Ambassador Girma Birru on Prime Minister Meles health and current events


Ambassador Girma Birru on Prime Minister Meles health and current events

(Aigaforum, 7/27/120)- Ambassador Girma informed everyone that PM Meles is in good health and will be back to work soon. He also explained that the government is discharging business as usual and that there is no vacuum created as many talking heads are insinuating! He went on to explain that the EPRDF party is also carrying on its duties as expected. Listen to Selam radio interview with the Ambassador Girma.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is said to be recovering fast from his illness that was largely caused to exhaustion.

Many of you have speculated and asked where the prime minister is resting, recovering and inquired where he is staying. The Reporter, a local Ethiopian newspaper, has said he is resting some where in North America. We are not sure there is a need to know the detail of his illness and where he is staying but readers should know he is well and on his way to full recovery!

The only news we consider important at this time is that after 40 some years of hard work Meles is in need of rest! Sometimes we are really surprised about the stamina of our brothers and sisters! We feel if there is news in this story it should have been the story of the strength and determination of the people like Meles!

We have come to realize Meles and many others more are in need of taking time off from work to rest! We hope this incident will help others to avoid facing the same issue.

For those who are laboring day in and day out we suggest they sometimes find time to get a breather and take a vacation. There is nothing to hide here! Knowing the workaholic nature of the PM he is probably working from where he is against his doctors and friends advice. The toxic Diaspora and ill wishers should be looking for another story to feed on! On behalf of millions of Ethiopians like us, we would like to give many thanks to those who one way or another have made it easy for him to rest and recover fast! And, for those wishing otherwise, well, tough luck he is coming invigorated!

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