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Ethiopia: Updates on ISIL Killings of Innocent Ethiopians and Current Events



Ethiopia: Update on ISIL Killings of Innocent Ethiopians and Current Events

Aigaforum April 27, 2015

As you all know Ethiopia declared three days of mourning to remember those killed by the evil force ISIL. Although no one for sure knows why the evil force killed innocent refugees and emigrants, it is widely believed, they were killed to cause maximum psychological harm to Ethiopians. Infact many people whom we talked think Al-Shabab and their sponsor(s) may have a hand in this killing. We are told Ethiopia is working diligently to investigate all information gathered so far as to who else might be involved in this heinous crime.

The mourning is now over and here is what we know for fact about the killing.

Ever since the news came out, Ethiopia has been trying to identify if those killed were all Ethiopian citizens. So far the information  we have is only eight Ethiopian families were notified about their loved one death. The remaining  according to  eye witness account may have been Eritreans.(see also)  Be that as it may the people were killed as Ethiopians and the Ethiopian government is doing all in its power to hunt down the killers and their immediate collaborators.

According to our reliable source Ethiopia is preparing to take a significant action against those forces who collaborated in this heinous crime in the near future. Our source told us that it is a matter of choosing the right time! The action will include those political organization(s)that have one  way or the other helped extremist in the Diaspora to cause disturbance and mayhem in the name of the killings. Our source told us the government has ample evidence, accumulated over the last two years, on key organization  that has been at the forefront of organizing the extremists in the Diaspora to carry on with their agenda on Ethiopia.

The same source told us, two years ago, Ethiopia identified religious extremism as the main threat to national security. Ever since then it has been working to deny such forces from getting a foothold in Ethiopia.  Ethiopia , said our source , will double its effort to deny a fertile ground to  home grown religious fanatics and extremists and will also work with neighboring countries to defeat the evil force going forward.





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