Ethiopians in Sioux Falls, South Dakota Express Their Support to the Grand Renaissance Dam!!


Ethiopians in Sioux Falls, South Dakota Express Their Support to the Grand Renaissance Dam!!

Tsehaye Debalkew, August 17, 2011, DC.- In what could be attributed as a strong show of support to the Growth and Transformation Plan/GTP/ in general and the building of the Grand Renaissance Dam/GRD/, in particular, members of the Ethiopian Diaspora domiciling in and around the city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA, readily expressed their unflinching commitment towards the realization of the huge national initiative.

Ambassador Mulie, on the occasion addressed the audience, by underscoring the timely stride taken by the Ethiopian people and government for boldly initiating the gigantic project unequalled by African standards and the ever bolstering determination and burgeoning enthusiasm of the Ethiopian Diaspora in its unreserved commitment, resolve and its quintessential support towards the GTP and the GRD.

Ambassador Mulie underlined that the huge project is poised to benefit the nation enormously by enabling it to traverse into becoming a member of the club of middle income countries of the globe in the not too distant future by nipping poverty in the bud, by way of permanently uprooting it from its bastion of deep entrenchment.

Ambassador Mulie, called upon the members of the Ethiopian Diaspora community to redouble their efforts and stand to be counted by leaving their insignia as the new generation that has stirred, galvanized and transformed the nation for good.

At last the audience raised pertinent questions as concerns varied national issues and were served well and meaningful responses. Before concluding the spirited meeting members of the Ethiopian Diaspora raised on the spot $34,000 or well over half-a-million Birr by way of purchase of bonds and pledging financial support towards the implementation of the GRD.

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August 25, 2019


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