National Regional Government of Tigrai Opened Diaspora Affairs Office


National Regional Government of Tigrai Opened Diaspora Affairs Office

July 6, 2011 (Mekelle) - The National Regional Government of Tigrai is pleased to announce the opening of the Diaspora Affairs Office of Tigrai. The office will enable to strengthen the relationship between the regional government of Tigrai and The Ethiopian Diaspora.

As we imagine, the Diaspora issues are various in nature ranging from economic/investment, political, social and cultural. Thus, Tigrai Diaspora Affairs Office is committed to having a strong link with the Ethiopian Diasporas, to work together and to make a difference. It is ready to address the various issues in accordance to the law of the country.

Among other things, the office is on the verge of producing different applicable working manuals, directives, annual plans which will help to strengthen our relationships. Moreover, we will also provide and update you, soon, on current information about what and where to invest in your beloved region.

In any case, we look forward to working with you.

Abraham Gebremedhin Gebreselassie
Coordinator, Tigrai Diaspora Affairs Office
Phone: +251 0914 701678
Po Box: 120

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Was Abiy drunk when he asked TPLF to change its name and dissolve to PP? How could he not know TPLF is not a typical political organization? Surely he must have known TPLF was special where hundreds of thousands of Tegarus paid their life to nourish it and sustain it over the years. He should have known that the people of Tigrai have heavily invested in this organization, unlike others! People should not misunderstand the relationship the people of Tigrai have with this organization. Judging from Lekatit 11 event of this year, let alone the people living in Tigrai, even Diaspora Tegarus living from Vancouver to Australia, from London to Qatar and from Seattle to Boston are intertwined with TPLF. The people have a big space for TPLF in their hearts! Look for your self the many events scheduled for Lekatit 11 around the globe!
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