Ethiopia’s Development Transformation Plan is Brilliant, brave and yet challenging:


Ethiopia’s Development Transformation Plan is Brilliant, brave and yet challenging:

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ethiopia’s Development Transformation Plan is Brilliant, brave and yet challenging: Ambassador Taye Atske Selassie at Cal State Fullerton University

Ethiopian Consulate, Oct 19, 2010 (Los Angeles)- In a speaking engagement organized by the Osher Lifelong Institute at California State University in Fullerton Ambassador Taye A Selassie, Consul General of Ethiopia in Los Angeles told University staff members, retired professors, Osher lifelong institute members and students that the economic achievements Ethiopia gained over the last seven years have set the momentum for more accelerated economic development.

The Ambassador said that the progress made in creating a stable economic environment and in particular the ease in the provision of land and capital, the tax incentives given for capital gains and the guarantee of security in FDI have made Ethiopia as one of the most attractive investment destination among the newly emerging countries in the world. He further noted that the significant paradigm shift in economic policy since 2003 and the importance given to an integrated agricultural development, the emphasis given to small enterprises in value addition and the massive infrastructure development in road and power has helped Ethiopia to sustain an average growth of 11% for six successive years.

Ambassador Taye also said that the economic transformation plan put forward by the Ethiopian Government is dazzling in thought, brave in commitment and challenging in implementation and added that the various policy measures that has been so far built in to the system of macroeconomic management and the lesson learnt from extremely difficult world financial crisis will help Ethiopia’s economic institutions to carefully manage its early stage of economic transformation in to middle income country.

The Consul General also spoke about the brilliant, beautiful, mysterious and extraordinary history of Ethiopia, its people and their unique place in their struggle against colonialism as well as their contribution in keeping world peace since the Second World War.

Following the presentation the participants raised questions related to Ethiopia’s governance structure, its constitution and the division of power between various branches of the government; the Nile issue and the prominence and rational use of the equitable utilization of cross borders rivers; the challenge in brining sustainable agricultural development and food security, and the contribution of the US Government to Ethiopia.

The moderator of the discussion Professor Emeritus Martin Hebleing in summing up the discussion said the progress the country of Ethiopia made over the last decade is an excellent example for other newly emerging countries who seek to embark on the path of economic progress. He also wished the Ethiopian people the best of success in their endeavor to change their country and make a better and safe place to live.

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