Communiqué from participants of The Copenhagen Peace and Development Conference


Communiqué from participants of The Copenhagen Peace and Development Conference

October 17, 2010

We participants of the Copenhagen Conference are cognizant of the decisive role of the peace agreement can play in achieving our lofty objectives of building democratic society and promoting sustainable development in our region and in Ethiopia in general.

  • We support the agreement signed between the Ethiopian government on one hand and the UWSLF and ONLF on the other, and there by we are ready to pay the requisite sacrifices to secure and protect our hard won peace and stability.
  • We solemnly declare to work relentlessly for the strict adherence and implementation of the spirit and letter of this agreement.
  • We vehemently deplore and condemn external forces, like the Eritrean government, who continuously conspire to destabilize our region and destruct our development effort.
  • We call upon all political actors of the region to provide the necessary leadership that the people of the region need at this historical juncture.
  • We enter into commitment both individually and collectively to mobilize the necessary human, financial and material resources necessary to strengthen the democratic basis of our society and to promote sustainable development.
  • We underline the importance of convening periodic consultation conferences both in the region and abroad to give momentum to the peace and development agenda, and in this regard, we call upon the regional administration to insure the implementation of this recommendation.
  • As seeing is believing, we the Diaspora community of the Somali Region of Ethiopia declare to put in place a mechanism of familiarization trips which give the youth, intellectuals, businessmen and elders in the Diaspora an opportunity to know more about their region and enable them to contribute to the recently adopted Growth and Transformation Plan of the Country.
  • We also call upon development partners of Ethiopia to live up to their responsibilities by taking measures against those anti-peace groups who use their respective capitals as a base for mobilization of resources for their terrorist act which is targeted to undermine the peace and stability of our country.
  • Finally, we would like to seize this opportunity to pay tribute to those who worked day and night for the success of the Copenhagen Peace and Development Conference.

Copenhagen, Denmark October 17, 2010

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