Much ado about nothing:  Yesterday’s no-marchers.GIFhype…Today’s bust

Aigaforum 09/13/09 (DC) - The much hyped Sep 13 call to demonstrate in front of the US government building by "the who is who" of the extreme politicians in Diaspora land has come and gone with a big bang fiasco. As advertized by the organizers “a warm sunny day is in the forecast. It should be perfect for the marchers! Banners are prepared and publicity is going out. Sponsors are being added.” Apparently theme song is also chosen! What is missing is Marchers!!

Organizers could not even muster in the low few hundred out of the over 100 thousand Ethiopians in Washington Metropolitan area(DC and VA and MD)!  There were a little over 10 people wandering aimlessly until 12 PM. And by 2PM EST time there were less than 200 people standing dispersedly subdued and wandering what went wrong! Our people have said enough is enough! The silent majority has spoken! Our people have realized Diaspora led politics is not good for Ethiopia!

Many people we talked told us this demonstration was going to fail for many reasons. Although some of the lead organizers have done their best to garner support for this demonstration the writing was on the wall that it was going to fail. Some thought if they can bring 50 thousand to demonstrate in front of the US government they will be assured the US will come hard on the Ethiopian government. But, the silent majority in Diaspora, who is aware of the peace and development reality in Ethiopia, has ignored the hype. The majority has spoken loud and clear! Ethiopia will continue marching in peace and development and democracy without the meddling of foreign forces.