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Delegates of Tigray Regional Health Bureau visited DiagnosTechs




Delegates of Tigray Regional Health Bureau visited DiagnosTechs



Mekelle May 15, 2017 -  Dr Hagos Godefay, Head of the Tigray Regional Health Bureau and Dr Esayas Haregot, Director-General of the Tigray Health Research Institute (THRI), had an official visit to DiagnosTechs from May 1-5, 2017. DiagnosTechs is a renowned private clinical and research laboratory based in Seattle, WA, and it is a pioneer in development and production of saliva-based test panels.


 THRI is a recently established research institute in Tigray, Ethiopia. The visit of Drs Hagos and Esayas, which happened at the invitation of Dr Maroun El-Khoury, medical director of DiagnosTechs, was meant to lay the groundwork for potential cooperation between the two research institutions.


 During their visit, Drs Hagos and Esayas briefed Dr El-Khoury and other senior researchers of the laboratory about THRI. They also discussed on the potential areas of collaboration between THRI and DiagnosTechs. Capacity building and technology transfer, especially in the fields of parasitology and microbiology, was identified as a priority to kick start the partnership.


 In addition to providing advanced diagnostic equipment, DiagnosTechs’ experts will provide hands-on trainings to THRI’s researchers.