The Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD)


The Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD)

Fund-Raising Event, Ottawa

On September 13, 2014, Ethiopians and Canadians origin of Ethiopia organized a GERD fund-raising event night. In the event, Ethiopians, friends of Ethiopia as well as people from the neighbouring and the Nile basin countries gathered and raised substantial amount of money for the GERD project.

Ethiopians in the National Capital (Ottawa-Gatineau) flocked to the Saint Joseph Hall, 151 Laurie East Avenue. The hall was totally full beyond its capacity and many people who showed up late were required to share seats with their friends as there was shortage of seats.

The attendees were from all walks of life and that mix shows the true diversity of Ethiopia, which is the main source of our strength and beauty. We can simply say that Ethiopians in Ottawa were at their best night.

The fund-raising events started by “Ashenda” –the New Year popular music, followed by different speeches including representative of the FDRE embassy in Canada and Engineer Semegnew Bekele General Manager of the GERD. Engineer Shemegnew made an uplifting speech from the dam via teleconference. Attendees had the chance to interact with the General Manager about the time line of the project and of course the main challenges that the project faces, if there is any. Up front, with no uncertain words, the General Manager assured Ethiopians that the project will be finished within the planned time and candidly answered to all questions rose by the audience. In turn, Ethiopians express their satisfaction with the progress of the dam and promised to do their level best to support the GERD project financially and stand tall along the people of Ethiopia up to its completion.

Thought out the evening, Ethiopian showed their strong support for the GERD by buying bonds, donating money and participating in Tombola games and other activities. Generally, this year event grew its popular support, particularly the youth. The enthusiasm, self-confidence and self-reliance of Ethiopian was beyond words that can express it.

Taking this opportunity, the GERD fund-raising organizing committee of Ottawa would greatly appreciate all those who showed up for the event and contributed in any capacity.


As we begun, we will finish it!!!


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