Update on the meeting held to discuss code of conduct agreement.

Nov 04 2009:- (Aigaforum)As you recall the signatories to the code of conduct agreement that was recently signed had called for a general meeting of all political parties in Ethiopia to discuss if they have any issues. Accordingly over 50 political organizations accepted the call and joined for discussion with the election board facilitating the discussion.

While close to 50 organizations declared their support and were willing to discuss further on issues, the only one complaining was MEDREK. It was bickering on procedures and technicalities for almost two hours and at the end walked out of the meeting.

Discussion will continue for the 50 or so parities who have agreed to meet Monday November 9, 2009 to continue the dialogue.

According to our sources, except for MEDREK all have agreed to discuss on all issues irrespective of who chairs the meeting or not. All seem to be interested that the agreements lead to a peaceful, democratic, fair and free election. Most Ethiopians want peace, free, democratic, and fair election and judging by what the majority of political organizations are expressing and accepting the Code of Conduct will ultimately situate Ethiopia and Ethiopians at an advantage.

Mederk needs to understand Ethiopians are not interested in bickering. According to our sources Medrek’s unruly behavior is an attempt to derail the peaceful dialogue however; there will be no tolerance to deter the democratic process. Many are saying that Mederk needs to come clean and show its desire to work for peace, democratic, free and fair election. Mederk needs to know its current position is very similar to Berhanu Nega’s group. Medrek’s current behavior and its position are making many people wonder if there is still a link between the two organizations. Such link if it exists will certainly hurt Mederk.