A Strong Eritrean Popular Rally at UN Headquarter in Geneva (Switzerland) on 16 Nov 2012


A Strong Eritrean Popular Rally at UN Headquarter in Geneva (Switzerland) on 16 Nov 2012


ሐንቲ ሓይያል አርትራዊት ሕዝባዊት ክተት ናብ ሕና ቋረተረ አብ ገነቫ (ስዊዘርላንድ) አብ እቲ 16 ሕዳር 2012 Hundreds of Eritrean Diaspora members from across Europe gathered in Switzerland Friday and marched towards the United Nations office at Geneva urging solidarity from the world Community for ending dictatorship in Eritrea. Eritrean Diaspora members across Europe gathered here ‘‘to make Eritrea a republic state, instead of North Korea in Africa’’, said an old Eritrean veteran teacher Abraham Amine from Germany. And another demonstrator said ‘‘in Eritrea there is nothing good … I guess it is better to raise our concerns now not tomorrow before it turns more ugly’’. Plus the Eritrean young lady said ‘‘I am here after crossing the African desert and the Mediterranean Sea … my father is dead in the war … I didn’t see my mother for years … now I want to see her. In order to see her I must go there or she must come here, but now there is no such possibility … to make this happen dictatorship must go from Eritrea’’. And an old lady said ‘‘I came to urge solidarity from the world community, as our husbands, brothers; sisters … are in prison for years without any charge …’’

The Eritrean Demonstrators testifies that the Eritreans are determined to make change in their troubled small nation that exports only refugee and destabilization. They are totally convinced that the dictator Iseyas Efewerqi will never be free from his vices, unless he is forced. As an old veteran puts it ‘‘Iseyas Efewerqi has neither Eritrean nor worldwide human mind’’. The demonstration made of half kilometer long four rows, armed with homemade posters, stood at UN Headquarter square in Geneva with the slogans ‘‘Down to the Eritrean dictator Iseyas Efewerqi!; Yes to the UN sanction! No to Iseyas’ extortion! Stop human trafficking and selling human organs in Eritrea! Free all Eritrean prisoners! The dictatorship must end! Enough is enough! … What a strange thing that one observes is that the fear of the Eritrean dictatorial power while somebody is thousand miles away disappeared or is disappearing at the speed of the sun light from the Eritrean minds in general, but from the young Eritrean slave generation, the main actor in the demonstration, in particular. What one can say is that there is the emancipation proclamation among them declared not by Abraham Lincoln or European Union but by themselves. I guess the Eritrean slave generation deserves to be called hero of heroes.

But their problem is still not over. Now, after they broke the slavery, they are preparing to take the right national duty that is to make Eritrea free from the dictatorship. But here there are two things that must be seen separately. There is no doubt that they are lion hearted men and women but they are not still armed with the culture that opens Eritrean Republican road. Many of the old Eritrean veterans in Europe are proud of these lion hearted men and women, but there is fear of uncertainty of what will happen tomorrow in Eritrea because these lion hearted man and woman are not still with clear vision and strategy and the Eritrean disunited oppositions are milking the bad situation. Owing to this the dream of the Eritrean people is not at safety place as always it is at the seashore.

Again teacher Abraham says ‘‘I guess the case with Iseyas is finished ‘‘. So, what remains? ‘‘ … remains… the dream of the Eritrean people … Eritrean Republic …’’; you mean we are not still prepared to build Eritrean Republic State? ‘‘Yes’’. Why? ‘‘Because, how can be there without the birth of a clear political line’’.

I guess he is right, because there is no clear and transparent vision and strategy not only in the Eritrean fronts, or parties, or associations, or organizations but also in the mind any Eritrean. What there is a heap of military culture of the two failed fronts ELF and EPLF now PFDJ the only ruling party.

So there are very few wise Eritreans who don’t want to press or to be pressed hard against the Eritrean dictator, because the Eritrean people is not still ready to accept the power. I guess this is true the Eritrean people are not still taught how to administrate and drive the power machine, because there are no cadres who are specially chosen and trained for this particular purpose. Against this fact there are Eritrean conservatives and opportunities who tell the people that the struggle is almost finished and ready to be harvested. But things are still all unripe (ጕዕ). We are lucky that the Eritrean people know not only untilled land but also untilled mind. We must not try to put the chart before the horse. Before the final push, the Eritrean unity must prevail first. The first step towards the Eritrea republic nation is the unity of the Eritrean force. The Eritrean people are fed up of fables from in or out side of the circle.

So, I don’t know when, but perhaps in the very near future the Eritrean Diaspora members across Europe will return to Geneva to demonstrate not against the dictator of Eritrea that will be without any tooth very soon, but against those who are blocking the Eritrean unity not to come. But I hope that the opponents fulfill the desire of the Eritrean people so the Eritrean Diaspora members across Europe returns to Geneva to celebrate the Eritrean unity and the end of the dictatorship in Eritrea and to thank the world community for its solidarity.

ኢዮብ ገብረእዚአብሔር Gizie-lewti.com 17 11 2012 Swiss

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