The Confraternity of St Mary of Tsion (CSMT) London : Press Release 20th January 2014


The Confraternity of St Mary of Tsion (CSMT)



Press Release 20th January 2014




Restore church services and shame the devil


CSMT is a non-partisan network of dedicated EOTC members in London. It was born in April 2013 following the brazen early morning desecration of the church of St Mary of Tsion in Battersea by a motley crew of former members of Ethiopia’s military dictatorship known as the Derg and Ethiopian political activists from a variety of opposition parties.


It is now an open secret why these forces are paired against the institution of EOTC. Chagrined and despondent by their inability to oil their political and propaganda machinery to bring down the Ethiopian Government, they have been salivating on accessing  the vast resources of St Mary of Tsion in order to realise their hidden agenda.


We are elated by the decision of the Parish Council to restore services after a hiatus of eight months. We want to seize this opportunity to extend our thanks and appreciation to the local Police for addressing our statutory right to free worship.

We find it incredulous that a Christian opposes  a restoration of services for the worship of the Risen Christ. And it is for that reason, and that reason alone, that we unequivocally condemn picketing within the precinct of St Mary of Tsion by those who seem to place greater importance to their ego, rather than to the glory of God.


We also want to make it categorically clear that we are not mercenaries of any group or party, but don’t deny that we are missionaries of Jesus  and Mary. We hereby express our unshakable loyalty and fidelity to the Trust Deeds of St Mary of Debre Tsion which categorically states, “St Mary of Tsion is a branch of EOTC and…….comes under the spiritual jurisdiction of the Patriarch thereof.”


Of two things everyone can rest assured. Firstly, we will, under no circumstances take recourse to violent means in order to defend our right to free worship. Secondly, we will not give in to former Derg henchmen’s intimidation, for we are not prepared to be reminded that they were the ones who hunted and hounded us in Ethiopia during their Reign of Terror. As we all live in a democracy where the rule of law is paramount, we urge the other side to take their contention to a public law court rather than resort to cyber bullying. We, therefore, extend our fraternal advice to the picketers to come back to their senses, and join us in the House of the Lord glorifying the Risen Christ. By so doing we can delight God and shame the devil. Happy 2014!



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