A teaching moment we want to share!

Dear Aiga



The image above is an example of how anybody with basic knowledge can manipulate a website. I want to take this opportunity to demonstrate that it is very easy to mock a website and present it as if it is an original. In a matter of a few minutes, I was able to mock this site to make it appear as a real website. However it is not real and I added my own comments so you can see how it can be done. Therefore, it is not surprising that someone in “Germany” was the only person to see something he himself may have created while no one else saw this on Aiga.

 Bottom line; Aiga was mocked and defame to derail it from reporting about the progress in Ethiopia and the demise of the Shabia minded opposition groups. You should not been derailed and have taken this moment to educate our people on how a site can easily be manipulated. Case closed![H K 08/12/09]


Dear HK, we truly are indebted to you! Thank you! The extremists will not silence us. The extremist will try again and again to put words in to our mouth, in this case our website, but it is all futile. Our website did not post the comments! We are glad readers like you are helping the unsuspecting internet readers to understand how the extremists are playing the defamation game. We are sure there are many other ways to manipulate a simple web page but yours is very helpful to understand! Thank you again.[Aigaforum 08/12/09]