Unroasted Organic Harar Coffee of Ethiopia Penetrates the US Market!!


Unroasted Organic Harar Coffee of Ethiopia Penetrates the US Market!!

Dec 7, 2010

Dec 7, 2010 (DC)-The Ethiopian Organic Harar coffee is slated for placement in over 120 Giant Foods Stores in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

In what was a landmark licensing agreement between Ethiopia and "The Pride of Ethiopia" a Maryland based company in the US to import 100% unroasted Harar coffee, the fine coffee Ethiopian marketing project, was launched at a brisk ceremony held at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC. in the morning hours on Tuesday.

Mr. Eyob Tolina, second secretary at the Economic and Business department of the Embassy apprise the audience present at the launching ceremony that the occasion signifies that primarily attention is focused on responding to the needs of the thriving Ethiopian demographic in the DC. Metro area which is currently estimated to number between 250,000 to 300,000 strong Ethiopian members of the Diaspora.

The second secretary also recounted that Ethiopia as the rightful birthplace of coffee boasts a genetic pool of more than six thousand varieties, including its natural decaffeinated coffee.

He also underscored that the penetration to the American market by Ethiopian products presently on the rise, will certainly bolster in calibrating the need by responding to the foreign currency injection into the national economy and further spur the ongoing five-year Growth and Transformation drive to achieve its stated target in garnering the much too touted revenue.

Ms. Sonia Bunch, the owner and CEO of Pride Ethiopia on her part highlighted the effort exerted, and the implications and benefits that accrue in offering Ethiopian products access to the wide American market. On this timely occasion she expressed her pledge to add into the menu much more Ethiopian products into the mainstream American market as she succinctly and aptly put it, "as we move forward".

An authentic Ethiopian coffee ceremony was conducted during the occasion with the invited guests appreciating the aroma, scent and taste of the natural and organic Ethiopian coffee flavor.

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