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Tigrai Development Association International (TDA) conducted public conference with all influencial stakeholders

Tigrai Development Association International (TDA) conducted public conference with all influencial stakeholders

Mekelle: 13 November 2012 E.C International carried out a public conference with more than 1 thousand influential people composed of business community, scholars, officials of different political parties operating in Tigrai, media and government officials of different bureaus and offices, and other stakeholders. 

The aim of the conference was to make the participants conscious of the activities TDA has undertaken over the past 30 years and mainly of its three years’ strategic plan (2012-2014 E.C) which TDA is striving hard to achieve along with the people of Tigrai and other stakeholders.

The conference was officially opened by Mr. Tesfay Gebregziabher deputy executive director of TDA who warmly welcomed the audience and extended his cordial gratitude to them for their attendance. In  his opening speech, he gave an emphasis to the fact that TDA is so inclusive that accommodates all Tegarus regardless of their political, religious, racial and other differences as well as to those who love to imagine the prosperity of Tigrai. He further explained that since TDA is a unity project of Tigrians, he urged the attendees to work harder towards the attainment of the strategic plan.

Next was an inspirational presentation issued by Engineer Tadesse Yemane board chairperson of TDA on the so-far accomplishments of TDA and the three years’ strategic plan which TDA is working on. It was totally a mindset changing presentation which apparently made people better understand who we are and what we do and how. Engineer Tadesse talked stressing that the plan, though seemingly ambitious, could be easily attainable if all Tigrians come together and work for common good. He also told that it is a one birr plan if each and every Tigraway contributes 1 birr or 1 dollar a day through 6831 and gofundme.  

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In the end of the conference was a ceremony of official agreement signed between TDA and Regional Bureau of Education to start the work of converting 1 thousand makeshift/’dass’ classes into buildings. It’s a good job to also remember that 06 November 2012 E.C TDA officially announced the beginning of the construction of 12 special high schools in 12 main cities of Tigrai.

Last but never least, conference was a great success in terms of building up public trust and of garnering support from the participants and beyond.  It is believed that people became well aware of the giant development projects undertaken by TDA in the past 30 years and of the way forward.

From that wonderful conference on, we already begin to live Tigrai as part of our life and thereby work to the maximum to succeed in life.

“Tigrai is our life and let’s live it”.

If you think it’s our life, you know what to do-support yourself!

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