Press Release On Italy’s Biased and Ill-informed Statement


Press Release On Italy’s Biased and Ill-informed Statement

March 21, 2012-(MoFA)- Eritrea’s destabilization activities throughout the Horn of Africa sub-Region have long been condemned by the international community. Accordingly, the United Nations Security Council has already passed a series of Resolutions imposing sanctions on the regime. However, the regime has so far refused to heed the call of the international community to desist from supporting extremist elements in the region. Instead, the regime has made it a habit to portray itself as a victim when, in fact, it is the arch-culprit in this dangerous game of destabilization.

Now that Ethiopia has exercised its right of self-defense in accordance with the UN Charter by taking restrained measures against the regime in response to the recent cross border killing and abduction of innocent tourists, the regime has once again been trying to portray itself as the victim. Apparently, it has succeeded in hoodwinking some despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

Despite this glaring fact, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy has issued a totally biased and ill-informed statement on 19 March 2012. As a result, Italy has audaciously come out in defense of Eritrea’s horrendous destabilization activities in the Horn. On the other hand, Italy has never condemned Eritrea’s continuous violent acts of destabilization in the sub-region; despite the numerous resolutions of the UN, AU and IGAD to that effect. By issuing this biased statement, Italy has obviously chosen to condone Eritrea’s subversive activities in the sub-region.


It cannot be denied that Italy knows full well Eritrea’s support for terrorist activities in our sub-region, which over the years have caused the loss of civilian lives including, among others, Italian tourists. In this regard, Italy’s lack of even a modicum of objectivity and genuine concern for such matters of grave concern to the region and the international community as a whole is indeed baffling. This callous behavior of Italy demonstrates that it is neither willing nor capable of playing a constructive role in the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia condemns in the strongest possible terms the irresponsible statement issued by the Italian Foreign Ministry and the position taken by the Italian Government on Eritrea’s destabilization activities in the Horn of Africa.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 21 March 2012

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