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A Deep Cover Shaebia Plant All Along

A Deep Cover Shaebia Plant All Along?

By M Mikael, 2021/04/16

In a recently released recording of phone calls made by a certain Shaebia commander1, one can hear incredible statements that lay bare the reasons for the war unleashed on Tigray as a whole; foremost among them being the desire of the Shaebia leader Issaias to destroy Tigray and annihilate Tigrayans as a people. The recordings were made in the first few days of the war and clearly show that Issaias’ army was, not only part and parcel of the invasion of Tigray, but actually was the leading and primary force of destruction. It also becomes clear that the role of Abiy and his army was that of a junior “partner” who apparently was used to facilitate and give cover to the main invasion force of Issaias. Accounts of the savagery of the invaders and the atrocities they committed are still trickling out but even from the limited information that has come out (relative to the scope and breadth of the war), one can see that, indeed, an unprecedented tragedy has befallen on the Tigrayan people, a genocidal war by all measures. Tigrayan people are the source of the Ethiopian identity itself and have died for generations defending the Ethiopian nation. So how can a bona fide leader of the Ethiopian nation, not only invite in a foreign country led by a murderous sociopath with deep seated animosity towards the Tigrayan people, but also agree to be a partner in the heinous atrocities committed (and still being committed) against his people? The answer may have been staring us in the eye all along. 

History of Spying

It is worth noting that Abiy himself is either the source or has corroborated what is discussed here below. According to Abiy (and in an apparent attempt at glorifying his military roots), he joined the Ethiopian army as a “radio operator” back in the late 90s during the war with Eritrea “while still a teenager”. The first suspect instance happened during this period. Again, he himself recounts that he was part of a communications intelligence unit during the war in Badme and he would lead us believe that he fortuitously departed the unit’s base on an “assignment” just before the whole unit was destroyed by a direct hit from artillery fire. However, the precise nature of the hit has constantly raised questions on who provided the exact coordinates for the enemy. 

Videos From Around The World

Later, he used to work in the security department of Ethiopia (INSA) as a deputy director before his meteoric rise to be the PM of Ethiopia. It is likely that it was at some point during these two assignments that he was seriously approached by (or he himself approached) his spy master(s). There are various claims as to who first elevated his initial recruitment and controlled him including references to a certain foreign intelligence agency but as applies locally, two reports about his subsequent espionage activities are persistent and consistent. 

The first is a statement by the then secretary general of the Ginbot 7-armed opposition group where he said that Abiy was a member of their organization a full 6 years before he became the PM of Ethiopia and that they were grateful for the information they received which, according to him, led to the “saving of lives” in some cases. One recalls that Ginbot 7 was one of the organizations designated by the then Ethiopian parliament as a ‘terrorist organization’.  He has never refuted this claim.

The second is a statement by another of the organizations labeled as terrorist at the time, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). They said that Abiy used to provide them with information while he was working in the INSA. What makes this bizarre is that Abiy himself confirmed that he gave information to the OLF without so much as a fleeting thought on how that might be viewed by the public. Be that as it may, there is one thing that relates these two statements together; one thing that connects these two organizations. Both were sponsored and largely supported by the Issaias government of Eritrea to destabilize Ethiopia.

One Additional Salient Account

Although not conclusively proven, there is one additional salient account on what the true family history of Abiy is. Contrary to the “official” family history where he is described as the son of an Orthodox Christian mother (of disputed ethnicity) and a Muslim father of Oromo ethnicity, it is said that he is, in fact, an adopted son whose biological father is an Eritrean. According to this account, his father was a crosscountry bus driver while his mother was also an Eritrean who moved to the town he was born in while she was pregnant.2 It is said that his Muslim stepfather adopted him as a son as per the culture of the area. Many wondered how he could speak Tigrigna with such ease (it is not an easy language to learn as a second language as he claims he did)—a mother who speaks Tigrigna could be the answer. It also seems that he yearned for his biological father and exhibited “a strong desire to meet him”. It is not clear what happened to his biological father, but it seems unlikely he was able to find or meet him. 

The behavioral problems associated with what is termed as “Father Deficit” or “Father Hunger” are well known in the study of psychology and, in fact, some of the traits one observes in Abiy can be said to be textbook manifestations of such a conditionto quote from an article on Psychology Today: “…many develop a swaggering, intimidating persona in an attempt to disguise their underlying fears, resentments, anxieties and unhappiness…”. Obviously, this condition in turn would make him a very easy, pliable prey as well as tool that his intelligence masters appear to have successfully exploited— what has been staring us in the eye the whole time is that Abiy has all along been a deep cover Shaebia plant.

Marching Orders Disguised as a “Peace Agreement”

Even without taking the deduction above into account, it had recently become clear that the socalled peace agreement said to have been reached between Ethiopia and Eritrea was, in fact, some kind of a cover for planning the war on Tigray. Many people were fooled by this “bold” move just as the Nobel Peace Prize Committee was when, as a result, it unwittingly bestowed its coveted Peace Prize on Abiy. But it soon became clear that something fishy was going on, to wit—there has been no written agreement that the Ethiopian (nor the Eritrean) public has seen on exactly what the “peace” agreement was. Nothing was officially released nor presented legally in the Parliament of Ethiopia (Eritrea, which has been ruled by a dictator since independence in 1991, has no such body). It was just presented on TV and other media as such through the ofttimes nauseatingly intimate images of interactions between Abiy and Issaias. 

No, this obviously was not the ‘peace agreement’ all other interested parties’ thought was reached. Rather, understanding his true role would lead one to believe that Abiy was given his marching orders from Issaias from Day 1 of his ascent to power in Ethiopia, these now being clear as follows:

(1)  fabricate a fake scene of a cessation of hostilities and normalization of relationships; 

(2)  pretend that a “peace” agreement was reached and then call for the lifting of the sanctions against Eritrea; 

(3)  intensify pressure on the TPLF leadership and by extension the people of Tigray through highly visible preparations for war in order to project an image that the issue is an “internal” affair and has nothing to do with Eritrea; 

(4)  create conditions to exacerbate the border issues with the Amhara region and incite and encourage them to engage in armed conflict with the region of Tigray; and

(5)  manufacture a pretext for launching the war at an (or I should say, the) opportune time when the worlds attention is shifted elsewhere (which, ultimately happened to be the same day as the US elections).

A MasterAgent/Vassal Relationship

All these five steps were executed in close order and helped by the firepower of the UAE’s drones for which there apparently was no preparation against, Issaias and his agent/vasal Abiy could, at first, not contain their glee over their apparent “success” at destroying the Tigray defence forces. It seemed that Issaias actually let Abiy act as an equal partner by allowing him to take “credit” for the “victory” in the eyes of the Ethiopian people by declaring victory in “3 weeks”. But that did not last long, and the masteragent/vassal relationship began to become clearly seen. Issaias went on TV and scolded his “partner”, the leader of Ethiopia, as an “impetuous” person who rushes to make statements and “emotional” to boot—an insult one doesn’t expect from an equal partner. 

Humiliatingly, there was naught a peep from Abiy in response. Rather, he meekly complied to a summons to Issaias’ court a few days later to receive further marching orders following his admission after months that Eritrean troops were in Tigray. His actions as well as his words since clearly demonstrate that he has no independent say at all on the affairs of the Ethiopian nation he is purportedly leading including on how the war is being conducted in Tigray, viz., his conflicting statements on and the continued presence of Eritrean troops even after he publicly announced they have “agreed” to withdraw. 

Mandated Objective of Destroying Ethiopia

Indeed, a lot of things are explained by the fact that Abiy is a Shaebia deep plant dutifully carrying out instructions ordered by his master. Let’s just contemplate these few questions:

   What leader of a sovereign nation invites in an invading force, denies its presence for months, then acknowledges and tries to justify their presence and finally publicly admits that he has no say on how the invader can be thrown out nor the ability to do that? 

   What leader would minimize the rape and suffering of his own country’s women and girls of all ages by invading troops and his own troops as well stating in the country’s parliament that “they” were just “violated” by ‘men’?

   What leader would employ all the country’s resources to support and as well carry out the destruction of the country’s own people including committing heinous atrocities, widespread looting, ethnic cleansing and genocide?

   What leader would not show even the slightest bit of remorse in view of the scores of documented atrocities being inflicted on his own people which are now part of the daily news of the world’s press?

It is inconceivable to even imagine of such a leader, yet that is the fate that has befallen Ethiopia. It is being ruled by an agent proxy, whose ties are to its mortal enemy and who, (along with his enablers), is dutifully fulfilling his mandated objective—that of weakening, and eventually dismantling Ethiopia in the interests of Eritrea/Shaebia. Inconceivable, but true. It is of no concern to him that this is a civil war and that the people dying on all sides are Ethiopians, that the property and resources being destroyed belong to Ethiopians and that the suffering which will continue for decades is being borne by Ethiopians.

There is no questioning Abiy’s role or motive. The question is on the role of his enablers—irrespective of the wiggling and contortions they are currently going through, they are as responsible in the destruction and disintegration of the Ethiopian nation (if not more).    


1 (video presentation in Tigrigna)


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