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Is Ginbot 7 Dead or Alive: An Update!


Aigaforum Dec 23, 2015


A couple weeks ago we received reliable information that few hired foot soldiers from Ginbot 7 were sent by the one-man regime in Eritrea to northern Ethiopia Gondar area. Apparently Dr. Berhanu and company was trying to exploit the civil disturbance that was going on at that time around the Gondar area. The news we received did not impress us at the time, because we are really tired of hearing time and again that the regime in Eritrea is sending mercenaries to Ethiopia to cause mayhem, alluding to the fact that nothing is being done about it on the Ethiopian side. But, our feelings aside, as a media entity, we thought we should share with you any news we come to know and leave the judgment for you. So here it goes...


Buoyant by his recent trip to Europe Dr. Berhanu may be recovering from his recent demoralizing encounter with DMHIT. As you all know DMHIT went to Ethiopia after spending a decade in Eritrea. It abandoned Dr. Berhanu and company, with strict warning to Isaias Afeworki and his regime.


DMHIT was the main force that lured Dr. Berhanu to Eritrea with hopes of leading a well-organized military force to wage war against the EPRDF regime. Ever since Molla Asgedmo of DMHIT left Berhanu Nega alone in Eritrea, it is said Berhanu is acting delusional. However, the sooner Shaibya heard about a developing disturbance between the Kemant and non Kemant in and around Gondar Ethiopia, Shabiya was quick to assemble around 26 people to save Berhanu Nega and his Ginbot 7!


These men were ordered to smuggle themselves to Gondar area in three fronts. All but 10 of them are either in detention or dead now! The detail we have of these foot soldiers is as follows:


The first teams comprised of 7 people were dispatched to Waldeba area. Of the seven, three were killed, three were apprehended and 1 gave in voluntarily to authorities.


The second teams comprised of 7 people were dispatched to Wolqayit Tsegede area. Of the Seven, three gave in voluntarily and 4 are still being sought after.


The third team comprises of 12 people who were dispatched to the Metema area. Of these one was killed, five were apprehended and six are still being hunted.


A total of 16 small arms, 29 hands held bombs, few cameras and long-range binoculars were recovered from the operation from all three fronts. Local police and militia for most part carried the operation.


Does this mean Ginbot 7 is alive or Dead? We know many of you think Ginbot 7 will not die   until Shaibya dies for good and probably wondering why the Ethiopian government is not agreeing with you and doing something about it? Is it doing something?


In the Gondar area disturbance Ginbot 7 was trying to exploit the situation however, it is now fully under control and elders from both communities are discussing how to avoid future conflicts



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