Corporation describes HRW’s allegation as groundless fabrication


Corporation describes HRW’s allegation as groundless fabrication

Addis Ababa June 26 (WIC) - Ethiopian Sugar Corporation said the allegation made by Human Rights Watch (HRW) in connection with displacement of people due to sugar development projects is an overstated and a groundless fabrication.

In his exclusive interview with WIC, Director General of Ethiopia’s Sugar Corporation Abay Tsehaye said that the allegation totally ignored the previling reality on the ground.

“HRW’s report failed to incorporate evidences from what is really taking place on the ground and it is based on formulated ideas of few individuals with different motives,” the Director General said.

The individuals mentioned as sources by the HRW are those who have been attempting to destruct the development of the country through waging fabricated propagandas under certain pretexts, according to Abay. The sources, who have never seen any of the sites, reported fabrications that there is not only displacement of people but also destruction of cultural and religious heritages in Tendaho, Kessem, South Omo and Welkait.


According to the Director General, Ethiopia’s Sugar Corporation has been working in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as well as other offices so as to protect and preserve the cultural and religious heritages. The allegation, according to Abay, is baseless initiated by a few individuals with the motive of jeopardizing Ethiopia’s overall development.

The Director General added that these anti-Ethiopia groups sought that Ethiopia wouldn’t be out of their reach having realized its economic dependence and political sovereignty. According to Abay, these individuals or groups want Ethiopian pastoralist community to remain in poverty stricken condition so that they could serve them for their anthropological researches and income generation and sightseeing.

Abay also said that the corporation, in collaboration with other federal offices and regional states, has built the necessary infrastructure, prepared irrigable land and provided other necessary services. The Director General added that even for those people who have consulted and expressed their willing to relocate, the necessary preparations have done to help them live in a better condition. Sugar development is one of the major potential areas of development for Ethiopia in general and the people around those sites in particular, the Director General said.

“That is why the government has given due attention to the sector, the Director General said, adding that it will complete the building of ten factories in the coming three years time.”

The expansion projects in Tendaho, Kessem, Wenji-Shoa and Fincha are also well in progress, according to Abay.


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