REST: Charity Water staffs will visit REST projects



REST: Charity Water staffs will visit REST projects

REST PR (G/Haweria Berhane)

The Charity Water (C:W), a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations, staffs based in New York City, US America, will fly to Tigray regional state and visit the Relief Society of Tigray (REST) water projects. In their five days field trip to REST’s clean water supply project areas, the staffs aimed to observe what REST has been achieving in rural water supply provision actions.

_DSC0668.JPGAto Teklewoini Asefa, the executive director of REST, on his briefing said that “For the execution of different water projects and maximizes safe water coverage of Tigray, Charity Water still funded REST more than USD 27 million starting from its partnership. However, as the new study conducted by REST, Tigray bureau of water resource and other stakeholders indicated that to assure 100% clean water supply coverage of Tigray region it demands 3 billion. Here the C:W is still the most believable and potential water organization working closely with REST and A Glimmer of Hope to contribute more in water and hygiene and sanitation related programs.”

According to Ato Teklewoini Asefa, REST is still committed and mobilized huge amount of resources (machineries, skilled man power, etc) to bring 100% potable water coverage in Tigray within less than five years.  

For the past 6 years Charity Water funded REST to mitigate Tigray region water and related problems by introducing different types of water project technologies such as boreholes, hand dug wells, spring developments, roof rain water harvesting, solar systems and so on. To construct these relevant water projects amid the Tigray people, REST performed a variety of hydro geological investigations, designs and studies consulting with the people living in critical water need.

The staffs, 32 in number, are expected to come on January 2014, will meet with REST director and management members to be briefed about our overall development status in general and rural water supply achievements in particular. Moreover, they planned to see project beneficiaries in Adwa, W/Leke, Hawzien, S/Saeda Emba and K/Awlaelo weredas. While meeting with communities they insist to held participatory community discussions on how their money is allocated to the targeted beneficiaries.  In their 6 days consecutive field trips the staffs will inaugurate new drinking wells.

With the fund contribution from different water partners, REST enabled to benefit 1.2 million Tigrayans. Among these all people women and children are the prime beneficiaries. To reach such like significant number from the remote and undermined rural parts of the region, REST as a prominent and indigenous organization built over 4,257 water projects in rural Tigray. According to clean water sources REST’s contribution accounts 40% water coverage share in Tigray.



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