“We will not react to every speculation on PM Meles’ health,” Bereket Simon .


“We will not react to every speculation on PM Meles’ health,” Bereket Simon .

Wednesday, 01 August 2012 08:10 By ZEKARIAS SINTAYEHU
Head of the Office for Government Communication Affairs, Bereket Simon told The Reporter that the government has no intention to react or respond to every speculation and rumors regarding Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s health.

Though Meles’ health issue has been high on the agenda for more than a month, the death rumors came after a broadcast from ESAT TV claimed the PM was dead on Sunday citing the Belgium based International Crisis Group (ICG) as its source.

However, ICG denied ESAT’s report and has no knowledge about the PM’s health. The Group also indicated that it is in no position to comment and verify about the premier health.

“International Crisis Group has no direct knowledge about the state of health of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Crisis Group has never commented on Meles’s health or his fate, and is not in a position to speculate about it. Crisis Group categorically denies any media claims to the contrary,” ICG stated.

Since yesterday, ESAT’s website was closed and many assume that the blockage might be following the report. However Bereket told The Reporter that he has no ideas about the matter.

“ESAT’s report could not continue even for a few hours and the group which it used as a source has also refuted the report,” Bereket told The Reporter.

“The aim of the various opposition forces’ is not covering about the health of the PM, rather their intention is to gain profit by creating confusion among the public. We also know that it is their strategy. Therefore, we will never try to respond to each and every speculation. Rather than calming the public it will only complicate things,” Bereket added.

Bereket noted that the PM is on vacation and his health is getting better by the day. However, Bereket again declined to indicate the whereabouts of the PM and the exact day of his return.

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