Asmara and the Dysfunctional Extremist Infested Opposition Plan: A north African Style


Asmara and the Dysfunctional Extremist Infested Opposition Plan: A North African Style !

April 20, 2011 Addis Ababa (Aigaforum)- The dysfunctional, extremist infested, violent opposition forces, the likes of the OLF, Ginbot 7 and Arebegnoch have been instructed to start their "Tahdid" revolution in Addis starting April 20, today! At first we thought this was an April fool’s day joke but then again April fool’s day comes on April 1st not April 20!. It was for real but so far nothing is happening but what was the plan anyways?

What we are hearing from insiders and from our email letters is that, the Asmara inspired revolution was to start with a silent protest at work and elsewhere followed by economic demands and oh yes a writing on the wall too... graffiti in restrooms! Once such steps were taken and once the public was agitated by such campaigns then they were heading to instruct their members inside the country to start demanding for key official resignations as well as demand salary increases and adjustment of the commodity prices! Remember the Ethiopian government recently adjusted salary scales for its employees and commodity prices! They are dysfunctional indeed!

The one man government in Asmara is an amazing government. Isias Afeworki has never been short of foot-soldiers for his wicked plans! No wonder the Ethiopian government has changed its policy towards Isaias's Eritrea. The Ethiopian government is on the record that it will respond in kind for any provocations from the Asmara regime.Time will tell if Isaias is listening!

The dysfunctional oppositions named above as well as the EPRP leftovers have been dreaming about all kinds of revolutions to unseat the EPRDF. They have sided with mercenaries and AL-shebaba of Somalia, they tired to establish camps inside Ethiopia to wage wars but all to no avail. This time they want to try to cause mayhem in the cities simply to satisfy their ego! The Ginbot 7 are on the record that their aim is not to assume power but to make sure EPRDF does not govern peacefully! They do not see the loss of innocent lives as a loss they see it as a gain! Sad sad!

The "revolution" that started on April 20 will continue for a month until May 20 as insiders told us. We shall see how long it will last but the way it started; we have yet to see graffiti inside restrooms! For the record, we have not visited all restrooms yet! Addis is a huge transformed city! So far Addis is quiet and buzzing with the great Renaissance Dam Project that is part of the Growth and Transformation Plan! It seems people do not have time for any graffiti writing. They have chosen to make history by helping with the building of the great Blue Nile Dam and pledging to give anything and everything to realize the success of the project

Stay tuned to witness if tomorrow or the day after is going to be any different than today for the dysfunctional oppositions. They have a month let us watch!

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