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Chinese Business Delegation blocked in Addis Ababa

Chinese Business Delegation blocked in Addis Ababa


(Aigaforum) Addis Ababa Dec 21, 2019 - The Abiy Ahmed government has continued its destabilizing act against the regional government of Tigray.  With the knowledge of the Ethiopian Embassy in China, the Foreign Ministry in Ethiopia and the Business and Investment Bureau of the Tigray regional government a working rapport was established with Chinese Business delegation from Shanxi province of China. The delegation was headed by the Deputy Governor of Shanxi province of China. This Chinese delegation came to Ethiopia to sign a business agreement with the Tigray Region on Dec 19, 2019. All preparation was completed and the Tigray regional officials were at the airport in Mekele to meet the delegation. However, the Chinese delegation did not arrive in Mekele.


What happened was after arriving to Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa the Chinese Business delegation boarded the plane heading for Mekele.  This high-level Chinese delegation was unfortunately ordered off the plane in Addis Ababa by the Federal security officers. They were escorted out and told that they could not fly to Tigray. The delegation had a valid visa to enter the country for a business trip.  Nonetheless they were forced off a local flight right before the plane was ready to take off for Mekele city in Tigray.


The Tigray administration headed by Dr. Abraham Tekeste was waiting at the Mekele airport for the delegation. Unfortunately, the administration in Mekele learned the delegation was denied flight to Tigray. Even if there was a deliberate effort to subvert the meeting Dr. Abraham Tekeste headed to Addis Ababa and met with the delegation. An agreement was signed which incorporates cooperative effort in Agriculture, Industrial Park development and Investment undertakings between the Tigray regional government and the Chinese Business delegation.


The Tigray regional government has affirmed that the Federal security entity has to take responsibility for preventing the business delegation from going to Tigray. Dr. Abraham Tekeste has also denounced the act of sabotage that is intentionally directed against Tigray. He restated that this interference against the Tigray people and The Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) is to disrupt the Peace in Tigray. 


There is a glaring evidence that the Chinese government has been a staunch supporter of Ethiopia. Many of the countries’ infrastructure was built with Chinese soft loan and Chinese companies. In fact, as recent as few days ago the Chinese were instrumental in launching micro earth sensing satellite for Ethiopia from China.


This is not what Ethiopia’s foreign diplomacy deserves.  But considering the infantile behavior of Abiy Ahmed’s erratic leadership it is not surprising to see yet again irregularities between what he says and what happens on the ground. This truly signifies that Abiy’s government is filled with amorphous words and slowly but surely is eroding the very fabric of what Ethiopia is all about.  This is not the first time that Abiy’s government has sabotaged the amicable collaboration of foreign visitors to the Tigray region.  Some two months ago, Ethiopia’s foreign ministry ordered a group of Ambassadors to cut their trip short from Tigray.


Why would Abiy who claims to bring “Prosperity” be against the presence of a delegation going to an Ethiopian region, namely Tigray? The whole plan is to facilitate education and commerce between Shanxi and Tigray! How come Abiy’s “Prosperity” philosophy is not demonstrated on the ground? It is imperative to define the word IMPOSTER in this scenario. IMPOSTER according to the Dictionary means a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, especially for fraudulent gain. This then is the true definition of Abiy Ahmed. He is an IMPOSTER who has made it clear that he will go to any magnitude to bring feud between the peoples of Ethiopia and create chaos in the country.  It is no surprise then to see all these contradictory actions taking place under Abiy Ahmed’s leadership. We cannot expect anything outside of knowing that today an IMPOSTER is at the helm of Leadership in Ethiopia leading the country to abhorrent chaos and destruction.

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