Senior US Senators and Gen Ward recognizes Ethiopia as the main stabilizing force in the Horn region.


Washington DC March 11 2010 (Aigaforum)-General Ward commanders of the U.S. European Command (EUCOM), U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) AND U.S. Joint Force Command said Ethiopia remains a friend, a partner in our efforts to help produce stability  in the region. General Ward said the work that Ethiopia does in the counterterrorism business as well as in the work of its participation in peacekeeping operations is important work.


General Ward testified at the Senate Armed Service Committee on March 9, 2010 in connection with FY 2011 Budget.


Senators John McCain asked the General to comment on Ethiopia which the General answered by saying “…our partnering with the Ethiopians, as well as other East African nations, is something that we will continue to look at and ways of helping produce stability in that part of the world.”  


A staunch ally of Ethiopia Senator Inhofe (Oklahoma) appreciated General Ward for recognizing Ethiopia’s effort in the region. Senator Inhofe asked the General if he can comment about PM Meles ability and challenges he faces every day.


 General Ward told the Senator he meets with Prime Minister Meles quite regularly, and he has a huge respect for his [PM Meles] leadership and the work that he does, especially as it pertains to addressing the threat of terror and cooperating with those who also address that threat of terror in East Africa.


The Senator agreed and said “I know that the one who's been under attack in Ethiopia more than anyone else is Prime Minister Meles. My personal feeling is he's got a tough job. He's a tough guy, and he's been able to do it.”