Egypt.Sudan.Ethiopia and Renassiance Dam

 After a long  protracted diplomatic war and after overcoming many obstacles Egypt had placed to stop Ethiopia from harnessing its natural resources over the last few decades,  Ethiopia is almost there to convince Egypt the old way is a no way. Ethiopia and the other Nile riparian countries have started to use any river that flow in to the Nile with little effect on Egypt and Sudan. Sudan has for a while accepted Ethiopia’s current project along the Blue Nile as a pro growth development and a plus for Sudan’s economy. On the other side Egypt despite facing a gruesome internal conflict that is consuming many people’s lives, it has been trying to foment yet another internal conflict in Ethiopia(see the now defunct government of president Morsi public secret ). However lately the new military backed government of Egypt is ready to negotiate with Ethiopia on the Renaissance Dam that is being built on the Blue Nile at full speed.

Although Egypt’s negotiating card is not fully known it may include  having a resident engineer at the site at all times, slowing the filling of the dam from a planned of six years  and may be part ownership of the dam. Regardless what the negotiating terms are and will be should Ethiopia at all allow foreign countries to have a say in the building of the dam? Should Ethiopia limit Egypt and Sudan involvement in the building of  the Dam beyond allowing them to review periodically the technical  aspect of the Dam? Even though the water flow to Egypt will not decrease that much due to the Dam should Ethiopia allow Egypt to have a say on  the amount of water flow? Have Your say.

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  1. I think Ethiopia should welcome both countries with open arm.There is nothing to hide. What Ethiopia should not do is accept any kind of deal that will give Egypt a veto power! Otherwise give and take deal is win win.

    • The people of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt should develop:
      1. Mutual respect and understanding to benefit from the Nile and any dams built on the Nile and its tributaries.
      2. Ignore all the nonsense they inherited from colonial mentality.
      3. They really need to understand that the water from the Nile is more than enough for them.
      4. Make sure that the stupid environmentalists and other nonsense experts shut their …

      • Ehiopian shouldn’t be tricked as wrongly negiated the the issue of Badme. I advice the Ethiopian goverment. Ethiopa shoul arm itself long range misaell that hits every millitary position in Ertirea. Shabiya without war could not survive. All Shabiya dream is engaging war with neighbor. We should break down Shabiya ambition and ill mentality not be used as agent of proxy war for Egyptian. We shouldn’t let the legs of Egyptian in Ethiopan soil. If these people are allowed in Ethiopa, they serve as spy agents and follow Ethiopians activity what kind of dam they build and where about the new dam build . If Egyptians are positioned in Ethiopia soil, all the time they could be the source of diplomatic friction and confrontation and conflict even if we build dam on Wabeshabel not directly linked to the Nile river. Egyptians are very smart in spinning agreements and negetiations in their side of favor. The HD government shouldn’t be crazy allowing Egypt on Ethiopian soil to spy and control every movement of Ethiopa

        • We Ethiopian’s know what are Their secret plan behind closed door, and we don’t want to have any forigners in our project, They are going to spy and destroy our country, They have been never, and will never like Ethiopia.So just FUCK off these devil Arabs.
          God bless Ethiopia

    • Egypt is the one attacked Ethiopia twice over a hundred
      years ago, Egypt is the one Who trained the ELF Eritrean
      Liberation Front and arm them to fight against Ethiopia,
      Egypt is the first countries to offer radio station in Cairo
      in the 1959 under president Nasser. Egypt continued to assist
      Shabia all the way from the beginning to the end. Do not be
      be a fool Egyptians hate CHRISTIANS and will never feel convertible their water is coming from Ethiopia.
      What you will get from Egypt is Spies agents of destructions
      they will destroy not only the dam but Ethiopia all.
      Egypt will be pain in the neck, pain in the ass and pain every where. Ethiopia is only going to get unending pain from Egypt. Why is Ethiopia bending down to Egypt ?Giving them management In the renaissance dam what else is Ethiopian
      officials not tell their people Are the Egyptians going to check
      how much water Ethiopia will yours for irrigation>
      IN short why is Ethiopia bending down for the demand of Egypt ?

      • YES, Egypt is a pain at all to Ethiopia. They have to understand that Ethiopia badly needs this dam. Ethiopian gov’t must not go in to deal compromising this dam. I have paid and I am paying for its construction. If the Ethiopian Government wants to go for a deal with Egypt, it should be through popular referendum. we are ready to scarify everything we have and our life to protect and see completed abay dam. Egypt should never get an office in the site neither supply any kind of expertise in the name of supporting the dam. We have engineers and we have people who can un-mountain the ills and who can label the gorges. Ethiopia never be fooled.

    • I think Ethiopia has been clear on its objectives. It stands to work even with devil as long as it is a win win for every one. however; it has made it clear that Ethiopia, only Ethiopia is the one who determines the path of its development, and Egipt or any other power has no say on the dam or the fate of the future projects on the nile. The fate of Ethiopia is on the hand of Ethiopians, not any other entity or power.

    • i hate that give and take SONG so bad why give what you need the most when you don’t have noting to receive from ( GERENEBITE MAYE LEAKEBE ZEBELEWO EZI EYU) we give the whole Eriterea what do we get in return NONE,come on man

  2. Administration and management of the dam has to be by Ethiopia what so ever as this could lead for un seen sabotage. Would egypt allow Ethiopia to manage aswan dam?

    • 1. Ethiopia should be afraid of sabotage no matter were it comes from. 2nd is disputes of administration, who should decide what
      3. If the engineers of each country has different plans for the project, one to succeed and another one to fail. How would we know. In my part it is better to call the other part to control regularly and nothing else. Care taking is normal and important

  3. Dear Aiga,

    It is a timely topic. The article on the website by W.Yilma characterizes the Egyptian position very well and I concur with that characterization. We Ethiopians should understand the Egyptians never use one approach when dealing with the issue of the Nile. They have multiple tactics, all with sinster motives. The end result is to drail Ethiopia’s stability and economic development. It boils down in to “Kizihl Biedika, kiwae bimanka”. We ethiopians should conduct prudent diplomacy. As was done before, assure egypt that Ethiopia has no intension to harm Egypt. And it is ok to accomodate some technicality based on the recommendation from the international experts forwarded to the three countries this year. I hope people in the goverment knows what is at stake and they are not that neive to beleive what Egypt may be offering. When dealing with Egypt, there is a proverb in Arabic to the tone of: “beleive in Allah but do not forget to tie your camel”. Allowing Egypt in any form to have a say on our soil and affairs in a form of Engeeners at the site (to spy?), participation in the construction of the dam is unacceptable and the outcome for Ethiopia of such a deal will be highly catastrophic and regrettable. My hope is they will not repeat the Badme debacle with another uncalled off and shody deal.

  4. Ethiopia should encourage cooperation with the two brotherly nations, what should not happen is any “technical expertise”by Egyptians in regards to the construction,operations and management of the Dam, this is a taboo and any weakness in these issues will have incomprehensible consequences for Ethiopia, and it will be another disaster above and worse than acknowledging Eritrean independence without any consideration of the interests of the Ethiopian people, so please beware TPLFites this is another historical moment and how you handle this issue will define the future of Ethiopia

  5. we should be open to all possibilities including the participation of Sudan, Egypt and many others interested. The inclusion has to be measured and regulated though. we just have to question why a change of heart all too soon from arch nemesis of the very recent past. as much as we need to look at their motives critically, we should also be embracing our brothers and sisters if they come in repentance. we should not regret to apply our upper hand position at this point since we’ve paid for it dearly. as far as it is done in a balanced manner, the inclusion will be the way to the win-win scenario that we’ve been advocating from the beginning. one thing that I WON’T support is; the scenario in which their moves will be taken as a charitable deed towards us. let’s recall the golden motto ‘ … with or without, we shall build it!’

  6. Ethiopia must negotiate with good faith but never allow foreign power to participate In decision making arrangement. Furthermore, Ethiopia must not offer the so called co-ownership since this is an Ethiopian project built by its own children. Remember what Meles Zenawi said on the day of the inauguration “we Ethiopians will build and own it”.

  7. EPRDF must be careful in dealing with Egypt on this very important subject. I do not thing Egypt wants to see Ethiopia coming out of poverty. Egypt has never been a friend of Ethiopia and it will never be in the future.

    Egypt’s motive is to start engagement with Ethiopia in some kind of deal and if the ill designed deal is not working in favor of Egypt, Egypt may use it as an excuse to attack and diplomatically gather all enemies of Ethiopia to work against Ethiopia’s interest.

    Ethiopia must say NO to any proposal from Egypt be it technical, management or economic. Ethiopia must continue building the Dam while making good diplomacy with the remaining riparian countries, China, India, Europe and the Americas.

  8. በ እኔ እምነት ኢትዮጵያ እንደ ጎረቤትም እንደ አፍሪካን ወገኖች በቅንነት .በአስተዋይነት ለሰላምና አብሮ ለማደግ ካላት ጽኑ እምነትና ህዝባዊ ባህሪዋ በመነሳት ከሚገባት በላይ.ከመንገድ በመዉጣት በአባይ ዉሃ የመጠቀም ፍትሃዊ መብ ት እንዳላት
    እያወቀች በአለም ዉስጥ ያልተደረገ ለጎረቤት አገሮች የግድቡን ፐላን ክንዋኔ ለማሳዬት
    የተጎዘችዉ ገዞ ከሚገባዉ በላይ ነዉ በዬ ስለማምን ከዚህ በላይ በር መክፈት አስፈላጊ ኔዉ ብዬ አላምንም.

  9. Absolutely Ethiopia should limit their roll in the dam because there is a say in Ethiopia or elsewhere that says “you should not fear your enemy, fear your friend enemy because you will never know how and when he will attack. If it is an enemy you are always prepared. At the same time I am not saying they should be consider as an enemy but it better to keep them away from knowing things that they shouldn’t know. In my opinion I don’t think they will have a good intent of this plan would be success full. It seems they have no choice to stop this by any other means. The only thing left is to be a friend and then destruct as much as they can whichever way is possible. Why would Egypt had to pay G7 up to $500 000?, To help on the construction? I don’t think so!
    Thank you

  10. Hi Every one at Aiga,

    Beyond the Energy (economical) benefit, the renaissance dam is a symbol of our struggle for justice and equality of utilizing our resources that we had been sabotaged and denied for millennium. Letting Egypt and Sudan to manage the dam is like saying that Ethiopia would have managed the Aswan dam of Egypt. FYI, Egypt had not consulted Ethiopia, the contributor of the most water (80 %+) when it built the Aswan dam. Hence, the Renaissance dam is Ethiopian and must be managed, built and own by Ethiopia. The downstream nations, Egypt and Sudan should appreciate Ethiopia for letting them examine the construction design and the purpose of the dam, which is benefiting every one. But, beyond that should not be on the table of negotiation is my say.

  11. The camel is riding on while the dog is barking at.
    Most of the source of highlands where Nile river originated are being affected by deforestation for demanding fire wood and farm land. So to change these , people should use electricity to reduce deforestation.
    -Egyptian should participate on the preserving and rehabilitating the source of Nile with trees.
    – Egypt is the second African country having large amount of ground water………..Egyptian needs to use their underground water.

  12. The position Ethiopia should take is not simple. we can’t be naive to say to step aside and we will do what we need to do and we will go on. The Nile issue so interdicted with Egyptian political and life issues. It’s beyond Ethio-Sudan and Egypt issue, It’s a middle east and Islamic issue.
    So the sophistication of the the deal is beyond recognition. The involvement of the oil rich Arab countries overt or covert is eminent. Then Ethiopia needs be very careful on the table.
    1) we should allow them to participate in monitoring the flow of the Nile
    2) we should ask them to participate in preserving the ecosystem to empower
    the river for sustainable and adequate forestation and and fight De-forestation , instead of allowing them to have share on the dam let them invest in making sure the river is sustainable for generations by protecting the source.
    3) we shouldn’t allow them anywhere that will open a chance to sabotage the
    project in particular and the the country in general. be it in construction or other
    investment in the country. remember they can manipulate the different aspect
    our economy, politics and finance of the country.
    4) we should abide by the recommendation of the joint experts. This particular
    deal is very important for the credibility of our position. It may have set
    backs but we have to offer genuine care and accountability for our diplomacy.
    5) we should ask them for loan in exchange for future power use. this may give
    the feeling of holding the cards. This loan should not be tied to the operation of the dam or the engineering of it.
    6) we should be flexible on the time of dam filling.

  13. Ethiopia should not allow any foreign countries to have a say in the building of the dam. The negotiation should be on the technical spect of the dam in line to the technical committee of the experts.

  14. It is important for Ethiopia to Control and administer its own Project and affair by itself. This means while Ethiopia must go great lengeth to avoid conflict and create understanding and co-operation, it should never allow the other part to have the opprtunity to manipulate such understanding and co-operation. In another language as a soverign nation Ethiopia’s interest shouldn’t depend on anyone though to achive this Ethiopia should work hard to co-operate With other states. Hence from this perspective the involvement of not only egyptioan but also any Foreign party should be Limited. The notion of shared ownership is tottaly wrong. This is a national Project not a joint venture. We in fact need expertise but there should be a plan to replace all expertise With Ethiopians and plus Egyptian expertise on this should be Limited and mariginal. Generally my argument is that the Ethiopian government must try to convince all parties through transparency and negotation, but it should also at the same time make sure that the DAM is a national Project and only Etiopia and Etiopia must build, own and administer it.

  15. One fact seems be missed time and again is this.
    Contrary to the way Egypt presents itself as solely dependent on the Nile for its water needs, it is in fact swimming on an inexhaustible aquifer – perhaps only exceeded by the DR Congo and Libya. This self portrayal of Egypt will undoubtedly resurface to give credence to Egypt’s demand for a large share of the Nile’s water. This should be countered vigorously by the upper riparian countries and laid to rest once and for all. Egypt can and should supplement any reduction in the Nile water with water from its huge aquifer.

  16. Absolutely Ethiopia should limit the involvement of the two countries on the Great Ethiopian Renaissance dam, because the Egyptian irrigation minister expressed officially says our government we don’t consider the Ethiopian development but they need vote to operate Great Ethiopian Renaissance dam in different situation. Finally i wont to say to Ethiopian government must carefully about the agreement.

  17. Egypt’s intent to reside engineers permanently at the dam for evaluation and controling purpose is unwelcomed and unacceptable attitude that violets the sovereignty and internal affairs of Ethiopia. In addition, it undermines our own experts, violets the dignity of the government and the people of Ethiopia in general. However, any negotiation that can ease the tensions and lead to a win-win solution is a better way in the era of civilization.

  18. Ethiopia has full right to use its’ natural resources and why Egypt built Aswan dam with out consulting Ethiopia. Now it is a matter of dignity for Ethiopia to use our natural resources and built the Nile Dam for the use Ethiopian people. Ethiopia will not flinch even an inch for its goal and objective to build Nile Dam and good bless Ethiopia to its’ success.

  19. Our government shall consider and avoid all points commented by the technical committee, convincing the Egyptians that the dam will not a threat rather than producing the power.
    we can consider also time of the dam to fill the water but don allow Egypt to have a share or ownership of the Dam.
    the negotiation shall include other countries like Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, etc

  20. Ethiopia should as usual cooperate and demonstrate that both the Sudan and Egypt will not loss. With regard to contribution for the dam, assign resident engineer, slow the filling time, Ethiopia shouldn’t accept all. If we allow them to contribute it would degrade the objective of the mobilization I think the dam is a flag ship to the Ethiopians because we managed to construct with our own initiative showing the world that banning fund can’t be an ever formula to deter poor countries. Why a resident engineer. If there is wrong with the dam, there is international law, they could go and appeal. Where on earth has such practice been done? The Egyptians are not wholly awake of the past.

  21. I think giving discussion a chance is a must do affair, but always be aware of the pro and cons of any agreement that may be reached. any agreement shall be on a win-win principle and mutual benefit. Any suggestion of Egyptians to send their so called “experts” in the name of “supporting” the construction of the dam shall never be accepted for they certainly will include their spies among the so called experts. We must be always conscious that this people do anything to disrupt the construction of this dam.

  22. I believe the Egyptians are not in this negotiation to provide support for what Ethiopian are going do around the Nile river. They are going to come to the negotiating table to find a way to distract, to find away to sabotage using the forum, and if possible to divide the east African states to weaken their stand on the Nile issue. Ethiopia should and must avoid the Egyptians involvement in the construction of the dam in terms of financing, co-ownership, and supervision of any kind around the dam. All this issues will become a security concern down the road. For example, if we allow the Egyptian to be around the dam we are giving them a chance to plan how to destroy the dam, in addition, if we let a lot of Egyptian around the vicinity of the dam they can radicalize the local people to achieve what the Egyptians want to do in terms of destroying the dam. Hoping that Egyptians are going to cooperate in god faith in this matter is wish full thinking. It never happened before for a long time and it is not going to happen now or ever.

  23. Ethiopia has to play a wise diplomacy and I think it should encourage Sudan and Egypt to come to the table. However, I have few concerns.
    1. Ethiopia has to be careful regarding the agreements it has to sign. The dam is being built at the cost of millions of poor Ethiopians. The fund could have been diverted to schools, clinics, agricultural extension services, private investment, etc. It is the belief of many Ethiopians, including me, that such short term cost is justified for the benefit of future gains and future generation. Therefore, Ethiopia shouldn’t sign any agreement that can block our gains in the future. Ethiopia should only agree on assurances that it will not use the dam at a ‘significant’ ‘unfair’ cost of Egyptians and Sudanese. It should simply agree on terms that its use of the dam will be determined according its share by the Entebe agreement and hence it should push Egypt and Sudan towards that agreement instead of a unilateral decision.
    2. Although Ethiopia should open its doors towards Egypt and Sudan for negotiations regarding the dam, this shouldn’t, in any way, affect or delay the ratification of Enteebe agreement. Our African brothers are watching us!!! They have been supporting our plans and determination to build the dam, and defending us against Egypt’s treats. We should strengthen their trust by convincing Egypt and Sudan to come towards the Entebe protocol. Our tripartite negotiations should be part and parcel of the broader Entebe agreement. That is, we should negotiate with Egypt and Sudan that our use of the dam depends on what is decided by the Entebe protocol!!! If, however, we sign agreement on the use of the dam, Egypt and Sudan will never sign the Entebe agreement and our African brothers will lose faith on us and at the end we are the ones who will be the real losers!! Remember, Egypt prefers always to deal with each of the Nile basin countries separately by dividing and bribing them.
    3. Ethiopia should keep it current ground!! The ball is with us and we shouldn’t be afraid of anything. Finally, I would like the Ethiopian government to be transparent and announce the terms to the general public before any signature!! Our media should be active in investigating the details of negotiations and announce to the public.

  24. Dear AIGA,
    This is a very timely topic and thank you very much for bringing it up. The swift change in the stances of Egypt is not healthy. Therefore, all actions Ethiopia intends to take regarding the extent of participation of the countries should be well thought and tight as far as possible. It is true that allowing Sudan and Egypt to take part in the Renaissance Dam construction can potentially help build cooperation and confidence among the countries. However, it has to have a defined limit. Most of all the involvement of construction crew or engineers apart those contracted by the Government of Ethiopia (i.e., Saline) no one else should be given the duty in the engineering and construction work.

  25. It is great that you organized this blog. And I am sure and I hope you will convey what is expressed in the blog to the decision makers !
    As it is being cleverly reflected in this blog, we shall make no mistake that , Egypt is not coming to the negotiation table as they really stand for win win deal but to tray to play their only remaining card .They are trying . If Ethiopia had to allow Egypt at this time to take back to their lost leverage by accepting terms like allowing resident engineers and so, I would simply take this as someone to crown his diseased enemy.
    The bottom line would be
    – Let Ethiopia allow the negotiation to be in be framework of NBI ( including all the riparian)
    – By no mean there should be any Egyptian technical involvement
    – Egypt should be asked officially to accept the project

  26. I think we should learn from history. Egypt was helping Eritrea during the Ethio-Eritrea war. It has also been involved in Somalia(proxy war) and is helping Ethiopian oppositions like G7(rumor had it, it will open office in Egypt). These points are from yesterday. There were worse misdeeds committed by Egypt in the far past. So, if they want to have any voice in our project Ethiopia also should demand to be consulted about any project Egypt will undertake on the Nile. We need also to have presence in Egypt in order to follow up what is going on in the Nile. We should bargain.

  27. First and foremost, this is ‘good news’ for the Egyptians have awoken to the fact that Ethiopia is determined to build the Dam and they will have join the ‘ tango’ or else be left out in the Sahara. A number of issues should be raised which are as follows; 1. Egypt will have to join the Nile Basin Initiative 2. Ethiopian authorities have to be adamant in securing ‘ provisional water quota’ for Ethiopia .Most of the time, we don’t need to tab the waters of the Nile but in drier years we should augment the quota. So this quota can be flexible but minimum quota amounting to some 10 to 15 million cubic meters has to be the floor. Any more water needs will be tabulated during drought.
    3. Egypt will have to promise not to abate and aid any rebel movements in Ethiopia, Somalia or other riparian countries. And it has to limit its presence and financing of Eritrea.

    4. Madame Cascao of the Swedish water think thank has all but stated that Egypt is using more than its share of 55 billion cubic water, And as Mr Musevni, in an interview given to an Egyptian journalist and posted on Walta, the Ugandan President stated the amount of water in the basin fluctuates massively from year to year. According to him some years the volume of water in the system reaches as much as 150 billion cubic water ie the Egyptians are using more water than they are professing. Thus any excess water should be sold to countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia and Palestine and the proceed used between the countries according to their input

    5 Egypt and its proxies in major international financial institutions have to stop their protest against any financing for water related projects in Ethiopia.

    6 Ethiopia should sell its electricity at World spot price for this valuable commodity. True we could give them discount for being BEINE NILE

    If the Egyptians agree to these conditions, i have no problem with their experts overseeing the Dam once it is FINISHED. They can contribute financially but allowing their engineers to participate is a NO NO. for who knows what they have in mind. But once the Dam is finished, they can take a ‘ swim’ if they wish for God forbid they try to wreck it Cairo along with the Valley of the KINGS will just be washed away into the Sea

  28. Negotiations are always the means to solve problems. Especially diplomatic negotiations. The involvement of Egypt to the dam neither increase nor decrease the quality of the dam that the country is constructing. If Ethiopia needs engineers from abroad, it has a possibility to contract some of them. The type of support in getting money from international organizations should not be dependent on Egypt’s motif, Ethiopia should struggle for this. One basic point is Ethiopia should press Egypt that Egypt to sign the Nile basin initiative without any precondition. Then. additional negations, if required to be and is not included in NBI can be done, which I do not think there is. Therefore, the first point is the NBI-they should accept and replace the old treaty with the new one and what follows next is the financial issue-that Ethiopia can do it based on the NBI agreements. Otherwise, having engineer onsite (what does it mean?), decreasing the volume of the storage, filling with the next 10-11 years etc should not be negotiation points.

  29. The gesture by Egyptians to cooperate with Ethiopia with regard to the GERD is one positive step that should be assessed very carefully. We know that most of the past wars in Ethiopia were left bad scars on our people. Behind all these wars was Egyptian hands. Therefore, the Ethiopian government should be very careful in dealing with Egyptians. There should not be any compromise regarding the GERD and all projects on the Blue Nile. Ethiopia should secure the benefits of its people and thorough analysis should be made before any deal with Egyptians.
    GOD bless Ethiopia.


    Watch this interview between an former Ethiopian commander, Egyptian doctor and former US ambassador to Ethiopia Shinn. Listen at what the former Derg/Haile Selassie army commander. When Egypt built Aswan Dam, Ethiopia asked for clarification and was worried about the consequences the diverting of the Nile to the Sinai, but Egypt’s reply to Ethiopia’s concern was: “EGYPT CAN DO ANYTHING IT WANTS WITH THE WATER ON ITS LAND”.

    Furthermore, Egypt has been blocking and vetoing any financial assistance for the building of the Dam until now.

    So if the Ethiopian leaders have any honor, they should never even entertain the idea of including Egypt in the affairs of the GRD or allowing Egypt to set any conditions on the building process or/and functioning of the Dam. The Dam is Ethiopian, not Egyptian. Egypt should not at all be heard, or appeased or pampered around in anyway. The Ethiopian government and people have the right to use their resources to develop Ethiopia in anyway they wish and at anytime they want to do so. The GRD, the largest Dam in Africa producing 6000 MW electricity when finished is going a great national asset, will enrich and improve the Ethiopian economy further. Egypt is not afraid of the Dam. They don’t want the new Ethiopian surge of power, Ethiopia is becoming powerful in Africa. That is what is concerning Egypt, not the Dam.

  31. we’re building the Dam without harming NO ONE right? so STOP having this non sense negotiation specially with Egyptians. it is our history, resource, pride and its ours GOD given gift.

  32. Beware Ethiopia!

    1) Any agreements must be on a win win basis!
    2) Egypt shouldn’t be allowed to manage the Dam & shouldn’t have any share on the Dam!
    3) the Dam must be solely owned by Ethiopia!
    4) any negotiation must include all the upper riparian countries!

    5) every deal must be on equal basis!

    Ethiopia has the right government that brought The bully Egypt right to the table, with no “ara goraw fukera”
    God bless the motherland !

  33. It is really good to negotiate with Egypt.But,We have to be careful that the Egyptians should not get to much right on the concern of the dam.The dam should be control fully by Ethiopian engineers.There is a say which says,don’t stand in front of a gun,and don’t trust any body.

  34. I think I start to have my fear as it comes to be true.
    Long ago, we don’t forget that we all out to the Addis Ababan Stadium as we won the fight at the Hague which was untrue , completely shamelessley claimed won.

    Now I doubt about any minor negociattion with EPRDF and any foreign countries to give up everything that belongs to Ethiopia.

    I think sometimes EPRDF negociate with Ethiopian existence which never been.

  35. Dealing with Egypt and Sudan peacefully is important. But we Ethiopians are the owner of the Dam. So we have to do our job based on the plan of the Dam.

  36. Ethiopia should only allow the implementation of the recommendation by the joint experts from these countries. Never allow Egypt in our internal management of the

  37. Ethiopia should look into the matter from its strategic advantage perspective.The decision to construct a dam wherever and whenever feasible should be the souverign right of Ethiopia.Involving other stakeholders needs to be seen from their keek interest to support the development pf Ethiopia first and on what they can gain from such development.Anything less than this minimum admittance of engagement is tantamount to bowing to their pressure.A strong and firm stand is essential for better arming our negotiators to stand tall and if need be to say go to hell if you are not to honor our efforts for developing our water resources.

  38. The late PM meles Zenawi never suggested that the GERD will can be owned by Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt. What makes Egypt think that they are better than Ethiopian engineers and Salini. This is a typical Egyptian arogance and racism. It is the U.S.A that modernised the Aswan dam and saved Egypts heritage that was underwater because of the Soviet Unions miscalculation. Egyptian engineers were siting helplessely with their finger in their mouth. And now they have the guts to send Egyptian engineers ”that have experience in building dams”. Egyptian engineers never built a singel dam by themselves, in fact the Tochoka canal itself was planned and supervised by U.S and European firms. Furthermore, if indeed Ethiopia is going to accept the possible Egyptian suggestion of Egypt dispaching a permanent expert to be stationed in GERD then it means Ethiopia has capitulated to be a subordinate and neo-colony of Egypt thereby ending the possiblity of agricultural and industrial development of the country.
    What then was the sence of ratifying the Nile Basin co-operative framework agreement. It is also worth mentioning thast both Rwanda and Uganda are building each a 600MW Hydropowerplants also meant to be used for irrigation purposes.
    It is only a scare tactic that Egypt will attack Ethiopia and the dam. Ethiopia must of course be prepared for a possible bomber plane attacks (planes the size of a transport jet) plus be prepared a type of sending ”special forces by a transport planes like they did in Cyprus which ended with a humiliation where a small group of paramilitary forces of Cyprus forced the Egyptian plane in Cyprus airport full of soldiers and Jeeps mounted with armoured huge canoons plus over three hundred U.S made RPG’s which took place after the second half of the 1970’s. Among other possibilities Eritrea being used as a spring board must not be excluded and in that case with good intellegence Ethiopia must do everything to end the one man dictatorship in Eritrea keeping eyes wide opened the Sudanise frontier.
    The only thing Ethiopia must do is provide the already available possible readjestment in the possible technical-engineering details provided by Salini Construction company and agree only on the duration of time for filling the dam which also must not be prolonged till kigdoms come but in a rather rational and short time. Meaning increasing the filling of the dam during excess rain and decreasing the amount of feeling the dam when it is not.

  39. Based on the historical facts, the Egyptian has been doing all kind of subotages to weeken Ethiopia, because they want to use the Nile River without challenge…

    However, thanks to the great contribution or leadership of the EPRDF government, under the late PM Meles Zenawi the great, Ethiopia has passed all the abstacles and now Ethiopian are bouildimg the Dam to use their share from the Nile River.

    So, it is good that the Egptian are showing a good gesture and they are talking with their Ethiopian counter part to address their concerns, but it early to trust them and to allow them to participate in the project. I mean, Ethiopia should provide them the technical finding that they will get the share, but once again, they shouldn’t allowed to be near the Dam, let alone to participate in building the Dam!

    God bless the world!

  40. I don’t need to write a boring long comment to convince anyone in here! go watch what they were cooking for us during their live TB broadcast!!
    Make no mistake!Egypt has been our historical enemy and it will continue to be so, no matter what. Ethiopia has to be careful with every Egyptian move.
    Letting Egyptian to be part of our Abay is the worst mistake of any Ethiopian government can make.
    No single Egyptian engineers should step foot on our Abay, other than just for few days to see what is going on.


  41. Ethiopian government before any deal with Egypt about Nile dam must consider our future the right to use irrigation farm on Nile water future Ethiopian people need more water to drink or farm crops my big concern Egypt knows the dam not significant affect on annual water shear but they prevent us to block further farm usage that why disturb without any reason in our natural resources this is time to defend our right

  42. When I think of Egypt I get sick. The issue with Egypt is personal than national to me. My great grand parents on both sides of the family died at the battle of Gurae/Gundet defending their country against the Egyptian aggression a century and a quarter ago. The track record of Egypt is so bad and destructive. They did every thing to harm peaceful Ethiopia. It is imperative to avoid the involvement of Egypt in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. We should not allow Egypt to have a say either in the construction or in the management of the water flow of the dam. Ethiopia should be cautious in these sensitive matters. We should not be fooled twice by Egypt.

  43. Negotiations are always the means to solve problems. Especially diplomatic negotiations. But Administration and management of the dam has to be by Ethiopia. Would egypt allow Ethiopia to manage aswan dam?
    But we Ethiopians are the owner of the Dam. So we have to do our job based on the plan of the Dam for Ethiopian.

  44. Our leaders must be cautious when dealing the issue of GERD with the Egyptians. Because we don’t forget the deeds of the Faros since time immemorial to destabilize and see a feeble Ethiopia which is incapable of using its natural resources to go out of all sorts of backwardness. We must also not forget when negotiating with the Egyptians that unexpected results can happen as witnessed with the Eritreans despite our upper hand in reversing their aggression.
    God be with us.

  45. While we have this endless attempt by Egyptians to dectate Ethiopia in Ethiopia’s internal affairs. We also had recentely a good news concerning space telescope and ”a promise” to send the fist Ethiopia’s first satelite for metherological and communication puropses. We also have his Honerable the Honerable Ato Seyum Mesfin, The Ethiopian Amassodor to the Peoples Republic of China who has done so much for the development of Ethiopia in Ethio-Chinise relationships. Mind you Deplated Uranium or DU also refered to as Q-metal, depletalloy or D-38 also used as ”bunker buster bombs” IS NOT a nuclear bomb!. The DU bunker buster bombs Which the U.S.A has time and again used it both in Afganistan and Iraq but has also delivered 100 DU bunker buster bombs to Israel in 2009 is something worth serious concideration if we are concerned of really defending Ethiopia and her vital interests now and in the future.
    Civilian uses of DU include counterweights in aircraft, radiation shielding in medical radiation therapy and industrial radiology equipment and containers used to transport radioactive materials. Military uses include defensive armor plating and armor-piercing projectiles.
    Once the country sends its own satelite to the outer space for metherological and communication purposes then there are so many countries that will be ready to sale to Ethiopia the DU which can be easily armed to the same rocket used for space technology. The only thing Ethiopia needs to do is work day and night to send the satelite to space in a shorter period of time than in three years and also at the same time arm the rockets with DU bunker buster bombs and other defence material weapons, which in my opinion will give Ethiopia a guarantee from other countries arrogance and dectate or try to detect on issues that are the internal affairs of Ethiopia like the GERD is.
    Markos Lemma Wesenie MD,Phd

  46. I like the idea of a win-win solution and I also bear in mind that the Nile water is an international water. This doesn’t mean the sovereign interest of Ethiopia has to be violated. The management of the dam should be the sovereign right of Ethiopia and no agreement should be made that infers the so called “Egypt’s historical rights”. Egypt and Ethiopia are bound by international water laws not by any “historic right”.

  47. While we have this endless attempt by Egyptians to dectate Ethiopia in Ethiopia’s internal affairs. We also had recentely a good news concerning space telescope and ”a promise” to send the fist Ethiopia’s first satelite for metherological and communication puropses. We also have his Honerable the Honerable Ato Seyum Mesfin, The Ethiopian Amassodor to the Peoples Republic of China who has done so much for the development of Ethiopia in Ethio-Chinise relationships. Mind you Deplated Uranium or DU also refered to as Q-metal, depletalloy or D-38 also used as ”bunker buster bombs” IS NOT a nuclear bomb!. The DU bunker buster bombs Which the U.S.A has time and again used it both in Afganistan and Iraq but has also delivered 100 DU bunker buster bombs to Israel in 2009 is something worth serious concideration if we are concerned of really defending Ethiopia and her vital interests now and in the future.
    Civilian uses of DU include counterweights in aircraft, radiation shielding in medical radiation therapy and industrial radiology equipment and containers used to transport radioactive materials. Military uses include defensive armor plating and armor-piercing projectiles.
    Once the country sends its own satelite to the outer space for metherological and communication purposes then there are so many countries that will be ready to sale to Ethiopia the DU which can be easily armed to the same rocket used for space technology. The only thing Ethiopia needs to do is work day and night to send the satelite to space in a shorter period of time than in three years and also at the same time arm the rockets with DU bunker buster bombs and other defence material weapons, which in my opinion will give Ethiopia a guarantee from other countries arrogance and dectate or try to detect on issues that are the internal affairs of Ethiopia like the GERD is.

  48. Ethiopia should address any credible concerns raised during the study by the International Experts Panel. It is also to Ethiopia’s advantage to keep talking with Egypt without opening any loophole that enables the Egyptian government to divert the talking point.
    Regarding inviting Egypt and Sudan to invest on the construction of the dam, my answer is a big NO!!!! The dam will be one of our national assets and shouldn’t be in the hands of any foreign governments let alone Egypt; our nemesis from time immemorial forgetting the now sugar coated words and approach. Moreover, Ethiopia must not allow any Egyptian Engineer to be based at the dam location either during construction or after commissioning the project. In the first place, all Egyptian Water Experts are the most biased and clueless when it comes to waters of the Nile. So, what makes them eligible to monitor the operation and flows of our water within our territory? Allwoing Egypt to invest and station an engineer at our iconic hydropower plant will be a suicidal and time bomb. The Ethiopian government must not invite Egypt to invest or to be part of the construction process at any level whatsoever. Ethiopia must also reject any demands from Egypt to have her engineer(s) stationed at the power plant site or anywhere else.
    Moreover, when Ethiopia enters to any kind of discussion with regard to the Nile Water, it must be within the frame of the Nile Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA). The Egyptians are playing a dirty game of weakening the Nile Basin Initiative member countries and signatories to to the CFA. Ethiopia must talk from the interests of the upstream riparian countries.
    We, Ethiopians, don’t want to see another Wuchale or Algiers type of half cooked and hastly signed agreements that had and have led to unnecessary outcomes. The current and future generation must not inherit muddy agreements that will infringe their full rights to use their God given resources.

  49. Ethiopia should have full control of the hydroelectric dam, it is in its territoty has no obligation to any country. Has to be transparent to the world. There is always risk of sabotage if a third party especially Egypt who for centuries been sabotaging the development of the Ethiopian people at their own miserable cost. Nobody knows what the future hold in Egypt with the Salafis movement.
    The Ethiopian government should control everything.

  50. It is completely naïve to think Egypt will be an honest partner!To allow a resident engineer on site is not only foolish but suicidal. I don’t understand why our PM said ” Egypt and Sudan can have ownership with Ethiopia”?

  51. Dear Aiga,

    Thank you for raising this idea. When I read Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn begging Egypt to Co-own the dam, by heart started bleeding. I am still sleepless, upset and angry. I now strongly believe EPRDF is hollow and empty. I am 100% opposed allowing Egypt or Sudan any stake on the dam. I now believe the Ethiopians people have a solid reasons to overthrow EPRDF. EPRDF really need immediately to stop the dam. It is better the Dam be stopped than to allow Egypt to have a stake. I was at the point of believing EPRDF is becoming the capstone of restoring Ethiopian rights and dignity to its original history. But I am disheartened by the news. I think if there are genuine opposition at home who care about Ethiopia? then this is the time to overthrow EPRDF if it does any move in allowing Egypt a foothold in Ethiopia. Sometimes I condemn the opposition, but they have some good points when they say EPRDF does not care about Ethiopian soveregnity. When we think you are getting better, we see you repeating more mistakes? We do not want another EEBC please. If EPRDF can not stand for the country ? then the right things to do is to stop the dam and also to hand power to the people of Ethiopia peacefully. I swear on this website the day EPRDF sign any deal with Egypt. I will abandon everything I am doing right now and join the opposition and work full time to get rid of EPRDF. You may underestimate what I am saying because I am saying online this and I have been also passive so far. However, any deal that allows Egypt either to control the water or to Co-own the dam is tantamount of selling the 94 Ethiopian population. you will not only be selling the current generation but the generation to come. You have done this already. You have landlocked Ethiopia stupidly. Now PM HD invites Egypt to Co-own the dam? This is really the silliest thing I cannot expect from a leader of 94 million people. Alas, EPRDF is digging its own grave. This time we will not take another EEBC. If u do not have the gut just give power to the people. Thank you.

  52. Dear Aiga, you can delete my comments; but you will not stop people from thinking for their country if even if you wish to do that. It seems Ethiopia belongs to Aiga only? We are not allowed to give critical comment? Let us wait until EPRDF does another EEBC and you will see what we will do.

  53. If history is any guide, the current government is the worst negotiator.
    1. Badme: After winning the war against Eritrea with so much sacrifice they agreed for mediation. We all remember what happened.
    2. Border negotiation with Sudan: this was not much publicized, but Ethiopia has lost fertile land ten times the size of Badme. Many people displaced. Even Zeleke Agricultural Mechanization ( ANDM’s company) was kicked out.
    3. Renaissance dam: we will see. But I don’t have confidence in this government’s ability to negotiate. Millions of People wouldn’t give their monthly salary if they knew it would be part owned by Egypt, All Egyptian move is calculated to sabotage the construction of the dam.

  54. There must be some thing behind the scene for the Ethiopian leaders to put this in a table. In my opinion the idea of letting other country to have a say or ownership in a sensitive matter would be a very big and dangerous mistake. We may not see this now but for our children and the coming generation we are leaving something which may explode and damage. This should be consulted with the people and with legal experts, politicians before taking any single step. I am sure we do have outstanding experts who may see the future and advice our leaders. You don’t allow fixed asset huge infrastructures for the sake of obtaining financing or smoothing the current relationship. Why do our leaders come with this option? and what are their ground? If it is financial constraint, it’s better to delay some of the infrastructure or device some form of smart financing which may not cause harm to the people. This is frankly a saddening news. I never expected such a thing from our leaders…. I hope there must be a good explanation for this… very sad….

  55. If there is one thing the government of Ethiopia led by the Late prime minister has done as a profound diplomacy and far-sighted neighbourhood with the good people of Egypt and the government of Egypt is to show Ethiopia’s intention to promote and ascertain mutual benefits to both countries with regards to the Renaissance Dam, regardless of Egypt’s insatiable interest to use force if and when needed be to frighten and suffocate to ward off Ethiopia through all available means.
    Having withered such intimidation, Ethiopia has taken a striding effort to formulate the Nile basin initiative and the cooperative frame work agreement which by itself is a semi success story. I should think, time is amazingly on Ethiopia’s side and it is really a different perspective for Ethiopia.
    Any approach that invites the Egyptians involvement of administration, arrangement and authorization of the dam partly or fully is nothing than a suicide note and self-inflicting besides to enticing to own goal of accepting the old treaties for which Ethiopia has been busy denying it. Ethiopia has a full and an equivocal right to use its resource to its development period. I do not think so our diplomats and the current government led by his Excellency HD would be naïve to be hoodwinked to accept what the Egyptians has to throw on Ethiopia.
    Let me tell you, The Egyptians have written a full complaint opposing to small micro dames that were built at village level in Tigrai as early as 1992, I was so surprised to have seen that official complaint myself.
    You can discuss with them not to sound arrogant on merit bases but we need to be careful what we are looking for with them.

  56. 1/Say no to the idea of Egyptian engineers to stay at the dam all times.
    2/Say no to the idea of Egypt to be part of ownership of this or any dam on this soil no room for zero sum game.
    3/Say no to the idea of guarantee zero amount of water because we don’t rule the nature
    5/Say to Egypt to scrap the colonial mentality and live with reality and join NBI.
    Nothing less or more.
    God Bless Ethiopia!

  57. Hello, My fellow Weyenti, remember that,”FINAL and Binding” agreement imposed on Ethiopia through the Algeries agreement, by Richared Hole Brook,it was a proposal of indirect Eygptians interest to keep Ethiopia at bay, but , Isias was the real messanger to instigate the Badme war of attrition, Now the Eygptians are coming face to face like the Gundet war of 1871, Lets becarfull since the real stake holder our source of problem is coming, We should not compromise , or open the way to have a foot hold for them directly or indirectly,our control, possesetion and ownership,of the Blue Nile waters its property belongs to Ethiopians and sovernegniety by no means.It must be noted that our interest is not compromised in the name of cooperation or mutual interest.

  58. It is nice to read interesting comments from my brothers and sisters.
    I do not trust the Egyptians in any way. I know of our wars with Egypt and that Abdel Nasser started the Eritrean Liberation From to make the Red Sea an Arab Sea.
    One thing that occurred to me some time ago was that if Ethiopia was on of the downstream nations, say between Egypt and the Sudan surrounded by desert, what would I feel if an up stream nation build a dam. The Nation could be nice an trustworthy, but I could not be comfortable. For this reason, it is understandable for the Sudanese and Egyptian to have observers at the dam.
    But for them to have a say about the construction of the GRD is unacceptable. If they want to contribute financially, well that is ok. The money is coming from the Gulf states except Qatar. We should remember that. The Gulf states have said that they will invest the amount of about USD 20billion in Egypt, Sudan and South Sudan if an agreement is reached on the controversy of the DAM.
    I do not believe that the Ethiopian government will give a veto power to Egyptians.
    And we must remember that we never bow to any one and have never done it.
    GOD bless my people the Ethiopians.
    And now, I believe we have the upper hand.

    • Dear Mulugeta, we do not want money; our money are our people. Even if Arab gives 10^40 trillion dollars. We do want it. Please please

      • My brother Gezaee. I should have clarified in detail. What I wanted to say is that, since we may be in shortage of finance in the future, they can contribute now and can be deducted in future when they buy power from us. ABSOLUTELY NO TO ANY KIND OF PARTIAL OWNERSHIP AND VETO RIGHT. by the way I dislike Arabs. I have found them to be untrustworthy. My sole experience. .

  59. Ethiopia should not allow Sudan or Egypt to have a say so on the Dam development. The Ethiopian government can inform them with the progress and the benefit they will get from the Niles river without interruption. in fact they can rip the commercial and the flow of water regulation with reasonable cost. Otherwise, by allowing them to deal on daily basis of the dam by allowing them to have a resident engineer is not acceptable at all. It’s like opening the door without boarder. That will compromise the safety and security of the country. So they should not have a special privilege. Also in a long run they may claim as they build it. Let Ethiopian have 100 percent say so. I will leave you with this cote.” we were strong, we are strong and we will remain strong with Gods blessings.” May almighty God continue blessing Ethiopia!
    Befekadu Terefe Retta
    Chicago, Illinois, USA

  60. Don’t ever trust the Egyptian. They are designing to make some kind of engagement to use it as an excuse to start sabotaging Ethiopia’s development plan. They will do any thing to damage Ethiopia. This is deep in their blood vein.

    Say “No” to any proposal they offer it doesn’t matter how good it looks.

    They are the #1 enemy of our people. History supports my argument.

    Ethiopia must intensify its diplomatic maneuvering with the riparian east African countries, China, India, Europe and the Americas.

  61. Hi I am big time ethiopia gov support if gov let egypts manage the dam I will join with opposit part at next day because egypt never be ethiopia friend do not make such stupid mistake the way we did with eritrear

  62. I think the answer can be found simply by looking at the Nile issue in retrospect. Was Ethiopia allowed to get involved when Egypt built the Aswan Dam, the Assiut Barrage from the Nile River, the Aswan Low Dam on the Nile River, and the Ibrahimiya Canal on the left bank of the Nile?

    The answer is a big NO.

  63. People the water is our gold; our oil or oil uranium. It is our own resources in our backyard. We can not go to Saudi Arabia to do oil rigging. When our people were dying of famine, neither Egypt nor any Arab country came to our rescue. It is the European, North American white race who tried to save our people. Little kids as old as 5 years old children giving away their lunch to save our people. I never heard an Arab country did anything thing to save our people from mass death. Actually we would not have those famines if Haileslassie was not denied access to Loan by IMF because of Egypt. Haileslassie had Marshal plan to build many dams with help of Americans. It is Egypt through Britain who sabotaged Haileslassie’s Marshal plan and the British convinced the American to with draw from the project.

    If I was an Ethiopian leader, I would not negotiate with anyone on the water that is in my country. Leave alone Ethiopia, even Egypt did not ask Ethiopian when it built all the dams in Egypt. I would actually sell the water to Egypt to be honest. Losethu is selling its water to South Africa. The Losethu river is now white gold of Lesothu. Canada sells its fresh water to USA. If I was an Ethiopian leader, I would not allow Egypt the impression even it has a right on the water. Look, the water comes from trees in Ethiopia. Egypt never planted a single tree in Ethiopia. Instead Egypt has been destroying the trees and the people in Ethiopia by organizing rebels and igniting civil war in Ethiopia.

    I would not damn care about Egypt water need at the expense of my people. If I was the Ethiopian leader I would mobilize Ethiopians to work day and night like Lalibela to protect their resources than to make a stupid deal for them. I am starting to hating this man called Hailemariam Desalegn; he really sounds very foolish man. Why invite them to Co-own our Dam? He must resign even before he does more mess. We have many people better than him. When do not want foolishes to be honest.

  64. The chanve of Egyptian to swim together rather thank drown together must be welcome.It will be encouraged primarily the Egyptian authorities freed themselves from the old_fashion bancrupted politicos of intimidation and scaring tactics.This paradigm shift investing together ,benefing from it together has to be supported if and only if they are genuinely interested and are always watched lest they do sabotage the project as well as if we have the 51% or above shares so that we have the final say on any decisionincase differnt interests emerge during and after the plant.

    • Dear Abiy, please do not make joke on our people; if u want u can share your wife with other people. We do not want share; you must joking; 50% share? who the are you damn? do you think we are dumb like you?

      • Gezaee peace unto you
        If one wants to read what his mind contains, wait until he opens his throat as he may see through his mind.dumb is damn does.!!!!Some are more equal than others.You are not.Put up with substantative arguments or just shut up
        My discourse is addressing serious, substantative and valid compatriots,not invaid of your likeness; those whose
        legitimate concern is whether our interests in the GERD were bet
        ter served by joint
        investments as we are doing with our
        hr arable,mineral and otbdr surface and underground

  65. Any negotiation, especially issues like this depends on many factors. There are international rules, regulations and norms every stakeholders need to abide for. Nile River is a Trans boundary river. Therefore, those countries sharing this river have the right to share equitably. It is not a matter of dominancy or” my way or the highway” approaches. It needs a win- win wise decision from the involved parties. Obviously, in our dangerous world to engage in this kind of very serious business, the country which have a strongest economy, military, socio- political stability, Geo-political importance, world diplomacy etc..could have a better positions in the negotiation process. Both three countries have their own shortfalls, and my thought is this may encourage other third parties to involve. My assumption is Ethiopia may not allow this to happen. But we have to have a diplomatic skills and confidence in handling of this situation. What is important to note here is that this issue is very serious and sensitive which need a win -win approaches. Therefore the primary objectives of the negotiation should be to change the century’s wrong perception and stand both the Egyptian and Sudan have with regard to Nile River. Second, solving the problem with workable solution should be a primary objective for both countries. The fact of the matter is, the same way as we badly needs the dam; both the Egyptian and the Sudanese too need the water. Therefore, the negotiation might not be as easy as we think. It needs very cool mindset with critical thinking, and good diplomacy. The Nile water is not a simple issue. Either we work together or fail together. It is not a matter of national pride. Our choice will not far from letting these two countries to review and observe periodically the technicality as well as the environmental aspects of the dam. Why environmental? It considers a hazardous because of the consequences to the dawn stream countries as a result of dam construction. No further detail is necessary. Because it is clear the GRD is by far better and environmentally safe, and friendly that the dam Egyptians was constructed in their loose sandy soil!
    To come to my point of discussion:
    1. Yes, Ethiopia should give a chance to Egypt or Sudan to have a “limited say”, in a way that does not violated our sovereignty.
    2. With regard to the involvement of the two countries, Egypt and the Sudan, if I am not mistaken it was the Ethiopian intention or good will to let these two countries to participate in sharing the cost of the dam (50% ?) . But if this is true, the same as the above, both countries should not have a veto power to dictate about the fate or capacity of the dam. As a share holder they can participate. But this depends on many factors, but should be considered as last resorts. This is very unpleasant choice, entirely depends on our strength in many fields.
    3. Yes we have to entertain the concerns of Egypt regarding the amount of water flow or the time of filling the dam. I think this is the epicenter of the problem we are facing. The important thing here is negotiation without compromising our interest, and also to avoid un necessary confrontation. We have to look different options to address these problems.
    4. Except periodical access to “observe” the technicality, and environmental aspects of the dam, I do not think it is necessary to assign permanently the two countries “experts” in our soil. It violates the sovereignty of our country. No country has the right to raise this kind of demands to one sovereign’s country. Do they allow us to do the same in theirs soil? There will be a tripartite technical committee; therefore this kind of concerns should be addressed under this category.
    Long Live Ethiopia

    • Dear Yilma,

      If there is international law? why was Ethiopian denied access loans from WB, IMF,… and still denied? is there a international law that says Ethiopians can not use ? or which international law ? can educate us and post it here? if there is international law? Egypt would not have invaded our country many times to colonize us and to control our water? If there is international law why Ethiopians did not use its water upto today? if there is international law why there 1929 and 1959 colonial agreement between Sudan and Egypt only? is it because of international law Egypt uses the entire Nile water? if there is international law why you say military, economy or diplomacy also is a factor? if there was/is law? then in the first place there should not be any problem from the very beginning brother. Please go somewhere and teach your international law to somebody else. We do not need meek citizens like you. you better shut up if you can not help your country. Did we participate when they build and harnessed our water ? do you know they even have a plan to pipe the water to Saudi Arabia? do you know the grand project of Egypt on the table which is going to be funded by Saudi Arabia?

      Ethiopian did not even know about the dams in Egypt leave alone to be consulted. Those of who you talk shit like this, must shut up.

      • Hi Gezaee. I do not think we have much differences. However what we have to know is, that the Nile issue is not as easy as we think or it is not as simple as we discussed here. It needs careful diplomatic approaches. Nile river is not comparing with Arabs oil. It is beyond that. Because of this and other Geo-political importance and cross-boundary rivers international applicable law we have to make a deal with both Egypt and Sudan. This does not mean we have to be abandoned or compromised our interest on Nile river.
        The reason why we have pressure from the international financial institutions and others interested groups is because of the politics of Nile.
        The other important think we need to consider is our internal as well as our neighbors political stability. If we do not have the latter I do think we can overcome all difficulties and our approaches in negotiation would have been in a better position. With all these odds, we have to find a ways and means how wisely and safely we finish the job done. If both Egypt and Sudan show openness and are willing to work with us with no sinister intentions, giving a chance to listen, addressing their concerns, and work with consultation will not affect us. It is clear whether we reached an agreement or not, the GRD construction will not stop for a minute. All theses ups and downs from the down stream countries is a struggle to maintain the Status Quo, and unwillingness to change the old dogma preconceived notions about us!.

        • Hi Yilma,

          I am wondering which international law you have been referring? Can you post the international law you know? I am ignorant of any international law that says Egypt can use 55.5 billion cubic meter without contributing a drop of water and Ethiopians must die?

          I still disagree about your argument based on international law. As I said earlier, if there is international law Ethiopia would have used its water so far. Ethiopia has been denied from touching the water since the British started to use it to do their cotton farm and vegetable farm in Egypt. I repeat myself again, if there is international law why Sudan and Egypt needed agreements of 1929 and 1959? And why would Egypt block Ethiopian from getting fund from international financial institutions? Why would an international law allow one country to use the water and the source country punish to die of famine?

          There is no international law my friend. The international law is you have to be strong and protect your interest at all cost. If there was international law then in the first place we would not have any problem because our water would not have been controlled by a country far away from the source.
          It is weakness; lack of vision,… to even give the impression Egypt has right on the water. Neither Egypt nor Sudan has right on the water that well up from the Ethiopian heartland.

          The Nile issue is not difficult; it is difficult because this generation of Ethiopians are visionless and weak. Even our ancestors did not bow down to 2 million Italian ground forces and 500 fighter jets and other weapons 120 years ago. Today people like you are farting on their seats fearing lest Egypt kill them?

          Here is my advise to the leadership. If you can not build the dam as planned by Meles? then the right thing to do is to give power to the people and the people can elect patriotic Ethiopian that can defend the people. I do not wana hear again any interview from PM HD asking Egypt to Co-own the Dam. it is very embarrassing to be honest.

          If I was an Ethiopian leader, I would prepare myself to defend the dam before starting building the dam. Even now, it is better to stop the dam than to make any deal that deny future Ethiopians from using the water for irrigation, drinking and for any other purpose. I do not see the benefit of this dam now. The plan of the dam is not even good. The dam is planned to generate only electricity. The dam must have been planned to be for multipurpose: for irrigation, aquaculture farm, hydropower, drinking water purpose. t is expensive project and it must designed that way. Now you tell me you wanted to share even they hydro with a third party? There is no any benefit for Ethiopia apart for making another historical mistake to kill the unborn Ethiopians yet to come.

          My policies:
          1. Ethiopia will lose nothing whether Egypt like it or not. Egypt has done everything to destroy our country and they cannot more than what they have done so far. It is wrong to give the impression they have right on the water. It is completely wrong.
          2. The only guarantee for them to have water is to pay for it.
          3. Egyptians have been using the water for centuries by denying Ethiopia access to its own water? now it is our turn to use our water with no need a blessing from anyone. We do not need any blessing from anyone.
          4. The opposition must unite on this and be ready for any wrong move and if EPRDF starts to do any other EEBC? then strike EPRDF from power. Ethiopians scholar who preach about international law bla bla,… please you better keep quiet. Do not tell our people there is law that does not allow them to use their water? This is a wrong message you are posting to your citizen.
          No deal is the best deal for Ethiopia. We never made any deal when they build all the dams in Egypt. No trans-boundary or international law; if there was trans-boundary or international law, there was no need for 1929 and 1959 agreement between two country only leaving out 10s of countries? it seems laws are cooked to deny Ethiopia its water.

          • Dear Gezaee. Because of the sensitivity of the issue I recommend you to search and read some articles regarding the applicable law on trans-boundary rivers. If you go to UN web site, you can get valuable information regarding this issue.
            But please do not considered my opinion as complete nonsense, and unpatriotic. Patriotism does not restricted to sacrifice in battle fields. Seeking peaceful solution to issues like this is an obligation to avoid
            unnecessary sacrifice. I do not think the Ethiopian government intention is to harm or to pursue the same policy as Egypt and Sudan has done in their 1929, and 1959 agreements. The Ethiopian government request is to use fairly and equitably the Nile water. This stand is a center for Ethiopia to dictate the issue diplomatically.
            My friend be realistic, and avoid emotions. Is it not clear for you how many Diaspora insane politicians intoxicated with hate opposing this project? or disrupting fundraising events? Don’t you think they have no supporters who can sabotage the GRD inside or outside the country?. I am not saying here because of this problems, we have to compromise our interest. We can’t be out of the objective reality when you get into this kind of sensitive issue. Reality dictates the outcomes of the negotiation.

          • Dear Yilma,
            I am very disappointed man. You failed to give the international law you know. The international law must not be a secret. You wanted to compromise Ethiopian interest? for what? Ethiopian diaspora hate your government because of these type of shady deals you do now and then; you gave away our ports and our lands. Now you telling me to do the same? you want to compromise our interest? for what? because you fear the diaspora? well, look this is not emotion; this real. if you do this; you will be hated not only by diaspora, but the entire Ethiopian population. Anyway, I am not emotional but I know well about the right of my people. You just sell the dam to win diaspora? shame on you. You are the cause of the diaspora deep hatred. You are hated mostly because you worked against Ethiopia when you landlocked it. This is the reason the diaspora hate you and even considered you as colonizer. You are repeating it when you wanted to compromise our national interest just to win diaspora. Trust me, we will spit on TPLF the day it makes any deal. I am will spit on TPLF if TPLF does allow Egypt either to have a stake on the dam or if it does any deal. TPLF is not at cross road. If it repeats this again, well, Ethiopians will 100% spit on you as the most traitor in our history. Again, there is no law international law. You will not able to show me either. You can email me at the the international law. I wanted to read it. if there is international law that says Egypt can do anything but not Ethiopians. This is why people woyane. If you have realized diaspora hates TPLF, it is not for a reason.It is not without any reason why you do that. You must know there are many people who hate you even within Ethiopia; it is just supppressed them by force. Obviously, if you do another blunder, you will be the mosted creature in Ethiopian history. The day you do that I will G7,armed struggle because that will definitely show the degree of betrayal.

          • Sorry my friend I am dealing with a wrong person. Leave alone my fellow Ethiopian, my conscious will never allow me to hate any one. We can have differences in our political outlooks or with issues like this. But differences does not mean we have to hate each other. I am an ordinary Ethiopian not affiliated with EPRDF. But no matter what my relation either to this or the past Ethiopian governments I never have developed hate symptom towards them. You hate others when you hate yourself. This is a disease, need to be cured. Therefore my advice to you is try to avoid hate politics or seek help from psychiatrist. What need to be clear here is yes, I do not like the way Diaspora Ethiopians are handling political differences. If you appreciate it, I do not think you love you country, no matter to what extent you cover your body with the Ethiopian flag we all claimed “respect and love”!. To me loving my country means loving my follow Ethiopians, regardless of their political or religious beliefs. Question your self what is your role to the GRD? Do you contribute your share? or you are absentee and disrupt fund raising events? If you contribute your share I appreciate. But if not just shut your mouth and follow quietly as an outsider the process.Don’t give wrong advice and use war mongering words. There is no agreement reached yet. Therefore don’t be angry. Our civilized world is governed by diplomacy, not by anarchy and hooliganism behaviors. .
            You also raised unrelated issue, about Assab. It would have been better for you to pay sacrifice during the past regime, if you truly believe you love your country.Loving your country not expressed by million words but with paying your blood for the cause you stand for. Why not you advice your groups who barricading in Asmara to inflict injury to their mother land, if you truly worried about Assab? I think that is better than giving unproductive advice. Just to let you know I will not reply for this issue gain.
            Wishing you the best.

          • Come on Yilma; cool down. you are not the only Ethiopians who care about Ethiopia; it is 94 millions of us. You can not represent me or represent anyone unless you are elected. You know there has never been elected leader in Ethiopia.

            You do not know me sir. I do not hate anyone. I have no enemy. However, if stand for interest of my country is considered hate, I do not care how you see it. Where did I say I hate anyone? can you refer me where I said I hate anyone? where did you get this hate story? why woyane supporters jump to talk about hate? You use hatred as goatscape method to cover your weaknesses? why? I hate no one and I have no enemy. Where did I say we wanted war? is saying Ethiopia has 100% right on its resources considered war? if that means war then let it be. You are asking me what I did for the dam? hell, I would not even mind give my lunch everyday for the dam if I know who owns the dam? but who would give money for this dam when TPLF leaders vacillating everyday. You wanted to fight for Assab? fighting is needed I would not hesitate, but not with TPLF to be honest. You know what you did in 2000 war victory? you know what TPLF did EEBC? I would not be stupid to give precious life to this traitor organsation. I would be happy to give my life for the people of Ethiopia. but I would not be happy to give life for the tratior TPLF. Your TPLF has done much worse than diaspora. Is it TPLF who fought with Shabia and saved Shabia by sending its soldier? they are doing what your TPLF has done long ago. Why is it wrong when others do it? when you do it , it is okay but when others do it, it is not okay? shame on you. I am not like you man. Why are you angry Yilma? you tried to defend by saying there is international law that gives power Egypt to use our water>? I asked which law? you could not show me the laws you know? you told me it is sensitive to tell me the international law? the truth is you do not know any law that says other country can control our water. If I were you I would post the international article of the international law instead of lecturing on things that does not exist at alll. I asked why would Egypt and Sudan needed the 1929 and 59 colonial agreement if there is an international law that allows them to have the water? you did not respond? you 100% failed to defend your argument and you end up jumping on me telling me I hate and I wanted war? why man? you have to defend you ideas by ideas and reasons than starting attacking people. If you are defeated you must learn how to swallow you defeat.

            Hey my people : all Ethiopians, the water is yours; you have 100% full right to use the water for all your needs; you do not need to beg anyone to use it. You have to all unite. Forget the woyane story. But do not destroy your country to destroy woyane. All Ethiopians on this and even use to this dam as one good reasons to remove the TPLF. Do not listen to Yilma;Yilma does not know what he is talking about .

        • Gezaee
          Among all theinteresting discussion regarding the assumed rapprochement among the thr,ee Nile benefactors vis a vis gerd, I find your narrative as exceptionally boring, unsubstantiated,rather demagogic
          .Pls get a job ,have a life!!!!

  66. No need to worry for Egyptians as they have lots of water. Egyptians can drink, irrigate their farm lands, generate hydroelectric power and even use as means of transport the Mediterranean Sea.

  67. Make sure Egypt signs the Nile Basin Agreement

    Govern all water flows through the Nile Basin Office

    Any other agreement outside this is dangerous and unnecessary

  68. Ever Since the source of the Blue Nile was identified, Egypt has shown misguided, arrogant, blatant attacks, and sabotages on all Ethiopian affairs hopping that it will delay Ethiopia from using the Nile for national growth. Egypt waged two unprovoked major wars and that failed, it made destabilizing Ethiopia by influencing, creating, and arming groups and organizations to create chaos in Ethiopia its major foreign policy for decades. Even now there is no convincing evidence that shows that Egypt has finally matured in its handling of the Nile issue and that it is willing to work for the common good of all those involved.

    However, Ethiopia must not reply or behave in kind. The most recent exhibition of semi-cooperation from Egypt has to be welcomed and guided to take the right shape. Ethiopia needs to continue to reassure Egypt that we are bound together by geography, by blood, by history, and by the Nile itself forever and the sooner we start to work together for our common good the better. Although giving Egypt a major roll in the construction of the Dam may be too much too soon, it is only prudent for Ethiopia to show a good faith and have representatives from all the Nile basin nations who can observe and address Ethiopia on all causes of concern as they occur.

    • Dear Fanti. Your observation is nice. Oh yes, the Egyptians have tried so many ways to undermine Ethiopia. Because we were alone and the have the backing from the Arab league. But now things have changed. Our Africa brothers and sisters are with us and we are not alone.

  69. It will be a great regret and shamefull,and a betrey to our great pm legecy and for those million peaple of ethiopia who have hoped and supported this great project to be completed and to see poverty was defeated.this is a project the nation has come together to support it .now if this dam is to be shared by egypians it will be damy by it self .and is playing our peaple moral,so my advise is we better pay what ever the cost it costs .the gov need to be carefull about this is our dam.and it is our river .we have a right to claim,and to build dams.sharing is realy a bad idea ,that is what they were looking for.


  71. Ethiopia has already done so much to bring Egypt to its side. However, Egypt has not used the opportunity. Rather, it has been conspiring to create havoc in Ethiopia. The military that is rulling Egypt today has been serving Mubarak’s rgime and this same military that armed and financed all sorts of conflict in Ethiopia should not be trusted at all. Now, allowing Sudan and Egypt to share 50% of the cost will give the countries a veto power and this is a greatest political sucide for Ethiopia. I suggest,

    1. Egypt and Sudan should not be considered a shareholder with veto power.
    2. Egypt’s sudden change of policy should be carefully studied.
    3. Our hero, Meles Z. said ”YeAbay gidib ye’yandandu zega yelab firma new”, thus, the dam should be completed by Ethiopian people so that it will remain as a symbol of unity for the nation.

    Ethiopia, Make No Mistake…!

  72. We miss you so very much your excellency PM Meles Zenawi may our late PM Meles Zenawi rest in eternal peace. I hope AigaForum will show the great thinker and extraordinary leaders speaches and interviews every now and then. In the opening speach ogf the GERD PM Meles Zenawi said we will build it and own it. And in one of the interviews by ETV he said that the GERD is the property of the Ethiopian people and so instead of them (Egyptians) going to China and elsewhere too lobby, they must come and ask from the Ethiopian people. He also said that in fact Sudan and Egypt should have payed Ethiopia for constructing The GERD for decreasing silitation and flood and regulate the water flow so that they will not face a problem specially when rainy season is heavy. It is not only me who say that PM was undoubtedely the most visionary and the greatest leader in the entire African continet but I add also in the world. That is what Ambassador David Shinn said in one of the interviews presebted by AigaForum.
    The leaders and the people of Ethiopia all in one voice said ” We promise to continue your vision and materialise it”. It seems that certain individuals have short memories.
    We have patriotic and highly experienced and Internationally compitent individuals as ministers and working in the Ministries both young and elder as well as Amassadors outside Ethiopia.
    How on Gods green earth can Sudan and Egypt be allowed to jointely own the GERD? How on Gods green earth can Egypt be allowed even to come near to the GERD with her ”specialized engineers”.
    We Ethiopians have rejected to be colonised and so hoe on Gods green earth all of a sudden we are surrenderíng to become a neo-colony for Egypt?. The same Egypt that is not only destabilised and in turmoil but is trying to manage her day to-day economy from the hand-out given by Saudi Arabia and Quatar?
    No ladies and Gentelmen. The highely educated, experienced Ethiopian patriots must come together and hummer out not one but several suggestions within the framework of a win win solution based only on the engineering possible rearrangment by Salini and Ethiopian engineers and only on the filing process and time frame of the dam and nothing else. If Sudan and Egypt want to compensate the cost for decreasing the silitation and flood as our great and extraordinary leader PM Meles Zenawi has said it then their money is welcome but nothing else. What PM Meles Zenawi has said still stands and the Ethiopian government that gave its solemn oath : The GERD will be built and owned by Ethiopia and Ethiopians alone.
    Though as Ambassador David Shin has also said it, though it is difficult to find a leader to fill PM Meles Zenawi’s shoos, I am sure there are potentially great candidates in the high echelon of the EPRDF that be seriousely concidered to run for the primiership next time around. But as for now the EPRDF must put all the intellegent, highely educated leaders and prepare several proposals on a win win solution as I mentioned above and reassure Egypt. Nothing more!. That will force Egypt to mull the suggestions for a time long enough and it will give Ethiopia to advance the construction process well beyond 50-55 %. And may God al mighty help us and help those that are working to send the first Ethiopian metheorologic and communication satellite so that the plan and the great dream will be naterialised within a shorter period possible allowing Ethiopia also to develope quickly defence rockets immidiately following the launching of the satellite.
    Ethiopia would have needed you now. We lost a great, visionary leader too soon. May you rest in eternal peace PM. Meles Zenawi. Your legacy will live on for ever.
    Last but not least, I appeal to all the leaders of the EPRDF, The ministers responsible for the GERD and senior members of the EPRDF working as Ambassadors to respect the oath you gave concerning the vision of PM Meles Zenawi.

  73. This is an Ethiopian domestic developmental step, i think accepting Egypt to involve in the construction and facilitating in engineering complex of our dam will jeopardize the progress or will affect the long term safety of the dam. They want to station around the dam so they can monitor or control the flow like they do in Sudan. Therefore , there should be no such deal with Egypt.

  74. Egypt’s concern isn’t really the technical aspect of the dam or the impact it would have on them, but rather it is a political one. They are terrified of the idea that a black nation would rise and control what they naively believe as their own private property(the Nile). There is a general belief among Egyptians that Africans are and will always be incapable of utilizing their resources and they have for many years resorted to conspiring against upstream countries in a form of destabilization through proxies. Therefore It’s hard to believe any kind of reassurance from Ethiopia would teach an old dog with an old trick any kind of new tricks(fairness) hence Ethiopia should just go ahead with the project while negotiating cautiously, very very cautiously..

  75. I have seen the dam a coupe of weeks ago in person. It is a wonderful moment to see that kind of construction site at that endless jangle of Abay gorge. I was proud of the Ethiopian military operation at its surroundings. They are really contributing more than the ones in the construction site. the road from central Ethiopia is simply endless jangle where you will be confused the way out from that but all these jangles are accommodating rarely seen “wetaderoch” with “yeterakeke wetaderawi ekawoch”. OMG, I was really proud. Having said this the ETH government must not allow any human expertise support from any of these countries and their allies. one thing I was not comfortable was the way how they inspect your belongings while entering to the site which is approximately 30 KM away. The inspection does not seem to consider the sophisticated navigation and observatory equipment. So be careful.

  76. Thank you Aiga for hosting this forum. Of course, as ordinary citizens, it is easy for us to talk about issues. Not so for Ethiopian decision-makers. I have only read a few of the comments received online, so that my views might have been already presented. There are positive and negative aspects of cooperation with Egypt. If an Egyptian blessing of the Dam project is achieved, Ethiopia will be able to raise funds from foreign sources to finance the project. This will free public and private sector funds for investment in other sectors, which may amount to raising GDP growth by 10% to 15%. Having Egyptians on the project site can also have advantages; for example, an Egyptian engineer may be able to detect structural or design problems and this enables taking corrective action. Regional cooperation, instead of hostile co-existence, is also important for long-term economic growth and development. The problem (negative aspect) is mutual trust and national psyche. Can the Egyptian be trusted given that their Muslim clergy (with political aspirations) is still clinging to mediaeval thinking of domination and Islamization of Christians? If you are an Ethiopian attending a conference or happen to be in a university campus or UN corridor, and you hear an Egyptian proclaiming “we control the operation of the Renaissance Dam”, how will you feel? What does a cumulative of such Egyptian sentiments, added with a stereotype of “African incapability”, do to the Ethiopian national psyche? Should the “economic” supersede the moral, pride and dignity? I am hesitant to suggest changing the status quo other than continuing to embrace open and frank consultations with Egyptians in the construction of the Dam.

    • Mr. Mequantent,

      Why are yHaving Egyptians on the project site can also have advantages; for example, an Egyptian engineer may be able to detect structural or design problems and this enables taking corrective acou insulting us man? what is wrong with you? you said:” Who told Ethiopians engineers can not detect structure problem? By the way, structure defect is not detect by engineers, but by sensors. Please do not give comment on a field you do know. You are insulting Ethiopians and you think you have better ideas? The ticket to prosperity is not charity, but hard work. We do not need money from anywhere if we unite and work together. Lalibela did not get fund from IMF, WB, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, USA,, UK,… he lived as a refugee in Israel for 20 years and did build Lalibela. If Ethiopians has really move forward, the young Ethiopians kill the dead ideas of your generation. If unite, we can raise money more than the IMF can give us. You do not have the right mind set to help Ethiopia. You are a prisoner of charity. There is no free charity. Even IMF can not give you loan without string attached. The best way to be free and independent is to follow the footsteps of our ancestors. Lalibela is our father and the axumite\s are father. They did not ask money from Europe or anywhere. People like yoiu are infected with charity and begging culture. Leave alone to cooperate with kaffirs, they would not even allow to live if they get chance. you must living in a different world.

    • Sorry Getachew. ‘an Egyptian engineer may be able to detect structural or design problems’?? Has Egypt better engineers that Salini who have the experience of building Dam?? No brother.

    • Dear Getachew
      Your comment are well articulated,your concern is genuine ;but rest assured ourtrustworthy Ethiopian hitherto tested officials will and are capable of optimal decision in cosideration of all the negatve &positive angels, parameters ,intrigue, and others in light of the maximum pracical benefits of Ethiopia first,but to be trippled by the stakeholders too

  77. Egyptian’s inclination to negotiate on use of water resource should be welcomed and applauded. But every thing must be handled very carefully. We should not be fulled any more. Why should we allow Egyptian engineers to station in Ethiopia as a sovereign country. Trust is trust. They should trust us for whatsoever we say and do.

  78. Hi dear ethiopia brother we have to understand one thing egypt leader their have plain to stop dam by any means please we do not have to be fool by their plain because egyptians do not want to see ethiopia use any nile water because this long time ago plained well by bring issue between us please we have to watch them becarefully also I would like to advise ethiopia primer minister haile maryame dasleny do not be nice when you dealing with them because one of danger people in the earth we can see how did to pilastany people just to make of them beware of them real danger than ertreans

  79. This is insanity. Letting Egypt to have a co-ownership of our dam is an I’ll advised strategy. Yesterday, we gave away ASEB. Today it’s GERD….tomorrow ..OGADEN…..I don’t know where it’s gonna stop .

  80. There is nothing wrong in allowing Egypt to have a say on the construction of the dam. It will definitely pave the way for accelerated implementation of the project. The issue will come down to having a good operating rule as a function of the inflow into the reservoir which will please all the water users along the river.

  81. My friend Kidane,
    I got your point. Perhaps poor choice of words in my part. What I meant was that Egyptian engineers can contribute to the maintenance of this huge dam. Egyptians have a good deal of experience. Which is not a bad idea as far as genuine regional cooperation is concerned. I hope this clarifies my point of view. Otherwise the discussion is good.

    • Thank mr. Getachew; we have more than enough engineers brother. We can maintain the dam ourselves. Ethiopia has tons of engineers with more than necessary experience across fields. There is nothing we need from Egypt except they need our water. you are still on the weak point side. There is no anything Ethiopia gain from Egypt except loss. Our people more capable than Egyptians even if you underestimate our people;

  82. My fellow brothers and sisters.
    Egypt wants to be partial owner of the dam by ‘investing’ money. They have turned around not 180 degrees or 360 degrees but 380 degrees. I say that so that we may understand their motives. If they invest money which they can get from the Gulf countries say 2billion USdollars, Since they are part owner, they do not have to pay a cent for the power they will get from the dam in the future. Say for hundred or so years.That is cheaper for them. Another point is that since they may use 1000 or 1500mgw power (they have their own dam for the rest) and Ethiopia may 4000 or so, they will be able to demand a fee from Ethiopia as Ethiopia is using much more. We will end up paying fee to Egypt for the difference. Smart from their side. We must be careful when dealing with them. NO PARTIAL OWNERSHIP. NO THANK YOU.

    • Why would they invest in the dam that they believe is poorly designed and is prone to earth quake? Anyway, who would refuse free gift? If we give them free gift they would not mind. The answer to this question is one. They have no right on the dam. No left or right or front or back. They have no right period. Otherwise, we need to Co-own all their dams in Egypt. They have been using our water without paying anything so far. I think the solution is get rid off party called TPLF from the face of Ethiopia. We can not say this organisation will not sell the Nile. It is an organisation that is boasts on betrayal of the Ethiopian people. Ethiopians have to beef up their hatred to TPLF. Rejecting TPLF as non-Ethiopian is the only solution. This organisation gave our ports and our poor paping Billions of dollars each years and it has given the land of our people to Arab including Egyptians? we can not say TPLF will not do this. TTPLF is a hell bent organisation that is sworn to sell our people for cash. Ethiopians need to rise up unison and get rid of this mercenary organisation called TPLF which is really tarnish putting the country into existential danger.

    • Mulugeta, you do not need to overdramatize(is there such a thing 380 degree?albeit 180 was the only maximum that could have shown their twist,no more !!!) an issue to make a point.Better wouldl your narative be effective if you were simple and to the point!!! Otherwise……….

  83. by ,by, ABAY. The TPLF Regime and Egyptian a back door done del . all ready soled out a done del the Renaissance Dam for Egypt and Sudan. also they going to sing for future Ethiopia not to build any more Dam on Abay river. The TPLF first sell first Ertiria ,Gambella, etc .. The TPLF Regime by the Name of the so called Renaissance Dam after they louting the poor Ethiopians money they are working for selling the rest of Country.
    Egypt, Tigray Misunderstanding Over 1m sqm of land for Industry Zone
    Egypt believes that it has a million square meters of land in Tigray Regional State and brought its investors and officials to visit the region where they will be investing, while officials of the Tigray Regional State rejected the announcement by the Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade regarding possession of the land.
    The Egyptian delegation, comprising 17 people, included officials from the Ministry as well as representatives from 22 companies, including the BADR Investment Association inBadrCity, which represents 11 companies. The delegation was on a seven day visit toEthiopiafrom October 24 – 31, 2012. They went to Tigray on the last day of their visit and met with Abay Woldu, president of theTigrayRegionalState —— .
    please googol get information Egyptian investment in Tigray Region.

    • Thank you Belay; thank you very much. Ethiopia has no any enemy worse than TPLF, period. Ethiopians must unite and get rid of these band organisation from the face of Ethiopia. Who would trust this cursed band. Ethiopians must unite, otherwise, there is no doubt now Woyane will do it again. Some cursed Cadres are saying it here. Did not they say here like the Arable land? one of them said we should compromise Ethiopian interest? Another said let us give the Nile like Arab land. The people of Ethiopia says enough is enough. We must not take anymore. Woyane is evil and sinister. It is unfortunate but that is a truth. Actually I read an article last time the Egyptians investors in Ethiopians asked Ethiopians government to represent Ethiopia? I honestly read this on one of the website. There Egytians investors in afar, Gambela, Tigrai and they wanted to talk about the Nile on behalf Ethiopians? is it funny. I think Egytians has to forget about this damn dam and start a revolution and get rid of this cancer TPLF from the face of our country. We are tired of this sinister organisation. Enough is enough. They always right even when they are wrong. It is only other Ethiopians who are wrong. We need a revolution that can get rid selfish bandas. I was against the diaspora when they were opposing fund raising for the dam. What Woyane is doing now prove Diaspora are right. Diaspora must intensify their rebellion. The day woyane do any deal we will mobilize all diaspora to occupy all the embassies in Europe and North America. I am tired. I will not any woyane bullshitting after now.

      • Gezaee
        Ethiopia is somehow fortunately detractors like you have left Ethiopia..IThem growth of wheat is better off without a weed just like you .If I would shut up lest others would see through my mouth my vacant mind.Tnx

  84. Dear friends,
    Could you please help me understand the essence of this negotiation?

    1) What is that Egypt want from this negotiation? ; is that to stop Ethiopia from constructing the dam altogether? Or, is that for Egypt to maintain its current Vito rights for use of the Nile water
    2) What is that Ethiopia wants from this negotiation?; is that to exercise it’s right to use its natural resource to help develop its economy to alleviate Ethiopians from abject poverty? Is that to raise funds from Egypt to assist in building the dam? Or, clearly standup to these bullies and tell them that Ethiopia is simply exercising its rights for using its natural resource?

    3) what is the so called Win-win solution for both countries means? (I really don’t understand this phrase since Ethiopia had never in our history relied on Egypts goodwill); is there a time in history where Egypt became so concerned for Ethiopia including the disastrous era of hunger (mid 80s) and came to our aid? When was the last time that Ethiopia and Egypt had respectful relationship in history?

    Quite frankly, I am having tremendous reservation engaging in negotiation with Egypt and don’t see a good thing as an outcome. Please, help me understand why Ethiopia should be compelled to negotiate and what the outcome would be acceptable for us.

    Thank you all.

    • Dear Asmalu, win win in TPLF theory is lose lose. There is no meaning it. You know TPLF never like winning even if it wins. I suggest you translate win win as lose lose. I never understand win win me too. I never hear hear this phrase from Egytian. This is a woyane phrase for lose lose. This win win actually gives the wrong signal to Egypt because it gives the impression Egypt has an equal stake on the water. In my philosophy Egypt has no right on our water at all. No need to for debate with Egypt. They have to pay money for the water. That is how water is being by country who do not have water. South African has to pay money to Losethu although Losethu rivers flows naturally to South Africa. you know Losethu is actually a tiny country of 500 000 people. Yet South Africa the most powerful country never tried to use the water by force. South Africa now is working to buy more water in the long term; they want to build water pipe to DRC and pay for the water. United State pay to Canada for using the Columbia river. There is no free lunch any were. It is the sick and ill woyane who is saying win win.. I hope this organisation disappears from Ethiopian before more messy is being made. I am tired of this woyane lose lose ( win win ) theory. This lose lose woyane theory gives Egptians the impression they have a right on the water. The best bet is really to stop the dam until we get a good leader who is genuine Ethiopians, not tigrignea speaking Egyptians and Arabs who claim they Ethiopians when everything they do is against Ethiopia. I doubt these woyane version in Arat kilo really Ethiopians to be honest. Did you hear this called PM HD released a press inviting Egypt to Co-own the dam? I think the people in the Arat kilo palace are terminally ill. They do national crime every 5 and 10 years. First they landlocked Ethiopia then after 100 years they betrayed their soldiers and aborted a war victory with Shabia. Then the dragged Ethiopia to Europe and gave away badme. Again now after 10 years so, they have to sell something that is Ethiopians. They did sell land 5 years ago. Now it is the Nile. You can not trust woyane; it is lead by cursed people. I have no faith in this organisation. Look its track record. The people of Tigrai stop this organisation before completely destroy the country. Hailemariam Desaley cannot by his own invite Egypt to Co-own the dam; He is advised to do that. Win win with a country that has no border with Ethiopia? It is okay at least with Sudan because they are our immediate neighbour and we really to mind about our immediate neighbours like Sudan, Kenya,… but I do not see the benefit this country which share nothing with our people except that this country is like a parasite in our body that causes killer cancer in our body and that kill us. I do not see why have to do win win with a country that 100% sworn enemy and contribute nothing to the water directly or indirectly? I do not get it.

  85. ¨ WIN WIN ¨ as the name indicates is the best policy & principle…The Ethiopian government is in the process of liberating the part of the Ethiopian minds that long time ago was infested with negative ,revenge filled,militaristic & ultra nationalistic mentality . That is the reaon current Ethiopian government released former leaders of Dergi that ¨deserved¨ humanitarian compassion ,because ,as the Ethiopian government policy indicates …¨OUR ENEMY IS POVERTY¨..period.
    I admire & learn from such policy .And like Henri Lacordaire stated…¨If you want instant happiness ,avenge ,If you want permanenet hapiness forgive¨..
    Yes ,It was Egypt that used us,Eritreans ,as condoms to harm Ethiopia ,Egypt hates Christians ,Habesha…blah…blah..blah…should not determine the response the Ethiopian peoples´& governments rational decision.Egyptians also did it so that they do not die of thirst ,of course they went the wrong way as governments often do.
    I am proud of the Ethiopian peoples´& decision to find a win – win situation.And I am Eritrean…wow..
    And thank you for giving my & your people ,Eritreans ,shelter ,security ,Education & DIGNITY .


    • Glad to help our Eritrean brothers!! We are brothers in blood whether we like it or not and our destiny is bound with unbreakable chain of survival. Period!!

      This forum was to do with Ethiopia vs Egypt / Sudan to build the dam. Egypt in particular remained an eternal enemy of Ethiopia perhaps as old as recorded history.

      The question I had was to learn, what is that Ethiopia has to surrender to Egypt as win-win solution for this negotiation to succeed.

      • Brother Amsalu ,

        I wish Ethiopia had all the say and all the actual power ,I truly do ,brother Amsalu ,However ,When any people think in strictly right or wrong terms almost always loose .
        Abay is not moving to Egypt ,It can not. But assuring the Egyptian people & even going extra mile to show them kindness to their ¨undesrving ¨ actions would create lasting peace ,that the Ethiopian people are trying to achieve in their fight against poverty & illiteracy
        . Ethiopians or any other people do not loose because rational ,logical & colonial agreements brought about a peaceful compromising asolution .
        Ethiopian people will keep on winning because of the slogan also adopted in action ¨Yes we can ,when we have such resources & able young people ,we shall not fail ¨ principle.
        Try to look at it as all involved parties winning ,not Ethiopia loosing .
        It will bring about lasting solution Ethiopia maybe sharing what is physically her´s with others ,but is winning in a dplomaticy peace & examplary to us all .

        Your wel wisher brother & neighbour


  86. I don’t think the gov’t of ethiopia make any kind of deal regards to how ethiopia
    utilize it’s natural resources. That time has goon with minilik era. The Gov’t of ethiopia will not allow egypt has a say in ethiopian business and ethiopia as well.However, the gov’t of ethiopia in case get in to any kind of deal with Egypt that should includes since the source of the water/river is in ethiopia
    Egypt must payback for destruction roll played in ethiopia which to mention civil war, famine etc.
    Egypt must allow ethiopia to manage the aswan dam,the irrigation system,the fishing industry, the amount of water, anything connected with water and get paid for building a dam and all that without ethiopia consent say or negotiate.
    Egypt must stop undermining any african countries interest and the destruction roll plays in the africa specially in east the case of ethiopia, let’s recall the history, distabilizing ethiopia is a success of egypt.

    The gov’t of ethiopia stand so far, it’s clear “win win” situation is the best outcome for both country.we do not allow egypt what to do in our resources.Egypt must be told threaten ethiopia by supporting muslim fundamentalist,opposition groups inside and outside the country to create chaos in ethiopia? that is not how you find the solution in this 21century that wouldn’t solve the dam issue.

    Egypt must know, we Ethiopians stand and united indivisible against terror,Extremist,war monger.

  87. Having read all the comments so far I think the overwhelming response is that no country,particularly Egypt, should have a hand in the GERD other than as a supporting role.
    What I want to add to this effect is that Egypt knows well that our dam is not going to affect their share of the nile water.What Egyptians are worriedabout is
    a) the precidence the GERD creates in ignoring Egypts self proclaimed ownership of the Nile.
    b) the cost of building another dam to capture some of the water that still flows to the Mediteranean Sea.
    C) Their age old plan to sell water to the middle East.
    In order to achieve these goals they will threaten Ethiopia with war and sabotage and if that seems to be unattainable they will try to join Ethjiopia as wolves in sheepskin and continue their dirty work from within.
    This behaviour of Egyptian governments should never be underestimated.
    Having said that If they are looking for an exit strategy in order to convince their people that the dam is harmless if not beneficial, then
    Ethiopia, as it has been doing so far, has to continue to go out of its way to reassure them by allowing them to send their technicians to visit and study the dam and by rectifying any technical warries that they or the international group that completed the report found. In addition to this Ethiopia should also be willing to lengthen the time that it takes to fill the dam if there is reasonable cause for concern.
    This type of act on the part of Ethiopia is not a sign of giving in to Egyptian bullying tactics but but it will portray Ethiopia as a couintry which seeks peaceful means of solving international conflicts.

  88. It is true that the cause of the conflict between the two countries is Egypt for long time in history; however, Ethiopian government invite the Egypt government to participate or to give an idea about the dam from day one regardless their attitude. To make it short, we have seen so many up and downs from the Egyptians but the Ethiopian government and Ethiopians repeatedly said that ‘ABAY YGEDEBAL’. So, in my stand, the Ethiopian government should not allow Egypt government or individuals from Egypt to the dam, period. They can discuss about it with government officials in Addis. No body could know what the Egyptians think about Ethiopia .

  89. by ,by, ABAY.
    The TPLF Regime and Egyptian a back door done deal already they sold out the Renaissance Dam for Egypt and Sudan. What all so the main Egyptian interest reaming is which they are working on it negotiated with TPLF and waiting to have them sing agreement is Ethiopia for future not to build any more Dam on Abay river . Do not forget the TPLF first sell Eritrea, Gambella, and may part of the country’s fertile land . The TPLF Regime after they collect the Money and looting from poor Ethiopia peoples by the Name of the so called Renaissance Dam known they are working for selling the rest of Country. Anyone asking me why? Because From begging this project was created simply has a political hidden Agenda mainly to get a political sport from Egypt, To dived the locale opposition’s party by this controversial DAM Issues, and Making the Money. There TPLF Regime sees any development in the country is first from Tigray regional state interest is not about Ethiopian Perspective.
    Do not Sign any argument regarding about the Dam or Abay River with involving Egypt or any second party. After all Egypt will never be a friend to that region.
    Here is Information.
    Egypt, Tigray Over 1m sqm of land for Industry Zone
    Egypt believes that it has a million square meters of land in Tigray Regional State and brought its investors and officials to visit the region where they will be investing, while officials of the Tigray Regional State rejected the announcement by the Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade regarding possession of the land.
    The Egyptian delegation, comprising 17 people, included officials from the Ministry as well as representatives from 22 companies, including the BADR Investment Association inBadrCity, which represents 11 companies. The delegation was on a seven day visit toEthiopia from October 24 – 31, 2012. They went to Tigray on the last day of their visit and met with Abay Woldu, president of the Tigray Regional State —— .

  90. By by Abay.

    Ethiopia signed a US$4 billion deal Wednesday with American-Icelandic company Reykjavik Geothermal to develop a 1000-megawatt geothermal farm, officials said.
    If the coast 4 billon dollars we should build another 6000 megawatt Dam Abay? Do you know why ? The TPLF all Ready souled out Abay on the back Door deal they tolled by there master do so . yes they well give the money band there an sister European owned the Power plant to sale it Back for Ethiopia and for rest of country in Region. byby Abay. here is neo colonialism .

  91. Egypt & Sudan, I think they have been asked to join the ownership of the great dam by our honorable late prime minister Meles Zenawi. At that time they were reluctant to join, because specially Egypt stands on their old style way that Ethiopia is poor country and has no any capacity to build such as like this great dam, that means the dam will not build. Most of Egyptians have common believe in Nile river, it is very hard to believe Egyptian changing their strong selfishness to win, win common interest and sharing the natural abundant of the region.

    My thought and solution is, that Egypt & Sudan should only care to their fare share of the water and the dam safety, grantee that the dam should built to resist most of the natural disaster, otherwise introducing Egyptians will delay the process of building and they may do some trick and stop completely, who believe Egyptian, please let a way Egyptians from this dam. we have to build it by ourselves by our Engineers and by our Government.
    We need to show to the world community even though we are poor, we are still able to build great dams to make poverty history in our country.

  92. To W.Yilma
    Your suggestion of a 50% Egypt and Sudan ownership of the GERD is totally unacceptable. And in fact you already call the dam GRD and not GERD.
    Ethiopia don’t own not even 1% of the Aswan dam or Meroe dam and or the the Tochoka canal and What makes you think Ethiopia must capitulate to Egypts Hegimony?
    For your information Egypt’s influence in the arab part of thev world has diminished to almost non-excistance and the Egyptian economy is surviviving with the hand out given by Saudis and Quatar. And so according to you your 50% ownership suggestion will end up to be an ownership by Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Quatar and Egypt. Right?
    What an absurd logic. If your suggestion is materialised then Ethiopia has simply surrendered volrntarily to become some kind of neo-colony for the above countries.
    Can you please name me one country that even allowed to form a commity composed of the down stream countries as did our late PM Meles Zenawi in his extraordinary statmanship policy?
    PM Meles Zenawi in fact suggested that Sudan and Egypt can share the cost of the GERD because, the GERD will get rid of or almost complitly get rid of the silitation and flood for which Sudan is spending 20-35 million U.s dollars and even more when you add the cost of flood dasmage. And so does Egypt every now and then losees millions of dollars because of flood destruction.
    Your suggestion is nothing but to be a subordinate and capitulat accepting neo-colonialism by the above countries.
    I reiterate that yes Ethiopia is having able and highly educated individuals that will resolve Egypt’s hegimonic attemt. The diplomatic negotiations among other scenarios can only be: 1. Assuring Egypt that the water will start flowing in its previous route. 2. Provide the detailed possible engineering and technical readjestment already made available by Salini Construction company and Ethiopian engineers. 3. Negotiate on a rational acceptable time to fill the dam: increasing the filling then when the rain is heavy and decreasing the amount of filling when it is not. Meaning Ethiopia do not need to wait with the filling of the dam till kinngdoms come
    4 Remind Egypt about the aplicable International law and Helsinki Convention and resolution.
    5.Provide the more suggestions with tens/ hundreds of pages of the same above suggestion with different variation so that it will give Ethiopia time enough to build more than 50-55% of the dam.
    By then the old hegimony/”influence” of Egypt that is already in its death bed will evaporate.
    I want to believe that that there are so many patriotic, highely educated Ethiopians that will successfully protect the sovereignty and full ownership of The GERD.
    As the late PM Meles Zenawi has said it: We will build it and own it:
    So please stop your attmempt to inculcate your own irrational paranoia into the minds of those who trust in the asbility of the Ethiopian government officials to negotiate successfully that The GERD will remain in full ownership and control of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people.

    • Dear Markos. First I thank you for your comments. However, you misquoted me. Regarding the 50% issue I do not said Ethiopia should compromise its national interest by giving Egypt and Sudan to control the GERD. In fact this is not my proposals. I said in my previous paper “if I am not mistaken”. This means I am not certain if the 50% issue was previously raised by Ethiopian officials. If not, there is no need to argue here. Because the purpose of this comment section is to correct each other, which is your comment is an example. The other issue is, whether the 50% issue raised here or not, it does not affect the Ethiopian side or position. Even it raised for negotiation, it depends how you negotiate and reach an agreement. The important point here is we all should stand firm on the side of the Ethiopian people if things went wrong.
      It should be clear, to deal with Egypt is extremely difficult not because of the complexity of the Nile issue but the egoistic and dogmatic nature of Egyptian with regard to Abbay Wenz. It is clear Egyptian will bring a proposal of their own, which I believe is hard to our country to accept.
      Last, I assure you I also feel the way feel for my country. Simply because we have different opinion does not mean we have different loyalty to our country. We need to avoid this destructive traditions.

  93. Ethiopia should address the international panel concerns,but it shouldn`t allow any foreign countries to have a say in the building of the dam.What is important is, Ethiopia should use Turkey as role model.Approximately 90 per cent of the water flow in the Euphrates and 50 per cent in the Tigris originate in Turkey and Turkey is using the river for irrigation and hydropower. When Syria and Iraq complained the same like Egypt is complaining now ,Turkey accused Syria and Iraq of poor water management practices.So the Egyptians should be told in no uncertain words that they have to manage their water properly and start desalinating sea water.

  94. Dear Aiga,

    you have deleted my critical comments; Look aiga, it is because I care about my people more than you do. You only think your tummy or hodechu. I think not only about the present Ethiopians, but about the future Ethiopians. Rest assured Aiga, you will not muzzled the Ethiopians forever. It will be only for a limited time. You know even your most powerful leader PM Meles Zenawi is forgotten now and he is not any more on earth. Today’s king is tomorrow dead. You will be dead tomorrow like everyone human. But what you have been doing and what you are doing will be kill not only the present Ethiopians, but the future generation. You are doing national crime which no leader in Ethiopians history has ever done. Even the Illiterates Menelick, Yohannes, Thedroes, … never did this crime. What are you going to do with the money Aiga? did Meles Zenawi took some dollars with him to his burial place? Why are you so selfish and you wanted completely to sell the Ethiopians people. I do not know what type of human being you are people. It is hard to believe you are people grew among the Ethiopians population. It is hard to believe you became like this. You can not delete my comment for now. But you must know the world is dynamic and you can not control the dynamics of nature forever. you can not delete comments, but you can kill the ideas of people. By deleting actually you are making run away from you more than ever. The Tigreans people must never take any blame after now. They must make sure the Ethiopians people their hand is clean.

  95. This shouldn’t be an emotional issue at all . I see so many comments saying that we shouldn’t allow Egypt to come near to the dam . if we have nothing to hide as we have been saying for year then we should invite them . this is not time for false national pride and push their good gesture .this is actually a good opportunity for both Egypt and Ethiopia to put the hatchet behind and take a more progressive path . so there will be no more games and everything will be on the open . imagine what that is going to do for the whole Egypt- Ethiopia rivalry . it is also means that Egypt will have no more destructive agenda in the whole of east Africa .this agreement has a potential to solve the conflict between and mistrust which has been brewing for centuries . ofcourse we have to do with a good care and preparation but we have to do it . it will also close all the financial gain , support the opposition has been enjoying all this years .
    peace to Ethiopia and Egypt

  96. Egypt is not important. I think Ethiopia needs to involve Eritra as Eritrea remains the brain and heart of Ethiopia. at the end of the day ethia need the eritrean muscle and brain.

    Greetings from Nacfa

    • the brain ????? my God, ha ha ha…….
      I see Eritreans as my brother and sister. But to say Eritrians as the beain that is stupid. Look into where Eritria is now. You do not have muscle or brain stupid.

    • Eritrea, brain?????????……now one can see how it all began…an identity born out of fallacy will always remain fallacy, but in Eritrea’s case, self-deceit has become part and parcel of their daily life that it is now even harder to imagine Eritreanism without their trade-mark wushet and guraa…..come on dude, If we have to say the unsaid truth, Eritrea became dysfunctional due to lack of brain and grain of Ethiopia….Thanks to EPRDF, they made you loot Sidama coffee nd allowed you to export it for good 7 years and made you spit it before you even swallow it, and your bitterness emanates from that..But Grand renascence dam will be built with a brain and sweat of Ethiopians regardless of you feel, Ethiopia already has over 80 million relatively more resourceful Egyptians to deal with and she is doing it bravely, the fact that 5 million poor people are added to it doesn’t make any difference….THE DAM WILL BE BUILT and we need dollars not Nafqa for any electricity you might get in the faaaaaar future..

  97. This sounds like a tale of an arab camel outside a tent that begged the man in the tent to let in its head fist, neck second, then finally its legs thereby kicking out the man to the freezing cold night. I am surprised that Egypt would like to have a resident “engineer” (manager) at the site of the dam which is equivalent to enforcement by Egypt the 1929 and 1959 colonial treaties, indirectly. This is similar to the proposal rotated, these days, to manage the Omo river basin by Ethiopia and Kenya. First, Ethiopia is a soverign country and has the right to use its river for its economic growth taking into consideration the lower stream countries. Secondly, this dam belongs to the Ethiopian people and Ethiopian people only and a sign of our UNITY and there should not be any outside intervention in the process. Keep away Egypt!! Let us also seek the participation of upper repairian countries. Egypt is inclined to separate Ethiopia from other reparian countries who signed the new Nile deal and Ethiopia must be in a constant touch with these countries and not only Egypt.

  98. Turkey built several dams on Euphrates and Tigris rivers for hydro electric and irrigation purposes. These rivers flow to Syria and Iraq and the people in the two countries depend on these rivers for their livelihood but they do not have residing engineers in Turkey. Shoudn’t Ethiopia be like Turkey?

    • Turkey build 21 irrigation dams and 19 hydro dams. Turkey can control the flow of water as it wishes. There is no law that oblige Turkey to do anything; Trust me people, our main enemy is TPLF. We must not waste time talking about Egypt. We must remove sinister group from our country. The sooner the sinister group we remove the better and safest we will be. Again, again, do not never trust TPLF. I used to think past mistakes were done by ignorance but TPLF does things on purpose because its main objective is destroy Ethiopia; They will never do good things for Ethiopia. They have no good intention; they are filled with evilness. They are acting as if they foreigners who wanted to sell the country. But they are right; they removed poor Gambelan from their ancestral land and sold out their land to highest bidder and they kept the land owner in refugee camps in their own country. This is the development of the most sinister group. For the sinister group, money is what they want. They do not get about sovereignity or right or dignity. They are sold out. We have now exhausted everything about this TPLF sinister group; they are devils in human form. They speak our language but they are not ours. Down TPLF.

  99. Why should Ethiopia allow any foreign country to have a say in the building of the dam? Egypt and Sudan depend on Ethiopia’s natural resources but Ethiopia does not depend on Egypt and Sudan. Of course, Ethiopia should limit Egypt and Sudan’s involvement in the building of the Dam beyond allowing them to review periodically the technical aspect of the Dam. The bottom line is Ethiopia should not allow Egypt to have a say on the amount of water that flows. Egypt is morally responsible for the evil actions that happened recently by the Morsi Administration. They clearly discussed and planned to provide aide for the anti-peace elements in order to destabilize Ethiopia.
    Allowing Egypt to have a say on the Nile River is like to bring someone into their household and ask them to make decision on your family’s life. Unfortunately, the Egyptians have not been smart in dealing with the construction of the dam and need to adjust and stop the colonial mentality. Only Ethiopia can make the decision and no one else has the right to draft any resolution or policy. Ethiopia should make the decision in the best interest of Ethiopia.

  100. Home grown oppositions in Ethiopia must take this dam issue as main political tools to get rid of EPRDF. No single Ethiopians will support this regime if it does gives what it intends.

    Prime Minister Meles Zenawi never said the Dam must be owned by Egypt and Ethiopia. You are a lier. He said they must given money because the dam will help them to avoid siltation and flooding every year which is true. Every country has to spend a lot of money to control delta or siltation every hydro dam. He never said Egypt and Sudan has to Co-own. Some TPLF cadres seems to have no clue or they did not even understand what their leader was saying. Anyway, diaspora must intensify anti dam campaign before people are robbed their money by the most sinister and evil TPLF leaders.

  101. Thank you aigaforum for raising an important issue. The idea of countries having joint assets is not new. However TPLF/EPRDF’s history on international agreements is troublesome. To mention few, it has Itcreated a landlocked country in 1991/1993. In 1993 Meles signed a bad MOU with Egypt. In 2000 despte advice, it signed the scandelous treaty at Algiers. Rumors also has it that TPLF/EPRDF has given a large area to the Sudan. Now it has ignored the other Nile countries and is negotiating alone with Sudan and Egypt. In other words TPLF/EPRDF’s track record on international agreements is problematic and filled with gross incompetence..

    Returning to the dam, TPLF/EPRDF has already allowed Egyptians to build a “factory” on the mouth of lake Tana. This factory of course can be used to spying about projects and water flows. The national bank of Egypt is also “an investor” in the agriculture in the Afar area, where diversiong of water resouces is expected in the future. So Egypt in effect has bought Ethiopia. Now the regime wants to offer “joint ownership” of the dam! There is a problem!

  102. Win win theory: Win win theory can have meaning only if Ethiopia depends for something on Egypt; we get nothing from Egypt. All what we get rebels, war, mercenaries, civil war. Egypt is a deadly parasite in our body that kills everyday. Egypt is not an Ethiopian partner; The root cause of our poverty is no one except Egypt. This means we can only defeat our poverty by defeating Egypt. If we can not defeat; not only our poverty will continue but the continuity of our country to exist will not be guaranteed. They have succeeded to land-lock us and they have succeeded to divide us into Eritrea and Ethiopia. They will succeed to divide us into Oromo, Amhara, Afar. They have base now in Gambela, Afar, Tigrai; you may not believe me, but they have controlled Ethiopia without any direct invasion. In my opinion, we can not win Egypt without getting rid of TPLF. The enemy of our country is one and that is TPLF. We must not gamble fighting each other forever. We must first solve the home problem and then we can have a leader who can stand for our people. These TPLF bandas only wanted to get rich by selling everything in Ethiopia. Ethiopians must focus on getting rid off TPLF. The first thing to do is to stop the dam so that TPLF will not make any deal. We have to support the diaspora anti-dam compaign. Also we must occupy all embassies in Europe and North America. I promise I will storm the embassy in my city. If Woyane does a deal, I will be the first to invade the TPLF embassy in my area. Please unite and put aside your difference for the sake of the poor people. We must never beg TPLF. When you bet TPLF, TPLF get inflated with pride of selling our country. Stopping begging TPLF; they will not listen. It is time to kick their asses wherever they are. I will not tolerate woyane on Nile. I swear I will not be passive on Nile. We must act sooner than later. The foolish prime Minister has asked Egypt already to Co-own the dam. Do not expect honey from fly.

  103. In order for the dam to be built according to plan, obviously there must be peace in the region. Taking this fact in to careful consideration, there must be rule of law that governs every state and each state ought to abide by it.

    After a lengthy ups and downs especially with Egypt, nominated group of experts have submitted their study confirming the building of the dam won’t reduce the flow of water .This is the basic fact all parties must focus on. Any side issue should be treated as a intently emerging issue.

    Remember big revers in Africa and around the globe are seen with serious shortage of annual water flows. Under similar circumstances, the Nile river cannot be kept as special case. In this instance, if we bow to their knees for the sake of peace. I am sure this case will create a favorable fertile ground to their hidden agenda. Therefore, the findings of the experts is more than enough. Other issues will bring their own issues, thus aggravating the situation. We act consciously.

  104. What is in here to negotiate? Are we building the dam inside their territory? Are they the source of Abay? Is there anything Ethiopia will Win/gain from the proposed negotiation and ownership of our project? Are they going to bring their oil and other resources to the negotiation table? NO, NO, NO and NO. Is Ethiopia entitled to develop and use her natural resource? Absolutely Yes! Abay is ours, and as a sovereign nation, we have the legal right to exploit our natural resource. No Egyptian nor Sudanese approval or goodwill required. The sooner the Ethiopian government realizes the better for Ethiopia and eprdf alike. I advice and warn the government not to repeat the Badime Mistake here. The experts the three countries assembled to study the project have already concluded that there wont be any serious adverse effect on the volume of water that reaches Sudan and Egypt. What is expected from Ethiopia from here on is make some design or construction adjustments to mitigate the potential weaknesses on the foundation of the dam, which the experts recently reported. Other than that, Ethiopia must not enter another round of negotiation. We have done that for more than fifty years. We don’t need their expertise either nor their contribution of any kind. We build this dam by ourselves for ourselves, and only us, the sole owners, will have the say when and how the dam will be filled. No negotiation on the ownership our resource and project.

    • Aseb, thank you so much; you gladden my heart. But never trust TPLF; never; they are the curse of Ethiopia and the only way to protect our resources is to unite and be standby if any move is being done , then get rid of the bandas. No begging them anymore.They will never listen; they have a swollen heart and a swollen arrogance. We are 94 milllion people they are very few with guns. No need to beg TPLF after now.

  105. The Ethiopian Government should be careful in all aspects and shouldn’t allow to the Egyptians to involve in our intetnal affairs. To put Egyptian engineers on the Ethiopian Soil is totally unacceptable, We should be the owner of the dam and will take care ourselves. Ethiopia should not sign any binding agreement about the use of the Nile water in the long term.
    God bless Ethiopia

  106. Renaissance Dam is a unifying engine to every single Ethiopian and should be left only for Ethiopians.
    It would be a grave mistake to invite or involve any outsiders in Renaissance Dam project. It will cost this administration political blow, mistrust, and in long run public disinterest. Not only that history will judge this administration for betray of the people.
    Ethiopia has every right to use its own resources as it seems to fit. When Arab spring was spreading like a fire, many thought it will make it to Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government turned the tide down by introducing ambition to build the largest dam in Africa, which is never tried by any administration in the past. The moment Renaissance Dam project was announced; almost every Ethiopian in Ethiopia and around the world is fired up and gave thumbs up to the current administration, even though there was dissatisfaction in few policies. When the late Prime minster Meles announced, it will be built by our-self, Ethiopians became more than willing to contribute in every means possible. Many of them gave up their salaries, fortune, savings, time, energy….
    If Egypt and Sudan are allowed to get involved, this will be disrespecting every single Ethiopians effort to accomplish anything. The public already got involved in Renaissance dam and now this is the people’s project, and should be respected and left for the people. Renaissance Dam project is every Ethiopians project, dream, and hope of achievement. If current administration allows to Egypt and Sudan to get involved, will be snatching away every single Ethiopians dream and trash it and given to our sole enemy. This is nothing but betraying Ethiopians, and is coward.
    Ethiopians are proud and fiercely brave people and never subdue to foreigners and should be kept that way. Ethiopia has been a pride of Africa and should continue to be that way.
    There is an old Ethiopian story about scorpion and frog.
    A scorpion wanted to cross the River Nile. Unable to swim, he asked a frog to carry him over to the opposite bank. “No way!” said the frog. “You’ll sting me and I’ll drown!” “Of course I won’t sting you,” said the scorpion. “I’d end up drowning myself too.” So the reluctant frog let the scorpion climb onto his back and started to swim across the river. Half-way across the scorpion stung him. “Whoa!” cried the frog. “You said you wouldn’t sting me! Now we’ll both drown. What did you do that for?” And the scorpion replied: “But that’s nature.”
    Egypt is going to be Egypt always and that is their nature, Ethiopians know very well. Egypt never slept to destroy Ethiopia and will never sleep.
    As Ethiopian I do not want to see Egypt and Sudan anything to do with Renaissance Dam. I am an Electrical Engineer and do know very well that there will be constant flow of water to Egypt and Sudan without interruption. The only problem of Egypt is not flow of water, but doesn’t want to see a good time to Ethiopia.
    The dam is being built in Ethiopian soil, the water is Ethiopia’s resource, why is it that we need to invite our enemy to come and suck our resource in our back yard?
    Let this government stand up for the people, and do not let us down. The current administrations gave us hope to build it and give us the opportunity to finish it, at the same time enjoy the support of the people.

    God bless Ethiopia

    • Engineer Kefyalew, thank thank you brother; we need more people like you. You made my day. Again, this time, we must stand as one people and protect our national resources; we can not afford to keep on begging the deaf. Deaf people deaf; they will not hear you. It was waste of time to beg TPLF. We have to unite and stand protect our national treasures. Please do not trust TPLF; never trust this group. They are hell bent; they will never listen and they never listened ever.

  107. Dear Aiga,
    You have raised a very delicate matter. While peaceful approach is the civilized way, I would like to know the political/diplomatic calculations and/or miscalculations of the three governments at this point in time. Let me have a serious thought for days and will come up with a commentary.
    The concern of our citizens appearing here is overwhelming.
    God bless the Children of the Nile.

  108. To belay, W.Yilma et al
    You are not only irrational but racists/racist sympathizers. You wright “Weyane, TPLF…” is saling/ have alredy sold and or the TPLF don’t understand what a win win solutiuon is.
    If it was according to certain fanatic/separatist groups Ethiopia would have already been disintegrated in 1991. It is the late PM Meles Zenawi’s wisdom that saved the country from disintegration. though I admit that like the OLF has not only commited serious human right violations and occupied territories that don’t belong to them. But this last problem started during the last oromo king Haileselassie and riched it’s pick already during the the fascist Derg adminstration where col. Mengistu is also an oromo in his mothers side and a South Sudanise from Undurman.
    So please take the wax out of your ears and listen, read and learn.
    The Tigryans as patriotic as other Ethiopian patriots. If there wasor is one that is not you can not spread your venoumous writing that will only weaken us. Go and write that in the schizophrenic, paranoid and sale-out web sites like Ginbot 7; and or Ethiomedia that are stooges of the arabs including Egypt and Eritrea.
    I can assure you that His excellency Tewdros Adhanom, The Deputy PM Demeke Mekonen; The Deputy PM Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael; His Honerable Ato Alemayehu Tegenu; His Honerable Ato Mihret Debebe and senior EPRD members working as ambassadors etc etc are all in my oppinion are geniunely patriotic Ethiopian’s who will not Ethiopia and Ethiopian’s let down let alone sale out.
    So just wash your mouth and if you want to write such unacceptable paranoidal oppinion then go to the web sites and post your opinion there,

  109. Dear Aiga Forum
    belay, W.Yilma et al
    I want to mention one more imortant issue to the asbove persons.
    Do you in your right bmind think the people I mentioned above and many other patriotic Ethiopians in various ministries and sinior members of the EPRDF that are also serving as ambassadors like the Honerasble Ato Seyum Mesfin don’t understand the impact of a change in policy of owning the GERD? Unless you individuals have some hidden agenda including to divide Ethiopians then you need a shrink. Because as we have seen it from day one when our late PM Meles Zenawi opening ceremony of the construction of the GERD, Ethiopians of all walks of life from North to South, from West to east: All over the country were not only happy but the GERD has strengthened the Unity of the Ethiopian people. Do you think that the above mentioned Patriotic Ethiopian leaders don’t undrerstand this?
    Just stop your irrational and poisoness dividing statments and individuals like W.Yilma abandon your hidden agenda to create a wedge between Ethiopians.
    I hope you understand that much that the Egyptian economy is in the brink of collapse and let me reiterate that Egypt is sustaining its economy from the handout given by the Saudi’s and Quatar. There is your other hidden agenda when you write that your 50% ownership nonsence nousiating stastment, you wrote it knowingly that your 50% option is to transfer the ownership to Saudis, Quatar, Egypt to some extent and Sudan thereny not only making Ethiopia a neo-colony but will also weaken the unity of the Ethioppian people. And both options are not even in the minds of the above Patriotic Ethiopians that are in the leadership and many others within the EPRDF.
    Thank you AigaForum for allowing me to post so many times.
    May God al Mighty Bless Ethiopia and ALL her patriotic children.

    • Dear Markos, I am sure if Aiga can pull out his IP address, Yilma is 100% dead Shabia pretending an Ethiopian. I can not believe TPLF are that dumb to say such stupid things on this forum. He said Ethiopia has to compromise its interest ? and 50 -50%? No single Ethiopian would say that in his right mind. He is Shabia but Yilma must know we can know who he is from wherever he is now. He may think he is hiding behind PC, but he must know his nickname can not hide him.

  110. The Ethiopian people are already committed to constructing the Dam. We will do all that takes to realize it. In doing so, we should not ignore any concerns that other countries have. We always should push on any peaceful diplomacy on this matter. As far as Egypt is concerned, it has the right to protect its people from harm that the Dam may cause. They should be allowed to be as close as possible to monitor the outcome at any level specifically on the flow of water. That is only to gain their trust and to let them know we are not to cause short of water. However, they should never involve in technique or financial assistance. They should never deserve anything in this game. We are on our own for all that will come.

    • Who said Ethiopians do not have right? do you mean Ethiopians must die for the sake of Egypt? How the hell are you going to use Dam without affecting the dam? You are hypocrate. Who said Egypt can use the Nile for irrigation while Ethiopians can die and have no right to use the water. you must teach your right to somebody. Go and teach your kids about Egyptian right. Egyptians use the water not for drinking ? they use it for fish farming, large scale cereal farming, for water golf large lushes gold clubs, use it for artificial lagoons for surfing for luxuy while your people dirt cover with dust and hunger. People like you must die for Ethiopia to use its resources. Ashloklaki,

  111. This is a crisis. Ok it needs to be managed through skilled result oriented negotiation. Every party should come with a solution that benefit one another. No one should come to the negotiation table showing power or contempt. Ethiopia and Egypt are just countries like any other. They are not any special than similar entities, but could have their respective national interest. Both needs to treat one another the way they want to be treated. They need to have compassion, respect and fairness. This must be their starting point if not having that needs to learn. To get mutual benefit from the Nile water which is ruled under the international law both must suppress their ego and greed. If both countries come to the table in a manner of civilty, high respect to their people’s future things will be more easier and will reach to benefiting level of both countries. But it is very unfortunate that both governments have common characterstics that is lack of loyalty to their own people and genuine representation and abiding to their constitution. This slims any negotiation fruitless. No loyalty to their own people no truce and truth.

    • You must be shabia otherwise you would not equate Ethiopia the bloody enemy with the Ethiopian people. When did Ethiopia invade Egypt? when did Ethiopia sponsor rebels? when did Ethiopia sabotaged Egypt? How is Ethiopia is greedy without using its water? You are an idiot you equate my innocent people with the enemy of my people. You are a dog you equate Egyptian with Ethiopia? you must sick and ill or you are Shabia dog here barking as if you are Ethiopian. You tell me Ethiopia is greedy? Ethiopian never used it its water since I we have known. And you rubbish come and equate Ethiopian with most barbaric country that made my country bleed for centuries and invaded many times to control it? Dedeb ahya.

    • you thief, this is not crisis; it is crisis for you because Ethiopians waking up to use their resources. For you it is nightmare Shabia dog. You have lost your purpose on this planet and now jumping to Ethiopians website to tell us about a crisis? there is no crisis. For Shabia it is really a crisis because the dream of shabia for Ethiopian with different.

  112. belay

    TO W.Yilma You level my comment as racist you must be kidding Yilama here is the answer for yours statement simply
    Tigray Narrow Nationalism is = Racism.
    who is Racist ?

    • My friend belay. I do not reply to you. Some one may use my name. my conscious and personality do not allow me to go down and insulting some one because of having differences in opinions. Please, guys let us be civilized, and respect each others. I know there are non Ethiopians who are destructing us from having discussion with civility. No matter how some comments offend us, we have to have patience. Insulting and naming people is wasting of people.

  113. Dear brother Gezaee
    First of all thank you. You said it and there is nothing much to add to it. This individual by the name W.Yilma is definately either as you said it a 100% dead Shabia pretending an Ethiopian or “We are not Ethiopians we are oromos” group. I don’t exactely remember but I have seen a certain W.Yilma anti-Ethiopia article in the opposition web site following a report in AigaForum about those sale-outs . It their jealously , hate and their voluntary submission to be the dogs for arabs and Shabia that push them to create confussion whenever possible. They are desperate because Eritrea is already there in the category of a failed state as Somalia and the rest have realised that they can not even be able to shake the will of the Ethiopian people. They will fall one by one andf Ethiopia will become victories in every field.
    My brother Gezaee I am at some point is going to sale all my property and move to Ethiopia and start participating in the meaningful industrial production center.
    May God bless you brother. And May God al mighty Bless Ethiopia and and ALL the Ethiopian patriots.

  114. You are welcome Markos; it is my pleasure brother you liked my comments. I taken by suprise, Aiga for the first time did not delete my comment. That means we can educate people to change if we do not attack them. If I have to go back to Ethiopia; I have to make a revolution that resolves and reconcile the Eritrean and Ethiopians people and unite, because of I am sick of the Ethio-Eritrea issue which is still outstanding and the ordinary people suffering. The cousins in the north are isolated in an enclave for no good reasons apart led by stupid people. At the same time Ethiopia is wasting resources to manage the proxy conflicts Shabia sponsor and also to keep the soldiers at the border. We need a lasting solution for this. Love is the lasting solution; We must make sure we decolonize Eritrean and Ethiopians mind and educate them to get to their roots. Then I will go back and work in Massawa and will have houses in every Ethiopian provinces. No need to be isolated in a one kilometer square area.

    Liberation of the mind is the solution; We must sure Egypt will never again use our people to make us kill each other after now.

  115. yes we know any egyetian man no lovely ethiopia but we lovley anyone in the world if eypet go to war i am sure we are winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnner eypet +sudan = ethiopia at time so was one and we one ethiopia pepole .tnx

  116. About GERD and the new International professional organisation

    Here is as good NEWS for everybody. And may God bless those who founded these vital organisation
    The Ethiopian International Professional Support For Abay launces a new web site: and the highely qualifgyied Ethiopians from various deciplines is increasing as we speak. The participants of the Association oincludes engineers of various types, economiststs, enviromental and conservation scientists, experts and researchers of water managmenrt, trans-boundary water managment, International Law, International relations, Information technology and hydro-politics. Doctoral Students and University graduates from America, Europe and Canada are also mvital participants of EIPSA.
    Is is for certain that participants and members of EIPSA will be much broader very soon.
    The Groups of EIPSA members by the level of qualification shows that there are 1 Diploma holder, 1 Degree holoder, 61% Msc holders AND 37% Phd holders.

    These extraordinary Ethiopian or of Ethiopian origin patriots are working for Universities, reasearch institutes, multinational companies and foreign government bodies in their capacity as recognised experts in their respective fields of endeavour.

    God Speed ETHIOPIA and once again may God bless the members and participants of EIPSA And May God bless Ethiopia

  117. Dear Gezaee
    Shabian leaders and their supporters are the enemy of Ethiopia but for me Eritreans are our brothers and sisters.
    The question is how to get rid of the enemy within the Eritrean society.
    If you ask me my opinion though I am a pasifist by “nature” I would have launched one last military invasion of Eritrea and stop Ethiopians bleeding continuesely and let the people have their say. Not like in the last time sham “referendum” where Eritreans were told to vote: “to stay as slaves under Ethiopian rule” or “to be Independent”.

  118. Markos, I agree on one last blow; it is actually due now than ever. It is the right time when the iron hot; They say you have to hit when the iron is hot. It is the right time to hit Shabia now and forever and reconcile the people forever. Eritreans have learnt now the hard way. They know the 30 year war was not their war, but Egypt war. I think they have wisened up now. Imagine, which is one better? to live and work in resources rich large Ethiopia or just to get stuck in the north? who is going to be their neibhour? Arabs? It has not worked and it will never work. I do not blame Eritrean people. I blame those clues Tigreans like Issayas and his cos for wasting destroying thier mother land for 30 years. What did Eritrean get? Loss only; how many youth perished in the 30 years useless and aimless war? How many Eritreans become refugees? how many get killed by derg? how many drowned? What the point? My main opposition to TPLF and Shabia is nothing than their narrow and aimless agenda on Eritrea? You can not blame people. People can be fooled by propaganda. That is people use propaganda to misled people.
    The people suffering and paying un-necessary and aimless sacrifice in the name of Eritrea? what the hell I am going to do with Ethiopia if I can not live in it? what are Eritreans gona get from Eritrea if they can not live in it in peace? What the country for if I can not live in it?

    It is time to close the Eritrean issue now and allow the people to live together. If EPRDF can do that; oh my God, who cares for how long EPRDF rules Ethiopia. This is issue must done now than later if lasting peace to be realized in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has piled many cases against Eritrea and has valid reasons to strike now anytime. Issayas supports OLF, ONLF, Al-shabab, G7, EPPF, … Ethiopians must not continue to tolerate terrorism. it must finish now before it is too late. Neither Eritrean nor Ethiopians are benefitting from the independence of the province. It is un-necessary for Ethiopia of 94 million people to carry on thiis burden. We were told by EPRDF for the sake of people we have to give everything away. But we did not get peace but more war. There is no reasons for Ethiopia to continue bleeding; it is un-necessary and untenable. Ethiopia just need to destroy Sawa and then job will be done without doing anything. Then the people can be free to live in peace.

  119. Dear Gezaee when two parties or two countries reached to the level to fight or engage in to war is it really rediculous to describe the situation as a crisis? or please you can correct me just by your better or right view so, no need to curse any one. Any ways this forum or web site creat a mutual opportunity to all of us to get different views of different people. Please if you have a little compassion please allow every body to express their opinion regardless of their position.

  120. Brother Markos; we are together; If the result of no peace no war is not being used now; later it will expire. As I said EPRDF has 100s cases against Shabia and many of them known by the entire world. If ERPDF is wise now; they will stop going to Somalia and instead they finish Sawa and then it will be done. Isral type quick targetted operation disabling the military command will finish the job .

  121. Brother Gezaee
    Thank you and I agree with you.

    About GERD and leasdership
    I couldn’t sleep after I had a phone call from a relative who happen to have good relationship with one of the Ethiopian ambassadors.
    I haven’t seen yet that AigaForum has been deleting my post. I hope just like before AigaForum admin must continue posting though it might not reflect the Ethiopian ruling party’s (The EPRFF’s) opinion. At the begining of my posting I just wrote that ”….some individuals seems to have forgoten the solmen oath they gave…” after the passing away oaw of the late PM Meles Zenawi concerning the GERD.But since brother Gaezaee has brought it into open, yes I meant to say namely the present PM Hailemariam. A person in the helm of the top leadership must not make such an absurd and dangerous policy statment as he did concerning the of The GERD:
    Gossip is spreading at the speed of light and I heard that it ”must” have been Ato Bereket Simion who have put forward the suggestion to PM Hailemariam. Be it as it may I still am of the opinion that the gossip is a nonsence!
    One of the few but extremely important quality of a leader is: Integrity, independence, sturdy
    Respect the interest of the Ethiopian people and Ethiopia’s sovereignty is not negotiable, the leader must also be in this case loyal to the ideals and principles of the party: the EPRDF
    The EPRDF/ TPLFites must seriousely think that the above criterias must be the leading criterias for the able leadership and not his or her nationality or if the leader is married to a Tigryan or Tigryan/Eritrean. If the EPRDF/TPLFites do not abandon such an absurd view then it will be only a question of time that the EPRDF as we know it will go dawn in history as a typhoid mary of Oz.
    Ion my personal opinion crisis management includes:1- Not allowing PM Hailemariam never to take part in the negotiation of The GERD. 2. PM Hailemariam must not be allowed to leave the country even to another African country for meetings but rather perform his day to day duty till his term is over. 3.The EPRDF must abandone political leadership and marriage to a Tigryan/Eritrean etc. and adhere to some of the qualities of a leader to be.

  122. Dear pm Haile Maraim i beg you to not allow our historical enemies like Egypt to be partners in our national treasure.they have been working day and night with out rest to destabilize our country ever since god knows when that includes by invade & fighting us at Gurae,Sehati and many fronts to control our Nile (Abay) .when i read the news honestly i can’t fall to sleep i was disturbed so much.god bless his sole when our late pm Melese announce that we will be building renaissance dame to generate energy to benefit us and our neighbours with our money ,expert,which will be funded by the government & our people i was so happy the whole country was no body is saying that we will stop the fellow of Nile water at list until the time to use it i don’t understand why the Egyptians discuss military options instead of solving the matter peacefully.for that matter i like to remind them the sons & daughters of the heroes of Shati & Gurae are standing guard to protect their beloved mother land since you have started & fall at the same spot inviting them to our treasure is like saying to hell withe you for those who give their life to drove the enemy out to their arab ass country.i still have a problem that our government have this kind of thoughts when it come to Abay while the whole country is 100% in support of our government that includes buying a bond & donate.speaking of my self i find the news hard to believe if true i will be regretting the things i have done & was going to do for the feature to benefit this project because i don’t want to dine with my historical enemies at same table knowing why they are at the table with me to began with.
    i hope it is a bad dream Ethiopia will live for ever ARAYA

  123. A Resident Engineer is retained by the owner as a representative on a construction Project. Therefore, he/she is assigned to a project from the start of construction to the completion of construction and project close out.

    He or she is responsible for representing the owner on the project, and being the “eyes and ears” of the Construction Team. The duties, responsibilities, authority and liability of a project Resident Engineer include:
    • Contract administration
    • Project organization
    • Cost control
    • Quality assurance
    • Ethics communications
    Specific duties include drawing interpretation, working with the contractor to address site conditions not reflected in the drawings, change orders, etc.

    The Resident Engineer regularly reviews and approve project Progress Payment, project work schedule and determines field related variances for extra compensation on the project. It is the resident engineer who certifies that construction was completed in accordance with the plans.

    So how is the Ethiopian government even to consider involving an Egyptian or a Sudanese and trust their contributions in this very important profession? I’m resident engineer for over 20 years on major public projects and I often find Contractor engineers cut corner to maximize profit on projects that benefit the same community.

    So, I hope the Ethiopian government rejects the idea from the start, as it will be a tragic mistake to allow the involvement of a nation that had openly threaten to destroy the dam if built. This is a national security issue and no part ownership or involvement on the construction be permitted to other any other nation.

    The sensible thing is to work cooperatively and device several risk averting methods so that during the dam filling period, the impact to Egypt and Sudan is mitigated. I suggest trying the following type different arrangements:
    • Ethiopia leases land to Egypt so that it can use it to grow agricultural products or other comparable productions acceptable to environmental conditions to compensate for any lose during only the dam filling period.
    • If Egypt’s lose is in hydropower facility, Ethiopian can easily arrange power supply at a negotiated price until the Nile downstream flow is established.
    Such arraignments require an international agencies and the UN to establish the parameters. While trying such smart negotiations with Egypt, the Ethiopian government must attempt to bring some favorable changes on critical issues that kept many of the diaspora with knowledge, skills and financiering capability away from participating on the nation affairs and voicing in support of the government plans.

  124. Selam Tenayistiligne, Yilama well written.
    The Egyptians new approach has the Devil in the detail. They have tried to put it in any possible profound words that could replace the so called colonial treaties (their former master’s agreement). For us (Ethiopian) there is no illusion what Egyptian have offered on table, the new twist clearly said… “The Egyptian offer includes full participation in the construction, management and operation of the dam,……Egypt’s decision doesn’t mean compromising its water rights, but Egypt needs special capabilities in the next phase to negotiate and to hold on to its cards for pressure to not accept the dam if it harms [Egypt]. … ” Baseless fear, in other words Egyptians are offering a discussion to protect the so called historical rights over Nile and a pressure (a play with arguable card) not accept the GRD construction, by creating a new terms and words rather than un outdated colonial treaties.
    I believe, the country that has given us a home work for the last 100 years, should not be trusted to work on the construction and manage the GRD from the Ethiopian soil.
    The new Egyptian position and offer is not better than safe guarding of the defacto colonial treaties. The Ethiopian government also should pay attention on North Sudans political instabilities as who is stirring it and why?

  125. Ethiopia made disastrous a mistake before when it sign none appeal- deal with eritrea during its war time of 1998-2000, and ethiopia should never ever allow any part of mistake to do another unrepentant mistake. Where else in the world could somebody ask to be allowed to sleep in the same bed behind your wife, except the un-shameful and irresponsible egyptians. I do not think for a minute any leader who represents his or her country’s interest will do that.

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