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Is the Norwegian Nobel Committee Having a Second thought?

Is the Norwegian Nobel Committee Having a Second thought?


June 11, 2020

The Norwegian Nobel Committee in an unprecedented manner is forced to release a press release affirming their decision to award the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize to Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia. According to those familiar with the Nobel Committee work, this is unprecedented for the Nobel Committee to do. The Committee doesn't usually issue such a letter lightly!


 The Nobel Committee was wrong to award the peace prize to Abiy for many reasons. One of the main reasons they awarded the prize to Abiy was his push to make peace with Eritrea and his campaign to democratize Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region.

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Today, there are hundreds of thousands of Eritrean refugees in Tigrai-Ethiopia and the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea is closed. Ethiopia and Sudan are on the verge of war and Ethiopia’s relationship with Kenya and Djibouti is at best a lukewarm. Worst, the Abiy Ahmed government is accused of extrajudicial killing, raping, and incarceration of many Oromo’s and Qimants by Amnesty International.


 Although The Norwegian Nobel Committee is standing firm behind their award, it is clear they have realized how mistaken they were to award such prized award to such an unknown person who was simply handpicked by western neo-liberal color revolution proponents. The Nobel Committee should have known nothing the color-revolutionaries do has a staying power and the fact that Abiy was chosen to be the right-hand man in Ethiopia that will forestall China's push for Africa.


Read the full Release below.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has been informed that there is an allegation circulating in parts of Ethiopian society that the Committee regrets that it awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2019 to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and wants to revoke the prize. Against this background the Committee has issued the following statement:


To Whom It May Concern

Upon request I hereby confirm that the members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee stand firmly behind their decision of last year to award the Nobel Peace Prize 2019 to His Excellency Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The Committee has never reconsidered its decision nor, as for now, has it any intention to do so.

As a matter of fact, the statutes of the Norwegian Nobel Committee do not allow it to revoke a Peace Prize once awarded. The same goes for the other Nobel committees and Nobel Prizes as well. Indeed, not a single Nobel Prize has ever been revoked since the first prizes were awarded back in 1901.


On behalf of the Norwegian Nobel Committee,

Olav Njølstad
Director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute


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