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PRESS RELEASE Embassy of Ethiopia UK



Date                      10th November 2015


Release                IMMEDIATE


It is evident that a particularly pronounced global El Nino phenomenon has impacted on many countries around the world this year, including Ethiopia.


Some months ago, the government announced the various challenges that the country may encounter and how they can be overcome. In this regard, it put in place the necessary additional food stocks and set in motion the necessary logistics, to ensure that food reaches all those affected by the drought.


Food Stocks from the national reserve


Up to now, the country has mobilized 2 billion Birr [62 million] and has positioned food from the national reserve in places that are affected, or could be affected, by the drought.


The government is working hard to ensure that no one dies from lack of food in this El Nino year and, contrary to some western news reports, there will not be famine of any sort, let alone anything remotely like the magnitude of that of 1984.


There are food surpluses in country and food has been transported, and continues to be transported, to areas in need.


But the stocks will need to be replenished.


Appeal for funds


This is why Ethiopia has called on the international community to assist it in its endeavors to mitigate the impact of the drought and join hands with the government and people of Ethiopia to ensure that food stocks are fully maintained.


The sensational news broadcast by BBC TV, regarding children dying on a daily basis, does not reflect the current broad reality on the ground and the full preparation that has gone into overcoming the problem. The report also failed to give perspective to the drought situation currently unfolding in Ethiopia and around the world, and how it is triggered by the El Nino phenomenon.




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