Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and other Senior EPRDF leaders will step down in the coming five years


Aigaforum 09/08/09 (Addis Ababa):- In unprecedented move EPRDF Council has endorsed a move to replace senior EPRDF with new, young and powerful leaders. The decision by the Council will be implemented in three phases and comes after a lengthy discussion within the executive leadership. The executive leadership was divided on the nature and depth of the changes being proposed and decided to present the case to the Council.

Sources tell us the decision will be implemented in three phases possibly within the next five years. Some senior leaders will retire and will be assigned a new role after the coming election of 2010 while the remaining will be assigned in the next mid-election and going forward.

The new leaders will come from the existing long time combatant members of the Front(EPRDF) as well as members that joined after EPRDF took power. Those retiring or stepping down will be the long time combatant leaders as well as current high ranking government officials. Our sources also disclosed that win or lose in the next election EPRDF will have new leaders in its high ranking officials. They also tell us that if EPRDF wins the next election it is most likely PM Meles Zenawi and some key officials will continue to lead the transition team and will retain their current role until the transition is complete within the next five years.

Although some of the new leaders do not seem to be known to the public we were told many of them have been closely working with current high ranking officials.

Long time political pundits we talked told us the Tehadso movement that got started in earnest after the Ethio-Eritrea war within the EPRDF movement is delivering results. Economically the country has been registering over 10% growth year after year. Ever since election 2005 the democratic process is more consolidated as demonstrated today in the resourceful activities in the country. Democratic institutions are setting foot and entrenched.  Last but not least EPRDF has superbly demonstrated the continuous emergence of change. Successful EPRDF leaders are voluntarily relinquishing their post to a younger generation unprecedented in the history of the country.  However, we have not witnessed such exemplary action from the opposition leaders.

EPRP, OLF and KINJIT leaders have become savvy in creating new organizations instead allowing new visionary leaders to come to the forefront.  EPRP leaders after holding their organization hostage for 40 years have opted to split and give a new name to their miniscule splinter organization. As for the new comer Kinjit it has unfortunately inherited the culture of split.  Today it has the audacity to plead to be given another chance with another name.  Who could forget how Kinijit abandoned the very choice of the people when it totally declined to take office to serve the very people that elected it in the capital city Addis Ababa.  It was indeed a slap on the face to those that genuinely came out to vote when it refused to deliver what it claimed to stand for.

Current EPRDF leaders fought hard to topple the Derge regime and won. That alone would have been enough for them to lead forever. However, it is through blood and sweat that victory was won and many brothers, sisters and comrades died for one reason and only one reason and that was to bring equality and access to the resources of the countryto the diverse nationalities of Ethiopia. This has been started and a sustainable future awaits the vision of EPRDF.  With diligence and focused purpose each and every step towards bringing the country to prosperity is being designed and implemented.

We say the decision by the EPRDF Council is timely and a must. It has chosen change with continuity to bring about fundamental transformation in the country. Leadership, Vision and Action is required to move Ethiopia forward. Able and pragmatist leaders must not be pushed for pushs sake. However, able and pragmatist leaders must also be born and nurtured to succeed. We have seen light at the end of the tunnel and the long overdue change has finally come and we say way to go EPRDF.