Update: Eritrean Regime key Economic and Military Installations hit.


(Aigaforum) 03-23-15

Unfortunate to many Eritreans, Eritrea today is a dissolute isolated and a country without a constitution. It’s once proud and resourceful youths are scattered all over the world and dying every day to escape the country. It’s meager economic institutions are scrambling and its remaining productive workforce tied up in a foxhole to fight a bogus enemy from afar. Unfortunate to many Ethiopians also, Eritrea is their strategic neighbor they cannot ignore. Thus why the recent news about a military style operation on two key installations is going viral among the diaspora Ethiopians and Eritreans. We say this because Inside Ethiopia it is business as usual and people are engaged every minute of their time with their business. We wished the same was true in Eritrea but that is not the case.

 The military operation seems to have caught the regime by surprise and the two installations hit are off limit to workers. The Bisha perimeter is off limit to any one including to its workers. The regime has instructed company operators and workers that commute from nearby Akordet and vicinity towns to stay home. The company has also announced there was some kind of damage on March 20 as many news outlets have reported. The damage(s) in the Bisha area still being assessed but sources tell us it is significant damage.

According to reliable source the military target in May-Edaga Depot was also a success. Despite the regime’s attempt to misinform residents of nearby city, the people were very scared by the loud boom they were hearing all day from the after effect of the operation. The regime tried to misinform the public by telling them the noise was from an on going military drill and exercise.

The 64 thousand question still in many minds is still who carried the operation. It is our educated guess the operation was carried by Ethiopia, however nether Ethiopia or Eritrea has offered an explanation yet. From what we know from reliable source Ethiopia has reached a critical stage where it will no longer ignore Isaias Afeworki’s interference in Ethiopia’s affairs. Recently shaiba(Eritrean govt) dispatched shifta(outlaw) were trying to hijack a government vehicle that was carrying public servant salary around western Amhara/Gondar area. Eritrea has also been trying to disrupt the coming election in Ethiopia by arming and training mercenaries. Unlike few years back, Ethiopia is not willing to tolerate such incidents in the name of fighting poverty. We have tried to confirm if the operation was carried by Ethiopia from government sources but the people we talked were not able to talk to us on the record. Off the record, our reliable source did not deny the allegation that it was Ethiopia that carried the operation.

We were not able to confirm also if the operation was carried by Air to ground missile or Land based missile as many have reported. Also, we were not able to confirm if the operation was an inside job as the company operator claimed either. In short though we believe the operation was carried by the Ethiopian defense forces, the operation was most probably carried without penetrating Eritrea’s air space by Ethiopia's fixed wing planes.

Our reliable sources told us it is unlikely the Eritrean regime will acknowledge the operation.  And despite rumors about a potential retaliatory action by the Eritrean regime on targets near Axum and Adwa so far nothing has been seen or reported.

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