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October 23, 2009


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TDA-Nashville Membership Drive a Great Success


            Nashville, Tennessee—The TDA Chapter of  Nashville; in its endeavor to build a strong and viable organization took another step by kicking off its first membership drive on  October 17,2009.  The event attracted over 40 participants. The Chairman of the Executive Committee, Mehari Woldekidan opened the event with a brief introduction of TDA, its achievements; and the importance of unity of purpose. He also applauded the mediation and reconciliation effort undertaken by the executive committee members in  resolving the animosities that had torn  families and friends apart; and thanked all the participants for their cooperation in the process. Atsbaha Gebru, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee also briefed the participants on activities carried out by the chapter and called upon female members of the community to form a committee that will provide support to the chapter.  Accordingly, three ladies- Nebyat, Zemzem, and Mebrat were elected to the committee. The third speaker was Dr. Leonard Madu, the guest of honor and President of Pan Africa Conference, a Nashville based 501c(3) organization  that promotes cooperation between  civic,  governmental and non-governmental organizations and businesses based in Africa and the U.S.A  in the areas of business/investment, health care, education and capacity building. In his speech, Dr. Madu expressed his appreciation for TDA and its members and committed himself and his organization to assist our chapter in its effort to achieve its goals.

Following the speeches, the audience was entertained with food, refreshments and music. Special thanks go to Mr. Shewit for his musical entertainment, Mr. Tewolde for providing the venue free of charge, and all the volunteers that donated with food, and beverages out of love for their community.