Communiqué from Queen Sheba Schools Alumni and Friends- International (QSSAF-I) on the occasion of 70’s Anniversary of the Schools


Communiqué from Queen Sheba Schools Alumni and Friends- International (QSSAF-I) on the occasion of 70’s Anniversary of the Schools

The 70’s Anniversary of Queen Sheba Schools in Adwa was held with great purpose and festivity from the 28th of June to the 1st of July in Adua. The festival, which was the culmination of our meticulous, exhaustive over two year deliberate activity to revive the old and renowned School of Queen Sheba in Adwa has been attended by thousands of alumni and friends both from in country and abroad.

In this remarkable event, an impressive generosity of both alumni and friends was exhibited and in the fund drive that was conducted both in Addis Ababa and Adwa City, over 42 Million Ethiopian Birr was pledged towards a complete revival of the school. The pledged money will immensely help in re-building the school infrastructure, modernizing the school, adding extracurricular activities and bringing the school to the technological advances of the 21st Century. In this occasion, in addition to the financial pledge, a panel discussion on the quality of education in Adua and Tigray with recommendations for improvement was held. Additional discussion on the historical significance of the school in the introduction of early modern education in Tigray and producing many educated Ethiopian citizens and also its central role in the emergence of the armed struggle that created TPLF and eventually toppled the Derg regime was discussed.

The school, which once was an icon of excellence in Tigray and Ethiopia, has recently ranked as an average school with in the region and its buildings has been worn out and dilapidated necessitating this major drive to re-build both the infrastructure and quality of education within the school.

The Queen Sheba Schools International Alumni and Friends, which was established in North America two years back has been the driving force behind those unprecedented activities. In addition to the over 2.7 million Ethiopian Birr that was pledged by the International Alumni, multiple teaching materials (computers, VCR, TV, projectors …) and books of an estimated value of over 1million Ethiopian Birr were donated to the school at this ceremony.

Additionally, over 100,000 books were collected by alumni and half of it is in route to Ethiopia at this time.

The celebration, which was attended by alumni from abroad and in country, brought thousands of alumni together for the first time in the school’s history.

Queen Sheba Schools Alumni and Friends-International Board

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