A Gypsum Factory established by Diaspora Ethiopians from the USA Inaugurated In Tigrai


A Gypsum Factory established by Diaspora Ethiopians from the USA Inaugurated In Tigrai

The people of Tigrai have heard over the years many naysayers when it comes to their natural resources. Infact one of the prominent opposition politicians of today is on record saying Tigrai will see better days only when stone becomes gold!

Well, yesterday's Ethiopia where stone remained stone for millennia without much use is gone thanks to Woyane Tigrai!

Besides Mesebo Cement factory and Saba Marble company who turned the stones of Tigrai in to gold, starting this week Ethio-American Tropical Company is turning the gypsum rocks of Wajerat in to gold. The company is established by Diaspora Ethiopians from the USA. Despite the challenges to build an 18KM new road and connect power from the grid to the new plant in Adigudom the company was inaugurated on February 9th, 2005 (ETC).
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Tropical Ethic- American Investment Share Company’s Adigudom Gypsum Factory was officially launched and inaugurated by Ato Abay Woldu, the regional president of Tigray on February 16, 2013. The inauguration was conducted in the presence of high ranking regional government officials, the Ethio - American Investment company board members and their representatives. In the ceremony zonal administrator of Hintallo Wajirat, Woreda administrator, Adigudom town and surrounding residents and other invited guests were in attendance. The ceremony was colorful and received radio and TV media coverage.

. Before the arrival of the guest of honor, a pre launching and inspection site visit /observation was done by board members and shareholders led by Addisu Gebremedhin

. The board members and shareholders were extremely delighted at the progress made and first product shown in display . An entertaining and complete radio and TV media coverage was accorded to the factory.

. Investors s and invited guests travelled 38 KM from Mekele to observe the launching of the second factory in Ethiopia.

. The factory was officially opened by Ato Abay Woldu in the presence of high regional government officials and invited guests at 10;00 AM Saturday February 16, 2013 and highlights are;

. An opening remark was made by Ato Daniel Kahsay representing Ato Mulugeta, plant manager

. A key note address was given by Ato Addisu Gebremedhin

. Following this the zonal and Woreda administrators made key note addresses and assured the investors that maximum support will be given at any time.

. Ato Abay Woldu officially opened the factory who openly lauded the investors assuring the regional government will give utmost support without reservation and ended his speech by congratulated them.

. Following inspection tour and seeing the factory running, a certificate of merit was handed over by the regional administrator to all government and non-government agencies who rendered their support who became instrumental in bringing the factory to to reality.

. Finally reception/lunch was served for all who attended the ceremony

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