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Collect Your Own Mess: Oromara partner complaining to the people it sidelined as inconsequential minority

Collect Your Own Mess: Oromara partner complaining to the people it sidelined as inconsequential minority.

Kalayu Abrha 04-19-21

I wrote this article reluctantly because from the Tigray invasion onwards I don't have a tiny bit of tender heart left in my ribcage to enable me to write a word for the Amhara elite and their blindfolded followers. The brave Tigraway award winning artist said it all: "I have no power left inside me...". Who in a sane mind would pay attention and raise its voice for killers-cum-complainers? I was obliged to write this brief commentary because the killers and their supporters in Tigray are jamming the voices of people of Tigray to the international community by creating louder noise about the killings of Amhara and purposely diverting the attention of the former. This does not at all mean that I don't sympathize with the innocent Amhara killed. I also grieve for the innocent Oromos that are killed by the same Amhara militia which is butchering Tigray. The carnage between the Amhara and the Oromos is the logical outcome of the incompatible hidden agendas both had on each other in the jelly Oromara block. When the hidden intentions came into the open and the fallacy of what created the Oromara Block was unraveled both were on each other's throat. The split became worse for the two peoples and for Ethiopians at large than the joint monopoly of power they vowed to install.

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The big trouble that extra-Oromara Ethiopians are being forced into is that one of the two partners is expecting them to clear the mess it created with impunity. When TPLF cleared from the political field the Amhara and Oromo elites, regardless of their political and religious creeds, rushed to replace the 6% by 60% and make it "more democratic" using a mathematical percentage function. Even those who nagged TPLF to the extreme to create an "ideal democracy" exposed their hidden intentions: the bare truth about why they were fighting the TPLF: the bare truth that they were much less democratic and less patriotic than the TPLF. After computing the proportions between the two (60%) and the remaining 78 (40%) they trampled on all tenets of democracy and the rights of minorities in co-ruling Ethiopia and went ahead with the formation of the tyrannical Oromara block and continued to negotiate about how they can jointly go ahead with Ethiopia under their monopoly. Probably intimidated by the sheer size of the Oromara block and its noisily vocal supporters or the characteristic opportunism of the minority or the shameless expectation from the "usual liberator" to do the talking for them the latter were hushed about what was transpiring as if it would harm only the TPLF. Since they also imprudently collaborated with the anti-TPLF block the "usual liberator" was busy licking the wounds they jointly inflicted on it.

 The Oromara block crumbled the moment OPDO snatched the key through its party chief and formed a government which apparently awarded the lion's share of the appointments to Oromo nationalists. It was overnight that the mercilessly worded reaction to what the Amhara side of the duo dubbed "queism" (ተረኝነት) In desperation about the failure of the dream of restoring the Empire state of Ethiopia in the hands of their Oromo partners the Amhara turned violent as usual. Their militia and special forces, blinded by hegemonic dreams, lashed against what they believed was an easier target: Tigray. The Amhara dreaded direct clash with their Oromo partners. Every time Oromos do something bad against the Amhara they almost invariably point their finger in the wrong direction: TPLF. Not so wrong though, because Tigray is the bastion of federalism the Amhara consider as the biggest obstacle to their imperial dreams. They had hopes and they still hope that the Oromos will be nostalgic to the Gobenite servitude in the building of Menilik's empire. Gobenizm among the Oromos is long dead. We now have self-serving Oromos who are ready to defend the gains of federalism. The Amhara have now resorted to futile violent claims of territory from Oromia, Tigray, Benishangul, Harari, and Afar. This is nothing less than suicidal for the Amhara because they are fighting "one against all". The worst part of this is the Amhara have no idea about what is going to happen to them as their cranium is filled with the sound of war songs and nostalgia of the Medieval period of Abyssinia.

As Amhara civilians are killed, considered as the custodians of the Imperial ideology, the noise of the Amhara elite rises beyond limits. The solution which the latter refuse to adopt is to abandon the idea of Ethiopian Empire concealed in Unitary Ethiopia. The death of the Amhara outside the Amhara Region can be stopped not by shouting and cursing endlessly but by abandoning all claims of territory from other regions. The Amhara elite must also apologize to all victims of Amhara brutalities past and present rather than harm the feelings of victims by glorifying the killers. The Amhara have to clear their own mess before they blame others for their misfortune. You don't cry for a businessman who risked getting profit but loses. I am not sure there could be a timely reversal because the Amhara are still firing bullets to kill in the names of "Menilik, Taitu, Andargachew, etc. There is little room for optimism that the Amhara will ever be sober. What interests independent Tigray is to have peaceful neighbours to do business with. Stubbornness of the Amhara will render Ethiopia a fragmented or a failed state. The most to lose from this are the Amhara. They are drowning with their finger pointed at others!

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