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Newly Elected UTYNA Executive Board Members

United Tegaru Youth in North America 





Official Press Release for the Newly Elected UTYNA Executive Board Members


The United Tegaru Youth in North America (UTYNA) announces the appointment of two new members to its Executive Board for 2018. The newly elected members of the Executive Board include; Assefa Abay and Haftu Likas



The election of the committee took place on August 2nd, 2018 in Washington D.C. during the annual Tigray Festival. Upon election the newly elected board stressed that they would work to foster a sense of cultural pride, thereby prompting the youth to give back to their communities both domestically and abroad.


The two elected members come from Houston Texas, and Chicago, Illinois. Yet, the board stresses the importance of including representatives from across all parts of North America to further the mission of the organization. More specifically, UTYNA seeks to combine and capture the social and intellectual capital of the youth by networking among all ages and providing an open environment for our communities in North America and beyond.


For more information on UTYNA please e-mail


The slate of board members for 2018 is listed below.


Zenebe Aregawi, Chairman

Dr. Feven Girmay, Vice Chairman

Engineer Rahel Tesfay, Secretary

Assefa Abay: Project Operations Chair

Amde Tadele, Co-Treasurer

Dawit Asfaw, Co-Treasurer

Selamawit Geberargay, Public Relations Co-Chair

Binyam Belay, Public Relations Co-Chair

Haftu Likas, Public Relations Co-Chair

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