Appeasing Diaspora Extremists and US Appropriation Bill of 2014




Appeasing Diaspora Extremists and US Appropriation Bill of 2014




Aigaforum Jan 28, 2014 - Against all odds President Obama was elected twice as the president of the United States. Those who elected him adore him as a pragmatist and intelligent president but those who despise him simply hate his gut. During his first term although his government was able to slow down the downward growth of the crumbling economy he inherited, he faced many obstacles from the opposition party in congress. The Republican Congress used every trick and every vote to undermine his initiatives and budget proposals to run the federal government every year. With a majority seat, the Republicans continued their opposition during his current second term and partially shut down the federal government last year. The shutdown was averted with a compromise appropriation bill that will fund the government until next September. It is in this over 1000 page bill somewhere in the document someone was able to insert something that will please Ethiopian extremists and their handlers all be it for nothing!

The portion that deals with Ethiopia encourages the US government not to fund Ethiopia on two fronts 1) If and when people are forcefully displaced from their place in the OMO and Gambella region 2) if the judiciary and human right situations are not improved.

This insert to the bill has no teeth to hurt or help Ethiopia however you see it. First, Ethiopia does not get any military aid from the USA. 2)The US government never gives development Aid directly to governments - all Ethiopian Aid so far has been in the form of USAID which is mainly humanitarian and this insert exempts all humanitarian aid and military aid to combat terrorism.

The extremists in Diaspora and their handlers may loud the bill as helpful for their cause but it has no teeth. This insert was shoved through the back door at the 11th hour similar to the final passage of HR 2003 in congress which eventually died in the Senate! This too is a still born! The problem is the extremists and their handlers will not know it is still born until next September!

We have said it before but we will say it again. If there are any sane opposition members among the extremists it is time to wake up. Ethiopia's democratic development will not depend based on how hard the White House or Congress pressures it. The main torch bearers for any democratic change will be the people at home. No amount of machination from Western Capital corridors will have an effect unless the effort is to solve real problems. The only real problem that needs to be solve in the Omo valley or Gambella region is the issue with the debilitating poverty and backwardness. Gilgle Gibe III and the few mechanized farms being developed in these areas are part of the growth and transformation plan designed to change the lives of the people in these areas. Any opposition, extremist or otherwise, that will conspire with any institution that is for hire to derail such development work is doomed to fail. Wake up!

Knowing the extremists in Diaspora they will probably try to milk this as a success and use it as a recruiting tool to find few more followers. However like everything else they do this too will pass as a failure in the end. However we are not sure if this will not add credit in the mind of other governments who would like to hire them to fight their proxy war against Ethiopia! For that all peace loving and development oriented Ethiopians and friends in Diapsora should do all in their power to educate those who are misinformed about Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

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