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Best experience every community should adopt!

Best experience every community should adopt!

Where unity is, no doubt does a common vision exist!


TDA Mekelle Aug 23, 2019 - Enormous people in various walks of life, understanding the clear objective of TDA, are contributing to actualize TDA’s three years’ strategic plan (2011-2013).


Tabia Selam is one of the 15 tabias in woreda Tahitay Koraro of the north-west zone of Tigrai. What happened in this tabia was extraordinary that every community in different parts of the region ought to take in as an exemplary experience.


 Residents of Tabia Selam including administrative officials which count for 2,573 as a whole contributed 100 % of their membership fees for the year 2012 E.C, in advance.


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A total of 302,600 was collected and delivered to TDA officials. The residents, during the delivery ceremony, said that they are very happy with what TDA is doing in improving the livelihood of the society through creating access, equity, and quality of education and health services across Tigrai. They also said that they will continue to stand in unison to support the causes of TDA through sending One birr a day via 6831 and Ten birr via 8160 whenever they can.


Mr. Hailemariam Haftu, director of membership mobilization and fundraising directorate, on behalf of TDA, extended his appreciation for their generosity and contribution and urged other communities to follow likewise. He said such contribution would help TDA accelerate the process of implementing the gigantic educational and health projects it has planned.


Because of the multi-dimensional projects, TDA together with its members, supporters, and international development partners, has accomplished a lot in the past 30 years. TDA current strategic plan includes the following:


·         Build 18 secondary schools, 12 model secondary schools, 30 primary schools, 16 science and technology centers, 10 ‘O’ classes,

·         Establish offline digital library including virtual computer centers, introduce digital language and science education in all primary schools,

·         Replace over 3 thousand makeshift classes by standard blocks,

·         Implement different soft programs focused on reading-writing skills, accelerated learning and English language capacity building in primary schools,

·         Establish ICT centers in 197 secondary schools,

·         Provide short term ICT training to teachers of secondary schools,

·         Mount the enrolment capacity of Kallamino Special Secondary School from 581 to 1000 and make it a center of excellence,

·         Introduce honor class programs in 265 secondary schools,

·         Establish state university of Tigrai,

·         Construct 10 health posts, 2 medium level hospitals and additional blocks in 7 health centers,

·         Import medical equipment worth over 25 million birr,

·         Bring medical volunteers from abroad to give free service for people in need, to mention a few.

What we contribute today will help create a better tomorrow for our children!


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