculture, Science and Technology, etc. have been led by NON-PROFESSIONAL “Politicians” . That is why our ONLY comparative advantage of “Technology Transfer” is still at its infancy stage. Our agricultural practices are as old as it was like 3000 years age, still tilling using 2 oxen, ordinary hoe, etc.
    Anyways, “change” is in the hand of new generation, to be reasonable, optimistic, work hard, and sustain what is already started. ሕድሪ ኣያታቱ ከየዕበረ ዓዱ ዝሃንፅ ትውልዲ ክንከውን ይግባእ፡፡ ንህወሓት ካብ ዓቕማ ንላዕሊ እናጠየቕና እናማረርና ክንነብር የብልናን! ህወሓት ተኣምር ሰሪሓ ኣርእያትና እያ፡፡ ካብቲ ንሳ ዝሰርሓቶ ንላዕሊ ሰሪሑ ብተግባር ንህዝቡ ዝኽሕስ ትውልዲ ክንከውን ቆሪፅና ክንለዓል ናይ ግድን እዩ፡፡ ናይታ ናይ ቀደም ህወሓት ፅቡቓት ክብርታት እናዕሞቕና፣ ናይ ሕዚ ጉድለታታ እናኣረምና ሓዳሽ ህወሓት ክንሃንፅ ይግባእ፡፡
    ክብርን ሞገስን ንሰማእታትና!

  6. As proved from the past experience, the success of the on going process “Tehadso” depends on the ruling party leaders (collective effort) and Ato Abay Woldu (personal role) real commitment for change to wards democratization and governance building. For the last 20 years many of the tehadso like events was cosmic approach targeting individuals for different reason, not fundamental and objectively. I hope the present appointment is different from the past,optimistically. shortly,
    – PHD holding is subject mater specialist where as leadership is a collective competency that includes many other things. All our universities witnessed that, they are lead by PHD holders but also suffering of good governance. so, being PHD dominated cabinet necessarily doesn’t grant for the people emerging issues though by far better than those non professional and non-ethical once.
    – mostly people coming from different background have diverse and rich experience than home type. accordingly mixed background from armed struggle and academia could bring new approach and methodology that potentially replace the old and failed approach “Gmgema”. as to my observation the present generation civil servant and politician is not “Gmgema” sensitive.
    – the current appointment is not bad if the cabinet member harnessed with the three capacity tools (if they have motivation, if given full authority with accountability and if they have the necessary resource), other wise what is done will be zero same game.
    – the new cabinet effectiveness and efficiency depends on the functioning system with in the party & government structure. if clear demarcation set between party and government functions and structures that brings change on the failed system gone trough in the past.
    – the new cabinet members performance planning and appraisal is based on SMART criteria and have the power to reorganize their team members on objective criteria for expected deliverable.
    – finally, the whole effort is not the matter of PHD cabinet, veteran armed struggle member, old time leader and so on. it is the real functioning of democratic institution, it is the functioning of the three state system, it is the functioning of voiceless media.

    thank you and regards,

    • I do absolutely agree with your summary Said! people are not and were not complaining over educational achievements of a person who bestowed with authority! the public dissatisfaction is not emanating from a persons capability! the main problem is in the fronts structure and the police it follows. The front needs a surgical treatment.

  7. Still it is required to replace moron or incompetent bureau heads and Zone administrators with professional and competent individuals who has the aspiration and the capability to create new ideas which could add value for the well being of our society. This is not to say we need more PhD holders, as there are also PhD holders who are incompetent and indecisive or halfhearted. What matters is we have to be able to inspire others and be forefront in resolving and facing challenges and seek to know and create new things. not warming the chair siting the whole day.

  8. Edited
    According to my opinion and assesement Tigrai regional state appointment of the organic elite scholars differs from the other at least by two basic things. For one, the appointment address both the three organ of the state: the executive, the justice, and institutions summoned to the parliament (anti corruption and audit commissions) . Two, the scholars are not picked randomly but they pass through the process of deepening renewal itself. That why many in the social media ( Facebook, YouTube, Palatka room…comments) surprised by the President appointment of the scholars. Meanwhile, we they express concert change in development and good governance and lets support the state to achieve its goal.

  9. We better be optimists. At least they will not ignore complains. But one thing is clear the system should be there to support (for those who positively perform) or remove ( for those who fail to perform) in the right time.

  10. dear Aiga,

    Tigray has been abandoned for more than 15 years because the current TPLF team was heavily focused on the rest of the regions. unfortunately, a wave of protest was ignited against TPLF (not against Ethiopian govt) because the regions question is not about their development. rather it is an alter ego against the brave people of Tigray.

    of course we witnessed an amazing growth in other regions not only because the government gave attention but also they were ready to change.

    Amhara says ‘Ye asa gimatu…ke anatu’. TPLF it self should be led by competent polititian. not by bunch of individuals who feel they are entitled to power. i still believe the leadership of TPLF is incompetent!!

    be that as it may, the public appointment should have done long time ago. but again its never too late. i wish the appointees the best

  11. The new appointment is a good start specially the inclusion of young educated individuals. However, there is a serious of people’s disappointment in Mekelle because the change is much below what the public has been expecting. This is because:
    -There are still people with no professional background staying in bureau heads even some of them were critically critised during the ‘Tahadiso’ process for being top rent seekers, where some of them have accumulated huge public money (no jock it is in tens of millions) in their private accounts. This is not a secret, it has been openly discussed during the recent meeting of the higher leadership Tehadiso in Hawelti, now the big question is why did Abay Woldu don’t want to replace them, why is he still continuing as a good friend to such individuals.
    The answer is very simple, he wants to keep puppets, yes men, under his network, these people have spoiled the regional top leadership and some zonal heads, with various benefits,
    -So in conclusion, the new cabinet is maintaining significant dirty hands and thus the struggle to clean corrupted leaders is aborted.
    -Another big worry of the public in Mekelle whether tangible change is possible in the future or not is:
    a) Will the new people be empowered to make independent decisions on their responsibility or not?
    -The government specially in Tigray has very backward working style and procedures, it has no confident for people to work on their own, it intensively interferes on the day to day routine activities of bureau heads,
    -In Tigray much worse than the other regions, the top political leaders don’t have a plan even for a week, they randomly call meetings that never produce results, because they are not professionals and unable to make decisions, they simply call meetings after meetings for simple matters,
    -They don’t have a culture of reading and understanding of reports, although report materials are on their table, they call the people to tell them about the report,
    -They give people an appointment and then they go to Addis or abroad and simply tell somebody (not relevant for that task to take care of the issue),
    -So now the hot issue being discussed now among the public in Mekelle is ‘would the new professional cabinet members have an enabling working environment under top leaders who uneducated, very traditionalists, some of them with highly corrupted records, and an old network culture,
    It is difficult to clear these worries, people are afraid that things will continue as business as usual,
    Let’s hope for a better

  12. Thank you Aigaforum for opening this discussion… look we did not had a problem with the previous administration because of the lack of personal education status. The people was suffering due to lack of clean governance. Now Abay have changed to more educated personnel which is a good start and hope the people helps them get results. I only advice to the appointee you have to push policies that are acceptable by the people and practical to the Tigray region. And please more focus on the private sector investment not public or government investment, because the government investment will not last long it will change as the government changes. The Private sector will still be in Tigray even if the government changes, if the policies of the government are always the same or better. Try to produce around 1,400,000 jobs through private and public sector, if you can do that believe me no Tigrean will migrate to Arab or any other world to search for a job. I am looking your efficient governance to create such huge but must opened jobs through private sectors through all departments. Wish you the best…

  13. The majority of Tigray cabinet members were either farmers or uneducated community representatives. So the change of the cabinet by intellectuals though too late could be taken as a positive step. The overall conditions political, social and economic in Tigray are heartbreaking. Time will prove whether this change is a genuine one but I doubt that TPLF will make an all round tehadso that will satisfy the demands of the young generation.

  14. The problem is the system not the individuals. Changing cabinet members of the tplf will not change the undemocratic front. Luck of political space and multiparty system, luck of democratic institutions, etc. Will continue to keep change seekers active for the foreseeable future.

  15. Those appointments of intellectuals and technocrats seems a nice start. But unless the entire system of stereotype, prejudice and narrow localism mindset of TPLF is solved, such technocrats can take us nowhere.

  16. It is a good start, but a real change can ONLY be made by empowering the people of Tigray.

    The head state of Tigray, Ato Abay Weldu, should be directly acountable to the people of Tigray, in other words, the people should be given the power to elect him directly and if need be to through him out of office as well. As it stand now, the people have no power to demote or promote him, he is a hand picked individual by the royal family of TPLF in Addis Ababa.

    I call them royal family of TPLF because the same people have been in power for 40+ years – that is democracy for you 🙂

    Ato Abay weldu is accontable to his bosses in addis not the people he is govering. He has NO fear of the people he is govering, only his bosses can through him out of his position

    My advice to TPLF is simple:

    Stop playing with fake elections or hand picked governing bodies – Just say you are a communist and dont believe in election of any kind – just like China!
    By doing so you will be able to concentrate on your developmental work [Lmatawi mEnGst 🙂 ]

  17. Aye Aiga, are you saying that this putting new people is Tehadso? You can only fool yourself. But the truth is we have not seen any Tehadso yet. Tehadso is changing bad policies, and also reforming or improving the constitution. To date, there is none of them? This means, there is no Tehadso. These new people can do nothing if they are going to operate by the same precepts. It is sad, EPRDF people so arrogant and never ever listen to cry of ordinary people who find themselves hedge in an extremely corrupt system. In short, you can not bring any change by adding few faces . Ethiopia is a sad story still.

  18. Good governance can not be achieved by campaign or changing people or by the good will or good intention of EPRDF. Good governance can only be achieved by systemic constitutional order. That means every government must be live by the rules like any ordinary citizens. All decisions, services, activities , business, deals, … must be done based on blue printed rules and constitutional orders. Neither the commitment of PMHD nor any person can realize or achieve those objectives. No campaign or propaganda, shuffling , … can bring any change. You can not admire a country like that and that is why there is too much corruption, money laundering, land grab, arbitrariness . For example, the role and power of Kilils has no limit or bounds or connection with the Federal government and PMHD said that it is still under study? which means, things are done by personal orders in Ethiopia? it is laughable the jurisdiction or power of the Federal and Kilil government are not delineated ? That is why the problem in Amhara region was going for long the Kilil government is not answerable to anyone. Based on PMHD clip, it is scary what will happen to Ethiopia if things do not go well because there is no thing that hold the country . For now the country is one by gun only. There is any precept that protects the Unity of the country. There is no precept that protects the people of Ethiopia within their own country? What happened to Tigreans in Amhara kilil can happen everywhere because there is no constitution that protects the people. The only thing you have the recipe for disaster article 39 only. Under this situation Ethiopia is lucky it is still one country by God miracles only, not by EPRDF or aka its disaster recipe article 39 as it TPLF propaganda tell us article 39 keeps Ethiopia united. Mekerew Mekerew Embi Kale Mekera Yemkerew new.

  19. This is like patching an old cloth by a new piece one. It will not make the old cloth new . If the old cloth is a patched hole, you patch the hole with a new cloth? Melgab Malet ey, Zerarege kdan by hadush cherqi mlegab buzuh Ayekydn eyu, giziewi melgab mallet eyu. TPLF is trying to fool everyone by assuming everyone is stupid.

  20. The very right direction.but what we have to know to lead a government is not PHD it is commitment,sacrifice and honesty. We have seen many PHD who are living for them self especially on the Federal Government . Yes it is true better to be lead by educated individuals and it does matter. above all they have to be committed public servants. Our heroic fighters were not PHD holders, but they have given us the peace and development what we are witnessing today. That was of their sacrifice and an believable commitments they have paid.
    I also want to point out that, I have witnessed that the academicians complain
    many times regarding the ruling party. I have no problem with that, but we should focus more on what to be done and help them to correct thier wrong doings. Rumores do noting good it has to be said creating a right forum.
    And us Hailu said, there should be respect for the party and its policy.
    You can not run an office if you do not believe on policies and governing body
    of the system.
    Viva Tigray
    Sesenayu nkulna

  21. Appears to me that TPLF and EPRDF are in the hunt for doctors and engineers for government posts. Although all the new appointee deserve a chance to lead, I’m afraid that possession of graduate degrees isn’t and can’t be taken as then only criterion for good leadership. The current slogan is ‘doctorate teziebelka dehrit terifka’.

    So much so for deep ‘tehadeso’.

  22. Appointing skilled people to the appropriate offices is the right way to go, these technocrats will bring a change to our country if and only if these people are allowed to work freely. The problem is when these people are taking instructions from the incapable, corrupt, vindictive and racist old TPLF leaders who stays on power for the last 25 years.
    AS we have seen time and again changing few people here and there is not going to change anything. The so called “Tehadeso” or “Tilk Tehadeso “is a sham to get a breathing space from the current political crises the government is immersed in. The ‘Tilk Tehadeso” should be applied to the people on top of the political spectrum. Without a structural change with in the top level of TPLF echelon and full accountability for the crime they commit, it is naïve to think change will come soon. As long as the top corrupt and incompetent TPLF officials remain in power I don’t see a grain of change will come in the near future.

    • Nurit Adem:

      Why are you raising a religion question? Does it matter whether the appointee are moslem or Christian? Shouldn’t you be more concern on the big picture?

      We are discussing on the issue of accountability and responsibility, but your main concern is Islam and moslem representation…why?

      Maybe I missing something, but if Islam is the solution to our problem can you share your knowledge with us?
      Do moslem believe in democracy?
      Is there a single moslem country in the entire world which is democrat? If no, why not?

      • hi samson,
        nurit’s point should be taken serious. this and so much like these grievances buildup and affect generations to come, there is big but minority muslim community in tigray and deserves to be represented, i know so many highly educated muslims in tigray they could have serve their state as much as their christian brothers do, what i mean by this is that old grievances of regionalism such ashaaa/ axum, shre adwa against the rest is on the play, even though the case is weak but still there, the reason why we could not solve it is we chose to ignore it, so there is unsolved claim begging to get attention, so nurits point should not be hashed but needs to show our solidarity with our muslim compatriots.
        i hope my idea is clear as i am writing on the go.

  23. The appointment of the new cabinet members indicates how determined the regional government is to bring positive change. We need to be optimist and support the on-going process: without our support let alone the cabinet members even the government could not be effective. I feel that we have full responsibility to support the on-going transformation and at the same time be critical for any mismanagement.

  24. Well PHD holders are more to the academia leaders must be willing to serve theirs peole and their country ready to sacrifice and think big unfortunately educated people they tend to be oppertunist I think Mr. Abay should have selected young and dynamic who proved by working at the grass root level serving their community to improve the lively hood of those who have not those are the one when they got the chance leave and make things happen because they already have the burned desire to serve their people and country educated PHD holders should have been at counseling and gathering data and assist the leader to make a sound decision any way some people may not agree with my idea but this is what I believe thanks

  25. If the renewal is to work I believe EPRDF must do the following:

    1. Reform the parliament and enable parliamentarians to vote and question the executive with out any pressure from the party. That is allow each individual elected member to vote his/her conscience.

    2. Legislate and enact new rules if needed be, Kilil- to – Kilil relationship and Federal -to – Kilil relationship. This will be more important when real economic competition kicks in and resources are scares. That is what is happening in the Tsegede area! No other reason except greed in the form of land grab is the source.

    3. Highlight individual rights and minority rights in each kilil and pass Federal law to empower the federal to be present in every Kilil to monitor and uphold the constitutional rights of individuals and minorities. Having such forces will save the Army from being called to pacify civil unrest and quash renegade regional officials.

    4. Bring the Agar organizations in to the EPRDF fold and empower them to do the same deep renewal. It makes no sense for EPRDF to do it alone when the sickness touches every one.

    5. Create an institution with a focused mission to review and resolve all the loopholes that are causing the good governance issue in each office. Deny the rent seekers a chance to abuse the system by having a streamlined process. In most cases this could be done with a clear and unambiguous form. Let customers fill a simple form and wait for a response.

    6. Encourage the professionals and intellectuals recently appointed to function freely. Give them time to fail or succeed. Do not hijack the process in the middle. let them succeed or fail fairly.

    7. PM Hailemariam must be bold enough to name the EPRDF officials and publicly shame them for the mayhem and loss of lives. There is no reason for these forces to remain nameless!

    8. Above all PM Hailemariam or President Abay should be humble enough if things do not work or if they do not see a light at the end of the tunnel say in a one year time, to pass power to the next person. Appreciate the chance given and move on. There is no one person that will guarantee success in Ethiopia. Ethiopia tried that with Meles and found out that Meles after all was human. He left, bless his soul!! Ethiopia’s future depends on her children. We must have faith on our generation to do the right thing.

    • Zeru, Zeru, Zeru
      If you truly meant what you mention, I believe , it is a major shift in approach and bold mantra …..
      Some of us have been irate how the governoment was going with regard to people’s demand and aspiration and some of its dealings were around the circle at worst and square off to the path where it started of;
      We were in turf and tipsy-turvey. Remember his excellency the prime minister was the most prolific, shrewd and above all know-it-all persona. To that extent, some of us extremely fear his way towards addressing the root-causes of the structural problems where left entered on a personal level; mainly on his competence and sunsequently he has had a few structure only accessible and functional to few and to the extent to himself. Having picked these flaws, some of us including myself felt a policy and a paradigm shift was necessary to promote, accentuate, formulate and carry the constitutional order to the fore-front which can support the structural apparatus to support the new federal structure adopted,
      Now, things kept as it may…. I fully support what you have envisioned to start with. But we have to be a little bit cautious as to what was the reason that we claim to that we needed a change for?
      Was it because we have not got ( have not had) a cascade of Drs?
      Why was such a change needed ? What was the missing link?
      Did we establish an adequate structure , some of it you wander whether a governoment structure was so fit enough to carry-out the tasks entrasted to it?
      How was efficiency and effectiveness measured?
      What was the nature, magnitude and the source of volatile nature of our problems?
      Was transparency ushered?
      Has any inter-governoment and intra-governoment , federal and local ones promote people’s interest?
      Does the parliament promote the Ethiopia tomorrow?
      Are we more to local level or national ones? If so what was the tale off?
      In what magnitude and speed to we have to execute towards growth, transformation and hence development?
      How is the blurred line between governoment structure and party denomination measured? To what extent do they go together ? Where and how can mal- practice be measured and its unwarranted effects be minimised ?
      I hope the Newley installed governoment officers have got the Grit, will, and determination to lead us into the paradigm shift that we are aiming for….
      Berhane E TESFAY

  26. Although it is too early to judge on whether the appointed cabinet members will succeed or not, I would like to comment the following.

    It seems that the ruling party is very convinced that appointing people with higher education is central to the ‘TEHADSO’ mantra. This assumption seems to emanate from the fact that the current problems in Ethiopia (and Tigray) are due to implementation problems not institutions or system. If this assumption is true, then the direction of including people with higher education may strengthen the implementation capacity and hence contribute towards alleviating the economic and governance problems. However, I have a view that our problems are much more complex and require a complex but coordinated response. Implementation is just one element. We need strong, transparent and responsible institutions. It is with institutions that problems could sustainably be solved. Although people with higher education play key role in the formation, capacity and continuity of institutions, it is a lopsided view to assume that appointing educated people will automatically translate into better institutions. Hoping that the new appointees are motivated, devoted, and determined, the ruling party could complement this by scraping restrictive laws, modifying existing and/or introducing new laws that facilitate economic and governance dynamics, devolving power to the new appointees, scraping or modifying corrupt institutions and/or introducing new ones, etc. These measures should be taken at all administrative levels (including the village) depending on the unique features of each level.

    As for Ethiopia in general, I am not quite sure if these are enough and if the whole is the sum of the parts. But, one thing is very clear. Doing something new in each corner of the country might overcome the survival challenges that emanate from the complicated political dynamics of the country.

    I wish the new appointees a successful term!!

  27. Change should be from top to bottom, not the other way around. And Tigray people are demanding to build democratic intuitions exp free medias in order for Tigray youths to exercise their God given right on politics, economy and social aspect.

  28. PHD does not guarantee good. PHD can do well in their profession, someone has PHD does not mean he can be a good politician. He can be good at what he is trained to do. There brilliant Professors who can not even be a good lecturers or do not know how to communicate to teach what they know. As such, what is happening in Ethiopia does not anywhere else. People who get to public services is based on merit and that does not have to be PHD. Donald Trump is not PHD holder. Validmire Putin is not PHD holder. Justin Treadu has no even a bachlelor degree? I can go on and on. Political position is based on politics, not based on academic PHDs. Professor Almariam is a PHD too? But he can not be a politician as we can see it from his own behavior and Dr. is not a good politicians either. That means PHD does not mean anything when it comes to politics. You can see how naïve are most Ethiopian PHDs when they express themselves about politics. Reward must be based on deeds, not based on papers. May be this PHD staffing is a ploy to deceive the public? Anyway, there must be diversity in in every aspect. Not one type of layers .

  29. The wrong perception in Ethiopia about having PHD. PM HD said PHDs are the creams of Ethiopia? That is bullhsit. That even spoils thing because all the PHD holders will think they are the cream and feel to have special entitlement . This does not happen anywhere else. PHDS just do what they are trained to do, are not considered special people anywhere. In Ethiopia to be a University lecturer is like to be God because he has many privileges or entitlements including separate cafeteria , commissions, … treated differently from their University communities. Whereas in the civilized world, the students and Professors share the same Cafeteria and there is nothing specially made or organized for lecturers except their salary. The elitism mindset in Ethiopia must be addressed before it becomes itself a problem.

  30. i do not think that abay is able to lead tigray people so the change has to start from firing abay or for his respect better to resign….then the doctor’s will be functional….unless abay by himself is an obstacle for the development of tigray. unless he is aggravating salisay woyane…. and he is totally against the interest of tegaru…….

  31. Well, this seems ok. However, I still have a big concern. I still believe they are not catching the root cause of corruption or maladministration in the system. For example, let us see the court system. Most of the lawyers in Tigray are licensed as lawyers after demoted for bad behavior from their previous position as judges. These lawyers have extensive network and influence with the judges and officials in our cities. Using the power of their network they decide the outcome of court cases as it is easy to corrupt and share their corruption earned income with the judges. There by leaving unfair judgements against the poor or the powerless or the old and sick.
    I think weizero Heriti was a hard working honest official at least on my case. Changing her instead of the networking system of lawyers and judges, definitely, will not be fruitful.
    I think our leaders need to know that corruption can not be stopped without intigrating a good check and balance system. Without this will be the usual tehadisso every now and then. We need an open, honest and responsible media that dare to expose the good and bad of our higher officials. As long as government or the system protects or masks the bad behavior of officials, corruption will continue.
    Another check and balance sytem is to use an FBI like group that can independently investigate all cases.
    Thank you

  32. The long awaited deep tehadeso /renewal/ would be successful if the tehadeso make this improvement

    1. term limit not only the government but the opp. also
    2. immunity all elected governor and official must have immunity
    3. each and every district must be represented by two representative…
    4. the house must have two level the upper house and the lower house
    5. the vote must be counted by the region for example the oromo will count their own vote the amhara will count their own vote
    6. to balance number 5 right we should implement proportional representation
    7. the Parliament representative must have real power one seat must represent one region … if Amhara people vote for blue party then the blue party must govern the Amhara region
    8. now the fun part the politician must get paid in million birr so that they will not be tempted to get involved in corruption… how u pay the politician easy all we have to calculate is how much tax income they bringing in if they bring 100 million birr new tax then they get 1% of that … if they make 200 million new tax or income to the city they get 2 million birr and so on… they will be busy developing the city economy that being corrupted

    more to come

  33. Change in personnel is not the way to go if the status quo remains the same, I view this as an appeasement and not a lasting solution to all the questions and the demand of the everyday working people. TPLF has come a long way by the principles of liberating all people from oppression by the elites and dictators and succeeded by sacrifice paid by the martyrs. The Party must reform from within and purge those who are bad apples no matter what their contribution was during the struggle it is the only way the public will have the trust and faith in their leaders.

  34. Thank you Aiga,

    This is a welcome first step and I wish the incoming officials best of luck and I hope they succeed in bringing about a meaning full change. However, in order for the new cabinet to succeed they will need wise guidance from the top leadership and full freedom to do whatever is needed to bring about the much anticipated positive result.


  35. Dear Aiga,

    It is good try to appoint professionals in their proper place , especially PHD holder. Of course, People need to understand that PHD does not give 100%. Albeit, It is a new attempts that Ethiopia is trying at this stage and I hope the PHD holder appointees will understand and meet the expection and then enable to provide africa a new model in the way to development. I hope the nearby countries will do the same. Best wish

  36. According to their promise the justice committee is replaced by new committed and scholarly advanced once. The justice bureau head is removed prior to the deepening renewal, the supreme court president is now substitute by new scholar with PhD in the field, the anti corruption head is later removed and substituted by new person with stamina. I am happy but with concerns of concrete change and lets support them.

  37. Great move,
    Wish them the best!
    All those positions are required a huge commitment, honesty, accepting responsibilities and all kind of challenges.

  38. ክቡራት ደቂ ዓይጋ

    ድሕሪ ብዙሕ ዕጥይጥይ ሓዱሽ ተሸያሞ ርኢና :: ብነብሰይ ንሓዲኦም እውን ኣይፈልጦምን :: ዶክተራት እዮም :: መቸም ሓደ ሰብ ኣብዚ ደረጃዙይ ዝብጽሕ ድሕሪ ናይብዙሕ ዓመታት ጻዕርን : ህርኩትነት ትዕግስትን ስለ ዝኾነ እቲ ኣብዙይ ከበጽሑ ዘኽኣሎም ተሞክሮኦም ኣብዙ ተውሂቡዎም ዘሉ ሓላፍነት ከም ዝሕግዞም ኣየጠራጥርን :: ነገር ግን ንሓደ ሰብ ጽቡቅ ኣገልጋሊ ሕዝቢ ዝገብሮ ክእለቱን ተሞክሮኡን ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ንቲ ከገልግሎ ሓላፍነት ዝተውሃቦ ሕዝቢ ዘለዎ ክብሪ : ፍቅሪን ተወፋይነትን እቲ ዋና ዘድልዮ ውልቃዊ ጸጋ እዩ :: እዚ ካብ ከሉ ንላዕሊ ዝድለ መመዘኒ እዩ :: ከምዚ ዝበለ ሰበ እሞ ምስ እኹል ትምህርቲ እንተ ተረኽበ እውን f ከስርሖ ዘኽእል ጥጡሕ ማይዳ እንተዘይረኺቡ ንሱውን ከምቶም ዝቀደሙዎ ዘይኾነሉ ምኽንያት ኣይነብርን ::
    መጀመሪያ ሕወሓት መንግሥትቲ ምዃን ሓዲጋ ከምቲ ብሕጊ ዝተመስረተቶ ዉድብ ክትከውን ኣለዋ :: እዚ ማለት ከም ገዛኢ ዉዱብ ሕጊ ብዝፈቅደላ መሠረት ሓፈሻዊ ዝኾነ ፖሊስን መምርሕን ካብ ምሕንጻጽ ሓሊፋ ኣብቲ ዕለታዊ መንግሥታዊ ሥራሕ ኢዳ ክተእቱ የብላን :: እቲ ሠራሕተኛ ናይ መንግሥቲ ተቆጻሪ እምበር ከም ጊላ እታ ውድብ
    ምቁጻር ክትገድፎ ኣለዋ :: እቲ ሠራሕተኛ ድማ ኣሠራርሓኡ እቲ ናይ ውዱብ ተወካሊን ተጸዋዒነቲ ንሕዝቢ ዘይኮነ ፊን ብዘበሎ ቁጽሪ ብዝህቦ ትእዛዝ ዘይኮነስ ብፖሊሲን ፕሮሲጀርን እናተመርሐ ምዃን ኣለዎ ::

    ኣቶ ኣባይ ወልዱ ሐዚውን ኣብ ሥልጣኖም እዮም ዘለዉ :: ንሶም ላዕለዋይ ሓላፊ ናይቲ ክሊ ስለዝነበሩ ንቲ ኣብቲ ክሊ ተኸሲቱ ዝተባህለ ጉድለታት ተጠያቂ እዮም :: ከመይ ኢሉ ድኣ እዩ እቶም ካልኦት ክለዓሉ ከለው ንሶም ክቅጽሉ ዝተገብረ :: ናይ ኣቶ ኣባይ ነገር ካብ ተልዓለ ሐደ ነገር ክጠቅስ :: ናይ ኣቶ ኣባይ ኣሸያይማ እቲ ዉዱብ ብፍላይ እቲ ላዕለዋይ ብርኪ ናይቲ ዉዱብ ኣይኮነን ንሓፋሽ ሕዝቢ ትግራይ ነቱ ኣባሉ እውን እዝኒ ከምዘይብሉ ዘረጋገጸ እዩ :: ኣብ ዝሓለፈ ጉባኤ እቲ ዉዱብ ኣብ ዝተገብረ መረጻ ማእከላይ ኮሚቴ ካብቶም ዝተመርጹ ኣባላት ንሶም ምስቶም ዝተሓተ ድምጺ ዝረኸቡ እዮም ተመሪጾም :: እቲ ዉዱብ ግን ፕረሲደንት ግይሩ ሸይሙዎም ::

    ሕወሓት ካብ መልሓስ ብተወሳኺ እዝኒውን ከጥሪ ኣለዎ :: ንሕዝቢ ትግራይ ነቲ ኣፍ ኣውጺኡ ዝተዛረቦ ጥራይ ዘይኮነ እቲ ዝሓስቦ ዘሎ ውን ከፍልጥ ዘኽእል ጥበብን ትዕግስቲን ከማዕብል ኣለዎ :: እቲ ዘድልዮ ሕዝቢ ይፈልጥ እዩ: ናይ መንግሥቲ ሥራሕ ንቲ ጽምኢ ሕዝቢ ዓቅሚ ብዝኽእሎ መጠን ንምርዋይ ምጽዓር እዩ ::

    ንቶም ተሸይሞም ዘለዉ ጽቡቅ ናይ ሥራሕ ንሕዝቢ ትግራይ ድማ ጊዜ ካሕሣ ይግበረሉ ኣሜን

  39. Dear Aiga,
    Many people were unhappy by the overall poor quality administration performance in Tigray state. People were asking for sweeping changes -citing the existence of rampant corruption, backbreaking bureaucracy (excessive meetings?), delay of projects (Mekelle Stadium?), nepotism, and quality service deliverances among others. TIGRAY NEEDS THE BEST MIND OF ITS PEOPLE, was the shared intonation.
    The traditional means of administration is incompatible to overcome multifaceted challenges the nation faces, and this new assignment is good beginning.
    At the occasion, the regional president spoke highly of the individuals – both in their loyalty to the shared cause, and their individual merits (academic and experiences). As addressing the challenge takes time and resource, it is better to wait and see. We wish them well.

  40. Dear EPRDF and Tigray people,
    At this juncture , I would only want to congratulate you on
    your continued effort & endeavor of deep reformation process
    that we have put a lot in it for its success and had been working
    tirelessly for its realization for the last two decades or so.
    Though a little late and well overdue, it is better late than never.
    But while saying so , I am focusing on the policy and organizational
    changes undergoing and not on the change of and categorization
    of manpower as phD holder or not or any class or income variance
    of civil servant citizens.
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  41. Abay Woldu would have done a huge favour to Tigrai and Tigraians if he and his cronies had left the most important job/jobs they have been occupying for quite a long time. Even communist China changes its leaders every 10 years. Why not Tigrai?

    Competent administrators do not have to have a PhD degree to carry out their jobs cleanly and effectively; otherwise countries with well educated citizens like the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, to mention a few would have been lead by PhD degree holders.

    Tigrai will be better of, if its people are given a chance to elect their leaders through a genuine ballot box. TPLF can run as a party as long as it wants but it has to win the hearts and minds of Tigraians. And it has to also believe in competition. 30 years of ruling a state with out allowing other Tigaians with a differing view to participate is too long and too costly for the state that paid a huge price to bring democracy, social justice, human rights and equality in Ethiopia.

    It is better for TPLF to allow Tigraians to choose their adminstrators. Otherwise, TPLF leaders will be remembered like “Ras Mesfin Sileshi” who used to retort that he liberated Ethiopia from the Italians and therefore he is entitled to rule the country and confiscate land he believed was fertile from poor farmers. As we know from history, it did not serve him any good.

    Let me make myself clear. I am not equating Ras Mesfin with TPLF leaders. I am only warning that not allowing the people to have a say on who should administer them is perilous. I strongly believe that the people of each woreda elect their administrators. There should be no “ruler” sent to them from Mekele, Adigrat, Axum, Shire Endaselase, Maichew, etc. This is what the other rulers were also doing. It did not work then, it will not work now.

    I Hope Abay Woldu and his friends/cronies honourably leave their jobs for younger, more radical, energetic and resourceful leaders that will energize Tigraians inside, and outside, and well wishers all over the world to transform the state to be, once again, an icon of motivation, determination, resolve, and ultimate sacrifice for prosperity, social justice, equality of all its citizens regardless of their religion, sex, creed and ethnic background.

    • Do not expect honey from fly. This only happens in Europe, Canada, Australia, …, but do not expect to happen in Africa, worst by TPLF, the most chronically communist who have idea of freedom at all. Do not buy their lies, propaganda. It is GIGO stuff what every Ethiopian leaders did before and repeat it. There was ethnics who felt excluded and that feelings was exploited by USA to explode Libya. USA can do the same in Ethiopia unless, a completely transparent, honest, organic system is invented in Ethiopia. I am afraid , TPLF does not have the capacity to do that. They just do not know such thing at all. it is their life time career and will not allow such thing in Ethiopia. They are actually trying to insulate themselves and their position now by surrounding themselves with PHD while they themselves are stuck in it until death. At the same time you can understand it is cultural mindset in Ethiopian and I do not think even they can understand what you are saying to them. I am serious. They just do not have it . But I agree with you 100%. What you have said is purely perfect. But it will probably take another 1000 years for that to happen in Ethiopia. TPLF can not compute in real time, but it will definitely lose the day it allow that because its policies are unpopular and it only rules by brute force from day one.

  42. It does n`t matter who is appointed, whether PhD holder, Tegadalagn or an average Joe on the street. Unless this person is given all authority and responsibility, he is doom to fail. S/He will be judged by her/his performance. This person should have a power to hire or fire his staffs. These days TLP/EPDRF smell and act like WPE/ derg. Is it a deep renewal? Time will tell us.
    Man juice

  43. I am not optimistic ‘PHDs’ will bring about the desired change. First what is need to be ask is how do you bring back together the severely wounded, scattered and disappointed massive Tigrians to a common goal? 2nd unless and otherwise bureaucracy is left alone to work independently Abay’s cosmetic change is nonsense and waste of time. Tigray deserve the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Long live Tigray

  44. ክቡራት ዓይጋ
    መጀመርታ ብዛዕባ ናይ መንግስቲ ትግራይ ሓሳብ ኣይኮንኩን
    ሓሳብ ክህብ : ሓሳበይ ብዛዕባ እቶም ሓሳብ ወሃብቲ እዩ:
    እቲ ሓሳብ ዝወሃብ ንመንግስቲ ትግራይ ኢሉ ውን ህዝቢ ትግራይ እዩ እንታይ ኣምፀኦ ብእንግሊዘኛ ቕብቕብ ኣቢልካ ምፅሓፍ ናይ ትምህርቶም መመረቒ ከምዝመስል ገርካ ምፅሓፍ
    እንግሊዘኛ እንድሕር ዘይፅሒፍካ ሙሁር ኣይትባሃልን ዝባሃሉ ይመስሉ ኩሉኹም ኻዓ ተጋሩ እዮም
    ተማሂርካ ህብረተሰብካ እንድሕር ዘይትመስል ጏና ኢኻ ብዛዕባኡ ውን ክትዛረብ እሞ ኻዓ ብኻሊእ ቓንቓ ኣይዛመድን
    ሰማዒ ውን የለን
    ዓገብ እብለኩም ኣሎኹ::

  45. full of many lies………what I don’t understand is how a person can tell you so many lies and never feel bad about it.

  46. Dear Tigray people,
    1. Let’s give this new cabinet a chance.
    2. Please give full free working space with its accountability to the professionals.
    3. Separate political party leadership vs professional freedom and space to bring new
    Idea/invent and govern.
    I know, if you don’t change a system, if try to manage a province with command post, campaign/zemecha style administration and endless gimgema/meeting wasting valuable time of work ,sitting whole day, for irrelevant meeting we will go down hill.
    like what they have been administering Tigray provine during the derg era, it is not going to work.

  47. I agree with Alula’s idea regarding professional freedom for new idea to run respected offices. As far my knowledge is concerned, the premises of announcement in the video asserts that the appointees are from higher research institutions & universities. Obviously,they need professional freedom and respect for their innovative ideas. I think the president took into consideration on his statement that the offices with new appointees are in need of specialization for effective and efficient service delivery.

  48. ቋንቋ ተበላሸ!!
    አማርኛም እንግሊዝኛም አትለው?? ድብልቅልቅ! ጭምልቅልቅ፤ ዝብርቅርቅ፤ የስልጤኔ የዕ.ለ.ው (G.T.P) ዕድገት መሆኑ ነው???
    ቋንቋችን ለማጥፋት ከባድ ዘመቻ እየተካሔደ ነው ያልው
    ለምንድነው በቋንቋችን (በአማርኛ፣በትግርኛ ወይም በኦሮምኛ) የማንጽፈው፤ የማንናገረው?? ነጮች እንዲያወድስሉን እንድያመጉስልን ነው??? ወይስ ሁሉ ነጮች የበላያችን እኛ ደግሞ ተገዢዎች ባርያዎች መሆኑን ማሳየት ነው?? መልእክቱ ለኛ ነው ወይስ ለነጮች???? ቋንቋችን፤ ባህላችን፤ እምነታችን፤ ማንነታችንን ፤ እሰቶቻችን፤ እየጠፉ ናቸው። የሚቀጥሉት 20 ዓመታት ፡ እንደ ብዙ የአፍሪቃ አገሮች፤ (ከንያ፣ታንዛኒያ፡ ናይጀርያ፡ ወዘተ) ብሔራዊ ቋንቋችን እንግሊዝ ይሆናል። ሰዋህሊኛ፤ ሃውሳ፡ እየጠፉ ናቸው። የነዚህ አፍርቃ አገሮች ብሔራዊ ቋንቋቸው እንግሊዝ ሆነዋል። በጣም ያሳዝናል።
    ፋዘር: ማዘር: ብራዘር: ሲስተር፡ ፍረንድ፡ ሃይ፡ ዋው፡ ገርል ፍረንድ፡ ፓሸንት፡ ትራንስፎርም፡ የስ፡ ኦኬ፡ ፋንዳመንታል ቸንጅ፡ ኢንፎርሜሽን፡ አልሞስት፤ አትሊስት፡ ኢኖቨሽን (ፈጠራ ለማለት) … ወዘተ ካላልን ፋራ፡ ገጠሬ፡ ታጋይ፡ ወዘተ ያስብላል። ወይ ጉድ ወይ ስልጣኔ????????
    የመንግስት ባለስልጣናት እና ከያንያን እና የዩኒቨርሲቲ ምምህራን ፡ በቲቪ መስኮት እና በሬድዮ፡ ሲቀርቡ፡ እንግሊዝኛ ደባልቀው፤ ጨማልቀው፤ ጨፋልቀው፤ ጨማምረው፤ ዘባርቀው፤ ካልተናገሩ ፡ ያልሰለጠኑ: ያልተማሩ፤ ኋላቀር የሆኑ ነው የሚመስላቸው:: የሚያሳዝኑ!!!
    ከትግርኛ፡ ከኦሮምኛ: ከሶማልኛ፤ ከጉራጉኛ፤ ከሃዲኛ፤ ከአገውኛ፤ ከትግሬ፤ ከኩናምኛ፤ ከአፋርኛ፤ ወዘተ ከ80 በላይ ቋንቋዎቻችን ምርጥ ምርጥ ቃላቶችን መምረጥ አይሻልም! ቋንቋችን እንዲሰፋ: በተለይ ብሔራዊ ቋንቋችን::
    የፈረንሳይ: የሩስያ: የቻይና: የጃፓን: የስፔን: የዓረቦች: የጀርመን: የጣልያን: የመክሲኮ: የብራዚል: የአርጀንቲና: የኢራን: የፖርቱጋል: ወዘተ፡ ምሁራን: ተመራማሪዎች: ሊቃውንቶች: ፕሮፈሰሮች: የተክኖሎጂ ፈጣሪዎች: ወዘተ፡ እኮ፡ እንግሊዝ ቋንቋ አይናገሩም: በቃንቃቸው ነው የሚማሩት የሚናገሩት:: ስለዚህ እንግሊዝ ቋንቋ ደባልቀው፡ ጨማልቀው: ጨፋልቀው: ስለማይናገሩ: ምሁራን ሊቃውንት አይደሉም ማለት ነው ወይ?????? ምነው በአገራችን: እንግሊዝ ቃላቶች ደባልቆ፡ ጨማልቆ: ጨፋልቆ፡ መናገር የስልጣኔ፡ የትምህርት መለኪያ ተደርጎ የሚወሰደው!!!! ታድያ የት አለ የሚንኮራራበት “የ3000 አመታት ስልጣኔ: ልዩ ቋንቋ: ና ፊደሎች እና ታሪክ ?????????
    ከጠ/ም አቶ መለስ ዜናዊ እልፈት በኋሏ ብዙዎች የመንግስት መስርያ ቤቶች ስማቸው ወደ እንግሊዝኛ አዘል ስሞች ተለውጠዋል። ለምን ????
    ድሮ የንግድ ና ድርጅቶች ስሞችና ሰሌዳዎች በአማርኛ ና እንግሊዝኛ ነበሩ፤ አሁን አሁን ግን “በአማርኛ፡ ኦሮምኛ፡ ትግርኛ” መሆን መጻፍ ቀርተዋል። እንዲሁም ማስታወቂያዎችም ጭምር።
    አብዛኛዎቹ ሆቴሎች አማርኛ የሚባል ጽሁፍ ቋንቋ ቀርተዋል። ሰራተኞቱ በአማርኛ ካዘዝካቸው ና ካናገርካቸው ቢሽጪት ቢሽጪት ይላሉ ይገላምጡሃል። ለምሳሌ ያህል እንደ ሃርሞኒ ሆቴል፤ ከመኪና ማቆሚያ ያለው ምልክት ጀምሮ ውስጡ በሙሉ በእንግሊዝ ቋንቋ ነው አማርኛ የሚባል ነገር የለም!!!!
    የት አሉ የማህበራዊ ጉዳይ: የባህል ና አስጎብኚ ሚኒስትር መስርያ ቤቶች?? ምን እየሰሩ ነው::
    የት አሉ 586 የተወካዮች ምክር ቤት (ህግ አውጪዎች)??? ምን እየሰሩ ነው?????
    እኔ የሚገርመኝ ለምንድ ነው እናንተ የአማራ ብሔር ተወላጆች አማርኛን ለማጥፋት ና ለማዳከም ዋነኛው የዘመቻው መሪዎች ና ተባባሪዎች የምትሆኑ????

  49. ጥዕና ዪሃበለይ
    ንእዞም አብ አዝተፈላለዩ መደባታት ተዓዲሞም ንዝቐርቡ አጋይሽኩምን እንተላይ አብ መሳኹት ተለቪዥዮናትን አብ ጋዜጣታት ንዝቀላቐሉ አሕዋትን ፤ አሐትን አስሚርኩም፤ አምሪርኩም፤ አትሪርኩም፤ አበርቲዓኹም ንገርዎም፣ ግንሕዎም፣ ንቐፍዎም ምእንቲ በቲ ንርዶኦ ብጹሩይ ቓንቓ ትግርኛ ወይ አምሓርኛ ወይ ኦሮምኛ መልእኽቶም ከሕልፉ።
    እወ ዶኻትር፣ እወ ወጠንቲታት (መሀንዲሳት)፤ እወ ፕሮፌሰራት፤ እወ ፖለትከኛታት፡ እወ ከየንቲታት (ከያንያን)፤ እወ ፊደል ዝቖጸርኩምን፡ ፊድል ጸገብን ኢኹም በሉልና አይትጠራጠሩ ንአምነልኩም እና በልዎም።
    እንግሊዝ ቃላት ወይ ካልኦት ባዕዳዊ ቃላት እንዳሐወስኩም፣ እንዳጨማላለቕኩም፣ እንዳሓናፈጽኩም፤ እንዳሐናገርኩም እንዳጠላለፍኩም ክትዛረቡን ክትጽሕፉን ከለኹም ናይ ፍልጠትኩም፤ ደረጃ ትምህርትኹም ወይ ድማ ናይ ንቅ፟ሓትኩም መዓቀኒ አይኮነን። ብአንጻሩድአስ ናይ ድሕረትኩምን ድንቁርናኩኹምን፤ ተምበርካኽነትን፤ ናይ ባርነትን መግለጺን መዓቀኒ’ምበር፣ ከምኡውን ዓርሲ ምትእምማን ዝጎድለልኩምን።
    ስልጡን፤ ሙሁርን፤ ፈላጢን ሰብ መዓቀኒኡ ድማ፤ ባህሉ፤ ቓንቑኡ፤ እምነቱ፤ ሀገሩ፤ ህዝቡ፤ ታሪኹ፤ ምስ ዝዕቅ፟ብን፤ ምስ ዘሰስንን፤ ምስ ዘማዕብልን፤ ምስ ዘኽብርን ፤ ምስ ዝኾርዕን ጥራይ እዪ። ካብዚ ሓሊፍ ግን፡ ዱሑር ዘይስልጡን እዪ ዘብል፡: አውሮፓውያን ብቓንቆኧም ኢዮም ዝጥቀሙ::
    አበይደአ’ሎ እቲ ናይ ልዕሊ 3000 ሺሕ አመታት ትምክሕሉ ታሪኽን ቓንቓን? መልሲ ካብ እቶም ወልፊን ሱስን ናይ ቃላት እንግሊዝ ሐዋዊስካ ምዝራብ ዘሎውምን ዘዘውትሩን!!
    ቓንቓና ገፊሕን፣ ስፊሕን፣ ናይ ጥንትን፣ ሙዕብልን እዪ። እንታሞዪገበር ብሰንኪ እዞም ሙህራትን ፖለቲከኛታትን ዪጠፍእን ዪዳኸምን አሎ። ትግርኛን አምሓርኛን ምስ ካልኦት ሰማንያ ቓንቓታት ብሄራት ሓዊስካ እንተዝምዕብል ነይሩ፣ ሎሚ ናይ አፍሪቃ ቓንቓ ምኾነን አፍሪቃውያን አህዛብ አሕዋትና ድማ ካብ ቓንቓን ባህሊ መግዛእቲ ኤውሮፓውያን ነጻን፤ ሐራ ምወጹ፤ ምተናገፉ፤ ብአፍሪቃዊ ቓንቓ ድማ ምተጠቐሙ ነይሮም።
    የቐንየለይ፣ ኽብረት ዪሃበለይ

  50. Abuse of language in Ethiopia: All Ethiopians, the so called educated in full swing attacking and destroying Ethiopian language. Articles are written English Amharic, English in Tigrignea? it is not a nightmare. I have lived in different counties in the past 25 years. I have never seen any people from any country who abuse their language like Ethiopians. The so called educated can not write one proper Amharic or Tigrignea sentence properly and this includes PMHD and all those around him.
    I do not understand the need of borrowing English words or replacing every Amharic or Tigrignea words with English words such as Design is written in Tigrignea or amahric. Wow, yes, ok, fine, good, smart, international, artist, art, technology, lease, rent, café, club, foot ball, cup, upload, download, share, concept , idea, theory, research, education, restraint, hotel, gym, night club, media, information, web page, page, laundry, transport, agency, idea, food, drink, surprise, wonder, social services, economy, finance, agriculture, farming, …. all these and more are written in Amharic . it is mind boggling why people are assaulting their language? I meet a South African pan Africanist who use Ethiopia as model for Africa. He knows about Ethiopia more than I do. He told me that he is disappointed that Ethiopians do not even know their country. He was so angry when he talked to me. While we wanted Ethiopia to be our model, why the Ethiopians do not even care to know about their country?
    PM HD is the worst mixer of English in his speech or interview. When you talk to the public in Ethiopia? you are talking to 100 million people? right? That means you have to consider every audience as your audience and make sure your language can be heard and understood by the 100 million people . You can not bombard 100 million with alien words mixed with Amharic or Tigrignea. I think this is the Woyane communist ideology? I am serious, it is communists who against anything indigenous and EPRDF seems committed to replace every local words by English words? These are the people who claimed not colonized but mentally more colonized than anyone. I did ask AIGA many times to do editing and remove English words written in Amharic? But AIGA would never listen? Ethiopia is all sad story. The people are rigid, brainwashed, mentally colonized and stagnant and never listen at all. I do not the logic, reason, philosophy of writing or replacing your language by foreign language? Unless something the regime committed to destroy Ethiopian culture, language, because this is a bullshit communist regime that is hell bent to destroy any Ethiopians.

    The other things is real estate houses in addis by importing housing building materials from over seas? These must never be allowed. I can not believe this regime allows housing building material to be imported from outside and wasting money. You must use local resources to build houses. The level of ignorance is too high. The guy who was interviewed was boasting that he imports housing materials from outside Ethiopia? This is so stupid. You can not build house by importing finished materials from outside? how are you going to maintain the house or real estate if your material is from outside? you are not benefitting the country, the people. You are creating market for someone outside Ethiopia. This must be stopped immediately. Before building a house, please invest in housing material production in Ethiopia that can benefit the entire county. Please stop madness and stupidity.

    • Your concern is shared by many of us. It is worth discussing as an issue by itself. your posting although with good intentions has one important flaw. It is out of thread and disruptive.
      We have to learn to stay in topic while discussing an important issue like this. interjecting an issue not related to the topic on the table is like saying lets discuss this one instead. interruption of that sort are disruptive and not conducive to the good flow of ideas.

      • I do not agree with you this is out of topic. This is part a part and a parcel of the whole problem. This is about communication and communication is a tool of everything topic. What is this topic about then? about PHDs? I commented on it. The shuffling does not mean anything to me. All those corrupt officials are there. All the policies are there and no single policy has been changed , not even one. I do not believe in this Tehadso propaganda. You can see my comment on the top , my first comment. I do not need to waste time on this because this whole Tehadso is worthless for me as long as Abay himself is there until he dies. He must give the office to an elected person, at least after 25 years. I do not care if he put PHDs, master, Bachelor degree or farmers, business men to work with him. This whole PHD only assignment is flawed and not based on services, … based on PHD. From monoTPLF to monoTPLF and monoPHD? PHD does not mean anything unless the person works in his field and paid accordingly. There is no need to put PHD on political position because they have PHDs? No single PHD has done miracle in Ethiopia so far. As such I am not going to go in circle talking about PHDs stuff forever and I can not stuck myself self in one idea forever.

  51. I agree with the Tehadso process being underway to revitalize the
    outstanding odds and to transform in to a higher level of change efforts .
    Thus, to effectively and comprehensibly bring fruit in a sustainable manner
    the following important initiatives among others has to be strengthened:
    1. Institutional capability, working systems, transparency and accountability
    2. common vision, mission , goals and cultural and core values.
    3. continuous human capital development in areas of competency and ethics
    4. performance management, resource management, risk management
    5.good governance so that to create public and consumer satisfaction

  52. After a loooong ”deep renewal” the TPLF came out with asigning some PhD holders to some positions, as if holding a PhD title is a panacea to the accumulated and multifaciated problems. It doesn’t seem that the leaders have understood what the people are asking or they simple want to pretend and do business as usual regardless what people say.

    Leaving out what the people are loudly asking, the organisation and its leaders have told us that they have faild in the provision of basic services, good governance, that there has been un principled relationships among its own leaders, that there is wide spread coruption, that there is rentseeking tendencies with the leadership etc etc. Well, one would expect after all these that the culprits who have been resposible for all these mess are identified during the so called ”gimgema” and held acountable for what they did and did’nt. One would also expect that they are removed from their positions. To the surprise of many, nothing of this sort happend. One would ask what was the meaning and aim of the so called ”renewal” then? To whom do they want to decieve? The TPLF leadership doesn’t know what shame is all about, it seems. How they dare to despise the people so much? This organisation has made it clear that it is not capable of reforming itself. It has refused to see the realities infront of it. Its leaders are living with the same mind set they hade while in the field before 25 years. Now it is up to the people to react and say enough is enogh.
    What the people expected was not a change of personalites, but change of faild policies, accountability of officers to the elctorate, transparent working mechanisms, reliable and independent institutions, division of party and public/state institutions and offices, freedom of media to do its jobb, etc etc. It is deep going reforms that are needed not marathon meetings.

  53. ክልላዊ መንግስቲ ትግራይ ብትምህርቲን ሓፈሻዊ ዓቕሞምን ዝሐሹ ኢሉ ዝኣመነሎም ሰባት መሪጹ ሓዱሽ ካቢነ ምምስራቱ ናይቲ ዕንክሊል ክብል ዝጸንሐን ሀዚውን ዝቕጽል ዘሎን ተሃድሶ ሓደ እወንታዊ መግለጺ ገይርካ ክውሰድ ይከኣል እዩ። እዚ ሓደ ጽቡቕ ስጉምቲ ኮይኑ እዞም ሓደሽቲ ኣባላት ካቢኔ ብዘለዎም ናይ ትምህርቲ ደረጃ ዘይኮነስ ብዘምፅኡዎ ጭቡጥ ለውጢን ተረባሕነት ህዝብን ኢና ክንዕቅኖም። ሓደን ክልተን ዘይብሉ ነዘኻኽሮም ነገር እንተሎ ካፍቶም ዝተክእዎም ሰብ መዚ (ኣባላት ካቢኔ) PhD ብምሓዞም ዘይኮነስ ዝተፈለየ ስራሕ ክሰርሑ እሞ ህዝቦም ተጠቃሚ ክገብሩ ትጽቢት ይግበረሎም ከም ዘሎ ርዱእ ከገብሩ ኣለዎም።

    ፈጺሙ ተደፋፊኑ ክሓልፍ ዘይግብኦ ነገር ግን ኣሎ። ንሱ ድማ እቲ ውድብ ከም ውድብ እውን ዓቅሚ ብዘለዎም ሰባት ተዘይተተቐይሩ ኣብዞም ሓደሽቲ ኣባላት ካቢኔ ዝህልዎ ኣሉታዊ ተጽዕኖ ከምዘሎ ኮይኑ እቲ ውድብ እቶም ኣብ መሪሕነትን ኣባላቱን ኣለዉ ኢሉ ዝኣመነሎም ድኽመታት እውን ናይ ምቕራፍ ዕድሎም ጽቢብ ስለ ዝኸውን ኣብ መወዳእትኡ ኣብ ህዝቢ ዝገደደ ጉድኣት ከስዕብ እዩ። ከምዚ ዘብለና ዘሎ ምኽንያት ናይ ውድብን መንግስቲን ስልጣንን ስራሕትን ምትሕውዋስ ምፍላይ ስለ ዘይተኽኣለ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ብስሩውን እቲ ውድብ ካፍቲ ተረግሪጉዎ ዘሎ ዓዘቕቲ ክውጽእ ናይ ግድን ስለዝኾነ እዩ። ስለዚህ ናይቲ ውድብ ምዕራይ ወሳኒ ጉዳይ ምዃኑ ክፍለጥ ኣለዎ።

    ህዝቢ ትግራይ ፖለቲካዊን ማሕበረ ቑጠባዊ ረብሕኡን ብሓፈሽኡ ኩለ መደያዊ ድሕንነቱ ዘረጋግጽሉ ውድብ ጥራይ እዩ ዝደሊ። ህዝቢ ትግራይ ሽንኳን ዶ ኣብ ክልሉ ናነበረ ካብ ክልሉን ወፃኢ እውን ዝነብር እንተኾነ ንረብሕኡ ዝቃለሰሉን ዓው ኢሉ ዝጣበቐሉን ውድብ ጥራይ እዩ ዘድሊዮ። ንርእሱ ተደፊሩ ህዝቡ ዘድፍር ውድብ ደጊም ከም ዘይፃወር ብዙሕ ምልክታት ንርኢ ስለዘለና ምዕራይ ናይ ግድን እዩ ንብል ኣለና። ህወሓት ህዝባዊ ሓሊዮትን ዴሞክራሲያዊ ዝንባለን ዘለዎም፣ ብግዕዝይና ብልሽውነት ባህሪን ዘይሕመዩ፣ መገልገላይነቶም ዝተመስከረሎም፣ ጽግዕተኛን ክራይ ኣከብቲን ዘይኮኑ መራሕቲን ኣባላትን ክትውረስ ይግባእ። እቶም ጽቡቕ ኣለና ንኺድ ጥራይ ናበሉ ንታ ውድብ ዝጣበቑላ መራሕታን ኣባላትን ሞት ውድቦምን ጉድኣት ህዝቦምን ከቀላጥፉ ቖሪጾም ዝተልዓሉ ምዃኖም ርዱእ ይገበር።

    ከምቲ ዝፍለጥ ”ማእኸላይ ኮሚቴ ህወሓት ኣብ ዉሽጢ ወርሒ መስከረም 2009 ዓ/ም ኣብ ዘካየዶ ስሩዕ ኣኼብኡ ዓወታት ጉዕዞ ህዳሴናን ኣብ ውድብና ዘለው ሓደጋታትን ፈተናታትን፣ ምንጮም፣ ፖለቲካዊ ትርጉሞምን መፍትሒኦምን ኣብ ዝብሉ ዛዕባታት ብዕሙቀት ድሕሪ ምግምጋም ነቶም ዓወታትና ብምዕቃብ ነቶም ኣብ ውሽጢ ውድብና ዘንፀላልው ዘለው ፀገማት ድማ ብናይ ግዜ የለን ኣተሓሳስባ” ክፈትሕ ወሲኑ ከምዝወፀ ዝዝከር’ዩ፡፡ እወ፣ እዚ ውድብ ኣብ ዝገብሮም ጉባኤታት ብፍላይ ድማ መበል 11ን 12ን ንርእሱ ብብዙሕ ዓይነት ድኽመታት ብዘይ ንሕሲያ ገምጊሙ እንትብቅዕ እቲ ዝነበረ መሪሕነት መሊሱ ብምምራጽ ጉባኤኡ ኣጠናቒቑ ንብዙሓት ኣባላትን ደገፍቲን እቲ ውድብ ተስፋ ዘቑረጸ ኩነታት ኮይኑ ምሕላፉ ዝፍለጥ እዩ። ሎሚውን ጉባኤ መዓዝ ይግበር ብዘየገድስ እቲ ዝሓለፈ እንተተደጊሙ ምእንቲ ስልጣንካን ውልቃዊ ስስዐኻን ህዝቢ ለኪምካ ንምጥፋእ ከምተወሰነ ኢና ንቖጽሮ። እዚ ኹሉ ማእለያ ዘይብሉ መስዋእቲ ዝተኸፈለ ምእንቲ ረብሓ ህዝቢ እዩ’ሞ ኣያም በሉ ንብል ኣለና።

    ብዝተረፈ ኢንግሊዝኛ ናዳቕልካ ኣብ መራኸቢ ሓፋሽ ምዝራብ ፩ይ ነገር ምስቲ ዘይተምሃረ ሓፋሽ ዘይምርኻብ ምዃኑ ዘይምርዳእ እዩ። ፪ይ፣ ፍልጠትካ ብቛንቋኻ ንምግላፅ ካብ ዘይምኽኣል ዝብገስ እዩ። ፫ይ፣ ኢንግሊዝኛ ምስ ሙሁር ምዃን ጥራይ ኣተሓሒዝካ ስለዝርአ ሙሁርነትካ ንምርግጋፅ ዝግበር ካብ ዓርሰ እምነት ዘይምህላው ዝብገስ ገርዓርዓር እዩ። ፬ይ፣ ኣብ ቛንቋኻ ተገዳስነት ዘይምህላው ስለዝኾነ ብዙይ ንዕቅኖ ሙሁርነትን ህዝባዊነትን የለን። መዐቀኒና ጭቡጥ ናይ ህዝቢ ኩለመደያዊ (ፖለቲካዊን ማሕበረ ቑጠባዊን) ተረባሒነት ምርግጋጽ ጥራይ እዩ።

    *** ዘለኣለማዊ ኽብሪ ንሰማእታትና።

  54. “ዲግሪ የትምህርት ደረጃን እንጂ የስራ ችሎታን አያሳይም” ጳውሎስ ኞ ኞ።
    The legendary degree -less Paulos was arguably the most respected journalist of his time & the most quoted journalist to date.
    Degree is not a panacea.
    Unless the party changes its stance on keeping a stranglehold on everything, these guys will only be educated messengers.
    From what we have learned so far, the party doesn’t want to clear the problem from the source. It is just trying to treat the symptoms by hiring PHDs. And that will takes us only deeper.
    ላም ባልዋለበት ኩበት ለቀማ ነው ነገሩ። ወይም። ፍየል ወዲህ ቅዝምዝም ወድያ ይባላል።
    I see the overwhelming responders here are pragmatic.
    What I learned today: those persons who
    get the opportunity to get published at and the general audience of are from different planets. The Forum should learn from today’s responses of the audience and allow the alter voices to be heard more frequently.
    I do not know who sponsors your forum. But from what I see, entertains rosy pictures and the voices of the cadres only. ” Have your say” is the only current exception. Healthy discussion and constructive criticism helps you and the party as well. Stop censoring excessively.
    የመንግስት ስልጣን ለግል ጥቅም ማዋል ዋነኛ ችግሬ ነው ብሎአል ፓርቲው. What happened to those who are guilty of this particular trespass?
    I didn’t hear of any criminal proceedings related to a member of the top echelon!
    Where is the accountability?
    PHD is not the answer to the demands of the people.
    ጨው ለራስህ ስትል ጣፍጥ

  55. Both are important, in fact these personalities are not illiterate to the situation of Tigray and the people. But not this, the regional government, TPLF has engage in a number of rounds of trying of leadership, policy and strategy of the organization. This makes the appointment of Tigray unique in content and for the application and the exercise of power and the immediate response on the ground will be very much sound. A few individuals just for the sack of disagree and to discredit they many things related to experience and other issues like institutional building. Of course all these are important, but nothing comes composes all at a spot, unless it a dream. Being a university lecturer I observe many day dreamers. For me, it is a good start and many other institutional changes will happen soon. All these will an essential in gradients for other fundamental changes to come. By the way, by all standards the regional government way of handling things and setting the solution for the presumed problems are sound, others should also learn from. Last,but not least, TPLF as the cabinet, the speakers of the regional parliament I think need also attention.

    • But that is your opinion. You opinion is your opinion and does not represent the people. I am sure there are many people like you who are okay even without any change. That is simple . As such, do not impose your view on others. You can argue by giving reasoned argument with evidence supported, but not by telling us all is good as if we have no brain to think and analyze.

      Different views means different level of understanding ; different does not mean as you have stated . Different view does not mean is only cynical to oppose or discredit. Your analysis is shallow and self-serving . You must present your views as ordinary citizen, not as you as cadre. Okay?, next time, respect different views that do not agree with you. Try to understand them by asking questions instead of taking everything they say as cynic designed to discredit your bosses and your rotten system. You had 25 years on your belt Sir? You must have done all that you are telling us at least in the first 10 years on power. Now you are telling us you will do this and that after 25 years? where were you doing in the past 25 years? Sleeping ? Now you wanted us to listen to you and follow you like sheep and camels? Not a good attitude Sir, you need to leave office to people who will get elected by the people, not staying there until you die like Meles.

  56. I can not Believe that they are have any Count to solve our Tigria problem in this time just to change the outside face of PHD fm Acadmey area but what we need now are Peace with ourselves and forgive eath other and work hard for Tigria.
    last make Peace with Eritrea,we don’t need many enemay around us.

  57. It is good. It seems a bit late but it is not that much. I would rather say it is timely so far as the recent political developments are concerned. It is good that the educated are given the chance to use their expertise for the better of the public. It is even very good that it will shape the public’s view towards the educated and education in general. I believe the appointment of the educated will have a positive value on the youths aspiration towards education. So far the educated never had the chance to make hear their voices or they had no role in the governmental affairs save as critics. But now things seem to change . And that is good.
    N.B. But everyone should know that there is rumor that some of the appointed are labeled as rent-seekers by the public. So better to follow up them cautiously.

    STARTING ,WITH GOOD GOVERNANCE, administration of justice and
    Everything else.



  60. ኣብ ክልላዊ መንግስቲ ትግራይ ዝተገበረ ሽግሽግ ሽመኛታት ዝምልከት ርኢቶ፣
    ዝተገበረ ሽግሽግ ግርም ዘብል እዩ፡፡ ሙያዊን ዝተፈላለዩ ልምዲ ዘለዎም ኣካላት ናብቲ ህዝቢ ናይ ምምራሕን መደባት ብቐረባ ኮይናካ ኣብ ምፍፃም ምውፋርን ኣብቶም መደባትን ድልየታት ህዝቢ ኣብ ምርዋይን ተርኡ ልዑል ከምዝኸውን ብዓብይኡ ዝትስፈአሉ ጉዳይ እዩ፡፡ ናብቲ ናብ ናይ ህዝቢ መደባት ምምራሕ ሰባት ንምሕፃይ ዝተገበሩ ምድላዋት እቲ ዝበለፀ ግርም ዘብል እዩ፡፡ ብመሰረት ዝቐረበልና ሪፓርት፣
    1) ልዑል ሙያዊ ዓቕሚ ዘለዎም ኣካላት ናብቲ ናይ ምምራሕ ቦታ ከም በጊዕ በቢዘለዎ ከምዘምፀአልካ ተጎቲቶም ዝኣተዉ ዘይምዃኖም ምስትውዓል የድሊ፣
    2) ኣብቲ ናይ ውድብ ፓሊስን እስትራቴጅን ዝምልከት በቢደረጅኡ ዝዋሃብ ስልጠና እንዳተዋሃቡን ውግንነኦም እንዳተመዘኑ ድማ ብላዕለዋይ ናይ ኣመራርሓ ደረጃ ስልጠና ተዋሂብዎም ዝፀንሑ ምዃኖም ሓደ መለለይ ጉዳይ እዩ፡፡
    3) እዞም ኣካላት እዚኣቶም ኣብቲ ስልጠኖኦም እውን ኣብቲ መንግስትን ህዝብን ዝትግበሩ ኣሰራርሓታትን እንዳተኣከቡ ዝመፁ ብልፃት ተሞክሮታትን እውን ክላለዩን ክረኽቡን ተገይሩ እዩ፡፡ እዙይ ዓብይ መሰረት ንስርሖም ክኸውን እዩ፡፡
    4) ኣብቲ ተዋፊሮምሉ ዝፀንሑ ስራሕ እውን ብዓድማይነት ፊት ምዃኖም ዘመስከሩ እዮም፡፡
    ስለዝኾነ ካብዝተኻታተልኩዎም ኣመላምላን ዝነበረ ሓይሊ ሰብካ ናይ ምብቃዕ ስራሕን ፅቡቕ ጠመተ ተገይርሉ እንዳተሰርሐሉ ከምዝመፀ ዘመላኽት እዩ፡፡ እዙይ ደሚርካ እንተራኣይ ብሉፅ ኣካይዳን ኣዋፋፍራን ነይርዎ ይብል፡፡ ክፀሙቕ ዝደለየ ደላይ ተሞክሮ እውን እንተፀሞቐ ፅቡቕ እዩ ይብል፡፡
    ካብ ዝተፈላለዩ ርኢቶ ዋሃብቲ እዙይ ከም ፅቡቕን ተስፋ ዝህብ ገይሮም ዝራኣዩ ኣካላት ኣለዎ፡፡ በቲ ካሊእ ወገን ድማ እቲ ሕቶ ህዝቢ ሰባት ናይ ምቕያር ጉዳይ ኣይነበረን ዝበሉ ኣለዉ፡፡
    ክልቲኡ ሓሳብ ብወገን ከም ሓሳብ ዘኽይድ ክኸውን ይኽእል፡፡ ግን እቶም ጉዳያት ዝባሃሉ ብውሱን መልክዑ ንርአዮም፡፡
    I. ምህላው ኪኢላ ሓይሊ ሰብ
    II. ድልዱልን ነፃነቱ ዝሓለወ ህንፀት ትካላዊ ዓቕሚ
    III. ንኹሎም ኣራኣእያታት ህዝቢ ዘተኣናግድ ምህላው ዲሞክራሲያዊ ሃዋህው፣
    IV. በብእዋኑ ዝዓቢ ዘሎ ጠለብ ዕድል ስራሕ ብስፍሓት ዘተኣናግድ ሰፊሕ ናይ ስራሕ ዕድል ምህላው፣
    V. ብመሰረት ድልየትን ጠለብን ህዝብን ተጠቃማይን ስሉጥ ምሕደራን ሰናይ ግልጋሎትን ናይ ምርግጋፅ ጉዳይ፣ካልኦት እውን ከም ናይ ህዝብን ክፋሉን ዝላዓሉ ሕቶታት እውን ይህልዉ፡፡
    እዚኦም ክምለሱን ኣብ ባይታ ክህልዉ የብሎምን ዝብል ኣይህሉን፡፡ ኩሎም በብደረጀኦም ክምለሱን ኣብ ግልጋሎት ህዝብን ክውዕሉ ዝግበኦም እዮም፡፡ ኩሎም ኣብ ክውንነቶም ግን ይፈላለዩ እዮም፡፡ መን ኣብ ሰረት መን ክውን ይኸውን ዝብል ብፅሞናን ብቕንዕናን ምርኣይ የድሊ፡፡ ምእንተ ንዝተወሰደ ስጉምቲ ዋጋ ንምስኣንን ዝተመናኻዮ ጫፍ ንምትሓዝን እዙይ እንተዘይመፂኡ ዋጋ የብሉን ዝብል ኣጠማምታ ሚዛኑ ክንዲ ኪንቲት ደርሆ እዩ፡፡ ንኹሎም መሰረት ዘትሕዞም ሰብ እዩ፡፡ ሰብ እንትባሃል እውን ብውነን ብዓቕምን ኣብ ንፁር ኣጠማምታን ዝተሰለፈ ጥራሕ እንተሰሊፍካ እዮም ዝፍጠሩን ክውንነት ዝረኽቡን፡፡ ሰብ እንተይሓዝካ ዝመፅእ ዝኾነ ለውጢ የለን፡፡ እቶም ካብ ሓደ ክሳብ ኣርባዕተ ዝተቐመጡ ብትምኒት እንተይኮነስ ንተግባራዊነቶም ናይ ባዕሎም ግዘን ቦታን ዝሓቱ ምዃኖም ምርዳእ የድሊ፡፡ ብኸይዲን ወሸን ኢልካን እምበር ብጠብላሕታ ዝፍፀሙ ኣይኮኑን፡፡ እቲ ዋና ኣብዝተፈጠሩ ህዝባዊ ምልክታት እንዳታባብዕና ድልዱል መሰረትን ብኹሉ መግለፅታቶም ደልዲሉ ክውፅእ ስርዓትና ኣብ እንገብሮ ቓልሲ እዩ ብሓቂ ድልየታትናን ብፅሒትንና ክነረጋግፅ እንኽእል፡፡ እቲ ዋና ብምልክታትን መሰረትን ህዝባዊ ስርዓት እንዳፍረስካን በቲዩ በቱይ እንዳቆርመምካ ዝረጋገፅ ትካልን ዲሞግራሲን ሰናይ ምሕደራን ፍፁም ኣይህሉን፡፡ ኣብዝተጀመሩ ጅማሮታት እንዳተባብዕና ዝተረፊና ንምምላእን ብዝተማለአ መንገዲ እዙይ እውን ኣብ ንፅፅር እዩ ድልየት ህዝብናን ኩሎም መግለፅታት ስርዓትናን ክውን ንምግባር ቃልስናን ሓበሬታትናን ብዕሙቐት ክቕፅሉን ክሰፍሑን ይግባእ ይብል፡፡ ካልኦት ዝበሉ እንትበሉ ድልየቶም ሕልሞምን ፍፁም ነቲ ስርዓት ንምዕናው ስለዝኾነ ከም ዋናኒ እነውግዐሉ ጉዳይ ኣይኮነን፡፡ እቲ ዝገርም ካብቲ ናይ ሃገር ኩነታት ክሳብ ክንደየናይ ሪሖቆም ከምዘለዉ ዘርአና ትግራይ እውንዶ ክሳብ ክንድዙይ ዶካትር ኣለዋ እዩ ናብ ምባል በፂሖም፡፡

  61. In response to ‘yet am rate suger’. You said aiga should be just alter. How on earth a discussion forum like Aiga to be an alter. However, the website is established to serve different opinions both from supporters of epdrf and oppositions as its name (aiga forum) asserts. In this case the alpha dogs of the open shows plenty are surprised by what the regional government did. It may be hard to swallow for a people in nihilistic paranoia. We are proud of getting a forum such as aiga and the pale talk rooms for the diaspora.
    with regards.

  62. From the beginning, the problem was not lack of experts with Master and Ph.D degrees. The problem has been lack of justice and all sectors being led by inapt and corrupt officials.
    This change is just a cosmetic one. If a real change has to come in Tigray, then the inapt President of the State, Ato Abay Woldu and his cronies need to go. Changing people in the lower levels doesn’t bring any lasting change until the stumbling block is removed for ever and replaced by devoted and skilled professionals.
    Moreover, this change is a quick fix to the ever growing demand for good governance and justice by the Tigray people in particular and the Ethiopian people in general.
    More change in the system needs to be done.

  63. TPLF and new PhD holders: Overall change is a good thing for such complicated and complex system. I would like to appreciate Ato Abay for such a very tiny move. However, this is a very small and insignificant change.
    1. Ato Abay has focused only on who is a PhD in our neighborhood and went to call someone with a fabricated academic title. No one on Earth is called as Dr. without any doctoral academic achievement (MD, VM, PhD) except the illiterate people. Ato Redae is yet to be a PhD, but a President of a regional state is calling him as a doctor in front of 7 million Tegaru. This is contempt ንዕቀት ወይ ድማ ንህዝብኻ ዘለካ ትሑት ክብሪ ጥራሕ የመልክት::

    2. 90% of these appointee are less influential in their field of study and in the sectors they have led before now, I do not know the remaining 10%. Worst is some of them are position obsessed colleagues. Dr. Tesfamichael Gebreyohannes and Dr. Atinkut Mezgebu are best examples in this case. If they were change agents, we could have seen their publications, public lectures or public panels about how the problems of Agricultural productivity could have been increased in the bureau they have been working in the last years. Or we could have seen better plans and policy directions towards addressing water shortage problems of Shire, Axum, Abyi Adi and Mekelle. They were proving irrelevant and unproductive series of paid training to the stuff working in the same offices they are now appointed as leaders. If they were genuine enough, they could have had changed the expertise and the effectiveness of these bureaus while they were acting like advisors of these bureaus. Therefore, I personality expect little change from the new appointees because they have been acting like yes men for several years! I completely disagree with the appointment of Dr. Eng. Gebremeskel kahsay who have little exposure and experience with the Grade 1-4 and 5 – 8 system of education which is killing our children’s motivation to go to School and their future. I also would suggest to make a second head of the Bureau for various level of the education system same to the Agricultural bureau. But a genius can swiftly learn and work with the experts. This is the only thing we are expecting from these colleagues.

    3. Ato Abay, as he is known for “corruption free”, must have came up with new and dynamic leaders for the following sectors instead. 1. Health Bureau, 2. Anti-corruption commission, 3. Bureau of Urban Development, trade and Industry 4. bureau/commission of small and medium scale enterprises (ጥቃቅን እና ኣነስተኛ ንግድ ስራሕቲ ገለ ዝበሃል ቢሮ) and the likes. Number 4, is the most corrupt office in Tigray. If one goes through out the regional state, its name is everywhere, it posts a lot of issued licenses and unions. However, only God knows who is really working and what. Only God knows how many of the issued licenses torn or are back. Only God knows how many youth and unions collapsed and make their fate to Sahara, and Arab countries and only God knows how many of them are in prisons with related to the unbalance and unfair tax they were asked to pay.

    4. The vice president of the Tigray Regional State, his Excellency Dr. Ambassador Addis-alem Balema had to be removed from his position for his very un-respectful and his unwise way of doing things and says about various chronic societal problems. It is this man who publicly squashed the just and legitimate question of the Embaseneyti residence for a new administrative district. Addis-alem together with Beyene Mekru and Ato Atakily are the ones behind the failed housing market and land value related corruption going on several towns of the regional state. His bureau has enacted 3 different laws in just 6 years. Millions and millions of money has been exploited from the poor citizens with regard to the unjust lease prices in the regional state. Trust me, the new talk of the town, the new land leasing law is another failed policy of this government and this office. TPLF will have a lot to lose as a result of this bureau’s ill designed work procedure, that pushes away experts and public opinion. ዝኾነ ክኾን ንተሸየምቲ ጽቡቕ ናይ ስራሕ ግዜ

  64. All change are cosmetics not real . First of all everybody knows how pHD obtained this time and pHd is not a solution for bad governance. Countries which have more phd holders than Ethiopia do not have half of the phd holder political appointees of us. If it is for real change, problems should be rectified and people accountable for wrong administration have to get some kind of penalty which give a lesson for the new incoming appointees. Otherwise, how the public will trust the government that simply cheat its people by reshuffling of personality and title of its cabinet. Another problem is, when a party can not deliver the right administration , it has only one answer and it is “resignation”. however , EPRDF always run away from this simple action and repeatedly singing “Thadeso” for any revolt . I do not know how many times can a party afford to make cosmetic change without transferring power to others. EPRDF has to work a good platform for local opposition party by taking a good lesson from Ghana & Gambia. It should stop all lame excuses that prevent to do it. I think the top politicians do not want to listen and read to the public and medias genuine grievance for instance Reporter gazeta always tells them the government wound and weak point from the beginning but no one took action to correct the maladministration. We are now facing all fermented problems which could be able get a simple answer at the beginning when the public question it. Arrogance is the backbone of all problems.

  65. It is important to have the new blood, if they really are; but the most important question is that who is heading these cabinet. The change should focus on that. Though bringing new brains and talents is very important, the most important is the need for the change in the system, thinking, leadership, focus, and cleaning up the decay. Unless the existing system is changed to bring the commitment, determination, dedication, accountability, integrity, inclusiveness, vibrancy as well as revolutionary culture that TPLF originally had, it will end up in more frustrating destiny. REAL CHANGE IS YET TO COME!!!

  66. PhD holders are known as doctors only in Ethiopia, elsewhere in the world, doctors are only medical school graduates.
    The Debtera and feudal culture of Amara-Tigray, being always infatuated with real or bogus and trivial titles, is the only reason why Ethiopians with( deserved and/or undeserved) PhDs are now being called “doctors”.
    Now compare the new government spokesperson, one of the so-called PhD-holders, against the PhD-less former spokesperson, Getachew Reda; obviously, one can easily tell they are light-years apart when it comes to competence, Getachew being light-years ahead of the new appointee brandishing a PhD degree. If this is an indicator of the so-called deep-tehadiso, we are going from good to bad and then worse; and so, buckle-up, get ready for the worst,;our shock shake-up is yet to come with the post-good, the bad, followed by its ugly surprises..
    I think EPRDF, or rather weyane, had become rudderless since it lost its valuable and irreplaceable compass after Meles (RIP) suddenly and pre-cocciously died. Meles had no official PhD degree; however, everyone agrees, he was a genius leader with immense knowledge, skill and experience, far worth a 1000 world-class PhDs.
    I do not think Meles would approve what Hailemariam and Abay are now doing to EPRDF and TPLF respectively. These guys either suffer from inferiority complex vis-à-vis Meles or, I must add, they are seriously blackmailed by the rag-tag opposition groups who harp on academic titles(such as their former mantra : “Likemember Engineer Hailu Shawl”, et…
    By the way, America has millions of PhD- holders but very few in US government possess a PhD degree.
    Shame on EPRDF if it does not understand what I’m trying to say here.
    Ezin we Dehankumn!
    Thanks you,
    Halengi Agazi, Goblel ze Adwa.

  67. This is Tigira, discussion should be left to the vibrant and revolutionary people. The members know what they do and when. The Tigrai people aren’t zombie as what you insist ‘Hila on’ and ‘an Ethiopian’. Do in your region what you want to do. TPLF and the people of Tigrai have matured political experience. They didn’t need assistance from a shallow personalities like you.
    with regards

  68. Edited:

    One last comment, I have lost all hopes that TPLF will ever change. It is 100% clear now there will never be any change by will in Ethiopia. It will never happen. It does not just exist in their mindset. Mindset does not change in one’s life time. Mindset change takes at least one generation of brainwashing or exposure to whatever condition we get accustomed to. It is not even easy to do it. This reminds me my own journey in life outside Ethiopia, as Ethiopian, sometimes I never used to see my weaknesses, people completely from different culture, race, … has to tell me to get things easily. It was still hard to accept it . It was not my fault either. I got it from Ethiopia and I grew in it and absorbed it. I was so comfortable to live in it regardless wherever I go . It took me long to break out from it and it was never easy. So TPLFites have operating mindset that can never change in their life time. Why? because they do not have it. It never existed in Ethiopia before. That is why they are stuck on power for 25 years ruling the very people whom they claim to liberate from Mengistu who ruled the people for 17 years. I see no difference between the derg time and today in Ethiopia except there is Ethnic Federalism and the building of GERD, infrastructures development works which were not attended because of the civil war during derg time and other similar problems. People ask for freedom, justice, accountability, fairness, transparency, freedom to elect one’s own leaders. But all these are irrelevant to them. They have to do whatever they imagine only to stay for much longer on the back of the poor people? It is so sad people will love to stay on power until they die. Power corrupts, really does . It is sad, but it seems Ethiopia is still stuck. Even the ethnic Federalism is designed to manipulate people using their ethnic. That is why there is no even a single law that can keep the country united? There is no article that says Ethiopia has to stay united for ever by article x, y, z? There is only an article that says how Ethiopia can be dismantled, article 39? There is no a single article that protects or allows Ethiopians to live, work, study, build, invest, … in any part of Ethiop9ia, and that is why people are persecuted across Ethiopia based on their ethnics or tribe or clans. There is ethnic Nepotism at National level? There is clan nepotism within even each ethnic Kilil.

    In my view, if this regime for whatever reason or cause, collapse, Ethiopia will be much worse than Somalia. TPLF has laid the ground work for that very well. You can see what has happened in the 25 years to Amhara persecution across Ethiopia . This year, the Amhara has to revenge it on Tigreans because they believed it was TPLF who caused their persecution across Ethiopia in the past 25 years and the poor Tigreans have to pay for it, not the TPLF goons. What goes around and comes around? I am sorry to say this, but you do not have the capacity to change because you are too comfortable in the world you have created for yourself. When I lived in Ethiopia, I did not know Ethiopians and Ethiopia was considered the poorest people and country in the world. I learnt how others perceived us outside after I started living outside Ethiopia. I was too comfortable to know that even if I lived in Ethiopia where life is stone age or copper age. I did not see it because I did not have any other reference to compare with because all my world was only Ethiopia. I sometimes got upset people calling me from a poor country. I have watched the movie made about Ethiopia famine and where Ethiopians slashed the head of the Ethiopian who acted in the Ethiopian famine movie made in South Africa. Ethiopians could not accept it and they have to kill their own fellow for acting. I know it hurts when your country is screened to the world as land of misery, but why not do something about it instead of covering up what happened in the past?
    I met one Indian one time. He asked me why you allowed that famine to happen in your country? I did not have an answer for him. He told me they also have poverty,, but the Ethiopian was extraordinary in human history. We do not learn from our own past weaknesses because we are comfortable in them, in our misery. While we are still the poorest country, our country is rocked with corruption? Land taken from people and sold to Turkey, Saudi, Pakistanis, Bangladish, … in the name of investment as if there is no tomorrow. we claim to care more about each other than others and love our history? but all that is empty pride with no reality in it. We are too selfish, too narrow. This is why some of us rotten corrupt, and others stuck on power until they die and others are hell bent to fight by gun to get to that power by any means to get it? But what is the point if people are living stone age and if you rule them until you die? What is the point if you fight with guns until you get to power and nothing gets done for the people until you get to power? The whole thing in Ethiopia is screwed guys. TPLF did not bring anything good . By the way, to be honest, I knew from day one, TPLF was/is not good for anyone when it dismantled Ethiopian National Navy and made Ethiopia the largest land locked country on earth? And TPLF argued sea outlet or a port is for camels? Americans have a lot of camels and that is why they controlled all ports across the world? Ports are for camels that is why France, China, USA, Japanese, … are stationed in Djibouti permanently? The French, USA, China, Japanese, … are stationed in Djibouti because they have to bring camels to drink in Djibouti? Yea, we are paying 1 billion dollars to Djibouti to buy ports because a port is for camel drinking? Now the very port we were told , our own natural port, is for camel drinking, is leased out to foreign countries and they are building military base in our own natural ports? Now the fighters jets, military hard-wares being deployed inside our own natural ports must be the camels which came to drink? You call Meles the smartest man for doing all these dirty jobs? This is the Amharic saying,” Lemote Mekabre Ymokowal.” You are just too comfortable with everything you do even if you do a big national blunder nationally, it is okay for your guys to do anything for national blunder as long as it you who does it?. You do not mind if you stay there until you die, no guilty. It is not your fault so. It is generally Ethiopian mindset. As I said, it took me long to break out from Ethiopian narrow mindset. You are too complacent by few good things you do like GERD, and some infrastructures , but you 100% reluctant to change or correct your old blunderous policies of article 39, land-locking , 100% wrong policy on Eritrea, and wrong no war no policy that makes the Tegarus on both side to suffer more without an end in sight? What does no war no peace do? Is no peace no war a durable solution? is it making the ordinary people on both sides to suffer more? has not no war no peace made the Tigrai region as war zone as always that make it un conducive for investment? Who is benefitting from no peace nor war? How is this a solution? you are passing never ending war even to the unborn generation? was this your agenda ? Shabia fought for 30 years? and you fought for 17 years? what was the objectives? To bring no peace no war and to separate the people and to keep the region as perpetual war zone? I know Issayas waged the war for power, not for Ertireans because he has stated clearly in this first interview by CIA agent in the late 60s and early 70s and that is why he was sponsored by USA, Saudi, and Egypt. But what was the cause of TPLF from day one?
    1. To separate the people without seeing the cons and pros?
    2. To build Berlin wall between the people in the region?
    3. To pass perpetual no war no peace quagmire ?
    4. To dismantle Ethiopian National Navy?
    6. To land lock Ethiopia?
    7. To build ethnic Berlin wall between Ethiopians in the name of Ethnics freedom or nations and nationalities?
    9. To make Ethiopians persecute each other based on their ethnicity as we have witnessed it in the past 25 years?
    10. For you to stay on power until you die?
    11. To bring partiality or Nepotism in Ethiopia in a much worse form than ever?
    12. To bring corruption or Musna?
    13. To make Tigrai as perpetual war zone?
    14. To make Mekelle a water thirsty regional capital?
    What is the virtue in all the above? Any good thing in the above?
    From day one, I knew TPLF did not have vision. I realized this from TPLF fighters when they told me first they were told they were fighting for independent Tigrai and then they forced to fight to liberate Ethiopia? The fighters were cheated all the time. Even Aboy Sbhat himself said even Hayelom died without knowing what TPLF agenda was or is? I am sure even Siye and Aregash did not know about it yet? Who knows TPLF agenda? no one knows? This is why it even fractured into two by itself because its ruling cliques have their own hidden agenda which is not known to anyone including their former General Haylom and Defense Minister Siye Abraha. This is why General Haylom was mysterious murdered for no apparent reason and Siye dumped into prison like condom? If TPFL is not just and fair for its prime general Hayelom and Defense Minister Siye Abraha, it can never be just and fair to the ordinary Tigreans in particular and to the ordinary Ethiopians in general. You have a problem but you are not willing to deal with it even now. When President Gedu Andargachew was asked about why people think Tigreans are targettted and blamed benefiting by the system? He could not dare to say it as it is, but he said there are those who swear in the name of Tigreans and who are corrupt? why did he says that? Why TPLF allowed for such entity to exist? Eti Hade Bgurhu eti hade begerhu ybehal? It seems there are Tigreans who think they are smart who use Tigrean name to advance their greed at the expense of the very poor and down trodden Tigreans who have no even water to drink? Guys, you need to change or stay there until you face the music of the people one day. It will happen one day , it is just a matter of time. Mekerew Mekekrew embi kale Mekera Ymkerew. You can put whatever cosmetic or mask on your face, but it can not bury the truth. You must change your rotten, barbaric, primitive, self-inflicting, self-humiliating policies or wait until the people drag you out from Arat kilo .

  69. To Desta Lebelo,
    I’m 100% Tigraway. I’ve the right to criticize the leaders if they’ve not done their homework. By the way, please leave the old tactics – scaring people for simply airing a different view. If you disagree with what I said, I’m more than happy to be corrected. Are you telling me that the people in Tigray have freedom to air any view or political ideology that is not in line with the thoughts of TPLF? Will you be treated as equal and get the same opportunity in any working place if you are not baptized by the TPLF cadres? If this is not true, please let me see your exhibits.
    All my wish to my fellow Tegaru is to have good governance with all branches of the government filled with devoted and capable technocrats who can serve the people. Titles and positions must not be allocated based on membership – “abal or zeyabal”.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  70. እምብአርከስ ብትግርኛ እዛ ጉዳይ ክንዘራረበላ ምስ Haile on ይፈቐደለይ፡፡
    ንኹሉ ነገር መመዘኒ ብአባልነት ምጥማቕ የድሊ እዩ ዝበልካዮ ብዛዕባ ሹመት እንተኾይኑ ንዘራረብ ዘለና ብዙሕ ጌጋ አለካ፡፡
    1. ናይ አባልነት መመዘኒ ዘይምልከቶም ቤት ፍርዲ ፣ ፖሊስን አጃሚልካዮም፡፡ አብዚ ናይ ክልለና ሹመኛታት እታ ፍትሒ ኮሚቴ ከምዘላ እያ ተቐይራ፡፡ ቅድም ኢለ ብዝርዝር ሓበሬታ ስለዘቕረብኩ አይደግሞን፡፡
    2. ህዝቢ ትግራይ ንምዝራብ ዝፈርሕ ገይርካ ምውሳድ ንውላዱ ህወሓት ልክዕ ልክዓባ ይዛረብ፤ አብ መርበብ ሓበሬታ ጥራይ ነፃነት ዘሎ ዝመስለኩም ሰባት ናይዝሓለፈ ዓመት ህዝባዊ ኮንፈረንስ ክትዓት ርአዩ፡፡ ናይ ሀዚ ብዕምቆት ምህዳስ ናይ ካድረ ክትዕውን ውፂኢቱ ይርአ አሎ፡፡
    3. መሬት ክወሩ መሕለፊ ዘስአኑ ውልቀን መሻርኽቶምን ነቲ ኸይዲ ብሽም ነፃነት አለና ፀለሎ ክለኽይዎ አንተፈተኑውን ህዝቢ ትግራይ ብጉርሑን ብገርሁን ዝወራዘ አፀቢቑ እዩ ዝፈልጥ
    ንከይንስማዕማዕ ስለዘስማዕመና ዓወት ሰማእታትና ዝኾነ ዴሞክራሲ እናመስገንኩ ንሪኢቶኻ አኽብሮ

  71. Kebrom 12/9/2016

    I enjoy reading your comments on the newly appointed members of the Tigrai State governing body. Any change in the right direction, no matter how small, is always welcome. Like some of you said it is not the Phd that would bring the change that people expect. It is rather the kind of heart that these people have that would make a difference in the daily lives of the people of Tigrai. If they have the genuine heart that can feel and see what people of Tigrai are going through, believe me the solutions are in their hands and they know it. What the people expect is fairness, and corruption-free governess. What the government has done so far is enormous and we have to give them credit for that. A lot has been done in all sectors of the economy. If they were able to cover the pitfalls of corruption and nepotism, the people would have been revered as angels and ultimate heroes. I think they overstayed in power which created complacency in them taking the people of Tigrai for granted. Well, that is human and we see it happening every day in every part of the glob.

    What they have done now is great. Going forward, to maintain quality of service, there should public opinion forum and no official should stay in the same position for ever . I think 4 – 6 years in one office should be more than enough. Do not keep them in same office to vegetate and establish network of corruption, getting fat, and making people bleed and live in misery. Move corrupted official around and give them no time to sow their seeds of corruption. And there should be zero tolerance for corruption.

    So for now I congratulate both the newly elected officials and the government that allowed this to happen.

  72. Dear Aiga

    now you have got enough reflection on the issue. leting more and beyond might make a bit hasitating and lose its focus. kindly do your synthesis and forward the synthesis summary to the regional decision makers, politicians and to the forum attendants.


  73. Thank you Aiga for sharing Gedu’s interview even if it is not full . But i do not like it your suspicious comment that you put it under the interview title . I did not have a chance to listen or to know his outlook before except the left & the right gossipers talking about him. He is a good politician with full confidence and knows what to answer and now i reached to my conclusion that all the right & left gossipers were talking factitious as usual. Specially a shameful person like Berhane posted on TOL was a disgraceful for all TPLF supporter and must be trashed . I think Tribalism is the most dangerous infection among all politicians from in & outside of the country. Most of our elites look any political problem from the angle of their tribe only and their analysis too narrow to bring solution to the country. It might be early to judge but from his interview Gedu’s like personality much better. Let me ask you one question to Aiga forum when Sebhat Nega was flirting too much with Shabia you were applauding and but now another mad dog Berhanu is flirting with Shabia , you cursing . Why your cursing can not be balanced or Sebahat is a special person to flirt with any as he wants. The regime supporter sites have to be genuine that others will judge the regime through your bad judgment you post it . You have to be pioneered to minimize the tribalism conflict rather than aggravating it. The Reporter online newspaper evolved from the ruling regime but as far i know it is a genuine paper which criticizes and writes the good part of the government on timely manner. I know blinded and extremist people labeled this paper negatively without reading an article from its publication. I wish you to be part of bringing a solution to our country rather than aggravating it . Anyway you’re a bit conscious than TOL. TOL is equivalent to Moresh version of diaspora radio. The main problem of our country is not changing the cabinet ministers , the were good minister and extended their popularity to the ordinary people like Dr. Tewdros except the extremist were trying their bad mouth of character assassination to kill his good personality. The real problem is the systems and their network that stretched to everything of the government and social apparatus which override the rule and regulation of the country.

    • Dear Shiromeda, let us meet again with the topic you raised in another thread and another time. We open a thread now and then to inform and educate from each other on a certain topic. We agree the Gedu administration is ripe for a meaningful discussion but not in this thread. See you then. Thanks!!

  74. By deleting honest critical comment you are doing injustice. You can not cover up the crime of TPLF against the country. You deleted the truth, bullshit. You are just narrow and uncivilized. You only post emulation ?

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