The Good Governance Campaign in Ethiopia: Tigrai Case.

TPLF flag As you all know EPRDF during its last congress passed a resolution to weed-out corruption and the ills of its administration. Amhara, Oromia and Tigrai were at the forefront in carrying out the organization’s wish. The Tigrai government has done an extensive grass root campaign in the name of good governance. It has hold several public meetings and organizational meetings. It has been a while since these meetings were concluded. Since then we have heard little of the effect of such meetings except we heard some 400 functionaries at different level in the government have been dismissed or reprimanded. However since then we have heard of the Wolqayit/Tseged issue and some complaints in central zone. In the case of Amhara we have heard also of similar dismissal of officials as well as complaints of people living in Quara and Metema area besides those Kebeles near Tseged/Wolqayit. No need to tell you about Oromia!

Let us start wit Tigrai so we do not chew more than we can handle in this forum. What is your understanding of the results of the Tigrai Campaign? Was it worth it and has it been successful or it is another failed campaign? Did TPLF managed to convince the general public that the it has understood the ills of good governance as a governing party? Do you have hope things will be better going forward or are you in despair things will stay the same? Last what do you think of PM Meles now? Are you of the opinion if Meles was alive the issues we see today would have been addressed differently or are you of the opinion PM died unable to resolve the issues we see today thus would have made no difference. Have your say and be honest and useful with your time – no innuendos pls!

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  1. We all know that our TPLF leaders will not hold themselves responsible when it comes to the messes that they have created. Always, the victims of this kind of campaign are the low level government officials. Though everyone who causes pain to the public by misusing his/her power should be punished, the root cause of the problem, the leadership, always gets away with all the wrong doings because the maximum punishment it sets for itself is “criticism”. This has been the history of our TPLF: as long as the leaders criticize themselves or accept criticism by their colleagues, they are okay to stay in power. The people know what I am talking about!
    We all know, there is a mega business entity under the “Endowment” that has been declared public, the property of the people of Tigray in slogans, but never been publicly audited nor its profit or lose known. The leaders of this Endowment, God know how much they have damaged the entity, have never been publicly even criticized never mind disciplined. You have another relief organization, REST, with the same accountability problem. And, the leaders at the top of these entities have never been mentioned in any way negative than being praised.
    In addition, Mekelle has been a seen of corruption and bad governance where thousands of people complain daily. Give that its position as the seat of the government of Tigray State, one could consider it very much to reflects the government’s image. Indeed, Mekelle administration, under the nose of the Tigray State presidency, has been the scene where the majority of injustice and corruption frequented and that goes since the beginning of the TPLF’s control. Since the presidency of Ayte Gebru Asrat, the corruption and bad governance stayed the course.
    If the people of Tigray and the martyrs who sacrificed their youth hood for the betterment of the people of Tigray were to be served right, TPLF leaders, starting from Ayte Abay Weldu, must assume responsibility, resign or punished for their part. Because, in the eyes of the Tigray people, they failed.
    It is unjust to throw away low level government employees from their job and their families from their livelihood because they took a little piece of the pie while their big and powerful bosses consumed almost all of the pie. My argument is that crimes that are committed should be punishable based on the level of the crimes.
    At the end, I believe that the people of Tigray has to exercise its rights including the rights to control the wealth that the one under the TPLF leadership and manage it. Whereas the gallant Tegadelti who gave their lives were dishonored by the leadership, the people deserve to honor them by keeping the Tegadelties turned abusers accountable and punish them to the fullest. The Tigray people should not allow the leaders not to use the martyrs as a tool to silent them. The martyrs would be honored every day when the people are respected and those who supposed to serve them understood that their duty is to serve the people. Therefore, our people MUST say to TPLF: OUR MARTYS DIDN’T DIE IN VAIN!!

    Glory to our Martyrs!!!!!

  2. Mr. Aiga,

    If you believe corruption, nepotism, favourism, bribery, …can be eliminated by chasing, punishing, jailing, sacking, reprimanding, …. some people? you must be Yewah or grhi or foolish . The problem Ethiopia is facing is not because the people are bad . it is because they system is bad. The country is an Ethnic State? People will give priority to their ethnic. Secondly, you can not hold public office or high civil office if you are not TPLF, or EPRDF. The root problem is not in the in the society or public, the problem is the big policy the regime and ;plus backward of culture of nepotism. In Tigrai, it is lie Somalia. There is sublcan and sub sub clan nepotism . I mean aleit in Tigrignea. I am sure the TPLF structure is based on aliet? people who are connected by bloodline? That aliet faourism is cutlure of tigrai. I have lived in Tigrai before. People look for their aliet or subclan. Thus problem is complex. The subclan nepotism could have been eliminated using good democratic policy. Unfortunately, TPLF is also built based on aliet and that means TPLF can not solve the problem. If TPLF aka EPRDF is chasing some of its members then it does not know where the problem is because it does not look into itself or into its policies. Doing will only made live short because it will lose more support even from its core supporters. Besides, it would mean serving TPLDF is like being condom because you can be thrown away anytime for whatever reasons. My conclusion, EPRDF will go into the dustbin of history sooner or later. Why? It is corrupt and it can not fix itself. it has wasted 25 years now and the people can not b blame. EPRDF time is up now whether you like or not. It is natural everything gets old and EPRDF is old and behind time. it can work with the vast majority of Ethiopians. So whether you hold 100 meetings in Tigrai or somewhere else? nothing will change because there is no change on the top policies that is pitting Ethiopians each other. Anyone who can not see all these is duping himself or herself.

    Bye bye EPRDF.

  3. I’m not sure all the Tigrai based conferences to root out bad governance has produced any positive results at all! When the discussions were finished and communiques issued, it appeared that action would be taken and things will improve. I’m sorry to say nothing has been changed. In fact, it has gotten worse, just ask the residents of Adwa, Mekele, Raya ……
    Lately, the ‘case’ of Wolkaye/Tsegede appears to have caught fire. Why did the ‘case’ got traction? Couldn’t the regional administrators deal with such kind of requests in a decisive way?

    I think PM Meles is turning in his grave hearing what is going on in Ethiopia, particularly in Tigrai. With all due respect to PM Hailemariam, things appear to be less ordered under his watch.

  4. The creation o ” committee” does not help Derg and the “meeting and Gimgema ” does not save TPLF/EPRDF. corruption and termites kills slowly. Now the time arrived. Specially the case of land gabbing suicidal to EPRDF. unless the land ownership to farmers are guaranteed and eviction continues in the name of “development” neither development nor EPRDF will exist.

  5. አቱም ሰባት አንታይ ኢኩም ተውጉእታን ትፅበዩታ
    አበይ ዘላ ህወሀት ቀደምየ ቀደም ዘምሩጉማት መለስን ስብሀን በዴኦም ዊን በቦኦም ናይ ኤርትራ ዘርኢ ዘለዋም እንዳደለዩ ናብ መርህነት ብምስሀብ ቃልሲ ህዝቢ ትግራይ ብምጭዋይ አብ ውህዳት ብመውስቦን ብዘርዕን ብግበረለይ ክገብረልካ ተአሲራ ዝተረፈት… ብጠአሚ ዘህዝነኒን ዘጉህየኒ ከአ አያታትና
    ፈቆዳ ጎቦ, ሽንጥሮን በረካ ምስ ደርጊ ክሳድ ንክሳድ ክተሀናነቁ ከለዉ ዞም ጉሂላታት ግን ብውሽጢ ብዘርኢ እንዳተጎጀሉ …
    በቃ ተወዲኡ ህወሀት ዝብልዋ ነገር የለን ንህዝቢ ትግራይ ዝጣበቀሉ አረና እዩ ክመይሲ ካብ ላአሊ እስካብ ታሀቲ ዘለው አባላትን አመራርሀ ፁርያት ተጋሩ ስለዝኮኑ
    ንአብነት ንውሰድ 85 አብ መዐልታዊ ሽቅሊ ዝነበሩ ተጋሩ ብሻእብያ ተገፊፎም እንትውስዱ አታይ ኢላ,ገይራ እታ አበካቶ ኤርትራውያን ዝኮነት ህወሀት Nothing. Am I wrong? u tell me …
    That’s it. There is no TPLF. TPLF is a history. Done ።
    አርስ ነቄፈታ የለ, ሰናይ ምምህዳር የለ …
    አማኒኤል አበራ ካብ ቶሮንቶ ካናዳ

    • ኣቶ ኣማኑኤል
      ንዚ መድረኽ ንውልቃዊ ፖለቲካዊ ከስብኻ ተዘይትጥቀመሉ ጽቡቅ ነይሩ መሥራትን መራሕን ዓረናኮ ኣይተ ገብሩ ኣስራት እዩ:: ንሱውንኮ ፕረሲደንት ክሊ ትግራይ ነይሩ እዩ:: ብጊዜኡ ዝትሠርሐ ሥራሕቲ እንታይ ኣሎ:: እስኪ ጽዋየና
      ዘርኢ ምቁጻር ዘድሊ ኣይመስለኒን: ስብሐት ኮነ ካልኦት ክቃለሱ ክወጹ ከለዉ ንሓርነት ሕዝቢ ትግራይ ኢሎም ወጹምበር ንኤርትራ ክቃለሱ ተዝደልዮ ኤርትራውያን ውዱባት እኮ ነይረንኦም:: ክቃለሱ ክወጹ ከለዉኮ ሞት ከመዘሎ ፈሊጦም እዮም ወጺኦም:: ዕድሚኦም ድኣ ዘኣኸለ ኮይኑምበር ንሳቶምውን ከምቶም ካልኦት ኣሕዋትናን ኣሓትናን ምተሰውኡ ነይሮም::
      ንነቅፎም ዘለና ሕድሪ ስውኣት በሊዖም ንቲ ምስኦም ዝተቃለሰ ሕዝቢ ትግራይ ጻምኡ ስለ ዝነፈጉዎ ድኣምበር ኣቦ ጎይታናኦም ወይ እኖእእምበይትኦም ካብ ትግራይ ወጻኢ ስለ ዝመጹ ኣይኮነን ክኸውን እውን ኣይግበኦን::
      ” ካብ ላአሊ እስካብ ታሀቲ ዘለው አባላትን አመራርሀ ፁርያት ተጋሩ ስለዝኮኑ” ኢልካ:: ነገር ግን ትግራዋይነት በትውልድኻ ትረኽቦ ጸጋ ደኣምበር ንዝትፈትዎ ትህቦ ንዝጸላእኻዮ ትኸልኦ ገጸ በረከት ኣይኮነን:: እስኪ ኣቦይ ኣሥራት ኣበይ ኣብ ትግራይ እዮም ዝውለዱ?:: እዚ መበልየይ ዘርኢ ኣቦይ ኣስራት ንገብሩ ይጸልዎ እዩ ማለተይ ዘይኮነስ ናይ ኣባሃህላኻ ዘይፍትሓዊነት ንምንጻር እዩ::

  6. A lot has been said about good governance or to put correctly mal governance in Tigray. A lot of conferences were held as if there was a shortage of conferences in the first place. In fact a child of a government is reported to have said when asked what his father does, “my father’s work is conference”, conference has always been their job and only work. So how can we expect anything out of this conferences if we are in the state we are in spite of the thousands of conferences held in the past.

    Thanks to AigaForum, I was able to listen to the recording of some of these conferences. The participants and speakers were the same functionaries and TPLF cadres, who are the cause of the problem,. It reminds of an anecdote about a man who came home after looking for his lost ox the whole day. His wife asked “Tegenyu do” his response was “eti lieba enadeleyeni hameylu hgne”. One cannot find a solution to a problem with the cause of the problem as an advisor.

    Execuse me, Mr Selam above. The problem above did not just start after Meles’s death. It was there and Meles knew all about it. Who appointed Gebru Asrat, Haleqa Tsegay, or the current one Abay Woldu as president of Tigray. Meles knew all about these people and what they were doing in Tigray. So to say, ”
    I think PM Meles is turning in his grave hearing what is going on in Ethiopia, particularly in Tigrai” is beyond Tigray.

    I respect Meles, his world class mind and commitment. He has done wonders for Ethiopia but when it comes to Tigray he was the first one to abandon it.

    Thank you

  7. EPRDF is really in trouble. In a way the remaining leaders of the organization are clearly telling us Meles was everything. He was the man leading the nation , EPRDF,TPLF and anything else. If you disagree tell me how is it the Oromo issue linger this long? How is it ANDM is allowing a 25 year long border agreement between Tigrai and Amhara an issue today? How is it Tigrai people are complaining about good governance and TPLF is caught pants down? How is it TPLF leaders are divided today and trying to save their skin by playing internal treachery on each other instead of solving real issues? How is it ANDM’s secrets are read out loud by ESAT folks every week?

    No either Meles was a genius to hold such broken ship intact for long or Meles was so smart to leave a broken ship to expose his comrades that they are nothing with out him.

    Aiga do not be fool, the recent Gemgam will result anything but more gemgam. TPLF is not what it used to be. Members and supporters are not playing by the rule like old days. Today things are done differently. Leaders are not leading but seeking a scratchier(scratch my back and I will scratch yours). I pray our people will not be exposed to external enemies with such divide group. It is shame but I hope and pray tomorrow a leaders will appear to unite our people and save TPLF for the next generation .Do not be surprised if people out of despair will start looking a way out? Do they know the leaders they have for real? So my understanding is the recent gemgam in Tigrai has not resulted good outcome yet!!!!

    • I am not from the tigrai ethnic group ,but what is going on in tigrai whether good or bad it resenate to the rest of ethiopians .As to Why the these conferences and gemgams do not make any change is because the political machine run by the same people for long time and there is no institution created to counter balance the current ruling political system. The best way scenario is to make Tplf to phase away with its old oligarchies and establish new, independent not one many political organizations rise up. Tplf as its name implies was created to free Tigians from the then repressive regimes, and now its mission have been accomplished .I do not think there is no need an organization with … lf s, are viable in current state of Ethiopia, where every body is by his own with a huge consensuses that no group is above the other. For those fox who want keep the status quo, every Tigrian dare to tell them that although we thank u to make us free, ur mission has been accomplished and it is imperative and noble that u transfer power back to the people .u had enough and don’t u get tired? The other thing why the gemgam doesn’t do any thing no matter how many times u do conferences is: u can’t trace these people income and blame them because most of their wealth is beyond Tigray and unreachable, most of their business dealings are trans ethnic, trance border, for the gemgame to be a gemame it needs to follow the same route as them. As every one of us are so divided it is very difficult to bring the change worthy of us.

  8. i don’t believe TPLF is capable and willing to solve the current problems in tigrai. here is my opinion in tigrai there is corruption,injustice,lack of basic services(such as water shortage),unemployment,drought(1.2million affected),even incapable protecting of the people and territory of the state from the simple and ignorant mafia in eritrea,and even eht prarties in the south.but i believe TPLF is capable of one thing and that is acting like it is willing to solve these problems(by doing so much noise on the media,calling the people for conference,accepting self criticism and such nonsense things) but unwilling to act immediately on the problems we have.some people might think abay,or haleka tsegay,are to blame for these things but i think meles ,sye,sbhat and litteraly every body is the ones to blame for the problems of tigrai but meles is special on this because he almost forgatten tigrai and i think they lost the commitment for change,democracy and development when they sat on the throne.meles was a charismatic .smart,and capable leader and he brought change to central Ethiopia but he did not to tigrai. at this time tigrai should not trust tplf any more but trust what we want,ask what we want,act on what we want our voices should be clear and sound no more sacrificing tigrai no more on the expense of tigrai and no body is recognizing this scarifies .and tplf should stop mocking on our martyrs.for the record no project was achieved even started in tigrai on gtp1 kbrn mogesn nswatna ,no more empty promises.

  9. Pls tetenqeq tigraway
    Beleeena bezuh eu
    Turkyee aytemenu b’saudi endatedegede mesgid kesfafeh zealeme eu
    We do not need turkey investemet especially in tigray their aim is destroy our religen and culture

  10. I agree with much of the comment posted here. What people or political organizations who have stayed in power for too long do when the public discontent gets high is try to find a scapegoat on whom they can throw the blame for the failure of the system. This is what the authorities in the regional government have been doing. When the issue of corruption and bad governance reached a critical stage in the country, the government was afraid of its possible consequences and made it a national agenda. It declared its commitment to fight those ills with all its power (although it became evident from the discussions held in AA that certain ministers were not willing to accept certain evidences of bad governance if it seems to affect their nearest allies). so what happened in Tigrai afterwords is a search for scapegoats on whom to throw the blames of corruption and bad governance. Certain low level civil servants were made victims either by throwing them out of employment or other measures. The idea here is that in some cases those victimized personnel have very little to connect them with the problem; in other cases even if these people have some connection with the problem of bad governance, it should be known that the root causes of bad governance are the top level party and organizational leaders. .Whatever measures the party and government have been doing is to ease the discontent of the public and extend their reign for some more years. My ultimate conclusion is that until our big bosses are ready from their hearts to fight corruption and bad governance, the problem will not only continue but with more severity.

  11. The time and situation to amended the problem is over. The neture of current TpLF is shrude. Arrogant, and ignorant. Believe or not EPRDF/TpLF is in collapse. but we have to think how to transfer the power in leace!. The current rolling party can’t shape back to good governor. And also can’t resign by willing as a democrat countries. So to save our unity and peace we have to have special forum. Specialy Tigreans are in dangerous circle because of bad government of EPRDF.

  12. People may not agree with me, but TPLF stayed until today only by gun, not because it was doing good to the public. You can only stay by force for a limited period. Imagine, no single policy has ever been amended or reformed in the past 25 years? To surprise, you people expect TPLF aka EPRDF will continue to exist by forcing itself on the people? Changing is a natural process where no one can stop it. If you remember, deeg was overthrown because of woyanes and Shabia? Derg was overthrown because Ethoipians gave up supporting it and the Ethiopian population hated the system.

    As I said you may not agree, TPLF is dead now. You do not see it but you will see it sooner or later. A party that can not even change its name from TPLF to something else in 25 years can not change anything. It will go to the dust bin of history. you do not know how much Ethiopians hate woyanes. You do not know because you do not want to know. Why do Ethiopians hate it? well, TPLF is dumb, anti National feeling. Sorry, but TPLF is dead. Meeting or conference or whateever does not matter. You can never solve policy problem by having meetings, conferences. It does not make sense. The problem of corruption is supposed to solved by the legal system, not by cadres or top offoicials. But there is no legal system that is indendepedent and professional. Meeting or conference? for what? They do not even know what they are doing. I know there is lack of capacity, but there was good will and good faith, lack of capacity could have been built in the past 25 years . However, nothing is done by professionals. Everything is done by gun, not professional. Now, it is 25 years. People wanted to see new leaders than the same people every years, every decades, every two decades. IT is just boring . You can only or use propaganda, force or duping or deceiving for limited period. There is a life cycle for everything. By bye TPLF

  13. Thanks Aiga for doing a marvelous job as usual.
    To begin with, I was not a fun of “The Conference ” held in Mekelle. Yes, Conferences were effective during the time of the struggle. It was effective because there was no constitution and laws to govern the poeple in the areas controlled by TPLF. Now, we have federal as well as state laws. The problem is these laws, be it civil or criminal are broken left and right and this problem has been known by both the poeple and the Government. To be honest, I’m tired of hearing ” Good Gornance” Therefore, in my humble opinion, the Conference was just a SHOW!! Better yet, it was a waste of time and money.

  14. Dear Aiga;

    It is a jock to discuss about good governance in Ethiopia while the TPLF is in Power.

    In the past 25 years the conferences and meetings ( GEMGEMAS) has not produce anything. Talking a talk does nothing unless it is followed by walking the walk. Now the TPLF needs to walk the talk. Good governance is measured by creating good institutions. Free and independent judiciary, free and independent press, free and independent civil societies and ETC.

  15. The campaign was directed at the wrong target.
    Good governance and corruption is the problem of the the regional government and the leadership of TPLF not the general public.
    Instead of wasting their time with mass rallies and never ending propagandas of gemegams directed at the victims,they should have atleast tried to come clean themselves.
    To Date no single individual from the leadership of TPLF and EPRDF is held accountable.So one could safly conclude, either there was no issue of poor governance and corruption OR there is big coverup at the top.

  16. You know, when a mechanic fails to maintain the vehicle properly using appropriate gagets you do not solve the problem by disposing the vehicle. You have to look also for another able mechanic to inspect and maintain it the right way.
    EPRDF and TPLF have doing for the past twenty years same thing repeatedly, however the progress is dismaling. The persons who have nominated, appointed and coached the mid level managers should be investigated and be replaced. we need to see members of CCs removed which we know them are inefficient and which we know them actually spend their nights in pubs and night clubs. EPRDF/TPLF’s time is counting down. We deserve better leadership. They have time their golden time is gone. It is better to take serious measures to make up their organizational posture commensurate to our expectation or they should give up dignified.

  17. Gemgam has not changed anything. Let me tell you about a recent incident.
    A friend, whose lives in America, was asked by the US immigration authorities to bring his wife’s birth certificate to process his application for her to join him here. The wife, who currently lives in Addis, had to go to Mekele. She toolk a week’s leave from work and left to Mekele on a Sunday. Monday morning she went to her kebelie and was told the committee that deals with such matters meets once a week on Thursdays. (It appears almost every thing is done by a committee ) Thursday came and she returned to the Kebelie. This time she was told that all committee members are away at a meeting. She had to wait until the next Thursday. It took her two weeks to get a copy of her birth certificate. She was lucky they were not at another meeting the next week.
    This happened after all those gemgemas and conferences. When are they going to understand the Gemgemas are exacerbating the already deteriorated misgovernance

  18. It is a good start. In order to find solution, one must identify the problem. This kind of issue take long time to fix. For me, the organisation to admit to have the problem is good start. We have to give them a reasonable time to sort it out. I hope for good result.

  19. Hi all.
    It seems everybody is conveniently avoiding to mention the need for genuine democracy such as multiparty system without government interference, independent judiciary, free media, independent and professional army and police and so on. Without these institutions, no amount of goodwill from a very few individuals can bring any significant change. This is not a rocket science, but a good common sense. In Ethiopia, nobody is accountable to anyone. I was there a couple of months ago and what I witnessed was unbelievable , to the point where one could ask, is there , really , a government in this country? It was simply pathetic to say the list. Nothing was functioning as it should be. The anger and frustration of the public was palpable , and it seems the government or the majority of the officials in the government are playing a very dangerous game at the expense the country’s survival and I have no idea if and how it is going to be fixed before it gets out of hand.
    God save our country.

    • from your statement, I couldn’t pick a single issue. it is vague and general. just pick issues and explain. not country is without issue and is relative.

      • On the contrary, He points out the core root causes of issues relating to bad governance. He listed:

        “genuine democracy such as multiparty system without government interference, independent judiciary, free media, independent and professional army and police and so on.”

        If you want specific issues, take corruption for instance. Corruption will not be solved without independent judiciary. If a top level official is involved in corruption then the judiciary is also aligned with him so even if his case goes to court it will be dismissed. You can deal with issues, put a band aid over it for while but if you don’t address the root causes it will always happen again.

  20. Much has been said. I don’t want talk a lot by pointing here and there, which is just only theory, bla, bla, bla. To make sure the gimgema is effective, I am closely following my constituents, which Debubawi zoba particulary. As it is already known the majority of top governors of debubawi zone are from Adwas who are corrupted. why imported from Adwa? At the end of the gimgema, I am expecting those adwas are removed and replaced by debubawi.

    • I am sorry to break the news to you my friend, replacing officials from Adwa to that of Debubawi zone will not solve the issue at hand. Human nature is the same where ever they are from, given the opportunity they will be even more corrupt as they learn a thing or two from their predecessors. The best approach is to fight for credible institutions and a true democratic system.
      With respect.

  21. The reasons for the maladministration in Tigrai are incompetent administrators (starting from the head of the region down to Zones and Weredas), Network, and lack of commitment. The people have lost hope in the leaders at all.

    To solve them, fundamental changes in the TPLF are necessary. Educated and competent members MUST replace the illiterate, corrupt,and YES men. Only in this way can things get better in Tigrai.

  22. Reports and news headlines say “this region or that region has dismissed high-ranking, medium and low ranking leaderships” But in reality, there are no high-ranking leadership personnel dismissed because of the hot issues – except in Oromia, which is also tricky. Very few in the middle rank are removed….and many in the lower rank are dismissed.

    So, what does this indicate?
    1) Either only people in the lowest rank have a biological nature of corruption and bad governance while those at the top are perfectly created (Egziabher ejun tatibo yeserachew nachew);
    2) They don’t want to touch at the top leadership – because . . . HENCE, any time,at any place, only the lowest, the poorest and the powerless are at risk or used as an scapegoat!!! I am not saying those who are dismissed were good people-NO! I am saying, common sense tells us that bad people are everywhere (top-down) and good people are also everywhere (top-down).

    Therefore, the measures taken by all regions still does not satisfy the demand of the population. Things are as usual in the minds of the people. But worse, it has created a disbelief, mistrust which indicates if you are at the bottom, then you are the nearest to blame!

    The campaign was hence launched to convince only those who can be fooled easily, And not able to convince those who see the real problems and their causes still alive!!!

    ye yismula….ye yimsel….. nay yimsel yimsel doo kiblekum?

  23. I think the people of Tigrai have already given up hope and confidence that the TPLF leaders are honest as honest as and as respectful and humble as they were before they owned villas in the cities and ride V8 Land Crusers etc.Some if not all the people at the top leadership, have been completely ignoring or paying deaf ear or undermining the peoples demand and out cry of lack of good administration. We all know that the honored people has been disrespected and shamelessly fade up of corruption, endless procrastination to do a simple case to the satisfaction of the poor Tigrawi individual. Fade up and exhausted to go to and fro between his/her house and the government office or the court. Besides to give bribe to the officials where us he/she has very little to feed itself. The people of Tigray have been humiliated by some officials in the government and on top of that compelled to bow its head.
    The practice of the so called Gimgema or criticism and self criticism among the TpLf members, have become simply tools of fun or jock rather than scientific tools of evaluating one self and correcting short comings in order to execute the responsibilities entrusted on one. During the arm struggle these methods were serving the organization, TPLF as a corrective method not to derail from the right objective. But now it no more a method of pointing towards the right objective.As I said here above, it has become either a fun of doing things or at most to punish some one who you do not like. On the other hand, some people who have been evaluated as in efficient elements in the party (TPLF) leadership and have been demoted from their position by vote,next time it has become common to see such people appointed by the Government as Ambassadors or presidents of some other institutions say a much better position where they can get better pay and comfort etc.Shameful! is’t it? So can the public bestow trust upon such government officials, especially at the higher echelon of the government structure leading the Regional State, contrary to what the people want to happen. …

    (edited since we know the allegation is not true)

    Such phenomena are also experienced and many who have been demoted or excluded from the party have been promoted to a higher post, look this happens after these people have been identified by the people as worthless and incapable of doing the job assigned to them. Therefore, how on earth can the people of Tigray be convinced that those fellows who have been dismissed from their government position, under the pretext of corruption and maladministration, a topic in question, has been done correctly and honestly with the aim of eliminating corruption and bring about good governance to the public? Is it not a jock? Indeed it is.You know what the British say? They say” doctor cure thy self.” It obviously means sir first treat yourself and try to treat me. So, if you want to win the confidence of the people who you rule, you have to demonstrate first that what you do is fair and just. Otherwise, in the absence of fairness and good faith, which the people know very well, how can one believe that the objective of what the Administration in Tigrai is doing at present will have a result that the people will benefit from. How? No way. Therefore, I can simply guess that the people of Tigray will consider that many of those who have been removed currently from their government post are those who do not have supporter at higher post in the government but simply victims of injustice. Hence it foolish to expect improvement in people in good governance.

  24. ኣነ ከም ሓደ ኢትዮፕያዊ(ትግራዋይ) ኣብ ኢትዮፕያ ይኩን ኣብ ትግራይ ዘሎ ፀገማት ብፍላይ ኣብ ትግራይ ናይ ሰናይ ምምሕዳር፡ፍትሒምስኣን ፡ጉቦ፡ፍትሓዊ ዘይኮነ ናይ ሃብቲ ክፍፍል ወ ዘ ተ ኣብ ኩሉ ናይ ትግራይ ከባብታት ተመሳሳሊ ፀገማት ኣለዉ እዚ ዝኮነ ከኣ ብናይ መራሕቲ ሕወሓት ሓቅነት ዘይብሉ ናይ ምምሕዳር ፀገማት እዩ ከም ዝፍለት ዕላማታትት ሕወሓት (ህዝቢ ትግራይ) ን17 ዓመት ዝሞተሎምን ዝቆሰለሎምን ብዝርዝር ህዝቢ ይፈልጦም እዩ ድሕሪ ናይ ደርጊ ምውዳቕ ግን ነገራት ካብ ናይ ህዝቢ ጥቕሚ ናይ ባዕሎም ዕላማታት ዘቐደሙ መራሕቲ ንህዝቢ ክሕደት ብምፍፃም ዝነበሩ ዕላማታት ተጠሊፎም ሕወሓት ናይ ናይ ብልጣብልጥ ፓርትይ ኮይና ፀኒሓ እያ እዚ ከኣ ኣብ ሓፂር ግዘ ዝተፈጠረ ፀገም ከይኮነስ ን25 ዓመት ዝፀንሐ ኢዲሞክራሲ ዝኮነ ኣካይዳ ካብ ብዝርርብ ብምዕፋን ዝመረፁ ነንባዕልኻ መሓውር ብምፍጣር ሕኸኸኒ ክሓከካ ኣካይዳ ናይ ትግራይ መራሕቲ መለስ ሓዊሱ ነገራት ንግሎም ዕላማታት ንምፍፃም ዝተጠቐምሉ ናይ ነዊሕ ዓመታት ፀገማት እዩ ሕዚ ዉን ንሰሃ ኣትዮም ዲሞክሳሲ ዝኮነ ሃዋህው ብምፍጣር ንባዕሎምን ሃገርናን ከድሕኑ ግዚኦም ክጥቀምሉ ኣብዚ ቀረባ ዝተጀመረ ገምጋም ቀፃልነት ክህልዎ ብምግባር ኣብ ሃገርና ንተቃወምቲ ቦታ ብምክፋል ፡ነፃ ሚድያታት ምፍጣር፡ነፃ ዝኮኑ ብሙሁራን ዝተሓገዘ ሰብ ሞያ ብክእለቶም ምስታፍ ነፃ ናይ ህዝቢ ኣገልግሎት ምስፍሕፋሕ፡ብሽም ዝተጋደለ ከይኮነስ ብክእለት እቲ ዝግባእ ቦታ ነቲ ዝግቦኦ ሰብ ቦታ ብምግዳፍ ፡ዲሞክራሲያዊ ዝኮነ ናይ ክርክር መድረክ ብምፍጣር ደቂ ሰባት ብማዕረ ክደኣነዩን ሕድሪ ስወኣት ክክበርን ዲሞክራሳዊት ኢትዮፕያ ራእይ መለስ ከይኮነስ ራእይ ህዝቢ ትግራይ (ኢትዮፕያ) ዝተዋደቀሎም ዓላማታ ይፈፀሙ።

  25. … many things are said and to add some , I born , grow-up and learn in humera ,now I am Diaspora in western country, even I don’t like to be called diaspora . all things we hear today about wolkait issue is mostly related to bad governance of TPLF , the issue was there long time ago but it had little attraction to the majority to the people of that area for many good reason but know it is so different.
    Few year ago there was meeting with different local TPLF authority about wolkaite issue and most of the time, the answers of the low level Authorities was there is no called wolkaite people , it is only wolkaite land, we don’t need wolkaite people( we only need your next 7 generation) but we need the land…. when you go to kebelle ask for ID they will ask where are you from and if you say from wolkaite they will say no ID for you , so if you think you are wolkaite go to Gondar. So they don’t consider wolkaite people as part of Tigray people. They talk farm land from one wolkaite give to other TPLF cadre, they talk one wolkaite for minor misconduct to prison and stay there for long for no legal reason ….and when the victims go for complain to upper authority, thing become worse…so the people start to get attracted to wolkaite issue. All this done by the local TPLF authorities and they don’t have someone from upper to check-and balance their power, they don’t have mind to think what the implication their action to Tigray as a general. This issue is only the tip off iceberg.

    other big issue is now days, most of Tigray people is migrating to different parts of Ethiopia than any other Ethiopian ethnic people, like to ethio-somalia, Gambela, Addis,…and if you ask these people why they are migrating, they will tell you, it because of the Tigray authority bad governance related to taxing, fertilizer issue, job opportunities, …and the place they go to don’t welcome them either. So they are suffering there too, know the question which one is less suffering than the other.
    What I want see you is how things are getting bad in Tigray. TPLF was founded by many sacrifices of all family of Tigray people and TPLF used to have aspirations to stand for the development of the people, but now TPLF they don’t listen to the people, they only worries their personal wealth & their relatives ….no TPLF leader in Tigray worries for the people of Tigray, almost all of them they are bad for Tigray, there are some good TPLF leader but they are in the Federal level. May died not for this…I feel bad when I think of this.
    Regarding to meles, he is the most practical problem solver anyone can think of (if you are free from hate or informed genuine opinion giver). When he come to power the issues he faced was so big, he prioritised these problem and solved most of them, there are some left over, off course and it should be easier for the next but no one has the skills and the capacities to see far enough for these relatively small issue to solve. I would like to say many credit to meles but I prefer not say for now…

  26. Dear Aiga forum moderator!
    I would like to appreciate your effort in supporting the process of Democratization in Ethiopia. However, it seems that you guys are not moving forward with the fast pace of the Tigrayan Youth Minds.

    1. The campaigns were useless and many of them were irrelevant for the real people on the ground!
    2. TPLF is by now a decayed party hardly can be repaired and if there is determination to do that, it costs a lot. Look at the leadership in the region starting from the regional president to all other posts. They are all inferior to the talented youth of the region. Imagine when TPLF puts a Veterinary graduate (a.k.a Dr.) as the head of youth and sports. Someone living as farthest as you aiga guys in the US may think that a Dr. is the head. The reality is different, the guy even cannot express himself well let alone to own capacities to analyze and synthesize different strategies. But anyone with open mind can be a very witness how the Tigrayan youth is sharpening its minds and that no one in the political leadership of Tigray today can have the courage to discuss development, democracy and governance agendas of Tigray with. No leader has the humble mind to accept his/her defeat either. This is a direct result of the “Weakening Tigray” Project which has been done for the last 15 years, since 1993 E.C. where political trust and loyalty started to become the top criteria for a public office. The worst part of today’s tplf cadre is “They call public meeting only to those whom they think are their supporters or to those who are one way or in the other dependent on them.
    Therefore, lack of leadership is at its best today! If I were TPLF leader, I would have searched for the most talented tegaru day and night from near far to all part of the world. I would have searched for best mechanisms by which the most talented come to the discussion/open /academic discussion and provide policy directions. But, the reality is to the contrary. Almost no TPLF leadership at least in the region is open for discussion and constructive dialog, whenever they are asked with the bombing questions, the label you. Therefore, the campaigns and meetings that have been on the agenda are almost 95% failed and were not genuine. I am giving you this comment from the rural farmers of Tigray. Yes, I am a Lecturer in MU but my family and my everything is still in my original place and I have a weekly visit to my family and I know what is happening all over the rural tigray.

    2. Meles was great man, good thinker, and open minded, born to read. The biggest failure of Meles was all this mess up today is a direct result of his leadership. Because, Meles is also great man in systematic disappearance of talents. Following the 1976/77 problems in TPLF, many great minds Tegaru were lost, and they were systematically or directly pushed once for all to the other extreme. Same thing happened in 1993, where many great sons of tigray and Ethiopia were lost pushed hard to the extreme again. Following these moments, it became clear that TPLF is not a tolerant party, worst is again the people of TIgray followed this and every talented started to hate TPLF for he/she knows what his/her fate would be in case something happens. Finally as a society, we became dependent on TPLF economically, politically and all out societal values 100% depend on TPLF. Still the worest of it is TPLF gradually decayed and became home and private property of decayed mentality. Institutions serve the party not the people. Institutional leadership is based on political alliance … Today, TPLF stand on a break of absolute dictatorial and corrupt system as its core energy does no longer believes on strategic thinking and on knowledge but on force. The biggest failure for Meles in his 35 years of career was his in ability to create a chained system by which leadership can seamlessly succeeded. No strong institutions that can resist external influence were created; endless propaganda become the main strategy to threat and force its citizens. Finally, sooner, TPLF is becoming worst than Shabia. Most Sadly, Aigaforum continued to fail to critically work on TPLF’s reconstruction though there exists some attempts by TIgrayonline.

  27. Dear Aiga
    I would like to thank you for creating this platform to exchange ideas at the right time. I have no affiliation to any group, party and I am not interested to have for future. having said this,

    the outcome result of good governance movement as to me is far below expected. I don’t expect to be solved over night or in short period as it was not created in that. the way the good governance mobilization campaign attempted to manage is the same style used for the last 40 years. that time the leaders (the persons who manage and lead the campaign) were by far better than the entire community in terms of poetical awareness, understanding the global environment, academic and human assets and the party engagement and issues were quite different. this time the people knowledge and skill is at equal status with his leaders, if not beyond.

    What you raised all are valuable, persisting problem and will continue. Had late PM Meles been in life, for various reasons I don’t expect he could do things differently. because,
    The problem is not in individual rather on system that had been installed long time by all leaders of the Tigrian ruling party (TPLF) especially it got its deep root after the fall of brutal Derg regime. our late PM is also an engineer, if not a pioneer of this system. the current manifestation of bad governance including corruption is not created after the death of PM Meles. during his premier period corruptions momentum was high. Lack of transparency and accountability is the central point of this system, off course it has to be reversed. with this system rarely and subjectively allows lower level officers accountability or downward accountability, upward and inward accountability is unthinkable.

    the bad feature of the existing hidden system paves appointment of individuals to any public, party position and affiliated post like endowment and others not based on existing performance but by invisible hand using a mix of known and unknown criteria. those individuals who came to position through this system are practically guests, meaning full concepts blind to the building blocks or pillars of Good governance. unless they able live and breath with those pillars, they couldn’t act accordingly and cultivate successors, followers and generations required for the present demanding situation.

    I respect aged and retired individuals from the party leadership for their contribution, I wish weather the ruling party, regional government or by any other means to arrange some thing for their livelihood. I strongly dis agree going to hold post at Endowments entities because the exiting business environment demands effective, efficient, innovative and Passions human resource that able understand and compute the global market, technology and management demands which all couldn’t deserve by those people.

    clear demarcation of the process and structures between party business and state business, accordingly to role of individuals is crucial for maintaining and strengthening good governance.

    in conclusion, the real and Tigrians expected meaningful campaign as to my observation is not yet started. for the betterment of our people, I suggest member of the ruling party, supporter should have to struggle for system change that put individuals at all level accountable and reward able based on present performance.

    currently things are going as it is, but where and to what extent???????????????. if not managed issues properly, things might become out of hand that makes the whole 40 years effort in to…….

  28. Noah, April 21, 2016
    Dear Aiga,
    First I appreciate your effort to open such forum in such vital issue.
    We praise our leaders for what they have done and at the same time we blame them for their wrong deeds. But in order to be free of bias and not to make the judgments more subjective. I prefer to see the merits and demerits of our today’s leaders against the following some quotations of a leadership qualities.
    1. “A good leader is one who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of credit”.
    John Maxwell
    But, What we observe today is that blames are thrown to the lower level of leadership rather than took by the higher level.
    2. “Lead and Inspire people. Don’t try to manage and manipulate people. Inventories can be managed but people must be lead”.
    Ross Perot
    But, most of leaders are now trying to manipulate people in order to serve their interest.
    3. “There are three essentials to leadership: humility, Clarity and Courage”.
    Fuchan Yuan
    But, although these essentials to leadership were dominant during the struggle; today they are totally eroded.
    4. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”.
    John Maxwell.
    But, after the death of Ex-PM Meles we haven’t seen such capability.
    5. “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality, the last is to say thank you. in between, the leader is servant”.
    Max Depree
    But, most of our today’s leaders do not know that they are the servants; rather they feel they are always the bosses who can do what ever they want and stands against the reality in most times.
    6. “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked. leadership is defined by results not attributes”.
    Peter Drucker
    But, today there are a lot of speeches with minimal deeds
    7. “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. when you become a leader success is all about growing others”.
    Jack Welch
    But, most of our leaders do not try to grow themselves before they came in to power and fail to grow others while they are leading.
    So what do we expect from such scenario? unless this course is changed.

  29. Meles is the man to ethiopia we will remember him for ever for his unforgetable far sited mind and action not talking .but when you come to tigray he was appointing haleka wedi haleka with no vision and yes men to tigray.

  30. I don’t see any change in Tigrai or other part of Ethiopia. TPLF slogan is as long as you are loyal to the party, if you have done any corruption in Mekelle will be transfered to Mae chew. I have never see or heared any office who got involved in corruption stand infront of a judge and get punished.

  31. These comments made above clearly indicate TPLF has serious issues to sort out.although the topic is about bad governance in Tigrai,this matter has been raised all over Ethiopia since the early days of TPLF/EPDRF government.people who bravely demanded these matters addressed were pushed aside,labelled all sorts of names or thrown into jails.most of us were supporters of TPLF’s policies with scant regard to cries and demands of we are pointing fingers at those who we praised as the best for Ethiopia let alone Tigrai.
    If we really want to see change,we must learn to see things from wider angle and base our choices on knowledge and fact.the problem and the solution to TPLF comes from the public(backbone) not from cadres or federal officials.we must seriously re-consider our exclusive support for TPLF, which has proven beyond doubt,its refusal to be inclusive regionally and nationally(TPLF/EPDRF).

  32. Thanks Aiga for your initiative to discuss this important agenda,
    Let me briefly and truly reflect my view as follows:
    1. The current leadership tries to address such fundamental issues through campaigns with fashionable catch words such as SENAY MIMHIDAR, KIRAY AKABNET, ETC..But we had similar campaigns such as fighting DELALAS, etc, with nothing achieved so far, had anyone heard or observed a significant change except simple propoganda of leaders and WATOT,
    2. The campaign with SENAY MIMHIDAR is similar just propoganda, it very shameful when the leaders report how many people they have imprisoned or reshuffled but who are the victims just Kebeles and some civil servants. The big questioned to be asked is
    a) Where were the leaders when things have become beyond control, what is their share, why don’t we hear that top leaders are accountable, when the public was loudly telling that it is suffering due to bad governance, almost all were telling no, this is the attitude of KIRAY AKEBTI, WE ARE MAKING MIRACLES, OUR GOVERNANCE IS THE BEST IN THE COUNTRY, THOSE COMPLAINING ARE THOSE WHO DON’T WANT TO PAY TAXES, ETC, ETC, They were all covering their failures, their incapability to lead, Now when things are unpacked we are hearing all the dirty dids, Have you followed how the justice system and the administration in Humera was dealing with the HIRATSA case? Imagine some years ago the HIRATSA case has killed all the business in not only in Humera but in most parts of Tigray, hundreds of millions was flowing to the hands of individuals who finally disappeared from the area, Has the Tigray leadership say a word about that situation? Never, Why? this is a secrete still hidden, and now very shame, we are hearing the HIRATSA system is back in operational openly just in front of the leaders (woreda, zoba, Kilil,), I have never seen in my life such a system which highly ignorant and undermined (Aziyu Zitenaqe mimhidar), But keep asking WHY?
    the main reasons for the problems in Tigray:
    a) Most of the current Leaders are illiterate, they don’t have the confident to react, make their own decisions unless they are told from above, they operate like a pipe, they even cannot tell any news happening around them unless they are told from above, simple example individual judges were operating as they want in Humera with regard to the HIRATSA with no control from the Zone or woreda,
    another simple example, When Shaebia abducted our people, the leaders kept quite with no word, it was the VOA which disclosed the news,
    b) Almost all leaders including the top ones have come to power not by merit but through a sort of networking (MITIHIZIZAL), most don’t fit to the position they are now, thus things will continue as they are,
    c) there is highly centralized system with a trend of dictatorial culture, now Can a developmental state be democratic?? a big question pending to be proved,
    When you discuss with any body whom you trust, you get the same conclusion: there is no hope for fundamental change with the current leadership, but again many are worried whom to bring, this leadership has damaged the best TPLF cadres, They are here and there demoralized, We are now in a situation where some one is said unfit to the TPLF CC and other leadership levels and the next morning you see such people appointed as Ambassadors with full authority, but you perfectly know these people never know the ABC of Ambassador responsibilities,
    Then how would one believe that we have a healthy system, who can be fulled with words,

  33. በአሁኑ ጊዜ የአስተዳደር ጉድለትን ወይም ብልሹነት ለማስተካከል ተብሎ የሚደረገው ግምገማ
    ሁላችንም እንደምናውቀው ውጤቱ ‘አህያውን ፈርቶ ዳውላውን’ ነው
    ከሕግ በላይ ሆነው ኢትዮዽያውያን ላይ በደል ለሚፈጽሙት ሙሉ ድጋፍ የምንሰጠው ግለሰቦች
    መቼ ነው ሰብአዊነት ተሰምቶን የምናጋልጣቸው?
    ጎሰኝነትና ሙስና ከTPLF/EPRDF አብረው መውደቂያቸው ተቃርቧል

  34. I think it is a good start and need to keep the momentum. A number of issues are acute to the momentum, capacity building, especially organizational leadership is important and professional supporting team is also important to be considered. As to me the main problem is lack of capabilities but also lack of commitment to the objective an issue, especially at the lower level of leadership and really need contiunious follow up and evaluation and develop proper involvement of the people, meaning transparency. Let’s allow the media to play its basic role, so also the justics system. What we usually call it, internal struggle within the ruling party is very important, as to me sister organisations are decaying, party leaders are developing unnecessary tendencies, all cases of unrest in the country justifies this. EPRDF is I think tending to owning to some type of sleepiness. Peace and stability are prima facors to the country and development.

  35. Good governance can not be possible when tplf chooses eprdf for the rest of the country. First Eprdf must declare its independence from tplf then we talk about good governance.

    Good gvernance can not be possible when tplf is shutting free press for its power and eprdf is shutting the free press for its corrupted wealth.

  36. The people of Tigrai are resilient. We will make it. The root causes of the current predicaments of our people are complex, way beyond perverse governance: knowledge, dedication to serve the people, personal integrity, etc. In short, our people were BETRAYED BY SELF-SERVING INDIVIDUALS! A day of reckoning will come!

  37. I believe TPLF is dynamic organization and it can pull itself from current low performance and public image. The problem can not be resolved by meetings ,slogans or political manifesto while the culprits are in control.
    If you try to raise any good idea, they label you as “ARENA”. The public has no choice but leave the area or to shut the mouth. Solution is retire the underperforming top leaders and replace them with fire brand leaders like Arkebe Ekubay. There after Arkebe will clear zonal and woreda underperformers the way he did it in Addis Ababa city admnstration.

  38. Gebremedhin on April 21, 2016 at 8:18 pm said:
    One recent Tigray adm. gross failure is in relation to Welkait question. There is over whelming historical and constitional evidences to defeat those who deny their Tigray identity. The adm. should have prepared and challenge them in public forums, medias, radio, TV, schools etc. Instead, the adm. tried to cover up the issue or intimidate the organizers. This modus operandi may have worked during armed struggle times but it does not work in 21st century. If they do not know how to do it, they should seek help of elders, intelectuals, historians , clergy, etc.
    The verdict is, ….

    which verdict didn’t we say no innuendos?

    Reply ↓

  39. People need action.not hope. The people of tigray have hope over hope things will get better. We know some 400 officials are gone.but what change have come so far? I don’t know.beside what is our guarantee those losers will not replace with the same one. To sum up,the dear people of tigray needs a hero to save them from this bad governance like our fighters saved us from the butcher derge.the question relays on who will be?

  40. I don’t think there will be good governance in Tigray or Ethiopia until TPLF/EPRDF make the election process free and fair for all political parties in the country and abroad, let us be honest guys all Ethiopian people are very tired of the coruptiopn and lack of good governance in Ethiopia for the past 26 years even in tigriy it worest (because TPLF just want to use tigri when they don’t do anything good for tigri but some cadres of TPLF are millianors in a night in the country ), and I don’t think meles will solve this problem either , I am an engineer by proffesion, before building the country let us build a good foundation of Love, Respect, equality , and democracy in the country first then we will have a great country TPLF /Eprdf will not solve this problem by having gimgema, the proof is that they have been doing this for the past time but NO change, things are getting worse, we are so divided as a country , we don’t even what will happen tomorrow , the world is change , plse let is learn from Syria, libiya and Iraq let us bring the real democracy then our problem will be over. Look guys currently we have a so much to ward each other in our country, let us open our eyes, Amhara’s hate tigriy, promos hate tigri and vice verss and HOW Can we build a nation with this atmosphere ?????

  41. በትግራይ ክልል ከተለዩ የመልካም አስተዳደር ጉድለቶች መካከል በዋናነት በግብር፣ በበጀት አስተዳደር፣ በመሬትና ፍትህ አገልግሎት የሚታዩ የኪራይ ሰብሳቢነት ችግሮች፤ በሲቪል ሰርቫንት ያለው የአገልጋያነት ዳተኝነት፤ ህዝብን በመስማት ፈጠነ ምላሸ በመሰጠት ረገድ የታዩ ጉድለቶች በዋናነት የሚጠቀሱ ናቸው፡፡ እነዚህ ችግሮች ለመፍታት በዋናነት ክልሉ ቀደም ብሎ የሲቪል ሰርቪስ፣ የከፍተኛ ፍርድቤት ፕሬዝደንት፣ የህዝብ ምክርቤት አፈ ጉባኤ፣ የአሰተዳደርና ፀጥታ፣ የከተማ ልማት ንግድና ኢንዳስትሪ፣ የገጠር መሬት አስተዳደር፣የገቢዎች ባለስልጠን፣ የህዝብ ቅሬታ ሰሚ ሴክተሮች የያዘ አደረጃጀቶች እንዲሁም በዚህ አመት የህዝብ ግኑኙነት መዋቅር ያካተተ የመልካም አስተዳደር ግንባር ከክልል እስከ ወረዳ ድረስ ተቋቁሞ የኪራይ ሰብሳቢነት አደጋ ትርጉም ወደ ሌለው ደረጃ ለማውረድ በጋራ እየገመገመ፣ አሰራሮች እያወጣ በመንቀሳቀስ ላይ ነው፡፡ የመሪ ድርጅትና የመንግስት ውሳኔዎች መሰረት በማድረግ በመጀመሪያው የማጥራት ስራ ከተወሰዱት እርምጃዎች በተጨማሪ እሰከ ቀበሌ ድረስ የዘለቀ የለማትና መልካም አስተዳደር ህዝባዊ ኮንፈረንሶች መሰረት በማድረግ በየደረጃው ያለው አመራር መልሶ ራሱን እየፈተሸ ቀጥላል፡፡ እንደዚህ ፀሃፊ እምነት መሪ ድርጅቱና መንግስት የማጥራት ስራው በይፋ መቆሙ አውጀው ቋሚ ለሆኑ የዴሞክራሲና መልካም አስተዳደር ተቋማት ( ስነምግባርና ፀረሙስናና ሌሎችም) እስካላስረከቡ ድረስ ከአሁኑ ውጤቱን በማስመልከት መላምቶች ከማስቀመጥ ይልቅ ሂደቱ ላይ ያሉ ተግዳሮቶችና ተስፋዎች መመልከት ተገቢ ነው፡፡በርግጥ የማጥራት ሂደት የት እንደሚደርስ የገባቸው እጃቸው በተለያየ የሙስና ተግባር እንዳለ የሚጠረጠሩ ግለሰቦች ሂደቱን ለማጨንገፍ ጨለምተኛ የሆኑ ሃሳቦች ቢዘሩ ሌላ መደበቅያና መሸሸግያ ስሌሌላቸው የሚደንቅ አይደለም፡፡ ይሁንና ጉዳዩን በቅርቡ ለሚከታተልና የክራይ ሰብሳቢነት ተግባር ሰንሰለት እንዲበጣጠስ ለሚፈልገው አንባቢ በቅርብ እሰከተካሄደው የክልሉ ካቢኔና የመሪ ድርጅቱ አመራር ግምገማ ድረስ የተወሰደት እርምጃዎች በቅርብ ያለኝን መረጃዎች በአይጋ ፎረም ላይ ጭኘዋሎህ፡፡

  42. 1st I will like to say thanks to Aiga forum to give us this opportunity !
    1s) Respond will be in my Owen personal opinion, it is a bogs.
    The leaders of Tplf are pretending that they care, no if they really care they need (SHOULD) apology to the people of Tegray for what happened, how it happened, by whom it had happened ! publicly
    AS you say I am honest I love my Tplf, but I am not the supporter of the direction of Tplf. Apology and taking responsibility for the agonizing 15 years of the failed governing body, some one needs to take responsibility ! that’s all.
    2nd Q) Tplf will not going to convince any one except the party members, by saying that, the party is doing good job. good job on 17 years of fighting as woyen, 26 year in power as party rule bad governing !
    No in my Owen personal views Tigray just became corrupt state in the past 15 years, and almost all of the leaders have been in power in different positions, the same face ,the same groups and the same family connections except few, so if this people are the reasons for our failed state, how come the bottom kebele, woreda, & zoba are responsible for the problem of bad governing and corruption IN TIGRAY ?
    in my understanding the major problem in our Tigray is diction making and luck of clear policy. and who is responsible for that ? not the small fish ,it is the big fish.
    SO if the fishes head stinks it starts stinking from the head not from the bottom . Respect the people of Tigray and apology for the wrong doing. because they have made lots of good things to, including giving their entire life for us ! and we thank them for that !
    Above all respect the fundamental political Aidiology of Tplf, respect the constitution of the land & the basic human right as, freedom of speech, freedom of writing and freedom of different political views ! the more they tray to control the people, the more they lose support of the people.
    Eg, my self I am losing entrust on the leadership of Tplf. some one may say who cares ?
    but we need to remember how Tplf started with 7 people, can we see & feel it, Tplf is losing people every day ?
    plisse, united us don’t destroy our Tigray, when we are united our enemy’s will never talk the way they are talking about us now of days. because they know we are the children of Ras Sehul Mechael, we are the children of king Johannes, ras Alula, we are the brothers/sisters and children’s of all the patriots of Tegadelte Tigray, including all the one in power today & all the hero’s who left the party for so many different reasons !
    plisse united as.
    I believe ”Even god can’t change the past’ but we can change Tomorrow, a better Tigray for our children, your children & my children ! when we are united with our political differences the stronger and heroic Tigray will raise from where our martyrs have lifted it. and each of us will do what we can to create prospers and wealthier Tigray. we have enough natural resources for all of us.
    Our Tigray is rich and the home land of the braves !our Enemy’s are fear full to see us united and loved each other. they don’t want to see as in love & harmony. that is what they want and we flushes are fighting for no reason !
    3RD) I KNOW Tplf, I am hope full that this party will go back to its fundamental political believe of the party that it stands for the people of Tigray ! not for the party leaders and family connection groups, also I am hope full the leaders will realized that if they go back 26 years, this is not what the people of Tigray dreamed of & deserve ! we deserve better !
    there is no party name Tplf with out the people of Tigray !
    4thQ) IF Melees is alive it wouldn’t happened in the first place ! don’t ask why
    it is not easy like saying we have millions of melesess ! it is easy to talk !yareee,yareee yaraaaa
    To conclude my views,
    I know what my Tigray use to look back 40,35,25 years a go. there is a tremendous good jobs, major developments, infrastructure’s, hospitals schools and so on. I will like to salute for all those who devoted there Entire life for serving there people ! THANKS !
    This is the most challenging job for any one who is dealing with what we are facing in Tigray know, but it is simple
    Allow the younger generation, allow the intellectuals of Tigray, they have public responsibility like you to !
    Allow different political party’s, that way Tplf can be controlled by the people from wrong doing ! can be holed accountable for miss using the public office !
    IN MY PERSONAL VIEW we Tegarus need re-unification & Reconciliation
    among each of as. I disagree with one party, one plan, one people and so on
    how is it one people Axum & Temben , Raya & Shere Museum & christens, men & woman, Arena &Tplf ? WE ALL HAVE DIFFRENT BELIVE & DIFFRENT POLITICAL VIEWS, BUT ONE Tigray !
    Tplf leaders need to come to the core value of the party, we need to agree in the things that we all agreed with. but live as all beloved children’s of mother Tigray ! it is ok to disagree ! stop detest full political games !
    ”I am tegraway and I don’t need any ones approval to be tegraway”
    Tplf leaders in my opinion needs to be confident with the people of Tigray ! dictator ship, disrespect of the people of Tigray is not a good thing , no matter how power full you think you are,
    no matter how heavy machinery’s, solders you have. we need to stud shoulder to shoulder as Tegaru, we need to remember all the 60,000 fallen hero’s & the 120,000 wounded tegarus ! we need to remember it is not a gift, it is a hard earning democratic victory for all the people of tegray.
    dictator ship is the reason for the fall of derg, and the reason for all the leaders of Tplf to abounded there school in there young age to fight for there people ! that is why derg is gone Africa’s most notaries dictator military regime ! united us and you will be remembered like your comrades ,as our hero’s !
    “it is not what you take with you ,it is what you live be hind your legacy “to remember as our hero’s !

  43. 1. Free media is important to fight corruption. Look at democratic countries- who is exposing corruption? It is the free media. TPLF/EPRDF has narrowed and suffocated the independent media. The leaders only want praise from “ADDIS ZEMEN” & ETV. There is no independent voice that criticize them and tell them their mistakes.

    2. One other big source of corruption is “land ownership”. The current system allows evicting people from their long time properties, without their wish,, and sell the land to very rich people with a bribe money. Any government offcials/cadre at Kebele level can do that. This has continued to be a big source of corruption, but the government doesn’t understand that, or the leaders don’t care. This is true all over the country. But the time has now come, where millions of people are angry and have started to fight back,with a danger of total chaos to the country.

    3. Solution
    a) Stop “DERG” style propaganda, and useless GOMGEMA meetings and adress the issues head-on.

    b) Allow the flourishing of free and independent media, that will expose corruption and build a bridge between the public & the government.

    c) Encourage the growth of free judiciary. This will help ,the people to trust the country’s court system, and build a culture of law abiding citizenship that avoids violence & reprisals.

    d) Allow the legal opposition to function, freely, and trust the parliamentary system

    e) Always listen to the people and take corrective actions on time.

    f) Don’t forget 95 million people have only “one heart” when it comes to Ethiopia’s natural access to the sea-“Assab port” .The people of Ethiopia will forgive all what TPLF leaders did wrong,in the past, if they work to restore Ethiopia’s access to the sea while they are still in power. This is now even more important as hostile Arab forces have started to coalesce in our doorstep in the East.

  44. I have a strong appreciation for Aiga for standing for the cause you believe and for soliciting public opinion on such major issues. What a dedication! Nonetheless, I have a question for you guys: How low can we go with TPLF’s style of governance? Do you see any difference in style and approach between Nazi Hitler and Tplf? Take a moment and reflect on what TPLF is doing in that Country. To which end do you associate TPLF? Democracy or Dictatorship? Corruption or good-governance? Racism/ apartied or equality/justice? The rule of law or the rule of gun? … you name it. And tell us why we should support them?


    Angesom a simple difference is that TPLF allows people to dissent and oppose so much so even supporters like us(this forum) allows views like you to be shared and view. Tell us if Nazi allowed the German Jews or its own blue eye Germans to dissent or oppose its leaders or the system?? Yasazinal/Yehezen!!


    • Yes, dissent and opposition are allowed but not for good. Simply it is to identify who is who and destroy. I repeat it: destroy. Where are those people who dissent from the party? Where are all those opposition leaders? Hitler would do the same if he was born in the 21 st century. Allowing some one to openly criticize you will help you to identify your “enemies'” easily. TPLF could do great history had it not be for its decay lately. Aiga, once again, you are doing great job and in my view you are becoming the “de-facto” reformer in the absence of leadership. Keep the light on!

  45. Thank you Aigaforum.

    The problem with the leaders in Ethiopia is arrogance, and to say the least stupidity. How do you expect change when the business of the country is conducted without any check and balance mechanism in its government structure.It reminds the old saying of “Abatu dagna liju kemagna”.

    Anyways, it is a wishful thinking to expect good deeds from those self serving, and good for nothing looters. Yes, their prior contribution is awesome, and commendable, but their poor performance for the last 25 or so years dismal.

    BTW, the do you know how detached are the leaders in Tigrai from their constituents, they built their houses in a previously reserved area to counter deforestation, and sure enough the people noticed that and now they call it “Apartheid Sefer”.
    Therefore, bickering on the things that they are not willing to do is not a solution, but exploring other means might work, and let us not fool our selves by falling prey to their tactics.

  46. By Berhe Hagos, Stockholm

    Beauty lies on the eye of the beholder. Good governance is a measure by the people, on how good the government is.
    I read in this forum many critical voices from many individuals, reflecting their own opinion, which they are entitled for. We need however to see the issue from a total and sober perspective, where the majority of the Tigrians are voiceless in this forum due to lack of resources and competence.
    Many of us in this forum are Educated and have the taste for west Democracy. Having this reference is not wrong, but to forget the majority is insufficient.
    Al-Rodhan, defines, eight minimum criteria for good governance are: 1) participation, equity, and inclusiveness, 2) rule of law, 3) separation of powers, 4) free, independent, and responsible media, 5) government legitimacy, 6) accountability, 7) transparency, and 8) limiting the distorting effect of money in politics. In the book, he argues that good national governance is an important component in creating a history of sustainability for the human race. For Al-Rodhan, the eight minimal criteria of good governance are expressions of the fundamental values of democracy and more liberal constitutionalism.
    How many of these criteria are of great importance for the ordinary Tigrian in the country side, today? To be honest, I do not have the answer. What I can say with confidence is that people want to be treated fair in all aspects of life.
    Even if what is said by all is right, let’s not be steered by the moments of events and happenings. Let’s remember our gallant history and think big. Let’s accept that we are in a process fast development. In this process we are due to make mistakes in all areas, including good governance. We the people have to be vigilant but also forgiving as long as immediate and serious corrections are done.
    The way I see, corruption is a way of life. Some feel they need more and they have to get it. The life style from the elites is spreading everywhere. All government officials and civil servants cannot be as dedicated as Meles, for their calls. He was a super human, who resigned from selfishness. Tigray can foster another culture where the interest of the nation is sacrosanct and people are down to earth with simple life. If there is no need there will not be corruption.
    Long live Ethiopia

  47. I don’t expect the Current TPLF and other parties leadership will make themselves suicide, for example in Tigray the campaign or game show is not attracting the general public, the worst thing is some of the civil servants are disappointed by the game shows; i.e. there is trials at lower status but no basic changes to address all long rooted problems. These all problems are not created after PM Meles; it has been long process to uprooted the basic value of TPLF. Although the door is not closed I have doubts if the current campaign will bring basic changes to establish a justice system

    • Dear Aiga
      I have read the said report, hoping to find something hopeful/ But who am I kidding ? Nothing but discouraging news can come from Tigray, these days.
      First he does not tell us his full name. He is just Yared from Mekele, He then tells us he is from “Hizb Gngnunet”. He does not tell “Hizb Gngnunet” of what office. Was he writing this as an individual or as a public relations officer. This a classical example of the blurry information we usually receive from the so called “Hizb Gngnunet”.
      His report was in Amharic.Was that appropriate considering he is an employee of Tigray state and his audience is mainly Tigraway, His Amharic is not that good either, may be his Tigrinya is worst. This is an excellent indication of the quality of people assigned to a position.
      He has tried to say a lot of things but non of them new. How many times have we heard about the water issue in Mekele ? How many times have we heard wells are being dug and the pipes have arrived ?
      He tells us some high and mid level functionaries have been removed from office and have been charged. Who are they ? what were they accused of ? He also tells us some were transferred and demoted, Who were those people, what is their new position ? The truth is they were transferred to a similar or higher position in the name of Shigshig. By the way what does Shigshig mean ?
      God bless Ethopia! God bless Tigray!

      • Sahle’s assessment of the so called “Summary report” by the “public relations officer” pointed out the basic problem of luck of professionalism amongst the leaders.
        A public official, if he is anyway, should provide his Full Name, Title, and at least his government affiliation. The way he introduced himself is unprofessional, and also, his report is more of cadre-talk with no substance, but left for us to guess and fill-in-the-blank.
        What does high, and mid-level signify in his report, unless he is trying to tell us what we want to hear, i.e., the problem as we all know is top-down not the other way round.
        And people, please let Meles rest in peace; blaming him for anything and everything does not solve the lingering problem, unless we are trying to direct all problems at some body who can not defend himself, i.e., from the grave, and therefore somehow the existing problem vanishes.

        Let us work in unison towards one Ethiopia, and one people, and then sure enough righteousness will triumph.

  48. So, Aiga Forum wachu gonna do now that you got the report from “Yared.” Yeleba Eyene derek Meliso lib yaderk. The ball is on your court. You can’t stop the matter hunging. You have the moral and professional obligation to take it to the next level or else you are not severving the people.

  49. Dear Aiga, thank you for this initiative. I hope you will compile and post the feedback or send to TPLF/EPRDF.
    Having said this, I will try to explain one by one on the questions what I feel and learnt to date. Living in Tigray and working as government employee, I feel I have much exposure with what is going in Tigray.

    Q1) What is your understanding of the results of the Tigray Campaign?
    – I appreciate TPLF/EPRDF, for setting “Lack of good governance and corruption/Rent collection” as a priority agenda. Though it is too early to see results of the campaign, I am not seeing much progress in many of the bureaus and offices. Rather, unnecessary fear and loss of confidence were observed in most of the middle and lower level civil servants.
    Q2) Was it worth it and has it been successful or it is another failed campaign?
    – I think it is too early to conclude that “It is another failed campaign” And as s matter of fact good governance can not be realized through “campaign”. As to me its about building a system, and in that case we may say the campaign is simply superficial and maintenance/ፅገናዊ/ instead of transformation.
    Q3) Did TPLF managed to convince the general public that it has understood the ills of good governance as a governing party?
    – I think TPLF knows correctly more than any party about the ill consequences of lack of good governance and the depth of the problem. My opinion is that, it fails taking actions because “MOST” of the official in the inner circle are either part of the problems (corruption, lack of capacity/rent collection, etc.) or do not want to “fight” ክቃለሱ፣ ክነቓቐፉ ኣይደልዩን፡፡ In short, there are either direct or indirect victims of the problems to date, hence it became too difficult for them to break the silence. It may link, mainly to the military networks.
    Q4) Do you have hope things will be better going forward or are you in despair things will stay the same?
    – Considering the current signs and symptoms, it is so hard to believe that positive changes will come in short time. It seems more difficult for TPLF to bring positive progress in short time than it might be for the others parties under EPRDF. Everybody, including the central committee of TPLF, agrees that there is no successor to hold top positions both at Regional and Federal level posts. This shows that creating a system that nurtures good governance, hence avoiding corruption and rent collection cannot be realized through campaigns like conducting series of meetings or conferences. Conferences might be good for creating awareness in the general public. On the other hand, creating Good Governance needs critical and scientific analysis on the causes and solutions. The problems and root cases seem strategic issues, hence they needs strategic solutions, starting from the central committee and the inner circles around the leadership of TPLF. “There are unhealthy networks and grouping”, many people say so. This kind of relations were there since long time in the history of TPLF (may be from the starting point in Addis Ababa University). The difference in today’s TPLF is about the consequence of such unhealthy relations – it starts affecting the general public.
    Q5) Last what do you think of PM Meles now? Are you of the opinion if Meles was alive the issues we see today would have been addressed differently or are you of the opinion PM died unable to resolve the issues we see today thus would have made no difference.
    – I don’t want to guess and dwell on this unnecessary argument. I believe that Meles had his own qualities. As to me it is not about individual fighters who lost their life while struggling in the last 40 years. It is about building a system better than good individuals. It is about good governance, not about good governor. It is about a nation, not about a party. We can learn from the good things (individuals and groups), and let us move on. If nurtured very well, there are many sharp minded individuals and groups in this generation. The past was about our fathers/mothers and grandfathers/mothers. The present is about the present generation. The future is about the future generation. This is simply nature! Everybody knows it, but quite a few, especially those in power understand it.

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