An Individual Investor Crying Out Loud about Unfair Treatment – Tigrai Mekelle

An Individual Investor Crying Out Loud about Unfair Treatment – Tigrai Mekelle

Open Complaint

The issue with this investor may be explainable or there may even be another side to the story. However it is disheartening officials are not addressing such issues on time! What is really the problem? Why are officials choosing to play deaf ear? It is disheartening to hear our martyred brothers and sisters are mentioned by people who may be hurt by the system the martyred died for!

Is this too common in Tigrai or a singular event? Share any experience you may have or heard about. Is Tigrai a friendly State to Investors? If not what do you think the problem is and the way to solve it? Have Your Say!

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Response from Mekelle Administration to Ato Samuel(An Individual Investor Crying Out Loud about Unfair Treatment – Tigrai Mekelle)
Mekelle City Administartion 05-15-15

121 thoughts on “An Individual Investor Crying Out Loud about Unfair Treatment – Tigrai Mekelle

  1. Dear Aiga Forum,
    I think Ato Samuel’s case seems convincing. Am living in Mekelle for the last 10 years. Such cases are very common, many people are being offended regarding investment attraction. There are times when political decisions outweigh over the rules and regulations! We need development, and Big investors, but, there must be Justice for ALL!!! The government should not be short sighted. There is enough space for many investors, unless the mind of the officials become narrow! I hope time will solve it. There are lot of problems in Mekelle town! We are trying to tolerate but the Government is also very weak in solving problems timely – water, road, housing, etc.

  2. It sounds that the guy has a case in point.What is the official reaction from the Tigray government?If there is sufficient land equivalent to that of his previous holding negotiated settlement should be possible.This can be a win-win situation.What I did not like about this piece is the fact that he is trying to victimise the lower level burocrats.I do not think they would have a decisive role in such huge undertaking.Dear Samuel,probably you may even try to diversify your investment into that which may not need huge tract of land.

  3. I am surprised after so many years Samuel is asked to leave the place. It is true many early decision makers did not think throughly when they allocate land for investment. The land between Mekelle and Quiha is not that large to accommodate an Air Port a military base, a sprawling university camps and a textile manufacturing! And to my surprise they have also assigned a dairy and beaverage factory as well! The best thing the government should do now is to sit down with all investors and talk of past mistakes they may have done and share their plan about the way forward.

    I am not sure if authorities understand this, but people are really getting fed up internally! The sooner such issues are address the better the chance of orderly society to flourish in cities like Mekelle. I am afraid if things stay the way they are things could get ugly. My two cents.

  4. I appreciate Samuel’s courage. This might be a high profile case which has a pretty good chance to get due attentions.How about those thousands of citizens who are suffering in the hands of those inept and corrupt officials. The officials be it in the regional ,zonal, wereda or local levels are die hard rent seekers. Take my word they will never transfer power to young educators. Look at the people who are at the helm of the regional power. Abay Woldu has been there for the last 24 years,all Tegadelti administrators and head of government offices have been there ever since. The only visible changes I have been observing is only changing of offices.Gobezay Weldearegay was zonal admnistretor, then head of ….,then head of Mastawekia Bureau,then head of Education … The same is true to Tedros Hagos,Trfu Kidanemariam,Kidusan Nega and many other folks.If you can not produce a new generation of leadership you are either inept or die hard dictator. Our people are paying undeserved prices.
    Our Martyrs deserve more and better than these.

  5. Ato Samuel failed to undetand the basics of responsibility and accountability. He repeatedly mentioned that the problem is with lower government employee…How so? The reason why the little guy do they way the do is because there is No accountability at the senior level government officials. If a company failed to live up to its expectation …who do you fire? the little guy at the bottom of the food chain or the CEO of company? anyone who has the basics of management and accountability would know — where the responsibility lies.
    Ato Samuel claim to have lived in the Netherland , but he doesn’t seem to have the ABC of responsibility and management.
    Can you imagine a CEO of a company or a leader of team claiming he is not aware of some of the decision taken on his behalf and therefore he is not responsible for it – tell that to the civilized world and they will lough at you.

  6. This is really heartbreaking. Our heroes were fallen for principles not for money. Now the principles are falling here and there and honest citizens are standing helpless. We have to seriously follow up the end of this story and learn from the subject. If we are to be thrown away in a mid of the way after we spent our bloody money,.. Noo way.

    By the way as he said this completely challenges the constitution. This kills my confidence….

  7. Things similar to this have been going on for years.
    Do you remember:
    1. when contractors left Tigray, some years ago, due to antagonism with the regional government. Now, the region is left with contractors of mediocre ability and skill but with special ability to work with rent seekers.
    2. How about the article in Aiga not long ago about the cement market in Tigray. The response was more of an attack on the writer than an explanation of the issue raised. This is a well designed intimidation campaign so people will shut up and they can continue with their rent seeking activities undeterred.

    The current issue although discouraging to the development of the region is nothing new. I do not know Ato Samuel but there is no doubt he left a family and a warm home in Holland, to do something meaningful in his country. He wasted more than five of his life and his hard earned resources to get where he is now. Then “chewate ferese”. I am more worried about Tigray, as nobody would want to invest there, due to the absence of investment guarantee.

    Tigray will remain the tail of the country and that seems to be the intention of TPLF. Look at the presidents of Tigray, Gebru Asrat, Haleqa Tsegay and now Abay woldu. Are these people the best TPLF can offer. Are these people that can be trusted to fulfill purpose for which our brothers and sisters died for? Their work is their witness.

    I disagree with Ato Samuel on one point. He piled all the fault on the low level officials. He seems to have forgotten the old saying “A fish starts to smell from the head”.

  8. Unlike in Addis Ababa, in Tigray, the decision makers have no fear of the people. They believe that they can decide on the people. So, many wrong decisions had been made so far, but no one takes accountability. That is the reason why many Tegarus are preferring for having an opposition party that can pinpoint the mistakes and also to challenge them for taking responsibility. if they do not correct in time, the support to the opposition will grow stronger and stronger.

    • Yes! accountablity is being lost! There r lots of arrogance from some officials! There are many civil servants working day & night. But from z political side, for sure, TPLF needs “TEHADSO!” Eti azyu zehizin neger nay hzbi Tigray iyu! How many times do we need to thru bloody struggle!? Bekana! Bselamawi mengedi tirahn tirahn Fitihi yinges!!!

  9. ብመጀመርታ አቶ ሳሙኤል ዘለዎ ሃገራዊ ጽንዓትን ተአማንነትን ከሞግሶ ይፎቱ. ካቡኡ ሓሊፉ አብ ሊዕሊ ሳሙኤል አጋጢሙ ዘሎ በደል ከቢድ’ዩ ስለዚህ ጉዳይ ሳሙኤል ጉዳይ ኩላትና ተጋሩ ምኻኑ ክነስምረሉ አለና ፊርማ አተአኻኺብና ናብ ዝምልከቶ ሰብስልጣን ክንለእኽ አለና። ሕጊ ይከበር፣ ቅዲሚያ ሊወዲዓዲ፤ኮራፕሽን ይጥፋእ፤ ሕጊ ይንገስ ወዘተረፈ እናበልኩ ሳሙኤል ቦታኻ ክትለቅቅ የብልካን። አብ ዳያስፖራ ዘለዋ ኮሚኒቲታት ክነጋገራሉ አለዋ
    ይአክል ብዝበዛ! ይአክል ብዝበዛ!!!!!!

  10. Thank you Ato Samuel we are blessed with our Ethiopian leaders they strong and dedicated a lot of work has to be done with the lower officials after all this struggle and sacrifice of our brothers and sisters there some government officials in Tigray who are corrupt these people should be corrected or removed. Tigray should be a good example of good governance for the rest of the country because our people have paid the highest price for the peace and tranquility we enjoy now. We are members of diaspora movement we would like to hear this matter resolved.

    • We believe it or not, in Tigray we have lost everything! No exaggeration this is what the reality in our towns of Tigray right today! The region is full of short-sighted leaders, who have no clue of tomorrow or no clue of global competition except in propaganda. They lack basic skills of leadership and futuristic developmental thinking. They absolutely failed to understand what a hopeful society can achieve, they are unable to understand what the values of our lost Jeganuna. They systematically paralysed the hopes, motivation, energy, trustworthiness and ability of our people. Please let us not pretend that we have something valuable. From Ato Abay woldu to the lower wereda Administrators, they failed to accept and face the real challenge of the region, the society and the youth and the farmers. We talked many times about water issues of Mekelle, roads of Mekelle … no thing so far!

  11. Ato Samel says ” the problem is with lower government employee…..” His assessment is wrong. He is neither the first nor the last to face this. The state administartion is still working as if they are still fighting the gorilla war that ousted the Derg and the ideology they inform their decisions is socialist. They are stuck there. There is no fair hearing. There is no due process. Their tax collection system, their land lease system, their judicial system etc. has much to be desired. In many respects Tigray administration is similar to that of President Isayas Afewerki.

    • You are right sir! I always feel so bad when Ethiopian Media outlets say something about Esayas and Eritrea while we do not have something different in Tigray!

  12. Yes, lots of justice issues – “Gefih Gereb Vs Gereb Bubu!”, “Denying plots by force for thousands of poor citizens orgnized in house cooperatives per z law!” “Componsation to land holdess”, “Infrastracture” etc. These r FACTS! There are many officals who lost z base of “Hzbawi Wegentegnanet” They are not accountable to z law & for z people, but to their bosses! many officials are not ready to correct their mistakes!

  13. There is no surprises if woyane remove Ethiopians from their land and give it to Bangladish citizens. This is not the first time. We all know woyane is rotten beyond repair. There is nothing new.

    But the guy is trying to hide the truth by talking nice about the top officials. There is no law in Ethiopia. I sent reconnoitre to study about investment and my messenger came back telling it is impossible to do work and develop in Ethiopia because even if you work, the EPRDF will come and take it directly or indirectly. Woyane has become now a heavy burden to Ethiopians. TPLF now do not know how to support themselves, they are like mafias now. All is rotten, we need a new government

  14. I am very sad to hear such honest cry from citizens mr Samuel thank you for bringing your story to the ataintion of concern citizens .my message for the autority clean your front yard before tolate otherwise we the people of Tigrai will clean you with votes card merahtna bsga swuat namhtsenekum alena .

  15. As someone put it, the fish starts to smell from the head.
    Lower government officials have no mandate to authorize this kind of decision without the green light from their head-maters.
    Mr. Samuel has failed to understand who played the best game in this issue.
    To begin with, who proposed this particular place to the Bangladesh investors? Who told them that there is a borehole? I am sure that the so called foreign investors have talked and dealt with the head of states of the kilil to invest in this area. Everything is done then. There is no surprise if the lower officials facilitate to be happen in the ground. Mr. Samuel is not yet to understand with whom is going to fight the real fight.

  16. same old same old. Their first order of business after assuming power in Tigrai was to confisicated the properties of some and to return their parent’s properties . Even now they continue to return proprties to some rightful owners except that they don’t let any one know why they don’t do it in a transparent way to all.

  17. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Thank God this time around the Woyanes rub the nose of an investor and thus we got the chance to talk about it once again to vent our long held grievances. Ask the ordinary Tegaru the young, the old, poor, the educated, the believer, etc. they will tell you that the leaders in Tigray are not upto the task. They are corrupted to the core. They are bullies. They don’t feel sense of urgency to understand the pain of the poor. Well, it should not surprise us unless we are fools. What do you expect when you put all your eggs in one basket? The answer is clear, slow but invitable demise of the Woyanes. It’s a joke 24 years later there is no opposition in a region that fought tooth and nail for the purpose of diverse ideals. So how do you expect corruption of any sort to be addressed. Is it not the opposition that fights for the rights of those whose rights abused by the ruling party. Is it not the opposition that brings to the attention of the wider population the suffering of the other. Is it not the opposition that brings to the attention of the people the mismanagement of resources. So, guys we are in a big crisis. The problem is that there is no opposition to challenge the ruling party in Tigray and thus we won’t see the magnitude of the grievances of the people of Tigray. What is the difference between Tigray and the current predicament of countries to the North. I do see some difference as much as a do see some similarities but the similarities are for all the wrong reasons and that is Zero tolerance for opposition and no opposition party in both. To put what I am saying into perspective; If Eritrea is going to be free as of tomorrow, Eritrea will score one [opposition political party wise] despite what it went through while Tigray trails.
    So, our issues are bigger than meets the eye and thus We believe the problem is not with the rank and file. It is with heads. Last but not least God knows those Tegarus who don’t have second citizenship to fall back, the courage, the connection, the know how, etc. to come out and expose the corrupt officials but suffer psychologically by hired bully cadres. I suggest Aiga forum get to the bottom of this issue and many other complaints of our people In Tigray and other part of Ethiopia. Too much support for EPRDF ain’t gonna do good. Time to spice it Up. We have seen some years ago some group squander 99.9% blind support=Goodwill recklessly.

  18. This have been going on for years and years, and no one care.
    I wonder how much tax going to pay next year Ato Samuel?

  19. If once you cloth is too old, you can patch it 100 times, it will not serve you much a lot. You have to throw it. It is 25 years, the same people running of office everday, every weak, every month, every year, every decade, every two decades, … this is a curse. it is like eating one of food everyday, every week, every month, every year, every decade,…. it is the highest level of primitivity that the same people hold office for 24 years? then what was the fight about then for 17 years? 60 000 souls died, 100 000 disabled,… just to put worede kings, awraja kings, …. shame on you all, you are hodamoch. I do not believe you had any ideology when you went to fight. This shows Sibhat and his cos fought for power only and that is why they even send their kids to overseas. TPLF you are rotten from top to bottom and you need to vacate office before you are humiliated by the people. Hodamuch.

    • Woileke tegelbituni bele funkali emni. Hodam is a given name for Neftegnas. Because neftegnas are created to eat like a donkey. You see the connections. Do not try to patch it on others.
      Woyin tihun sinku.

  20. After I read most of you guys comment either the order was from the head or lower autority in order find out. some one has to prepare petition directly to head of the governing body. to the president state of Tigrai. kbur ayte Abay woldu we will all sign up and send it to his office . Then we will hear the other side of the story .then if any wrong doing be found .should be corected imidatly mr Samuel get proper apologies with full compensation . so my fellow brothers and sisters let us give a chance for the the president to address citizens concern .long leave Tplf i am suporter of TPLF as long us our leaders don’t .make the same mistake over and over but this time looks like to much to take it let us fight the number one enemy poverty not our leaders if our leaders give us deaf ear I am not sure where I will side tomorrow. kalsna merir eyu awotna gn nay naigdn .eyu .

  21. This is not an isolated incident Aiga. You may be blind to the suffering of poor Tigreans otherwise this types of abuses are not uncommon in Tigray. In fact it is very abundant in Tigray compared to say Addis. In addis one can get away with land issues, taxation, etc. In Tigray forget about to evade tax they ask you to pay more than your fair share. They demolish newly established houses, neighbours, churches, etc. for the same reason that this very same person is fight for. At times the administrations in Tigray asks it’s people to pay tax based on SPECULATION. If you try to reason out, they serve you a subpoena. In short, their tolerance level in Tigray is lower compared to other parts of Ethiopia. I guess the Leadership subconsciously regards Tigray people as their property/slave. Now that you brought this issue to our attention, we want you to follow it through. May be do a bit more by listening to more grievances of the people. This one is from Mekelle, why not do some comparison with residants in say Adigirat, Axum, Shire, Adwa, Tembin Abeyadi, Raya, etc. Ask people if they want to go public. I am sure you will find some.

    • Tsigereda, with all due respect, I am afraid that you seem to be trying to exploit an isolated case such as Smuel’s to politicize the situation.
      Look at what you have commented wro/t Tsugereda………….they demolish newly built houses, neighbors, churches – as compared to Addis, in tigray you don’t evade taxes but they do tax you more …and so on and so on. Though you generalized allegations are sown here and there, let me focus on the above mentioned quotes alone.
      First, let me introduce myself to you. I am a Tigrean, Ethiopian who lived for the last thirty years in Europe and America. I have full knowledge about the west and my country too. Because I love my country, I always happen to come to tigray for a visit – almost once in every two years. I always try to see things genuinely in their context of place, socioeconomic, culture, history and the way how they are set in self government. As we all know, twenty years ago, Tigray had nothing to say. Glory to our martyred patriots things have diametrically changed in Tigray: politically, socially, economically and in other areas. Generally speaking,to day we have a new tigray – totally new. But, it is undeniably true that along with the transformation of tigray, there appeared side effects that have pained the people of tigray. Yes, today, there are problems of maladministration, corruption and nepotism not only in Tigray but every where in the whole of Ethiopia. As a newly growing economy, one has to expect the occurrence of social problems such as that stated above. So we are not surprised by such social phenomenon – if at all we have to control them to the effect of minimization. There is no country in this world free of social problems. And in this case Ethiopia is trying to minimize them. Hence, Ethiopia is condoned for this by the rest of the world.
      Having said this let me go back to what I want to focus on: as regards to Tsigereda’s comment. To shorten my comment, let me say about the alleged demolished houses, neighbors and churches in Mekele. Accidentally, I was in Mekele people were complaining against the government because their houses were demolished. Now, Tsigereda, if you are not speaking the truth, tell me why the houses were demolished. They were illegally built without any permission. The government of the city of Mekele tried to stop them but the builders could not cooperate to stop. Then the government took action and cleared them. Churches and mosques were also illegally built. So Wro unless you are intentionally exploiting the situation to make a polotika, there is no any truth to justify you inflated allegation, True, there are problems here and there. But they have to be handled and addressed accordingly in a way people could benefit from them.

      • So, the government did demolish the newly established neighbours including its developments for they were illegally built. Ok. I got that right. Did the government take action against those who let it happen in the first place? The answer is “No” Why? because the city officials/ civil servants/ were making money in the form of bribe in return for turning a blind eye to the illegal construction of houses. That’s why after packeting however much money was enough, they wanted to right the wrong. How? By demolishing newly established neighbourhood with its developments. Do you see the point. Now, let me ask you a question. Did the government pay out compensation for those people who are victims of the corrupt officials?
        Also, the fact that Tigray had no development of sorts some 20 years ago should not be a baseline for discussion purposes. Where is Tigray compared to other cities is what we have to consider. Why is it lagging behind? Are the leaders as strong and as able as they used to be? TPLF became Victories despite all odds. WHAT HAPPENED NOW?

        • Wro/t Tsigereda, before any thing else, I would like to thank you for your courage to see the truth. Let me take you back to what you have commented. You said that the government wantonly demolished houses, neighbors and churches …etc. You did not even utter any a single word as to why the City government did it. On the contrary, you simply trampled the truth and bitterly accused the Mekele city administration. The administration, in my opinion, it tried to stop the illegal construction of houses. What happened to people involved in the process is another question. If there are flaws of injustice, we all have to fight against them. But things have to be straightened first. Houses and neighborhoods were not demolished as you claim for no reason. They were demolished according to the law of the land. land property? Come on, let us be fair.
          Second, and related to the above statement, I said things should not be blown out of proportion. Our comments should be based on facts to reflect the truth. Otherwise, irrespective of what the intention is, they will confuse innocent people who want to contribute solutions. In your comments, I did not observe this. And, instead, it was full of simple allegation attacking the administration, may be, because you are not in good terms with the administration. And that does not serve any thing good.
          …to be continued

          • You also commented on tax evasion in Addis Ababa vs Mekele. I had the opportunity to discuss about the problems of taxation with residents of Mekele who they said were grossly affected by high taxation. Some of the landlords said the administration in Mekele had levied huge taxes on their apartments. As there are thieves on the government side, it is also common knowledge that the landlords hid the correct information of their house rent incomes – thereby stealing from public revenues.This is sad indeed. We have to admit corruption is there. But, it has to be checked and addressed for good.
            According to some, Addis Ababa is better than Mekele because it did not bother landlords on taxation accounts. Some are not comfortable with Mekele because the government tries to administer by the book – lacking leniency.
            At last we came to the conclusion that both sides of the isle – the government and the public have to come to the open forum and take serious measure on strengthening the anti corruption institutions, and punish those scavengers.
            I personally learnt a lot from the discussion. Things have to be looked at seriously before inflicting damages on the society and not be taken up by construed sentiments, bias and low street news. Every one has to be accountable for what he/she does.
            Your comment, in connection to Tigray development, has shortcomings. You said that Tigray is lagging behind when compared with other major cities of the Regional State of Ethiopia. Good observation and I share part of your reasoning.Though I see new, young and fresh blood in the administration of Tigray, yet I personally believe that highly qualified civil servants are always better for Tigray. I hope they will step by step replace the current ones on board.
            But if you can see the other side of the riddle, things are not as simple as blaming the government of Tigray for failing investment. Serious assessments on social, economic and geopolitical situation of the region must be taken into account and come up with a remedy of possible solutions. Therefore, blaming is quite simple and contributing some thing is another thing. Your constructive contribution is is always important.
            One more thing I would like to lastly add on is the following. You said that the premise… ‘Tigray had no development of any kind twenty years ago should not be the base line of our discussion’. I know this is a bitter pill to swallow. In order to know the present economic situation of Tigray, one has to learn lessons from the past. What is wrong with it. I think, in this case and to the contrary to what you have said, I am on the right track. We are all the offspring of the past socioeconomic situations. We started from there, have reached to where we are now and drawing lessons from that we march forward on the right track. It is wise to know how the other cities of Ethiopia looked like twenty years ago.
            The cities and towns of other regional States of Ethiopia were far better than the cities and towns of Tigray twenty years ago. They all had comparatively better social and economic base. That is why it makes it imperative to understand the difference and similarity between Tigray and the rest of other major cities. It is almost tantamount to filling a punctured barrel with water when one thinks of Tigray and its economic progress at large. Therefore, based on wrong assumptions, you should not try to compare two un-comparable things. We have to know our limits and capabilities. Then find out the correct way out. The current administration is doing its best I guess. When Tigray breads the creme of the society, it is imperative that at the end of the day will fall in good hands of her sons and daughters.

          • Hi dear Aiga administration I saw you removed my respond to Ato Woledegerima !
            I respect your decision !
            but honestly speaking, directly or indirectly every one on this respond to Ato amanuels case is what the concerned Tegrian are speaking.
            Mr Woledgerima, you are trying to defend the indefensible reality in the ground & the every day life of the people of Tegray !
            don’t judge me wrong I am not saying there is no progress.(bie seteta wesidka-bechelfa mehab)
            what I am saying is compared with other Ethiopian regions (keleloch) Eprdf is doing supper job leading prospers Ethiopia than the tegray leaders in Tegray. that is the complaint.
            our leaders in tegray are not visionaris.
            our official’s are not serving the people of Tegray to be competitive with the rest of Ethiopia, our people didn’t get what they fought for !
            our leaders in Tegray are giving deaf Ears to the complaint of the people.
            look at the progress all over the country in Oromia, in Amhara, in southern Regions even Benshangules are farther in good Governance .
            As Tegrians we love to see our region developed, progressed and we all have to do our part, we don’t need to be members of Tplf in order to be treated equally like Tplf cadres,or members of the party.
            Because TECHNICALY we all are TPLFS we are the children of Tegray. we have equal right as Tegaru.
            our people needs justices, freedom, and free of corruption administration. that’s all we are saying.
            this is why corruption is spread in Tegray
            24 years is enough, there are brilliant Educated and capable Tegarus who can lead there people based on knowledge not on party loyalist and family groups, this is our problem.
            Accountability is our problem !
            Vision is our problem !
            Excepting New idea is our problem !
            Leader ship is our problem !
            Ato woldegerima is trying to tell as there is no problem.
            Yes we have heard it from the administration and from the cadres of the Elite leader for the past 24 years.
            long live Tegray !
            long live Woyen !

      • Woldegerima:

        I am ashamed of you “To tell you frankly you do not have complete knowledge and information let alone about Europe and America about …” How you dare to say that you have complete information about this? A genuine cannot say this. I am one of those who lost their everything this administration. I think it seems that 30 years of living in the diaspora is something that can put you superior than Tsigereda. Shame on you! Back to the case of the subject, people from Bangladish are so interested about ato Samuel’s borehole, you know why? Water in Mekelle is the key for any prospective investment. Tigray Administration was asked about this many times unfortunately nothing!

  22. To begin with, I would like to pass my gratitude for Aigaforum for bringing such important issues to our attention., Justice is one of the fundamental aspects of human survival in the twenty first century and for this reason , our brothers and sisters fought and dead for the cause of so many people. Where is the rule of law implementing in Tigray? and how the rest of Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia would have a faith on the struggle of TPLF toward justice and rule of law with absence of justice in Tigray. My Tigrayans brother and sisters , it is time to ask questions and make those responsible individuals accountable before is too late

  23. Brother Abay Robe i reay don’t how you understand it when wrote kalsna . kalsi in my understanding doas not mean only with klashin kob .Brother that war has been successfully won thanks to our hero brothers and sisters including the ones in office or out for many reasons. Let’s not forget we still have to fight .corrapt official and poverty .

    • So we have to spend another 17 years fighting corrupt officials? it is 24 years now? This is shame; this is why we are so poor and at the bottom of human being

  24. Long live aiga you tirelessly serving the people with good reason please keep up your excellent work as usual. I see some of the comment shutting at messanger rather than focusing at the topic .what we need is correction any wrong doing no less no more .thanks aiga long live again .

  25. continued..
    As regards to tax evasion, Wro Tsigereda seems to have unconsciously affirmed that unlike Addis there is no tax evasion in tigray. Amazing!. You know what, the truth is that people are complaining, on the main, because the government of Tigray is not lenient as those tax officials are in Addis. Addis is not immune of corruption and maladministration but if not the worst. Therefore, let us put things as they are – do not inflate things because you dislike the government. Have the courage to speak the truth and only truth.
    Besides all this, the government has to take actions to do away the recurring problems paining the people. I suggest, let the government, the party and the people come together and assemble to address the problems. This was how the tplf, during the armed struggle, could handle matters seriously and solve them.

  26. I’m disheartened of what I heard. It confirms the rumors of mis-management and corruption of government officials. What is worse is that the senior government officials turn a blind eye on these types of day light robberies. Priorities should be given to citizens and not some remote foreign Bangladeshis.

    Having supported the struggle of TPLF is one thing, but advocating for the unjust and inept corruption of the government officials is another.
    The people of Tigray deserve to be treated and administered better. They need to be listened to. Their plight is falling on deaf ears. Abay weldu and co. you best listen to the people before the people turn against you.

    Investors and business persons are running away from Tigray because the regional government is not business friendly. The simplest thing takes months to decide and implement. The government of Tigray is not only unfriendly to business persons, it is also unfriendly to free thinkers.

    How can the regional government say it will improve the lives of its people, when it can’t even control the wild mid and lower corrupt officials?

    Please listen to your people. You’re turning slowly becoming like Shaebia.

  27. Mr Samuel, your story is very interesting, it looks very true one. I know a lot of case happen in Tigray like yours but we have to work hard to correct the problems and we need to see a new leadership in Tigray.

  28. It’s sad to hear such a story from a citizen. We have to make sure that this won’t happen again! !!! I urge the government of the State of Tigray to correct this issue as soon as possible! !!!!

  29. For the past24yr tigray and the rest of Ethiopian killes grow exponentially from what we had in the last100yrs.
    But Mr woldegbral do you think there is enough room in tigray to have different opinion from tplf ?

  30. We finally met a citizen who cares about the rest of us. Mr. Samuel, thank you very much. This might be “The last straw that broke the camel’s back”.
    Lack of Justice, Good governance, Accountability etc. have been slowly killing Tigray. This might be the issue that will be a wake up call to the sleeping giants.
    An employee at a lower level could be the one to blame, because he might be the one handling the final issues. But this individual must respect every order that comes from the higher ups. If he fails to implement these strict orders, and fails to accomplish his assigned messenger his job, his livelihood, housing, transportation etc will be history at a blink of an eye. They will take away everything and might throw him in jail for treason, corruption, abuse, maladministration and conspiracy etc.
    Mr. Samuel is away and have choices in life. But all these messengers have is only one choice and that is to fully respect the strict orders of the higher ups. No questions asked.
    These phenomenon are not issues you only see in Mekele. Except for a selected few towns that the officials pay special attention to, it happens all over Tigray. Mr. Samuel talks too much good about Ato Beyene, for your information, nothing is done without his knowledge and approval. He gives strict orders by phone. He, like the rest of his associates, does not like to put his words in writing.
    An investor like yourself, once decided to open a non-profit organization in three towns in Tigray. Since this person is a dedicated individual, committed to assist the young, the old, the unemployed and those intellectuals who would like to use his facilities for the transfer of knowledge, the higher ups were intimidated by this humane gesture of this individual and decided to conspire against him. They used every available tool at their disposal and tried to frustrate him so that he will one day pack up and leave. The planned non-profit organizations and training institutions have yet to materialize four years after the initial idea was officially discussed with higher ups and oral approvals were given.
    Once again, I fully support with Mr. Samuel’s pains and grievances, I just wanted to draw a line that the civil servants are victims of immense pressure and survival issues. they have mouths to feed and bills to pay.
    The second issue Mr. Samuel should recognize is the way the higher ups literally high jacked and fully took advantage of the Diaspora Festival that took place this past July. The so called representatives from around the world were left in a shock when the whole program was chaired, conducted, and run by the official of the Region and their assigned messengers. We have yet to hear any report what so ever from any of the so called International Organizing bodies of the Festival. I’m sure they will have nothing to say because they were in the audiece like the rest of us. Shame on those who spent weeks in Tigray going from one reception to the other and left with zero accomplishments.

  31. Dear Aiga

    I thank you very much for bringing such issues to the to share its views. I hope you will display this article to the public. I have included many cases of evidences that we need to tackle. I know you that you make fair facilitation to public views no matter how much they are critical to the leaders. TPLF was victorious because issues were addressed openely and critical with the objective of achieving the struggle goals. This is what we have lost now, but your website can still serve for this.
    By the way here in Tigray we don’t have any forum or opportunity where one can openly forward his/her reflections to policy makers. Do you know where people usually express their feelings? it is not in the Hawelti big meetings, there it is to formal and people discuss normative issues, do you know the woredas always receive plans from the regional authorities which they never believed in it. one good example is the fertilizer quotas, irrigation plans, revenue targets,production plans, etc…Do you know what they say.. they say let them have grand targets in paper, why should we resist although we know it is simply fake plan, no one listens if you tell them it is just a dream and a fake plan, the regional authorities cook such unrealistic plans mainly because most of them are political appoints with no clue of development concepts. Let me provide few examples which typically explain how the plans are cooked:
    1) the case of Condominium project, they endorsed a standard design for the whole Tigray from WAJA to HUMERA with out any consideration to the demands, weather conditions, and other factors the would require different designs appropriate to local conditions. As we all know the results, the project not only totally failed but also had great huge resources and moral consequences. Did we hear any one accountable to it, did we hear any critical learning why it so happened, not at all why? the reason is obvious, the responsible people where not the experts or the contractors, they were top regional authorities who always cover up their mistakes. They were boasting they have created jobs, bla bla,But never told the objective of Condominiums was to solve house shortages…
    2) The case of GFIH GEREB: we all know the houses which most belonged to poor urban dwellers were forcibly demolished and do you know whom they made accountable? just Kebele leaders but the big question still in the minds of many is where were the regional leaders when huge community resources were invested in Gefih Gereb, the site is 2 kms from the regional president office, it is under the Mekelle city administration, the community had several times tried to meet higher officials before it was decided to demolish, did any responsible authority pay attention and critically looked the case? no, In Tigray the common practice is not a pro-active measure but a reactive when things go out of hand (similar cases happened in Tembien, road project of Nebelet-Edaga Arbi, etc, etc,)
    3) the case of Gereb Bubu housing.. Regional political leaders were given 500 m2 land for private house construction in Gereb Bubu for a nominal lease rate which never was practiced in Mekelle, there were many complains by the public about this unfair and unhealthy deal but the regional cabinet never ever discussed the matter, and it was becoming a burning issue however due to the attitude of KEHAKEKA HIKEKENI (most of the cabinet members were part of the game) it remained untouched for years. Finally, this issue came into a hot discussion during the cadre meeting in Hawelti where Haleka was chairing. Because there was a group discussion people got the chance to raise the issue otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible in the plenary discussion, Haleka, Tewodros, Abay were all in trouble that they didn’t have any answer to the issue why it so happened.It was after this forum the issue reached Meles. He made a quick decision that all political leaders involved in this game immediately return the land to the Municipality. .Was this decision implemented? never, those people continued the construction and some of them sold the house for millions. You all hear a catchwords of of the leaders saying HIDRI MELES AYNEEBRIN, , KENDI TSELAEINA KIRAY AKABNET EYU, then do we have matters that are worse than this?
    Do you know who the major violators of our policies and rules? It is our leaders, they never think they are under the law, they never understand that when they design rules it also means they will be governed under that rule,
    Let me mentioned one simple example here,
    The regional council has endorsed a regulation with regard to conference procedures and language. for example It is strictly prohibited to mix Tigrigna with English, Do you follow the report of the president, I am not discussing the quality of his reports which in most cases are simply equivalent to a woreda technician level progress reports but I want to mention how much does he respect the Council regulation. In his last time report he talked head 40% of his report by mixing English words and was never stopped by the Speaker for his violation. Why? just for two reasons 1) he simply complies what technical experts send him, he does not make any analysis by his own to interpret what it means, 2) Because such people have no self confident on their leadership, they want to be seen as if they are educated by picking English words but they don’t know that a Japanese or a Chinese leader regardless of his best English knowledge delivers formal speeches in his own language.
    Coming back to Samuel’s case, I know him very well, a committed guy to make change in modern dairy farm. His farm is in Qhuiha close to Desta Areki, and it is true he has faced the challenges he mentioned.
    The city administration has decided to eliminate such investment. Who told them that a big investment is attracted by swallowing small investments? Because there is accountability such practices are becoming common. If the vice president was genuine, why didn’t he immediately intervened and told the city administrator to stop such violation, it is under his administration,
    Of course it doesn’t make sense to take this case to the president because he never makes any decision, Tigray has never seen such a person who is passive, isolated and ignorant, He has piles of files and never write a critical decision on it. He even arranges appointments with people when he has already planned to fly to addis in half an hour time
    I am so sad for Samuel, now let’s see what the reaction of the authorities will be, but I have mentioned cases which show they are not sensitive to address development issues and am afraid this case will have similar results.

  32. I believe Samuel’s story. There are several issues happening in this case. Let us analyze them one by one.
    1.It is a tradition among Ethiopians to always blame lower officials instead of the real culprits, the officials at the top. It happened during the Emperor’s time and during Mengistu’s time. We must stop beating around the bush. The blame squarely lies upon the high officials.
    2 ” Why are these higher officials doing this?” you might ask. The answer is a combination of any of the following. They were undoubtedly great soldiers or fighters(although we all know the greatest sacrifices were made by those heroes and heroines who paid with their lives).We salute them for that. But that does not necessarily translate to able administrators. Any professional who had a chance to meet and talk with high Ethiopian officials would have a rude awakening. They can be hoodwinked by a 2nd rate con man. A real professional will have a hard time communicating with those officials partly because of intellectual barriers. Textile CEOs in Bangladesh are notorious for being absolutely irresponsible towards their employees and the environment. Their initial behaviour in this particular case should have been a warning that these people are not trustworthy partners. When they ask for something as unfair as this, they should be denied. If they threaten to leave, they should be told to pack up and go; unless they have compromised someone high up. In fact it is the professional who complies with the law who will have a problem.
    3.Small businesses are the backbone of a country’s economy, even in developed places like the USA. The Ethiopian government seems to have no clue about this fact. Or may be the small business person does not have the capability to compromise the decision makers(he has too little money to spread around).

    In this particular case we need to write and sign a petition to the government to rectify its mistake.In the long run people must be encouraged to tell their stories. We all in turn should lobby hard for better and transparent administration. I commend AIGA forum for posting Samuel’s case.

  33. First, I will pass my appreciation to Aigaforum and to Ato Samuel to bring this important issue for discussion. This is one of many examples where there is injustice in investment area in Tigrai. We may say it is individual problem. But group of individuals problem is a social problem. Many individual investors, who left Tigria and invest in other regions where there is a conducive situation and equitable resolution, This will bring an impact for the development of Tigrai. For this matter, I can see from different angles for the total investment problem in Tigrai:
    1This shows that the government has not studied enough investment areas in the entire region for different investment types. The government should study first the region where and what to invest. This could be done by expertise. For Ato Samuels case for example shows that he granted the area and want to remove him now and if there is Gold in that area they are going to remove the pakistans too later.
    2. We always say that our problem is solved when we apply to the higher government officials. We may always blame to local government officials and the high officials are pleased because of that. This is has to be corrected in Tigrai government administration. The local administrators get their position by recognition of the higher official but the higher officials get their political advantage because of such mess. If the lower government administrators are not working according to the law and constitution, they must be removed from their positions.
    3.Finaly the government officials are family tied from top to bottom and very difficult to invest in Tigria. There are many big private industries in other regions of Ethiopia. The Tigria government is very skeptical to his own people to see private individuals are growing beyond the EFFORT investment capacity. EFFORT is economic power over the Tigria people to control the people not to revolt against any injustice from the government.
    4. For Ato Samuels case: He didn`t mentioned particularly what type of industries the Pakistanes want to invest in that area whether cotton processing or textile industry. I may say that the cottonseed is god for oil production and cattle food Melk production. If it is textile, chemical industry may have negative impact for his cattle.

  34. Ato Samule sounds to have a genuine case. I am convinced that he has no other intentions except demanding for ”Justice”. Aigawoch and all other Tegarus, for the sake of balancing we need to hear the other version of the story from Ato Beyene Mekru in Media and pose serious questions to explain the situation. If Beyene’s response was like what we heard from Samuel, Tigray is in the hands of incompetent and even a the most perilous leaders. I am sorry, but I won’t limit this to Beyene, but to all ruling the region.

    The bigger picture: – Samuel’s case will have a destructive effect for all who have plans to invest in Tigray. Ato Beyene and his colleagues must have thought twice before making such wrong actions that will definitely cause so much damage on the people. A revolutionary democracy that Chooses foreign investors at the expense of local entrepreneurs is not a ”revolutionary” force any more, but a White Neoliberal capitalist force that stands for the few rich who plunder and enslave the rest. So what kind of guarantees do other small investors in the region have??? No wonder why many Tegarus chose to do their business in other parts of Ethiopia.

    If we shut up today, the country will soon be owned by few foreign companies. I am terribly sad.

    We need a clear explanation, and if possible a reversal of the decision.

  35. Dear Aiga,
    First and foremost I would like to thank you for being the bridge for us to discuss such crucial issues. If Ato Samuels’ case is really true, we need to pause and think what to do. But we immediately need one thing from the administration there, i.e., official response to Ato Samuels’ case. Two engineers contacted me recently who have been engaged in construction in Mekelle. When they take contract they are obliged to save some percentage of the construction cost. On top of that they are obliged to save the tax. The problem comes when they complete the construction there is delay in releasing the saved money and nor the construction bureau communicate to the tax authority. Then the contractor forced to pay tax with penalty by the tax authority. This is making many to leave the region. So, Ato Samuel’s case could be true or may not fully. We are here with TPLF to attain what the selfless passed for and we should have no single patience for any divergence from this. We have to design ways to bring the issues to the fore so that we can demand changes. We have to listen to our people and moreover be the reason or way for the necessary change to come. This is the right of Tigray People who paid life and not anything someone can give or take.
    Eagerly waiting the administrations official response,

  36. Dear Aiga forum,
    It is good that such issues are discussed openly. However, let us hear the whole story from all sides. I would appreciate if you could tell us the other side as well and make our own judgements.

  37. The complaint and the comments that followed the audio complaint speak volumes about the state of law, justice and fairness in Tigray (and also in the rest of the country). It is very common in other parts of the country including in Addis Ababa, which is really sad and hard to accept. Unless the problem is mitigated, if not totally avoided, sooner than later, it will obviously have serious consequences for every one and the country at large. Please change course on justice and fairness.

  38. I have read most comments above and the I was struck most when someone mentioned “and this coming from someone with a second citizen”. Yes,
    I believe if this man did not have another residency, he would have suffered quietly. Now think about how many of local residents could be suffering under such corrupt and incapable leadership. “Betu Yiquterew”.

    An administration based on trust (party affiliation or otherwise) rather than competence is doomed!

  39. The expected officials expected to respond are holding a meeting to discuss on what to say about the issue, they need instructions from above as usual, the city administrator will not make a statement with out a go ahead from his boss although it is within his authority to react. He is in trouble from the public side and from his boss side, let’s give him a chance

  40. Thank you Ato Samuel for bringing up your case. I think Samuel’s case is not an isolated case. Such cases are increasingly becoming common in Tigray today. What is frightening is that the people are getting used to them. Samuel must have reached his limits when he decided to air his grievance. The lack of good governance, I believe, is hurting the region tremendously especially in attracting investors.
    There is a kind of a joke (although with some truth in it) that 4million ETB has become the cut off amount for investors to flee to AA from Mekelle. Any one worth more than 4M looks his/her eyes to AA. There could be a pull factor to it, but many complain that the push factor (mainly bad governance) is the main reason for the newly reach individuals to flee to AA with the capital they generated in Tigray.
    Hope the regional government will listen to its problems or maybe we will see new faces after the upcoming election.

  41. If people sit on office for their entire life how can there be justice, …? you can not have justice if office is not run by merit. Office is held or run because you belong to a party only. Office is not awarded to people based on their ability, capacity, merit,… this is top corruption and which has remedy than removing Woyanes woredad, awrja , provincial kings forever. In the civilized world, people can only serve or stay on power one term and at most two terms if they are re-elected because of their good services to the people. Here you have the same people sitting in one office for 24 years? how can there be justice, …. good services. These people have only one idea and they only follow that one idea day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, year in and year out, and decade in and decade out, two decade in and two decade out,… trust me there can be justice, …. if the system is built based on injustice. A friend told me, you are good in today’s Ethiopia only if either you are core party member or foreigners from China, Bangladish, Pakistan, India, Turkey,…. these later turn to Zenophobia like in South Africa because the people will feel their country is taken over by Arabs, Pakistani, Bangladish,… and Arabs are Arabs, and these countries like Pakistanis, Bangladis, … are dirty poor like Ethiopians. Bringing such low and trash so called investor is just spamming Ethiopia. I hope Ethiopians will wipe out woyane once forever. You are the most stupid people Ethiopia ever had, worthless spams. You have no any value and you are chasing money even if it means destroying the country and the people whom you claim liberated, so falsely. Hey, Woyanes, you can work hard by using your brain to make money and wealth than selling everything to Bangladish in the name of so called investors. I hope the people will rise up soon and kick you out off office once for all. Leboch, Kehadti, Kebdamat, Kebdkum ykeded kududat, Tsiukat,… you see, you tell us you are heroes, bla bla, …but you are corrupt, … like everybody else. There is nothing that make special than the rest of human being. I hope the people of Tigrai rise in unity and say enough is enough. This is a tip of the iceberg,… shame shame shame on woyane, the so called liberator has become the corruptor. Kebdkum kded yebel kebdamat.

  42. Dear Aiga,
    I think your attempt to expose some of bureaucratic hurdles that we experience on daily basis should be commended. But the cases of the likes of Samuel should not be that much exaggerated. Yes, people like Samuel who are elites have loud voice and that is why he managed to bring his case to the attention of Aiga Forum. How about those voiceless millions of Tegarus who live under total subjugation of the tplf cadres in the rural Tigray. Do you Aiga know that the Tigay farmers in some areas of the region are forced to buy fertilizers where their land does not require it due to shortage of rain fall. These farmers are forced to sell these fertilizers to other farmers from different places at a lower prices.

  43. First of all, I would like to congratulate Aigaforum for bringing this issue to the open. The complaint seems genuine and this kind of injustice should not happen to any Ethiopian. Is it a question of competency or outright corruption? I join others in demanding an explanation from the regional authorities regarding this complaint. Thank you.

  44. Yeah this is the least! Aytbke endo zebkyena zelo! The new generation has no hope on this region administration, though we all have a big question about the ownership of land!!! So sad for the loss of hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters to bring justice, but no thing is found in Tigray but hatred from other ethinic backgrounds, for just the unjustice which might be better even in their localities. Look at the new housing programs proposed for diaspora, in which a lot of options are missed in our region, If I were a diaspora there is means to choose Tigray to build or invest because of this unfairness. I am not a diaspora, but to mention the comparisons which can be seen as an evidence. For the poor ordinary Tigrean it is becoming a dream for owning a land or house in any level. I used to learn from TPLF from the very liitle age, but now they are totally difference and arrogants! Now I have a mixed feelings as a Tigrean I have positive to stay with this leadership only at the national level, but in the region I compare with Eritrean region where owning/selling of land and house is impossible!

  45. There is no way you can serve the people when you are not put in office by the people. People are put in office by Abay Woldu? they will only serve Abay Woldu, not the people. If Abay Woldu is happy, who cares about the people? Bealegetat

  46. Thank you Aiga we need to hold our leaders accountable, pleas keep opening up any dissatisfaction to be discussed openly that’s the only way we can Stand strong. Open disscution !!!!!!!!

  47. How about elevating the level of the discussion one step ahead. TPLF can only serve its martyrs’ cause when it feels threaten to the very of its existence. If the we can be able to put enough pressures on the officials they can be changed and eventually our people will be benefited. If we vote for Arena it will send a clear message and sign that they are vulnerable or at risk; or endangered for not doing their job. It will also serve as a serious means of check and balance.

    • Vote for Arena You must be joking we don’t need those servants of interest and value of others. We never question TPLF intention we know them well for so long. TPLF stands firmly on the base of the people of Tigray value

  48. Wow, what hell is going on in Tigray? I know Mr Samuel in personal, he is one of those, Tigrayan, who loved the country of Tigray development Ethiopia at all. But I am not going to take side instead to focused on the issue. What I see on the case is unbelievable treatment. Do those tiny officers who sit in power know about the foreign investors future problem? I don’t think so they do! A foreign investor like India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan are madam fuckers blood suckered. If I use to choose investor in Ethiopia, particularly not welcomed those three countries to my country. The reason is why? Have a Read their history in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania what they treat the black peoples are good examples. On the other side, this is our weakness too. If we Tigrayan, who have money, create strong shareholder we should invest a huge company in Tigray. Whatever, because of corrupt Sri Lanka investors Mr Samuel must not leave it is propriety period. Therefore, the Tigray administrator should see the issue carefully and pay to Mr Samuel compensation.

  49. All,
    It will help immensely if you can post similar stories or other problems you know from investors in Tigrai. We want to collect as many as possible so the authorities can determine if there is systemic problem. Remember Tigrai is not a private property of any official or organization. If the problem with Samuel is not unique and there is systemic problem we all should be worried since it is our people and our country…mother country if you like! It is much easier to bring change if we have a cause and remain true to our martyrs. We still believe TPLF is not that isolated to go against the interest of Tigrai. There must be another side to Samuel story if it is unique but if it is not unique then there is something going wrong and the least we can do is to make sure authorities know about it so they address it immediately. Some of you think the problem is top to bottom. We are not sure how you came to that conclusion, for us it is hard to think TPLF leaders have changed so much so they are becoming an obstacle to development. Imagine what Tigrai/Ethiopia would become with millions of unemployed students roaming cities in few years because TPLF leaders were ignorant to handle investors who could have employed these students! This will certainly bring the end of TPLF as a political and popular organization and hard to believe TPLF is writing its own obituary today! No No there is something wrong in this story!!

    • – Dear Administrator: Having almost all of the comments given, I finally got shocked by your last comment. I cannot believe still Aigaforum is in the old stories.
      “Some of you think the problem is top to bottom”, trust me Ato Abay Woldu thinks he is irreplaceable and absolutely powerful. A word from him, when asked a question that goes like “why do not you (i.e. TPLF) think differently and be a great organization that everyone of us like during the struggle era would support hearted fully?” you would not believe but he said this word-by-word “ስምዑ’ባ መን እዩ ካባና ንላዕሊ ክፈልጥ ትሓስብዎ? ንሕና’ኮ ብሓዊ ተፈቲንና ዝወፃእና ኩሉ ንፈልጥ ሰባት ኢና::” then I lost hope. Accordingly, there would not be a prospective generation of brilliant personality who can fit to the dynamic and complicated world order.
      – For 25 years, same people on same chair and on the same knowledge; how come that this is only a lower ranking officials trick
      – I know several people of my age who are heads of weredas. In these people there is one common thing, “They think that the only employment opportunity for them is in that office and that they have no potential job if in any way they are fired from their office”. This is a fact as they have families whose daily life is absolutely dependent on them, what do you think these guys would do if something goes wrong on? should they admit? do you expect them to challenge their bosses that any directive or practice is against the will of the people?
      – Dear Administrator: be my hero; sacrify your job in Silicon valley and make a research about how the “Fertilizers” are imported, distributed and sold in Tigray for your honest personality and for your God. Try to systematically understand if these Fertilizers are used for a purpose.
      – Dear Admin: be my hero again, try to listen what various Tigreans organized as cooperatives “yebet mahberat” from, Addis Ababa, Nazret, awassa, Dessie, Dredawa, Shashmene, … would tell you. Listen their pains, ask where are the mahberat? those disintegrated, those still waiting and those transferred to the Condominium scheme. Trust me you will come across women, who were hurt in the 1997 election aftermath by their lifelong neighbors and sold their property by cheap price and came to get land as per the promised given by the Mekelle city administration and what has happened to these mothers.
      – Dear Admin: Just Question yourself why Tigray contributes more than 30% of all Migrants of Ethiopia to the Arab countries? I am hopeful that you will not think it is because of lack of awareness. Matured, and aware youth have to be created by the support of the government.
      – Why is everybody leaving the region? There should be a solution
      – Why are the Bangladish more interested to the water borehole above anything else? Trust me we can move nowhere unless water solution is solved in Mekelle. For that matter, water has to be provided to towns including Adigudom, Hagereselam, Wukro etc so that a greater metropolis that is an alternative to Addis has to be created in long term.

      Please be my hero! I hope you get small point out of my chunk of text! I am too emotional when writing this. Thank you again

  50. Falk!
    The problem is not what happened to Ato Samuel or the thousands that have been victims of maladministration in Tigray. The problem is structural. The government could resolve Ato Samuel’s issue but it would not solve the structural challenge, at all.
    The issue is TPLF’s outlook to Tigray as its own fief. They have forgotten that the people of Tigray made TPLF and not the other way around. TPLF belongs to the people Tigray. Tigray does not belong to TPLF. This wrong assumption has led them to take the people of Tigray for granted. There is a reason why these people were appointed as presidents of the kilil.

    Haleqa Tsegay’s only qualification was the fact he was the brother in law of Aboy Sibhat, the God father of TPLF. To keep to power in house abay’s wife kidusan, who happens to be the sister of Aboy Sibhat was put in charge a very important Zone. It is easy to see who was running the show by remote control

    Abay Weldu’s only qualification is loyalty. He abandoned his own brother, during the TPLF split to join the Meles group. Now, abay is not only the president of Tigray state but also the head of TPLF. Those of you who watched the video on Abay’s visit to Humera might remember that schools were closed and students were made to line up in the street side to welcome him. Not only that priests with their crosses and umbrelas and meshaikhs were also made to stand by the road side in his honor. this was a spectacle I have not seen since the time of the Emperor.

    Brothers and sisters
    TPLF has to come to the realization it is about the people of Tigray. A hero has to be recognized with a medal and support to stand up on his/her own . The responsibility to administer should be given to those who feel the responsibility and with the desire and the skill to serve. If they don’t then it is time for them to be replaced. I am sure our martyrs will agree

  51. Dear Friends:
    Somemone mentioned the word structural in this discussion.
    Our objective should be to try some of the more fundamental problems that need the attention of the state of tigray, the government and the governing body TPLF.
    I rembember long time ago when Gebru Asrat was the president how the poor farmers were treated by the cadres. Then, I was mad, naieve and to some extent arrogant and tried to ‘challenge’ them on the spot- both at the authority level and the cadres. I was very much disapointed and learnt that reason does not mean much in that Administration.
    Years gone we see that similar problems persisiting. That is why the word structural reasonates.
    As Aiga administrator says it is helpful if people could bring concrete problems to challenge the authorities. But it is not necessarily vital. We should be able to present the general complaints to the administartor of tigray, the municipal authorities and other officials as needed.

    In order to answer the general questions the authorities need to educate themselves first.
    1) they should not be defensive. They should address the issues at hand and stop questioning the motives of those who are asking these questions. Incidentally I am now in the process of reading Gebru Asrat’s book. He is at his worst when he questions the motives of Meles and others who do not agree with him.
    Incidences are at their abundance folks. A while a go I was reading a response again to a complainant about the Mesobo Cement factory. Again the article which claims to come out from an official body but with fake sounding name of the writer is ubelievably irresponsible. A primary objective of a spokesperson is to stick with the issue and answer as accordingly. Not attacking the person.
    It should be understood that these kinds of individuals make the government look worse than it is.

    2) Authorities should not feel authoritative. They do not have an absolute power but a delegated one. They must act respectfully to any one requiring their service even under trying times.

    3) We have no interest in involving ourselves in a political discussion here. We are hearing- and in one form or nother experienced in some form or another – the injustices, arrogance and lack of accountability in some circles in Tigray administration. This has to be remedied.
    As some of you put it revolutionaries of yesterday an those of you who were part of the TPLF did so for justice to prevail. All have to be on guard for this.
    3) And finally as we want to be treated fairly and respectfully, that respect should be reciprocal. We must always uphold the high ground. Others may learn from us……

  52. I see some of you are asking AIGA Forum to get explanation from the regional government!!!! Good to know there are still naive ones among us. Since when have you heard our rulers admit mistakes? They will come up with some lame reason or even blame the victim ( aeyte’ Samuel ). I have never heard them to take responsibility for their mistakes. They always come up with some fabricated excuse to justify their exceses and mistakes.

  53. Thank you Mr. Samuel for bringing this sad story to the public. The case of Mr. Samuel is like a tip of an iceberg. Many ordinary poor Tigreas suffer the same injustice, corruption and lack of good governance in the past 2 decades. The problem in Tigray region is vast and deep-rooted from high to lower level government administrations and reward a cover up from heads of states. No decision have been made without the consent of these dictator heads of state.

    Due to these incompetent and corrupt leaders many families, entrepreneurs, investors/contractors have forced to leave region and invest in other parts of Ethiopia; even though these nonsense and corrupt officials tried to justify it otherwise.

    So, we need to break the silence. We need to speak out for our rights and we need to fight against any injustices, of any forms and sizes, and corruptions that have been imposed by these arrogant and incapable heads of states. All the heads of states that have been assigned so far by TPLF does not deserve to lead Tigrean people as they don’t have the caliber and willingness to do it.

  54. As a result of hard work, by all, lead by the leadership, a lot of good things are happening in Tigray. Whatever people say no contesting about that. The hardest part of development is to reach to level of where Tigray is right now. I have lived in the US for more than three decades and I know what I am talking about. I have visited Tigray several times, as early as last July/August and have been enthralled by all the development that is happening as well as the can-do attitude and dream of the people. All this with limited resources. For us to quickly disparage the officials in Tigray in one swoop, just because someone experienced a hardship and anxiety (by the way I understand ato Samuels frustration and worry) on his business undertaking, as a result of growing-pain, is unfair to say the list.
    By the way, the land in question is too valuable to be used for agro business. In the past, there were several decision that were made hastily and mistakenly without considering future growth. That happened in Irvine California and other places here in California. All we should demand is for the administration to have a clear zoning policy, for the next fifty years, and legislate a good eminent-domain rules by the Tigray parlament. All land holdings can be reversed and should be reversed for the good of the public.It happens in US all the time. But it should happen with proper legal process that compensates land holder and not to benefit influential individuals and bigger entity. This should be demanded. More than that, at least on this issue, to disparage and name-calling of our leaders is thoughtless.

    • Hello
      I read posting by Alemberhane and am surprised by his/her opinion and here is why…
      1. living in the west for 30 years and visiting Tigrai/Ethiopia often does not make you expert on those issues. When you visit Tigrai you may be staying with the corrupt officials and you may be a blind supporter of the government.
      2. You say ” the land is too valuable for agri business “. The issue is not the value of the land to aeyte Samuel but rather about the rule of low. If they gave him the land as he alleges and he has invested his time ,effort and money no one should take it from him. He should be able to take the government to court even if the Bangladesh company brings thousands of jobs. Respecting his right today is a gurantee for the rights of others. In California they just don’t come and take your rights away as you allege. You can go to an independent court and make your case and be properly compensated. It is no secret people who have owned a property in their family for over a hundred years are being evicted because “it is given to an invester “. Residents of Tigray are poor and should all be evicted to make way for builders in the name of development ? That would mean all Tigreans will be evicted save for some “lucky ” ones like you who immigrated to the west.
      3. As to the luck of justice even the government had broadcast on ETV about the complaints of the people when it comes to administration of luck there off. Of course they don’t admit mistakes; they are always right.
      4. What do we expect anyways if all the three branches of government are occupied by the same party whose only qualification is to be loyal to their masters.

  55. I just want to say, Don’t give up!! All the sacrifice that was made was for justice for all. No single person or group of people should be above the law. “for evil to triumph is for good to do nothing”

    aigaforum administrator keep up the good job.

  56. If Ethiopia is not respect its own native people, who is going to look after Ethiopia. A country means the native people of Ethiopia. When it comes to defend Ethiopia from foreign agression native Ethioipians are ready to dye for Ethiopia. The foreign investers roll up their goods leave Ethiopia.
    Is it modern slavery in Ethiopia? The hidden globalization function of colonization in the country. Whom does the government represent in Ethiopia? please stop grab land in Ethiopia to hand to the foreigners.

  57. አይጋፎሩም ከመስግን ይደሊ ብፍላይ ሐውና አቶ ሳሙኤል አጋጥሙዎ ዘሎ አብ መቀለ ሉሙድ አዩ ኮይኑ ዘሎ
    ከምት ዝገለጸካዮ አጋጥሙና ከምዘሎ ክገልጽልካ ይደሊ መጀመርያ ንካልእ ክዋሃብ እዩ ሰሚዕና ብወረ ስዕቡ
    ቦታ ተዓቂኑ አብ መጭረሻ ግምት ካህሳ ተሰምዑ ሕዚአውን ብወረ አዙይ አንትግበር ሰብ ንብረት ወይ ሰብድርጅታት
    ሐደ ድርጅት አይኮነን ብዙሓት ኢና ክሳብ ሕዝ ወርቀት ዝበሃል ወይ ሰብ ንብረት አዮም እሉ ዘዘራረበና አካል
    የለን አት ዝገርም ሕጊ አማሊኡ አንቬስት ዝገብረን ዝሰርሕ ዘሎ ቦታ እዩ ..
    ኩነታት አዙይ ይመስል ነዙይ ዝውሱኑ ታሕተዎት ሐለፍት ትራሕ አይኮኑን ነዙይ ክውሱኑ ኩሎም ተሰብስቦም
    አዮም ዝኮኑ አንታይ ደአ ብጣዕሚ ናይ ህዝቦም ንዕቀት አበይ ከምዝበጽሐ መረዳእታ አዮድልዮን እና ንህዝብናን
    ሃገርናን ብፍላይ ነቲ ጀጋኑና ዝሐደጉልና ሕድሪ ኩላህና ክንከላከሎ ሓደራ ..

  58. Thank you Aiga for bringing the case to the public.

    For many internal and external reasons, I have defended the ruling party for years, but now it is time to say ‘enough is enough’. I respect and applaud what the old leadership did, but we cannot live in history. We are very grateful for that but we need a real change now. We do not want to see the same incompetent leadership in September.

    The sad thing is that the party have not changed most of the candidates for the upcoming election. It means the same people will come to the regional council, and obviously to the party CC. I wonder why TPLF is committing suicide??? I really wonder why a party that have come across so much ups and downs and contributed a lot to the country failed to become a champion of justice, good governance as well as development. I wish to see the most competent people taking the leadership in all fronts, especially in the party. Other regions are leaving us behind and we are not using the opportunity that we got, thanks to the heroes and heroines.

    Aiga, Please bring us an official response from the region preferably from Beyen himself as he is involved in the case. I have no doubt that they will defend as usual.
    We need change!

  59. First I appreciate Ato Samuel’s courage to bring-forth the alleged injustice he is facing without fearing the usually retaliation the TPLF officials commit against their citizen. Samuel is pointing his finger to the mayor and other low-ranking personnel while others here are accusing the high-ranking officials. Aigaforum is also insisting that there must be other story to the case. and it added TPLF couldn’t go against the interest of Tigray. The reality on the ground doesn’t go along with such empty slogan. Like other people, every member of TPLF has its own interest, that interest can be against the interest of the people. Aigaforum failed to mention the source of such impunity that makes them not even communicate their plan to Ato Samuel. Aigaforum and supporter of the regime are asking accountability and transparency as Accountability shows up out of the blue. why should TPLFities have to be accountable to the people in a political system where the officials are elected by the party? Accountable is not something we get offered, it is something we the people have to earn it. Unless we work for it, we cannot get it.
    The problem is beyond low-ranking and high ranking officials, it’s systemic. Why there are more Tegaru beggars in Addis than others? Why are there chronic drinking water shortage in cities? what we are harvesting now is what we sow. Look the kind of Article posted in Aigaforum, most of them are irrelevant to kind of problems the people are facing on the ground. Aigaforum and the likes might think they are fighting “enemies”. But the real enemies are those corrupt officials who live next to the people. The real enemy that causes real harm to the people is the opaque system we have.

  60. Hello Aiga Fourm,

    Thank you for facilitating this open Fourm. As a Tegraway, this issue has made me very sad. Countless lives has been sacrificed, with the intension to make life better in Tigray. For years now, I have heard rumors of terrible governance in Tigray. Also, please investigate the issue of an investor being denied in Adwa as well. I encourage Aiga Fourm to do more, by inviting Tigray authorities for dialogue.

  61. Dear Aiga,
    You have asked for hard facts regarding investment challenges in Tigray, this is a good idea and my inputs are as follows:
    1) A case that proves destruction under the cover of investment:
    Raesi Gugsa reserved area is being destroyed under the cover of investment and the people of Mekelle are very sad for this action.
    The Raesi Gugsa site was full of reserved trees, an area which looked like there is a church in it. Thanks to the people of Mekelle and previous officials it was well reserved and kept as a holly place. Various ceremonies and public events were organized under the big trees. Imagine, the even the Emperor and the Dergue officials didn’t affect this site. Do you know what is happening today in this site? the ignorant city administration officials have directly and with no competition handed over this site to a so called private entrepreneur and the first measure he took was to cut the big trees and sell the logs/wood. Now the area is bare. This can never happen with a normal investment facilitation.No question there is corruption in it. One will be surprised, what are the regional officials doing when such resources are destroyed? they are doing nothing, the entrepreneur is not investing in factories or other employment generating business. He is constructing TUKULS for night clubs that will spoil our youth, this is a fact and one can easily prove what is happening there. City representatives have requested the municipality not to abuse this resource but no official has reversed the decision.
    2) Minor obstacles to investment are not addressed on time let alone complex issues
    Our officials are heroes in the media but not in the real action, many have listened to what the regional president, the head of regional investment office said during the YEKATIT celebrations:, they said that Tigray is attractive for private investment, we are prepared to help our investors, we have made ready all the preconditions for investment….But non of them are action oriented, it just Bla Bla..
    There are many cases that can be mentioned but let me give one simple example which made many people to laugh
    There is a steel factory in Lachi close to the new bus station, at one time it faced a very easy problem, when it was preparing power connection, it has to get power from the power from a near by area but there were Eucalyptus trees on the way that need to be cut in order to make the connection. I am not talking about making available for land or water system or other infrastructures, I am talking about the simplest thing one should facilitate an investor. The factory is big and very useful to the region it needs all aspects of facilitation. but this easy problem took months for a sub-city administrator to address and the surprising thing is he couldn’t address i despite several times looking for him in his office, the problem was solved through other means. We have many such handicapped and ignorant people siting as officials in the city administration, they are simply hand picked with no background on city development, this is not a one incident but a common practice people daily facing.
    Now, the big issue is why are not officials capable of decision making. There are many factors for this but the main ones are officials are not appointed on merit basis but with networked practices and the main criteria is loyalty to his boss. Let’s see some key facts to prove this reality by looking to some key posts:
    1) The president-There is no any convincing justification to put him at this key position. He does not own any knowledge of modern administration, development experience, etc. That is why he is known as a person of handicapped with no action to any demand. One can easily observe this in his speeches that always he has to memorize or make it with a big suffer,
    2) the investment office head- he was in Mega printing house all his time, he doesn’t have any experience in development works, he only knows loyalty and simply boasting, he tells as if investment is going with no challenge at all, he is illiterate and the maximum he can do is what we all hear now and then. But again the question is how did he come to this post , a position he never worked? again the disease of networking simply someone has picked him
    3) Mekelle city manager (head of the municipality) his experience has nothing to do municipal works,,,,
    4) city administrator-just picked from a woreda with few years of zonal experience in propaganda works, what can he contribute to the complex issues of a city administration? he might be good in propaganda that is bla bla.. he even couldn’t organize an effective fire brigade, ;let alone attracting investments, many businesses were destroyed in Mekelle by fire due to lack of fire control system but he told to the public that he has a well equipped system.
    The system of selection and assigning people has to change fundamentally, we shouldn’t be ruled or administered by people who are appointed based on their loyalty to the bosses, the people of Tigray should have a say in the selection of their leaders.

  62. Farmers in Tigray are suffering the most. The EPDRF junior officials are forcing to the Farmers in Tigray to buy fertilizers with out the farmers will. Then the junior officials report to the seniors complete fabrication. Why the farmers right to use compost is not respected? By taking couple of years bullshit courses in the university do you think young graduates know more than the farmers? Justice to Tigray Farmers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. i wish i can write good English to tell my Story< but then again i am so poor in English.however i try my best! yes Mr Samuel is 100% right because the Governer of Tigray are all liers they toock my Land 250MK liz just 7years a go and the rizen was? because i diden't finsh it withen 2Years but there were a lot of ppl who did the same like me but since i am Dyaspora these Officiales from 'MAZAGAJHABEAT' expect money to give them wich i Don't have<! any ways i Don't like thes ppl who worck at Mezagagajabeat and thes fake Jadjes who toock ppls Money!
    Sereqti Be-Gubo Kebdom Habeitu Motkum TeQreb Amennnnnn.

  64. This guy is hero for the following reason
    1. He tried his best to help his home land
    because nowadays you need to be caurgous guy to invest in tigray compared to other parts of the country. Due to many reasons including this typical example!
    2. He came to media and respected office to come out with solution unlike other who left the region and thier cases
    3. He is also hero for remaining logical and unbaised eventhough he has already hurted.


  66. We just have to be honest with ourselves. TPLF never been democratic and I don’t believe it can be. Since its inception was unfair and unjust. Why we have to be new to everything that was done and being done is puzzling to me.
    I respect Ato Samuel for bringing forward what happened to him. Most Tigreans don’t say a word b/c TPLF will punish them more even can be killed. Thus, what happened to Ato Samuel happened to many people in Tigray.
    TPLF leadership is obsessed to control everything under the sky and that is the way it was and that is the way it will be unless we say enough is enough. I respect the many youngsters who gave their life for change, but that change never materialized. If there is a way to honestly investigate the unfairness in Tigray there are many Samuel’s that kept quiet for fear of reprisal. If there is no independent media, independent judiciary, independent police from the ruling party then there will not be accountability and rule of law, period. TPLF leadership can’t use the excuse for the past 24 years that democracy is in its infancy. There are NO democratic corner stone’s laid at all to build democracy.

  67. As I see it the state has a problem in terms of attracting investors. I do not see investment flows to Tigray as the other states such as Oromiya. Are there Turkish investors in Tigray? no. Did the Ambassadors to china Dr. Addisalem, Hailekiros, and Siyum Mesfin, who are from Tigray, brought a single Chinees investment to Tigray? no. Do METEC have meaningful investment in Tigray? no. where do you see the 10,000, 50,000,and 100, 000 employment opportunities directed to? All outside Tigray. Are private investors like ato Samuel welcomed in Tigray? I am not sure. Who is then the major investor in Tigray? the answer is EFFORT. But is EFFORT profitable in the last 15 years? The answer is still no. I do not understand why Tigray can not get its fair share from the industrial development in the country? I have been puzzled for long time. They have many reasons for the other states like Oromiya and addis Abeba to say “eternal glory to our martyrs.” what about tigray? Let God help our people.

  68. I feel so sorry for Mr.Samuel: his investment should not be jeopardized in this way. I wishes he gets justice! But I wish he to could get out of his extreme opportunism! The opportunistic character that I observed in him for a long time, is still being reflected on his lamentation! He still try’s to blame the low level functionaries for the unfair treatment he faced. That is pure opportunism!

  69. Tigray and Eritrea have very similar geology. Eritrean success in mining is cannot even compared with Tigray. Why? Eritrea was successful in attracting investment in mining, however Tigray is in Stone Age in this subject. As a Tigrawaye I am very unhappy, though I congratulate Eritreans for their success. Leaders of Tigray please open our country for business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dear Paulos,

        I searched and I found out that it is Eritrean news web. It doesn’t give clarification if Tigray Leaders did better job than Eritrean Mining success. Thanks for allowing me to express my democratic right without insulting me.

        • Dear Biniam,

          You chose to tell us about Eritrea while the topic is something else in Tigray; that is why I told you ´that you are in a wrong platform. The topic is clear and we do not wish to mix up things. Good luck with your Eritrea, and we will take care of our own!

          • Hi Paulos,

            Yes, I chose to tell about Eritrean success in Mining probably that is the only sector they did very well under dictatorship. That is not mixing up but learning from others who performed better than us to know where we stand. If we are out-smarted by Eritrea then we have a serious issue. That is my point.

  70. It is great that almost everyone has condemned the decision of the incompetent administrators in Tigray. By the way, the problems, which we see with the local authorities is the direct reflection of the leaders on the top. Not anyone else. Beyene Mekru has been involved in the case and he is the second person from the top. Let us not full ourselves and transfer the responsibility to the local authorities.

    Tigray is in the hands of the 40+ TPLF CC and some rent-seeking cronies in the network and I am sure these are not the best minds of the Tigray people. I am not saying that there are no great minds and hard working people within the party, but the bottom line is where is the beef?

    After 24 years, the leadership should have understood that the party is incapable of delivering the public goods to the very people who paid the lives of their children to bring about a change. The party should have realized that it did not assign competent people all the way in its structure. Instead, it chose to be defensive of every constructive critic that is raised from concerned individuals.

    እዚ ዘሎ ኣካይዳ ዋይ ኣነ ዘብል እዩ… ብሰንኪ ሕማቕ ኣካይዳን ስእነት ሰናይ ምምሕዳርን ተመሊሱ ናፍቲ ውድብ ይትኮስ ከምዘሎ ምስትውዓል ከመይ ኣቢዎም? ዓመት ዓመት ናዓበየ ዝኸይድ ናይ ተጻባኢ ቑጽሪ ውጽኢት ናይዚ ጉዕዙይ ኣሰራርሓ ምዃኑ ክርድኡ ነይሩዎም ግን ኣይተዓደልናን። ህዝቢ ዝተሰወአሉ ዕላማታት ክረክብ ኣለዎ። ሃገሩ ንናይ ወጻኢ በዓል ሃፍቲ ንከረክብ ኣይኮነን ተቓሊሱ ነፃ ዘውጽአ። መሬቱን ጉልበቱን ኩለንተንኡን ወኒኖም ካብ ዝነበሩ ናይ ውሽጢ መሳፍንቲ ነፃ ወጺኡስ ብባዕዳዊያን መሳፍንቲ ክምንዛዕ ኣይምተገበአን። ሀዚውን ከም ናይተይ ምርጫ እዚ ውድብ ይተዓረ፣ ብኽኢላታትን ፍልጠት ዘለዎም ይመራሕ። ህዝቢ ትግራይ መላመዲ ቤተፈተነ ኣይኮነን።ተዘይኮይኑ ካልእ መማረጺ ክነናዲ ክንግደድ ኢና።

    Let me quote Meley from her/his commentary about another tragedy in Tigray.

    ‘’ኣብ ትግራይና ሕቶ ንዝሓተተ ኣብ ከክንዲ ዝግበኦ መልሲ ርእሱ ዘድንን ዝበለ ከም በትሪ ዘሕምም ዘረባ ምሃብ ብብዙሓት ሰበስልጣናት ዝዝውተር፣ ዝፀነሐን ዝተለምደን’ኳ እንተኾነ ዘመኑ ዝሓለፎን ካብ ህዝቢ ዘረሓሕቅን ስለዝኾነ ሰበስልጣን ትካላት ውድብ (ህዝቢ)፣ ናይ መንግስቲ ቢሮታት ሰራሕተኛታትን ሰበስልጣናትን ዝህብዎ መልሲ ናይ’ቲ ሓታታይ ክብሪ ብምንም መልክዑ ዘይትንክፍን ንከማይ ዝኣመሰሉ ኣንበብቲን ተዓዘብቲን ድማ ናይ ሰበስልጣናትና ዘመናዊነትን ዲፕሎማሲያዊነትን ዘርኢ ቅንዕና ዝተላበሶ ክኸውን ይግባእ። ከም ከማይ እንተኾይኑ ኣሽኳይዶ ትግራዋይ/ኢትዮጵያዊ ዝኾነ ይኹን ሰብ ዝሓቶ ሕቶ ፀጉሪ እንተይሰንፅቅካ ቀጥታዊ መልሲ ምሃብ ኣዝዩ ኣገዳሲ እዩ። ስለምታይ እንተተብሃለ ድማ እቲ ዝሕተት ዘሎ ሕቶ ብድሕሪቱ ዘሎ ጉድጓድ ኩዒትካ ዘየድሊ ስሚዒታት ቆስቊስካ ንቁሩባት እዙይ’ዩ ሓሲቦም እትብሎም “ፀላእቲ” ንምውቃዕ ብዙሕ ሰብ ምቅያም ጉድኣት’ምበር መኽሰብ ስለዘየምፅእ’ዩ። ብፍላይ ድማ ንግዲ ብዝምልከት እቶም ዝምልከቶም ሰበስልጣናት ንዓማዊሎም ጎይታይን እምበይተይን በሃልቲ ክኾኑ እዩ ዝግባእ። እንተዘይኮይኑ ግን ዓዳጊ መማረፂ ክረክብ እንተሎ ጠንጢኑዎም ከምዝኸይድን ከምዝኸስሩን ዘጠራጥር ኣይኮነን።’’ written in response to the issue raised on Mesebo Cement, but still relevant for this topic.

  71. Do you know you are devastating Tigrai at all by making single unbalanced story. As its name indicates Aiga is a forum not political activist. But Aiga became political activist of the violent parties through presenting unbalanced story of Samuals case. Samual may have facts but it should be crosschecked with the pertinent bodies to have our say inclusive. But Aiga make Tigrai at all black shed as per investment flow to the region from Diaspora. But there are many Diaspora who able to establish many manufacturing industries. see this fact in the documentary ‘kalexy genebare’ or the second front at the web site Aiga intentionally or unintentionally you hand over Tigrai to black shed.


    corn mill, “desta lebelo” and maryihun pls use one nick name no need to duplicate as this is a serious issue that will help in building a better Tigrai tomorrow. Let us keep clean discussion.

    • Dear Maryihun
      You mentioned about balanced view and ethics of journalism, in your posting. You seem to have forgotten this is not AIGA’s report or editorial. It is an opinion submitted by ato Samuel, a private citizen and an AIGA follower.

      Are you saying that Aiga should not have posted the complaint without discussing it with the authorities ? But that would have been censorship, which would have been truly against the ethics of journalism.

      When a comment or an opinion is submitted by someone interested, Aiga’s responsibility is to publish it as it is, subject to its own internal guidelines. It then becomes incumbent on the accused to respond. I am glad to see, in this case, the concerned authorities have responded and Aiga has done its share by posting the response. In my humble opinion this is ethical journalism

  73. I have read all the fine opinions in this forum. Aigaforum should now give a space to the other version of the story. Otherwise the information we get won’t be complete. For now, I do agree with almost all the opinions of the posts. However I might change my position, if the other side of the story is convincing. Of all the opinions, I do not agree with Tadess Tesfamichael’s call of the Bangdalish company pack and leave Tigray. Having a textile company creates job opportunity to thousands of Tigryan youths and such a call is not appropriate. Further more, wedi 70 enderta’s blame of the government doesn’t seem right. Because according to his statement, he has agreed to start building his house in 2 years and fail to start on the agreed period of time. I do not think it is appropriate blaming the government in such instance. He should not blame no one but himself.

    The issues of ato samuel are exhausted enough, and I would like to comment more points besides the issues of ato samuel, on the failures of central and kilele governments.
    Most of the opinions have exclusively singled out the Tigryan leadership as the only cause for all the failures in Tigray. But some of the failures deflected on the government of Tigray, are result of the failure of the central government.The neglects and failures of the central govt are the following.

    1)Almost all Tigryan cities and towns lack of clean water is getting worse. The population is suffering with water born diseases. The government proposal of short term solutions of digging water wells is wrong. We have seen in the past wells dug to supply for 20 years, drying out in only two years. Digging water wells means draining and dropping of water level, that in turn result desertification of the land. On the contrary, building big and micro dams can be used for irrigation and clean water supply. At the same time, the water level will raise and more spring water will flourish around that area. These the government’s plan of digging water wells for short term solutions should be dropped, and plan ahead for the next 50 years supply of clean water by building micro dams .
    2)There is no enough road built in tigray and those built are of less quality. The current road project of Shere-Maitsebri-Temben- Hawzen- Freweyni are of third grade quality asphalt-concrete roads. (The local people call it shero feses). Building grade one quality roads in those areas has great share in the economic development of the region. The Freweyni-Hawzen-Temben is tourist and historical area and having goad quality road will help tourism flourish in Tigray. The Shere-Maitsebri road is main road to agriculture products. We have seen very remote areas with less economic feasibility built with grade one quality roads in other parts of Ethiopia.
    3) The central government is not allocating enough fund to alleviate poverty in tigray. No peace no war means no business interaction at all with Eritrea. The government should allocate special fund to subsidize Tigrayan economy, until the border issue with eritrea is solved and ceases affecting economy of Tigray.
    4) Ethiopian rail road authority will build rail road in phase I and II, and connect to neighboring countries via Moyale to kenya, via gambella to South sudan, via Assosa to sudan, and via Metma to sudan. However the rail road project in Tigray ends at Shere, when it should have been connected to Sudan via Humera. Building the Shere-Humera is important for two reasons.
    First, the Western Tigray Humera area is fertile land and economic hub of mechanized farming. The connection of Shere-Humera railway is important in transporting agricultural products to the main land tigray, and transport of cotton produced in West Tigray for the textile factories that would be built around Mekelle. Second, connecting Tigray to neighboring sudan will serve as an outlet or export from Tigray and import from Sudan. Thus the central government should plan to build this railway in phase II like the railway to be built in other parts of Ethiopia.

    Some of the failures of the kilele Tigray government are the following.Over all the kilele has also failed to attract investors by creating investors friendly environment.

    1) over taxation of investors and business men is what is driving investors out of Tigray. The kilele government should interfere and stop the income revenue bureau or employees from threatening people. There is no rule that says revenue people should decide the sale price or rent of a house. They should stop it. It is illegal.
    2) The kilelel government should prepare itself to attract foreign investors by making available trained youth who should join the work force of the factories. For instance, many textile companies have shown interest to build textile factories. The government should open and train textile technicians in the ETVT or make an agreement with MU to open textile technology department.
    3) The textile factories need about 25000 cubic water supply for their factories. It is the same amount of supply of water of Mekelle. The electric demand is huge and the kilele should look in to the details of the factory to be installed in tigray. So far there is water nor electric supply for the city of mekele let alone for those huge factories.
    4) The kilele should look in to the environmental effect of such factories, and in my opinion the quiha area is very closed to the city. The should plan ahead and see the development of the city in the next 50 years. Once an investor is given a land he/ she should not be revoked like that of ato samuel.
    5)The Kilele should should form a committee that actively participate and see the quality and performance of many projects in tigray such as quality of roads, railway, factories and EFFORT companies.

    • Nothing new with the response! Ato Samuel already said it. The municipality head officer talked to him on phone same thing! If they are keen to keep the time period of investors plan, why they did not ask Shek Alamudin for 20 years? This is the same defensive approach by looking to any potential weakness of someone to attack him for the right he asks. Shame Big Shame!

      Most sadly, look at his statements about investment, trourism, democracy …
      መቐለና ንንግዲ፣ ኢንቨስትመንትን ቱሪዝምን ምችውቲን ተሃራፊትን ‘ያ፡፡ ተሳትፎ ህዝቢ ከተማና ብምጥንካር ኣብ ልምዓትን ሰናይ ምምሕዳርን ዝላን ለውጢን ክነረጋግፅ ኢና፡፡ ኣብ ንገብሮ ኩለመዳያዊ ምንቅስቃስ ንህዝብና ዝጠቅም ብኣዎንታ ይኩን ብኣሎታ ዝግለፅ ሃናፂ ሪኢቶን ነቀፌታን ዘቅርብ ክንቅበል፣ ክንመሃር፣ ክነስተካክል ቅሩባት ኢና፡፡ ምስሊ ከተማና ግቦኦም ብዘይፈፀሙ ውልቀ ሰባት ኣይበላሾን፡፡ ብዝተረፈ ኣብ ወፃኢ ዘለኹም ተጋሩን ካልኦት ፈተወትናን ኣብ ዝቅፅል ኣብ ኣርባዕተ ዓመት ሓደ ጊዜ ኣብ ዝባዓል ዓለም ለኽ ባዓል ዲያስፖራ ተጋሩን ፈተዉትናን ብሰላም የራክበና እንዳበልና ሰናይ ትምኒትና ንገልፅ፡፡

      Our main problem is people in power are less knowledgabable about what it means to be mayor or administrator. A city with no water to be a tourist center.

  74. I hope you will find him we will find out the true story . let me be honest I have started to read city administration officials respond but busy right now when I get back home I will read it carefully then to learn from this case .for now I would like to thank aiga for your fairness as you alway do. at least the city administration have responded within 3 days of the cry good work. Give me sometime to come my conclusion Thanks again aiga .

  75. It seems Maryihun wants Aigaforum to censor people’s opinion. You sounds as someone who have no clue how journalism works. If you have counter argument/fact, let us hear. If not, shut up.
    Back to my point, still the Mekele administration rebuttal has not addressed the issue directly. Ato Samuel Accused the administration on the following points:
    1. The administration doesn’t communicate with its client in official or legal manner.
    The administration responded by stating : ” .. ይኩን እምበር ካብ 2000 ዓ/ም ጀሚሩ ክሳብ ዕለት 30/08/2007 ዓ/ም ኣብ ዘሎ 8 ዓመት ውሽጢ ካብ’ቲ 5 ሄ/ር ውሽጢ 0.5 ሄ/ር ጥራሕ ተጠቂሞም 16 ከፍቲን 6 ኣምራኩትን ሒዞም ብጀሪካን ፀባ ካብ ምሕቋን ዝሓለፈ ዝሰርሕዎ ስራሕ የለን….” But this statement raises the following question: Does the administration communicate in letter or other official way to Ato Samuel the alleged breach of Contract? Can the administration mention a single investor who executed according its project proposal? For instance, Karuturi, an indian company, who came to Ethiopia with enticing proposal and leased massive land and took a big loan from commercial bank, has not carried out the project according the contract. The only thing Karuturi did is cutting forest and profiting from timber sell.
    2. According Ato Samuel, the administration decided the fate of land with out his knowledge. He went to the administration to check if the rumor was valid. But the administration did mention how the issue evolved, it just stated ” … ኣብ ጥቃ ናይ ኣይተ ሳሙኤል ዘሎ ሰፊሕ ቦታን ናይ ኣይተ ሳሙኤል 5 ሄ/ር ዘጠቃለለ ተመራፂ ኮይኑ ስለዝተረኸበ ኣይተ ሳሙኤል ኣብ ጥቅኡ ናብ ዝርከብ
    ቦታ ዝግቦኦም ካሕሳ ከፊልና ብምልዓል ተለዋጢ ቦታ ክወሃቦም ብምግባር
    ክንፈትሖ ንኣይተ ሳሙኤል’ውን ክነርድኦም ምክትል ከንቲባ፣ ሓላፊ ኘላን ከተማ፣
    ናይ ክ/ከተማ ኩሓ ኣማሓዳሪ ሰለስተ ጊዜ ኣዘራሪቦም ፍቓደኛ ኮይኖም ..” Does this happend once Ato samuel started nagging you ?

    The way mekele administration handling land issues puts EPRDF’s land policy to light. An official can seize and take away leased land without any legal procedure. Investment needs predictability guys.

  76. ኣብ ትግራይ ብጠቕላላ ሲቪልሰርቫንት ( ኣገልገልቲ ሰርቪስ)ዝተባሃሉ ኣገዳሲ ዝኮነ ናይ ዓቕሚ ምዕባይ ትምህርቲታት የድልዮም እዩ፣ ነዚ ክብል ዘገደደኒ ኣብ ብዙሓት ቤትፅሕፈታት ከይደ ተመሳሳሊ ሽግር ስለዝረኣኹ እየ ኣነ ኢደይ ብዘይምሃብ ክንዲ ዝወሰዶ ጊዜ ይውሰድ ብምባል ሓቂ ሒዘ ስርሐይ ብምስራሕን ብድሕሪኡ ከዓ ዝነበረ ኣሰራርሓ ጌጋ ከምዝነበረ ከምዝኣምኑ ብምግባርን ካባይ ዝድለ ገይረ እየ
    ኣገልገልቲ ሲቪል ብናይ እንታይ ከይተምፅእ ስምዒት ዝገብሩዎ ጉጉይ ተግባር ሥም መንግስትን ናይ ባዕልቶም መስርያቤትን ስለዘርስሑ፣ ካብኡ ሓሊፎም ከዓ ናይ መንግስቲ ናይ ፊትንፊት ገፅ ስለዝኾኑ ካብ ትሕትና ጀሚሩ ክሳብ ተሓታትነት ዘለዎ ፅፉፍ ኣገልግሎት ናይ ምውሃብ ሓላፍነቶም ከይዝንግዑ ንጡፍ ምክትታል የድሊ እዩ ።

    የ ቐ ን የ ለ ይ ።

  77. መልሲ ናይ ምምሕዳር ከተማ መቀለ አንብበዮ መልሶም አዙይ ከምዝከውን አንከይደቀስካ ዝሕለም ቃላታት አዩ
    ይጽበዮ ነይረ ንሕዝብ ትግራይ ብፍላይ ድማ ከተማ መቀለ ሐዱሽ አይኮነን አዙይ ቀጻላይ አዩ ናብቲቀንዲ ትሕዝትኡ አንከይአተዉ ናብ ዝርዝራት አትዮም ተጋጊና ትብል ቃል ትርሕቆም ስለዝኮነት ብቃላት ወቂዖም ንምብራር ዝጥቀሙላ
    አኩይ ታክቲክ አዩ ..ሕዚ አውን ወሬ ደአ ምበር በአካል ዘይ ተጸዋዕና ሰባት ዘይኮናስ ድርጅታት አለና ..

  78. ‘ Personal Opinion’
    1st I have read MR Amanuels copmplints, also I have read the Mekele city counseling respond !
    compered with the previous respond to Wedi Embeytey from the Mesebo Cement communication officer, it is much better god job !
    Aiga form you deserve tanks !
    I am trying to say, generally as Tegaru we need to pay attention to our co-existents & unity.
    1) let me bring this as concerned Tegraway the challenges of our unity.
    prayer to 1998 the war with Eretria we never be that closed as one. but after the war I am a living witness we came together, we flourished and united as one Tegray !
    when our party Tplf splatted in to two groups, we since then are not able to be came as on Tegray this is fact and truth we need to fixed it.
    HOW ?
    in my opinion, the ruling party Tplf needs to be liberalized (accept ideas)of others
    by putting the people of Tegray 1st !
    the program and political principle of the party is real and practical which can suet to the people of Tegray Ethiopia in general.
    respect, love and salute to our beloved pm Melees Zen awe ! R.I.P
    I cot’ tegadaly Abay & Seyum Mesfen have said in Dedebit at the 40th anniversary of Tplf (the key for our success & victory) is, we listen to our people.
    what happened to that principle today ?
    The tplf top leaders needs to listen to the people regardless of the political or opinions of the individuals as long as it is profitable for the people of Tegray !
    2 ) if Tplf really respects the people of Tegray the party needs to allow other political party’s to partspet in the democratic process of building the region with out reparation and intimidation of others as Tegaru ! in a peacefull way !
    in my opinion one of the sign of good governance, is allowing people to feel free to speak, wright & criticized there government.
    show this people are not above the law, what it seems know is the woreda & kebele cadres are above the law ! this shows the law is there in paper but useless in the ground !
    we as Tegaru we have constitution, but people are complaining about there basic human right abuses by the governing body’s.
    holed them accountable to those who are responsible, expos them to the public, trust me,,,,, this way, the public will have behind his/her government and the peoples party TPLF. lets go and see the 17 years of the straggle good example when the party and the people work together there is no force that can penetrate or divided the unity !
    based on my knowledge, you can’t labeled, decrement, categorized, terrorized your opponents because they don’t shear your political view !
    Above all allow equal job, education and health distribution to the public.
    make the people feel they are beneficiary of the fruit & wealth of the region, allow the people to stay, invest and protect there region of Tegray instead of abandoning Tegray.
    I witnessed most of my friends have left Tegray and reside and invest in Addis, southern region, lots of Tegaru are moving out of tegray while thousand’s of Eritreans are settling in Tegray
    Question ?
    is there any one seeing what I see ? what will be 20, 30, 40 years from know ?
    are we concerned about the tegray we have bulled with our brothers/sisters irrepressible life ? or is it (enye kmotukugn behuala serdo aibkel)kind of mind ?
    our brothers and sisters have paid the Altimeter life for our freedom destroying the feudal Ethiopia and feudal Tegray.
    it seems to me, in my personal opinion the Tegray I see looks like the same feudal aristocracy rule but different form of words interpretation, democracy in words, freedom in words, development in paper in report. systematically one mind one groups authoritarian rule. sorry to say but truth !
    We as Tegaru, we are strong, intellectuals, and very very hard workers also strong warriors to !
    remember we are just like a sandwich Berger from north and south with the number of our population if we add little beat of fraction the end will be = gradual evaporation ! so we need to be united with all our differences, our unity is up for grape, our leaders needs to put the security of the people of Tegray 1st not there power or there family businesses, when there is no united Tegray there is no power or family business.
    we need to stop exploiting our martyrs heroic scarifies ! stop our beloved leaders pm melees name for propaganda !
    he did and planed and died for his people !
    long live the irreplaceable Ethiopian son melees !!
    the most important problem solver, no matter how much

    • Sorry, but that is the old trick and it lost its magic. For the seek of Unity we have to scarify our liberty, human right, rule of law, all that we deserve as human beings. Mulugeta, you can’t cheat us for over 24 years as governing and 40 years of misery to Tigreans by the TPLF. Yes, our brothers/sisters died for freedom, but that freedom never delivered. You are may be one of the beneficiaries and I understand you have to protect your comfort.

  79. The city administration’s response has negative and positive aspects. The fact that they have responded to the complaints and comments much be commended. Also, they have tried to explain why they have taken over the investor’s land. The invitation to talk about this with the investor is good. However, the tone of the response (including the title) sounds like a propaganda response with an element of a(implied) threat. it connotes ‘we could have taken a legal measure again you’. Furthermore, the response does not clarify why Ato Samuel wasn’t able to do what he did promise to do. Was it because there was a delay in clearing all processes from the authorities side? Was it because the investor encountered an expected financial or other challenges? Was he given appropriate warning, etc? Have they given him support and encouragement? I ask these questions because a successful investment requires the input of several stakeholders, including from relevant authorities. Furthermore, does the law support the authorities to automatically confiscate a previously allocated piece of land and give them to others? Was there a clear complaint and appeal procedure through which the decision of the authorities can be challenged or corrected? These are the questions that must be addressed in this and similar cases if we are serious about fair and responsible management of investment and investors in Tigray or somewhere else in the country in accordance with the rule of law.
    Thank you.

  80. I know ato Abay weldu is clean and non corrupt person. But that is not enough to be competent leader. There is more to it. It is just one part of good leadership. He needs to be visionary and decision maker. He should be solution oriented person. Strong leadership makes a lot of difference in any country.
    This is what I would have done if you were in leadership position in Tigray.
    I will not waste my time and call a meeting or ገምጋም for corruption. Corruption is crime and should be dealt with the rule of the country. Meetings should be held only to give solutions to issues and refine procedures and rules.
    The Tigryan farmers own only small plot of land. These small plot of land can not accommodate the increasing population of young Tigryans. The government need look in to other ways than farming to create jobs for the youth. Tigrayn land is overused for centuries and its fertility is reduced. Its productivity is limited and agriculture is not a way of development in Tigray. The government should look in to industry, mining, tourism and man power development. The government should work on attracting wealthy investors to build factories in tigray. Gold Mining should be encouraged and Tigryans and Afars should be main beneficiaries of the potash mining. Tigray is endowed with ancient archeological cities and Dallol is just few hours drive from mekele.Tourism (smokeless industry) has a great potential and the kilelel should encourage and promote tourism in tigray.
    Some of the jobs done by the central government should be outsourced and done at kilele level. All universities in USA are owned and run by each state not by the central government. Why not do same in Ethiopia? In USA every state has its lottery system.Why not each killel has its own lottery system instead of one in Addis? These are just few examples.The government should look in to many ministries and bring in the jobs from central to kilelel and reduce the high rate of unemployment of the youth.

  81. I read the response from Mekele city administration, though I have to say, I was not satisfied with it. I was eager to read what their response would be to the allegation that they did not consult Ato Samuel of their decision to hand the land to the new investors. But to my chagrin, their response did not make it clear. Instead, they give their own narrative of what they did after their decision. It would have been better if they could date their narrative the way they did with the events before the confrontation. Alas, it seems we are dealing with an entrenched bureaucracy difficult to correct!

  82. Now, we have heard the other side of the story. It contradicts many of the statements raised by Ato Samuel, but the key is” he failed to perform per the agreement he signed”. Now, it is up to Ato Samuel to respond.
    Was there such an agreement ?
    If so, where are you vis-a-vis that agreement ?
    Were you unable to perform as stipulated in the agreement?
    If so what were the circumstances that prevented you ?.
    Were any of them due to a failure on the part of the authorities ?
    My question to the authorities is
    If, per your statement Ato Samuel has only developed only 10% of the land,
    was he made aware of his failure to perform and its consequences ?
    When it was decided Ato Samuel has failed to perform per his agreement,
    was he made aware that his right on the site has been rescinded ?’
    Since the land is being taken away from him because of his failure to
    perform, why is he being compensated ?
    Why is Ato Samuel being given another land in lieu of the current site, when
    according to you statement, he has failed to utilize the land given to him ten
    years ago ?

  83. One voice Matters !
    dear Alga Forum keep allowing citizen’s to shear there griffins and dishearten by the governing body of the Tegray administration, because they work for the people of Tegray ! and our organization Tplf belongs to as to the people of tegray !
    IF we keep up this kind of conversation we may avoided our people from drifting away from the administration. openly speaking from the organization ( TPLF )
    I AM a good example, yes I am one person, it may seem for the administration he/she is one person. he is not /she is not going to make any different in our organization and so on.
    But trust me, it will make a huge difference for 6 million Tegrians in a 90million Ethiopians ! people will seek alternative & it will be a disasters road and declining for our Tplf I am just saying, as concerned Tegraway that’s all.
    WE need to be united and this is a good beginning good job to Ato Samuel, and good job to the Mekell counselor ! only that for the respond.
    I Will like to comment on the responds, some of the riders have posted .
    I believe let Ato Samuel and the municipal office of mekell solve there disputes that will be the legal matter for them.
    also we may focus on the general rule of law in Tegray and on the reged administration of the leaders of the party. I believe new and young generation will be the answer, not family connection.
    Also inclusive, the region of tegray is not AXUM & ADWA. one area neighbors, cousins and mirage notes, like the one we see know ! I am honest and I got nothing to lose !!
    we need to see our Tegrays future, our youths future equal opportunity for all
    Agricultural, industrial, educational and technological development of our region for every one equally not only for members and supporters of Tplf.
    This is the main issue the authority’s and the party need to focus on this is argent issues this is serious.
    Why is Tegray slagging behind compared with other region’s (keleloch) ?
    look at Baherdar, Debre brhan Awasa even Semera of Afare Assosa, good governing (I now you may say Mekell, or Axum) be real Awasa is 50years old Mekele is over 100.
    YOU MAY ARGEWING THERE IS DEVOLOPMENT IN TEGRAY. I AM NOT DENAING THAT, YES THERE IS .but 24 years, 60,000 life 100,000 wounded hero’s. our nation deserves more than what we got so far.
    They are there to bring change not, falling sleep in there chair,
    the answer is simple, because unfortunately our Tegray didn’t have a brilliant visionary leaders, when she found one she just gave it away to the nation.
    and look at our nation Ethiopia !!! long live Melees !
    one person can make a difference, one voice matters, one visionary matters !
    look at Dr Arkebe, how he set the path for Addis Ababa ! look at addis now !
    yes, I heard some one said after the death of pm melees “there are millions of melees” yes in Ethiopia maybe. in Tegray I didn’t see one yet.
    personally yes we can fight, but I don’t see exemplary leader, visionary leader for my Tegray ! sorry to say.
    a good leader, a confident leader will judged by his/her job performance.
    a good party, a confident party will judged by the attractiveness of the public not by smear campaign, terrorized individuals spreading negative rumors to isolate individuals from there community !
    and this will show the un democratic interpretation of the organization and this party will lose public support of the people which stood for and fought for over 40 years.
    as I say one voice matters, our brothers/sisters have gave there life to create prospers Tegray, beauty full, peace full developed Tegray.
    What I see now personally is the opposite.
    I believe I am free and I have the birth right, to feel and live freely, and I am entitle for the opportunity to educate, to work, to move, to invest and to express my right as Tegraway in Tegray,
    But I don’t feel it internally. WHY ?
    because of the fear, the human nature to live, to survive, and to see a better tomorrow. this is what they did to ass, IN Tegray the cadres of the adminstratio !
    while I can feel free in Addis in Debub , in Awasa, in Sedoma, in Benshangule in Gegjiga, & other areas of my country, the one place I won’t feel free is in Tegray. WHY ? and I am Tegraway.
    The answer needs to be answered by the authorities. this is the case and we need to start talking about it freely as Tegaru !
    that is why my brothers/sisters gave there one life for me and for you for all of as !
    it is not wise for me, to take advantage and miss used this opportunity, so do you… who are you to tell me and my other brothers & sisters you are better than as ?
    who are you to tell as you are intuited but not as ?
    who gave you the right, you are the only privileged person to govern the people of Tegray ? what about the other hero’s ?
    what about the other qualified Tegarus ?
    what about the doctors & engineers systematically you keep pushing them out of Tegray and out of Ethiopia ?
    do you know Tegray have more than she can handle highly Educated children. but have been systematically driven away from there beloved home & now they serve other nations and areas ?
    PEOPLE…. we need to save our Tegray, regardless of our differences we need to stick together, we need to say no to Awrajaizem like the way they won’t as to divided, no we need to say no !
    we look good as Tegaru, Muslims & Christians, old & young men & women
    urban & rural, educated non Educated, Tplf members & non tplf members and so on, if not we are going to evaporate slowly, gradually and surly !
    long live Tegray !
    long live Woyen !
    tanx this is my personal opinion.

  84. I would like to thank Mr Samuel for bringing it up to the air/social media. It has created a very interesting discussion. It is true that we all want such individual or group or institutional matters to be handled and resolved properly according to the law of the land. There has to be proper transparent communication, dialogue, and if needed compensation mechanism.

    With due respect to all the suggestions made, I see some conflicting views and clash of ideas. Yes, having different opinions is normal in a Democratic society. Yes, we have to demand for a better performance and transparency.

    Our community understands well the value of education, as we do. I know for a fact TPLF leaders do value and give high priority to Education, more so Science and Technology (schools of different levels are flourishing in Tigray which has never been the case in the past regimes). People who have the opportunity to learn and go to school will learn and use it provided that schools are available and affordable. That is what we see in Tigray these days. As we all know almost all the TPLF leaders have to quit schools when they venture to the Field to fight the enemy and bring lasting peace. They did so voluntarily to make the ultimate sacrifice. We never call it Networking during the fight because it required paying the highest ultimate sacrifice and hardship. Now in a relatively peace time that still requires quality political leadership and vision with enormous multidimensional sacrifice, some of us are calling names and putting it simply as Networking for the post they have in leadership.

    I did not come across something that states to be a good leader you have to have a certain level of Diploma, Degree or Certificate. Of course to be a good instructor or teacher you have to be competent and proficient in the area you instruct or teach. Leaders are visionaries. What I need from my leader is good vision, dedication to a cause and willingness to pay sacrifice. To my knowledge there is no formula stipulated with regards to Diploma or Degree to be elected as Representative of people other than getting the required votes from the people in a peaceful democratic manner.

    FYI, all the TPLF leaders have at least one Degree if not more. This is tremendous and miraculous achievement after spending more than 17 years in the harshest possible condition and struggle. They are ours let’s give them our admiration. Let’s speak out when it is necessary like Mr Samuel did.

    Let alone to be a leader or Political appointee of a particular Organization, there is not even a specific Degree or Diploma requirement to create or invent new ideas and Technology that can change the world. If that was the case, Bill Gates and the Facebook Mogul could have been the first to lose. Obviously leaders are expected to recruit and bring technically competent professionals as needed to do the job at hand and implement future programs.

    with regards to Mr Samuel, I think the City administration has to take into account the nature of the investment when deciding the duration of implementation. I am not a professional on this aspect but one simple but important ingredient that I see in this type of investment is there has to be first enough WATER and ANIMAL FOOD available before the animals brought in.

  85. All,

    We are trying a follow up interview with govt officials and Mr. Samuel based on the recent reply letter from the City administration. We will post the interview, as is, once we are done. Our hope is: 1)Mr. Samuel will be compensated fairly if he is to lose his investment space and 2) The Govt and City Administration will take a lesson from this and improve their handling of investors 3) The regional government will seriously look in to the perception that Tigrai is not an investor friendly region/Kilil! At this time we are almost inclined to say this is not a perception but a fact but we are at loss as to what could be the reason for it. Thank you all.

    • Questions to the Editor
      1. Why do you compose the repley of Mekell city administration in the have your say story line? You can post it under Ato Samuals complient to be fair as a journalist.
      2. Why do you omite some of the replay. Read above complients of one but others ofended by your misbehaving and ignor you.
      3. Tigray administration is defined by its overall policies and its at most implimentation achieved in attracting 6 Billion Birr in this year as per investement friendly is concerned.
      4. Your post is extracted from paltalk, dems you unethical. SELAM

        Deata, Perhpas you did not read our comment: We do not all multiple posting from one person with different nick names. Please share your thoughts on the topic freely. Duplicatign names is simply an ethical and not helpful. It dilutes to the content. WE will add the city reply in the story line .thank you.

  86. If there is some kind of interview to be made with the Tigryan administrators could you please ask them the following questions?
    1) Why is the governemnt not being able to provide clean water supply in Tigray
    2) Many things have been said about development projects in tigray, but non of them have materialized. At one point there is a lot of talk about Maymekeden PVC factory, Shere huge metal processing factory, about 10 factories to be build at different places in tigray and so many other projects. all those promises are broken. Why do not all those projects fail materializing?
    3)Why are the EFFORT companies not multiplying and starting other new factories? why does Aberegele meat factory, Dima honey processing factory stop functioning after spending millions of dollars to install and build the company
    4)Ethiopia will build a railway network and be connected to kenya, south sudan and sudan. Why is Tigray left out from being connected to sudan on the future rail way project. Why did it stop at shere? Why?

  87. Dear Aigaforum! I would like to say thanks to your contribution for the problem solving and development of Tigrai. All Tigrians and none Tigrians are very concerned for the development, justice and future of Tigrai in particular and Ethiopian in general. We write comments and opinions not to oppose the government but to correct their mistakes in right time. We want to see Tigria is an attractive for investors. The government officials has to respect individual rights. The government has to realize the law and the constitution equitable. The government has to read and listen to people`s complain and comments directly. Aigaforum editors should not send a summarized question from the comments given above and send to the government. The government has an office where they are collecting suggestions and views from people, therefor Aigaforum could send all the comments both to this individual investor and to Tigria government office directly as it is.

  88. Thank you Aiga for letting us vent our frustration. ሓባኢ ቁስሉ ሓባኢ ፎወሱ አዩ’ሞ we need talk all issues. Keep it up.

  89. ኣቶ ሳሙኢል ከይድነቅኩካ ኣይሃልፍን ብሃቂ ኣብ ትግራይ ዘሎ ቢሮከራሲ ኩልና ኒግንዘቦ ኢና ነዚ ከይተምበርከካ ብምቅላህካ ተጋሩ ከም ናይ ባዕልና ጉዳይ ከምዘህምመና ኪገልፀልካ እፈቱ ሚናልባት ዉን ትግራዋይ ኣብ መሰሉ ጠጠው ኪብል ካብ ጉቦ መፍትሂ ገይሩ ካብ ምውሳድ ኒመሰሉ መስዋእት ቢምክፋል ቀፃሊ ናይ ኣድና ራኢ ከንዕዉት ኒከውን ህዝቢ ትግራይ ነዚ ኩሉ መሪር መስዋእቲ ዚከፈለ ነቶም ብሂዎት ዚተረፉ ተጋድልቲ ራህዋን ዕድሚኦም ሙሉእ ስልታን ተሽኪሞም ኪነብሩ ኣይነበረን ናይ በረካ ጀጋኑን ሃቀግኛታትን ኣብ ወንበር ሚስ ወፁ ካህዳማትን ነኣይ ይጥኣመኒ በሃልቲ ኮይኖም ኮፍ ህዝቢ ቲግራይ ጉዳይ ከፍፅም ቢኢድካ ሚፃእ ተባሂሉ ነገር ጊን ጊዘ ይነዉህ እምበር ህዝቢ ትግራይ ኒመስሉ ጠጠው ኪብል ጀሚሩ ኣሎ ንህና ከኣ በብዘለናዮ ኪንዛተን ቢዛዕባ ኣድና ኪንመክርን ጊድን እዩ ኣብ ወፃኢ ዚሰራህናዮ ኒብረትና ጉልበትና ኣብ ትግራይ ኪነብረሉ ኪንሰርሃሉ እንተኮይኑ ቅኑዕ ምምህዳር ኣገልግለቱ ዚቀልጠፈ ብዝተማህረ ዘጋ ኽትካእ ክክእል ግዲን ይቢል። ዓይጋ ፎርም ከምዚ ዓይነት ሃገራዊ ነገር ስለዝሃበርና ምስጋና ይግበኦ ኣቶ ሳሙኢል ንሕና ነብስና ኣብ ዲያስፖራ ሂወትና ኣብ ትግራይ ዘለና ናትካ ጉዳይ ጉዳይና ስለ ዚኮነ ኣብ ጎንካ ኣለና

  90. The individual investor who seems to have trouble securing his investment and about to loose it to bigger sharks doesn’t have much to complain about so long as the govt thinks the Bangladeshi investors will bring needed infusion of capital allowing them to hire thousands of employees. The issue of ‘ iminent domain’ is very much in play. This principle is used not only to condemn private properties so that to build needed infrastructure like roads and schools but also is known to have been instrumental in such occasions as described above. The fact that the govt is determined to compensate him suffices. The hype and the crying wolf is not called for. Samy was repeating the same story for half hour, wasting our time even if he finally conceded that he is willing to go along.

    The core issue seems to be ‘ water ‘ which is vital for the textile industries and his dream of bottling it up and cashing in is out question. The water issue, along with electricity, as one of the commentators stated above have been the achilles hill of hurdles facing many investors and ordinary folk. This issue more than anything needs immediate attention as absent ‘ water’ life as we know it is not sustainable let alone investments and infrastructure of all sort. That is a complaint of all urban residents from Addis to Mekele and Bure to Dire. While water scarcity is extremely serious through out the Nation, the govt is determined to build rail roads costing billions of dollars. As if the roads where hardly any traffic is observed on are not enough. This is the wrong prirority and should be remedied without delay. The only railroad needed in Ethiopia is the one being finalised ie Addis to Djibouti. The rest is a waste of ‘ tax payers’ money’ as save for potash in Afar, we don’t possess bulk commodities like iron ore or coal. As i stated above most roads are empty save for occasional buses and trucks using them. Even the toll road which was highly spoken for is not used at all..This road is located in one of the busiest corridors of the Nation, Metro Addis.

    The Ethiopian govt has to address the issue of water and waste disposal in the cities like Mekele and Addis before the ppl are stricken by Cholera or other water-borne diseases before anything else like investing in the White Elephant of Lamu Corridor in Kenya or various rail road schemes of little value, save the one to Djibouti from metro Addis. other wise, the condos are stinking as there is no water to flush human waste embarassing the Nation. Without adequate water, most of the new buildings will be condemned as the plumbing will be clogged and doomed to be useless.

    • @kidmaya says “eminent domain is in play” but I beg to differ. The property was given to him by the administartion and I must assume they did their home work and thought his project is needed. Eminent domain means the compulsory purchase or expropriation by government to take private property for PUBLIC USE. PUBLIC USE is the key phrase. Evicting the Ethiopian and giving the property to a foreigner is not public use. It is giving it to a richer person. Also if every time a richer person comes one gets evicted where does it stop? We all may get displaced by the Chinese or rich arabs and you you will call it eminent domain?

      • Eminent Domain has been used effectively in similar cirumstances, when developers, industrialists etc were supported by the local and state authorities in many localities for the ‘ common good’ . If you so wish i will post them or you can just google them. If the textile factories are bringing much needed captal investments, desperately needed employment and tax base, let alone in Ethiopia, where ‘ property rights, as one is a leasee and not an owner,are on ‘ shaky grounds’, they will be given red carpet treatment in developed countries.

  91. This is a short response to Teklay’s(no last name) comment on May 15. He needs to be commended for his constructive criticism of the system both locally and at the central government level. Indeed he suggeseted that once an investor is given a place and spends a lot of resources and time , that investor must not be asked to leave just because a powerfull entity wants his land. I said that the Bangladesh textile company should be asked to leave if it insists that it will do so unless it gets Samuel’s land. This kind of behaviour is an early indication that it might not be a trustworthy partner. Remember again that Bangladeshi textile companies are notorious for cruel exploitation of their own nationals. What makes you think they will be more human on Ethiopians. I am sure Teklay knows he took my comment about the Bangladesh company slightly out of context. Tadesse Tesfamichael

  92. The way forward for Ethiopia …….While textile and investments in industries is good, the most is to be made in utilizing the agricultural potential of Ethiopia. Countries like France, Holland and Danemark have proven that fertile land is better used to produce cereals, for animal husbandry etc. Ethiopian products like coffee, sesame seed, Gum Arabica, niger seed and finally teff are sought after. Long term, while industries, controlled by foreigners are bound to pollute, agriculuture and agro industry can be small scale indigenous by nature and accountable as a rule. The same can’t be said about textile magnates and exporters for the profit margin is astronomical and yet difficult to gauge. The most money is made by such interlopers who manipulate the naive bureaucrats pushing paperwork to enrich themselves beyond belief. A simple garment produced in Bangladesh for a buck at most can be peddled in any number of department stores for ten bucks or more. Most of the profit is camouflaged and is not traceable as it is burried under mountains of paper work, which makes it hard to be taxable. With sophisticated campaign, what is left for countries like Bangladesh is wasted land and polluted air and environment. We should be careful not to repeat the mistakes of Bangladesh, Vietnam and China and keep our Nation as pristine as possible. This is not to discourage investments in textile but to make sure we do it right and implement checks and balances.

  93. ኣይተ ሳሙኤል ብምምሕዳር ከተማ መቀለ በጺሑኒ ዝብሉዎ በደል ኣብ መርበብ ሓበሬታ ዓይጋ ፎረም ሰፊሩ ካብ ነንብቦ ናብ ዓስራይ መዓልቱ ክኸውን ቀሪቡ:: መብዛሕትና ናይ ኣይተ ሳሙኤል በደል ተቀቢልና ኣብ ልዕሊ መመሓደርቲ ከተማ መቀለ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ኣብ ልዕሊ ምምሕዳር እታ ክልል ከይተረፈ ብዙሕ ተዛሪብና ኢና:: ካብቲ ጽሑፋትና ንኣይተ ሳሙኤል ምሉእ ብምሉእ ከም ዝኣመናዮም ግልጺ እዩ:: ክንኣምኖም ዝኸኣልና ድማ ጭቡጥ ዝኾነ መርትዖ ኣቅሪቦምልና ዘይኮነስ: ኣባና ወይ ድማ ኣብ ንፈልጦም ሰባት ዝበጽሐ በደላት ብምዝካር: ኣመሎም ስለ ዝኾነ ሕዚውን ከይገበሩዎ ኣይተርፉን ብምባል ከም ዝነበረ እምበር ካብ ቃል እቶም ተበዲለ በሃሊ ሓሊፉ ካሊእ እንፈልጦ ኣይነበረናን:: ተሃንዲድና ከምዚ ዝመሰለ ርእይቶ ክንህብ ዝገበረና እቲ ዝሓለፈን ዘሎን ባሕርይ ናይቲ ምምሕዳር ስለ ዝኾነ: ምናልባት ናይ ኣይተ ሳሙዔል ኣንጸርጽሮ ከምቲ ዝበልዎ ከይኮነ ተሪፉ: እቲ ምምሕዳር ዘይበደለ ኮይኑ እንተረኽበውን: ከምዚ ዓይነት ኣተሓሳስባ ክንሕድር ዝገበረና ንሱ ስለዝኾነ: ሐዚውን በደለኛ እዩ:: ኣነ ግን ካብዚ ከይዲ ሓንቲ ዓባይ ትምህርቲ ተምሂረለኹ:: ንኽልቲኡ ወገን ከይሰማዕኻ ምፍራድ: ጌጋ ምዃኑ::
    ምምሕዳር ከተማ መቀለ ነዚ ዝቀረቦ ውንጀላ፡ ሎምስ ዳርጋ ሰሙን ይገብር፡ መልሲ ሂቡሉ እዩ:: ኩልኻትኩም ከም ዘንበብኩምዋቶ እቲ ዝተውሃበ መልሲ ኣይተ ሳሙዔል እቲ መሬት ክወሃቦም ከሎ ብዝኣተዉዎ ግዴታ ከም ዘይፈጸሙ እዩ ዘመልክት:: እቲ ካብ ምምሕዳር ከተማ ዝተውሃበ መልሲ ኣይተ ሳሙዔል ብቲ ዝኣተዉዎ ግዴታ እንተዘይሠሪሖም ዝውሰዶም ስጉምቲ እንታይ ምዃኑኳ እንተዘየመልከተ: ሓደ ሰብ ኣብ ሥራሕ ክውዕል ዝኽእል ዝነበረ መሬት ከልምዕ እየ ኢሉ ወሲዱ ሓጺሩ ከቅምጥ ከሎ ስቅ ኢልካ ምርኣይ ከኣ ንባዕሉ ዘውቅስ እዩ::
    ናይ ብሓቂ:
    ኣይተ ሳሙዔል ከምኡ ዓይነት ቃል አትዮም ድዮም ?
    ካብቲ ዝተውሃቦም 5 ሄ/ር ፍርቂ ሄ/ር ጥራይ ድዮም ኣልሚዖም?
    ከምቲ ዝኣተዉዎ ግዴታ ክፍጽሙ ዘየክኣሎም: ካብ ቁጽጽሮም ወጻኢ ዝኾነ ኩነታት ከ ነይሩዶ?
    እዚ ካብ ኣይተ ሳሙዔል ንጽበዮ መልሲ እዩ:: ልዕል ክብል ከም ዝገለጽኩዎ ምምሕዳር ከተማ መቀለ ዳርጋ ሰሙን ይገብር መልሲ ሂቡሉ እዩ:: መልሲ ምምሕዳር ዝበጽሃና እቲ “በደል” ምስተገልጸ ኣብ ውሽጢ ሰለስተ መዓልቲ እዩ: ናይ ኣይተ ሳሙዔል መልሲ ግን ድሕሪ ሰሙን ኣይበጽሓናን:: ምናልባሽ ካልእ ጸገም ኣጋጢሙዎም እንተዝይኮይኑ ዝኣክል ጊዜ ዝነበሮም ይመስል::

    • We know that a goal has to be time specific as well as achievable. Do you think the goals stipulated in the contract were attainable, to begin with?

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