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"Embassy Connect" seminar discusses opportunities in Ethiopia

Source: Ethiopian Embassy Canberra


IMG_2777.JPGThe "Embassy Connect" seminar was hosted by the Canberra Business Chamber on Tuesday (16 February 2016), providing the Ethiopian Embassy with another chance to connect with local businesses regarding current opportunities in Ethiopia. Minister Counsellor for Economic Diplomacy Jemal Beker presented local businesses with information regarding investment opportunities in agriculture, agro-processing, manufacturing, mining, infrastructure, ICT and tourism sectors, particularly the competitive advantages to be utilised and the incentives offered to specific industries.


The Embassy provided detailed information on the Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTP II) and its implications for investment and the enormous opportunities and incentives it provides to investors. The progress of the Ethiopian railroad to Djibouti and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam was discussed along with the current progress of Ethiopian development and the upcoming major infrastructure projects to take place during GTP II. Upcoming initiatives establishing more industrial parks in the areas of agro-processing, Information Technology, Light and Heavy Manufacturing were introduced with several business representatives discussing the issues  and possibilities afterwards.


The Embassy would like to thank the Robyn Hendry and the Canberra Business Chamber for making this event possible.


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