Ethiopian Diaspora in the UK raise 2 million Birr for Construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam.


Ethiopian Diaspora in the UK raise 2 million Birr for Construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam.

Press Release
On 29th October, Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin residing in the UK raised about 2 million birr, by way of bond purchases, pledges and gifts, on the first Bond Selling Day to be held in London.

According to the UK Renaissance Dam Diaspora Participation Coordination Council, members of the Ethiopian community had already pledged close to one million birr which brings the total to about 3 millions birr.

The Council, comprising of Ethiopians from a variety of civic and development associations, religious groups, artist groups, professional associations, business organizations, renowned personalities, academics, youth and women associations and other pertinent groups, was launched on 8th October during its first meeting at the Ethiopian Embassy in London.

Launching the Bond Selling Day in the presence of over 300 community members, invited guests and friends of Ethiopia, Ethiopia’s UK Ambassador, Berhanu Kebede, called on the Diaspora to rise to the occasion and mobilize resources for the construction of the Renaissance Dam, which symbolizes the bright future and reawakening of Ethiopia.

Having carried out a number of grand projects like that of the Tekeze dam by their own efforts, Ethiopians are now assuming even greater responsibilities, with a growing self-reliance that will see the transformation of the nation. Its desire to join the community of middle-income nations will definitely materialise.
Ambassador Berhanu said it is evident that Ethiopia has been growing at a rate of 11 per cent on average for the last eight years. But Ethiopians should stand shoulder to shoulder to keep the momentum of development at a higher pace for the realization of the Five Year Growth and Transformation Plan, at the core of which lies infrastructure development including the mega power generating scheme of the Renaissance Dam.

Enjoying the documentary film ‘Kuchit’, national cuisines, music by UK-based Ethiopian performers, a recital of poems, drama and socializing at the event, members of the Ethiopian community displayed commitment to the Government’s development strategies which has lifted millions out of poverty.

Participants at the event called for more initiatives to solicit funds for the construction of the Renaissance Dam and pledged to actively engage in all fields of endeavour including investment, trade, and tourism and transfer of skills and knowledge, in the national drive to beat poverty and ensure sustainable development and a democratic order.

October 29th, LONDON
Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

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