Surgical Military Style Operation against the Eritrean Regime key Economic and Military Installations.


(Aigaforum) 03-21-15

Some Eritrean news outlets have reported about a military style operation in Besha Eritrea’s only profitable mining pit and a key military depot near Asmara. We usually hear and read such news from the USA and Israel after they successfully carry such precises and selective operation against known terrorist camp and terror sponsor state institutions but this news is coming from Eritrea! The US or Israel have no interest in carrying such operation in Eritrea!

 The likely culprit for such operation is probably a neighboring state and Ethiopia cannot be excluded. The Eritrean regime is harboring known terrorists and Ethiopian opposition groups who are hell bent to cause destruction in Ethiopia. Besides harboring and training armed Ethiopian opposition groups the regime also holds an Ethiopian air force military hardware in its hands which it has refused to return so far.  Ethiopia has also been lobbying the United Nation to strengthen the sanction against the Eritrean regime but to no avail so far. Therefore in our analysis the precise military operation may be carried out by Ethiopia and may signal a clear policy shift when it comes to dealing with the Eritrean regime.

If Ethiopia carried out the operation the message is clearly to show its capability that it can strike where ever in Eritrea if it chooses so and to warn the regime to stop interfering in Ethiopia’s affairs. The reason we think it may be Ethiopia that carried this operation is because the operation seems to be targeted to military and key regime institutions. The operation is clearly designed not to harm civilians since it was targeted on key regime sustaining economic and military targets.

The status quo between Ethiopia and Eritrea may be collapsing if the regime in Eritrea does not return Ethiopia’s military hardware it holds and deport or hand over wanted criminals it holds and dismantle terrorists training camps in its territory. According to unnamed officials we talked the Ethiopian government is losing hope the Eritrean regime will heed Ethiopia’s warning! The Ethiopian government also is not happy with current UN passed sanction as it has no teeth at all.  Ethiopia is expecting the UN to pass a meaningful sanction before it is too late.

From what we are hearing Ethiopia’s patience may be thin enough where it has reached the breaking point if it is stretched further.

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