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Request for Emergency Support to fight locust invasion in Tigray, Ethiopia

Request for Emergency Support to fight locust invasion in Tigray, Ethiopia



Dear all local, national, and international partners and concerned organizations


Recently, a large part of Tigray regional state is facing the worst desert locust swarm outbreak in decades. The swarms are extremely dangerous and threatening the lives and livelihood of millions of people in the region, destroying the food security and all the other positive developments made during the last two to three decades. Given the COVID-19 disaster, the people are now subjected to a 'double pandemic', the combined effect of which makes the situation hopeless.


The swarms are already destroying hundreds of hectares of maturing crops and pastureland. Without rapid measures, these swarms will threaten to further spread throughout the entire region. The Tigray Development Association* (TDA) has taken this emergency as its top priority and is trying to mobilize emergency funding to finance the purchase of modern locust combatting equipment, chemicals, tools, materials and provide transportation to volunteers to affected areas. The regional government, the local people and the diaspora community are doing their best to mitigate this emergency challenge. As part of this effort, TDA has launched several initiatives both locally and abroad to mobilize resources, including opening this GoFundMe campaign page:

Donate Here!!

(Tigray Development Association In North America) Fundraising To Fight Desert Locust in Tigrai:
We call upon you to stand in solidarity with the farmers and provide the most urgent financial support that is desperately needed to control this worst locust outbreak.....Donate Here!!


However, the resources will not be enough to address an emergency of this magnitude. This calls for a concerted effort by all parties, particularly national and international development partners, to support the affected population. If resources are not mobilized in time from all sources, this disaster will lead to all sorts of social and economic crises, including unmanaged internal and international migrations which will be adding to the regional and global refugee load.


As a local civil society organization living among the people, we at TDA are greatly concerned about what is likely to happen if the disaster is not mitigated as quickly as possible. In the spirit of resolving challenges at the source and with your help, we can address this issue at the grassroots level. Thus, we would like to call upon the international community, local partners, and all concerned bodies to stand in unison and show their solidarity with the affected communities and avert the looming disaster. We would like to bring this to the attention of all parties, strongly emphasize its urgency, and the scale of the possible crisis at stake.


We request all our partners and concerned parties to show their solidarity to the affected communities and provide all possible financial and technical support that is desperately needed to minimize the impact of the outbreak and its consequences.


Looking forward to your utmost attention and positive response, I assure you that our organization is ready to respond very quickly to any possible inquiry and offer to help.


Yours Sincerely,

Aklilu Hailemichael (PhD)

Executive Director,

Tigray Development Association,Regards,


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